Radiology Practitioner Assistants



A Radiology Practitioner Assistant (RPA) is a health professional certified as a registered radiographer with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and, in addition, is credentialed to provide primary radiology health care with radiologist supervision. Radiology Practitioner Assistants are qualified by graduation from an educational program recognized by the Board of Directors of athe Certification Board for Radiology Practitioner Assistants (CBRPA) and certified by the CBRPA. Within the Radiologist/RPA relationship, Radiology Practitioner Assistants exercise autonomy in decision making in the role of a primary caregiver with regard to patient assessment, patient management and in providing a broad range of radiology diagnostic and interventional services. The clinical role of the Radiology Practitioner Assistant includes primary and specialty care in radiology practice settings in rural and urban areas. **

James Abraham RPA
Michael Alesi
Lucas Araujo
Lynda Bartosh RTRM, RPA
Mr. Joseph Benham RPA,RA
Mr. Christopher Bilyeu RPA
Mr. Marc Blankenship RPA
Michael Bortone RRA
Mr. Nathan Braun RPA
Cliffton Breiler RPA, RT(R)
Wesley Bright RPA
Mr. Gary Brown RPA
Mr. Dean Burdge RPA,RA (CBRPA)
Mr. Samuel Burton RPA
Mr. Craig Byer RRA
Catina Carr RRA
Mr. Aldo Carrillo RPA/RA
Mr. Cameron Carroll RPA
Scott Caywood RPA
Joseph Cheek RPA
Mr. Ricardo Codina RPA
Susan Coleman RRA
Mrs. Marcelene Compton RT(ARRT), RPA(CBRPA)
Mr. Andrew Congdon RPA
Mr. Stacy Cook JR. CBRPA RPA
Mrs. Christen Crane-Amores RRA
Mr. Timothy D'agostino SR. RPA
Mr. Jacque Delahoussaye RPA
Lisa Dennis RPA/RA (CBRPA)
Michelle Dimeo RPA
Ms. Ann Marie Edwards RPA
Mr. Tyler Emerick RT, RPA
Dr. Angela Fears-Curry MD
Eileen Ferguson RPA
Mrs. Melissa Ferrell RPA/RA
Mr. Joe Ferreri RPA
Aaron Fortenberry RPA/RA
Brian Fournier RRA
Jason Friederich RPA/RRA
Lori Garcia RA
Mrs. Kelly Garrett RPA,RA,RT(R)
Kim Garwood
Mr. Ernest Gould JR. RPA
Jose Graterol RA
Heather Grizzle RPA/RA (CBRPA)
Melinda Guyett RPA
Mrs. Cynthia Hall RPA
Mr. Kenneth Harbour RRA, RT(R)
Adrienne Haskins RSA/RPA
Mr. Shad Helle RPA
Kayla Henry RRA
Mrs. Ami Hess RPA (CBRPA)
Amanda Hinderman RPA
Mr. Kevin Hiscock RPA/RA
Nathan Hunt RA
Mohammad Hussain
Sherri Imes RPA
Mr. Brad Jenkins RT(R), RPA/RA
Mr. Thomas Jenkins RPA
Charles Johnson RPA
Kenneth Johnson RPA
Alyson Joiner RPA
Mr. Randy Jordan RPA
David Kallel RPA
Kristi Kerrigan RRA, RT
Mrs. Melissa Kocour RPA
Brenda Krogen MIS, RRA
Jeffrey Lapole RT(R), RPA/RA, CV
Monica Lau
Mrs. Savannah Lawson RRA
David Lenczyk RPA/RA, CBRPA
Jason Leymeister RPA
Terrence Licciardi III RPA
Michael Lynch RPA
Brent Maher RPA, RRA
John Maslowski RRA
Robert Mathison RPA/RA/RT
Joshua Mcalister
Brian Mcnamee
Lee Mcwest RT(R)(M) RPA
Derek Medeiros RT, RRA, RPA
Stephen Meeker RRA RT(R) (CT) RPA
Mr. Tyran Mercer RPA
Patrick Minchow RPA
Robert Mixon RPA/RRA
Regina Moore RPA/RA
Tan Nguyen RPA
Kristin Pahl RPA
Benjamin Palmer
Ms. Heather Parker RPA
Ms. Claudia Poolson RPA, RRA
Darin Porter RPA / RRA
Kimberly Poss RT(R), RPA, RA, RDMS
Mr. Adrian Ream RPA
Mr. Timothy Rogers RPA
Mr. Bret Rohde RPA, RT(R)
Molly Salmond RPA
Mr. Joseph Schroeder RPA
Mr. Phillip Scruggs RPA/RA
Marco Serrano RPA
Mr. Richard Sharp RPA/RA
Laurie Sheppard RPA
Mr. Norman Simburger RPA
Michael Stringer RPA
Brian Sullivan RPA
Mr. Eric Taylor RPA, RT(R)
Mr. Charles Thompson III RPA
Shannon Urbina RPA
Marissa Vaughn RRA, RPA
Bobby Vo RPA
Bryan Ware
Jeannine Welcher RPA
Mr. Matthew Wenger RPA
Patricia Williams RPA
William Wiltshire
Mr. Michael Wright RPA, RT(R)
Shirley Yeary AAS

* Source: Certification Board of Radiology Practitioner Assistants [7/1/2008: new] Additional Resources:

** Source: Certification Board of Radiology Practitioner Assistants [7/1/2008: new] Additional Resources: