Spec/Tech, Pathologies

(1) An individual educated and trained in clinical chemistry, microbiology or other biological sciences; and in gathering data on the blood, tissues, and fluids in the human body. Tests and procedures performed or supervised center on major areas of hematology, microbiology, immunohematology, immunology, clinical chemistry and urinalysis. Education and certification requires the equivalent of an associate degree and alternative combinations of accredited training and experience. (2) A specially trained individual who works under the direction of a pathologist, other physician, or scientist, and performs specialized chemical, microscopic, and bacteriological tests of human blood, tissue, and fluids. Also known as medical technologists, they perform and supervise tests and procedures in clinical chemistry, immunology, serology, bacteriology, hematology, parasitology, mycology, urinalysis, and blood banking. The work requires the correlation of test results with other data, interpretation of test findings, and exercise of independent judgment. The minimum educational requirement (for one of several certification programs in medical technology) is a baccalaureate degree with appropriate science course requirements, plus a twelve-month, structured, AMA approved medical technology program and an examination; or a baccalaureate degree with appropriate science course requirements and experience. *

Mr. Rafael Andujar MT (ASCP)
Mr. John Bray MS, MT(ASCP)
Beverly Clapp MT
Mr. Jesus Diaz
Beth Dibiasio MT(ASCP)
Dr. James Donnelly PHD, MBA
Dante Enriquez
Michael Frey PHD
Bolanle George BSMT(AMT), MPH
Maritza Grajales-Soto MT
Mr. Chris Grisaffi BS
Mrs. Lori Grisham MT
Terrence Hallahan PH D
Frank Henson MT AS CP
Mrs. Vanessa Hernandez MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY
Mrs. Vicki Howell MT (ASCP)
Dr. Albert Jekelis PHD
Wanda Lopez-Alma MT,MS
Ms. Gloria Mcwilliams MT
Wilfredo Reyes MT
Dr. Kristen Reynolds PHD
Maria Rivera MT
Mrs. Luz Roman MT
Mr. Wayne Scheuch MT
Mrs. Enid Vargas MT
Freddy Vargas MT
Dr. Mark Witeck MD
Dr. Jingwei Yu PHD

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