A dentist is a person qualified by a doctorate in dental surgery (D.D.S.) or dental medicine (D.M.D.), licensed by the state to practice dentistry, and practicing within the scope of that license. There is no difference between the two degrees: dentists who have a DMD or DDS have the same education. Universities have the prerogative to determine what degree is awarded. Both degrees use the same curriculum requirements set by the American Dental Association's Commission on Dental Accreditation. Generally, three or more years of undergraduate education plus four years of dental school is required to graduate and become a general dentist. State licensing boards accept either degree as equivalent, and both degrees allow licensed individuals to practice the same scope of general dentistry. Additional post-graduate training is required to become a dental specialist. *

Specialization: Endodontics

The branch of dentistry that is concerned with the morphology, physiology and pathology of the human dental pulp and periradicular tissues. Its study and practice encompass the basic and clinical sciences including biology of the normal pulp, the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the pulp and associated periradicular conditions. **

Operator Assisted Dentist Referral

Dr. Richard Aaron DDS
Dr. Howard Aaronson DDS
Farah Abbassi
Dr. Allyson Abbott DMD
Dr. James Abbott DDS, MS
Paul Abbott DMD
Dr. Steven Abbott DMD
Dr. Ashraf Abd-Elmeguid BDS, PHD
David Abdelmalak DDS
Dr. Mario Abdennour DMD MMSC
Sunia Abdula-Lessing DDS, MS
Dr. Aslim Abdullah DDS
Dr. Hamid Abedi
Dr. Mehran Abedi DMD
Dr. Shadi Abedin DDS, CAGS
Dr. Ayman Aboushala DMD
Dr. Edward Abrams DMD
Louay Abrass DMD
Evelyn Abreu DDS
Omar Abusteit
Dr. Chelsea Accardo DDS
Dr. Christian Achleithner DMD
Dr. Thomas Acierno DDS
Dr. Denise Aclerno DDS
Dr. Sevak Adamian DDS, MS
Mr. David Adamic DDS
Benjamin Adams DDS,MSD
Dr. Susan Adams DMD
William Adams DDS,MSD
Dr. William Adams DDS
Dr. Nicholas Addiego DMD
Dr. Marc Adelstein DDS
Dr. Salwan Adjaj DMD
Dr. Heather Adu-Sarkodie DDS, PHD
Ms. Vaishali Agarwala DDS MS
Dr. Fereidoun Agha-Razi DMD
Dr. Alejandro Aguirre DDS,MS
Dr. Ramon Aguirre DDS, MS
Dr. Casimir Ahamad DDS
Rowshan Ahani DDS, MS
Dr. Tasneem Ahmad DDS
Dr. Khalid Ahmed DDS,MS
Dr. Moin Ahmed DDS
Caroline Ahn DMD
Dr. Sunghee Ahn DMD
Dr. Keith Aibel DMD
Dr. David Aimar DDS
Dr. William Aippersbach DMD, MS
Dr. William Aippersbach DMD
Dr. John Aivaz DDS
Dr. Navid Akbarzadeh DMD
Dr. Frank Aker DMD, FAGD
Dr. Zena Al Adeeb DMD
Ramzi Al Hashimi DMD
Dr. Raed Al Kasem DDS MS
Fawaz Al-Foraih DDS
Aneesa Al-Khalidi DMD
Dr. Mashael Al-Qallaf BDS
Dr. Heba Al-Qatami DMD
Fuwad Al-Sabek DMD, MS
Dr. Yasmin Al-Zoubaidy DMD, ENDODONTIST
Satish Alapati DDS
Dr. Saud Alawadhi DDS,MS
Dr. Amru Albeiruti DDS
Dr. Sam Alborz DDS
Dr. Lynn Albrecht DDS
Arin Alexander DMD
Dr. Michael Alfandari DDS
April Alford DDS
Dr. Maha Alghofaily B,DS
Mey Alhabib BDS
Dr. Oday Alhalasa DDS,MSD
Hashim Alhassany
Ferdous Ali DMD
Dr. Sami Ali DDS
Dr. Karim Alibhai DMD
Dr. Kathy Alikhani DMD
Dr. Rambod Alirezaei DDS
Ghyath Alkhalil DMD
Dr. Ziyad Allahem BDS, MS, FRCD(C)
Dr. Thomas Allaway DDS, MS
John Allemang DDS
Dr. Courtenay Allen DDS MSD
Dr. Jacqueline Allen DDS, MS
Dr. James Allen DDS MS
Michael Allen DDS
Richard Allen DDS
Ronald Allen DDS,MSD
Dr. Thomas Allen DDS
Dr. Bradley Alley DMD
Dr. Larry Alley DMD
Dr. Jason Alliger DDS
Dr. David Allison DMD
Ahmad Alnatour DDS
Arwa Alnoury
Dr. Michael Aloe DMD
Dr. Anthony Alonso JR. DMD
Arthur Alperstein DDS
Dr. Fahd Alsalleeh BDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Tariq Alsmadi DMD
Dr. Loai Alsoufi BDS
Mona Alsulaiman
Dr. Gary Altenburg DDS
Riyadh Althumairy BDS
Dr. Michael Altman DDS
Dr. Robert Altomare DDS
Dr. Joel Altshul
Dr. Lisa Alvarado DDS
Dr. Jose Alvarez DMD
Dr. Sarmad Alyas DDS, MS
Dr. Haider Alzubaidi DDS MS
Pedro Amador DMD
Dr. Amy Amaro DMD
Robert Amato DMD
Dr. Robert Ambinder DDS,
Dr. Amber Amelang-Severin DDS,MS
Dr. Ketan Amin DMD
Dr. Maryam Aminian DDS
Alireza Aminlari DDS
Dr. Anita Aminoshariae DDS, MS
Dr. Lee Ammerman DMD
Dr. Brian Amoroso DDS
Abraham Ancselovics DDS
Dr. Wallis Andelin DDS, MS
Dr. Brandon Anderson DMD
Dr. Craig Anderson DDS
Dr. Dale Anderson D D S, M S
Dr. Darin Anderson DMD
Dr. Donald Anderson DDS MS
Dr. Douglas Anderson DMD
Dr. Gerald Anderson
Dr. James Anderson DDS
Dr. Lisa Anderson DDS
Dr. Robert Anderson DMD
Dr. Ronald Anderson DDS, MS
Shawn Anderson DDS
Dr. Diego Andrade DDS
Dr. Eileen Andrejczak-Hansen DMD
Dr. Clyde Andrews DDS
Dr. John Andrews DDS
Dr. Stanley Andrews DDSMSD
Kevin Andrus DDS, MS
Dr. Theodoros Aneziris DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Angelica DDS
Anastasios Angelidis DDS MS
Dr. Richard Angell III DMD, MSD
Dr. Richard Anglin JR. DDS MS PA
Dr. Juan Anguita DMD
Dr. Samuel Angulo DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Ankrum DDS, MS
Dr. Dina Anooshiravani DMD, MS
Mr. William Anspach DDS
Dr. Paul Anstey DDS
Donald Anthony DDS
Rodney Anthony DMD
Dr. Bas Antic Groen DDS
Dr. Ramzi Anton DDS
Andrey Antonenko DDS
Dr. Alexandra Antonopoulou DDS
Dr. Charles Anzalone SR. DDS
Dr. Erol Apaydin DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Apicella DDS
Dr. Eleanor Apodaca DDS
Dr. Fabio Apolito DMD
Dr. Craig Appelstein
Neal Appelstein DMD
Dr. Elizabeth Applebaum DMD
Dr. George Arch JR. DDS
Dr. Richard Archer DDS
Dr. John Archible III DMD
Dr. F. Charles Arens
Lydia Arill
Charles Arita DDS
Dr. Steven Arkoff DDS
Dr. Alexander Armstrong DDS
Dr. Ronald Armstrong DDS, MSD
Dr. Thomas Armstrong DDS
Jimmy Arnold DMD
Dr. Shelley Aronson DDS MS
Dr. Jose Arroyo DMD
Mrs. Shadi Aryanpour DMD, MPM
Fernando Ascencio DMD
Dr. Edward Asdel DDS
Irfan Asghar DDS, MDS
Dr. Jeffrey Ash DDS MS PLC
Dr. Paul Ashkenaz DDS,MS
Dr. Randan Ashmore DMD
Dr. Karam Ashoo DDS
Dr. Andy Ashtiani DDS
Dr. Mazin Askar DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Aslin DDS
Dr. Mahshid Asrari DDS, MS
Joseph Assad
Dr. Denise Assogna DDS
Dr. Vahid Atabakhsh DDS
Dr. James Aten DDS
Dr. James Atkinson DDS
Obadah Attar BDS, DSCD
Dr. Aaron Aue DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Augsburger DDS,MS
Charlene Auld DDS
Dr. Justin Aurbach DDS
Dr. James Aurelio DDS, MS
Dr. Obadah Austah BDS, MS
B Austin DDS
Dr. Michael Austin DMD
Ryan Auth DDS
Dr. Sharon Avant DDS
Sondra Avant DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Averbach DDS
Dr. Angel Aviles DDS
Gerald Avillion DDS
Dr. Kevin Axx DDS
Mrs. Wanda Aymat Rodriquez DMD
Adham Azim BDS
Dr. Nader Azizi DDS
Dr. Ji Baag DDS
Dr. Steven Baba DDS
Brian Babb DMD
Dr. Peter Babick DDS, PC
Dr. William Bachicha DDS, MS
Dr. Tim Bachman DMD
Dr. Benedict Bachstein DMD
Dr. Charles Backman DDS, MSD
Dr. John Backmeyer DDS
Dr. Afshin Badii DDS
Dr. Susan Bae DDS
Jeff Baer DDS
Dr. Richard Baer DDS
Dr. Steven Baerg DMD
Ms. Robin Bagby DDS
Dr. Roshanak Baghai Naini DDS, MS
Dr. James Bahcall DMD
Dr. James Baik DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Bailey DDS
Dr. Matthew Baird DDS
Michael Baisden
Dr. Adriana Baiz DDS, MDS
Ben Baker
Dr. Charles Baker DDS
Dr. J. Brian Baker DMD
James Baker DMD
Dr. Nathan Baker DMD
Dr. Neil Baker DDS
Dr. Steven Baker DMD
Tyler Baker DDS
Dr. William Baker III DDS
Eleonora Bakiri DDS
Mohammed Bakkar DDS
Dr. Leif Bakland DDS
Dr. Ildiko Bakos DDS, MS
Dr. Aneet Bal DDS
Dr. Frank Balaban DDS
Sukumar Balachandran DMD
Dr. Matthew Balasco DDS
Dr. Lynne Baldassari-Cruz DDS
Dr. Jaime Ball DMD
Dr. Randy Ball DMD
Dr. Robert Balla DMD
Dr. Frances Ballagas DMD
Dr. James Ballard DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Ballen DMD
Dr. Marc Balson
Dr. Kathleen Baltz DDS, MS
Dr. Orest Balytsky DMD
Dr. David Banach DDS
Francisco Banchs DMD, MSC
Narbeh Bandary DDS
Dr. Rufus Bandy III DDS
Brian Banfield DMD
Dr. David Bangsberg DDS
Shahriyar Banihashemi DDS
Andrew Barak DMD
Dr. Steven Barbieri DDS
Dr. Rodrick Barden DMD
Dr. F. Mike Bardi DDS
Dr. Robert Barfield DMD
Casey Bargas DDS
Dr. Michael Barkan DMD
Dr. Brian Barker DDS, MS
Dr. Dale Barker DDS
William Barkins DDS
Kelly Barnes DMD
Dr. Alan Barnett BDS
Dr. Frederic Barnett DMD
Dr. Brian Barnhart DMD
Eric Barnhurst DDS
Dr. Jessica Barr DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Mark Barr DDS, PC
Dr. Thomas Barrett DMD, MS
Dr. Todd Barrett DMD
Dr. Maribel Barria DMD
Dr. Jose Barros DDS
Dr. Eldon Barrowes
Dr. Scott Barry DMD
Harout Barsemian DMD
Dr. Daniel Barton DMD
Dr. Randall Barton DMD, MDS
Simronjeet Basati BDS, DDS
Dr. Linda Bascom DDS
Dr. Emad Bassali DDS
Dr. Tony Bassili DMD
Dr. Anthony Bastulli DDS
Marshall Batchelor DDS
Dr. Christopher Bates DMD
Dr. Kavreet Bath DMD
Rohit Batheja DDS
Samir Batniji DDS
Dr. Patrick Battista DDS
Justin Batz DDS
Dr. Christopher Bauer DMD
Dr. Edward Bauer DDS, MS
Dr. Philip Bauer DMD
Dr. Dean Baugh DDS
Dr. Linda Baughan DDS
Dr. Ira Baum DDS
Dr. Richard Bauman DMD
Dr. Kirk Baumgardner DDS, PHD
Dr. Matthew Baumgarth DDS, MS
John Baumgartner DDS
Dr. Jack Baur JR. DDS
Scott Baur PHD, DMD
Dr. Hujatullah Bayat DDS
Dr. Curt Beach DDS
Dr. David Beach DMD, MS
Dr. David Beachler DDS
Mr. Ralph Beadle DMD
Dr. Frank Beal DDS MS
Dr. Julie Beasley DMD
Robert Beasley DMD
Dr. William Beasley I DDS
Dr. Richard Beatty DDS
Dr. Robert Beaudry DDS
Dr. Joshua Beaver DDS
Dr. Charles Beavers DDS
Dr. Richard Beavers
Dr. Robert Beck-Coon DDS, MSD
Dr. Helena Becker DMD
Dr. Thomas Becker DDS
Dr. Bruce Beckham DMD
Bryan Beebe DDS
Dr. Thomas Beeson DDS
Dr. Neil Begley DDS
Dr. Bruce Begotka DDS
Dr. Michael Behnen DDS
Dr. Ali Behnia DMD, MS
Dr. Gary Behrend DDS
Dr. Laurent Belanger DDS
David Belardi DDS
Dr. Aymee Belen DMD
Dr. Kristen Beling DMD
Dr. Benjamin Bell DDS
Dr. John Bell DDS
Dr. Walter Bell DDS
Dr. James Beller DDS,
Dr. Richard Bence DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Bendik DDS
Dr. Fred Benenati DDS
Dr. Roxanne Benison DMD MS
Dr. Herbert Benkel DDS
Dr. Brooke Benson DDS
Vajra Bentur DDS
Dr. Kenji Beppu DDS, MSD
Dr. Benjamin Ber DDS ,MS
Dr. Gerhard Berberich DDS MS
Dr. Yaara Berdan DDS
Dr. Gregory Berg DDS
Mark Berg DDS
Dr. Arthur Berger DDS
Dr. Brian Bergeron DMD
Dr. Adam Bergman DMD
Dr. Jason Bergman DDS, MS
Dr. Shane Bergo DDS, MSD
Dr. Criag Bergquist DDS
Dr. Sheldon Berkman DMD
Dr. Jeff Berlin DDS,MS
Dr. Joel Berlin DDS
Dr. Robert Berlin DDS
Dr. Robert Berls DDS, MS
Dr. Louis Berman DDS
Dr. Svetlana Berman DDS, MSD
Dr. Sheri Bernadett DDS MSCD
Dr. Samuel Berngard DDS
Dr. Robert Bernie DDS
Dr. Duane Bernstein DMD
Dr. David Berrios DDS
Dr. Keith Berry DMD
Dr. Bryan Berteaux DMD
Antonio Berto DDS
Dr. John Berude DDS, FICD
Magdy Beshay
Dr. Edward Besner DDS
Dr. Samantha Besser DMD
Dr. Robert Bethea DDS,MSD
Daniel Bethers DDS
Douglas Bethoney DMD
Dr. Christopher Beus DMD
Dr. Garry Bey DDS
Dr. Kenneth Bezan DMD
Dr. Rajiv Bhagat DDS
Dr. Satish Bhambhani BDS, DDS, MS
Jhujhar Bhambra DMD
Dr. Jyoti Bhat DDS
Hermon Bhullar DDS
Paul Bianchi DDS
Thomas Bianchi DDS
Dr. Rashin Bidgoli DMD, PC
Dr. John Bigby DDS, MS
Dr. John Biggs DDS
Dr. Brigitte Bigras DMD
Dr. Geraldine Bills DDS
Dr. Michael Bingham DDS
Dr. Val Bingham DDS, MS
Dr. John Birchfield DDS
Dr. George Biron DMD
Dr. Charles Bishop DDS
Deborah Bishop DMD
Dr. Frank Bishop II DMD
Dr. Karla Bishop DDS
Jose Bisquerra DDS
Dr. Christopher Bissada DDS MDS
Dr. Daniel Bitner DMD
Dr. Glenn Biven DDS MS
Thomas Biziorek DDS, MSCD
Dr. James Blackburn DDS
Dr. Herman Blair DMD MSD
Ann Blake DDS
Dr. James Blaney DDS, MSD
Dr. Thomas Blaney DDS,MS
Herbert Blaser DDS
Dr. Roy Bledsoe DDS
Fleur Blethen DDS
Dr. Brooke Blicher DMD
Dr. Gordon Block DDS
Dr. Robert Block DDS, MS
Steven Blonder DDS
Dr. Sherry Bloomfield DDS
Dr. Eric Bludau DMD
Dr. Tom Blue DDS
Dr. Kenneth Blumberg DDS
Melinda Blume
Dr. Uziel Blumenkranz DO
Dr. Robert Blundell JR. DDS
Dr. Larue Bluth DMD
Dr. Stephen Boatright DDS, FAGD
Dr. Harry Bobotis DMD
Dr. Kendra Boda DDS,MS
Sudharani Bodepudi DDS
Dr. Timothy Bodey SR. DDS
Dr. Raymond Bogaert DMD PHD
Dr. George Bogen DDS
Pedram Bohluli DDS,MS, PHD
Dr. Bryan Bohning DDS
Dr. William Bolak DMD
Dr. Oscar Bolanos DDS
Shaletha Bolden DDS, MSD
Dr. Dan Bolds DDS
Dr. Percy Bolen III DDS
James Bollinger DDS
Dr. Megan Bollman DMD
Albert Bonanno DDS
Dr. Salvatore Bonanno DDS
Dr. Joseph Bonavilla DDS
Dr. John Bond DDS
Dr. Kimball Bond DDS
Dr. Michael Bond DDS
Dr. Daniel Bondra DDS
Melvin Boner DDS
Carmen Bonilla
Dr. Frank Bonner DDS
Mr. Bryce Bonness DDS
Dr. Scott Bonson DDS
David Book DMD
Dr. Kenneth Boone DDS
Dr. Jason Booth DMD
Dr. Elliot Borden DMD
Dr. Robert Borders SR. DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Borer DMD
Dr. Anthony Borgia DDS
Dr. Tatiana Borinos DDS
Dr. Krista Bortnick DDS, MS
Lyubov Borukhova DDS
Dr. Raison Bose DDS
Dr. Juan Bosque SR. DDS
Dr. Tyler Boss
Dr. Carl Botvinick DDS
Dr. James Boulton DDS
Dr. Ronald Bourgeois DDS
Dr. Amanda Boustany DDS, MSD
Dr. Judy Boutros DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Bowden DDS
Dr. William Bowers DMD
Dr. Walter Bowles DDS
Chris Bowman DMD
Dr. Richard Bowman DDS DMD
Dr. Christina Boyd DDS
Dr. Coy Boyd JR. DDS, MSD
Dr. Douglas Boyd DMD, MS
Dr. Kathleen Boyd DDS
Dr. Keith Boyer DDS
Dr. Michael Boykin DMD
Thomas Bozeman DDS
Dr. Blair Bradford DMD
Dr. Clint Bradford DMD MS
Dr. Hank Bradford DMD
Dr. Andrew Bradley DMD
Dr. Charlyn Bradshaw DMD
Kenneth Bradshaw
Dr. James Brady DDS
Dr. Scott Bram DMD
Dr. James Bramble DDS
Dr. John Bramwell DDS
Dr. Eric Bramy DDS, MS
Ira Brand DDS
Jeanette Brandal DDS, MSD
Dr. Vikram Brar DDS,MSD
Dr. Chalbourne Brasington DMD
Dr. Andrew Brasser DDS
John Braud JR. DDS, M ED
Blair Braunstein
Dr. Greg Braunstein DMD
Dr. Robert Bravin DDS
Kenneth Bray DMD
Randall Breeden DDS
Nona Breeland DDS MS
Dr. Eric Bremer DDS
Mrs. Annmarie Brennan DDS
Dr. Robert Brennan DDS
Ryan Brennan DDS
Dr. Paul Brent DDS
Dr. Erich Brewer DDS
Dr. John Brian JR. DDS, MS
Joshua Brickman DMD
Dr. Paul Brickman DDS
Deidre Briggs DDS
Dr. David Bright DDS
Dr. Diane Brighton DDS, MSD
Dr. Wendy Brill DMD
Dr. Rodney Brimhall DDS
Curtis Brimley DMD, MS
Dr. Josef Ma. Karlos Bringas DMD, DDS, MS
Dr. Lynn Brinker DDS,MS
Dr. Leandro Britto DDS, MS
Dr. William Brizzee DDS
Dr. George Brock DDS, MSD
Dr. Lynne Brock DDS
Dr. Lawrence Brockman DMD
Dr. Richard Broering JR. DMD, MS, PSC
Dr. Steven Brofsky DMD, MS
Dr. Howard Broisman DMD
Mitchell Bronson DDS
Dr. Craig Broome DMD
Dr. Peter Brothman DDS
Dr. Greg Brouner DDS
David Browdy DMD
Dr. David Broweleit DDS, MSD
Dr. Benjamin Brown DDS MS IN ENDO
Bradley Brown DDS
Dr. Bruce Brown DDS
Dr. Burton Brown DDS MSD PC
Dr. Charles Brown III DDS
Dr. Daniel Brown DDS
Dr. David Brown BDS,MDS,MSD
Dr. George Brown JR. DMD, MSD
Dr. Jack Brown DDS
Dr. Michael Brown DDS
Dr. Myron Brown DDS
Dr. Rodney Brown DDS, MS
Roger Brown DMD
Dr. Ronald Brown DDS
Dr. Ronald Brown DDS, MS
Dr. W. Brown DDS, FICD, FACD
Dr. Gregory Browne DDS
Dr. David Browning DDS
Dr. William Brownstein DDS
Dr. Susana Bruce DDS
Dr. Tod Bruchmiller DDS, MS
Dr. George Bruder III DMD
Dr. Alan Brugg DMD
Dr. Brett Bruggeman DDS
Stephen Brumit DDS
David Brunell DDS
Isabelle Brunetti-Pai DDS
Frank Bruno DMD
David Brunson DMD
Dr. David Brunson DDS
Mr. Matthew Brunson DDS
Dr. Maria Bryan DDS
Dr. Kevin Bryant DMD
Dr. Nathaniel Bryant DDS
Edwin Bryson III DDS
Dr. L. Stehen Buchanan
Dr. Jared Buck DDS
Dr. Michael Buckley DMD
Dr. Cheryl Budd DMD
Dr. Christopher Budig DDS
Dr. Louis Buhrley DMD
Dr. Matthew Buhrley DDS, MSD
Dr. Baokhoi Bui DDS
Mr. Tung Bui DDS
Dr. Young Bui DDS
Dr. Saadia Bukhari DDS
Dr. Timothy Bulgerin DDS
Dr. Mary Ann Bunczak Reeh DDS MS
John Buoncristiani DDS
Dr. Mindy Buoncristiani DDS
Mark Buratti DDS
Dr. David Burch
Hans Burg DDS
Chad Burgess
Dr. David Burkard DMD
Dr. Ema Burke DMD
Dr. John Burke DDS
Dr. Kevin Burke DMD
Dr. Roger Burke DDS, MS
Dr. Aaron Burleson DMD MS
Jarid Burley DMD
Dr. Dean Burnett DDS, MS, PS
Donna Burns DDS
Dr. Lorel Burns DDS
Melanie Burns
Yvette Burns DDS,MS
Dr. Kenneth Burnstein DDS
Dr. James Burquest DDS
Dr. Daniel Burr DDS, MSD
Mr. David Burros DDS
Dr. Radu Buruiana DDS
Dr. Leigh Busch DDS
Dr. Richard Bush DDS
Dr. Kelly Bussey DDS
Dr. William Bussey DDS
Dr. Manuel Bustamante DDS
David Butler DDS
Dr. David Butsumyo DDS
Dr. Thomas Buttke PHD, DDS
Dr. Thomas Buttler DDS
Dr. Brian Buurma DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Buxt DMD
Henry Bylicky JR. DDS
Dr. Alexandra Byrne DMD
Allyson Byrne DMD
Dr. Bridget Byrne DDS
Dr. Dennis Byrne DMD, MS
Dr. Kayla Byrne DDS
Dr. Mark Byron DDS, MS
Dr. Carlos Cabre DMD
Dr. Philip Cabrera DDS, FRCD (C)
Dr. Shiwei Cai DDS
Dr. Ricardo Caicedo DMD, DDS
Dr. Johnny Cailleteau DDS, MS
Christopher Cain DDS
Dr. Travis Caissie DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Calabrese DDSMS
Dr. Dory Calev DDS
Dr. Andrew Calhoun DMD
Dr. John Calhoun DMD
Steven Calkins DDS
Dr. John Calland DDS
Dr. Jason Calvert DDS
Dr. Randall Calvert DDS MS
Dr. Philip Camfield DDS
Dr. Vincent Cammarato DMD
Dr. Vincent Cammarato DDS
Joe Camp DDS
Dr. Mark Camp DDS
Dr. Chad Campanelli DDS
Dr. Jack Campbell DMD P,A,
Mary Campbell DDS
Dr. Neil Campbell
Rina Campbell DMD
Dr. Ronald Campbell DDS, MS
Steven Campbell DMD
Dr. Frederick Canby DDS, MS
Peter Cancellier DDS
Dr. Damaries Candelariosoto DMD
Dr. Luke Cantamessa DMD
Dr. Yangpei Cao
Dr. Harry Caprara JR. DMD
Dr. Carl Caravana DDS
Anthony Carbajal DDS
Dr. Jerry Carbone DMD
Billy Card JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Card DDS MS
Alma Cardenas DO
Giselle Cardenas Eitter DDS, MSD
Dr. Francesca Cardinale DMD
Dr. Bryan Cardon DMD
Dr. Joseph Carew DMD
Erick Carlgren DDS
Dr. Daniel Carlon I DMD
Dr. Edward Carlson DDS
Emanouela Carlson DDS
Dr. Eldon Carman DDS, MS
John Carman DDS
Dr. John Carmichael DDS MS
Rafael Carmona DMD
Dr. Perri Carnes DMD
Dr. Stella Carollo DDS
Dr. Victor Caronna JR. DDS
Stewart Carp DMD
Dr. Craig Carr DDS
Dr. Gary Carr
Dr. Gilman Carr DDS
Suk Young Carr
Ms. Julianne Carrara DMD MS
Dr. Debra Carri DMD
Dr. Patrick Carrigan DMD
Chrisotpher Carrington DDS
Jeff Carroll DDS
Dr. Lee Carroll DMD
Dr. Katherine Carson DDS
Dr. Geoffrey Carter DDS
Dr. Kimberly Carter DMD
Dr. Michael Carter DMD
Dr. Timothy Carter DDS
Dr. Robert Caruso JR. DDS,MS
Dr. Keith Carver DMD, MD, MS
Dr. Jack Casale DDS
Dr. Frank Casanova DDS, MSCD
Dr. Julius Case DDS
Dr. Francisco Castano DMD
Lisa Castleman DDS
Dr. Glen Casto DDS
Dr. Jennifer Castro DDS
Dr. Olga Castro DDS
Dr. George Cathey DDS
Dr. Eric Cato DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Cavalieri DDS
Gina Cavaretta Siegel DDS
Dr. Joseph Cave DDS
Dr. Michael Cavender DDS
Dr. Barry Cazaubon DDS
E. Mauricio Ceballos
Silvia Cecchini DDS,MS,PHD
Dr. Peter Cecic DMD MS
Joseph Ceravolo DDS
Dr. Peter Ceravolo
Dr. John Cercek DMD
Dr. Lee Ceresa DDS
Dr. Clinio Cerrud DDS,MSD
David Cervantes DDS MS
Dr. Frank Cervone DMD
Dr. Bruce Cha DMD
Mr. Paul Chae DDS
Dr. Henry Chalfin DDS
Dr. G. Garo Chalian DDS,MS
Robyn Chalk DDS
Dr. John Chalmers
Dr. Peter Chalmers DDS
Dr. Luis Chamorro DMD, MPH
Dr. Monica Chamorro-Ezzie DDS, MS
Andrew Chan DDS
Dr. Chui Chan DDS
Dr. Edward Chan DDS, MS, BDS
Dr. Rita Chan DDS
Selina Chan DDS
Dr. Wing Chan DDS MS
Dr. Kenneth Chance DDS
Dr. Priya Chand BDS MSD
Dr. Michael Chaney DDS
Dr. Andrew Chang DMD
Dr. Andy Chang DDS
Dr. Brian Chang DDS
Dr. Ian Chang DDS
Dr. Irene Chang DDS
Dr. June Chang DDS
Dr. Peipei Chang DDS
Dr. Brent Chapman DDS
Melissa Chapman DDS
Dr. Trisha Charland DMD
Dr. Mark Charnley DMD
Dr. Joel Chasen DMD
Dr. Kenneth Chasen DDS
Dr. Stuart Chassen
Dr. James Chau DDS
Dr. Brent Chauvin DDS
Dr. Mauricio Chavarriaga DDS
Dr. Robert Chavez DDS MS
Dr. Luis Chavez De Paz DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Stephen Cheff DDS
Dr. Behnaz Cheikh DDS
Dr. Edwin Chelsea DDS
Dr. Chia-Yi Chen DDS
Dr. Duhli Chen DDS
Dr. Hong Chen DMD, MS
Miss I-Ping Chen DDS
James Chen DDS
Jeffrey Chen
Judy Chen DDS
Dr. Peter Chen DMD, MMSC
Dr. Vinne Chen DDS
Dr. William Chen DDS
Dr. Shiju Cherian
Dr. David Chernin DMD
Dr. Robert Cheron DMD
Jennifer Chester DDS
Jane Chiappinelli DDS
Dr. Leonard Chiat DDS
Dr. Mary Chien BDS, MSC(DENT)
Dr. Joseph Chikvashvili DDS
Dr. Michael Childers DMD, M S
Dr. Thomas Chillemi DMD
Dr. Robert Chimenti DDS
Dr. Julio Chinchilla DDS
Dr. William Chisholm JR. DMD
Dr. Lam Chittaphong DDS
Dr. Noah Chivian DDS
Dr. Esther Cho DDS
Frederick Cho DDS
Dr. Jason Cho DDS
Myung Cho DDS
Dr. Peter Cho DDS
Dr. Thomas Choate DDS
Dr. Mary Ann Choby DMD, MS
Dr. Steven Chod DDS
Dr. Renee Choe DDS
Dr. Sami Chogle BDS,DDS,MSD
Dr. Daniel Choi DMD
Eugene Choi DMD
Dr. Kevin Choi DMD
Dr. Kevin Choi DMD
Dr. Mal Bong Choi DDS
Carolyn Chong DDS, MS
Dr. Sonia Chopra DDS
Dr. Janice Chou DDS
Dr. Cindy Chow DMD
Dr. David Chow DDS, MS
Dr. Edmond Chow DDS
Dr. Lora Chow DMD
Varvara Chrepa
Dr. Brad Christensen DMD
Dr. Chad Christensen DMD
Dr. Evan Christensen DDS, MS
Mr. Joseph Christensen DMD, MS
Dr. Russel Christensen
Dr. Arabella Christian DMD
Dr. G Christian DDS
Kent Christiansen DDS
Dr. Kevin Christiansen DDS
Dr. Brian Christopherson DDS
Derek Chu
Dr. Grace Chu DMD
Dr. Joseph Chu
Rene Chu DMD
Brian Chuang DMD, MSCD
Dr. Joshua Chubak DDS
Dr. Nadia Chugal DDS
Evan Chugerman DMD
Dr. Christopher Chun DDS
Dr. Edward Chun DDS
Dr. Kimo Chun DDS
Dr. Ji-Yeon Chung DDS
Dr. Mi Chung DMD
Nicole Chung DMD
Dr. Clifton Chunn JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Ming-Ya Chwu DDS
Samuel Ciacco
Dr. Maria Do Carmo Ciasca DDS MSD
Mr. Carmen Cicalese DMD
Dr. Ralph Cicero DDS
Dr. Thomas Cipriano DDS,MS
Dr. Darin Cissell DMD
Dr. Albert Citron DMD
Dr. David Claffey IV DDS, MS
Dr. Elizabeth Claffey DDS, MS
Dr. David Clanton DMD
Bradley Clark DDS
Callee Clark DDS
Dr. David Clark DDS, MS
Dr. David Clark DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Clark DMD
Dr. Kenneth Clark DDS
Dr. Patricia Clark
Dr. Paul Clark DDS, MSD
Dr. S. Clark DDS
Dr. Shane Clark DMD
Dr. Stephen Clark DMD
Dr. Stephen Clark DDS, MS
Dr. Tracy Clark DD S
Dr. Charles Clarke DDS
Dr. Howard Clausen DDS
Dr. Robert Clayton DDS MS PC
Dr. Matthew Clegg DDS, MS
Dr. Vaughn Clemens DDS
David Clement DDS
Dr. Vivian Click DDS, MS
Dr. William Cliff DDS, MSD
Dr. Diana Cline DMD
Dr. Kenan Clinton DDS
Madelyn Coar DMD
Dr. John Coats DDS
Stuart Cobb DDS
Michael Cobin
Dr. Kenneth Coffae DDS,MS
Karen Coffman
Randall Coggins DMD MS
Dr. Mahrovz Cohan DDS
Dr. Aaron Cohen DDS
Dr. Daniel Cohen DDS PA
Dr. Henry Cohen DDS
Howard Cohen DDS
Dr. Jason Cohen DMD
Dr. Jay Cohen DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Cohen DDS
Dr. Justin Cohen DMD
Dr. Lisa Cohen DDS
Dr. Michael Cohen DDS
Dr. Sheldon Cohen DDS
Dr. Stephen Cohen DDS
Dr. Steven Cohen DDS
Prof. Nestor Cohenca DDS
Dr. Marc Cohn DMD
Dr. Manuel Colaco DDS
Dr. Arthur Cole DDS
Mr. Brett Cole DDS
Dr. Shannon Cole DMD
Roy Colella DDS
Dr. Christopher Coleman DDS, MS
Robert Coleman DDS, MS
Dr. Allen Colic DDS, MSD
Serena Colletti DDS
Dr. John Collier DMD
Jake Collins DDS,MS
Dr. Joe Collins DDS
Dr. Michael Collura
Dr. Adam Colombo DDS, PA
Dr. Toby Comer DDS
Dr. Robert Comora DDS
Maria Concepcion DMD
Dr. Peter Congiundi DDS
Dr. Kelly Conlon DDS
Dr. Catherine Conner DDS, MS
Dr. Deborah Conner DDS, MS
Daniel Constandse DDS
Dr. Gavin Convey B DENT SC
Dr. Christine Cook DDS
Dr. Christopher Cook DMD
Dr. Jerry Cook DDS
Dr. William Cook DMD
Dr. Harold Cooke III DDS
Dr. David Coon DDS
Dr. Alan Cooper DDS
Dr. Alan Cooperman DDS
Cynthia Cootauco DDS
Dr. Raymond Copeland DDS
Samuel Coppola JR. DDS
Dr. Gwendolyn Corbett DDS
Dr. William Corcoran DDS, MS
Steven Corliss DMD
Dr. Robert Corns DDS
Dr. Robert Corr DDS, MS
Adriana Correa DMD
Dr. Lina Cortes DDS
Dr. Harry Cosby DDS
Guido Costa DMD
Dr. Jose Costas DMD, MS
Dr. Chayne Coston DDS
Dr. Michael Cotter DDS
Dr. Taylor Cotton DDS
Dr. Kirk Coury DDS, MS
John Coviello DDS, MS, PA
Mr. David Cowling DMD
Frederick Cox DMD
Mr. Matthew Cox DDS
Dr. Stephen Cox DMD MS
Dr. Walter Cox DDS MS
Dr. Michael Crabtree DDS
Dr. Jacob Cragun DDS, MS
Kathleen Craig DDS, MS
Dr. Narisa Cramer DMD
Dr. David Crane DDS
Dr. Frank Crawford II DDS
Dr. Lance Crawford DDS, MS
Terryl Crawford DMD
Dr. Laurence Cree DDS
Dr. John Creech III DMD
Dr. Paul Creer DDS
Gavin Criser DDS, MS
Dr. John Crisp DDS
Dr. James Cronk DMD
Spencer Crook DMD MS
Dr. Thane Crump DDS
Dr. Brent Crumpton DMD, MS
Dr. Julio Cubenas DDS
Dr. Christian Culbreath DDS, MS
Shaun Cullimore DMD
Dr. Gregory Cummings
Dr. Kenneth Cunin DDS
Cary Cunningham DDS
Dr. Kevin Cunningham DDS
Dr. Craig Curd DDS
Dr. Mark Currell DDS,MS
Dr. Thomas Currie MS,DMD
Dr. John Curry DMD
Dr. Paul Curtis JR. DMD
William Cutbirth DDS
David Cutrell DMD
Dr. Stephen Cutrera DDS
Dr. Joseph Cwikla DMD
Dr. Stephen Cwikla DMD
Dr. Francine Cwyk DMD
Dr. Jerome Cymerman DMD
Mr. Gilbert Cyr JR. DDS
Dr. Mario Czonstkowsky DMD, MDS
Dr. Andrew D'amelio DDS
Dr. Farhad Daftary DMD
Dr. Eva Dahl DDS
Dr. Patrick Dahlkemper DMD
Dr. Maria Dakessian DMD
John Dale ,DMD, MS, PC
Dr. Bennie Dalton DMD MS
Luke Dalzell DDS
Dr. Beth Damas DDS, MS
Dr. David Dane DDS
Darrell Dang DDS
Sean Daniels DDS
Dr. Gerald Danielson DDS
Dr. Mark Danielson DDS
Dr. Nils Danielson DDS, MS
Dr. Yas Dastmalchi DDS
Jeffery Daughenbaugh DDS
Dr. Darrell Daugherty DDS
Dr. Michael Daugherty DMD
Dr. Milton Davenport III DMD
Dr. Mitchell Davich DMD
Dr. Donald Davies DDS, MS
Dr. Adam Davis DDS, MSD
Dr. Brian Davis DDS
Dr. C. Davis DDS
Dr. Darlene Davis DDS
Demetress Davis DDS MDS
Dr. Gail Davis DDS, MS
Dr. Joanna Davis DDS,MS
Dr. Joshua Davis DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Davis DDS
Melissa Davis DMD
Dr. Richard Davis DDS
Dr. Stephen Davis DDS
Dr. Douglas Daws DDS
Dr. Jamie Day DDS,MS
Dr. Thomas Day DDS
Dr. Nima Dayani DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Dazey DMD
Cesar De Gregorio Gonzalez DDS, MSD
Dr. Clara De Jesus DMD
Dr. Leon De Jongh DDS
Dr. Regina De Leon DMD, MMSC
Dr. Maria De Soto DDS
Craig Deagle DMD
Dr. Brock Deal DDS
Dr. Glenn Dean DMD
Jon Dean DDS
Dr. John Deangelo
Kevin Deardorf DDS,MSD
Dr. Rodrick Deason DMD
Dr. Jason Deblinger DMD
Dr. Ronald Deblinger DMD
Gianni Decarolis DMD
Dr. Tami Decker DDS
Mr. A Timothy Deconinck DDS
Mr. Derik Deconinck DDS
Dr. Edward Deeb JR. DDS
Ms. Lori Dees DDS
Joseph Defilippo JR. DDS
John Defranco DMD
Dr. Randolph Degerness DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Degrood DMD
Dr. Joseph Deguzman DDS,MS
Dr. Alexander Deitch DDS
Dr. Nima Dejbod DMD
Dr. Angela Dekock DDS,MS
Dr. Matthew Del Mastro DMD
Dr. Emmanuel Delano BDS, MS
Dr. Gael Delany DDS, MSD
Dr. Romulo Deleon DDS,MS
Frank Delgado DMD
George Delgado DDS
Dr. Marianna Delgado DDS
Dr. Steven Delgado DDS
Dr. Richard Dellork DDS
Dr. Patrick Demarco DMD
Dr. Sam Demartino DDS
Dr. Thomas Demayo DDS
Dr. Joshua Dembsky DMD
Dr. Dennis Demirjian DMD
Dr. Kenneth Denardo DMD
Dr. Dale Denio D,DS, MS
Dr. Gary Dennis JR. DDS
Dr. Michael Dent DDS
Dr. Terence Dentkos DDS, MS
Dr. Jonathan Denton
Dr. Mark Denunzio DDS
Harpreet Deol DDS
Mr. Robert Depalma SR. DDS PA
Dr. Donald Derosa DMD
Dr. Carla Dersarkissian DDS, MS
Dr. Manisha Desai DMD
Dr. Raney Deschenes DMD
Dr. Annapurna Deshpande BDS, DMD
Dr. Roger Desilets DDS
Dr. Rolin Desir DDS
Dr. Mark Desrosiers DMD
Kimberly Dettori DDS, MS
Dr. Allan Deutsch DMD
Dr. Candace Deveaux DDS
Dr. James Devengencie DDS, MS
Dr. Jason Devey DMD
Dr. James Devine III DMD
Richard Devita DDS
Dr. Nathan Dewsnup DMD
Dr. Erik Deyoung DDS
Dr. Kara Diamond DDS
Dr. Martin Diamond DMD
Dr. Matthew Diandreth DMD
Dr. Ariel Diaz DDS
Dr. Jose Diaz DDS
Dr. Lynn Diaz DDS
Dr. Joseph Dibernardo DDS
Dr. Vincent Dicarlo II DDS
Dr. Ronald Dichiara DMD PC
Dr. Karina Dick DDS
Dr. Arthur Dickerson DDS
Scott Dickson DMD
Dr. Robert Dictrow DDS
Anthony Didato JR.
Dr. Judy Didonato DMD
John Dietrich DDS
Steven Dietrich DDS MS
Anthony Dietz DDS, MS
Dr. Clay Dietz DDS
Dr. Daniel Dietz DDS,MS
Dr. Gerald Dietz JR. DDS
Jacqueline Dietz DMD
Dr. Matthew Dietz DMD,MS
Dr. Peter Difiore DDS
Dr. Adam Diliberto DDS
Dr. Charles Dillard JR. DMD
Mr. Lance Dillon DMD
Dr. Tevyah Dines DMD, MMSC
Dr. Mark Dinkins DDS, PHD
Frank Dinoia DDS
Anibal Diogenes DDS, PHD
Eric Dionne DDS
Dr. Robert Director
Anthony Direnzo DDS
Dr. Anthony Disanti DDS
Dr. Erich Dittmar DDS
Dr. John Diune DDS
Stephen Dixon DDS
Dr. Stephanie Djeu DMD
Hung Do DDS
Michael Do DDS
Dr. Lynsey Doan DMD
Dr. David Dobin DDS, MS
Jeffrey Doblin DMD
Dr. Michael Dobyns DMD
Dr. Kavita Doddamane DMD, MS
Dr. William Dodson JR. DMD
Dr. Zachary Dodson DDS
Dr. Alan Doering DMD
Dr. Mark Doherty DMD
Dr. David Dolan DDS, MS
Dr. John Dolbec DDS
Dr. Wayne Dollard DDS
Dr. Anthony Domenico DDS
Dr. Mercedes Dominguez DDS,MS,PA
Dr. John Dominici DDS, MS
Dr. Aaron Doms DDS
Marco Donadio
Dr. Henry Donald
Diana Dongell DMD
Dr. Kenneth Donlan DDS,MS
Dr. Kristi Donley DDS
Dr. Ramsey Doo DDS
Thomas Doolittle DDS
Dr. Samuel Dorn DDS
Dr. Andrew Doroschak DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Dorr DMD
Dr. Kenneth Doty DDS
Dr. William Dougherty JR. DMD
Dr. Michael Doughty DMD
Dr. Bethany Douglas DMD
Dr. George Douglas DDS
Dr. James Douthitt DDS, MS
Mr. Christopher Douville DDS
James Dow DDS
Dr. Patti Dowling DMD
Dr. Diane Doyle DMD
Dr. Michael Doyle DDS
Dr. Scott Doyle DDS, MS
Dr. Glen Doyon DMD
Dr. Tobin Drake DDS
Dr. Scott Drancik DMD, MS
Dr. Andrew Drerup DDS
Dr. John Dresser DMD
Dr. Lee Dreven DMD
Dr. Robert Drnach DMD
Dr. Elias Drobotij DMD MS
Dr. Brock Droll DMD
Dr. Edward Drozd DMD
Dr. Melissa Drum DDS, MS
Dr. James Dryden DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Dryden DDS
Dr. Michael Dryden DDS
Dr. Erin Duarte DDS
Dr. Wayne Dubin DDS
Dr. D Duerson DMD
Dr. Derek Duggan DDS, MS
Dr. Jason Duggan DDS
Dr. Craig Duhaime DDS, MSD
Dr. Dayna Duke DDS
Dr. Amy Dukoff DMD
Dr. Kirk Dulac DDS, MSD
Dr. Thomas Dunavant DDS
Dr. Daniel Dunbar DMD, MS
Dr. James Duncan DDS, MS
Dr. James Duncan DDS, MSD
Dr. Craig Dunlap DDS
Joel Dunsky DDS
Hilary Dunstan DDS
Dr. John Duong DMD
Dr. Larry Durand DMD
Ryan Duval DMD , MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Dwan DDS MS
Dr. Thomas Dwyer
Dr. Regine Dyer DDS
Dr. Mark Dylewski DDS
Dr. Michael Dyriw DDS, MS
Horst Dziura DDS
Dr. Virginia East DDS
James Eaton DDS
Dr. Samer Ebeid DDS
Dr. Maziyar Ebrahimi DMD
Dr. Roohi Ebtahaj DMD, MSD
Dr. Rita Echevarria DDS
Dr. Russell Eddy DMD
Dr. Scott Edgar DMD
Dr. Philip Edgerton DMD
Mitchell Edlund DDS MS PA
Robert Edmunds
Dr. Brian Edwards DMD
Kevin Edwards DDS< LLC
Dr. Robert Edwards DDS,MS
Dr. William Edwards DMD
Dr. Robert Effren DMD
Dr. Ali Eghtesadi DDS
Dr. Derek Ego-Osuala DDS, MS
Dennis Eguchi DDS
Dr. Alan Ehrenreich DDS
Dr. John Ehreth DDS
Dr. Daniel Ehrich DDS
Dr. Ira Ehrlich DDS
Dr. Ygal Ehrlich DMD
Dr. Theron Eichenberger DDS
Dr. Marvin Eichner DDS
Dr. Julius Eickenhorst DDS, MS
Dr. Harry Einbender DDS
Dr. Stanley Einbender DDS
Dr. Alan Einbinder DDS
Dr. Edwin Eisenberg DDS
Dr. Glen Eisenhuth DDS
Leonard Eisner DDS
Dr. Mark Eisner DMD
Dr. Nivine El-Refai BDS,DDS,MSD
Dr. Mona El-Sheikh DMD
Dean Elattrache DMD MS
Reid Elattrache DMD
Dr. Wahid Elbahr DMD,MDS
Dr. Gayle Elbaum DDS
Dr. Steve Elbaz DMD
Dr. Eda Elbirlik DDS
Marion Eldridge JR. DMD
Dr. Leslie Elfenbein DMD
Dr. Richard Elggren DMD
Mr. Barry Elgort DDS
Dr. Steven Elkhal DMD
Daniel Ellenz DDS
Dr. Lisa Ellingsen DDS MS
Dr. Byron Elliott DDS, MSD
Dr. James Elliott DDS
Dr. Michael Elliott DMD
Dr. Gregory Ellis DDS, MSCD
Dr. Jess Ellis DDS, MS
Mark Ellis DDS
Dr. Robin Ellis DMD
Dr. Wayne Ellis DDS
Dr. Larry Ellison DDS
Dr. Paula Elmi DMD
Spencer Elmore DDS, MS
Mr. Mohammed Elseed BDS, DMD, MS
Dr. Hesham Eltagouri DMD
Dr. William Emery DDS
Dr. Peter Endo DDS
Dr. Gregory Engel DMD, MS
Dr. Todd Engel DDS
Dr. Ryan Engelberg DDS
Dr. Kathleen Englehardt DDS
Dr. Ingrid Epelman De Dorra DDS
Samuel Epley II DMD
Dr. Cagatay Erakin DDS
Dr. Rojin Erfan DDS
Dr. Daniel Erickson DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Erickson DDS, PA
Dr. Ty Erickson DDS
Mr. Edward Erndt DDS MS
Dr. Michael Ernest DDS MS
Dr. Leon Ernster DDS
Dr. John Esposito
Dr. Peter Esposito DMD
Dr. Donald Esslinger DDS
Dr. Mark Essner DDS
Dr. Todd Ester DDS
Dr. Aaron Etcheson DMD, MS
Ali Etemad DDS
Shahin Etemadi DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Etess DMD
Dr. Hiri Etessami DDS
Dr. George Etre DDS
Dr. Christopher Ettrich DDS, MSD
Harry Eudowe DDS
George Euler DDS
Dr. Chris Evanov DDS
Dr. Alayne Evans DDS
Dr. Grace Evans DMD, MS
Dr. John Evans DDS
Dr. Matthew Evans SR. DMD
Dr. William Eveland III DMD
Dr. Kelsey Evelyn DMD
Elie Ezzie DDS
Dr. Marc Faber DDS
Dr. Michael Fabio DDS
Dr. David Fabre DDS
Dr. Edwin Fabrega DDS
Dr. Steven Facer DDS
Dr. Daniel Fackrell DMD
Lewis Factor DMD
Mr. Thomas Factor DDS
Dr. Farnaz Fadavi DMD
Farnoush Fadavi DMD
Frank Fager DDS
Dr. Jamshid Faghih DDS, MDS
Dr. Dvaid Fagundes DMD
Kevin Fahey DMD
Dr. Ahmad Fahid DDS MS
Dr. Farshid Fahid DDS
Dr. Donald Fahringer DMD
Ronald Faia DDS
Dr. Ronald Fair DDS, MPH
Dr. Jeffrey Fairchild DMD
Dr. Yaela Faitlowicz-Gayer DDS
Dr. Carla Falcon DMD
Dr. Paul Falcon DMD
Dr. Kenneth Falk DDS
Edward Falkner DDS
Dr. Victor Fan DMD
Dr. Denny Fang DDS
Dr. Stephen Fante DDS
Robert Farber DDS
Dr. Romi Farber DDS
Dr. Reza Fardshisheh DMD
Dr. Justin Farmer DDS
Dr. James Farrar DDS
Dr. Fariborz Farsio DDS
Dr. Anthony Fasciano DMD
Dr. John Fat DDS, MS
Dr. Bahareh Fathi DDS, MS
Dr. Nava Fathi DDS
Dr. Mohamed Fayad DDS,MS
Dr. Sara Fayazi DDS, MS
Mr. Stephen Fegan DDS
Dr. Brian Feiger DDS
Dr. Tawana Feimster DDS, MS
Dr. Joshua Fein DDS
Dr. Richard Fein DMD
Dr. Michael Feinberg DDS
Dr. Richard Feinstein DDS
Dr. Joseph Feintuch DDS
Dr. Michael Feintuch DMD
Dr. Bruce Felder DDS
Dr. Alan Feldman DDS
Hope Feldman DMD
Michael Feldman DDS
Juan Felix-Ramos
Dr. Richard Felt DDS
Dr. Eugene Feltman DDS, MSD
David Fenster DMD
Dr. Anne Fergus DDS
Dr. David Ferguson DDS, MS
Dr. Stuart Ferguson DDS
Dr. Jacinta Fernandes DDS
Dr. Carmen Fernandez DDS
Dr. Victor Fernandez DMD
Jose Fernandez Pereyo DMD
Dr. Jose Ferrari DDS; MSD
Dr. Ronald Ferrari DDS
Dr. Stephen Ferraro DDS
Dr. Lisiane Ferreira-Susin DDS
Dr. Douglas Ferris JR. DMD
Dr. Cami Ferris-Wong DDS
Amir Fesharaki DDS
Sean Fessenden
Dr. Elliot Fidler DDS
Dr. Joy Field DDS
Dr. Adam Fields DMD
Dr. Jason Fields DMD
Dr. Cameron Fife DDS
Dr. David Fife DDS
Dr. Ronald Filice I DDS
Dr. Eric Fillmore DDS
Dr. Jacob Fimple DDS, MMSC
Dr. Kurtis Finley DDS
Dr. Natalia Finn DDS
Dr. Edward Fischer IV DDS, MS
Dr. Clifford Fiscus DDS, MS
Dr. Gerald Fishelberg DDS
Dr. David Fisher DDS
Dr. James Fisher DDS, MSCD
Dr. Matthew Fisher DDS
Dr. Robert Fisher DDS
Keryn Fishman DDS
Edward Fitzpatrick DDS
Dr. Natasha Flake DDS
Robert Flath DDS
Dr. Michael Flax DDS
Jordana Fleischer DMD
Jacob Fleischman DMD
Dr. Steven Fleischman DDS
Laurie Fleisher DMD
Dr. Robert Fleisher DMD
Christopher Fleming DMD
Dr. Alexandre Fleury DDS, MS
Thomas Flint DMD
Dr. John Floren DMD
Dr. Jamal Flowers DDS
Dr. James Flynn DDS
Dr. Thomas Fogarty DDS
Dr. Bruce Fogel DDS
Dr. David Foley DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Robert Folk JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Barry Fong DDS
Dr. Olga Fonseca DDS
Dr. Sara Fonseca
Dr. Suanhow Foo DDS
Dr. Elina Fooks DMD
Dr. Denise Foran DDS
Garland Forbes DMD,MS
Dr. Rachel Forbes DMD
Dr. Floyd Ford DMD
Lora Ford DDS MS
Dr. Michael Ford DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Foreman DMD, MS
Dr. Steven Forgione DMD
Amy Forloine DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Forno DDS
Dr. Nestor Foronda DMD
Dr. Rostam Forooghi DMD
Dr. Kamran Foroughi DDS
Jared Fortman DDS
Dr. Eric Foss DDS, MS
Dr. George Foster DDS
Dr. Keith Foster DMD
Dr. Peter Fotos DDS
Mehran Fotovatjah DDS
Dr. Ashraf Fouad DDS, MS
Dr. William Fournier JR. DDS
Dr. Kenneth Fowler DDS
Matthew Fowler DMD
Sara Fowler DMD, MS
Dr. Lee Fox DDS
Dr. Sanford Fox DDS
Benjamin Fragale DMD
Dr. Anthony Fragola DDS
Dr. Stephen Frame
Dr. Frank Francica DDS
Dr. William Francis DDS
David Francisco
Harry Frank DDS
Dr. Robert Frank DDS
Dr. Kathleen Frankle DDS
Ryan Franklin DDS
Dr. Benjamin Fravel DDS, MS
Dr. Vincent Frazzetto DDS
Dr. William Freccia DDS
Dr. Mark Freeland DDS
Kim Freeman MA DMD MS
Leroy Freeman
Dr. Mark Freeman DDS, MSD
Robert Freiberg DDS
Dr. Brian Frey DMD
Steven Frey DDS
Dr. Kenneth Frick DDS, MS
Dr. Beverly Friedberg DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Friedman DDS MS
Lee Friedman DDS
Dr. Steven Friedman DDS
Dr. Matthew Friedt DDS
Dr. Robert Frisk DDS
Dr. Steven Frost DDS
Dr. Ross Fruithandler DDS
Dr. Brian Frutchey
Dr. Katherine Fry DMD
Dr. Derrick Fu DDS
Dr. Gustavo Fuentes DMD
Dr. Quentin Fuhs DDS
Dr. Michael Fukawa DDS
Alexander Fuller DMD
Dr. Noel Fuller DMD, PA
Dr. Spencer Fullmer DDS
Dr. Chad Fulmer DDS
Dr. Lee Fulsaas DDS
Dr. Elisa Fulton DMD
David Funderburk DDS
Dr. Daniel Funk DMD
Dr. Urania Funteas DDS
Dr. Timothy Futato DMD
Dr. Timothy Gabe DMD
Dr. Willis Gabel DDS, MS
Joseph Gaffney DDS
Dr. Walter Gaffney JR. DDS, MDS
Dr. Arthur Gage DDS
Julio Gaitan DDS
John Galberry DDS
Mr. Erik Galian DMD
Johnah Galicia
Dr. Stephen Galla DMD
Eric Gallatin DDS
Juliane Gallatin DDS
Dr. David Gallin DDS
John Galsterer DDS
John Galsterer DMD
Mark Galsterer DMD,MSD
Dr. David Galvan DDS
Dr. Robert Galvan DDS
Julio Galvez DMD
James Gambill DDS
David Gamm DDS
Edward Gamson DDS
Dr. Anjani Gandhi DMD
Dr. Ron Ganik DDS
Dr. Mikhail Gankin DMD
Dr. Deepika Ganne DDS
Dr. Daniel Gano DDS
Dr. Daniel Garabadian DMD
Behzad Garagozloo DDS
Dr. Stuart Garber DDS, MS
Dr. Faustino Garcia DMD
Dr. Hector Garcia DMD
Dr. Jacqueline Garcia DMD
Dr. Jorge Garcia DDS, MS
Dr. Victor Garcia DMD
Dr. Richard Gardner DDS
Mr. Jeffrey Gardyn DDA
Dr. Bret Gargasz DDS
Dr. Cecilia Garin DMD
Dr. Randy Garland DDS
Jason Garlock DMD
Dr. Richard Garnett DMD
Alexandra Garraton
Dr. Patrick Garrett DDS
Dr. Thomas Garrett DDS
Dr. Jamie Gartenberg DDS
Dr. Larry Gartman DDS
Dr. Arnold Gartner DDS
Dr. Ricardo Garza JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Roxene Gascoigne DDS
Dr. Bruce Gaston
Dr. Adam Gatan DMD
Dr. Dustin Gatten DDS, MSD
Dr. Timothy Gatten DDS, MSD
Robert Gatti DDS
Dr. Reynold Gaubert JR. DMD
Dr. Steven Gaudet DDS
Dr. Brian Gaudette DMD
Dr. Michael Gavin DDS
Dr. William Gavin DDS
Nikolaos Gavrilis DDS
Dr. Bernard Gavron DDS
Dr. Lyla Gazarian-Boustani DDS
Dr. Karen Gear DDS
Dr. Robert Gear SR. DDS
James Gearing DDS
Dr. Marc Geballa DDS
Dr. Mario Gebbia DMD
Dr. Matt Gebhardt DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Jason Gee DMD
Dr. Bryan Geerlings DMD
Dr. Cindy Geers DDS
Dr. Samuel Gegamian DMD
Dr. Chandurpal Gehani BDS
Michael Geiser DDS
Dr. Mark Gelband DDS
Dr. Gregory Gell DDS
Dr. John Gell DMD
Dr. Richard Gelman DMD
Dr. Maria Gely DMD
Dr. Michael Gengo DDS
Dr. Kamen Genov DDS
Dr. Larry Genser
Dr. Andrea Gentile-Fiori DDS
Dr. Andrew George DDS, MSD
Dr. Jerome George DMD
Saju George DMD
Dr. Scott George DMD
Dr. Ronald Georgeson DDS
Dr. Scott Gerard
Dr. Glen Gerdes DMD
Martina Gerges
Dr. Christopher Geric DMD
Dr. Lisa Germain DDS, MSCD
Dr. Thomas Gerrets JR. DMD
Dr. Andrew Gershon DDS
William Gervasio DDS
Dr. Reed Gethmann
Dr. Bradley Gettleman DDS MS
Dr. Roya Ghahraman DDS
Ghazaleh Ghaneh
Dr. Saman Gharai DDS
Caroline Ghattas Ayoub
Dr. Mojgan Ghiai DDS
Dr. Shervin Gholian DMD, MMSC
Dr. Michelle Ghusson
Dr. James Gianakakis DDS,MS
Dr. Jennifer Gibbs DDS, PHD
Dr. Stuart Gibby DDS
Dr. Richard Giddon DMD
Dr. Sharon Giesler DDS
Dr. Julee Gil DMD, MBE
Dr. Jack Gilad DMD
Dr. Richard Gilbert DMD
Dr. Richard Gilbert DDS
Thomas Gilbert DMD
Dr. Pinkney Gilchrist IV DMD
Dr. Jagdeep Gill DDS
Dr. John Gillan DDS MS
Thomas Gillen DMD, MS
Dr. Ray Gillespie DDS
Dr. William Gillespie DMD,MPH,
Dr. Errol Gillis DDS
Dr. John Gilmer JR. DDS
Dr. Jason Gim DDS
Marc Gimbel DMD
Dr. Dennis Gimlin DDS
Bradley Ginzler DDS
Dr. Alessandro Giovanardi DDS, MS
Dr. Anthony Girardi DDS
William Girsch JR. DDS
Dr. Steven Gish DDS
Dr. Robert Gittess DDS
Dr. Anjanette Gjertsen DDS, MS
Christopher Glass DMD
Dr. Michael Glass DDS
Dr. Jason Glassley DDS, MSD
Dr. Daniel Glatt DDS
Brandon Glenn DDS
Dr. Ian Glick
Dr. Gerald Glickman DDS, MS
Dr. Joel Glickman DMD
Dr. Charles Glosson DMD
Dr. Samuel Goby DMD
Dr. Lori Gochenour DDS MS
Dr. Thomas Goddard DDS
Dr. Bruce Godick DMD
Dr. Thomas Goebel DMD
Dr. Sheenu Goel DDS
Dr. Albert Goerig BS,DDS,MS
Dr. John Goessman DDS
Dr. Zachary Goettsche DDS
Dr. Robert Gohean DMD
Harold Goldban DDS
Dr. Andrew Goldbeck DMD
Dr. Barry Goldberg DMD MSCD
Dr. C. Robert Goldberg DMD
Dr. Elliot Goldberg DDS
Dr. Jay Goldberg DDS
Dr. Mark Goldberg DDS
Marshall Goldberg DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Goldberger DDS
Dr. Richard Golden JR. DDS
Dr. Greg Goldfaden DMD
Dr. Stephen Goldfaden DDS
Dr. Bernard Goldman DMD
Dr. Gary Goldstein DDS
Dr. Kenneth Goldstein DMD
Shepard Goldstein
Dr. Stacey Goldstein DMD
Dr. Timothy Golian DDS
Dr. Michael Golka DDS
Dr. Marshall Gomes DDS
Dr. Daniela Gomez DDS
Dr. Manuel Gomez DDS
Sara Gomez DMD
Michael Gonsky DDS
Dr. Alvaro Gonzalez DMD
Dr. Ana Gonzalez
Dr. Erik Gonzalez DDS
Dr. Manuel Gonzalez DDS
Dr. Pedro Gonzalez DMD
Dr. David Goodcoff DDS
Dr. Martin Goode DDS
Michael Goode DDS
Dr. Gary Goodell DDS, MS, MA
Allan Goodfriend DMD
Charles Goodis DDS
Mr. George Goodis DDS
Dr. Alan Goodman DDS, MS
Dr. Alvin Goodman DDS MSCD
Dr. Barry Goodman DDS
Dr. Nelson Goodman DMD
Dr. Steven Goodman DDS
Wanda Goodreau DMD
Dr. John Goodrich DDS MS
Dr. Manju Gopinathan DDS, MS
Dr. Magdalena Goralczyk DDS
Dr. Franklin Gordon DDS, MS,MS,PC
Dr. Ryan Gordon DDS MS
Dr. Wanda Gordon DMD
Dr. Michael Goren DDS
Dr. Joshua Gorman DDS
Dr. Mark Gorman DDS
Dr. Deborah Gortler Shukovsky DMD
Dr. Johnny Gosier DMD
Dr. Eric Gotlieb DDS
Rebecca Gottlieb
Tom Gound DDS, M S
Dr. Michael Grabow DDS
Megan Gracy DMD
Dr. Brent Grafe DDS
Dr. George Grammer JR. DDS
Dr. Albert Granger DDS
Dr. Tod Granger DDS
Dr. James Granite DMD
Dr. David Grassi
Dr. Michael Grassi DDS
Frederick Grassin DDS
Dr. Matthew Grau DDS
Dr. Tamara Gravely-Griffin DMD, MS
Dr. Andrew Graves DMD
Lowell Graves DDS
Dr. Alicia Gray DDS,DMD
Dr. Gerald Gray DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Gray DDS
Dr. Rodney Gray DDS, MS
Clifton Grayer JR. DMD
Dr. Frank Graziano JR. DDS
Dr. Jay Green DDS
Dr. Jerry Green DDS
Dr. John Green II DDS
Megan Green DMD
Dr. Nancy Greenbarg DMD
Allan Greenberg DMD
Dr. Brian Greenberg DDS
Mitchell Greenberg DMD
Dr. Robert Greenberg DDS
Dr. Kathleen Greene DDS
Dr. Ryan Greene DDS
Dr. Ada Greenfield DMD
Dr. Brian Greenspan DDS
Dr. Melvin Greenspan DDS,
Dr. Andrew Greenstein DMD
Douglas Greenwald DDS,MS
Bill Greer DDS
Dr. Charles Gregory DDS
Dr. Joseph Greiner DDS
Dr. Blair Gremillion DDS
Gayle Grenadier DMD
Dr. Joseph Grenn DMD
Dr. Timothy Gresla DDS
Dr. Brad Griffin DDS
Dr. Randy Griffin DMD
Dr. Theodore Grigg DMD
Raymond Grigorian DDS
Dr. Brian Groneman DDS
Dr. Mark Grosko DDS
Renie Gross DDS
Dr. Steven Gross DMD
Kenneth Grossman DDS
Dr. Heath Grote DMD
Dr. Kenneth Grove JR. DDS
Dr. Robert Grove JR. DDS
Robert Grover DDS
Dr. Timothy Grubb DDS
David Gruber DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Grunebaum DDS
Dr. Eric Grutzner DDS, MS
Fang Gu
Dr. Peter Guagliano DDS
Dr. Jose Guerra DDS
Dr. Anthony Guerrero DDS
Dr. Garrett Guess DDS
Ms. Anna Guglielmo DDS
Dr. Wallace Guilford III DMD
Dr. George Guise JR. DMD, MS
Dr. Ajay Gulati BDS MS
Dr. Wendy Gulden DDS MS
Dr. Maurice Gunraj DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Gupana DMD
Rahul Gupta
Dr. Rajeev Gupta DDS
Robert Gureasko DDS
Dr. Sean Gurney DDS
Rylan Gustafson
Dennis Gut DDS
Dr. Rostislav Gutarts DDS
Dr. Herbert Gutentag DMD
Jonathan Gutman DMD
Dr. James Gutmann DDS
Dr. Mary Guzek DMD
Dr. Gary Guzy DDS, MSD
Dr. Bo Ha DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Haag DDS, MS
Stephen Haas DDS
Dr. Gregory Haasch DDS
Dr. Andrew Haase DDS
Joseph Haase DDS
Dr. Darlene Hachmeister DMD
Dr. David Hadley DDS
Abeer Hafez DDS,MS
Dr. Patrick Haffey DDS
Dr. Susan Hagel-Bradway DMD, MS
Nora Haghparast Hassas DDS
Dr. Robert Haglund JR. DMD, MDS, PA
Chin-Lo Hahn PHD, DDS
Dr. Christopher Hahn DDS MS
Dr. Joong Hahn DDS, MSD
Dr. Young Hahn DMD
Dr. John Haidet DDS,MS
Dr. Scott Hair DDS
Dr. Bradley Hajdik DDS
Alexander Hakim DMD
Dr. Raymond Halais DMD
Robert Hale DMD
Dr. Jason Hales DDS
Mr. Gerald Halk DDS
Brian Hall DDS
Dr. Michael Hall DMD
Dr. Enborg Halle DDS
Dr. Robert Haller DDS
Stayner Haller DDS
Dr. Evan Halpern DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Halvorson DDS, MS
Dr. John Ham DDS
Dr. Hatim Hamad DDS, MS
Dr. Luke Hamann DMD
Dr. James Hamberlin DDS
Reza Hamedy DDS
Dr. George Hammer DDS
Hanny Hamoui DMD
Dr. Nidaa Hamza DDS
Dr. David Han DDS
Dr. Terry Han DDS
Dr. Henry Hancock III DDS, MS
John Hancock DDS,
Dr. Ronald Hand DMD, MS
Dr. Robert Handysides DDS
Dr. Philip Hankins DDS, MS
Robert Hanlon JR. DMD
Dr. Dennnis Hanna DDS
James Hannahan DMD
Dr. Patrick Hannahan DMD
Dr. Thomas Hannahan DMD
Dr. Lawrence Hannan DDS
Dr. John Hansell DDS
Dr. David Hansen DDS
Dr. Delvin Hansen DDS
Jason Hansen DDS
Ronald Hansen DDS
Dr. Steven Hansen DDS
Dr. Wayne Hansen DDS
Dr. David Hanske DDS MS
Dr. Eugene Hanson DDS
Dr. Robert Hanson DDS
Shane Hanson DMD
Dr. Ike Hardy DMD
Dr. Leslie Hardy DDS,MS
Dr. Ashraf Harhash DDS
Dr. Payam Hariri DMD
Dr. Orest Harkacz SR. DDS
Dr. Bruce Harkins
Dr. Alan Harlan DDS
Dr. John Harmon DDS
Dr. John Harmon DDS, MS
Dr. Melissa Harmon DDS
Dr. Raffi Haroun DDS
Dr. Eddie Harouni DDS
Dr. Taryn Harreld DDS, MS
Bernard Harrington DDS
Pamela Harrington DDS MS
Dr. Arthur Harris
Dr. Bradley Harris DDS
Dr. David Harris JR. DDS, MSD
Gary Harris DDS
Dr. Jesse Harris DDS, MSD
Dr. Lloyd Harris DDS
Ralph Harris
William Harris DDS
Dr. George Harrison DMD
Dr. Rex Harrison DMD
Dr. Sean Hart DDS, MSD, PC
Dr. Jayson Hartman DMD
Armen Hartoonian DMD MSD
Dr. Gary Hartwell DDS
Dr. David Hartwick DDS
Dr. Thomas Harvey DDS
Dr. Adam Harwood DMD
Dr. Michael Harwood DMD
Dr. Lance Hashimoto DDS, MS
Dr. Gunnar Hasselgren DDS, PHD
Dr. Tsadik Hassid DDS, MS
Dr. Meghan Hatfield DMD
Mr. Dean Hauseman DMD
Dr. Mark Hauser DDS
Dr. Jess Havron DMD, MS
Thomas Hawkins JR. DDS
Dr. Alvin Hayashi DDS, MS
Dr. Roy Hayashi DMD
John Haycock DMD
Dr. Brian Haymore DDS
Chen He DMD
Dr. Jianing He DMD, PHD
Phillip Head SR. DDS CAGS
Dr. Matthew Healy DDS,MS
Dr. Joel Hearn DMD
Dr. John Heaton DMD
Dr. Catherine Hebert DDS
Dr. Mark Hebertson
Dr. Rachelle Hecht DMD MSD
Dr. Thomas Heck
Dr. Randall Hedrick DDS
Dr. Michelle Heffernan DMD, MS
Dr. William Heggen III DDS MS
Dr. Randolph Heiman DMD
Mrs. Carey Hein DDS
Dr. Gregory Hein DDS
Dr. Gretchen Heinsen DMD,MSCD
Dr. Allen Helfer DDS
Dr. Raymond Helinski DDS
Dr. John Helleberg DMD
Dr. Alfred Heller DDS
Dr. Diane Heller DDS
Rita Heller DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Hembrough DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Hembrough DDS, MS
Dr. Ronald Hempel DDS
William Henderson DDS
Dr. Michael Hendrickson DDS
Dr. Mark Henry DDS MS
Charles Herbert DDS
Dr. Eric Herbranson DDS
Dr. Joseph Herbst DDS
Dr. Agnes Herceg DDS
Dr. Richard Herman DDS
Dr. Robert Hermann DDS
Kenneth Hermsen DDS
Michael Hermsen DDS
Erlyn Hernandez DMD
Frank Hernandez DMD
Dr. Ramon Hernandez DMD
Dr. Keven Herold DDS
Carolyn Herring DMD
Dr. Robert Hershey DDS
Dr. Willard Hershey DDS
Dr. Alven Herstig DDS
Dr. Norbert Hertl DDS MSD
Dr. Marc Hertzberg DMD
Dr. Darren Hess DDS
Mr. Scott Hetz DMD
Dr. Robert Heydrich DMD, MS
James Hiatt DDS
Dr. Martin Hickey DMD
Dr. Morris Hicks DDS
Mr. Vincent Hicks DDS
Dr. Robert Higa DDS
Dr. James Higgins DDS MSD
Mr. Larry Hildebrand DDS MS
Dr. Paul Hilfer DDS
Dr. Steven Hill DMD
Dr. Randall Hiltner DMD
Dr. James Hilton DDS, MS
Dr. Myron Hilton DDS, MPH
Dr. James Hiltz DMD
Dr. Van Himel DDS
Dr. Spencer Hinckley DDS
Dr. Charles Hine DDS
Dr. Stewart Hinkley DDS,MS
Dr. Kent Hinrichsen DDS
Dr. Craig Hirschberg DDS
Dr. Bradley Hirschman DDS, MS
Dr. Louis Hirschman DDS
Dr. Wade Hirschman DDS, MS
Dr. Marc Hirschorn DDS
Dr. Edon Hirt DDS
Dr. Daniel Hiserote JR. DDS
Dr. Alan Hiura DDS
James Ho DMD
Dr. Dao Hoang DMD
Dr. Phung Hoang DDS
Dr. Paul Hobeich DMD
Barry Hoch
Sue Hoch
Jeffrey Hockett DDS
Mr. John Hockin II DDS MS
Dr. Eric Hodges MD
Dr. Scott Hodges DDS, MS
Anita Hoelscher DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Hoen DDS
Jack Hoffer DDS
Dr. Joel Hofflich DDS
Dr. Claudia Hoffman DDS
Dr. Bernard Hofmann DMD, MS
Dr. Mark Hogg DDS, SCD
Dr. Edmund Hohmann SR. DDS
Dr. Paige Holbert DDS
Dr. John Holcomb DDS
Dr. Stephen Holifield DDS
Dr. Charles Holman DDS
Dr. Mark Holman DDS
Brad Holmes DDS
Dr. Andrea Holstein DMD
Dr. Bruce Holt DDS
Dr. Claudia Holt DDS
Dr. Dennis Holt BS,DMD,MS,MSED
Dr. Dennis Holt DMD
Dr. Kimberly Holt DDS
Dr. David Holtzmann DMD,MS
Michael Homer DMD
Dr. Charlie Hong DMD, MSD
David Honig
Dr. Dov Hook DMD
Dr. William Hooker DDS
Dr. Thomas Hooks DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Hoover DMD
Dr. John Hoover JR. DDS
Dr. Keith Hope DDS
Dr. Kristina Hopkins DDS, MSD
Dr. Brooks Horan DO
Dr. Donald Horn DMD
Walter Horn DDS, MS
Brian Hornberger DDS MS
Dr. Killian Horner DDS
Rochelle Horsley
Scott Horsley DDS, MS, PC
Dr. Bryan Horspool DDS
Dr. Orapin Horst DDS, MS, MSD, PHD
Richard Horwat DMD
Dr. Hsiao-Ling Hoshino DMD
Dr. John Hoskins DDS
Dr. Wayne Hotzakorgian DDS, MSCD
Dr. Vicki Houck DDS, MS
Dr. Henry Housman DDS
Dr. James Howard DDS, MS
Dr. Bruce Howell DMD PA
Dr. Jose Hoyo DMD
Manuel Hoyo DMD MSD
Dr. Maria Hoyo DMD
Dr. Jeffery Hreha DDS, MSD
Angela Hsiao DDS, MS
Dr. Ying-Wen Hsiao DDS
Audrey Hsin
G-Hong Hsu DDS, MS
Dr. Tony Hsu DDS
Yu Kai Hsu DMD
Dr. William Hu DMD
Dr. Shiang Chih Huang DMD
Tong-Yen Huang DDS
Dr. Eduardo Hubard DDS
Vennis Hubbard Cosby DMD
Samar Hubbi DMD
Dr. Tim Hubble DMD
Mr. David Hudson DDS
Dr. Michael Huey I DMD
Steven Huffaker DMD
Dr. Christopher Hugh DDS
Dr. Donald Hughart DDS, MS
Mr. John Hughes DDS
Mr. Justin Hughes DDS
Dr. Yoo Kyeom Huh DMD
Dr. Troy Hull DDS, MSD
Dr. Alana Humberson DMD
Dr. Stanley Humphrey DDS
Rita Hung
Dr. Michael Hunt DDS
Kenneth Hunter DDS
Dr. Stephen Hunter DDS, MS
Dr. Gary Huntington DDS
Dr. James Hupp DMD
Craig Hurtt DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Hutcheson DMD
Gregory Hutchison
Dr. Jeffrey Hutter DMD
Andrew Huttula DDS
Dr. Nancy Huynh DDS
Dr. Tri Huynh DDS, PHD
Dr. Kathleen Huza DMD
Dr. David Hwang DDS, MSD
George Hwang DDS
Dr. Lily Hwang DMD
Victor Hwang DDS
Dr. William Hwang DDS
Dr. Dean Hyde DDS
Dr. Gerald Hyman DMD
Steven Hymovitch DDS MBA
Dr. John Hyson III DDSMSD
Sara Iampaglia DDS
Dr. Staci Ianiro DDS
Beatriz Ibanez DMD
Jose Ibarrola DDS, MS
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim BDS, MS, PHD, DMD
Dr. Wesley Ichesco DDS, MS
Dr. Rodney Ida DDS
Dr. Sohrab Imani DDS
Zachary Imperial DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Indyk DMD
Dr. Daniel Ingel DMD
Dr. Lee Ingersoll DDS
Dr. Timothy Ingram III DDS MS
Dr. Timothy Ingrao DDS
Dr. Aleksander Iofin DMD
Dr. Samuel Ip DDS
Dr. John Ippolito DDS
Dr. Teresa Irizarry-Caro DMD
Dr. Edward Isaac DDS
Mr. Jack Isaacs DDS
Dr. Gregory Isermann DDS MS
Dr. James Isett DMD, MS
Dr. David Ishley DDS, MS
Dr. Melita Islambasic DMD, MS
Dr. Aaron Isler DDS
Rodney Isolani DDS
Dr. Terry Isom DMD
Randall Iwasiuk DDS
Mr. Seyed Reza Izadi Dehkordi DDS
Clark Izu DDS
Dr. Kevin Izu DDS
Ahmad Jabali
Moein Jabbar Darjani DDS
Dr. Kristin Jabbs DMD
Dr. John Jaber DDS
Dr. Ryan Jack DDS, MS
Charles Jackson DDS
Dr. John Jackson DMD
Dr. Allan Jacobs DDS
Arielle Jacobs DMD
Dr. Donn Jacobs DDS
Boyd Jacobson DDS, MS
Dr. Harold Jacobson III DDS
Dr. Jacqueline Jacobson DMD ,CAGS
Dr. Danielle Jaffe DDS
Haytham Jaha BDS
Eric Jahde DDS
Dr. Chaim Alen Jakob DMD
Sid Poorya Jalali DDS
Dr. Suhair Jambi BDS, MS
Brian James DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Janian DDS
Dr. Milos Janicek DMD
Dr. J Jann DDS
Dr. Scott Janse DDS, MS
Dr. Erik Jansen DMD
David Jaramillo DDS
Dr. Lina Jarboe DDS, PA
Dr. Scott Jarrett DDS
Dr. William Jarvis DDS MS PA
Dr. Andris Jaunberzins DDS, MS
Jeffrey Javelet DDS
Salvia Javidan-Nejad DDS
Dr. Barry Jaye DMD
Dr. Michael Jeansonne DDSMS
Dr. Chris Jebeles DMD
Dr. Kathy Jefferson DDS, MS
Dr. David Jen DDS
Dr. Joslyn Jenkins DMD
Dr. Stephen Jenkins DDS
Dr. James Jensen DMD
Dr. Joanne Jensen DDS,MS
Lauren Jensen DDS
Dr. Mark Jensen DDS
Dr. Mark Jensen DDS
Dr. Philip Jensen DDS
Dr. Jon Jenson DDS
Dr. Brian Jeon DMD
Dr. Robert Jepko DDS
Dr. Edward Jerge DDS
Charles Jerome DDS
Dr. Louis Jerome DMD
Dr. Bruce Jespersen DDS
Dr. James Jespersen DDS
Ronald Jew DDS
Divya Jha DDS
Dr. Zongshi Ji BCS
Dr. Jin Jiang DDS, PHD
Yanling Jiang DMD
Dr. Arhimazda Jimenez DDS
Dr. John Jimenez DDS
Juan Jimenez DMD
Dr. Jeannette Jimenez-Rodriguez DMD
Christopher Jin DMD
Dr. Constance Jin DMD
Dr. Aileen Jitsumyo DDS
Dr. Philip Jo DDS
Jason Joe DDS
Dr. Tejpaul Johl DDS
Dr. Anthony John DDS, MS
Dr. Laurence Johns DDS, MSD
Dr. Merry Johns DDS
Dr. Andrew Johnson DDS
Dr. Blair Johnson DDS
Dr. Brent Johnson DDS
Dr. Clifford Johnson DMD
Collis Johnson JR. DDS
Craid Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. David Johnson DDS
Edward Johnson DDS
Dr. Eugenia Johnson
Gary Johnson DDS
Dr. Horace Johnson III DDS
Dr. James Johnson DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Johnson DMD
Dr. John Johnson DDS
Dr. Keenon Johnson DDS, MS
Dr. Kevin Johnson DDS
Dr. Kris Johnson DDS
Dr. Marcus Johnson DDS, MSD
Dr. Mary Johnson DDS
Dr. Mary Johnson DDS
Dr. Randall Johnson DDS
Dr. Richard Johnson SR. DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Johnson DMD, MS
Dr. Taoheed Johnson DMD
Dr. William Johnson DDS MS
Dr. Carey Johnston DMD
Joyce Johnston-Neeser DMD
Helen Joiner DDS
Carl Jones DDS
Dr. David Jones DDS
Mr. Ethan Jones DDS
Dr. Harol Jones DDS
Dr. James Jones DDS, MSD
Dr. Kristy Jones DMD
Dr. Omar Jones III DDS
Dr. Thomas Jones DDSMS
Dr. Lars Jonsson DDS
Dr. Kalisha Jordan DDS
Dr. Joel Jose DDS
Dr. Judy Jose DDS, MDSC
Dr. Michael Joseph DMD
Dr. James Jostes DDS
Dr. Yi-Tai Jou DMD
Dr. Thomas Jovicich DMD
Albert Jowid DDS
Dr. Timothy Jue DDS
Mr. Attila Juhasz DDS
Jon Juhlin DDS MS
Dr. Jon Julian DDS
Dr. Jed Jultak DDS
Monica Juneja DDS
Dr. Dale Jung DDS
Jae Ha Jung D D S
Dr. Seung Jung DDS, MDS
Dr. Conrad Jungmann DDS
Dr. David Junn DDS,MS
Dr. Joseph Jurcak DDS
Kevin Jurecko DDS
Dr. Badri Jureidini DDS, MS
Barry Jurist DDS
Dr. Kathryn Jurosky DDS
George Just DDS
Dr. Sandra Justiniano DMD
Bruce Justman DDS
Dr. Seth Kabakoff DMD
Dr. Barbara Kabes DDS,MS
Dr. Gregory Kadel DDS
Dr. Richard Kaden DDS
Dr. Dania Kafri DDS, MSD
Dr. Kenneth Kahn DDS
Dr. Lauren Kai DMD
Dr. Darin Kajioka DDS
Dr. Payman Kakoli DDS
Dr. Mark Kalchthaler DMD
Dr. Roy Kaldestad DDS
Dr. Richard Kalikow DDS
Steven Kallman DDS
Sathya Kallur DDS
Sheetal Kalokhe BDS
Christian Kamaris DMD,MS
Dr. James Kamburis DMD
Dr. Jonathan Kamen DDS
Dr. Karen Kamer DMD,MS
Dr. Edward Kaminsky DDS,MSD
Dr. Steven Kaminsky DMD
Dr. Lanny Kampfe DDS MS MA PC
Dr. Heidi Kamrath DDS
Rambod Kamrava
Robert Kane DDS
Dr. Howard Kang DMD
Hyun Ji Kang DDS
Dr. Jean Kang DDS
Dr. Mo Kang DDS, PHD
Pei Kang DDS, PHD
Dr. Yung-Ming Kang DDS CAGS DSCD
Dr. Courtney Kanive DMD, MS
Dr. Heidi Kanning DDS MS
Dr. Zachary Kano DMD
Dr. Valerie Kanter DMD
Dr. James Kantor DDS, BA
Dr. Igor Kantorovich DMD, MSD
Dr. William Kantz DDS, PHD
Hemant Kapadia DDS
Dr. Frederic Kaplan DDS
Jay Kaplan DDS
Dr. Paul Kaplan DMD MS
Stanley Kaplan DDS
Dr. Steven Kaplan DMD
Dr. Trevor Kaple DDS
Dr. Devika Kapoor DMD
Dr. Peter Kapsimalis DMD
Bekir Karabucak DMD,MS
Prof. Virginia Karapanou DMD, MS
Dr. Anthony Kardelis DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Kardon DMD
Gary Karen
Dr. Corey Karimjee DDS, MS
Dr. Bradley Karkut DDS, MS
Rahim Karmali DDS
Dr. Thomas Karn DMD, MS
Dr. Kathryn Karpinski DDS
Dr. Mark Karpman DDS
Dr. Nicole Karr DMD
Dr. Douglas Kase DDS
Frank Kasman
Dr. Edward Kasper DMD,MS
Dr. Arshia Kasravi DDS, MSD
Dr. Nooshin Katebzaheh DDS, MS
Joseph Katsarsky DMD
Dr. Douglas Katz DMD
Dr. Frederick Katz DDS MSD
Mr. Harmon Katz DDS
Dr. Steven Katz DDS, MS
Dr. Luke Kauffman DDS
Howard Kaufman DDS
Dr. Robert Kaufman DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Kawilarang DDS, MSD
Dr. Christopher Kayafas DDS,MS
Mohamed Kayali DMD
Dr. Melvin Kaye DDS
Dr. Miriam Kaye DMD
Mr. Kevin Keane DDS
Dr. Wayne Kearney DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Kevin Keating DDS, MS
Dr. Kevin Keating DDS
Dr. Christian Kecht DDS
Dr. Abraham Kedeshian DDS
Dr. Kourosh Keikhanzadeh DDS, MDSC
Dr. Jeffery Keippel DMD
Dr. Daniel Keir DDS
Dr. Shandra Keith DMD
Dr. Vatche Keklikian DDS
Dr. David Keller DMD
Dr. Michael Keller DDS, MSD
Dr. Mitchell Kellert DDS
Dr. Donald Kelley II DDS, MS
David Kelliny BDS, DDS
David Kellogg DDS, MS
Dr. Ellen Kelly DMD
Dr. Emily Kelly DMD, MS
Dr. Jess Kelly DDS, MS
David Kenee DDS
Dr. Julie Kennedy DMD
Dr. Shawn Kennedy DDS
Dr. Wade Kennedy DMD
Dr. Anya Kent DDS
Dr. Lee Anne Keough DMD, MS
Dr. Kevin Kerley DMD
Dr. Kenneth Kerman DMD
Dr. Timothy Kerper DMD
Dr. Carolyn Kerr DMD
Dr. Mark Kerr DDS
Dr. Martin Kersh DMD,PC
Dr. Daniel Kersten DDS
Steven Kesler DDS, MS
Dr. Joel Kessler DDS
Dr. Emad Khalifa DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Khalil DDS
Ramin Khalili DDS
Eiman Khalili-Araghi DDS
Nick Khalilkhani DDS MS
Dr. Bilal Khan DMD
Ghazala Khan DDS
Dr. Nabeel Khan DMD, MSD
Dr. Mehrbod Kharazi DMD
Dr. Patricia Kho DDS
Yelena Kholodenko DDS, MS
Dr. Niloufar Khoobehi DMD
Dr. Pejman Khosravian DMD
Dr. Ramipal s Khurana BDS, DMD
Robert Kidder DMD
Laurence Kielt DDS
Dr. Danielle Kilmartin DMD
Dr. Albert Kim DDS
Dr. Alexander Kim DMD
Dr. Andrew Kim DMD
Dr. Daniel Kim DDS
David Kim
Dr. Elbert Kim DDS
Greg Kim DDS
Dr. Ina Kim DDS
Jessica Kim DDS
Jong Ryul Kim
Joon Kim DDS
Dr. Joseph Kim DDS
Dr. Jung Kim DMD
Dr. Melanie Kim DMD
Dr. Michael Kim DDS
Sahng Gyoon Kim DDS, MS
Dr. Sahrip Kim DDS
Dr. Sara Kim DMD
Sarah Kim DMD
Dr. Sookyung Kim DDS
Dr. Syngcuk Kim DDS,PHD
Dr. Timothy Kim DDS PS
Dr. Yong Kim DDS, MSD
Dr. Melanie Kim-Park DDS, MS
Dr. Brown Kimbell JR. DMD
Dr. W Kimbrough DDS
Dr. Beatrice Kind DDS
Dr. Jered King DMD
Dr. John King DDS MSD
Dr. Kenneth King DMD, PA
Dr. Kevin King DDS
Dr. Kevin King DDS
Dr. Thomas King DMD
Dr. Yiming King DMD MDS
Dr. Christopher Kingma DDS, MS
Dr. Diwakar Kinra
Levi Kinsey DDS, MS
Thomas Kintonis DDS
Dr. Terry Kippa DDS
Dr. Timothy Kirkpatrick DDS
Dr. Abhishek Kirpal
Dr. Alan Kirsch DDS
Edward Kirsh DDS
Dr. Russell Kiser II DDS, MS
Dr. George Kitchens JR. DMD, MS
Dr. James Kitchens DDS
Dr. Robert Kittredge DDS
Stella Kitzenberg DDS
Dr. Kirby Kjar DMD
Dr. Matthew Kjar DMD
Steven Klayman DDS MS
Dr. Donald Kleier DMD
Jennifer Klein DMD
Stanley Klein DDS
Brian Kleinman DDS
Tom Kleitches
Dr. Derek Klepsky DMD MDS
Dr. James Kloss DDS
Dr. John Knapp DDS
Dr. Maryanne Knasas Irwin DMD
Deborah Knaup DDS,MS
Dr. Richard Knoff DDS
Kenneth Knopf
Dr. Douglas Knudson DDS
Dr. Anne-Li Knuut DDS
Dr. Bernice Ko
Dr. Jeff Koa DMD
Dr. Paul Kobernick DDS
Dr. Joseph Kobeski DMD
Dr. Douglas Koch DDS
Dr. Michael Koch DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Kochevar DDS MSD
Dr. Mark Kochevar DMD
Dr. David Koehn DDS
Dr. David Koelliker DDS
Paul Kogan DDS
Dr. Eunah Koh DMD
Dr. Meetu Kohli DMD
Dr. Richard Kohn DDS MS
Dr. Ravi Koka
Dr. Gregory Kolber DDS
Dr. Justin Kolnick DDS
Dr. Takashi Komabayashi DDS, MDS, PHD
Dr. Keith Komatsu DDS
Dr. Priscilla Konecky DDS
Dr. Jay Kopf DDS
Dr. William Kopp DMD
Dr. Harish Koratkar BDS, MS
Dr. Anthony Korbar II DMD
Dr. Larry Koren DMD
Adrienne Korkosz DMD
Dr. Heidi Korn
Dr. Paul Korte DDS
Dr. Gordon Korthals DDS
Dr. Michael Korzen DD,S
Dr. David Kosa DDS
Dr. Edward Kosakoski DMD
Dr. Kevin Koscso DMD
Dr. John Kostohryz DDS
Dr. Lawrence Kotler DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Kotsubo DDS
Jeremy Kott DDS
Dr. Edward Kotz JR. DDS
Samuel Kouchalakos DDS
Dr. Emma Koukol DDS
Andy Koultourides DDS
Dr. William Kowalski DMD MS
Samuel Kramer DDS
Dr. Louis Kramp DMD
Paul Krasner DDS
Samuel Kratchman DMD
Dr. Trisha Krause DMD MS
Dr. Robert Krauss
Dr. Douglas Kraut DMD
Dr. Les Kravitz DDS
Dr. Keith Krell DDS
Dr. Daniel Kreshtool DDS
Dr. David Kreutzer DMD
Dr. James Kreutzer DDS
Dr. Andrew Krieger DDS
Shab Krish DDS, MS, PA
Dr. Jennifer Kron DMD
Dr. Richard Kronzer DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Krupp DDS & MS
Dr. Andrew Krygier DMD
Dr. Joanna Ku DMD
Dr. Michael Kubelka DDS, MS
Dr. William Kuhn DDS
Dr. David Kulick DDS
Dr. James Kulild DDS
Pacharee Kulwattanaporn DDS
Jasna Kun DMD
Dr. Marc Kunin DDS
Mrs. Katherine Kuntz-Jakuc DDS
Dr. Brian Kunz DMD
Dr. Kevin Kunz DDS, MS
Dr. Andrew Kuo DDS
Mehng-Shuhn Kuo DDS
Dr. Ming-Li Kuo DDS MA
Dr. Ronald Kuritani DDS
Dr. Elena Kurtz DMD
Dr. John Kurtz DDS MS
Dr. Margot Kusienski DMD, MSED, MMSC
Dr. Gregory Kusner DDS MS
Dr. John Kussmaul JR. DDS
Dr. Sergio Kuttler DDS
Alexander Kutuza DMD
Dr. Ray Kuwahara DDS
Dr. John Kuyk DDS
Lyudmila Kuznetsova DMD
Dr. Edmund Kwan DDS, MSD, PS
Dr. Steven Kwan DDS
Dr. Timothy Kwon DDS
Brian Kynaston DDS
Dr. Sharon Kyomen DDS
Theodore Kytos DMD
Dr. Pye Kyu DDS
Dr. Iman Labib DMD, MSD
Jan Lacombe DMD
Dr. Katherine Lacoste DMD
Dr. Roger Lacoste DMD07/26/1947
Dr. Robert Ladley DMD
Dr. Paul Lafkowitz DDS
Dr. Shawn Lafkowitz DMD
Dr. Lise Laflamme DMD, MSD
Bradley Laird DDS
Dr. Haris Lakisic DDS
Raj Lall DMD
Dr. Trent Lally DDS
Edwin Lamb DMD
Dr. Jason Lambert DDS, MS
Claudia Lambertucci DDS
Thomas Lammot DDS
Dr. Chris Lampert DMD
Dr. Sloan Lanctot DDS
Dr. Michael Landau DMD
Dr. Robert Landers DDS
Dr. David Landwehr DDS MS
Dr. Arthur Lane DDS
Mr. Norman Lane JR. DDS
Dr. Jason Lang DDS, MS
Dr. John Lang DDS
Dr. Stephen Langan DMD
Dr. Christoph Langer DDS
Dr. Ian Langer DMD
Dr. Paul Langer DDS
Thomas Langkammer DDS
Dr. Joan Lanier DDS,MS
Dr. Leander Lanier DDS
Dr. Rudolph Lantelme DDS
Dr. C. Larsen DDS
Dr. Steven Larsen DDS MS
Dr. Robert Lash DDS , PC
Dr. John Lask DDS
Sandra Laturno DDS, MS
Mr. David Lau DDS
Dr. Gary Laukhuf DDS, MSD
Dr. Michelle Lavall DMD
Dr. Ryan Lavene DDS
Dr. Marshall Lavin DDS
Dan Lavitt DDS
Dr. Amanda Lavorini DDS
Alan Law DDS, PHD
Dr. Lawrence Law DMD
Ingrid Lawaty DMD
Dr. George Lawley DDS
Dr. Matthew Lawson DMD
Dr. Stephen Lawson DMD
Warren Lawson DDS, MSD
Dr. Alan Layton DMD
Dr. Gary Layton DDS
Keyvan Lazar DDS
Dr. Eduardo Lazaro DMD
Dr. Gary Lazaroff DMD
Dr. Laurie Lazarou
Dr. Michael Lazarski DMD
Dr. Khang Le DDS
Dr. Long Le DDS
Dr. Phuong Le DMD
Dr. Carina Lea DMD
Dr. Christopher Lea DDS
Mr. David Leach DDS
Dr. Ashley Leavell DMD
Dr. Ronald Lebby DDS
Matthew Lecheminant DDS
Dr. Michael Lecheminant DMD
Dr. Arthur Leclaire III DMD, MS
Dr. Demetrick Lecorn DMD, MS
Dr. Beverly Leddy DDS, MSD
Dr. Jose Line Leduc DMD
Dr. Brian Lee DMD
Dr. Callin Lee DDS
Dr. Chao-Min Lee DMD
Charles Lee DDS
Dr. Darin Lee DDS
Dr. Edward Lee DDS
Eun Young Lee DDS, MSD, PHD
Dr. Frances Lee DDS
Dr. Heejun Lee DDS
Dr. Hyo Lee DDS
Dr. Jaehoon Lee DMD
Dr. Jinhyuk Lee DDS
Dr. Jonathan Lee DDS
Joseph Lee
Kang Lee DMD
Dr. Kenneth Lee DMD
Dr. Michelle Lee DDS
Dr. Shandra Lee DMD
Dr. Shelly Lee DDS MS
Dr. Su-Min Lee
Dr. Suk Ki Lee DDS
Dr. Yoon Haeng Lee DDS
Dr. Young Lee DMD
Dr. Irwin Leeb DDS MSD
Dr. Robert Lees II DDS MS
Dr. Laurence Leff DMD
Dr. Richard Leffel DMD
Dr. Clifford Leffingwell III DDS
Joseph Legan DDS MS
Joseph Legg DMD
Dr. Paul Legunn DDS
Dr. Harvey Lehrer DDS
Dr. Gerald Leiber DMD
Dr. William Leibow DDS
Dr. Alaina Leiendecker DMD
Dr. John Leitch JR. DDS
Dr. Irina Lekht DMD
Mr. Donald Lemire JR. DDS
Dr. Ronald Lemon DMD
Dr. Stanley Lenkowsky DDS
Dr. Eric Lensgraf DDS MS
Dr. Sebastian Lentini DDS
Dr. Christopher Lento DMD
Dr. Mario Leon Paredes DDS, MSD
Dr. James Leonard DDS
Allen Lepinski DDS,MS
Dr. John Lepore DDS
Dr. Frederick Lerner DMD
Dr. Theodore Lerner DDS
Dennis Leseberg DDS MS
Dr. Robert Lesniak SR. DDS
Dr. Kevin Less DDS
Dr. Daniel Lester DDS
Dr. Paul Letellier JR. DDS, MS, MSD
Ariadne Letra DDS,MS,PHD
Dr. Michael Leuck DDS
Dr. Angela Leung DDS
Dr. Anthony Leung DDS
Dr. Daniel Leung DMD
Dr. Raymond Lev DDS MS
Dr. Bradley Levalley DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Levenson DDS
Dr. Ronald Leventhal DDS
Mara Leveson DMD
Stephen Leveson DMD
Dr. Marc Levey DDS
Dr. Benjamin Levi DDS
Dr. Jack Levi DDS
Dr. Alan Levick DMD
Dr. Fred Levin DMD
Dr. Harold Levin DMD,FICD
Dr. Jeffrey Levin DMD
Dr. John Levin DDS, MS
Dr. Linda Levin DDS
Dr. Debora Levine DDS, MS
Dr. Harris Levine DDS
Dr. Howard Levine DMD,PC
Dr. Joan Levine DDS
Dr. Lawrence Levine DDS
Dr. Mark Levine DMD
Ming Levine DENTIST
Steven Levine DMD
Dr. Wayne Levine DDS
Dr. Dennis Levinson DDS,PA
Dr. Philip Levis DDS
Dr. Lewis Levitan DDS
Dr. Marc Levitan DDS
Dr. Richard Levy DDS
Dr. Thomas Levy DDS,MS
Dr. Leah Lewis DDS
Dr. Michael Lewis DMD
Dr. Michael Lewis DMD
Dr. Riley Lewis
Dr. Paul Ley DDS
Dr. David Li DMD
Dr. Hong Li DDS, MSC PHD
Dr. Howard Liang DDS
Dr. Kenneth Liao DDS,MS
Dr. Brian Licari DDS
Jared Lichstrahl DMD
Dr. Bernard Lichtenstein DDS
Dr. Caci Liebentritt DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman DDS
Dr. John Lies DDS
Dr. Alan Liesinger DMD
Dr. Robert Light DMD
Dr. John Lightfoot DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Lilly DDS
Alex Lim
Dr. Gerald Lim DDS,MS
Dr. Jung Lim DDS
Dr. Mark Limosani DMD MSC
Cheng-i Lin DDS
Dr. Jack Han-Hsing Lin DDS
Dr. Jarshen Lin DDS
Jerry Lin DMD
Dr. Kristine Lin DDS
Dr. Kuo-Wei Lin DMD
Dr. Loong Lin DDS, MSD
Louis Lin DMD
Dr. Mao Lin DDS
Dr. Maximilian Lin DDS
Sean Lin DDS
Dr. Xia Lin DMD
Dr. Ronald Linaburg DMD, MS
Dr. Matthew Lindemann DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Lindemann DDS
Jeffrey Linden
Dr. Kimberly Lindquist DDS MSD
Dr. Michael Lindsay DDS
Dr. William Linebarger DDS, MS
Dr. Courtney Linenberg DDS
Dr. Edward Lipke DDS
Dr. Brad Lipkin DDS
Dr. Steven Lipner DDS
Dr. Marty Lipsey DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Lipton DDS
Dr. Michael Lisien DMD
Dr. Walter List DDS
Dr. John Little DDS
Dr. Stephen Littman DDS
Dr. Renee Litvak DDS
Dr. Donald Liu
Hongsheng Liu DMD
Dr. Jack Liu DDS
Dr. Jessica Liu DDS
Dr. Mintsai Liu DDS
Dr. Philip Livingood DDS
Dr. Juan Llano DMD
Dr. Adam Lloyd DDS, MS
Matthew Lloyd DMD
Cora Chia-Chuan Lo DDS
Dr. Gabrielle Lobato-Wortman DMD
Dr. Maria Locher-Claus DDS
Dr. Matthew Lochetto DMD
Dr. Benjamin Locke JR. DDS, MSD, PC
Dr. John Loeffelholz DDS
Dr. Michael Loftis DDS
Dr. Daniel Loftus DDS, MS
Dr. James Logsdon DDS
Dr. Carmine Lomonaco DDS
Dr. Walter Long DMD
Dr. Gerald Longhurst DDS
Dr. Dennis Longwill DDS
Dr. Charles Loo DMD, MSD
Dr. Kwor Loo DDS
Dr. William Looney DMD
Deborah Loth D D S, M S
Dr. Mandy Louis DMD
Dr. Michael Louria DMD
Dr. Robert Loushine DDS
Dr. Paul Lovdahl DDS, MSD
Dr. Tyler Lovelace
Dr. Vincent Lovetto JR. DMD
Dr. Michael Lowery DMD
Dr. Scott Lowry DDS
Dr. Emine Loxley DMD
Rita Lu
Richard Lubell DMD
Dr. Fredric Lubit DDS
Dr. Peter Lucas DDS
Rachele Luciano DMD
Jeffrey Luckey DDS
Dr. Howard Ludington III DDS MSCD
Dr. John Ludington JR. DDS
Dr. Neil Luebke
Dr. Victor Luikham DDS
Douglas Luiten DMD
Dr. Eileen Lujan DMD
Dr. Andrew Lulloff DDS
Dr. Robert Lund DDS
Mr. John Lundgren DDS, MS
Dr. John Lundstrom DDS
Dr. William Luper SR. DDS
Dr. Bruce Lustbader DMD
Mr. Steven Lustbader DDS
Jeffery Luzader DDS
Dieu Ly DMD
Dr. Jerald Lyng DDS, MS
Dr. Evan Lynn DDS
Dr. Leneise Lynn DMD
Dr. Richard Lynne DDS
Dr. Stephen Lyon DDS
Dr. Marilyn Lyons DMD, MMS
Dr. Thomas Lyons JR. DMD
Dr. William Lyons DDS
Dr. John Lythgoe DDS
Dr. Robert Mabry DDS
Dr. Omar Macaraeg DDS, MS
David Macdonald DDS, MA
Dr. Paul Mace DDS
Dr. Patricia Machalinski DMD
George Machian DDS
Dr. Tanya Machnick DDS, MS
Darren Machule DMD PHD
Dr. Roderick Macintyre III DMD; MS
Dr. Edward Mack DDS
Dr. Thomas Mack DDS
Dr. Paul Madden DMD
Dr. Sandra Madison DDS MS PLLC
Dr. Randall Madsen DDS
Dr. Henry Maerki DDS, MS
Stephen Magers DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Maggio
Dr. Mark Magura DDS,MSD
Terence Mah DDS, MS
Dr. Amruta Mahajan
Sushant Mahajan DMD, MS
Dr. Timothy Maher DDS,MS
William Maher DDS
Dr. Philip Mahoeny DMD
Dr. Jason Maines DDS,MS
Dr. David Maixner DDS
Dr. Scott Makins DDS
Dr. Sandra Makkar DDS
Dr. Hany Makkawy DDS
Dr. Allan Malamy DDS
Dr. Dimple Malavia DDS
Mansi Malavia DMD
Dr. Matthew Malek DDS
Adarsh Malhotra DDS
Dr. Waheed Malik DDS
Dr. Craig Malin DMD
Mr. Saman Malkami DMD
Pamela Mallegol DMD
Dr. Arnold Maloff DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Maloff DDS
Dr. Bernard Maloney JR. DMD
Dr. Scott Maloney DMD, MS
Dr. James Malooley JR. DDS
Dr. James Malouf
Dr. Christos Maltezos DDS
Dr. Konstantin Maltsen DDS
Dr. Harish Malyala DDS
Violeta Manabat DMD
Dr. Maria Manaloto DDS, MS
Tres Manasco DMD
Gary Manasse DMD, PA
Dr. Paul Mancia DDS
Dr. Victor Mancuso DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Mandel DMD
Dr. Thomas Manders DDS
Dr. Stephen Mangan DMD
Dr. Kenneth Mangano DDS
Dr. Christian Mangin DMD
Dr. Vivian Manjarres DDS
Dr. Arnold Mann DDS
Dr. Carol Mann DMD
Charles Mann DMD
Douglas Mann DDS
Dr. Sheldon Mann DDS
Dr. Bruce Manne DMD
Sidni Manne DMD
Dr. Joan-Marie Manolakis DMD
Dr. Bryan Mansour DDS
Parham Mansouri
Dr. Nicholas Manzoli DMD,MSE
Maria Maranga DDS
Dr. Janel Marcelino DMD
Michael Marcello II DDS,MS
Melissa Marchesan DDS
Kurt Marcks DDS
Dr. Jose Luis Marcos-Arenal DDS, MS
Dr. Lawrence Marcotte DDS, MS
Lloyd Marcum DDS
Scoot Marcum SR. DDS
Dr. Richard Marcus DDS
Dr. Jeffery Marderosian DDS
Dr. Victor Marfo DDS
Dr. Arthur Marinari DMD
Dr. Daniela Marinescu DDS
Marius Marinescu DDS
Dr. Thomas Marino DMD
Carl Marion DDS
Michael Mark DDS
Miss Kristy Marker DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Markowitz DDS
Dr. Martin Marks DMD
Dr. Michael Markson DMD
Dr. John Marley IV DDS
Dr. Jay Marlin DMD
Dr. Michael Marmo DMD
Dr. John Marosky DDS, MSD
Dr. Natanya Marracino DMD
Dr. Warren Marrow DDS
Annika Marschall DMD
Dr. J. Marshall DMD
Dr. Michael Marshall DMD
Andrew Martens DMD
Mr. Clark Martin SR. DMD
Dr. Howard Martin DMD
Dr. Justin Martin
Dr. Margaret Martin DMD, MS
Rebecca Martin DMD
Dr. Tracy Martin DDS
Dr. Sarah Martinelli DMD
Dr. Cristina Martinez DMD
Avni Maru DMD
Dr. Rajvinder Marwah DDS, MDS
Dr. William Marweg DDS
Dr. Soheyla Marzvaan DENTIST
Mr. Gerald Masaitis DDS
Dr. Philip Mascia DDS
Dr. Michael Mason DMD, MS
Dr. Gary Massa DDS
Dr. Barzin Massarat DDS
Dr. Mark Massey DDS
Dr. Irvin Massoth DDS, MSD
Dr. Janice Master DDS
Dr. John Masters DDS, MS
Dr. Sarah Masterson DDS, MSD
Dr. George Mastromihalis DDS
Dr. Nick Mastromihalis DDS
Richard Masucci DDS
Dr. Samuel Masyr DDS
Dr. Harvey Matheny DDS,MSD
Dr. Ryan Matherne DDS
Aeshna Mathur DMD
Dr. Lisa Matisko DMD, MDS
Dr. Ira Matloff DDS,MS
Dr. Ahmed Matri DDS
Dr. Terry Matsumoto DMD
Dr. Rachel Matthews DMD
Dr. John Mattocks DDS
Dr. Katia Mattos DMD
Dr. Donna Mattscheck DMD
Michael Mauger DMD
Richard Mautner
Dr. Joseph Mavec DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph May DDS
David Mayeda DDS
Dr. Donald Mayer DDS
Dr. Peter Mayer DDS
Dr. Michael Mayerchak DMD
Kenneth Maykow DDS
Dr. Chester Mayo DMD
Dr. Afshin Mazdeyasnan DDS
Dr. Michelle Mazur-Kary DDS
Dr. Obianuju Mbamalu DMD
Dr. Kent Mcbride DDS, MS
Dr. Ryan Mccafferty DDS, MS
Dr. Carol Mccall DDS
Dr. Christopher Mccallum DMD
Dr. Gerald Mccann DDS, MSD
Dr. John Mccann DMD
David Mccarty DMD
Dr. Thomas Mcclammy DMD
Dr. Scott Mcclanahan DDS
Dr. Jay Mcconnell DDS
Dr. William Mccrary DMD
Dr. Bryce Mccreary DDS
Dr. Thomas Mcdonald D D S
Dr. Roger Mcdougal DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Mcduffie DMD
Jane Mcelduff DDS
Mayes Mcentire DMD
Dr. Michael Mcgarvey DDS
Dr. Diane Mcginty DMD
Dr. Kimberly Mcgowen DMD
Mr. William Mcgrady DMD
Dr. Troy Mcgrew DDS,MS
Richardson Mcguire DDS, MSD
Dr. Robin Mcgurkin-Smith DDS
Dr. Christopher Mchugh DMD
Dr. Stephen Mcinerney DDS, MS
Dr. Judy Mcintyre DMD,MS
Dr. Randall Mckean DDS
Robert Mckearney DDS
Dr. Michael Mckee DDS
Michael Mckee DMD MS PA
Dr. Rachel Mckee DMD
Dr. I.Blake Mckinley II DDS
Dr. Adam Mckissock DMD
Dr. Daniel Mclaughlin
Dr. Dennis Mcmahon DDS
Timothy Mcmahon DMD
Dr. Christopher Mcmanus DMD
Joseph Mcmenamin DMD
Dr. Albert Mcmullen III DDS
Dr. John Mcmurphy DMD
Dr. Lamont Mcmurtrey DDS, MS
Dr. Kathleen Mcnally DDS
Mary Mcneight DDS
Dr. Steven Mcnicholas DDS MS
Steven Mcnutt DDS, PA
Dr. Donald Mcvicker DMD PA
Christopher Mcwatters
Dr. Rollin Mead DDS
Dr. Debra Meadows DDS
Dr. Lee Meadvin DMD
Dr. William Meares II DDS, MS
Dr. Peter Mecham
Jeffrey Meckler DDS
Dr. Brent Medema DDS
Dr. Jose Medina DMD
Dr. Nancy Medina DMD
Dr. Liliana Meeker DDS
Suzanne Megenity DDS
Miguel Mego DDS, MS
Dr. David Mehlhaff DMD
Dr. Edwin Mehlman DDS
Dr. Raymond Mehlman DMD
Dr. Amir Mehrabi DDS, MSD
Dr. Chetan Mehta DMD, MSD
Dr. Dennis Meidinger DD,S, MS
Dr. Allen Meier DDS
David Meier
Dr. Judy Melamed DDS
Jason Melde DMD
Dr. Mark Melde DMD
Michael Melde DMD
Kimberly Melegari MPH, DDS
Dr. Andrew Melinger DMD
Dr. Christine Melito DMD
Dr. Kevin Melker DDS, MS
Dr. Jose Mellado DMD
Dr. John Mellett DMD
Peter Mellin DDS
Todd Mellin DMD
Douglas Mellion DDS
Dr. Kenneth Mello DMD
Dr. Mark Melnick DMD
Dr. Seymour Melnick DDS
David Melrod DDS
Jay Melvin DDS
Dr. Nelson Mendell DMD
Dr. Paula Mendez-Montalvo DDS
Dr. Erick Menegazzo DDS
Dr. Kim Menhinick DDS, MS
Dr. Eric Menke
Dr. Sarina Mercado DDS
Dr. Steven Merchant DDS
Dr. Kenneth Merckel DDS
Robert Merian DDS
Carol Merkle DMD
Bruce Merriam DDS
Dr. Jeff Merrifield DDS
Samuel Mesaros DDS
Maria Messing DDS, MSD
Dr. Mahnaz Messkoub DDS,MS, PA,
Dr. Randy Metzler DDS
Dr. Mary Meyer DMD
Dr. John Meyers DDS
Dr. Ronald Meyers DDS
Dr. Timothy Meyers DDS
Elisa Meza DDS
Dr. Fernando Meza DMD
Dr. Marshall Michaelian DDS
Dr. Marshall Michaelian DMD
Dr. Jeremy Michaelson
Dr. Philip Michaelson DMD
Ronald Michaelson
Dr. Andrew Michanowicz DDS - DIPLOMATE
Dr. Andrew Michanowicz DMD MDS
Dr. John Michanowicz DDS, FAAE
Dr. Richard Michaud DMD
Dr. Robert Michelich DDS
Dr. Andre Mickel DDS MSD
Dr. Prenard Mickens DDS
Dr. Susan Micklow DDS MS
Dr. Alex Mihailoff DDS, MSD
Dr. Nina Mihaychuk DMD
Dr. Timothy Mihle DDS, MS
Mr. Philip Mikesell D D S
Dr. Gregory Mikszta DDS
Mr. Dale Miles DMD
Mr. Derek Miles DMD
Dr. Michael Miles DDS
Dr. Joseph Milholm DMD
Dr. Danny Miller DDS
Dr. Elizabeth Miller DDS, MSD
Evan Miller DDS
James Miller III DMD, PC
Dr. John Miller DMD
Leslie Miller DDS
Dr. Neil Miller DDS MS
Dr. Robert Miller DDS, MS
Dr. Ron Miller DDS BS
Dr. Stuart Miller DDS
Mrs. Cordelia Mills DDS
Dr. James Mills DMD
Dr. Charles Millstein DMD
Dr. Edward Millward DMD
Alexander Milne DDS, PLLC
Dr. Stanley Milobsky DDS
Dr. Laura Milroy DDS
Dr. Shelton Mims DMD
Dr. Brian Min DDS
Dr. Mumu Min DMD
Dr. Phillip Min D D S, M S
Dr. Jeffrey Minchau DDS,MS
Marcus Miner DDS,MS
Dr. Quinton Miner DDS
Dr. Pete Mines DDS
Dr. Scott Minnich DDS
Dr. Robert Minor DDS
Dr. Michael Mintz DDS
Dr. Robert Miranda DMD
Raksha Mirchandani
Afua Mireku DDS, MS
Brian Mirman DMD
Dr. Joanne Mirras DMD
Dr. Varoojan Mirzayan DDS
Dr. Anastasia Mischenko DDS
Arundhati Misra DDS
Dr. Edward Mistak DDS
Dr. Bruce Mitchell DDS
Dr. Bryan Mitchell DDS
Glen Mitchell DDS
Lauren Mitchell DDS
Quinn Mitchell BDS
Dr. Steven Mitchnick DMD
Dr. Cezary Mitrut DMD
Dr. Michael Mittelsteadt DDS
Dr. Samuel Mize DDS
Dr. Michael Mocknick DMD
Dr. Seyed-Mahmoudreza Modareszadeh-Esfahani DDS, MSD
Dr. Kamran Moghadam DDS
Sasan Moghaddamme-Jafari
Bita Moghaddas DDS
Dr. Salim Mohammadi DDS
Dr. Charles Mohaupt
Dr. H. Mohorn DDS, MS
Dr. Harold Mohorn DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Mohorn DDS, MS
Dr. Amir Shahab Mohseni DDS
Dr. Julian Moiseiwitsch BDS, PHD
Dr. Richard Moist DDS
Dr. Bertram Moldauer DDS; MS
Dr. Chad Molen DDS
Mrs. Brandi Molina DMD, MPH
Dr. Sonia Molina DMD,MPH
Dr. Stanislav Moline DMD, MDS
Dr. Douglas Moll DMD
Dr. Daniel Molloy DMD
Dr. Fred Monempour DDS
Dr. Maryam Monfared DDS
Dr. Adam Monroe DMD
Dr. Jay Monsef DDS
Dr. Thomas Montagnese DDS
Dr. William Montes DMD
Dr. Michael Monts DDS, MS
Babak Monzavi DDS
Dr. Alexis Moore DMD
David Moore DDS
Dr. Edward Moore III DDS, PC
Dr. James Moore DDS
Dr. Kerry Moore DDS
Dr. Mark Moore DMD
Dr. Richard Moore DDS
Dr. Stephen Moore DDS MS
Victoria Moore DDS
Dr. Heidi Moos DMD
Dr. Miguel Morales DDS
Dr. Ricardo Morant DMD
Dr. Joseph Morelli JR. DDS
Michael Moreno DMD
Dr. Tod Moretton DDS
Dr. Barbara Morgan DMD,PA
Dr. Peter Morgan DMD,MSCD
Dr. Richard Morgan DMD
Dr. W. Morgan JR.
Joseph Morganti DMD
George Moricz DDS, MS
Alison Morison DMD
Dr. Mark Morison DDS
Dr. Thomas Mork DDS
Dr. George Morledge III DDS
Gary Morreale
Dr. Daniel Morris DMD
Dr. Garrett Morris DDS MS
Dr. Heather Morris I DMD
Dr. James Morris DDS
Dr. Jason Morris DDS, MMSC
Dr. Michael Morris DDS, ABE
Dr. Bart Morrison DDS, MS
Dr. James Morrison JR. DMD
Dr. Robert Morrison DDS
Dr. Steven Morrow DDS
Dr. Jussara Morsani DDS, MSD
Dr. David Mortenson DMD, MSD
Dr. Rory Mortman DDS
Dr. Nicklaus Morton DDS, MS
Dr. Erin Moseley DMD
Dr. Charles Moser DMD
Rick Moser DDS
Kyle Moses DDS
Dr. Joe Mosier DDS
Dr. Allan Moskow DDS
Dr. Marc Moskowitz DDS
Dr. Gary Moss DDS
Dr. Harvey Moss DMD
Dr. Margaret Mossler DDS, MS
Dr. Douglas Most DDS
Dr. Joshua Most DDS
Dr. Mani Moulazadeh DMD
Dr. Richard Mounce DDS
Dr. Blaine Mowrey DMD, MS
Dr. Paul Moyer DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Moynihan DDS
Dr. Samuel Mozes DDS
Dr. Les Muldorf DMD
Dr. Natasha Mulko DDS
Dr. John Mullally DDS
Robert Mullaney DDS
Dr. Kathleen Mulligan DDS, PLLC
Dr. Kevin Mullin DDS
Dr. Richard Mullins DMD
Dr. Samuel Mumpower DMD
Frank Munaco DDS PA
Dr. Clifford Munce DDS
Boyd Munson DMD
Dr. Steven Muraski DMD, MS
Steven Murata DMD
Dr. John Murphy DDS MPH MS
Dr. Peter Murphy DDS, MS
Dr. Steve Murphy DMD
Dr. Terrell Murphy DDS
Michael Murray DMD
James Murrin DDS MS
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza DMD
Dr. Barry Musikant DMD
Dr. James Musselwhite DDS, MS
David Myaskovsky DDS
Andrew Myers DDS
Dr. Barry Myers DDS
Garry Myers DDS
Dr. Gregory Myers DDS, MS
Dr. John Myers DDS
John Myers DDS
Dr. Kurt Myers DDS
Wallin Myers DDS
William Myers DDS
Dr. Unes Nabipour DDS
Brian Nagai DDS
Prof. Brett Nagatani DDS
Gregg Nagel DMD
Jafar Naghshbandi DDS
Dr. Douglas Nagle DMD MS
Dr. Umadevi Nair DMD
Dr. Mark Najafi DDS
Dr. Todd Nakata DDS
Matthew Nakfoor
Dr. Brian Nalls DMD
Dr. Shawn Nally DDS
Dr. M. Sadegh Namazikhah DMD, MSED
Dr. Kenneth Namerow DDS
Dr. Robert Nance DDS, MS
Dr. Keith Napolitano DMD
Dr. Pushpak Narayana MDS
Dr. John Nardi DDS, MSD
Brandon Nash DDS
Dr. Dwayne Nash DDS
Dr. Ali Nasseh DDS, MMSC
Dr. Thomas Nasser DDS
Dr. Hector Nater DMD
Dr. Marianella Natera-Fernandez DMD
Dr. Stephen Navarre DDS
Dr. Jennifer Navasero DMD MS
Dr. Samin Nawaz DMD, MDS
Dr. Ferris Nazeri DMD
Dr. Rita Ne DDS,MS
Dr. Charles Neach DDS
Dr. Thomas Neafus DDS
Dr. John Neal DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Neal DDS, MS
Dr. Matthew Nealon DDS
Mark Nearing DDS
Dr. Shannon Neary DMD
Dr. Ivan Nedeltchev DDS
Dr. James Neff DDS
Dr. Theodore Neff DDS, MS
Kathleen Neiva DDS
Dr. Bradley Nelson DDS
Dr. Edward Nelson DDS
Dr. James Nelson DDS
John Nelson DDS
Dr. Rand Nelson DDS
Dr. Ricky Nelson DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Nencka DDS
Dr. Dorene Neri DDS
Andrew Nerness
Dr. Royeen Nesari DDS
Dr. William Nesbitt DMD
Dr. Alan Nevins DDS
Mr. Charles New DDS MS PA
Dr. Bradley Newberry DDS
Dr. Bruce Newcomb DDS
Dr. Johnathan Newcomb DMD
Scott Newlin DMD,MS,PC
Dr. Betsy Newman DMD
Dr. Gregory Newman DMD
Dr. Jack Newman DDS
Dr. John Newman DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Newman DDS
Dr. Richard Newman DDS
Dr. Robert Newman DMD
Carl Newton DDS,MSD
Amanda Ngan DDS
Tu-Son Ngo DDS
Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh DMD
Bao Nguyen DDS
Dr. Brian Nguyen DMD
Dr. Duc Nguyen DDS
Dr. Dzuy Nguyen DDS MSD
Dr. Hung Nguyen DDS
Dr. Rosette Nguyen DDS, MPH
Thien Nguyen DDS
Dr. Trang Nguyen DDS
Dr. Tu-Quynh Nguyen DDS
Dr. Tuan Nguyen DDS
Tuong Nguyen BDS, MSD
Vinh- Thy Nguyen DDS
Dr. Dominic Niccoli DDS, MS
Dr. Julian Nichols DMD
Dr. Graham Nickerson DDS
Dr. Benjamin Nielsen DMD
Dr. R. Nielsen DMD
Dr. Ralph Niemann DDS MS
Dr. Stephen Niemczyk
Dr. Matthew Niemiec DDS, MS
Dr. Craig Nii DMD
Dr. Kevin Nii DDS
Dr. Kian Nikdel DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Nimmich
Dr. Roger Nishimura JR. DMD
Dr. Ellen Nist DDS, MS
Lawrence Nitta
Dr. Craig Nixon DMD,MS
Dr. Elizabeth Nixon DDS
Dr. William Noblett DDS, MS
Dr. Wade Nobuhara DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Noel DMD
Nooshin Noghreian DDS,MS
Ramin Noghreian DDS
Dr. Paulo Nogueira DDS
Dr. Angela Noguera DDS, MS
Sean Noorvash DDS MS
Dr. Gabrielle Noory DDS
Dr. Lisa Norby DDS
Dr. Derek Nordeen DDS
Dr. Gary Norkin
Dr. Douglas Norman DDS
Dr. David Norrington DMD
Dr. Paul Northup DDS
Dr. Scott Norton DMD MSD
Dr. Ali Nosrat DDS, MS, MDS
Dr. Harvey Novack DMD
James Nowicki DDS
Mark Nugent DDS
Ivonne Nunez DDS
Dr. Caroline Nup DDS
Dr. Eric Nussbaum DDS
Dr. John Nusstein DDS
Dr. Donald Nuwey DDS
Frederick Nuzum DDS, MS
John Nydahl DDS
Dr. Brett Nydegger DDS
Dr. Kevin Nygard DDS
Dr. Mark O'banion DMD
Dr. Achara O'brien DDS
Dr. Priya O'callaghan DDS
Dr. Michael O'connell DDS
Dr. Thomas O'connell DDS
Dr. David O'connor DMD
Dr. Randolph O'connor DMD
Dr. Kevin O'dea DDS, MS
Josanne O'dell DDS
Dr. Frederick O'donnell DDS
Dr. Edward O'keefe DDS
Kerry O'neal DDS
Dr. Kevin O'neill DDS, MSD
Dr. Gregory O'toole DDS
Dr. Corina Oades
Dr. Gayle Obermayr DDS, MS
Dr. Nishan Odabashian DMD, MS
Lynnetta Odell DMD
Dr. Gregory Odierna DMD
Dr. Mark Odom DDS
Dr. Richardson Odum DMD
Bamiduro Oguntebi DDS
Dr. Jae Oh DDS
Dr. Sujean Oh DDS
Dr. Patrick Ohara DDS
Dr. Geoffrey Okada DDS, MS
Katsushi Okazaki DDS, PHD
Dr. Margaret Okeefe DDS MSD
Dr. Valerie Okehie DDS
Dr. Angelita Olazabal DMD
Dr. Thomas Oldag DDS, MSD
Dr. Le Yen Thi Oleary DDS
Dr. Kathleen Olender BS,DDS,MS,FICOI
Dr. Cameron Oler DDS
Mark Oleson DDS
Ronald Oleson DDS
Dr. Micah Oller DMD
Thomas Ollerhead DMD
Dr. John Olmsted
Dr. F Olsen DDS
Michelle Olsen DDS
Dr. Brian Olson DMD
Dr. Christopher Olson DDS
Katherine Olson DDS, MS
Robert Olson JR. DDS
Dr. Enrique Oltra Esplugues DDS
Dr. Michael Ondo DDS
Dawn Ondrik DDS, MSD
Dr. Steven Oppenheimer DMD
James Orahood DDS
Dr. Michael Orrantia DMD
Dr. Richard Orrick DMD, MSD
Dr. Barry Ortenberg DDS
Dr. Greg Ortenberg DDS
Dr. Paul Ortner IV DDS, CAGS
Dr. Lamar Orton DDS
Dr. Malekshah Oskoui DMD, CAGS, MSD
Dr. Lee Osnas DDS
Dr. Yelena Ostrometskaya DDS
Robert Oswald DDS
Dr. Lawrence Ota DDS
Terry Ott DDS
Dr. Stephen Ottosen DDS, MSD
Hongjiao Ouyang DMD
Dr. Lewis Overbey DDS
Dr. Bruce Overton DDS
Dr. Marlene Oviedo-Marmo
Dr. Tiina Oviir DDS
Christopher Owatz DMD
Dr. Rodney Owen DDS
Dr. Marineyda Oyola DMD
Dr. Debra Pace DMD
Lawrence Pace D,DS
Dr. Scott Pace DDS
Dr. Jacob Pack DDS
Dr. William Pack DDS
Gardiner Packer DDS
Dr. Joseph Packer DMD
Dr. Diana Paczesny
Robert Pagan DMD
Mitchell Page DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Pai DDS
Stephen Paik DDS
Dr. Rodney Paladino DDS
Dr. Joseph Palermo DMD
Dr. Marcus Palermo DDS
Mr. Michael Pallante DMD, MS
Dr. David Pallotta DMD
Dr. David Palmieri
Dr. Victor Palmieri DDS
Dr. Mark Palo DDS,MS
Dr. John Pane DDS PLC
Dr. Arthur Panella DDS
Dr. Cameron Pangborn DDS, MS
Dr. Karen Panietz DDS, MSD
Dr. Terrell Pannkuk DDS, MSCD
Dr. Carole Pantera DDSMS
Dr. Eugene Pantera JR. DDS
John Panzarino DMD
Dr. James Pappas DDS
Pamela Pappas DMD
Dr. Brian Papworth DDS MS
Dr. Stephen Parente DDS
Dr. Henry Paris JR. DDS
Dr. Anna Park
Dr. Jin-Sir Park DDS
Dr. Joon Park DDS
Holly Park-Nah DDS
Dr. Cary Parker DMD
Dr. Matthew Parkin DDS
Dr. Kenneth Parks DDS
Dr. Mary Parlee DDS
Dr. Rinku Parmar DMD
Dr. Rinku Parmar DDS
Dr. Alex Parsi D D S
Dr. Joseph Parsons DDS
Dr. Michael Parsons DDS
Khimiya Paryani DMD
Dr. Michael Pascal DDS
Dr. Stephen Pascal DMD
Gary Pascoe DMD PC
Dr. Howard Pasekoff DMD
Dr. Robert Passloff DMD
Dr. Christina Pastan DMD
Dr. Ami Patel DMD
Dr. Anish Patel DMD
Dr. Jayesh Patel BDS, MSD
Dr. Loken Patel DMD
Niyati Patel DDS
Dr. Reena Patel DMD
Dr. Rohit Patel
Dr. Sanjay Patel DMD
Dr. Soham Patel DDS
Tushar Patel DDS
Dr. Yogesh Patel DDS
John Patierno DMD
Dr. Pranali Patil BDS
Dr. Sudha Patil DDS,MS
Dr. Kathy Patmore DDS
Jimmy Patten DMD
Dr. Sidney Patten DDS MSD
Dr. Steven Patterson DDS, MSD, PC
William Patton DDS, MS
Dr. Sheila Patwardhan DMD
Dr. Michael Pauk DMD
Dr. Glenn Paulk DDD, MS
Mrs. Susan Paurazas DDS
Dr. John Pavy DDS
Dr. Dennis Pawlak
Dr. John Pawlak DDS, MS
Dr. Kellie Paxton DMD, MS
Dr. Wayne Paymer DMD
Dr. Ernesto Paz JR. DMD
James Pearce DDS
Dr. Rodrick Pearline DDS
Kenneth Pearson DDS PA
Dr. Robert Pearson DMD
Dr. Michael Peck DDS, MS
David Pedicord DDS MDS
Dr. Susan Pedott DMD
Dr. Derek Peek DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Peek DDS, MS
Dr. Oscar Peguero JR. DMD
Dr. Daniella Peinado DDS
Dr. Anna Pelak DDS
Dr. George Pelayo DMD
Jakub Pelka DMD
Dr. Edward Pellis DDS
Dr. Oscar Pena DDS MSD
Dr. Sonia Pena DMD
Dr. Timothy Penberthy DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Pene DDS, MSD
Dr. Vince Penesis DDS
Dr. Steven Penn DDS
Dr. James Penney III DDS
Dr. Susan Penniston DDS
Elineida Perez DDSMS
Dr. Hiran Perinpanayagam DDS, PHD
Dr. Victor Peritore DDS, MSD
Dr. Louis Peron DDS, MS
Dr. Elizabeth Perry DMD
Shayne Perry DDS
Dr. Barry Peskin DDS
Dr. Christine Peters DMD
Dr. Ove Peters DMD MS PHD
Dr. Aida Peterson DDS,MS
Dr. Jill Peterson DDS, MPH, PHD
Kevin Peterson DMD
Dr. Michael Peterson DDS, MS
Dr. William Peterson DDS
Dr. Alison Petix
Dr. Joseph Petrino DDS
Dr. Terryl Petropoulos DMD
Lisa Petrov DDS
Dr. Eric Pettersen DDS
Dr. Mary Pettiette DDS
Antoinette Pettitt DDS
Dr. Lawrence Pfeil DDS
Dr. Michael Pfister DDS, MS
Dr. David Pfotenhauer DDS,MSD
Thai Pham DMD
Dr. Vanti Pham DDS
Dr. Jason Phan DDS
Dr. Lauren Phan DDS
Phuoc Phan DDS
Dr. Tu Phan DDS
Dr. Byron Phillips DMD
Dr. Carolyn Phillips
Dr. John Phillips DDS
Mark Phillips
Dr. Anastasios Photopoulos DDS
Dr. Michael Piccinino DDS
Dr. Michael Pichardo DDS
Michael Piepenbring
Dr. Daniel Pierre DDS MS
Dr. Roberta Pileggi DDS, MS
Theodore Pilot DDS
Dr. Steven Pinto DMD
Dr. Dennis Pipher DMD
Dr. Mike Pirbazari DDS,MS,PHD
Dr. Laura Piroutek DMD
Dr. Loubna Pla DDS, MSD
Dr. Leonard Plaitano DMD
Dr. Todd Plum DDS
Chris Pobanz DDS
Dr. Shawn Pobiner DMD
Dr. Todd Pobiner DMD
Dr. Richard Pockat DDS, MS
Dr. Corene Poelman DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Poeschl DDS
Dr. Jamie Pogue DMD
Dr. David Pokras DDS
Dr. Dennis Polacek DDS
Barry Polinsky DDS
Dr. Maja Pollack DDS
Dr. Bryan Pollard DDS
Lawrence Popkin DDS
Benjamin Porras DDS
Dr. Edgar Porras DDS
Omar Porras DMD
Dr. Frank Portell DMD
Dr. John Porterfield DMD
Dr. Lawrence Posner DDS,MS,D
Dr. Lindsay Posner DDS
William Posner DMD
Dr. Anthony Potente DDS
Dr. Brett Potter DMD
Dr. Karen Potter DDS
Glenn Pouleson DMD
Dr. William Poulsen DDS
Dr. Manouchehr Pouresmail DMD, DDS, MSC
Dr. Bijan Pourjamasb DDS, MSD
Dr. Adam Powell DMD
Gregory Powell DMD
Robert Powell DDS
Dr. Steven Powell DDS
Dr. William Powell DDS
Mrs. Maya Prabhu DDS
Dr. Sadhana Prasad DMD
Dr. Isaac Pratt DDS,MSD
Dr. John Pratte DDS
Dr. Don Pratten DMD
Dr. Rebecca Prescott DDS, MS
Dr. Abraham Pretorius DMD
Dr. Daniel Price DDS
Dr. Stephen Price
Dr. Jeffery Pride DMD
Dr. Terryl Propper DDS,MS
Dr. Paul Prosswimmer III DDS
Dr. John Pruett DDS
Dr. David Prusakowski DMD
Dr. Maria Pruss DMD
Stephen Pryor DDS
Dr. Daniel Przygocki DDS
Lawrence Puccinelli JR. DDS
Dr. Joshua Puckett DMD
Dr. Brian Pugh DMD
Reid Pullen DDS
Peter Pullon DDS
Dr. Craig Pulsipher DDS
Dr. Richard Pulsipher DDS
Dr. Seth Pulver DDS
Dr. William Purcelli DDS
Dr. Surbhi Puri
Dr. Barton Putnam DDS, MSD
Dr. Charles Putnam DMD
Mr. David Pyner DDS
Dr. Nasreen Qader DDS
Dr. Saqib Qamar DMD
Dr. Lester Quan DDS
Dr. Frederick Quarantillo DDS
Dr. Stephen Quatrocelli DMD
Dr. Brian Quesnell DDS
Dr. Joseph Quevedo DDS, MSD
Bartley Quillin DDS
Dr. Margaret Quintanilla DDS
Dr. Jerrold Raab
Dr. Maria Rabbio DMD
Dr. Geoffrey Rabie DMD
Dr. Monroe Rackow DMD
Dr. Daniel Radatti DDS
Dr. Warren Radcliffe DDS
Dr. Robert Radel DMD, MS
Dr. Kermit Radke DMD
Brad Radlosky DMD
Marta Rafla DMD
Dr. S Rahnejat DDS
Rakesh Raina DDS,
Dr. Edmond Rainey DDS
Dr. S. Rainka DMD
Dr. Anthony Rainwater DDS, MS
Dr. Abbas Raissi DDS
Neda Rajablou
Saleh Rajaeian
Dr. Douglas Rakich DDS
Dr. Hedley Rakusin
Dr. Ramya Ramamurthy DDS,MS
Juan Ramirez DDS
Dr. Francisco Ramirez-Brunet DMD
Dr. Rafael Ramirez-Brunet DMD
Dr. Ronaldo Ramirez-Ramos DMD
Wesley Rampton DMD
Michelle Rampulla DDS
Dr. Douglas Ramsey DDS
Mr. Gregory Randall DDS
James Randall DDS
Dr. Caio Randi Ferraz DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Leigh Randolph DDS, MS,ABE
Charles Rankin III DMD
Dr. Henry Rankow DDS
Dr. Edmund Rapp DDS, MSD
Marc Rasmussen DDS
Shahbod Rassoulian D
Dr. Shahriar Rassoulian DMD
Dr. Sachin Rastogi DMD
Anna Ratiner DMD MMSC
Dr. Victor Ratkus DDS
Dr. Jon Rauch DMD
Dr. Alan Rauckhorst DMD
Dr. Richard Rauth DDS MS
Dr. Thomas Rauth DDS
Dr. Yasaman Ravandoust DDS MS
Dr. Theodore Ravenel V DMD
Heidi Ray DMD
Dr. Herbert Ray JR. DMD
Dr. Richard Raymond DMD
Dr. Jason Read DMD, MS
Dr. Russ Read DDS
Dr. Alfred Reader DDS
Dr. Chad Reader DDS
Dr. Robert Reames DDS MSD
Gregory Reams DMD
Dr. Shawn Record DMD
Dr. Christopher Redd DDS
Dr. Tanu Reddi DDS
Dr. Sarina Reddy DDS
Dr. Dennis Reed DDS
Dr. William Reed DMD
Dr. Ernest Reeh DDS MS PHD
Dr. Calvin Reeman DDS
Randy Reese DDS
Ryan Reese DMD
David Reeves DDS
Dr. John Regan DDS
Dr. James Reid DDS,DSCD
Dr. Lester Reid DMD
Dr. Deron Reisman DDS,MS
Dr. Jonathan Reitz DDS
Dr. Todd Remmers DMD
Dr. Karan Replogle DDS
Scott Resnick DMD
Dr. Adam Retallick DDS
Dr. William Reyer I DDS
Dr. Jake Reynolds DMD, MSD
Dr. Maura Reynolds DMD
Dr. Michele Reynolds DDS,MS
Dr. Russell Reynolds DDS
Dr. Ali Rezai DDS
Dr. Jonathan Rhoades DMD, MS
Dr. Steven Rhodes DMD
Dr. Barry Rhome DMD
Dr. Reza Riahi DDS
Michael Ribera DMD
Dr. Ginnine Ribolow DDS
Richard Rice DDS
Dr. Robert Richards DDS
Dr. Brenda Richardson DDS,PA
Dr. Eric Richardson DDS, MS
Dr. Robbyn Richardson DDS
Dr. Mark Richey DMD, MS
Dr. Bruce Rickoff DDS
Shelley Ridenour DDS MS
Dr. Peter Rider DMD
Dr. Seth Rieback DDS
Dr. Richard Riehm DDS
Dr. Gary Ries DMD
Dr. Joshua Ries DMD
Dr. Andrew Rigberg DMD
Charles Rightmer DDS
Dr. Ernest Rillman DMD
Dr. Joseph Rinaggio DDS, MS
Dr. Jamie Ring DMD
Dr. Karla Ring DMD
Mary Ringler DMD PHD
Alejandro Rios DDS
Darron Rishwain DDS
Dr. David Rising DMD
Dr. Kenneth Riso DMD
Scott Risser DDS MSD
Dr. Allison Ritch DDS
Dr. Alessandra Ritter DDS, MS
Dr. Eric Rivera DDS, MS
Dr. Joy Rivero DMD
Dr. Bart Rizzuto DDS
Alvin Ro DDS
Dr. Sang Ro DDS
Dr. Robert Roach DMD, MS
James Roahen DDS, MS
Dr. James Roane DDS
Dr. Jerome Robbins DMD
Paul Robbins DDS MSD
Dr. Geoffrey Robert DDS
Dr. Mark Roberts DMD
Dr. Susan Roberts DDS, MSD
Dr. Don Robertson DDS
Dr. Douglas Robertson DDS, MS
Dr. Sean Robertson DDS
Dr. William Robertson DDS, MS
Dr. Joshua Robinson DMD, MSD
Dr. Mark Robinson DDS
Dr. Sylvester Robinson III DDS
Dr. Gregory Roda DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Roda DDS MS
Dr. Juan Rodriguez DDS
Dr. Maria Rodriguez DMD,MS
Sofia Rodriguez Lopez DDS
Dr. Carolina Rodriguez Rad DMD MSD
Dr. Mirta Roe DDS
Brandon Rogers DDS
Dean Rogers DMD
Dr. Elaine Rogers DMD
Dr. Rafael Roges DDS
Dr. Ramon Roges II DDS
Dr. Roberto Roges DDS
Dr. Laureen Roh DDS
Timothy Rohde DDS
Rajnish Rohila DDS
Dr. Martha Rojas DDS
Dr. David Roland DDS, MD
Dr. Scott Rollison DDS
Dr. David Romea DMD
Dr. Andrew Romero DDS PS
Dr. Mark Roper DDS
Mr. Daniel Rose MS, DDS
Dr. Robert Rose DDS
Dr. Herbert Rosen DMD
Dr. Brett Rosenberg DDS
Dr. David Rosenberg DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Rosenberg DDS
Dr. Paul Rosenberg DDS
Dr. Edward Rosenfeld DMD, MS
Dr. Leonard Rosenfeld DDS
Michael Rosengarton DDS
Robert Rosenkranz DDS
Dr. Alan Rosenthal DMD
Dr. Allen Rosenthal DDS
Dr. Sidney Rosenthal DMD MSD PA
Dr. Kara Rosenthal-Fraiman DMD
Dr. Christopher Ross DMD, MS
Dr. John Ross V DDS
Dr. Rhoda Ross DDS
Dr. Jonathan Rossall DDS,MMSC
Dr. David Rossiter III DMD
Dr. Louis Rossman DMD FACD
Dr. Roman Rossmeisl DDS
Dr. Jack Roth DDS
Dr. Todd Roth DMD
Dr. William Roth DDS
Dr. Barry Rothenhaus DMD
Dr. Taras Roud DMD
Dr. Parastou Rouhani Terrany DDS
Dr. Yaser Roumani DDS
Dr. Kade Roundy DMD, MS
Dr. William Rousseau DMD
Dr. Matthew Rowan DDS, MSD
Dr. Charles Roy DDS
Dr. Mathew Royal DDS
Dr. Jan Rozen DDS
Mariya Rozenblum DDS
Dr. Jerald Rubin DMD
Dr. Kevin Rubin DMD
Dr. Lawrence Rubin DMD
Dr. Marshall Rubin DDS
Dr. Richard Rubin DDS
Dr. Richard Rubinstein DDS
Dr. Andrew Rudd DDS, MS
Dr. Mitchell Rudd DDS
Clifford Ruddle DDS
Tom Rude DDS
Dr. Kristopher Ruebsamen DDS
Dr. Melissa Ruff DMD
Dr. Prathibha Rugmini Pillai BDS
Alberto Ruiz DMD
Pedro Ruiz DDS
Dr. Evan Rumack DDS
Dr. Brent Rundquist DDS MS
Nikita Ruparel MS, DDS, PHD
Dr. George Rupprecht JR. DDS
Dr. Jeri Rush DDS
Dr. Ranolph Rush DDS
Dr. Cameron Russell DMD, MS
Dr. Gregory Russell DMD
Dr. Thomas Russell DDS
Dr. James Russin DDS
Dr. Edward Russo DMD
Dr. John Russo DMD
Dr. Michael Russo DMD, MSD
Dr. Paula Russo DDS, MS
Dr. Jessica Russo Revand DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Rutberg DMD
Dr. Richard Rutledge DDS
Dr. Jay Rutz DMD, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Ryan DDS MS
Dr. Steven Ryan DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Rybicki DDS, MS
Dr. Kirk Ryskamp DDS
Steven Ryu DMD
Dr. Deema Saad DDS
Mohamed Saber BDS
Sharon Sabet DDS
Mr. Mohammad Sabeti DDS
Dr. Kent Sabey DDS
Dr. Ronald Sabins DDS
Mr. Christopher Sabourin DDS, MS, MSD
Dr. Ellen Sachs DDS, MS
Douglas Sadecky DMD, MDS
Dr. Ahmadg Sadeghein DDS
Dr. Ahmed Sadek DDS
Dr. Christopher Sadler DDS, MS
Dr. Younes Safa DDS
Gita Safaian DMD
Dr. Kamran Safavi DMD
Dr. Donald Safer DDS,MS
Dr. Ashish Sahasrabudhe DMD
Dr. Danna Saidon DMD
Dr. Yaacov Saidon DMD
Sherma Saif DMD
Dr. Bruce Sailor DDS
James Sainsbury DMD
Spencer Saint-Cyr DMD
Dr. Koichi Saito DMD
Dr. Brian Sakamoto DDS, MSD
Dr. Cyrus Salehi DDS
Robert Salehrabi DDS
Dr. Heberto Salgueiro DMD
Dr. Hans Salheiser DMD
Dr. Anthony Salierno DDS
Dr. Donna Salin DMD
Dr. Bruce Sallen DMD
Dr. Fadi Saloum DDS
Dr. Paulene Salter DDS
Dr. Craig Saltzman DMD
Marty Saltzman DDS
Dr. Matthew Salvatore DMD
R Salzgeber DDS
Dr. Sami Samani DDS
Abraham Samansky DDS
Dr. Kevin Sameti DDS
Hossein Samii DMD
Jeffrey Samyn DDS, MSD
Dr. Paul San Marco DDS
Dr. Alexander Sanchez DDS
Lisa Sanchez DMD
Allan Sandor DDS
Dr. Stephen Sands DDS MSD
Dr. James Sanfilippo DDS
Dr. Carmen Santa DMD
Dr. Carlivette Santamaria DMD
Dr. Zulmarie Santiago DMD
Dr. Maria Santos DDS
Dr. Harkeet Sappal DDS
Dr. Rahul Saraf DMD
Dr. Miguel Saravia DDS
Dr. Michael Sardzinski DMD
Dr. Chadwick Sargent DDS
Dr. Frank Sargent DDS MS
Dr. Shelly Sarich DDS, MS
Dr. Ramzi Sarkis DCHD DMD MSCD
Dr. Bernardo Sarmiento JR. DDSMSD
Dr. Thomas Sarna DDS, MS
Dr. Shahrzad Sarram DDS, MSD
Paul Satchell DDS MS
James Sather DDS
Erick Sato DDS
Dr. James Satovsky DDS
Dr. Jolanta Sauer DMD, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Saunders DDS
Steven Saunders DMD
Dr. Anthony Savage DDS
Dr. Juan Savelli DMD, MSD
Dr. Julie Saviano DMD
Dr. Norman Sawyers DDS
Dr. Jason Sayer DMD
Taner Sayin DDS
Dr. Robert Saylor DDS
Dr. Danni Sayman DDS
Mark Schachman DMD
Dr. William Schacter DMD
Dr. Craig Schaefer DMD
Dr. Katrina Schaefer DMD,MS
Dr. Michelle Schaeffer DDS, MPH
Dr. Jerrold Schapiro DDS
Jordan Schapiro DDS
Dr. Bill Scharwatt DMD
Dr. Alan Schatz DMD
Dr. Sonia Scheerer DDS, MS
Dr. David Scheiner DDS
Dr. Jared Schellenberg DDS
Mr. Steffan Scherer DDS MS
Glenn Schermer DMD
Dr. Bradley Schiff DDS
Dr. Hank Schiffman DDS
Betty Schindler MBA,DDS
Dr. Doulgas Schippers DDS,MS
Dr. J Schleder DDS MS
Mark Schleider DDS
Dr. Harvey Schlesinger DDS
Dr. Merrill Schmidt DDS
Dr. Lance Schneider DDS
S. Schneider DDS, MAGD
Dr. Jenifer Schnettler DDS, MSD
Zachary Schnoor DDS
Dr. Andrew Schoelch DDS
Dr. David Schoen DMD
Irwin Schoengold DMD
Dr. Nathan Schoenly DDS
Dr. J. Schow DMD
Dr. Kurt Schroeder DDS
Dr. Kyle Schroeder DDS
Dr. William Schroeder JR. DDS
Dr. Bruce Schulman DDS
Dr. Gary Schultz DMD
Dr. Todd Schultz DMD
Dr. Joseph Schulz DDS
Dr. Howard Schunick DDS
Dr. Allen Schuster DDS
Dr. Nathan Schwandt DDS
Dr. Richard Schwartz DDS
Dr. Stephen Schwartz DDS
William Schwartz II DDS
Dr. Tami Schwartzman DDS
Dr. Louis Schwarzbach DMD
Dr. Michael Schwarze DDS
Dr. Jordan Schweitzer DDS, MS
Michael Scianamblo DDS
Dr. Sarah Sciarrino DDS
Dr. Benjamin Scott DDS
Dr. Jean Scott DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Scott DDS, MS
Dr. Raymond Scott DDS
Dr. Michele Scrime DMD
Edward Sebok DMD
Dr. Christopher Sechrist DDS, MS
Dr. Amir Sedaghat DDS
Dr. Alan Sedell DMD
Dr. Leonard Sedell DDS
Dr. Ali Sedighi-Manesh DMD
Dr. Bruce Seidberg DDS, MSCD, JD
Dr. Louis Seiden
Scott Seitzinger DMD
Dr. Alan Selbst DMD
Dr. John Selden DDS
Dr. Anas Selman DDS
Dr. Robert Seltzer DMD
Dr. Gregory Semashko DDS
Jeffrey Senzer DDS, PC
Dr. Michael Serow DDS
Dr. Shaveta Sethi BDS, MDS
Dr. Jason Setlock DDS
Dr. Bradley Seto DDS
Dr. Brandon Seto DDS, MSD
Dr. Frank Setzer DMD, MS
Dr. John Sexauer DDS
Farshad Seyedein
Mr. Shahrokh Shabahang DDS,MS,PHD
David Shadid DDS MSD
Andrea Shah DMD
Bhavik Shah DDS
Dr. Neha Shah DMD
Dr. Farid Shaikh DMD
Dr. Daniel Shalev DDS
Mark Shallal-Ayzin
Sandra Shambarger DDS
Dr. Sara Shambayati DDS
Elisabeth Shamoon
Dr. Yuri Shamritsky DMD, DDS
John Shamul DDS
Dr. Craig Shapiro DMD
Dr. Eric Shapiro DDS
Dr. Richard Shapiro DDS
Dr. Seth Shapiro DDS
Dr. Kanika Sharma DMD
Dr. Rajan Sharma MSD
Dr. Robert Sharp DDS
Dr. Thomas Sharples DDS
Dr. Colin Shaw DMD
Dr. Tammam Sheabar DDS
Dr. John Sheaffer DDS, MS
Dr. Jimmy Sheats II DMD
Dr. Jan-Nee Sheats-Mathis DMD
Dr. Robert Sheehan DMD
Dr. Lawrence Sheer DDS
Jeff Shell D D S
Dr. Michou Shell DDS
Dr. Peter Shelley DDS, MS
Dr. Scott Shellhammer DDS, MS
Dr. Felicity Shelton DDS, MS
Dr. Arthur Shemet JR. DDS
Dr. Paul Shepherd DMD,MS
Dr. Beth Sheridan DDS, MS
Dr. Edward Sherman DDS
Dr. Michael Sherman DMD
Dr. Robert Sherman DDS
Dr. Ronald Sherman DDS
Dr. Arnold Shibuya DDS
Daniela Shields DMD
Dr. Philip Shiere DMD
Kingstone Shih DDS
Dr. Weilin Shih Huang DDS
Dr. Yoav Shiloah DDS
Mr. Steven Shimazu DDS
Emi Shimizu
Dr. Tota Shimizu DDS
Dr. Linda Shin DDS
Dr. Sang Shin DMD
Dr. Gregory Shinkwin DDS , MS
George Shinn
Dr. Adam Shipp DMD, MS
Dr. Ryan Shipp DMD, MS
Dr. Ramiar Shirani DDS
Dr. Joseph Shiveley DDS MS
Aliyah Shivji DMD
Dr. Natalie Shlosman DMD
Dr. James Shoemaker
Dr. Dominick Shoha DDS
Dr. Louis Shoha DDS
Ronald Shoha
Dr. Steven Shoha DDS
Dr. Mariah Shojaei DMD, MSC, MSD
Maryam Shomali DMD
Dr. Seung Shon DMD
Joseph Shore
Dr. Stephen Shore DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Short DDS
Dr. Rico Short DMD
Dr. Sandra Shostad DMD, MS
Dr. Babak Shoushtari DMD
Dr. Stephen Shpeen DMD
Dr. Carolyn Shreck DDS
Dr. Jason Shroyer DMD
Mr. Eric Shugars DDS, MS
Scott Shuler DMD
Dr. Colleen Shull DMD
Dr. Barnet Shulman
Dr. George Shuping
Andrew Shur
Ryan Shurtz
Vladimir Shuster DMD
Dr. Steven Shwer DMD
Dr. Dennis Siddiqi DMD
Dr. Frederic Siegal DMD
Dr. Jerome Siegel DDS
Dr. Paul Siegel JR. DDS
Dr. Robert Sieman DMD
Dr. Emmanouil Sigalas DDS, MS
Dr. Asgeir Sigurdsson DDS
Dr. Susan Silberg DMD
Adrian Silberman DDS
Jaime Silberman
Richard Silberman DD S
Renato Silva
Dr. Joseph Silvaggio DMD
Gary Silver DDS MDS
Dr. Paul Silver DMD
Dr. Rebecca Silver DDS
Dr. Howard Silverman DDS
Dr. James Silverman DDS
Dr. Richard Simcock DDS
Dr. Daniel Simon DDS
Dr. Denis Simon III DDS
Dr. Harvey Simon DMD
Dr. Phillip Simon DMD
Dr. Stephen Simon DDS
Gerard Simoneaux DDS
Dr. Javier Simons DDS
Dr. Wyatt Simons DDS, PC
Dr. Gregory Simpson DMD
Dr. Mark Simpson DDS
Michael Simpson DDS
Dr. David Singer DMD
Dr. Erik Singer DDS
Dr. Harinderbir Singh DDS
Dr. Rajendra Singh DDS
Savita Singh
Dr. Steven Singh DDS
Dr. Darren Sinopoli DMD
Dr. Harold Sinrod DDS
Dr. Joseph Siracuse DMD
Dr. Richard Siry DDS
Hongsa Situ
Dr. Timothy Skane DDS
Dr. Lance Skidmore DDS,MS
Dr. John Skoner DMD
Carl Skulski DDS
Dr. Lisa Slade
Dr. Richard Slate DDS
Dr. C Slaton
Dr. John Slavens DDS,MSD
Dr. Gabriel Slavescu DDS
Dr. Frank Sleder, Sr. DDS
Dr. Joel Slingbaum DMD
Dr. Robert Slosberg DDS
Derek Slosser DMD
Dr. Paul Slusarz DMD
Steven Sluyk DDS
Dr. Joel Small DDS
Dr. Neil Small DDS
Dr. Douglas Smart DDS
Dr. Gregory Smee DMD
Dr. Stephen Smiley DDS
Dr. Aric Smith DDS, MS
Dr. Bradford Smith DMD, MS, PA
Dr. Bruce Smith DDS
Dr. Bruce Smith DMD, MS
Dr. Carol Smith DMD
Dr. Christopher Smith DDS
Dr. Christopher Smith DDS
Dr. Craig Smith DDS
Dr. Edward Smith JR. DMD
Dr. Edwin Smith DMD
Dr. Gerard Smith DMD
Dr. Jack Smith DMD
Dr. James Smith JR. DMD
Jason Smith DMD MS
Jeremy Smith DDS
Mr. John Smith DDS
Dr. Joshua Smith DDS
Dr. Langston Smith DMD
Michael Smith DDS, MS
Michael Smith DMD,PA
Mr. Norman Smith JR. DDS MS
Dr. Richard Smith DDS
Dr. Robert Smith DMD
Dr. Robert Smith DDS
Steven Smith
Dr. Thomas Smith DMD
Darren Smolkin DDS
Ronit Smolyar DMD
Dr. Robert Smyth DDS
Gerald Snell DDS
Dr. Douglas Snider DDS,MS
Dr. Jason Snow DDS, MS
John Snowden SR. DMD
Dr. Minh Snyder DMD
Dr. W. Randy Snyder DDS, MS
Dr. James Socoloske DDS
Dr. Ryan Soden DMD, MS
Dr. Craig Soffin DMD
Karen Da Silva Sohal DMD
Poonam Solanki BDS
Dr. Fernando Solano DDS
Mariam Soliman DMD
Dr. Osman Soliman BDS
Dr. Jay Solnit DDS
Dr. Charles Solomon DDS
Dr. Edward Solomon DMD
Dr. Mir Soluti DDS
Dr. Richard Somerlott DDS
Dr. Joseph Son DDS
Dr. Brent Sonnenberg DDS, MS
Dr. Keith Sonntag DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Sopko DDS
Dr. Howard Sorensen II DDS, MS
Michelle Soriano DDS, MSD
Rosemichele Sorvino-Macchia DMD
Dr. Michael Sosnay DDS
Denny Southard DDS
Dr. Laurie Southard BS, MS, DDS
Dr. Rodney Southern DMD
Dr. Stephen Sozanski DMD
Dr. B. Space DDS
Dr. Gerald Sparrow DDS, MSD
Dr. Clara Spatafore DDS
Dr. Joseph Spector DDS
Dr. Marvin Speer DDS MS
Walter Speer DDS MSD
Dr. Michelle Speier DDS
Dr. David Spencer DDS MS
Dr. Ernest Spergel DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Spiegle DDS
Dr. Joseph Spires DDS, MSD
Dr. Steven Spitzer DDS
Ariella Spodek DMD
Kenneth Spolnik DDS,MSD
Roger Spott DDS
Dr. James Spradley DDS
Peter Spradling DMD
Dr. Rihcard Sprague DDS
Kenneth Sprechman DDS
Kent Spriggs DDS
Dr. Robert Sproat DDS MSD
Alan Sproles DDS
Dr. Michael Squitieri DDS
Kiran Sreekantaiah BDS
Dr. Sunil Srinivasan DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Stabile DDS MS
Dr. Erik Stalder DDS
Dr. Daniel Stamos DDS MS
Mr. David Stamos DDS, MS
Andrew Stanek DDS
Dr. Eva Stanley DDS, MS
James Stanley DDS
Dr. Joel Stanley DMD
Dr. William Stanley DDS
Dr. Dennis Starkey DDS
Dr. Scott Starley DDS, MSD
Dr. David Starling DMD
Dr. Steven Starr DDS
Dr. Edward Stec DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Steele DDS
Dr. Paul Steele DDS
Dr. Matthew Stefanac DDS
Charles Steffel DDS, MSD
Henry Steiman DDS, MS
Dr. Arlene Stein DMD
Dr. Bryan Stein DMD
Dr. Debra Stein DMD, MMSC
Dr. Edward Stein
Dr. Jeffrey Stein DDS
Dr. Kerry Stein DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Stein DDS
Mr. Thomas Stein DMD MS
David Steiner DDS MSD
Dr. Rita Steiner DMD
Dr. Geoffrey Steinkruger DMD, MS
Dr. James Stephens DDS, MSCD
Dr. Gerald Stephenson DDS
David Stepp DDS
Kip Sterling DDS
Raymond Sterling DDS
Dr. Denise Stern
Dr. Karyn Stern DMD
Dr. Michael Stern DDS
Dr. Steven Stern DDS
Dr. Gordon Steuck DDS MSD
Dr. David Steuer DMD
Dr. Barry Stevens DDS
Michael Stevens
Randolph Stevens DDS,PC
Dr. Richard Stevens DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Stevenson DDS
Dr. Douglas Stewart DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Stewart DMD
Dr. Mary Stewart DDS
Dr. Walter Stewart DMD
Dr. Francis Steyaert DDS MSD
Dr. James Stich DDS
Dr. Howard Stieglitz DDS
Marlind Stiles DMD
Dr. Robert Stites DDS
Dr. Russell Stoch DMD
Dr. Rebecca Stohler DDS, MS
Dr. Orsure Stokes DMD
Dr. Amy Stone DDS
Dr. Robert Stone DMD
Ryan Stoops
Dr. Buffy Storm DDS
Dr. Kenneth Stovcik DDS, MS
Dr. Sheila Stover DDS, MS
Dr. Ted Stowe DDS
Cale Strait DDS
Dr. Brian Strand DMD
J. Mike Strand DDS
Dr. Lynn Strand DMD
Dr. J Strange DMD
D. Strange, Jr. DMD
Dr. Ryan Stratton DMD
Mr. Barney Streit DDS
Dr. Adam Strimer DMD, MS
Dr. Edward Strittmatter JR. DDS
Dr. Stephen Strober DDS
Dr. Brett Strong DDS
Dr. John Stropko DDS
Dr. Jerome Stroumza DDS, MS, DSC
Charles Stuart DDS
Dr. Kathryn Stuart DDS, MSD
Dr. Benjamin Studebaker DMD, MSD
Dr. Jack Sturm DMD
Peiti Su DDS
Dean Suanico DDS
Dr. Kumar Subramanian MSD
John Suchina DDS
Diane Suda DMD
Michelle Sue DDS
Dr. Calvin Suffridge
Dr. Joseph Suffridge DDS PA
Dr. Gary Sugg DDS MS
Dr. Eugene Sugita DDS
Betty Suh DMD
Dr. Brian Suh DMD
Dr. Michael Suhler DDS
Michael Sulfaro DDS
Dr. Jay Sullins DDS
Dr. David Sullivan DMD
Dr. David Sullivan DMD
Dr. Jackson Sullivan DDS, PC
Dr. John Sullivan JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Sullivan DDS
Dr. Heather Sulte DDS, MS
Dr. Patricio Sumaza DMD
Dr. Ramesh Sunar DMD
Solomon Sund DMD, MPH
Dr. Eric Sunderman DDS
Dr. Jay Sung DDS
Dr. Jillwen Sung DMD
Dr. George Suranyi DMD
Dr. Anand Suresh DMD, MSD
Dr. Louis Susi DDS,MS
Dr. Donald Sutton DMD
Dr. Douglas Sutton DDS
Dr. Tad Suzuki DDS
Dr. Timothy Svec DDS
Dr. Steven Svetcov DENTIST
Dr. Steven Swager DMD
Dr. Bradley Swanson DDS MSD
Dr. Diana Swanson DMD
Dr. Timothy Sweatman DDS
Dr. James Swenson DDS
Dr. Maureen Swift DDS
William Swilley DDS
Robert Swindle DMD
Dr. Cary Syamken DDS
Dr. Fred Sykes DDS
Dr. James Sykes DMD
Dr. Larry Sylva DDS,MSCD
Howard Synenberg DDS
Dr. Samantha Synenberg DDS
Dr. Demetrios Syrpes DDS
Douglas Szeto DMD
Dr. Abbas Tabibi DDS,MS
Dr. Midori Tachibana DDS
Dr. Gabriel Tagher DMD
Dr. Henry Tagle III DMD
Dr. Fariba Tahmasebi-Moshiri DMD
Dr. Eddie Tai
Dr. Jerry Taintor DDS, MS
Dr. Timothy Talbott DDS, MS
Paul Talkov DMD
Esther Tam DMD
Dr. David Tancreto DDS, PC
Dr. Michael Tanenhaus DDS
Dr. Alan Tang DDS, CAGS
Dr. Hong-Ming Tang DDS MS
Dr. Richard Tangen DDS
Dr. Matthew Tangredi DDS
Mohab Tanious DDS
Dr. Janet Tanzi DDS
Dr. John Tanzilli DDS
Liwen Tao DDS MS
Dr. Franco Tarm DDS
Dr. Leila Tarsa DDS,MS
Gary Tasch DDS,MS
Roderick Tataryn DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Tate DDS, MSD
Dr. James Tate DDS
Dr. Charles Tatosian
Ronald Tauber DMD
Dr. Kayla Tavares DDS
Ms. Joelle Tavitian DDS
Dr. Tontesh Tawady DDS
Dr. Peter Tawil DMD, MS, FRCD(C)
Dr. Franklin Tay
Dr. Robert Tayler DDS,MS
Dr. Bryce Taylor DDS
Dr. D. Taylor DMD, MS, PC
Dr. Gary Taylor DDS
Jay Taylor DDS
Dr. Kelly Taylor DDS, MS
Dr. Marjorie Taylor DDS
Dr. Nicholas Taylor DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Taylor DDS MSD
Dr. Ronald Taylor DDS MSD
Jennifer Tedder DDS
Mr. Yeow Teh Tee DDS
Dr. Arya Tehrany DDS
Dr. Robert Teitelbaum DDS
Dr. Fabricio Teixeira DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Timothy Temple DMD
Dr. Mark Tepper DDS
Dr. Bruce Terry DMD
Dr. Casandra Tessaro DMD
Dr. Ellen Teverovsky DDS
Dr. Antonett Thai DDS
Dr. Brian Thai DMD
Dr. Johan The DDS, MMSC
Marvin Thews JR. DDS
Dr. Alan Thibault DDS, PA
Dr. Charles Thomas II DMD
Dr. Douglas Thomas DDS
Dr. Katherine Thomas DDS
Pedro Thomas DMD
Dr. Rodney Thomas DMD
Sony Thomas DDS
Dr. Stephen Thomas DMD
Dr. Edwin Thomas. JR. DDS
Dr. Aaron Thompson DMD
Dr. Bruce Thompson DMD
Dr. Michael Thompson DDS
Dr. Tommy Thompson DMD
Mrs. Katherine Thomson DDS
Dr. Troy Thomson DDS, MS
Dr. Justin Thornton DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Thorpe DDS
Dr. Robert Thousand III DDS
Dr. Karriem Thurman DMD
Dr. Ryan Tigrett DDS
Dr. Ken Tilashalski DMD
Dr. Michael Tilson DDS
Dr. Mark Tingey DDS
Dr. Carl Tinkelman DMD
Dr. James Tinnin DDS, MSD
Dr. James Tinnin DDS
Dr. Robert Tironi DDS
Dr. Bart Tirrell DDS, MSD, PS
Dr. Vladimir Tismensky DDS
Dr. Manuel Tissura
Richard Titlebaum DMD
Kenneth Tittle DDS
Dr. Timothy Tobias DDS
Aniuska Tobin DDS
Dr. David Toca DDS MS
Dr. Mark Todd DMD, PA
Dr. Randolph Todd DMD
Dr. Mostafa Tolba DDS, MS
Dr. Gerardo Toledo DDS
Dr. Michelle Toms DDS
Dr. Dewey Tong DDS
Matthew Tonioli DDS
Dr. Philip Topcik DDS
Mr. Mahmoud Torabinejad DMD MSD PHD
Dr. Patricia Tordik DMD
Dr. Ramona Torgerson DDS, PC
Dr. Susan Torma DDS
Dr. Dennis Torney DDS, MS
Dr. Craig Torres DDS
Dr. Doreen Toskos DMD
Dr. Victoria Tountas DDS
Dr. Craig Tover DDS
Michael Trager DMD
Dr. Christine Tran DDS
Dr. David Tran DMD
Dr. Jamie Tran DMD
Dr. Loc Tran DDS
Dr. Michael Transtrum DDS, MS
Candice Trasatti DDS
Bradley Trattner DDS
Glenn Trautmann DMD
Dr. Brian Trava DMD
Dr. Richard Traversy JR. DDS
Raina Trilokekar DMD
William Trimmer III DDS
Dr. Edwin Tripp JR. DDS
Dr. Gregory Trnavsky DDS
Dr. Martin Trope DMD
Mr. Dean Troyer DDS
Duc Truong DMD
Dr. Tai Truong DMD
Dr. Carlene Tsai DMD
Dr. Marat Tselnik DDS
Jessy Tseng DDS
Dr. Stephen Tsoucaris DMD
Dr. Fred Tsutsui DMD
Dr. Martin Tuck DDS, MS
Dr. Dennis Tucker DDS
Dr. John Tucker DDS
Jyotika Tucker DDS ENDO
Dr. Julia Tulcan DMD
Dr. Michael Tulkki DDS, MS
Dr. John Turco DMD
Dr. Thomas Turek DMD
Dr. Michael Turman DDS
Dr. Casey Turner DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffery Turner DMD
Dr. Jerald Turner DDS
Dr. Terrence Turner DDS
Dr. Maura Tuso DMD
Albert Tuttle DDS, MS
Percy Twine DMD
Dr. Yancy Tygesen DDS, MS
Dr. Craig Tyler DDS, MSD
Dr. Kathy Tyler DMD
Dr. Kenneth Tyler DDS, MS
Dr. Lisa Tyler DMD
Dr. Peter Tziros DMD, MPH
Dr. Larry Ufberg DMD
Robert Uhle DDS
Dr. Michael Uhrich DDS, MS
Charles Ullman DMD, MDS
Paul Umstott DDS
Dr. Borasamy Ung DDS
Dr. Martin Ungar DMD
Dr. Mickey Unsell DDS
Dr. Richard Urbanczyk DDS
Graciela Urbina
Dr. Najia Usman DDS
Dr. Malissa Vacharakiat DMD
Nader Vafaie DMD
Dr. Mychel Vail DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Valice DDS
Mindy Van DDS, MSD
Dr. Jack Vande Visse JR. DMD
Dr. John Vandenberghe DDS
Dr. Thomas Vandenberghe DDS
Aurelia Vanderburg
Dr. Dan Vandermeulen DDS MS
Dr. Peter Vandersloot DDS
Dr. Richard Vanderweele DMD
Dr. Raymond Vanderwerf DDS, CAGS
Dr. Judy Vangheluwe DDS
Dr. Eric Vanhuss DMD
Dr. Ryan Vanmoorlehem DMD
Dr. Claudio Varella DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Vargas DDS
Dr. James Vargo DDS
Dr. Michael Varley DMD, MS
Dr. Callie Vasilakis DMD
Dr. Michael Vatral DDSMS
Dr. B. Vaughn DDS, MS
Ali Vaziri DDS
Peyman Vaziri MSC, DMD, MSD
Mr. Lorenzo Vazzana DDS
Dr. Lauren Vedros DDS
Dr. Jose Vela DDS,, PHD
Dr. Adali Velez DMD
Dr. Shawn Velez DDS
Peter Velyvis
Dr. Peter Venokur DDS
Dr. Antonio Vera DDS
Dr. Robert Verhelle DDS
Dr. Kulwant Verraich DENTIST
Dr. Frank Vertucci DMD
Dr. Melissa Vettraino DDS
Francine Vickers DDS
Dr. Vinson Vig DDS, MSD
Dr. Paul Vignaroli DDS
Dr. Barry Vilkin DMD
Dr. Salvatore Vinci DMD
Maria Vinieris
Dr. Kunwar Vir DMD
Dr. Luz Visbal DMD
Christopher Vivona DDS
Steve Vlahakis DDS
Dr. James Vogel DDS
Dr. Merlyn Vogt DDS
Mrs. Gayatri Vohra DDS
Dr. Pranav Vohra DMD
Dr. Thomas Vokal DDS
Dr. Eric Volk DDS
Dr. Ihor Voloshyn DMD
Dr. Richard Volwiler DDS, MSD
Mayank Vora DDS
Dr. David Vreeland DDS,MS
Jay Vuong DDS
Dr. Christina Vy DMD
Marion Wachnicki DMD
Seaborn Wade JR. DDS
Dr. Gary Wadsworth
Dr. Kurtis Wadsworth DMD
Karl Wagenknecht DMD
Neveen Wahab DDS
Patrick Wahl DMD
Dr. Rodney Waite DDS
Dr. Jason Walden DMD,MS
Dr. Thomas Waldron DDS
Dr. Harmeet Walia DDS
Dr. Earl Walker DMD
Dr. Ian Walker DDS
Dr. James Walker DDS
Dr. Kelly Walker DMD
Leslie Walker DMD
Dr. Michael Walker DDS
Dr. Ryan Walker DDS
Dr. Stephen Walker DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Walker DDS
Dr. William Walker JR. DDS
Dr. William Walker III DDS
Dr. William Walker DDS
Dr. James Wallace DDS,MSD,MDS,MS
Dr. John Wallstrom DDS
Jeffrey Walmann DDS,RPH
Mr. Lawrence Walsh DDS
Dr. Matthew Walsh DMD
Dr. Matthew Walters DDS
Dr. Richard Walton DMD MS
Chad Waltz DDS
Dr. Ching Wang DDS
Dr. Derrick Wang DMD
Fengming Wang DDS, PHD
Dr. Frances Wang DMD
Dr. Guangqiang Wang DMD
Dr. I. Wang DMD,MS
Dr. Jen-Kuei Wang PHD, DDS
Dr. Ming Wang DDS, MS
Sandy Wang DDS
Shih Huei Wang DMD
Dr. Stanley Wang DMD
Dr. Wei-Lun Wang DDS
Dr. Wade Ward DMD
Dr. Brian Wardell DMD
Dr. John Warden DMD
Dr. Gregory Warne DDS
Dr. Ned Warner DDS, PHD
Curt Warren DDS
Dr. Grace Warren DDS
Dr. Roger Warren DDS
Dr. Shoba Warren
Dr. Stephen Warren DMD
William Warren JR. DDS MS
Dr. Phillip Waterman JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Waters DMD, MS
Dr. Joseph Wateska DMD MS
Dr. Brian Watkins DDS
Rebecca Watkins DMD
Kathryn Watkins Younkin DDS MS
Dr. James Watts DMD
Dr. Burton Waxman DDS
Dr. Kenneth Way DMD
Dr. Blake Wayman
Dr. William Wayman DMD
Dr. Nathan Wayment DDS
Clinton Weaver DDS
Dr. Brandon Webb DDS, MSD
Dr. Terry Webb DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Webber DDS
Dr. Raymond Webber DDS,MS
Dr. Carol Weber DDS
Dr. Michael Weber DDS
Roger Webster DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Wechsler DMD
Dr. Jaron Wedding DDS, MSD
Dr. Stephen Weeks DDS
Dr. Allen Wei DDS
Dr. Patrick Wei DDS
Dr. Richard Weibert DMD
Dr. Barry Weichman DDS
Dr. Gerard Weinacker DMD
Dr. Gary Weinberg
Dr. Jay Weinberg DMD
Dr. Howard Weiner DDS
Dr. Marianna Weiner IAO,DDS
Dr. Sy Weiner DDS
Ivan Weinstein DDS
Dr. Eric Weinstock DMD
Dr. Barry Weintraub
Dr. Howard Weisbart DDS
John Weise DDS
Dr. John Weisenseel JR. DDS
Dr. Rebeca Weisleder DDS
Dr. Manuel Weisman DDS
Dr. Joel Weiss DMD
Dr. Marvin Weiss DDS
Dr. Richard Weiss
Dr. Melvin Weissburg DMD
Dr. Jake Weissman DDS
Dr. John Welch DDS
Dr. Sarah Welch DDS, MS
Dr. Jerry Weldon JR. DMD
Dr. Aaron Welk DMD
Dr. Paul Weller DDS, MS
Dr. Rodger Weller DMD
Dr. Brian Wells DMD
Donald Wells DDS
John Wells DDS
Dr. Larry Wells DMD
Lisa Wendell DMD
Dr. Christopher Wepsic DDS
Dr. Leslie Werksman DDS
Dr. Morton Wertheimer DDS
Paul Weseley
Dr. Eugene West DDS,MS
Dr. Jason West DDS, CAGS
Dr. John West DDS, MSD
Dr. Lesley West
Dr. Nathaniel West DDS
Dr. Scott Westford DDS
Dr. Charles Weston
Dr. Reginald Westphal DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Westrick DDS
Dr. Damon Westwood DDS
Michael Wheatley DDS
Dr. John Wheeler DDS
Stephen Wheeler DDS
Ms. Tameika Wheeler-Hall DMD
Dr. Lee Ann Whelan DMD
Dr. David Whitaker DMD, MS
Dr. Steven Whitaker DDS
Michael Whitcomb Jr
Dr. James White DMD
Dr. Jeffrey White DDS, MSD
John White DDS
Patrick White DDS
Dr. Robert White DMD
Dr. Harry Whitehill DDS, MS
Dr. Dean Whiting DDS, MSD
Dr. Kenneth Whitnack DDS, MS
Daniel Whitner
Scott Whitney DDS
Dr. Shaun Whitney DDS
Dr. John Whitt JR. DDS
Dr. Brian Whitten DDS
Dr. Felicitas Wibowo DMD
Dr. Robert Widis DDS
Dr. Steven Widman DDS
Dr. Stanton Widmer DDS
Mr. Philip Wiegand DDS
Dr. B Wiener DDS, MSCD, FRCD(C)
Dr. Christopher Wieseman DDS
Dr. Gregory Wiggins DMD, PA
Dr. James Wilcko DMD
Ms. Lisa Wilcox DDS MS
Dr. Jeremy Wilde DMD, MSD
Dr. William Wildey DDS
Dr. Sara Wilhite DMD
Dr. Nancy Wilkens DDS
Dr. Don Wilkins DDS,MS
Dr. Leona Wilkins DDS, MSD
Dr. Don Wilkinson DMD
Dr. Frank Wilkinson DDS
Dr. Kim Wilkinson DDS
Dr. Jennifer Willett DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Willey DDS
Dr. Clayton Williams DDS
Dr. John Williams DDS
John Williams DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Williams DDS
Dr. Michael Williams DMD
Dr. Nicholas Williams III DDS
Dr. Robert Williams DMD
Dr. Scott Williams DDS
Dr. Stephanie Williams DMD
Dr. Steven Williams DMD
Dr. Anne Williamson DDS MS
Dr. John Willoughby DDS
Brian Wilson DMD
Dr. David Wilson DDS
Dr. David Wilson DDS
Dr. James Wilson DDS
Robert Wilson DDS
Dr. Shelley Wilson DDS
Dr. Toby Wilson DDS, MS
Dr. William Windley III DDS, MS
Dr. Margaret Wingard DMD
Dr. Michael Winick DDS
Dr. Johnathon Winkler DDS
Lisa Wipf DMD
Dr. Dustin Wirig DDS MSD
Dr. Gustavo Wiscovitch DMD
Dr. Jerry Wiseman DDS
Mr. John Wisniewski DMD
Dr. Andrew Wiswall DDS
Jeffrey Wiswall DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Wiswall DMD, MS
Dr. Thomas Witek DDS
Janatha Withanachchi DDS
Dr. David Witherspoon DDS
Dr. John Withrow DDS
Dr. Gregory Witt DDS
Mr. Richard Wittenauer DDS
Sean Wittmer DMD
Dr. Gary Wolanek DMD
Dr. James Wolcott IV DDS
Dr. Susan Wolcott DDS
Dr. Ronald Wolf DDS, MS
Steven Wolf DDS
Dr. David Wolfe
Dr. Joshua Wolgin DMD
Chad Wollard DMD
Dr. Ronald Wollard DDS
Dr. Steven Wolman DMD
Dr. Michael Wolov DDS
Dr. Clifford Wong DDS, MSD
Derrick Wong DMD
Dr. Eric Wong DDS
Dr. Irene Wong DDS
Dr. Jason Wong DDS
Dr. Kenneth Wong DDS
Dr. Marston Wong DDS
Dr. Perry Wong DDS
Dr. Ralan Wong
Dr. Shirley Wong DDS
Dr. Timothy Wong DDS
Dr. Winifred Wong DDS
Dr. Stacey Woo DDS
Dr. Mark Wood DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Wood DDS
Dr. Paul Wood
Dr. Karl Woodmansey DDS
Dr. James Woods DDS, MSD
Jeffrey Woodson DDS,MSD
Gail Woolhiser DDS
Dr. Gordon Woollard DDS MS
Dr. Frank Woolman DDS
Dr. Dennis Wourms DDS
Alan Wright DMD
Andrew Wright DDS
Mr. Henry Wright JR.
Kathryn Wright DMD MS
Dr. Michael Wright DDS
Dr. Ronald Wright JR. DDS, MS
Grace Wu DMD
Dr. Jiann-Jang Wu BMD, MS
Dr. Yean Wu- Young DMD
Dr. Gary Wuchenich DDS, MS
Dr. Anne Wucherpfennig DMD
Dr. Rolf Wuerch DDS
Dr. Catherine Wurm DDS, MS
Dr. Kent Wyatt DDS
Reid Wycoff DDS
Terry Wyman DMD
Dr. Todd Wynkoop DDS
Dr. Ryan Wynne DDS, MSD
Dr. Tian Xia DMD
Qian Xie
Axel Yabroudi DDS
Dr. Fanny Yacaman DDS
Mamatha Yadlapati BDS, MSD
Dr. Victor Yaghoubi-Mirzayan DDS
Dr. Jerome Yamada DDS MS
Dr. Russell Yamada DMD
Dr. Maimi Yamaguchi DDS
Dr. Noboru Yamaki DDS
Dr. Andrew Yamamoto DDS
Dr. Brandon Yamamura DDS, MSD
Dr. Richard Yamanaka DDS
Ryan Yamanaka DDS
Dr. Peter Yancich DDS
Dr. Bexter Yang DDS
Hsiao-Ying Yang DDS
Dr. Jean Yang DMD
Dr. James Yao DMD
Daron Yarjanian
Susan Yasrebi DMD
Jon Yatsushiro DDS
Dr. John Yavorsky DDS, MS
Dr. Mehran Yazdi DMD, MPH
Dr. Fulton Yee DDS
Dr. Randall Yee DDS
Dr. Yuling Yeh DMD MSCD
Dr. Christopher Yelton DDS
Nicole Yingling DMD
Mr. Morris Yip DDS PHD
Eric Yokota DDS, MSD
Mr. Thomas Yonchak JR. DDS MS
Dr. Gary Yonemoto DDS, MS
Dr. Tony Yoon DDS
Youngjae Yoon DMD
Dr. Lewina Youn DDS
Dr. Arthur Young DDS,MS
Dr. Jonathan Young DDS, MS
Dr. Margaret Young DDS
Dr. Mark Young DDS
Dr. Robert Young DDS
Dr. Sung-Ming Young DDS
Dr. Kevin Younkin DDS, MS
Dr. Hesham Youssef DDS DHSC
Jack Yu DDS
Dr. Kuo-Hung Yu DDS
Dr. Monique Yuan DMD
Dr. Leo Yudkin DDS,PA
Dr. Michael Yuen DDS
Emina Zaganjori DMD
Dr. Tanya Zaghi DDS
Leila Zahedi DDS
Parisa Zakizadeh DDS, MS
Dr. Giovanny Zalamar DMD
Dr. Anthony Zamany DDS, MSD
Kaveh Zand DDS
Dr. Paul Zaritsky DMD, MS, PA
Dr. Philip Zaveloff DDS
Dr. Thomas Zbaracki JR. DDS MS
Dr. Michael Zeff DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Zell DDS
Dr. Dennis Zent DDS, MSD
Dr. Boris Zepeda DMD, MS
Maria Zequeira DMD
Dr. Ramon Zequeira DMD,MSD
Dr. Joseph Zerella JR. DMD MDS
Dr. Marvin Zerr DDS, PHD
Dr. Susan Zerrahn DMD
Sheng Zhong DDS, MS
Dr. Qiang Zhu DDS
Dr. Pirooz Zia BDS, MSCD
Yigal Zibari DDS
Dr. Thomas Zicarelli DDS
Steven Zicchinolfi DMD
Dr. Benjamin Ziegler DDS
Dr. Tracie Zielinski DDS
Dr. Jay Ziffer DDS
Dr. Richard Zillich DDS, MS
Dr. Donald Zimmerman DDS
Dr. Michael Zimmerman DMD
Dr. Philip Zimring DMD
Martha Zinderman DDS, MS
Vangel Zissi DMD
Dr. Ira Zohn DMD
Dr. Lauren Zollett DDS
Dr. John Zongker DDS
Kenneth Zucker DDS,MS
David Zuroff DMD
Dr. Michael Zuroff
Dr. Stefan Zweig DDS
Dr. Burton Zwibel DMD

* Source: Council on Dental Education and Licensure, American Dental Association

** Source: Council on Dental Education and Licensure, American Dental Association