Specialist/Technologist, Others

General classification identifying individuals trained on specific equipment and technical procedures in one of a collection of miscellaneous healthcare disciplines. *

Specialization: Orthopedic Assistant

An Orthopaedic Assistant is a person who has been trained to work as a physician extender in both clinical and surgical environments. An Orthopaedic Assistant assists with aspects of patient care as determined by the supervising surgeon including, but not limited to, obtaining patient history, assisting with examinations, injections, recording of office notes, and application/adjustment/removal of splints, casts, and other immobilization devices. Acting as a surgical first assistant for orthopaedic surgery cases includes providing aid in exposure, hemostasis, positioning of the patient, suturing and closure of body planes and skin, application of wound dressings or immobilization devices, and other technical functions that will help the surgeon carry out a safe operation with optimal results for the patient. An Orthopaedic Assistant may be licensed, registered, or certified depending on the state in which the individual practices. **

Wendy Alexander
Mr. Dan Benedek OPA-C/OSA-C
Philip Duncan
Stephen Fasano
Lauren Ferrer
Dr. Edgardo Gonzalez SA-C
Kristi Gross CST, CSFA
Mrs. Alysha Hammer CSFA
Shelby Heatwole ATC, LAT
Michael Higgins SR. COA 00118
Mr. Vladimir Ioffe
Tommy Jackson
Danielle Lewis MA, ATC, OTC
David Maimes OTC
Mr. Michael Mercado OTC
Ralph Pugh ROT, CST
Stephanie Ransom ATC
Rita Reid PT
Mr. Emmanuel Rivers CSA
Jarod Root OPA-C
Jason Shaver
Brianna Smith
Mr. Dana Tasler CST/CFA
Egon Trujillo
Allison Vandermeulen
Sarah Walsh LAT, ATC
David Zuluaga