Radiologic Technologists

An individual who is trained and qualified in the art and science of both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation for the purposes of diagnostic medical imaging, interventional procedures and therapeutic treatment. *

Mr. Jason Barrett RPA/RA (CBRPA)
Mrs. Shirley Coleman RT
Mr. Jeffrey Jensen RT
Alecia Lentz RT(R)
Mr. Thomas Mckee RT(R)
Mr. Patrick Mcneil RT(R)
Caleb Mercado MD, FACC
Mr. Steven Miles BS,RT(R)(CT)(CV)
Rafael Putnam RT/R
Mr. Gary Raff BS, RT(R), RCIS
Michael Swierczynski RRA
Ms. Nancy Waida ARRT, (R)(CT), BSRS
Andy Weathers RT(R), CV
Mr. Charles Williams RPA-RA(CBRPA), RT(R)

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