A dentist is a person qualified by a doctorate in dental surgery (D.D.S.) or dental medicine (D.M.D.), licensed by the state to practice dentistry, and practicing within the scope of that license. There is no difference between the two degrees: dentists who have a DMD or DDS have the same education. Universities have the prerogative to determine what degree is awarded. Both degrees use the same curriculum requirements set by the American Dental Association's Commission on Dental Accreditation. Generally, three or more years of undergraduate education plus four years of dental school is required to graduate and become a general dentist. State licensing boards accept either degree as equivalent, and both degrees allow licensed individuals to practice the same scope of general dentistry. Additional post-graduate training is required to become a dental specialist. *

Specialization: Prosthodontics

That branch of dentistry pertaining to the restoration and maintenance of oral functions, comfort, appearance and health of the patient by the restoration of natural teeth and/or the replacement of missing teeth and contiguous oral and maxillofacial tissues with artificial substitutes. **

Operator Assisted Dentist Referral

Dr. Behruz Abadi DMD
Siamak Abai DDS, MMEDSC
Prof. Marcus Abboud DDS
Dr. Tamer Abdel-Azim DDS
Maged Abdelaal DDS
Dr. Tarek Abdelhalim DDS,MSC,FACP
Omar Abdo DDS, MS, FACP
Dr. Laleh Abdolazadeh DDS
Dr. Abier Abdulwahab DDS
Loris Abedi DDS
Dr. George Aberth JR. DDS
Dr. James Abjanich DDS
Dr. Charles Abney DDS,MSD
Ms. Jacqueline Abraham DDS
Dr. Howard Abrahams DMD
Dr. Nily Abramovitz DMD
Dr. Donald Abramowitz DDS
Nathan Abramson DMD
Dr. Amara Abreu Serrano DDS
Dr. Jon Ackerman DDS
Hugo Acosta Garcia DDS
Dr. Mark Adams DDS, MS
Nimet Adatia DDS
Mrs. Mehdi Adili DDS
Dr. Scott Adishian DDS
Dr. Sam Adkisson DDS
Dr. Eric Adrian DMD
Michael Affleck DDS
Dr. Zahra Afsharzand DMD
John Agar DDS
Dr. Anil Agarwal DDS
Dr. Parul Agarwal DDS, MSD
Dr. Harshit Aggarwal BDS MSD
Dr. Maria Aguilar DDS
Dr. Brian Aguirre DDS
Dr. Robert Ahlstrom DDS, MS
Dr. Omaid Ahmad
Dr. Ayman Ahmed BDS,MS
Dr. Suzie Ahn DDS
Dr. Tae Jun Ahn DDS
Dr. Ian Aires DDS
Dr. Cynthia Aita-Holmes DMD
Dr. David Aitken BDS MS
Dr. Nabil Al Krumly DDS, MS
Dr. Yacoub Al Sakka DDS
Zeina Al Salihi DDS
Bader Al-Awadhi DDS
Dr. Abdulmohsin Al-Hashim DDS
Dr. Mohammad Al-Nahhas DDS
Dr. Yaser Al-Yakoubi
Dr. Yasser Alali BDS, DDS, MSD
Dr. Andrew Alamar DDS
Dr. Marvin Alameda
Dr. Husain Alarfaj DMD, MDS
Dr. Rami Albahri DDS
Dr. Paul Albora DDS
Dr. Linda Albright DDS
Dr. Gary Alexander DDS
Dr. Marc Alexander BSC, DDS
Dr. Carlos Alfonso DDS,MS, DIPLOMATE
Aasem Alhenaki DDS, MS
Dr. Mohsin Ali BDS, MSC, PHD
Luis Alicea DMD
Dr. Charles Allen JR. DDS, MS
Dr. James Allen DDS, FACP
Dr. Mark Allen DDS
Dr. Roger Allen DMD
Dr. Sarah Allen DDS
Dr. David Allport JR. DDS MS
Riad Almasri DDS
Dr. Dov Almog DMD
Nada Alsawaf
Dr. Abdulmonem Alshihri DDS
Dr. Veronica Alvarado DDS
Dr. Astrid Alves Daporta DDS, MS
Dr. Alaaeddin Alwazzan DMD
Dr. Jean Amara DMD, MSCD
Dr. Laura Amato DMD
Dr. Alberto Ambard DDS PC
Dr. Touradj Ameli DMD
Dr. Edward Amet I DDS, BS, MSD, PC
Dr. Taher Aminikharrazi DMD
Nariman Amiri DDS
Dr. Inna Amirian DMD
Dr. Miriam Amjadi DMD
Dr. Wasan Amornsang DDS
Dr. Jose Ampil DMD, MSC
Hongseok An DDS
Dr. Evanthia Anadioti DDS
Claudia Ancira DDS
Dr. Stephen Ancowitz
Dr. Tomas Anderkvist DDS,INC
Dr. David Anderson DDS
Dr. David Anderson DDS
David Anderson DDS
Dr. John Anderson DMD MS
Neal Andren DDS
John Andrews DDS
Robert Andrews JR. DDS
Rodney Andrus DDS, MS
Dr. Pedro Andujar DMD
Dr. Sharon Angelici DMD
Dr. Richard Ansong DDS, MSD
Dr. Ekaterini Antonellou DMD
Dr. Lisa Antonoff DDS
Edward Antos JR. DDS
Dr. David Anzel DDS
Dr. Arnau Aparicio-Altuna DDS, CDT
Dr. Ruth Aponte-Wesson DDS
Dr. Marc Appelbaum DDS
Dr. Isaac Appleton DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Appleton DDS,MS
Dr. Steven Aquilino DDS MS
Eugenio Aquino
Dr. Roya Arbab DDS
Celin Arce DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Archacki DDS
Dr. Michael Arcuri DDS, MS
Sergio Arias DDS, MS
Dr. Debora Armellini DDS, MS
Dr. Damon Arne' DDS
Hal Arnold
Dr. Jeffrey Asao DMD
Dr. Carolyn Ash DDS, MS
Dr. Deborah Ashcraft-Olmscheid DMD
Hanaa Ashkar
Dr. Loye Ashton DDS MS
Linah Ashy BDS
Dr. Samuel Askinas DDS
Dr. Brenton Assing DDS
Dr. Philippe Athuil DDS
Dr. Ralph Attanasi II DDS, MS
Amy Au DDS
Dr. Paul Aubrey DDS
Dr. Jay Auerbach D M D
Dr. Vincent Auth DMD
Dr. Tim Avedovech DDS
Dr. Maria Avrampou
Dr. Abdallah Awada DDS MSD
Dr. Ana Ayala DMD
Dr. Elphida Ayvazian DMD
Dr. Parviz Azar-Mehr
Dr. Atousa Azarbal DMD, MDS
Mohsen Azarbal DMD, MSD
Nadim Baba DMD, MSD
Thomas Backenstose JR. DMD
Dr. Adriana Backer DDS, MSD
Dr. Victoria Baeger DMD
Dr. Marvin Baer DDS
Mariane Bafile DMD
Dr. Dwight Bagley DDS
Arezoo Bahar DDS
Dr. Daniel Bailey DDS
Latifa Bairam BDS, MSC
Dr. Bryan Baker DDS
Dr. Philip Baker DDS
Dr. Daniel Bakko DDS
Dr. Hassan Bakri DMD, MDS
Dr. Monjir Bakshi DMD
Dr. Joshua Balch DDS, MDS
Dr. George Baldree DDS
Dr. Mark Balenseifen DDS
Dr. John Ball DDS
Dr. Thomas Balshi DDS
Dr. Cyrus Bandary DMD
Dr. Ozair Banday DMD, MSD
Dr. Bill Banks DDS MS
Dr. Bruce Barbash DDS
Concepcion Barboza Arguello DDS
Dr. Michael Barczak DMD
Dr. Reva Barewal DDS,MS
Dr. David Barget DMD, MS
Thaisa Barizan Bordin
Dr. Wayne Barker DDS, FACP
Dr. Marjorie Barndt DMD, MDSC
Dr. Peter Barndt DDS
Dr. Dennis Barnes DMD
Dr. Baron Barnett DDS, PC
Dr. Bruce Barnhard DDS, FACP
Donna Barpal DDS
Gerald Barrack DDS
Kenneth Barrack DDS
Carlos Barrero
Jorge Barrios DDS
Dr. Dara Barron DMD
Dr. Todd Barsky DDS
Dr. Caroline Barsoum DMD
Dr. Timothy Bartlett DDS
Mr. David Bartolovic DDS
Dr. Anna Bartul DDS
Dr. Saeda Basta DDS, MS
Joe Bastadjian DDS
Dr. Ghadeer Basunbul BDS
Dr. Daniel Bates DDS
Dr. Richard Batzer JR. DDS
Dr. Peter Baum DDS
Dr. Todd Baumann DDS, MS
Dr. Harold Baumgarten DMD
Dr. Rex Baumgartner DDS
Dr. Trevor Bavar DDS
Dr. Edward Baxley JR. DDS
Dr. Joann Baxter DMD
Dr. Hanife Bayraktaroglu DDS
Dr. Leonard Beare DDS
Dr. Sterling Beasley DMD
Dr. Dean Beatty DDS
Jeffrey Becherer DDS
Dr. Kelly Beck DDS, MS
Dr. Curtis Becker DDS, MSD
Dr. Lukman Beckles DDS,MS
Mr. Abhayjit Bedi DR
Dr. Rodney Beetar DDS
Dr. Lester Bell DDS
Dr. Ryle Bell DDS, MS, FACD
Richard Bellagamba DDS
Dr. Donald Belles DDS, MS
Mark Bello DDS
Dr. Louis Bellotti DMD
Dr. Bruce Belsky DMD
Dr. Nissim Benbassat DDS
Dr. Sompop Bencharit DDS
Dr. Alexander Bendayan PROSTHODONTIST
Dr. Marc Benhuri DMD
Aurthur Benjamin DDS
Dr. Howard Benson DDS
Douglas Benting
Robert Bentz DMD, FACP
Jerome Benz DMD
Dr. Elaina Berd-Vergier DDS
Dr. Robert Berg DMD
Dr. Stephen Bergen DDS
Dr. Julie Berger DDS, MS
Dr. Lior Berger DMD
Dr. Louisa Berman DMD
Dr. Elenir Bernardes DDS
Mr. Warren Berne DMD
Brendan Bernhart DDS
Dr. Steven Bernier DDS, MS
Dr. Eric Bernstein DMD
Dr. Henry Bernstein DMD
Dr. Joaquin Berron DDS
Dino Bertini DMD
Dr. Richard Berube DMD
Dr. Ashraf Bessada DMD,MDS
Dr. Barry Bessler DMD
Dr. Edward Best DMD
Paul Best DDS
Dr. Janine Bethea DDS
Dr. Mark Bettes DDS
Dr. Ioana Bettios DDS
Dr. William Betzhold DDS
Dr. John Beumer III DDS,MS
Dr. Donald Bezdek DDS
Dr. Rohini Bhatia DMD
Dr. Glenn Bickert DMD
Dr. Avinash Bidra BDS, MS, FACP
Dr. Holly Bidwell DDS
Dr. Barbara Bilder DMD
Dr. Thomas Binkley DMD
Dr. Paul Binon DDS, MSD
Dr. Nathan Birnbaum DDS CAGS
Dr. George Biron DMD
Ioannis Bitsis DDS
Dr. Nurit Bittner DDS MS
Dr. Bruce Bitzer DMD
Dr. Damian Black DMD
Dr. Jay Black DMD
Dr. Benjamin Blackburn II DDS
Dr. Benjamin Blackburn III DDS
Dr. Roy Blake III DDS MSD
Luis Blanco DMD, MS
Dr. Arturo Blanco-Plard DMD, MSD
Dr. Bruce Blandy DDS
Dr. Michael Bleeker DMD
Keith Blessitt DMD
Dr. Ryan Blissett DMD
Dr. Robert Blitzer DDS
Dr. Thomas Bloem DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Bloom DMD
Dr. Richard Blustein DDS
Dr. Rebecca Boardman DDS
Dr. Jay Boatwright III DMD
Dr. Andrew Bock DDS
Joy Bockstein Abt DMD
Dr. Keith Boenning DDS, LLC
Dr. Gary Bogachus DDS
Dr. Marc Bogart DDS
Dr. George Bohle III DDS
Dr. David Bohnenkamp DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Boldt DDS
Dr. Ali Bolouri DDS
Dr. Scott Bomberg DDS
Despoina Bompolaki DDS, MS
Charles Bona DDS
Dr. Clive Boner DDS
Dr. Hugo Bonilla DDS, MS
Louis Bonvissuto DDS
Dr. Piriya Boonsiriphant DDS
Dr. David Borba DDS
Dr. Sanders Borisoff DDS
Dr. Brian Borodaty DMD
Milos Boskovic DDS
Dr. Louis Philippe Bosse DMD
Dr. Robert Bosworth DDS
Dr. Lars Bouma DDS, MS
Dr. Aline Bowers DDS
Dr. James Bowers DDS
Dr. John Bowley DDS
Dr. Michael Bowman DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Bowne DMD
Dr. Norman Boyd JR. DDS
Dr. Norman Boyd III DDS
Dr. John Boyle JR. DMD, MS
Luis Boza DDS
Dr. Susan Brackett DDS
Dr. Brian Brada DDS
Dr. Marilyn Braddock DDS, MS, MHA
Dr. Brant Bradford DDS
Dr. Timothy Brady DDS
Dr. Mary Brafford DMD, MS
Dr. Andrew Brafman DMD
Dr. Frank Brajevic DDS
Dr. Steven Branberg DDS
Gijsbertus Brandse DMD
Mr. Manuel Bratos DDS MSD CDT
Dr. Ervin Braun DMD
Dr. Gary Braun DMD
Dr. James Braun DDS, MS
Dr. Brian Bray DMD
Dr. Lawrence Brecht DDS
Harvey Breckner DMD, MS
Dr. Glenn Bredfeldt DDS
Dr. Larry Breeding DMD
Dr. Joseph Breitman DMD
Dr. Mark Brennan DDS
Dr. Myra Brennan DMD
Dr. Michael Brenyo DMD
Dr. Jane Brewer DDS
Dr. Rene Brignoni DMD
Marco Brindis DDS
Dr. David Brisman DMD
Dr. Steven Brisman DMD
David Brock DMD MS
Dr. Alan Brodine DMD
Dr. Alan Broner DDS
Dr. Michael Brooks DMD, MS
Dr. Lyle Brooksby DDS
Dr. Frieda Brookshire DDS, MS
Dr. John Brousseau DDS
Dr. David Brown DDS
Gregory Brown
Dr. Jerry Brown DDS
Dr. Louis Brown DMD
Dr. Lyndon Brown DDS
Dr. Marion Brown DMD
Dr. Carl Brownd DDS MS
Allison Broyles DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Bruno DMD
Dr. Arthur Bryant DMD
Dr. Ronald Bryant DDS,MSD
Dr. Matthew Bryington DMD, MS
Dr. Mark Bucci DMD
Dr. Daniel Budasoff DDS
Dr. Renan Buitrago DDS
Dr. Laderrick Bullock DMD
Dr. Thomas Bunin DDS
Dr. Trudy Burke DDS
Dr. Brenda Burkett DDS
Dr. Lisa Burkett DDS MS
Dr. Duane Burks DDS
Dr. James Burnett SR. DDS
Dr. Christopher Burns DDS
Dr. David Burns DMD
Dr. John Burns DDS MSD
Jennifer Burrell DDS
Dr. David Burton DMD
Dr. John Burton DDS
Dr. Rowan Buskin BDS, MSC
Dr. Michael Butcher DDS
Dr. Steven Butensky DDS
Dr. Michael Butera DMD
Dr. Brian Butler DDS
Gerald Butler DDS
Dr. William Butler DDS,MS,FACP
Dr. Timothy Butson DMD, MSD, PLLC
Dr. Kainaz Byramjee DDS, MO
Mr. Gerard Byrne DDS MSD
Dr. Sangho Byun DDS
Dr. Juan Cabanillas DDS
Dr. Luis Cabrera DDS
Dr. Robert Cacho
Dr. Michael Cafarella DMD
Dr. David Cagna DMD, MS
Dr. Joseph Cain DDS,MS
Dr. William Caldwell JR. DDS
Julie Callum DMD,PC
Dr. Mickey Calverley DDS
Dr. Carolina Camacho DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Cammarata DMD
Wayne Campagni DMD
Dr. Timothy Campbell DMD
Dr. Patrick Canaday DDS PC
Jessica Canallatos DDS
Richard Canizares DMD
Michelle Cantwell DMD
Dr. Medick Capirano DMD
Dr. Charles Caponigro DDS
Dr. Georgina Carabarin DDS
Juan Cardenas DDS
Dr. Louise Carlson DMD
Dr. Sandra Carmeci DDS
Dr. Ernesto Carmona JR. DDS
Dr. Lewis Carpenter DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Carpenter DDS
Dr. Raymond Carpenter DDS
Dr. Joseph Carpentieri DDS
Dr. Alvaro Carpio DDS
Dr. George Carr DMD
Dr. David Carrier DDS
Dr. David Carroll DMD
Dr. Brian Carter DDS
Dr. Sandra Carvalho DDS
Dr. David Casagrande DDS, MS
David Casey DDS
Dr. Paul Cashman
John Cassis
Dr. Oscar Castaneda DDS
Dr. Rebecca Castaneda DDS
Dr. Paulino Castellon DDS
Dr. Rafael Castellon DDS, MS
Federico Castellucci DMD
Gilberto Castillo DDS
Dr. Jaime Castro DMD
Carlos Castro-Perdomo DDS
Dr. John Cavallaro JR. DDS
Dr. Richard Cavanaugh DDS
Dr. Orlando Cayetano DDS
Dr. Monica Cayouette DMD, MS
Dr. Kevin Cebrynski DDS
Dr. Vincent Celenza DMD
Stuart Cerato DDS
Dr. Carolina Cespedes
Jin Cha DDS
Dr. Young Cha DMD
Dr. Nancy Chaffee DDS, MS
Nopsaran Chaimattayompol DMD
Dr. John Chamberlain III DMD
Tony Chammas DMD
Eugenia Chan DDS
Dr. Quinn Chan DMD
Dr. James Chandler DMD MSD
Dr. John Chaney DDS
Dr. Andy Chang DDS
Dr. Ching-Ju Chang DMD
Dr. Li Chang DDS
Dr. Sandy Chang DMD
Dr. Seung Chang
Dr. Ting-Ling Chang DDS
Dr. Maggie Chao DMD
Robert Chapman DMD
Andrew Chapokas DMD
Antonio Charneco JR. DMD
Dr. Maria Chartzoulakis DMD
Dr. Pintip Charunmethee DDS,MS
Dr. Ginger Chasolen DDS
Dr. Howard Chasolen DMD
Ramakiran Chavali BDS
Dr. Marisol Chaves DDS
Dr. Matthew Checketts DDS
Dr. Winston Chee DDS
Dr. Chien-Ho Chen DDS
Clark Chen DMD
Dr. Emily Chen DDS
Dr. James Chen DDS, MMSC
Dr. Jenny Chen
Dr. John Chen DDS
Dr. Joseph Chen DDS
Linda Chen DDS
Dr. Yen-Wei Chen
Yu-Jung Chen DDS
Dr. Chan Cheong DMD
Dr. Shawna Chesser DDS
Dr. Georgina Chew DMD
Dr. Maryam Chiani DMD
Melissa Chiappe
Dr. Gerard Chiche DDS
Chun-Yeh Chien DDS, MSD
Dr. Antoine Chiha DDS
Dr. Hassan Chihab DDS, MS
Dr. Igor Chikunov DDS
Dr. Paul Child JR. DMD, CDT
Dr. John Chiou DMD, MMSC
Dr. William Chmar DDS
Dr. George Cho DDS
Dr. David Choi DDS
Dr. Mijin Choi DDS,MS,FACP
Dr. Mike Choi DDS
Dr. Daniel Chong DDS
Dr. Jason Chong DDS
Dr. Kok-Heng Chong DDS
Dr. Manish Chopra BDS, DMD, FADI
Pavinee Chotiwannaporn
Dr. Eugene Choy DDS MSD
Dr. Fotini Chrisopoulos DDS, MS
Dr. Gordon Christensen DDS
Dr. Loren Christensen DDS
Dr. Ngoc Chu
Dr. Raymond Chu DMD
Dr. Stephen Chu DMD
Dr. Bo Chun DDS
Alexander Chung DDS
Dr. Eunku Chung DDS, MSD
Dr. Joo Sung Chung
Dr. Kwok-Hung (Albert) Chung DDS
Dr. Min Chung DDS
Susie Chung DDS
Dr. Richard Chupkowski DDS
Dr. Roman Cibirka DDS
Dr. Dale Cipra DDS
Adam Clark DMD
Dr. Jefferson Clark DDS
Dr. Martin Clark DDS
Dr. David Clary DDS, MS, FACP
Jacqueline Clary DMD, MSD
Anthony Classi DMD
Dr. David Clay DDS MS
Dr. George Clayton DDS, FACP
Dr. Keith Clear DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Cleary DDS
Dr. Nancy Clelland DMD
Dr. Karen Clemente DDS, MS
Dr. Kirby Clements SR. DDS MSCD
Dr. George Cobb JR. DDS
Dr. Suzanne Coco DDS, MDS
Dr. Gary Coelho DDS
Dr. Elliot Cohen DMD
Dr. Gary Cohen DDS
Dr. Marc Cohen DDS
Dr. Neil Cohen DMD
Dr. Philip Cohen DMD
Dr. Stephen Cohen DDS
Debra Cohn DDS
Elizabeta Cokovska DMD; PROSTHODONTIST
Dr. Kellene Cole DDS
Dr. Amanda Colebeck DDS
Dr. Allyn Coleman DMD, MS
Dr. James Coleman DDS
Rodney Coleman DMD
Dr. Priya Colluru
Antolino Colon DMD
Dr. S. George Colt DMD
Dr. Martin Comella DMD
Dr. James Commette DMD
Dr. Alper Comut DMD, DMSC
Dr. Paul Connolly DMD
Heather Conrad DDS
Dr. Craig Conrow DSS,MS,FACP
Dr. Nicholas Conte JR. DMD
Dr. Gary Cook DDS, MS
Dr. Phillip Cook DDS
Robert Cook DMD
Dr. David Cooley DDS
Dr. Keith Cooper DDS
Dr. Lyndon Cooper DDS, MS, PHD
Valerie Cooper DDS
Dr. Daniel Copps DDS
Mrs. Adriana Cordero DDS
Dr. Julio Correa DMD
Dr. Gregg Corsello DMD
Dr. Jose Cortes DDS
Dr. Michael Cosgrove DDS, PC
Dr. Andrew Coste DMD
Dr. Patrick Costello DDS
Dr. Mary Costigan DMD
Taidy Costoya DMD
Dr. James Courey DDS
Richard Courson DDS
Dr. Michael Covaney DDS
Dr. Robert Coye DDS
Dr. Erik Cragg DDS
Dr. Taylor Crawford II DMD
Dr. Bruce Crispin DDS
Dr. Burney Croll DDS
Dr. Robert Cronin JR. DDS MS
Dr. John Cross DMD
Dean Crow DDS
Duane Crowther
Dr. David Crozier DDS
Dr. John Crumpton SR. DMD
Dr. Omar Cruz DMD
Dr. Pablo Cuevas DDS
Dr. Bruce Cummings DDS
Dr. Geoffrey Cunningham DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Cunningham DDS
Dr. Regina Cunningham DMD
Dr. Richard Cunningham DDS
Dr. William Cunningham III DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Curran DDS
Donald Curtis DMD
Dr. Steven Curtis DDS
Dr. David Cusanello DMD
Dr. Joseph Cydylo JR. DMD
Dr. Benjamin Czerniawski DDS MS
Dr. John Da Silva DMD
Dr. Ernest Dabreo DDS, MSD
Dr. Nisa Dadjoo DDS, MSD
Dr. Fereidoun Daftary DDS
Dr. Tony Daher DDS
Ankur Dahiya BDS MDS MSD
Dr. Eugene Dahl DDS
Mr. Phillip Dahl LD
Dr. Sunderpal Dail DDS
Dr. Stuart Daitch DMD
Dr. Hattan Damanhouri
Eswar Keran Damodara BDS,MS
Dr. William Dando DMD
Dr. K Danoff
Dr. Lawrence Dario DMD
Dr. Parviz Darviche DMD
Mohammad Dashti DMD
Dr. Chetan Daulat DDS
Dr. Paul David DDS
Dr. Reuben David DDS
Stanley Davidoff DMD
Wanda Davidson DDS
Dr. Jose Davila DMD
Dr. Byron Davis DDS, MS
Dr. James Davis JR. DMD
Dr. Keenan Davis DDS
Dr. Robert Davis DDS
Dr. Robert Davis JR. DDS
Dr. William Davis JR. DDS MS
Dr. John Davliakos DMD
Dr. Aria Davodi DDS
Dr. Kimberley Daxon DDS
Dr. Geoffry De Gennaro DDS
Dr. Ingeborg De Kok DDS, MS
Louis De Santis DDS
Dr. Rustam De Vitre DMD
Nicole Deakins DMD
Dr. James Deboer DDS
Dr. Konstantina Dedi DDS, MS
Dr. Effie Deegan DMD
Dr. Charles Defreest DDS, FACP
Dr. Jack Degrado DDS
Dr. Noah Dehlinger DDS
Dr. Walid Dehni DMD
Dr. Donna Deines DDS
Dr. Luis Del Castillo DMD
Dr. Norberto Delgado DDS
Dr. Rafael Delgado-Ruiz DDS
Dr. Anthony Deliberato DDS
Dr. Luis Delima JR. DDS, FACP
Dr. Ernest Dellheim DMD
Dr. Mark Dellinges DDS
Dr. Paul Dengelegi DMD
Dr. Robert Dent DDS
Dr. Louis Depaola DDS MS
Dr. John Depner DDS
Dr. Krikor Derbabian DDS
Genoveba Derboghosian Smirlian DDS
Dr. Sctrag Dermendjian DDS
Dr. William Dern DDS
Dr. Graham Dersley DDS, MS
Donald Dertien DDS DENTIST
Sandip Desai DDS, MS
Dr. Cosmo Desteno DMD
Dr. Howard Deutsch DDS
Dr. Jugnu Dhamija DMD
Dr. Kaushal Dhawan DDS
Ajay Dhingra
Dr. Giuliana Diaz Jones DDS
Dr. Elba Diaz Toro DMD
Dr. Ana Diaz-Arnold DDS
Dr. James Dickinson DDS
Dr. Randy Diener DDS
Dr. Andrew Dietz DDS
Dr. Joseph Difazio DMD
Dr. Michael Dilonardo DDS
Dr. Christopher Dindal DMD
Dr. Thomas Ding DDS, MS
Dr. William Dinse DMD, MS
Dr. Louis Dipede DMD
Dr. Phuong Doan DDS
Dr. Neil Dobro DMD
Dr. William Dodson DDS
Dr. Stephen Doezema DDS MS
Dr. Sitki Dogus DDS
Dr. Daniel Domagala DDS, MS
David Dominguez DDS
Dr. Wilburn Dominy JR. DMD
Dr. Kyle Donahue DDS
Dr. Paola Donaire DDS
Dr. David Donatelli DDS
Dr. Terence Donovan DDS
Dr. Paul Doran DMD
Dr. Grace Dorangricchia DDS
Charles Dorman JR. DDS MS
Dr. Bryce Dorrough DDS, MS
Dr. James Doundoulakis DMD,MS
Dr. Kiki Dounis DDS
Dr. Timothy Dowd DDS
Carl Drago DDS
Dr. Scott Draper DDS, MS
Dr. Carl Driscoll DMD
Dr. Michael Drone DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Druckman DDS
Dr. Forrest Duan DMD
Dr. Robert Dubois DDS
Dr. James Duckworth DDS
Dr. Robert Duell DDS
Dr. Christopher Duffy DDS
Dr. Charles Dufort DMD
Alba Dugarte DDS,MS
Stephen Dulong DMD
Dr. Jacqueline Duncan DMD
Dr. Larry Dunford DDS
Dr. Daniel Dunham DDS
Dr. Patrick Dunigan DDS
Dr. James Dunne JR. DMD, MS
Dr. Ibrahim Duqum BDS, MS
Dr. Mark Durham DMD
Dr. Thomas Dwork DMD
Dr. Herlin Dyal DDS
Bryan Dye DDS
Dr. Scott Dyer DMD,MS
Dr. Robert Dziejma DMD
Dr. Howard Eagle DDS
Ms. Luisana Echandi DDS
Dr. Luisa Echeto
Dr. Marion Edge DMD
Dr. Mira Edgerton DDS
Charles Edwards DDS
Dr. Nicholas Egbert DDS
David Eggleston DDS
Dr. Terry Eggleston DDS
Dr. Masoud Eghtedari DDS
Dr. Ilze Eglitis DDS MS
Dr. David Ehrenberg DDS, MS
Dr. Marc Ehrlich DMD
Dr. Debra Ehudin DDS
Dr. George Eifler DDS, MS
Dr. Paul Eisen DMD
Dr. Alexander Eitches DDS
Dr. Emad El Haje BDS, DDS, MS
Khaled El Rafie DMD
Beshir El-Dahdah
Dr. Sameh El-Ebrashi BDS MS PC
Dr. Tamer El-Gendy DMD, BDS , MS
Dr. Moftah El-Ghadi DMD
Dr. Jaffar Elahi DDS MS
Dr. Hawazin Elani DDS
Heba Elkassaby BDS, MDSC
Dr. Dean Elledge DDS
Dr. Daniel Ellert DDS
Dr. Asmaa Elmaria DDS, MS
Dr. Phillip Elmo DDS, AAFP
Dr. Rebecca Elovic DMD
Dr. Julie Elpers DMD
Dr. Clarence Elrod DMD
Shokoufeh Emamian DMD
James Emerson DDS
Jinus Emrani DDS
Dr. Mehran Enayati DDS
Dr. Robert Engelmeier DMD,MS
Dr. Robert Engler DDS
Mr. Vasos Eracleous DDS
Dr. Robert Eramian DDS
Dr. Douglas Erickson DDS, MS
Dr. Raymond Erickson DDS
Roxanna Esguerra DDS, MS
Dr. Masoomeh Eskandari DDS
Dr. Caroline Eskow DDS, MS
Dr. Salvatore Esposito DMD, FICD
Dr. Emad Estafanous BDS
Dr. Alicia Estrella DMD
Dr. Jaime Estrella DDS
Dr. Bruce Etkin DDS, CAGS
Dr. Ronald Ettinger BDS MDS DDSC
Douglas Evans DDS
Dr. John Evans DDS
Dr. Mark Exler DDS
Gustavo Fadhel DMD
Mark Fagan DDS
Dr. Marshall Fagin DDS
Fred Fahimy DDS
Dr. Charles Fahncke DDS, MS
Dr. Anne Mary Fang DDS
Dr. Sally Farah DMD
Dr. Sherman Farahani DDS
Dr. Karen Faraone DDS
Dr. Ted Farkas DDS
Dr. Nathanial Farley DDS
John Farnie DDS
Dr. Mitchell Farr DMD
Dr. Ammar Farra DMD PC
Dr. Douglas Farrell D D S
Dr. Margaret Farrell DMD
Dr. Diana Fat DDS
Dr. Robert Faucher DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Faulkner DDS
Dr. George Favetta JR. DMD
Dr. Guadalupe Fay DMD
Peter Fay DMD
Dr. David Federick DMD
Dr. Daniel Feit DMD
Dr. Steven Feit DMD
Dr. Thomas Felcher DDS
Jerold Feldman DDS
Dr. Steven Feldman DDS
Sylvan Feldman DDS
Yelizaveta Feldman DMD
Wendell Feliciano DDS
Dr. Christopher Fellows DDS
Dr. David Felton DDS, MS
Dr. John Ference DMD
Dr. Jonathan Ferencz DDS
Gary Ferguson DMD, MS
Dr. Christine Fernandez DDS
Monica Fernandez MSD
Rosa Fernandez DMD
Dr. Fernando Ferrer DMD
Dr. Andrew Ferrier DDS
Dr. Keith Ferro DMD
Dr. Israel Finger DDS MS MED
Dr. Jon Finley DDS
Dr. Donna Finocchiaro DMD
Dr. Frederick Finzen DDS
Dr. William Fiore DMD
James Fischer DDS, MS
Bradley Fischman
Dr. Robert Fisher DDS
Dr. Ronald Fisher DMD, MSD
Madelyn Fletcher-Stark DDS
Dr. Robert Flinton AB, MS, DDS
Dr. Sergio Florencio JR. DDS
Samson Flores DMD,DDS
Sheila Foerth DDS
Dr. Michael Follmar DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Fondak DDS
Dan Fong DDS
Dr. Sir Foo DDS, MS
Dr. Douglas Ford DDS, MS, MS
Dr. Margaret Ford DMD
Dr. Michael Forde DDS, MS
Dr. Christine Fortmann DDS
Kambiz Fotoohi DMD
Mr. Billy Foxworth JR. DMD
Dr. Howard Fraiman DMD
Perry Fraiman DDS
Dr. Robert Frame DMD
Dr. Evan Francis
Carolina Frangie DDS, CAGS
Benjanin Frank DDS
Edward Frank DDS
Dr. John Frankis
Dr. Barry Franzen DDS
Dr. Martin Freilich DDS
Dr. Conrad Frey III DDS, MS
Dr. Vimal Frias DDS
Dr. Ivan Fried DDS
Alan Friedman DMD
Eli Friedman DDS
Jay Friedman DDS
Dr. Edward Fritch DDS, MSD
Dr. Kenneth Fritts DDS, MS
Dr. David Fritz DDS
Mr. Leonardo Frydman DMD
Dr. Duane Fujii DDS
John Fujikawa DDS
Dr. Richard Furuichi DDS
Dr. Karl Furukawa DDS
Dr. Tzur Gabi DMD
Robert Gabrielli DDS
Aurelija Galanis DDS, MSD
Dr. Dominic Galasso DDS
Dr. Roger Galburt DDS
Dr. Marie Gale DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Galindo DDS
Dr. Ricardo Galindo DDS
Dr. Paul Galitsis DMD
Louisa Gallegos DDS,MSD
Dr. Dawn Gallucci DMD
Dr. German Gallucci DMD, DR MED DENT
Dr. Ramon Galvan I DDS
Dr. Simon Gamer DDS
Dr. Cary Ganz DDS
Dr. Scott Ganz DMD
Alexandra Garcia DDS
Dr. Lily Garcia DDS MS
Dr. Manuel Garcia DMD
Dr. Modesto Garcia DMD
Dr. Leon Gardner DDS
Dr. Daniel Garey DDS
Dr. Davis Garlapo DDS
Dr. Judith Gartner DMD, MMSC
Dr. Charles Garzsik DMD
Dr. L. Gassiraro DMD
Dr. Gordon Gates DDS
William Gates III DMD
Dr. William Gates DDS, MS
Dr. Mario Gatti
Dr. Diane Gawronski DMD MSD
Dr. Adam Geach DMD
Mr. Brian Gear DMD
Dr. Herbert Gearhart DDS
Dr. Anthony Gegauff DMD
Dr. Joel Gelbman DDS
Dr. Benjamin Geller DDS, MSD
Dr. John Gelles DDS
Matthew Gemp DMD
Dr. Donna Gentile DDS
Dr. James Gentile DDS
Dr. Michael Gentile DDS, MS
Dr. Mark George DDS
Dr. John Gerstner DDS
Dr. Igor Gerzon DDS
Dr. Geoffrey Gessel DDS
Dr. Ezdehar Ghandourah PDS, MCS, FACP
Dr. Mouawia Ghiba DMD
Dr. Vartan Ghugasian DMD
Dr. Dima Ghunaim DDS , MS
Dr. Heather Giannotta DMD
Michael Gibbons DMD
Quincy Gibbs DDS
Dr. Sarah Gibbs DDS
Dr. William Gielincki JR. DDS
Dr. Graziano Giglio DDS
Dr. Andy Gilbert DDS
Dr. Jason Gillespie BS, DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Gioia JR. DMD
Dr. Michael Girskis DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Girvan DMD
Dr. Neal Gittleman DMD
Christina Gitto DDS
Dr. Thomas Giugliano DDS
Dr. Daniel Givan DMD, PHD
Dr. Edward Givens JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Glapa DDS
Dr. Tiffany Glasier DMD
Dr. Andrew Glassman DDS
Dr. Michael Gmitruk DDS
Dr. Antonio Godoy DDS, MS
Gerald Goebel DMD
Dr. Nicholas Goetz DMD
Douglas Goff DDS
Dr. Bijan Gohari DMD
Dr. David Gohari DDS
Dr. Gurkan Goktug DDS,CAGS
Dr. Michael Gold DDS
Eric Goldberg DDS
Dr. Joel Goldberg DMD
Dr. Perry Goldberg DDS, MSD
Dr. Jack Goldberg Shteremberg DDS, MS
Dr. William Golden DDS
Dr. Barry Goldenberg DMD, MS, PC
Dr. Edward Goldin DDS
Dr. Barry Goldman DDS MS
Dr. Don Goldsmith
Dr. Barry Goldstein DDS
Dr. Cary Goldstein DMD
Dr. Gary Goldstein DDS
Dr. Christine Golis DDS,
Dr. George Goll DDS, MSD
Dr. Irving Golombeck DDS
Dr. Juan Gomes DDS
Dr. Becky Gong DDS
Dr. Luiz Gonzaga DDS, MS
Dr. Julio Gonzales DDS
Dr. George Gonzalez DMD
Jorge Gonzalez DDS
Dr. Maria Gonzalez DDS, MS
Dr. Raymond Gonzalez DDS
Dr. Charles Goodacre DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Goodman DMD
Dr. John Goodman DDS
Wayne Gordner DMD MS
Dr. Alan Gordon DDS
Dr. Eric Gordon DMD
Dr. Jacob Gordon DDS
Dr. Stuart Gordon DDS
Kent Gore
Dr. Darren Goring DDS
Dr. Yoshihiro Goto DDS, MSD
Dr. Elliott Goytia DMD,MS
Dr. Jose Gozalo DDS,MS
Mr. Alvaro Gracia DMD
Dr. Robert Grady DDS
Dr. Anthony Gragg DMD, MS
Charles Grannum MD
Dr. Gerald Grant DMD
Dr. Gerald Graser DDS
David Gratton DDS
Dr. Jay Graver DMD
Dr. Angela Graves DDS
Dr. Jordan Gray
Dr. Lou Gray DDS
Mr. Steven Greco MS, DMD
Gail Green JR. DMD
Dr. Joseph Greenberg DMD
Dr. Mark Greenberg DDS
Dr. Edwin Greenstone DDS
Wendy Gregorius DDS
Dr. Frank Greider MS, DDS
Dr. Miguel Grillo MD
Dr. Donn Grimes DDS
Dr. John Gruendel JR. DMD
Dr. Joseph Guarino DMD
Clement Guarlotti DMD, PC
Dr. Albert Guckes DDS, MSD
Dr. Oscar Guerra DDS
Dr. Peter Guevara DMD
David Guichet DDS
Gregory Guichet DDS
Niles Guichet DDS
Dr. Didier Guillaume DMD
Dr. Guillermo Guillen DDS
Dr. Guillermo Guillen DDS
Dr. Villa Guillory DDS, MS
Dr. John Guinn III DDS
Dr. Harold Gulbransen DDS
Talar Guldalian
Dr. Michael Gulizio DMD, MSCIDENT, MSED
Dr. Juanli Guo DMD, MS, PHD, FACP
Dr. Michael Gurklis DMD
Dr. Michael Gurney DDS, MS
Dr. Jose Gutierrez III DDS
Dr. Seonho Ha DDS
Dr. Daewon Haam DDS
Dr. Cody Haas DDS
Dr. Ronald Haas DDS
Dr. Steven Haas DMD
Barry Habib DMD
Dr. George Hadeed DMD
Clarence Haeberle DMD
Mr. Jeff Hagan DDS
Dr. Tam Hager DMD
Dr. David Hahn DDS
Dr. Eun Hahn DMD, MMSC
Dr. Joseph Hahn DDS
Sara Hahn DMD
Dr. Steve Hahn DMD
Dr. Eyad Haidar DMD
Dr. Farhad Hakimi DMD
Dr. Paula Haley-Richardson DMD
Andrea Hall DDS
Dr. George Hall DMD
Dr. David Halmos DMD
Dr. Michael Hamada DDS
Techkouhie Hamalian DDS
Dr. Alan Hamamura DDS
Dr. Adam Hamilton BDSC, DCD
Norman Hammer MS, DDS
Dr. Larry Hampsten DDS
Rita Han DDS
Joseph Hancock DDS
Dr. Raymond Hancock DDS
Dr. Paul Hansen DDS
Carolyn Harakal
Mrs. Maribel Harb DDS
Dr. Larry Harman DDS
Dr. Matthew Harper DDS
Dr. Roger Harper DDS MSD
Robert Harradine DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Harrison DMD
Dr. John Harrison DMD
Dr. Kenneth Harrison DDS
Dr. William Harrison DDS
Dr. Deborah Hart DMD
Dr. Franklin Hart DDS
Dr. Timothy Hart DDS
Yvonne Hart DDS, MS
Dr. Garrett Hartman DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Harvey DDS
Dr. Debra Haselton DDS
Dr. Andre Hashem DMD CADS
Dr. Zahra Hashemi DDS, MS
Dr. Natalie Hastings DMD
Dr. Steven Haug DDS, MSD
Dr. Jonathan Haun DMD
Joel Hauptman DDS
Robert Earl Hawley DDS
Peter Hazim DDS
Dr. David Hazzouri SR. DMD
Belinda Head DDS, MS
Dr. Kent Healey DDS
Dr. Lauren Hebel DMD
Dr. Cindy Hebert DDS
Dr. Donna Hecker DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Hedgepath DMD
Dr. William Heggerick DDS FACP
Dr. Geoffrey Heinrich DDS
Dr. Eliot Heisler DDS, PC
Dr. Thomas Helbert DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Heller DDS
Dr. Christopher Helley DMD, MSD
Dr. Kenneth Helm DDS
Dr. Sophana Hem DMD
Dr. Andrea Henderson DDS, FACP
Dr. Douglas Henke DDS, MS
Dr. Andre Henriques DDS
Dr. Paul Henry DDS
Gerald Herman DMD
Dr. Christine Hermanson DDS
Dr. Alfio Hernandez DDS, CAGS
Dr. Alfredo Hernandez DDS, MS
Flor Hernandez DDS, MSD
Dr. Graciela Hernandez DDS, MSD
Dr. Jorge Hernandez DMD
Dr. Manuel Hernandez Duprey DMD
Ivelis Hernandez-Ramirez
Dr. Ronald Hersh JR. DMD
Dr. David Herskowich DMD
Dr. Jorge Hervas DDS, MS
Dr. Amanda Heusinger DMD
Dr. Edmond Hewlett DDS
Dr. Jamie Heying DDS
Dr. Alan Hickey DMD
Dr. Sloan Hildebrand DDS
Dr. Terence Hilger DDS
Dr. Benjamin Hill DDS,MSD
Dr. David Hill DDS
Dr. Edward Hill DDS
Dr. Kenneth Hilsen DDS
Joel Himelfarb DMD
Dr. Ramzi Hindieh DMD
Dr. Brock Hinton
Dr. Hiroshi Hirayama DMD,
Dr. Joel Hirsch DDS,PC
Dr. Martin Hirsch DMD
Dr. Richard Hlista DMD
Dr. Tien Ho DDS
Dr. E. Hoag DDS
Dr. Thuy Tran Hoang DDS
Dr. J Hochstedler DDS
Dr. Robert Hochstetter DDS
Dr. Barry Hoffman
Dr. Gary Hoffman DDS
Dr. Paul Hoffman DDS
Dr. Ralph Hoffmann DMD
Theresa Hofstede DDS
Dr. William Hogans III DDS
Dr. James Hoke DDS
Jason Holden DMD
Dr. Gene Holland DDS
Robert Holland JR. DMD
Dr. Julie Holloway DDS, MS
Dr. Walter Homayoon DDS
Negar Homayounfar
Dong-Soo Hong
Dr. Sung Hong DDS,MA
Dr. Matthew Hopfensperger DDS, MS
Dr. Joel Hord DDS, MS
Dr. Carol Horkowitz DMD
Dr. Nathan Hornsby DDS
Dr. Rene Horvilleur DDS
Brian Houston DDS
Dr. Suteera Hovijitra DDS
Dr. John Howell JR. DDS
Dr. Kent Howell DMD
Dr. Alex Hoyos DDS,MS
Dr. George Hribar DDS
Dr. Jenovie Hsia DMD, MSD
Dr. Jessica Hsieh DDS
Dr. Wayne Hsieh DDS
Chi-Chen Hsu
Dr. Kenneth Hsu DDS
Yung-Tsung Hsu DDS, MS
Michiko Huang
Dr. Peterson Huang DMD, MS
Yung-Shen Huang DDS MS
Dr. Michael Huband DDS
Dr. Heidi Huber DMD
Dr. Lawrence Huber DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Hudgins DDS
Dr. Stephen Hudis DDS
Ricardo Huerta-Andrade DDS
Dr. Thomas Huff DDS
Jay Huffaker DDS
Dr. Susan Hummel DDS
Dr. Thomas Hummert DDS, PHD
Dr. Robert Humphries DDS, MS
Dr. Chia-Lung Hung DDS
Yuen-Siang Hung DDS
Dr. Francis Hunte DDS
Benjamin Hunter II DDS
Dr. Gordon Huntress DDS
Dr. Phillip Hutcheson DDS
Dr. John Hutton DDS
Vu Huynh DMD
Dr. Jae-Woong Hwang DDS,MS,DMSC
Dr. Joseph Iannone DMD
Dr. Alejandro Ibarra DDS
John Iddings DDS0
Dr. Ayodeji Idowu DDS
Dr. Michelle Ikoma DDS
Mary Imdieke
Dr. Halim Ina JR. DDS
Dr. Paolo Incampo DMD
Dr. Gustavo Infante DMD CAGS
Luis Infante DDS
Dr. David Ingber DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Ingber DDS
Dr. Joel Ingber DDS
Dr. Joseph Innes DDS
Dr. Dina Iommazzo DDS
Dr. Victor Iradi DMD
Dr. Mohammad Iranmanesh DMD, MSD
Dr. Michelle Ireland DMD
David Irvin DDS, PC
Dr. Steven Isaacson DMD
Dr. Jose Iturregui DDS, MS
Ms. Celia Iwama DDS
Shankar Iyer DDS MDS
Dr. Carlos Izcoa DMD
Eva Izu DMD
Andrea Jackson DDS, MS
Dr. John Jackson DMD
Rhonda Jacob DDS
Dr. David Jacobowitz DMD
Dr. Bryan Jacobs DMD, MS
Dr. Michael Jacobs
Dr. Theodore Jacobson DDS
Dr. Zhimon Jacobson DMD
Dr. Cristian Jager DDS
Dr. Leila Jahangiri DMD, MMSC
Vinay Jain DDS, MDS
Dr. Brandon James DDS
Dr. Kendall James DMD
Dr. Lisa James DDS
Simuel Jamison DMD
Dr. Sylvia Jammal DDS
Dr. Steven Janczak DDS
Dr. Rami Jandali DMD, MS
Dr. Sungkoo Jang DDS
Dr. Joseph Janosek DDS
Curtis Jansen DDS
Dr. Joseph Jarman DMD MS
Dr. Behrooz Javid DDS
Damon Jenkins DMD
Dr. Theodore Jenkins DDS
Dennis Jennings DDS
Dr. Douglas Jensen
Deepali Jere BDS, MPH, MS
Dr. Wenyi Jia DDS MS
Dr. David Jimenez DDS
Dr. Emilio Jimenez Colon DMD
Sajid Jivraj DDS
Dr. Michael Joe DDS
Dr. Andrew Johann DDS, MS
Dr. Roger Johansen DMD
Dr. Gary Johnson DDS
Dr. Jolly Johnson DDS
Dr. Michael Johnson DDS
Peter Johnson DMD
Dr. Russell Johnson DDS
Dr. Ryne Johnson DMD
Dr. Sarah Johnson DMD,,CDT
William Johnson DDS
Dr. Adam Jones DMD MS
Dr. Charles Jones DMD
Dr. Christopher Jones DMD
Dr. John Jones DDS
Dr. Kenneth Jones III DDS
Dr. Richard Jones DDS, MSD
Dr. Rose Marie Jones DDS MSD
Dr. Paul Jones Jr DDS, MS
Dr. Andrea Jordan DDS
Dr. Emily Jordan DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Jorgenson DDS,MS,MBA
John Jou DMD
Dr. Babak Jouhari DMD
Dr. Ace Jovanovski DMD
John Jow DDS
Dr. Tom Jow DDS
Dr. Adel Jragh DDS
Dr. Thomas Junge DDS,MSD
Barbara Jurim DDS
Dr. Arnold Jutkowitz DMD
Dr. Steven Jutkowitz DMD
Darian Kaar DDS, MSD
Dr. Kalamabyi Kabasela DDS
Dr. Brian Kabcenell DMD
Dr. David Kachelmeyer DDS
George Kafka DDS
Takumi Kagawa DDS
Dr. Matthew Kahn DDS
Dr. Julian Kahn Pasco DDS
Darnell Kaigler SR. DDS MS
Dr. David Kaiser DDS MSD
Dr. Zinaida Kaleinikova DDS, MS
Dr. August Kaleta DDS
Dr. Kirk Kallander DDS
Dr. Kumiko Kamachi DMD
Dr. Shiro Kamachi
Dr. Fred Kamansky DDS
Dr. Amit Kamat DMD, MS
Dr. Peter Kambhu DDS, MS
Mohamed Kamel DMD, MS, MSD
Joseph Kan DDS
Dr. Leslie Kaneko DDS
Dr. Tamara Kaner DDS
Dr. Alex Kang DDS, MSD
Dr. Karen Kang DDS
Dr. Ki Ho Kang DMD
Dr. Minku Kang
Dr. Pilgoo Kang DDS
Dr. Melani Kapetanakos DDS
Dr. Barry Kaplan DMD
Sarit Kaplan DMD MS
John Karabasz DMD
Dr. Gregory Karabin DMD
Dr. Edisa Karamitri DDS
Dr. Michael Karczewski DDSMS
Dr. Nikolaos Karellos DMD
Mehdi Karimipour-Saryazdi DMD
Dr. Keyvan Karimzadehnajjar DDS
Dr. Michael Kase DMD
Dr. Massoud Kashanchi DDS
Dr. Barry Kashfian DMD
Dr. Charles Kass DDS
Dr. Fred Kastenbaum
Anastasia Katsavochristou DDS
Dr. Mathew Kattadiyil BDS
Dr. Lauren Katz DDS
Dr. Paul Katz DDS
Dr. Sharon Katz DDS
Dr. Bert Kaufman DDS
Dr. Jerome Kaufman DDS
Dr. Zev Kaufman DDS
Dr. Steven Kauftheil DDS
Dr. Peter Kawamura DDS, MS
Dr. Randall Kawamura DDS
Ben Kawasaki DDS,MSD
Waleerat Kaweevisaltrakul
George Kay DMD,MMSC
Dr. Howard Kay DDS
Dr. William Kay DMD
Dr. William Kaylakie DMD, MS
Dr. Altug Kazanoglu DDS
Dr. Janice Keefe DMD
Dr. Stephen Keesee DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Keesler DDS, MS, MS
Dr. Scott Keith DDS, MS
Dr. James Kelly DDS, MS
Dr. Terry Kelly DMD
Joanna Kempler DDS
Dr. Dana Kennan DDS MS PA
Dr. Bruce Kennedy DDS
Dr. Kathleen Kenny DDS
Dr. Alaa Kensara
Dr. Kenneth Kent DMD
Dr. Bernard Keough DMD
Dr. Audrey Kern DMD
Dr. Lauren Kerpel DDS
Dr. Paul Kerr DMD
Dr. Robert Ketcham DDS, MSD
Mrs. Katalin Ketzan DMD
Dr. John Keyes DMD
Dr. Ryan Keyes BDENT
Dr. E. Keys DDS
Dr. Luis Keys DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Khalil DDS
Dr. Nitin Khankari BDS, MS
Dr. Yatin Khanna DDS
Dr. Amir Houman Khatami DDS
Dr. Asmahan Khater DDS
Dr. Samer Khayat DMD
Dr. Mohammad Kheiralla DDS
Seyedeh Parisa Kheirieh
Dr. Kwang Yong Kelvin Khng BDS
Dr. Tuo Sheng Joel Khoo BDS
Dr. Shirin Khoynezhad DDS
Dr. Artur Khurshudian DDS
Dr. Jason Kiangsoontra DDS
Dr. Lynn Kiangsoontra DDS1
Sudarat Kiat-Amnuay DDS
Junta Kido
Dr. Dennis Kiernan DMD
Dr. Berdj Kiladjian DMD
Dr. Evren Kilinc DDS, PHD
Dr. Andre Kim DMD
Aram Kim DMD
Bongok Kim
Caroline Kim DDS
Dr. Daesoon Kim DDS
Eugene Kim DDS
Dr. Eunghwan Kim DDS
Dr. Hyeongil Kim DDS
Jae Kim DDS
Dr. James Kim DDS
Dr. Jennifer Kim DMD
Dr. Jennifer Kim DDS
Dr. Jiyoung Kim DDS
Dr. Junhyck Kim DDS
Dr. Junsik Kim DMD
Meeyoung Kim DDS
Dr. Ranah Kim DMD
Se Jong Kim DMD, MS
Dr. Seyoung Kim
Dr. Soon No Kim DDS
Dr. Sung Kim DDS
Dr. Tae Kim DDS
Dr. Yongjeong Kim
Dr. Keith Kinderknecht DMD
Dr. Barbara King DDS
Dr. Gordon King DDS
Dr. Herbert King DDS
Marla King DDS
Dr. Peter King DDS
Dr. Samantha King DMD
Dr. Richard Kinsel
Greggory Kinzer DDS MSD
Dr. Mark Kizior DMD, MS
Dr. Leslie Klardie DMD
Joshua Kleederman DMD
Dr. Alan Klein DDS
Dr. Michael Klein DDS
Dr. Michael Klein DDS
Dr. Ursula Klostermyer DDS PHD
Dr. Michael Klotz DMD, MDENTSC
Dr. Edwin Kluth DDS MS
Dr. Gregory Klym DMD
Dr. Alexander Kmeta DDS
Dr. John Knapp DDS
Dr. Darrel Kneupper DDS
Dr. Lisa Knobloch DDS
Dr. Frederick Knoll DDS
Dr. Peter Kobes DDS
Dr. Leonard Kobren DDS
Dr. Raymond Koeppen DDS
Ahmed Koheil BDS, DDS, MS, FACP
Dr. Frederick Kohler DENTIST
Dr. Dean Kois DMD
Dr. John Kois DMD, MSD
Sreenivas Koka DDS
Dr. Harold Kolodney, Jr. D M D
Dr. Nicholas Kondon DMD
Dr. Kenneth Konopka DDS
Dr. Dimitrios Kontogiorgos DDS
Michael Kopecky DDS MS
Dr. Kevin Kopp DDS
Dr. Andrew Koran III DDS, MS
Ted Korin
Dr. Tom Korioth DDS, PHD
Dr. Roger Koslen DDS
Dr. Ronald Koslowski DDS
Aikaterini Kostagianni
Dr. David Koth
Jack Koumjian DDS
George Koutsoukos DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Kowalczyk DDS
Dr. Robert Krackow DDS
Dr. Ari Kramer DMD
Dr. Joseph Kravitz JR. DDS, MS
John Kreher DDS
Dr. Philip Krevitt DMD
Dr. Patricia Kribbs DDS MSD
Dr. Fred Kriegel DMD
Dr. Richard Krill DMD
Dr. Joshua Kristiansen
Bethany Kronberg DDS
Elliot Kronstein DDS
Dr. Gary Krueger DDS
Gerard Krueger DDS,MS,FACP
Dr. Gordon Krueger DDS, MS
Dr. Todd Krueger DDS
Dr. John Kruse DDS
Dr. Maribeth Krzesinski DDS
Halina Krzywonos DDS
Dr. Arlene Kubit DMD
Edward Kuch DDS
Dr. Paul Kudyba JR. DDS
Dr. William Kuhlmann DDS, MSD
Dr. Steve Kukunas DMD
Susana Kulangara DMD, MS
Dr. Dorota Kulicka-Sobocinski DDS
Aditi Kulkarni BDS, MS
Thomas Kunkel DMD
Dr. Richard Kuntz DDS
Dr. Jennifer Kuracina DDS
Madeline Kurrasch DDS
Dr. Kenneth Kurtz
Dr. David Kusovitsky DMD
Dr. Gregory Kuwabara DDS
Dr. Esther Kuyinu DDS
Dr. Hyejin Kwak DMD
Catharine Kwon DDS
Dr. Jane Kwon DDS
Dr. William Kwong DDS
Eugene Labarre
Dr. Leslie Laing Gibbard MSC, PHD, DDS, MSC
Dr. Kunal Lal DDS , MS
Dr. Frank Lamar DDS
Eldon Lamb DDS
Alberto Lamberti
Dr. Anthony Lambrakos DDS
Dr. Michele Landolt DMD
Dr. Lisa Lang DDS MS
Dr. Judd Langley DDS
Dr. Brett Langston DMD
Dr. Elaine Lara
Dr. Robert Larner DDS, DMD
Dr. Marion Larragoite DDS
Dr. Ronald Larsen DDS
Kim Larson DDS
Dr. Mark Larson DDS
Dr. Nelson Lasiter DMD
Michael Lassle DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Latimer DDS
Dr. Vaibhav Latthe BDS,MDS,CDT
Michael Lattner DDS MS
Dr. Tuk Lau DDS
Dr. Frank Lauciello DDS
Dr. Kim Laurell DDS MS
William Lavelle DDS
Rosita Law DDS
Dr. Rodger Lawton DMD
Dr. Robert Lazaroff DDS
Jenny Le
Dr. Marisa Leandro DDS, MS
Dr. Irving Lebovics DDS
Dr. Santos Lebron DMD
Walter Leckowiczjr DMD
Dr. Brian Lee DMD
Dr. Byung Joo Lee
Chia-Ming Lee BDS, MS
Craig Lee DDS
Dr. Ernesto Lee DMD
Dr. Eun Hye Lee DDS
Dr. Heeje Lee DDS
James Lee BDS HONS
Katherine Lee DMD,MS
Dr. Meng-Chieh Lee DDS
Dr. Phyllis Lee DMD, MDS
Dr. Raymond Lee DDS
Dr. Richard Lee DDS
Dr. Ruby Lee DDS, MSD
Dr. Sang Lee DMD
Seung Lee
Dr. Seungbum Lee DMD, MSD
Steven Lee DDS
Dr. Sung Lee DDS
Dr. Thomas Lee DDS
Tiffany Lee DDS
Dr. Weite Lee DDS, MSD
Dr. Roongkit Leehacharoenkul DDS
Dr. Carol Lefebvre DDS
Ronald Lehman DDS
Gregory Lehnes DMD
Dr. James Lemon DDS
Charles Lennon DMD
Dr. Lawrence Lenz DDS, MS
Dr. Joel Leon DDS
Dr. Austin Leong DDS
Dr. Denise Leong-Yokota DMD
Dr. Xavier Lepe DDS
Dr. Ron Lepianka DDS
Dr. Todd Lerner DDS, FACP
Dr. Richard Leupold DDS
Dr. Alan Levin BDS
Dr. Jonathan Levine DMD
Dr. Ronald Levine DMD
Dr. Stephen Levine DDS
Dr. John Levon DDS
Dr. Joseph Lewandowski DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Lewis DDS, MS, FACP
Dr. John Lewis III DDS
Dr. Robert Lewis DDS
Dr. Steven Lewis DMD
Feng-Chia Li DDS
Dr. Gregory Libby DDS
Dr. Maureen Libby DMD
Dr. Warren Libman DDS, MSD
Dr. Justin Liddle DMD, CDT
Dr. Jacob Lieberman DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Light DDS
Dr. Joseph Lim DMD
Dr. Kevin Lim DMD
Dr. Marie Valentine Lim
Dr. Sung-Eun Lim DMD
Dr. Penwadee Limkangwalmongkol DDS, MS, FACP
Dr. Bryan Limmer DMD, MS
Dr. Chun-Nan Lin DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Lin DDS
Dr. Terry Lin DDS, MS, FACP
Dr. Wei-Shao Lin DDS
Dr. Terry Lindquist DDS MS
Dr. Michael Linebaugh DDS
Dr. Allan Linehan DMD, MS, CDT
Dr. Craig Ling DDS
Dr. Elyce Link-Bindo DMD
Ms. Ann Liou DDS, MSD
Dr. David Lipani DMD
Dr. Jerome Lish DDS
Dr. Harold Litvak DMD
Dr. Perng-Ru Liu DMD
Dr. Roger Liu DDS
Dr. Ruohong Liu DDS
Dr. Gus Livaditis DDS
Dr. Howard Livers DDS
Dr. Mayra Llado Ortega DMD
Patrick Lloyd DDS
Christine Lo DMD
Dr. Roman Lobodiak DDS
Dr. Maria Lobodzinski DDS
Steven Locascio DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Lockwood DDS
Dr. Jerome Loewenstein DMD
Dr. Amalie Lomartire DDS
Dr. Jimmy Londono DDS
Dr. Nicholas Long DDS
Paul Longo DMD
Randall Lonsbrough DDS
Dr. Kevin Loo DMD
Dr. Sheldon Lorber DDS
Dr. John Lorenzo DDS
Dr. Marc Lorinsky DMD
Dr. Robert Loughlin DDS
Dr. Gregory Louie DDS
Dr. Christos Loukaitis DDS, MS
Dr. Ammar Louly DDS
Dr. Charles Love DDS
Dr. Kevin Lowden DDS MS PC
Dr. Nelson Lowe DDS
Juan Loza DDS
Dr. Maria Loza DMD , MS
Dr. Igor Lozada
Jaime Lozada DDS
Dr. Frank Lozano JR. DMD, MS
Dr. Marie Lua DMD MS
Dr. David Lubar DDS
Ronald Lubovich DDS, MSD
Dr. Michael Lucas DMD
Dr. Darya Luchinskaya DDS, MS
Dr. Brent Ludens DDS
Dr. Amy Ludwig DMD
Dr. Robert Luebke DDS, MS
Nicole Luedin
Dr. Joseph Luke DDS; MS
Dr. Michael Lum DDS
Dr. Mark Lund DDS, MSD
Dr. Peter Lund DDS
Todd Lund DDS, MS
Dr. Darrly Lung DMD
Dr. Bolivar Luperon
Dr. Christian Luzar DMD
Dr. Sanford Lyman DMD
William Lyzak JR. DMD
Shwey-Chun Ma DDS, DMD, MSD
Dr. Ahmadali Maalhagh-Fard DDS, MS
Dr. Manoel Macedo DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Camilo Machado DDS, MS
Dr. Shad Mackert DDS
Dr. Dina Macki
Dr. Pamela Macpherson DDS
Dr. Alen Madadi DMD
Dr. Michael Maginnis DDS, MS
Maria Magurno DDS
Dr. Jonathan Mahaffey DMD
Dr. Ramin Mahallati DDS
Brian Mahler DDS
Dr. Joseph Mahon BDENTSC, MS
Dr. Ahmed Mahrous BDS
Dr. Aziz Majid DMD;MSD
Dr. Kenneth Malament DDS,MSCD
Albina Malanchuk DDS
Dr. Olga Malkin DMD
Dr. Stephen Malley DDS
Charles Malloy DMD
Mauricio Malo DDS
Dr. David Manary
Dr. Sirisha Mandadi DDS
Celeste Maness
William Maness DDS
Dr. Mara Mangini DMD
Dr. Donald Mangual DMD,MSD
Dr. Agisilaos Manickas DMD
Dr. Krista Manickas DMD
Dr. Joseph Maniscalco DDS
Dr. Lauren Manning DDS, DMSC
Dr. Sadanand Manoli DDS
Dr. Steven Mansfield DMD
Dr. Michael Mansueto DDS MS
Dr. Steven Mantinaos DDS
Dr. Chhy Mao DMD
Andrea Marable
Dr. Pamela Maragliano DMD
Dr. Francesco Maratta DMD
Lynne March DDS
Christopher Marchack DDS
Dr. Eugene Margiotti DDS
Vincent Mariano JR. DMD
Dr. Aristotelis Marinis DDS, MS, FACP
Dr. Louis Marion DMD MS
Mr. Paul Marischen DDS
Beatrice Maritim DMD
Dr. John Marker DDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Markowitz DDS
Dr. Lawrence Marks DMD
Dr. Michael Marks DDS,MS
Dr. Jeffery Markt DDS
Dr. Gerald Marlin DMD MSED
James Maroney DDS
Dr. Georgios Maroulakos DDS, MS, FACP
Dr. Rosanna Marquez DDS
Dr. Joann Marruffo DDS, MS
Dr. Frederick Marsaw DDS
Dr. Martin Marshack DDS,MS
Dr. Julie Marshall DDS,MS
Dr. Raymond Marshall DDS
Dr. Thomas Marshall DDS, MS
Jack Martin DDS
Dr. Joel Martin BS, DDS, MS
Dr. William Martin DMD, MS
Edmundo Martinez DDS, MS
Dr. Luis Martinez DDS
Dr. Robert Martini DDS
Thomas Marxen DDS, MSD
Dr. George Maryniuk DDS
Dr. Dana Marzocco DMD
Dr. Faye Mascarenhas BDS, MS
Patrick Mascarenhas DDS
Dr. Daniel Mashoof DMD
Dr. Wayne Mason DDS
Dr. Mark Mathews DDS
Dr. Alex Matosian DDS
Dr. Thomas Matthes DDS
Dr. Julie Matthews DDS
Dr. Neil Matthews DDS,MS
Dr. Albert Mattia DDS
Dr. Patrick Mattie DDS, MS
Dr. Fredrick Matvias DMD,MS
Dr. Irena Mausner DDS
Dr. Ryan May DDS
Alvaro Maya DMD
Keith Mays DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Mohammad Mazaheri MDD, DDS, MSC
Dr. Karen Mcandrew DMD, MS
Dr. Douglas Mcarthur DDS,MS
Dr. Michael Mcbride DDS
Dr. Michael Mcbride DDS
Edward Mccarthy DMD
Michael Mccracken DDS
Dr. Marcus Mcdonald DMD
Dr. Thomas Mcelroy DDS
Dr. David Mcfadden DMD
Dr. Thomas Mcgarry VII DDS
Dr. Edwin Mcglumphy JR. DDS MS
Dr. Michael Mcgowan DDS
Dr. Richard Mcguckin DDS, MSC, MAGD, FACP
Kenneth Mchenry DDS
Dr. William Mcintire DMD,MS
Dr. Frederick Mcintyre DDS
Dr. Timothy Mckinney DDS
Dr. Barry Mcknight DMD
Dr. Robert Mclachlan JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Mclachlan DDS
Eric Mcleod DDS
Dr. Paul Mclornan DDS MS PLLC
Dr. Dane Mcmillan DDS
Dr. Kale Mcmillan DDS
Dr. Michael Mcmordie DDS
Dr. Richard Mcneel DDS
Dr. Duane Mcneil DDS
Dr. Mark Means DMD, MSD
Dr. Averil Mearnic DDS, MS
Dr. Juan Medina JR. DDS MS
Dr. Deepa Mehta DMD, CAGS
Arthur Melton DDS
Dr. John Melton DDS
Dr. Arturo Mendez DDS, MSC
Dr. Gustavo Mendonca DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Joseph Meng DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Meng JR. DDS
Dr. Harty Mercer DDS
Dr. Eduardo Merino DDS
Dr. Bentley Merrick DMD
James Mertz DDS MS
Vahik Meserkhani DDS
Dr. Martin Metzger DDS
Dr. Kurt Metzler DDS
Dr. Jack Meyer JR. DMD
Kenneth Meyer DDS
Dr. Paul Michaelson DDS
Mr. Mongi Mikhail DDS
Dr. Michael Mikitka DDS
Dr. Joseph Milavec DMD
Dr. Antonella Milio DMD
Dr. Glena Millan DMD
Dr. Arthur Miller DDS
Dr. Harold Miller DMD
Dr. Henry Miller DDS, MS
Dr. Hugh Miller DDS
Dr. Richard Miller DDS
Dr. Robert Miller JR. DDS
Dr. Timothy Miller DDS
Dr. Philip Millstein DMD
Dr. Christopher Minke BS, DMD, MS
Glenn Minsley DMD
Dr. Stanislava Misci DMD
Dr. Ranu Mishra MS
Dr. Donald Missirlian
Dr. Lillian Mitchell DDS
Dr. Richard Miyamoto DDS
Maryam Mobarhan DDS, MS
Dr. Anthony Mobasser DMD
Laurie Moeller DDS
Dr. James Moergeli DDS
Dr. Daniel Moezinia DDS
Dr. Michael Moffitt DDS
Dr. Bijan Moghadam DMD
Dr. Marjan Moghadam DDS
Dr. Carlos Moglianesi DMD
Dr. Abdelnaser Mohamed BDS DDS
Dr. Uday Mohite DDS
Dr. Iraj Moin DDS
Dr. Robert Mokbel DDS
Dr. Max Molgard JR. DDS
Dr. Anthony Molina DDS, MS
Dr. Guillermo Molina DDS
Dr. James Monaco DMD
Dr. Alfonso Monarres DDS MS
Dr. Mark Montana DDS
Dr. Anthony Montella DDS
Dr. Alfredo Montes Imeri DDS, MS
Dr. Marty Moon DDS
Darrel Mooney DDS , FACP
Dr. Timothy` Moore DDS,MSD
Daniel Moos DDS
Dr. Enrique Morales DMD
Gregory Morando DMD
Dr. Cheryl Morgan DMD, MS, FABP
Dr. Rudolf Morgan DMD
Dr. Zebulon Morgan IV DMD
Dr. Joseph Morganelli DDS, MED
Dr. Steven Morgano DMD
Dr. Harold Morris DDS, MS
Dr. James Morris DDS
Dr. Walter Morris DMD
Dr. Dean Morton DDS
Dr. John Mose DDS, MS
Mr. Harvey Moskowitz DMD
Dr. Marc Moskowitz DDS
Dr. Liliana Mosquera DENTIST
Dr. Robert Mostovoy DDS
Dr. Christopher Mozrall DDS
Dr. Randy Muccioli DMD
Dr. Blake Mueller DDS
Dr. Kathy Mueller DMD
Dr. Frederick Muenchinger DDS
Leonard Mueninghoff DDS
Dr. Stanley Muenter DDS
Dr. Ali Muftu DMD
Dr. Zeyad Mughrabi DDS
Dr. John Muhr DMD
Paul Mullasseril DDS
Dr. Fernando Munguia DDS
Dr. Carlos Munoz DDS
Kevin Murphy DDS, MS
Dr. Kevin Murphy DDS, MS
Dr. John Murrell DDS
Dr. Francesco Musciano DDS
Dr. Michael Myers DMD
Dr. Ronald Myers DDS
Dr. Heidi Myshin DMD
Dr. Michelle Na DDS
Dr. Sassan Nadjmi DMD
Prof. Shigemi Nagai DDS,MSD,PHD
Dr. Lucy Nagashima DDS
Dr. William Nagy DDS
Dr. Max Nahon DDS
Dr. Preeti Naik BDS, MS
Dr. Wadih Naim DMD
Dr. Roy Nakamoto DDS, MS
Dr. Stanley Nakamura DDS
Dr. Logan Nalley JR. DMD
George Nance JR. DDS MSD
Dr. Samir Nanjapa DDS, MS
Dr. Jennifer Naranjo DDS, MSD
Mahmoud Nasr DDS
Dr. Rahmat Nassi DDS
Dr. Joesph Nassif DDS
Dr. Dan Nathanson DMD
Dr. Mark Nation DMD
Dr. Mazen Natour DMD,MSCD
Miss Blanca Navarro DDS
Dr. Matthew Nawrocki DMD
Dr. William Naylor DDS
Mostafa Nazari DDS
Dr. Elena Nazarova DMD
Dr. Shahpari Nazeri DDS
Peter Neff MD
Dr. Jerry Neidlinger DDS
Dr. Tom Neihart DDS
Dr. Craig Neitzke DDS
Dr. Craig Nelson DMD
Edward Nelson DMD
Dr. Steven Nelson DMD
Dr. Frederick Nester DDS
Dr. Charles Netti DDS
Ferdinand Neurohr III DMD
Dr. Richard Newburg DMD
Dr. Michelle Newby DDS, MS
Dr. Alan Newton DMD
Dr. Glenn Ngan DDS
Dr. Bruce Nghiem DMD
An Nguyen DDS
Dr. Dun g Nguyen DDS
Dr. Nick Nguyen DMD
Dr. Tieu Lien Nguyen DMD, MMSC
Dr. Cindy Nichols DMD
Dr. Dennis Nilsson DDS
Dr. Arthur Nimmo DDS
Dr. Russell Nishimura DDS
Warden Noble
Dr. Suzanne Noel DMD
Dr. Babak Noohi DDS, MS
Dr. Darren Norby DMD
Dr. Gary Nord JR. DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Nordlander DDS
William Norman DMD
Mrs. Alexandra Nouel DMD CAGS
Hesham Nouh
Dr. Marvin Novetsky DDS
Arthur O' Connor
Dr. Gianmarco O'brien DDS
Dr. William O'brien DDS
Dr. Frank O'connor JR. DDS
Dr. Gerald O'keefe DMD
Dan O'kero
Dr. Edgar O'neill DDS
Michael O'shea DDS
Dr. Robert Obatake DDS
Dr. Youssef Obeid DDS
Ales Obrez DMD, PHD
Dr. Kent Ochiai
Dr. John Oettinger DMD
Dr. Francis Oh DDS, MS, MA
Dr. Stella Oh DDS
Dr. Ajay Ojha DDS
Dr. Steven Okamoto IX DDS
Dr. Ismail Okasha DMD
Devin Okay DDS
Dr. Otabor Okundaye DDS
Dr. Paul Olin DDS
Irina Olmezova DDS
Dr. Edward Olson DDS
Dr. Eric Olson DDS
Dr. Lee Olson DDS
Dr. Norma Olvera D D S, M S
Dr. Sandra Oneal DMD
Dr. Mayumi Onoe-Miyamoto DDS
Dr. Gary Orbach DMD
Duane Orchard DDS
Dr. Claudio Orellana DDS
Dr. Jonathan Orenstein DMD
Terry Orr DDS
Dr. Guillermo Orraca II DMD
Ms. Ann Ortega DDS
Sergio Ortegon DDS, MDSCI
Johana Ortiz Aponte DMD
Dr. Victoria Ortiz-Parsons DDS
Dr. Lance Ortman DDS
Dr. Julian Osorio DMD
Dr. Mary-Ibeth Ossa DMD, MS
Dr. Charles Oster DDS
John Osterman DDS
Takafumi Otani DDS, PHD, MSD
Adegbenga Otun DDS
Dr. Albert Ousborne JR. DDS
Roland Outarsingh DDS
Dr. Larry Over DMD,MSD
Dr. Larry Pace DDS, MS
Dr. Andrew Pacinelli DMD
Dr. Marco Padilla DMD
Dr. Fernando Padron DDS
Dr. Gen Paek DDS
Carmen Paez De Mendoza
Dr. Alvin Pagan DDS
Anthony Pagano DDS
Dr. Roland Pagniano JR. DDS, MS
Seung Paik
Dr. Jose Paiva JR. DDS
Dr. Rosario Palacios DDS, MSD
Dr. Jorge Palavicini DDS
Dr. Joyce Palik DDS
Dr. David Palmer DMD
Dr. Donna Palmisano DDS
Dr. Peter Pals DDS
Dr. Cornelis Pameijer DMD
Dr. Jung Feng Pan DDS
Dr. Jessica Pandich DDS
Ms. Pornpavee Panichkul DDS, MS
Dr. David Panno DDS
Darshanjit Pannu DDS
Dr. John Panzek DDS
Adrian Paolini DDS
Dr. Billy Papadopoulos DMD
Dr. Constantinos Papas
Dr. Oscar Pappa DDS
Dr. John Pappas DDS
Karen Pappas DMD
Dr. Maria Pappas DMD, MS
Dr. Constantinos Pappous DDS
Dr. Gregory Paprocki DDS
Jacinthe Paquette DDS
Dr. Alan Paradis DDS, FACP
Dr. Carlos Parajon DDS
Stephen Parel DDS
Daksha Parikh DDS
Chanseop Park DDS, MSD
Dr. Cheryl Park DDS
Sang Park
Dr. Si-Woon Park DDS
Dr. Sil Park DMD
Dr. Victoria Park DDS
Dr. Wooil Park DDS
Yeun-June Park DMD, MSD
Dr. Allan Parke DDS
Dr. James Parker DDS
Dr. Merle Parker DDS
Dr. Paul Parminter DDS
Dr. Gregory Parr DDS
Ada Parra DDS, MS
Dr. Shahriar Parvizpour DDS
Dr. Peter Pasciucco DDS
Dr. Marianna Pasciuta DDS, MS
David Pascoe DDS
Dr. Nina Pascuzzi DDS
Dr. Ankit Patel DMD
Dr. Darshanaben Patel BDS, MSD
Dhara Patel DDS
Kumar Patel DMD,MS
Mayur Patel DDS, MS
Dr. Minaxi Patel DDS
Dr. Charles Patterson JR. DDS MS
Dr. Paulette Paulin DMD
James Pawlowicz DDS
Dr. Jason Peacock DDS
Dr. Chaimongkon Peampring DDS
Dr. Craig Pearce DMD
Dr. Craig Pearson DDS
Dr. Charles Pechous III DDS
Dr. Gregory Pedro DMD
Dr. Jose Pedroza DDS
Luis Pena DDS,MS
Dr. Jonathan Penchas DMD, PA
Dr. Yaohsien Peng DDS
Dr. Esther Penn DDS
Dr. Dimitri Perdikis DDS
Dr. Gustavo Perdomo DMD
Dr. Alejandro Peregrina DDS, MSD
Dr. Ann Pereira DDS
Dr. Morton Perel DDS
Dr. Loscar Perez DMD
Dr. Luis Perez DDS, PA
Dr. Jose Perez Moll DMD
Dr. Norberto Perez-Montes DMD, MS
Dr. Leticia Perezous DDS, MS
Dr. Rebecca Perkins DMD, MMSC
Dr. Johvin Perry
Dr. Mark Peterson DDS
Timothy Peterson DDS, MS
Dr. Vincent Petrazzuolo DDS
Dr. Anton Petrich DDS, MS
Dr. Cynthia Petrie DDS
Dr. John Petrini JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Vicki Petropoulos DMD, MS
Dr. Glen Petteway DDS
Dr. John Pettus DDS
Dr. Quynhnhu Pham DDS, MS
Dr. Dai Phan DDS, MS
Dr. Lawrence Phan DMD
Kamolphob Phasuk DDS
Dr. John Phelps III DDS, MSD
Dr. Keith Phillips DMD, MSD
Dr. Rodney Phoenix DDS, MS
Dr. Denise Pieczynski DMD, PA
Dr. Jack Piermatti DMD
Hugh Pierpont DDS
Dr. Joseph Pierse DMD, MA
Mark Pigno DDS
Dr. Paul Pincofski DMD
Dr. Douglas Pinnell DDS
Dr. James Piper II DMD
Dr. Donald Pipko DMD
Dr. John Pitchford DDS
Dr. Edward Plekavich DDS, MS
Dr. Kevin Plummer DDS
Dr. Gary Plymale DDS
Dr. James Podnar DDS
Dr. Ralf Poineal DDS
Dr. Mariano Polack DDS, MS
Alexandra Polus DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Pomerantz DMD
Dr. Andrew Ponichtera DMD
Dr. John Popper DDS
Dr. Marlisa Popper DDS
Mercedes Porro DDS
Dr. I Postol DDS
Robert Poteat DDS,MS
Dr. Fiorrella Potesta-Knoll DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Potter DDS
Dr. Larry Powell DDS
Dr. Lisa Powell
Dr. Eva-Marie Powers DDS
Eduardo Prado I DDS,MSD
Dr. Andrew Pramer DDS
Dr. Soni Prasad DDS, MS
Magda Prats DMD
Dr. Bernard Pratte DDS
James Preble DDS
Dr. Fernando Presser DMD PC
Dr. Vincent Prestipino DDS
Dr. Timothy Price DDS
Dr. George Priest JR. DMD
Dr. William Priester III DDS
Dr. Keith Progebin DDS
Dr. Anthony Prudenti DDS
Dr. Stuart Prymas DDS
Dr. Jason Psillakis DDS MS
Dr. Andrew Pullinger DDS
Dr. Preeda Pungpapong DDS, MS
Dr. Bradley Purcell DDS, MS
Dr. Christopher Pusateri DDS
Dr. William Putnam DMD
Dr. Dana Qeblawi DDS, MS
Hai Qing DDS
Dr. Edgardo Quinones DMD
Tatiana Quintiliano DDS
Dr. Sue Quon DDS
Osama Qutub
Dr. Stuart R DDS, MS
Dr. Howard Radding DDS
Dr. Martin Radke DDS
Ryle Radke DDS
Zachary Raffensperger DMD
Sangeetha Raghavendra DMD
Abdulrazzak Rahme
Dr. Arthur Rahn DDS
Dr. Ariel Raigrodski DMD, MS, FACP, PLLC
Dr. Louis Rainville DMD
Dr. Steven Rambach DDS
Sameer Rambhia BDS, MS
Michael Ramer DDS
Dr. Andres Ramirez DDS,MS
Dr. Servando Ramos JR. DDS
Dr. Dean Ramus DDS
Dr. Joseph Randazzo DDS
Dr. Harry Randel DMD
Dr. Anthony Randi DDS
Dr. Lori Ransohoff DDS
Dr. Jeff Raphael DDS
Dr. Daniel Rapps DDS
Flavio Rasetto DDS
Dr. Behnoush Rashedi DMD, MS, MSED
Dr. Eric Rasmussen DDS
Jonathan Rasmussen DDS
Dr. Syed Rasool DMD,MMSC
Dr. Nader Rassouli BS DDS MS
Nakul Rathi BDS, MS
Dr. Robin Raub DDS
Sergio Rauchwerger DMD
Alexandra Raut DMD
Dr. Raj Rawal BDS
Sundeep Rawal DMD
Dr. Robert Rawdin DDS
Dr. Samantha Rawdin DMD
Dr. Daniel Ray DMD,MS
Dr. Debora Rayhan DDS
Dr. Ramin Razavi DMD
Dr. Thomas Rea DDS, MS
Jeffery Reagan DDS
Dr. Jerry Reasner DMD
Peter Rechmann DMD PHD
Dr. Mauricio Recinos DDS,MS
Scott Recksiedler DMD
Dr. Jennifer Reed DDS
Dr. Frank Reemer DDS
Dr. Edward Reetz DMD, MSD
Dr. John Reever DDS
Anna Refai DMD
Shyroze Rehemtulla DMD
George Reichgott DDS
Dr. Eleanor Reid DMD
Dr. David Reilly DMD
Dr. Suzanne Reinhardt DMD
Dr. Stephen Rellas DMD
Dr. Philip Render DMD
Dr. James Reneau DDS
Dr. Joshua Renk DDS, MSD
Dr. Ligia Requiao DDS, MS
Dr. Randolph Resnik DMD,MDS
Dr. Elisandra Reyes-Perez DDS
Dr. Patricia Riano DDS, MS
Ana Paula Ribeiro DDS, MS, PHD
Mark Richards DDS,MED
Samuel Richards DDS
Dr. Robert Richter DDS
Dr. Benjamin Ricks DDS
Dr. Mary Ricotta DDS
Dr. Donald Ridgell DMD
Dr. Stephen Riedy DDS, MS
Dr. Barry Ries DDS
Dr. Deborah Rigsby DMD, PHD
Dr. Douglas Riis DMD
Dr. Edwin Riley III DMD
Dr. Thomas Risbrudt DDS
Dr. Louis Rissin DMD
Dr. Tanawat Ritkajorn DDS
Dr. Ronald Ritsco DMD, MS, PA
Dr. Richard Ritter DMD
Dr. Elias Rivera DDS, MS, FACP
Dr. Warren Rivera-Morales DMD, MS
Dr. Jose Rivera-Zayas DMD
Dr. James Rivers DMD, MHS
Dr. Emily Ro DDS
Dr. Fonda Robinson DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Rodney DMD
Dr. Augusto Rodrigues DDS
Dr. Andres Rodriguez DDS
Dr. Arthur Rodriguez DMD MS
Dr. Dunia Rodriguez DMD
Dr. Enrique Rodriguez DMD
Maria Rodriguez DDS
Dr. Nelson Rodriguez SR. DMD
Dr. Noel Rodriguez DMD
Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez Kovacs DDS
Dr. William Roe DMD
Dr. William Roedema DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Roen DDS
Dr. Paul Rogers DDS/MS
Dr. Gary Rogoff DDS
Dr. Alain Roizen
Dr. Ruth Rojas DMD
Ahmad Rokni DMD
Dr. Arman Roksar DDS
Dr. Guillermo Roman DDS
Dr. Rianna Romanowski DMD
Dr. Diego Romero DDS
Felix Romero DDS
Dr. Giancarlo Romero DDS, MS
Dr. George Rooney JR. DDS
Dr. Thasanai Roongruangphol DDS, MS
Dr. Francisco Rosa
Dr. Roy Rosado-Rodriguez DMD, MS
Dr. John Rose III DDS
Dr. Arnold Rosen DDS
Dr. Evan Rosen DMD
Dr. Ira Rosen DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Rosenberg DDS
Dr. Simon Rosenberg DMD
Dr. Robert Rosenheimer DDS
Dr. Harry Rosenstein DMD
Dr. Stephen Rosenstiel BDS, MSD
Dr. Matthew Ross DDS
Evangelos Rossopoulos DDS
Dr. Haroun Rostami DDS,MS
Daniel Roth DDS
Dr. Lawrence Rothenberg DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Rothenberg DMD
Dr. Michael Rothstein DDS
Nelson Roura
Jeffrey Rouse
Dr. Ryllis Rousseau DMD
Dr. Tariq Rowaihy BDS
Dr. Daryl Roy DMD
Dr. Gregory Rozier DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Rubenstein DDS
Dr. Luis Rueda DDS, MSD
Dr. Jon Ruel DMD, MSCD
Dr. Edward Rugh DDS
Dr. Caren Ruht DMD
Dr. Kitichai Rungcharassaeng DDS
Dr. Patchanee Rungruanganunt DDS
Dr. Dennis Runyan DDS
Dr. Linda Ruppel DDS
Dr. Nicolas Russo DMD
Dr. David Rusthoven DMD
Dr. Gregory Rutherford DDS
Dr. Kathryn Ryan-Peterkin BS, DDS, MS
Dr. Stanley Rye DDS, PC
Dr. Jeffrey Ryther DDS
Alberto Saba DDS, CAGS
Dr. Gerald Sabol DDS
Dr. Amit Sachdeo BDS, MS, DMSC
Dr. Kanwar Deep Singh Sachdeva DMD, MSD
Neil Sachs DMD
Robert Sachs DDS
Avishai Sadan DMD
Dr. Gabriel Sader DDS
Dr. Massood Sadighi-Nouri DDS
Dr. Parviz Sadooghi
Dr. Hector Saenz De Viteri Tejeda DDS
Dr. Saadat Safa DMD, MS,
Dr. Berna Saglik DDS
Dr. Indira Sahiwal DMD, MS
Dr. Bruce Sahrbeck DDS
Dr. Sameer Sajoo DDS, MS
Yun Saksena DMD
Dr. Louai Salaita DDS, MS
Dr. Henry Salama DMD
Dr. Maurice Salamander DDS, MS, FACP
Dr. Marjan Salari DDS, MS
Dr. Jairo Salcedo DMD MMSC
Dr. Mary Anne Salcetti DDS
Dr. Augusto Saldarriaga DDS
Dr. Roxana Saldarriaga DDS
Najeed Saleh DMD
Dr. Firas Salhi DDS
Dr. Gregorio Salinas DDS
Dr. Kathleen Salius DDS
Dr. Anthony Sallustio DDS
Dr. Frank Sallustio DDS, MS
Cade Salmon DDS
Dr. Jon Samaha DMD, MMSC
Dr. Mark Samani DMD
Asha Samant DMD
Dr. Paivi Samant DDS
Dr. Ronald Sambursky DMD
Dr. Nachum Samet DMD
Dr. Juan Samman DDS , MSC
Dr. Simon Samo DDS
Raul Sanchez DMD
Dr. Rodolfo Sanchez DDS
Dr. Yoel Sanchez DMD
Dr. Maria Dell Pilar Sanchez Papadopoulos DMD
Dr. Mario Sanchez-Torres DMD
Dr. Mark Sanders D D S
Dr. Steven Sanders DDS
Joseph Sands JR. DDS
Dr. Robert Sanker DDS
Dr. Irays Santamaria DMD
Hector Santillana Marin DDS
Dr. Carlos Santos DDS
Paola Saponaro
Dr. Robert Saporito DDS
Luis Sarmiento DMD
Dr. Guido Sarnachiaro
Dr. Christopher Sasik DDS
David Sather DDS
Dr. Brock Satoris DDS, MS
Dr. Marina Sauco DDS
William Saupe DDS
Dr. Robert Savage DDS
Dr. Peter Savramis DDS
Dr. Bernadette Sawa DDS
Dr. Patricia Sax DDS
Dr. Antoine Sayegh DDS
Selda Sayek DMD
Agerico Sayoc
Dr. Michael Scalia DDS, BA
Dr. Forrest Scandrett DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Scering DDS
Dr. Kellie Schaub
Mr. Miguel Scheel DMD
Dr. P Scheinfeld DDS
Dr. Edward Scherder DMD JD PA
Dr. Bruno Schiffleger DDS
Dr. Elaine Schilling DDS, MS
Gerard Schiraldi DMD
Dr. David Schleider DMD, MS
Dr. Paul Schleier DDS
Dr. Hugo Schmidt III DDS
Dr. James Schmidt DDS, MS
Dr. Kyle Schmidt DDS, MSD
Dr. William Schmidt DMD, MSD, PS
Dr. Charles Schmitt DMD, MS
Dr. Donald Schmitt JR. DDS, MSD
Dr. Donald Schmitt DDS
Dr. James Schmitt DDS
Dr. Stephen Schmitt DDSMS
Dr. Thomas Schneid DMD, MS
Dr. David Schneider DMD
Dr. Galen Schneider DDS PHD
Dr. Robert Schneider DDS MS
Dr. Walter Schneider DDS
Ben Schneidman DDS
Dr. Paul Schnitman DDS,MSD
Stephen Schoen DDS
James Schom DDS MSD
Dr. Eric Schorn DDS
Dr. Robert Schortz DDS
Dr. James Schreiner DDS
Dr. Kristine Schrock DDS
Dr. John Schroeder DDS
Robert Schroetlin DDS, FACP
Sharon Schrott DMD, MMSC
Dr. George Schuetz DDS; MS
Dr. Harlan Schufeldt DDS
Dr. Robert Schulman DMD
John Schulte DDS,MSD
Dr. Carl Schulter DDS
Robin Schumacher DDS
Dr. Udo Schutte DDS
Dr. Conrad Schwalm DDS
Dr. Harry Schwartz DDS
Dr. Henry Schwartz DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz DMD
Dr. Steven Schwartz DDS
Dr. Martin Schwartzberg DDS
Dr. Aaron Schwartzman DDS
Dr. Evan Schwarz DMD MS
Dr. Ricardo Schwedhelm DDS
Dr. Daniel Schweitzer DDS
Dr. Kenneth Schweitzer DDS
Dr. Sandra Scibetta DDS
Dr. Marc Sclafani DDS
Han Scoble DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Scolnick DDS
Dr. Paul Scruggs DDS
Dr. Mark Scurria DDS
Dr. Darrell Seal DDS
Dr. Richard Seals JR. DDS
Dr. Frank Seaman DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Seder DDS, MS
Dr. Ronik Seecharan DMD
Dr. Allen Seeley DDS
Dr. Patrick Seely DDS MS
Dr. Aaron Segal DDS
Dr. Edith Segal DMD
Dr. Bernard Segall DMD,MS
Dr. Robert Seghi DDS, MS
Dr. Jose Segura DMD
Dr. John Seibert DDS
Dr. Joseph Seipp III DDS
Dr. Audrey Selecman BA, DDS, MDS
Dr. Clifford Selinger DDS
Krysta Sellers DMD, MS
Dr. Ryan Sellinger DMD
Dr. George Sellock DMD
Dr. Laurence Seluk DDS, MS, MS
Dr. Michael Selzer DDS
Charlotte Senseny DMD
Dr. Jason Seo DDS, MS
Wook Seong DDS
Mahmoud Serag DDS
Dr. Bernard Servagno DMD
Dr. Gaurav Setia BDS
Carlos Sevilla
Dr. Henry Seymour DMD
Dr. Alan Sezer DDS
Dr. Iraj Shafagh DMD,MSC
Dr. Ralph Shaffer DMD
Dr. Hamid Shafie DDS CAGS
Dr. Kumar Shah BDS, MS
Dr. Shweta Shah DDS
Dr. Neda Shah-Hosseini DMD, CAGS
Dr. Purnima Shahani DDS
Dr. Parisa Shahi DDS, FACP
Afsaneh Shahrokhi Rad DMD, MSC
Dr. Edward Shaivitz DDS
Dr. Michael Shannon DDS
Shila Sharifi DMD, MSC, CAGS
Arun Sharma BDS
Dr. Bruno Sharp DDS, MS
Dr. Jerome Shatoff DDS
Dr. Edward Shaw DDS
Dr. Fredrick Shaw III DDS
Dr. Ali Reza Shayan-Zakaria DMD
Dr. Mojdeh Shayestehfar DDS
Dr. Joseph Shea DDS, MS
Dr. Geoffrey Sheen DDS MS
Cherilyn Sheets DDS
Dr. Christina Sheets DDS
Dr. Donald Sheets JR. DMD
Eddie Sheh DDS
Dr. Alan Sheiner DDS
Dr. Aaron Sheinfeld DDS, DM,D
Dr. Alan Shernoff DDS
Dr. Dennis Sherraden DDS
Dr. Sameet Sheth DDS
Mrs. Amy Shih DDS
Dr. Kelly Shimada DDS
Graciela Shimizu Oliva DDS, MSD
Dr. Barry Shipman DMD
Dr. Akihiko Shirakura DDS
Dr. Alexander Shor DMD MSD
Dr. Kathryn Shroyer DDS, MS
Dr. Nodesh Shyamsunder BDS
Dr. Seyedeh Siadatie DDS
Dr. Robert Sicurelli JR. ABDDS
Dr. Azfar Siddiqui DMD,MSC
Dr. Sharon Siegel DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Silk DDS
David Silken DDS
Dr. Christian Silvaggio DMD
Dr. Edwin Silverman DMD
Dr. Frederick Silverman DDS
Dr. Kenneth Silvestri DMD
Dr. Polina Simanovich DMD
Dr. Bryhn Simmons DMD
Dr. E. Simmons DMD
Dr. Darryl Simms DMD
Dr. Harel Simon DMD
Michael Simon DMD
Dr. Robert Simon DDS
Dr. James Simone DDS
Dr. Peter Simone DMD
Dr. Glenn Simonelli DDS
Dr. Lawrence Sims DDS
Dr. Dennis Sindel DDS
Michael Singer BS DDS FAAMP FACP
Dr. Nitu Singh DMD
Dr. Sukhmani Singh DDS
Dr. Aram Sirakian DMD
Dr. Aysegul Siranli DMD
Dr. Lily Siu DMD
Dr. Joan Sivers DDS
Dr. James Skiba SR. DDS
Dr. David Skinner DDS
Dr. Lukasz Skomial DDS
Dr. Kevin Sloan DDS, MS
Ronald Sloan
Dr. Paula Small DDS
Dr. Sheldon Small DDS
Dr. Ward Smalley DDS, MSD
Dr. Andrea Smith DDS
Dr. Cathy Smith DMD
Dr. Dennis Smith
Dr. James Smith DDS JD
Dr. Jay Smith DDS
Dr. Jesse Smith DDS
Keith Smith II DDS MSP
Dr. Michael Smith DDS
Michael Smith DDS
Dr. Rick Smith
Terrance Smith DDS
Dr. Thomas Smith DMD
Dr. Wade Smith DDS
Dr. Donald Smitha DDS, MDS
Dr. Thomas Smithy DDS
Dr. Randall Snow DDS, MSD
John Snowden DDS
Dr. Charles Snyder DMD
Kenneth Sobczak DDS
John Sobieralski DDS, MS
Dr. Derek Soden DDS
Dr. Peter Soderstrom DDS, MS
Dr. Jose Sofer DDS
Dr. Gary Solnit DDS,MS,FACD
Dr. Pooneh Soltani DDS
Dr. James Soltys DDS
Dr. Steven Somers DDS
Dr. Donald Somerville DMD
Jenny Son
Dr. Amerian Sones DMD, MS
Dr. John Song DDS
Dr. Zachary Sonkin DDS
Dr. Alejandro Sosa DMD
Dr. Frank Spear DDS MSD
Dr. Steven Spitz DMD
Dr. Howard Spitzer DDS
Dr. Barry Sporer D M D
Dr. Felix Springfield
Dr. Rachel Squier DMD
Dr. Kanokraj Srisukho DDS, MS
Jyoti Srivastava MS, DDS
Dr. Clark Stanford DDS PHD
Dr. Arthur Stanger DMD
Dr. Mark Stankewitz DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Stannard DDS
Dr. Christian Stappert MS, DDS, PHD,
Dr. Edgar Starcke JR.
Dr. Neil Starr DDS
Dr. Braden Stauts DDS
Dr. Kathia Steel DDS
Dr. Joseph Steele DMD,MS
Dr. Charles Stefl DDS
Dr. Carolina Steier DMD
Dr. Howard Steinberg DMD MDS
Dr. Charles Stendahl DDS
Dr. Eugena Stephan DMD
Dr. David Stevens DMD
Jenny Stevens DMD
Dr. Robert Stevenson III DDS MS
Dr. Bruce Stewart DDS
Dr. Devin Stewart DDS
Dr. Robert Stewart DDS MS
Dr. Edward Stiel DDS
Dr. Alfred Stines DDS
Charles Stock DMD
Dr. Warren Stoffer DMD
Dr. Leslie Stone Hirsh DDS
Dr. Lisa Stoner DDS,MS, PA
Dr. Gloria Stoppello DDS
Dr. Stephanie Stouder DDS
Dr. Robert Stover DDS MS
Dr. Herman Strating DMD
Dr. John Stratta DMD
Dr. Thomas Striano DDS
Dr. Robert Strug DDS
Dr. Judith Strutz DDS, MSED
Dr. John Stuart DMD
Dr. Richard Stuart JR. DDS
Mr. Mauro Stuparich DMD CAGS
Dr. Richard Stutes DDS
Dr. Jui-Min Su DDS, MS
Dr. Oscar Suarez-Sanchez DDS, MSD
Dr. Cortino Sukotjo DDS, PHD
William Sulik DD,S, MS
Alan Sulikowski DMD
Dr. Stephen Sullivan DDS
Delsaz Sultan
Dr. Arthur Sun DMD
Jun Sun
Joseph Sung-Hwan So DDS
Dr. Martin Supowitz DMD
Montry Suprono DDS
Dr. Anthony Sur DDS
Dr. Alan Sutton DDS
Marcello Suzuki DDS
Ernest Svensson DDS
Dr. Lida Swann DDS , MS
Dr. Arthur Swanson DDS
Dr. Robert Swords DDS
Dr. Jenny Sy-Munoz DDS,MSD
Dr. Scott Synnott DDS
Dr. George Syros DDS , FACP
Dr. Michael Tabacco DDS
Dr. Hani Tadros DDS
Dr. Robert Taft
Dr. Thomas Tagliani
Michael Tai DDS,MS
Dr. David Tajima DDS
Dr. Garima Talwar DDS, MS
Dr. Elaine Tamiko DDS
Dr. Jocelyn Tan JOCELYN TAN
Dr. Rosemarie Tan DDS
Mamoru Tanaka DDS, FACP
Dr. Raymond Tang DMD
Dr. Khanitha Tangnavarad DDS
Mr. Brian Tanz DDS
Dr. Gustavo Tapia DMD, MS
Dr. Alexander Tarasov DMD
Dr. Diane Tarica DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Tarlow DDS
Dr. Arnold Tavel DMD
Dr. Chad Taylor DMD, MSD
Dr. Eric Taylor DDS
Dr. Jay Taylor DDS, MS
Kelly Taylor DMD
Thomas Taylor DDS
Dr. Stephen Teitelbaum DMD, LLC
Dr. Ulf Temnitzer DDS
Harry Temple DMD
Dr. Paul Teplitsky DMD
Dr. Philip Terman DDS
Dr. Anthony Terrana DMD
Dr. James Terry
Dr. Tong Thai DDS, MS
John Thaler II DDS
Ghadeer Thalji DDS
Dr. Prasith Thammasithiboon DMD
Dr. Greggory Tharp DMD
James Thiel DDS
Dr. John Thomas DDS, MS
Dr. Benjamin Thompson DDS
Mr. Frederick Thompson DDS
Dr. Geoffrey Thompson DDS
Lisa Thoms DDS, MSD
Edwin Thorp DDS, MSD
Dr. Shreedevi Thulasidas DDSMS
Leslee Timm DDS
Dr. Benjamin Tindal DMD
Fransiskus Andrianto Tjiptowidjojo DDS, MS
Siegfried Tjonajong DMD MSD
Dr. Stepehen Todorovich DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Tom DDS
Dr. Kelley Tomsett DDS
Dr. Kevin Toomey DMD
Arman Torbati DDS
Alicia Toro DDS
Eduardo Torrado
Dr. Ysidora Torrealba
Dr. Geraldine Torrens Parker DDS, MS
Dr. Andres Torres DDS,MSD
Dr. Cesar Torres DMD
Dr. Fidel Torres DDS MSD
Dr. Gloria Torres DDS
Dr. Maria Torres Dunne DDS, MS
Dr. Brenda Torres Rivera DMD
Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez DMD
Dr. Ela Torres-Moore DMD
Dr. Dante Torrese DDS
Gilberto Tostado
Dr. Gilberto Tostado DDS
Dr. Richard Toth DDS, MS
Anita Tourah
Dr. John Townsend DDS
Dr. John Tran DDS
Dr. Ngoc Tran DDS
Kim Tran Wertz DDS MS
Dr. Charles Trebilcock DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Tregaskes DMD MS
Dr. Ashton Trier DDS
Dr. Gerald Trkula DMD, MS
Dr. George Troendle JR. DDS
Samantha Truong DDS
Dr. Hsiu-Chin Tsai DDS
Dr. Vasiliki Tsakalelli DMD, MS
Dr. Panagiotis Tsatsaronis DMD
Kevin Tseng DDS,MS,PHD
Dr. Aristides Tsikoudakis DMD
Dr. Nicholas Tsiolas DDS
Dr. Vincent Tso DMD
Randall Tucker DMD
Dr. Gregory Tulachka DDS, MS
Prof. Ibrahim Tulunoglu DDS, PHD
Dr. Karona Tum
Dr. Frank Tuminelli DMD
Francis Tung D M D, M P H
Yesim Tunkuc DDS
Ilser Turkyilmaz DMD, PHD
Dr. Glenn Turner DMD
Mr. Brian Turnquist DDS
Dr. David Twomey DDS, MSD
Dr. Jonathan Twomey DDS
Anthoula Tzannetoulakou DMD
Dr. R Brian Ullmann DDS
Dr. Charles Ullo
Diana Ulrickson DDS
Dr. John Unger DDS
Dr. Sorin Uram-Tuculescu DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Javier Urquiola DDS
Dr. Daniela Usifoh DDS, MS
Dr. Virgil Vacarean DMD
Dr. Dean Vafiadis DDS
Dr. Mark Vail DDS
Dr. Azita Vakili DMD
Dr. Domingo Valadez DDS,MSD
Dr. Elena Valadez
Bruce Valauri DDS
Dr. Carlos Valdes DMD
Dr. Dario Valencia David DDS
Dr. Donato Valente DDS
Dr. Christine Valestrand DMD
Dr. Guilherme Valverde DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Ned Van Roekel DDS, MSD
Dr. Ian Van Zyl DDS, MS
Dr. Andrew Vanblarcom DDS
Dr. Clifford Vanblarcom DDS
Dr. John Vandercreek DDS
Dr. Craig Vandongen DDS
Robbert Vanhartingsveldt DMD
Dr. Richard Vanni JR. DMD
Dr. Wallace Vannortwick DDS
Dr. Meade Vanputten JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Eduardo Vargas
Dr. Reena Varghese DMD, MSED, MSC
Dr. Ajey Varma DDS
Dr. Paul Vartabedian DDS
Rupal Vasani MS
Dr. Amelia Velazquez DMD
Dr. Therese Venedikian DMD
Dr. Bhavani Venkatachalam DMD, MS
Dr. Michel Venot DDS
Yosveny Vento DDS
Dr. Anny Vera DDS, MSC,PA
Dr. Carolina Vera Resendiz DDS,MS
Dr. Francisco Veray IV DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Vergo, Jr. DDS
Dr. Douglas Verhoef DDS
Dr. Minaal Verma
Dr. Stanley Vermilyea DMD
Dr. Nicholas Vero DDS
Dr. Ronald Verrett DDS MS
Juan Vesga DDS
Dr. Bradley Vickers DMD
Jeannie Vickery DDS
Dr. Johnny Vidic DDS
Dr. Frank Vidjak DDS
Chanh Viet DDS
Dr. Rodolfo Villa DDS
Dr. Jose Villalobos DDS
Dr. Carlos Villanueva DDS
Marianela Villarreal DDS
Dr. Soraya Villarroel DDS , MS
Dr. David Vincent DDS
Mr. Jose Viquez DDS
Dr. Roger Vitter MD, MED
Dr. Diane Vo DDS
Dr. Tate Truc Vo DDS
Dr. Theodora Vogiatzi DDS
Aleksandar Vojdanoski DDS
Eleni Voltidi
Dr. Ann Von Gonten DDS
Dr. Robert Vraney DDS
Henry Vu DDS
Dr. Chandur Wadhwani DDS, MSD
Dr. Abhinav Wadkar BDS
David Wagner DDS
Dr. Stephen Wagner DDS
Dr. Galen Wagnild DDS
Dr. Dennis Waguespack DDS, MS
Dr. John Wahle DDS
Dr. John Waldman DMD
Dr. Kenneth Waliszewski DDS MS
Dr. Michael Waliszewski DDS, MSD
Dr. Clifford Walker DMD
Jerry Walker DDS
Dr. Lori Walker DDS
Dr. Mary Walker DDS
Dr. Patrick Walker DDS
Dr. John Wall DDS, MS
Dr. Kevin Wallace DMD PC
Dr. Ryan Wallace DDS
Dr. Charles Walowitz DDS
Leora Walter DDS
Robert Walter DDS, MSD
Dr. John Walton DDS
Dr. Ambarish Walvekar BDS, MSD
Dr. Haini Wang DDS
Hugh Wang DDS
Mr. Mark Wang DMD
Russell Wang DDS, MSD
Dr. David Wanserski DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Waranowicz DDS, MS
Dr. Walter Warpeha JR. DDS, MSD
Dr. Gregory Waskewicz DDS
Dr. Joel Wasley DDS
Dr. Douglas Wasson DDS, MS
Dr. Arnold Watkin DDS
Dr. Robert Watkins DDS
Dr. Edgar Webb DDS, MS
Mr. Hans Peter Weber DMD
Dr. John Weierbach II DMD
Dr. Arthur Weinberg DDS
Dr. Lawrence Weinberg DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Weiner DMD
Saul Weiner DDS
Dr. Jonathan Weinman DDS
Dr. Gerald Weintraub DDS
Dennis Weir DDS
Dr. Peter Weiss DMD
Ronald Weissman DMD
Dr. John Wells DDS
Dr. Curtis Werking DDS
Joseph Werrell
Dr. David Wessel DMD
Dr. Larry West DDS
Dr. Michael Westman DDS, MS
Dr. Sam Westock DDS, MS
Dr. Brock Westover DDS, PA
Gary Wetreich DDS
Dr. James Wheeler DMD
Dr. George Whitaker DDS, MSD
Dr. Clark White III DDS
Dr. George White DDS
Dr. James White DDS
Tommy White DMD
Beecher Whiteaker III
Dr. John Whitsitt DDS
Dr. Linda Wible DDS
Frank Wiebelt DDS
Andrew Wiemeyer DMD
Dr. Peter Wiesel DMD
Dr. Charles Wilcox DDS
Michael Wiley DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Wilhelm DMD, MSD
Paul Wilkes DDS, MS
Dr. Charles Wilkins III DDS
Dr. Jon Wilkins DDS, MSD,PA
Dr. Mitchell Wilkinson DDS
Dr. Bryan Williams DDS
Mark Williams DDS
Dr. Richard Williamson DDS
Dr. Russell Williamson DMD
Dr. Robert Willis DDS
Dalton Wilson DENTIST
Dr. Felicia Wilson DDS MS
Rodney Wilson
Dr. Timothy Wilson DMD
Dr. William Wilson JR. DDS, MS
Edwin Wilson,Jr. DDS
Dr. Ann Windchy DMD
Dr. Robin Windl DDS
Dr. Christopher Wine DDS, MS
Dr. Troy Winegar DDS
Dr. Myron Winer DDS
Dr. Robert Winter DDS
Dr. Gene Withrow DMD
Dr. Andrew Witrock DMD
Dr. Jonathan Wohlford DDS
Dr. Robert Wolf DDS
Kirstin Wolfe DDS
Dr. Glenn Wolfinger DMD,FACP
Dr. Michael Woloch DDS
Dr. Alexander Won DDS
John Won DDS
Dr. Albert Wong DDS
Elsa Wong DDS
Dr. Erik Wong DMD
Dr. Fong Wong DDS
Dr. George Wong DDS
Dr. Mayra Wong DDS, MS
Dr. Ming Wong DDS
Tanya Wong DDS
Dr. Theodore Wong DDS,MS
Mr. Kan Wongkamhaeng
Dr. Jonathan Wood DMD
Dr. Gerald Woolsey DDS
Michael Wright
Dr. Robert Wright DDS, MS, MSED, FACP
Dr. Roberta Wright DMD
William Wright DDS
Dr. Ben Wu DDS, PHD
George Wu DDS
Dr. Jean Wu DDS
Rong-Jang Wu DMD
Dr. Yn-Low Wu DDS
Dr. Keith Wunsch DDS
Ling Xu DDS, PHD
Dr. Miles Yacker DDS
Dr. Meir Yakir DMD
Dr. Eugene Yamaguma DDS, MSD
Dr. Hideo Yamamoto DMD
Seiichi Yamano
Dr. Roy Yanase DDS
Dr. Gerald Yang DMD
Ma Yang DDS
Dr. Shuyuan Yang DDS
Dr. Yi-Ming Yang DDS MS
Dr. Mervyn Yankelson BDS,MSC
Dr. Giselle Yap DMD
Dr. Alexandra Yarborough DDS
Dr. Kenneth Yates DDS
Dr. Ernest Yazigi DMD
Ming-Guang Yeh DDS, PHD
Dr. Vivian Yeh DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Yen DDS
Mr. Ting-Wey Yen DDS
Dr. Dana Yeoman DDS
Dr. Johanna Yepez DDS, MSD
Stephanie Yeung
Dr. Juhyong Yi DDS, MS, PHD
Burak Yilmaz
Dr. Sean Yockus DMD
Dr. Todd Yonemura DDS
Dr. Injoon Bernard Yoo DDS
Dr. Junghoon Yoo DDS
Min-Sung Yoon DDS
Wenguang You DMD
Dr. Careen Young DDS, MSD
Dr. William Young DMD
Hoda Yousef DMD MS
Dr. Warren Yow DMD
Alika Yu DDS
Stacy Yu DDS
Dr. Martin Yules DDS
Daniel Yustin DDS MS
Dr. Nicholas Zacharczenko DDS, MSD, RPH
Dr. Joseph Zagami DDS
Dr. Ahmed Zaher BDS, MSD
Dr. Joel Zahler DDS, MS
Dr. Juliette Zahn DMD, CAGS
Dr. Hussein Zaki DDS
Dr. Yoseph Zaky DDS
Mohammad Zaman BDS MS
Mr. Mikhail Zamikhovsky DDS
Dr. Irving Zamikoff DDS MS
Dr. Roya Zandparsa DDS, MSC, DMD
Dr. Estelle Zandstra DDS
Dr. Guillermo Zapata DDS
Dr. Paul Zehngraff DDS, MSD
David Zelby DDS
Dr. Candice Zemnick DMD, MPH, MS
Dr. Hai Zhang DDS
Fengyuan Zheng
Dr. Paul Zhivago DDS
Dr. Anthony Ziebert DDS
Dr. Thomas Ziemiecki DDS, MS
Christiaan Zietsman DDS
Dr. Ira Zinner DDS
Dr. Erin Zizak DDS
Matthew Zizmor DDS
Dr. Gabriel Zuckerman DDS
Dr. Manlio Zuniga
Dr. Alec Zurek DDS
Dr. Alan Zweig DMD

* Source: Council on Dental Education and Licensure, American Dental Association

** Source: Council on Dental Education and Licensure, American Dental Association