A dentist is a person qualified by a doctorate in dental surgery (D.D.S.) or dental medicine (D.M.D.), licensed by the state to practice dentistry, and practicing within the scope of that license. There is no difference between the two degrees: dentists who have a DMD or DDS have the same education. Universities have the prerogative to determine what degree is awarded. Both degrees use the same curriculum requirements set by the American Dental Association's Commission on Dental Accreditation. Generally, three or more years of undergraduate education plus four years of dental school is required to graduate and become a general dentist. State licensing boards accept either degree as equivalent, and both degrees allow licensed individuals to practice the same scope of general dentistry. Additional post-graduate training is required to become a dental specialist. *

Specialization: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The specialty of dentistry which includes the diagnosis, surgical and adjunctive treatment of diseases, injuries and defects involving both the functional and esthetic aspects of the hard and soft tissues of the oral and maxillofacial region. **

Operator Assisted Dentist Referral

Dr. Samuel Aanestad DDS
Nabil Abaza DMD
Dr. Patrick Abbey DMD
Joe Abdelnour DDS MS
Dr. Samer Abdelsamie DMD
Dr. Jarred Abel
Dr. Andrew Abela DDS
Dr. Julia Abend DDS
Dr. Joel Abikhzer DMD, MSC
Dr. Joseph Abood JR. DDS
Dr. Leslie Abraham DDS
Dr. Matthew Abraham DDS, MD
Dr. Shelly Abramowicz DMD, MPH
Dr. Marc Abrams DDS
Dr. Burt Abramson DDS
Dr. Zaid Abu-Seir DDS
Dr. Abubaker Abubaker BDS DMD, PHD
Dr. Nazeeh Abunasra DMD
Dr. Ronald Achong DMD, MD
Dr. Barry Acker DDS
Dr. Timothy Ackerman DDS, MD
Anayo Adachie DMD
Dr. Marek Adamiak DMD
Dr. Arthur Adamo DDS
Dr. Hooman Adamous DMD
Dr. Bryan Adams DMD MD
Dr. David Adams DDS
Mr. James Adams DDS
Maxwell Adams DDS
Dr. Richard Adams DDS
Dr. Roger Adams DMD, MS, MBA
Dr. Timothy Adams DDS
Aaron Adamson DMD
Dr. Dennis Adamson DDS
Dr. Sarah Ade DMD
John Adelsperger DDS
Dr. Donnie Adkins DMD
Dr. Charles Adler DDS
Dr. Edward Adlesic MS DMD
Dr. Dominick Adornato III DDS
Dr. Michael Adornato SR. DDS
Dr. James Affenito DMD
Andrew Afshar DDS, MD
Payam Afzali DDS, MD
Dr. Jacob Agatstein DMD
Tara Aghaloo DDS, MD, PHD
Dr. Barry Agranat DMD
Dr. Arsalan Ahani DDS, MD
Kaveh Ahani DMD
Dr. Nazir Ahmad DDS
Dr. Fay Ahmadpour DDS
Dr. Junil Ahn DDS,MD
Imran Ahson DMD
Dr. Andrew Aiken DMD, MD
Dr. Michael Ajayi DDS
Dr. Sara Akeel DDS
John Akers DDS
Dr. Harvey Akerson DDS
Dr. Lee Akin DDS
Abdulrahman Al-Ehmeli DDS
Dr. Mohamed Al-Janabi DMD
Dr. Mohammed Al-Obaidi DMD, MD
Dr. Jason Alabakoff DDS, MD
Dr. Yasser Alali DDS
Dr. Ihab Alamat MD, DDS
Vincent Albert DMD
Robert Albin DDS
Bruce Albright DDS PA
Dr. Steven Albright DDS
Jasem Alburaih BDS
Dr. Charles Albury JR. DMD
Rafael Alcalde DDS PA
Dr. Firas Alcheikh Ali DMD
Dr. Ben Alderdice JR. DMD
Dr. David Aldrich DDS
Dr. Anthony Alessi DMD, MD
Dr. Darren Alexander DMD
Dr. Gerald Alexander DDS
John Alexander DDS
Dr. Michael Alexander DMD
Randolph Alexander DDS
Dr. Peter Alfano
Dr. William Alfonso DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Alford DDS
Jabir Alhumaid BDS
Dr. Ziad Ali MD
Dr. Husain Ali-Khan MD DMD
Dr. Ali Alijanian DDS
Dr. Lior Aljadeff DDS
Dr. Abed Alkhatib DMD
Yaakov Allaeb
Dr. Michael Allard DDSMD
Dr. Matthew Alleman DMD
Dr. Terrence Allemang DDS
Chad Allen DDS
Dr. Gregory Allen
Dr. Harvey Allen
Dr. John Allen DDS,MSD
Dr. Leonard Allen MD, DMD
Dr. Marvin Allen JR. DDS
Dr. Paul Allen DMD, JD
Brian Allender DMD
Dr. James Alley III DDS
Dr. Rocklin Alling DDS
Dr. Raymon Allison JR. DDS
Dr. Eric Alltucker DDSMD
Dr. Ralph Alman JR. DDS
Dr. Ben Almerico DDS, MD
Dr. Jeffrey Almony MD, DDS
Dr. John Alonge MS, DDS
Dr. Juan Alonso DMD
Dr. Oscar Alonzo DDS
Dr. Scott Alperin DDS
Dr. Brian Alpert DDS
Craig Alpha DDS
Lena Alsabban BDS
Dr. Ahmad Alshadwi BDS
Robert Alt DDS
Dr. Dustin Altmann DMD
Dr. David Altobelli DMD, MD
Troy Alton DDS
Dr. Fernando Alvarado DDS
Dr. Hector Alvarado DMD
William Alvarez DMD
Nada Alwanni DMD, MS
Said Aly
Shadi Alzahrani
Dr. Cyrus Amato DDS
John Amato DDS, MD
James Amborski DDS
Dr. Riccardo Ambrogio DMD
Dr. Henry Ambrookian JR. DDS
Dr. Christopher Amenedo DDS
Dr. John Ames DDS
Dr. Ramtin Amini MD,DMD
Babak Aminpour DDS
Dr. Bouali Amoli DMD MD
Dr. Edward Amos DDS
Dr. Saar Amrani MD, DMD
Dr. Edward Amrhein DDS
Dr. Ali Amrollahie DMD, MS
Dr. Kevin Amundson DDS, MS
Melissa Amundson DDS
Dr. George Anastassov DDS,MD
John Andersen DDS
Barrington Anderson DDS
Dr. Bruce Anderson DDS
Dr. Clennan Anderson DDS
Dr. Cole Anderson DMD,MS
Dr. Courtney Anderson DDS
Dr. David Anderson DDS, MD
Dr. David Anderson DDS, MD
Dr. Douglas Anderson DDS
Dr. James Anderson DDS
Jonathon Anderson DDS
Dr. Kenneth Anderson III DDS
Dr. Lowell Anderson DMD
Dr. Marvin Anderson DMD
Dr. Paul Anderson JR. MD, DMD
Paul Anderson DDS, MD
Spencer Anderson DDS
Dr. Stephen Anderson DDS
Dr. Steven Anderson DMD
Dr. Steven Anderson DDS
Theodore Anderson DMD
Dr. Thomas Anderson DDS
Dr. William Anderson III DDS
Dr. Chase Andreason DMD
Dr. Joseph Andrews
Michael Andrews DMD
Dr. Martin Anerino DDS
Dr. Nicholas Anggelis DMD
Ida Anjomshoaa
Dr. Bahar Anooshahr DMD
Dr. Ryaz Ansari DDS
Alan Ansello DMD
Dawn Ansello DMD
Lloyd Anseth DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Ant DDS,MD
Dr. Alexander Antipov DDS
Dr. Michael Anton DDS
Dr. Michael Apfel DDS
Layla Arab Yassin DDS,MS
Dr. Steven Aragon MD, DDS
Dr. Simona Arcan DMD MD
Dr. Thomas Arcati DMD
Dr. J Arce DDS INC
Kevin Arce DMD, MD
Joseph Arcuri II DDS
Dr. William Ardary MD DDS
Robin Ardoin DDS PHD
Dr. Barry Argintar DDS
Dr. Arthur Aria DDS
Jay Arlick DMD
Dr. Timothy Armanini DDS
Dr. Jeffery Armstrong DDS
Robert Armstrong DMD
Bruce Arne'
G William Arnett DDS
Dr. Michael Arnette DDS
Dr. Paul Arnold JR. DMD
Dr. Adam Arnoldt DDS
Dr. Lis Arocho - Salgado DMD
Dr. Sharon Aronovich DMD
Eshansh Arora
Dr. George Arquitt III DDS, MD
Antonio Arredondo DDD
Dr. Michael Arrow DMD
Dr. Bonnie Arroyo DDS
Juan Arroyo DMD
Dr. Vidal Arroyo
Dr. Philip Artenberg DDS
Dr. Joseph Arzadon MD,DDS
Dr. Bernard Asdell DDS
Syed Asghar BDS
Mr. Cecil Ash DDS
Dr. David Ash DMD
Dr. Kevin Asher DDS
Dr. Steven Ashman DDS
Dr. Gabriel Aslanian DDS MD
Dr. Gary Aslanian DMD
Dr. Robert Aslanian DDS
Dr. Nelson Assael DMD
D. Atkinson DDS
Dr. Robbie Atkinson DDS MD
Dr. Timothy Atkinson DDS
Dr. Hany Attia DDS
Robert Attia DMD
Dr. George Atwell JR. DDS
Dr. Jared Atwood DDS
Corey Auch DDS
Dr. Franco Audia DDS
Jason Auerbach DDS
Dr. Anthony Auletta JR. DMD
Dr. Blaine Austin DDS
Dr. Gordon Austin DMD
Dr. Mark Austin DDS
Robert Austin MD, DDS
Christopher Auty DDS
Dr. Thomas Auyong DDS
Dr. Normund Auzins DDS
Dr. Renato Aves JR. DDS
Dr. Karen Avila DDS
Bret Avra D,MD
Dr. Michael Awadallah DDS, MD
Dr. Bethany Awalt DMD
Dr. Thomas Aye DDS, MS
Dr. Moris Aynechi DMD, MD
Dr. Shahid Aziz DMD, MD
Dr. Abdul Azizi DMD
Dr. Mark Azzopardi DDS
Dr. Laith Azzouni DMD
Blendi Babameto DMD
Dr. Imanuel Babayev DDS, MD
Dr. William Babbitt
Dr. Charles Babbush DDS
Charles Babst DDS
Thomas Backeris DMD
Dr. Larry Bacon DDS
Dr. Christos Bacos DMD
Christopher Bacsik DMD
Dr. Prashanthi Baddam DMD
Dr. Ernest Baden DDS
Dr. Roger Badwal DMD,MD
Jason Bae DDS, MD
Dr. David Baer DDS
Dr. Shan Bagby DMD
Dr. Mohammad Baghaei-Rad
Dr. Shahrokh Bagheri MD DMD
Michael Bagnoli
Dr. Saul Bahn DMD,MSD,BA
Dr. Ramin Bahram DMD
Dr. Bryan Bailey DDS
Michael Bailey MD, DDS
Paul Bailey DDS
Dr. Randall Bailey DDS
Dr. Ryan Bailey DDS,MD
Dr. Shawn Bailey DDS, MD
Dr. Warren Bailey DMD
Dr. Mark Bain DDS
Dr. Scott Baird DMD
Dr. Richard Bakeman DDS
Dr. Darrel Baker DDS
Gary Baker DDS
Dr. James Baker I DDS
Dr. Jason Baker DMD
Dr. Justin Baker DDS
Lynne Baker DDS, MD
Dr. Mark Baker DDS
Dr. Paul Baker DDS
Stanley Baker DDS
Dr. William Baker IV DMD
Dr. Stephen Bakios DDS
Lester Bakos DDS
Alexandre Balaci DMD
Eduard Balasanian DDS, MD
Dr. Francis Bald DDS
Dr. Marshall Baldassarre DMD
Dr. Aaron Baldwin DMD, MD
Carrie Baldwin DMD
Kenneth Baldwin DDS
Forrest Bale DDS
Dr. Andras Balint DMD
Dr. William Balkan DDS
Dr. John Ballard DMD
Dr. Mary Ballard DDS
Joseph Ballenger JR. DDS
Dr. Andrew Ballin DDS
Dr. Michael Ban DMD
Mr. Mark Banakis DDS
P Banasik DDS
Dr. Timothy Bandrowsky DDS
Dr. Donald Bandy DDS
Dr. Philip Banghart DDS
Dr. Simon Bangiyev DDS, MD
Dr. Kathy Banks DMD
Dr. Stephen Bankston DMD
Dr. David Banta DDS
Dr. Joseph Baptist DDS
Dr. Shant Baran DMD
Dr. Thomas Baransky DDS
Hargrow Barber DDS
Dr. Jacob Barber DDS
Dr. Scott Barber DDS
Dr. Michael Barbick MD, DMD
Dr. Matthew Barefoot DDS, MD
Dr. William Barker DMD
Dr. Michael Barkin DDS
Dr. Brett Barlow DMD
Amos Barnes DMD
Dr. Eric Barnes DDS
William Barnes Ii DMD
Dr. David Barnett DDS, MD
Dr. Kevin Barnhart DDS ORAL & MAXILLOFA
Shannon Barnhart DDS
Dr. Elliot Baron DDS
Dr. Gary Barr DMD
Ronald Barr DDS
George Barrett DDS
Dr. Lawrence Barrett Ii DDS
Dr. William Barringer DDS
James Barsamian DMD
Dr. Richard Barsan DDS
Timothy Bartholomew DDS
Dr. Jon Bartlett DDS
Dr. Richard Bartling DDS, FRCDC
Dr. Kenneth Barton DDS
Dr. John Barts JR. DDS
Mr. John Basile DMD
Barry Bass DDS
Dr. Robert Bass DDS
Dr. Russell Bass DDS
Dr. Brian Bast DMD, MD
William Bast DMD
Dr. David Bastacky DMD
Dr. Jairo Bastidas DMD
Dr. Prasad Bastodkar DDS
Hussam Batal DMD
William Batchelor JR. DDS
Dr. William Bate DMD
Adam Bateman DDS, MD
Dr. James Bates DDS, MD
Dr. Manraj Bath DMD
Dr. Vicente Batlle DDS
Dr. Ziad Batrouni DDS
Dr. Cynthia Battel DDS
Dr. Frederick Bauer DMD
Dr. Richard Bauer III DMD
Dr. Wilson Baugh Jr DDS
Dr. Steven Baum
Dr. Michael Bauman DMD
Dr. Richard Baumbach DDS
Reynold Baumstark DDS
Dr. Mark Baus DDS
Dr. Joseph Bavitz DMD
Dr. Nathan Baxter DDS
Dale Bays MD DDS
Dr. Steven Beadnell DMD
Dr. Frank Beale DDS
Dr. David Beams DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Beattie DMD
Dr. Chad Beatty DMD MD
Dr. Gerald Beatty DDS
Lucas Beatty DDS, MD
Dr. Gregg Beaty DDS
Jennifer Beaudin DMD
Robert Beaudry JR. DMD
Dr. Nicolas Bebeau DDS, MD
William Bechtold DSS, MS
Dr. Barry Beck DDS, MD
Dr. Christopher Beck DDS
Dr. Gerald Beck DDS,MS
Jason Beck DDS, MD
Dr. Richard Beck DMD
Julie Becker DDS
Dr. Lawrence Becker DMD
Russell Beckett DDS
Dr. Michael Beckley DDS
Dr. Mark Beckman DDS,MS
Dr. Thomas Beckman DDS
Dr. Winston Bedford JR. DMD, MD
Dr. Manik Bedi MD, DDS
Dr. Roy Bedrock MS DMD MD
Dr. Edmond Bedrossian DDS
Daryl Bee DDS
Dr. Patrick Beetar DDS
Dr. Howard Begel DDS
Gerard Begley DMD
Dr. Richard Behan DDS
Dr. Max Behr DMD
David Behrman MD
Dr. Owen Beirne DMD, PHD
Martin Belanger
Dr. Edgar Belardo DDS
Dr. Erik Belinfante DMD
Dr. Louis Belinfante DDS
Dr. Colin Bell DDS,MSD
Dr. David Bell MD DDS
Gregory Bell DDS
Richard Bell MD, DDS
Robert Bell DDS
Dr. Ronald Bell DDS
Dr. David Beller DMD
Dr. John Bellome DDS
Dr. John Beninato DDS
Dr. Vincent Benivegna DDS
Dr. Renrick Benn DDS
Dr. Christian Bennerman DDS
Henry Bennett DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Bennett DMD
Dr. Michael Bennett DDS
Sonia Bennett-Selbert DDS
Richard Benninger DDS
Dr. Adam Bennion DDS, MD
Dr. John Bennion DDS, MD
Dr. Robert Benny DDS
Dr. Kenneth Benson DDS
Kimberly Bentjen DDS, MD
William Benzing DMD
Dr. Thomas Berardi DMD
Richard Berg DDS
Dr. Ronald Berg DDS
Dr. Michele Bergen DMD, MD
Dr. Avram Berger DDS
Clifford Berger DDS
Dr. Richard Berger DDS
Dr. Richard Berger DDS
Dr. David Bergey DDS01
Robert Bergman DDS
Dr. Stewart Bergman DDS
Dr. Richard Berk DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Berkley DDS
Dr. Joel Berley DMD
Andrew Berman DDS
Dr. David Berman DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Berman DDS, MD
Dr. Stanley Berman DDS
Dr. Todd Berman DMD
Dr. Francisco Bermudez DMD, PHD
Andrew Bernard
Dr. Milton Bernard SR. DDS
Dr. Herbert Berquist DMD
Dr. Ray Berringer DDS
Ronald Berry DMD
Thomas Berry MD,DDS
Dr. Zachary Berry DDS
Mrs. Cathy Berry Shaw
Dr. Harry Berstis DDS
Dr. Richard Bertetti DMD
Dr. Paul Bertin DDS
Dr. Karim Berty DMD, MD
James Bertz DDS,MD,FACS
R. Berube DDS
Dr. James Berwick DDS
Dr. Gregory Bess MD, DMD
Dr. Robert Bessey DDS
Dr. Joseph Best
Dr. Steven Best DMD
Susan Bestgen DDS
Dr. Nicholas Bett DMD
Dr. Norman Betts DDS, MS
Dr. Chad Betz DDS
Dr. William Beutel DDS
Richard Bevilacqua DMD, MD
Manish Bhagania BDS, MDS
Philip Bhaskar DMD
Dr. Ishwar Bhatia BDS, MDS
Dr. Ravipal Bhatti MD, DDS
Alexandra Bialy DDS
Dr. Michael Bianco DMD
Dr. Richard Bianco DDS
Dr. Josef Bieber
George Biederman JR. DDS
Dr. Marc Bienstock DDS, MD
John Biernacki DMD
Dr. William Bigelow DDS
Dr. Teresa Biggerstaff DDS, MD
Dr. Michael Billingsley DDS
Mr. Mark Billman DMD MD
Julie Billups DDS
Walter Bilotta DMD
Dr. Paul Bilovsky DDS
Dr. Mark Biolo DDS
Dr. Ronald Biondo DDS
Dr. Dennis Bird DDS
Dr. Gerald Bird DDS
Dr. James Bird DMD, MD
Gregory Biron DMD
Mr. Roland Biron MD, DMD
Randy Bisping DDS MS PC
David Bisterfeldt DDS
Jerome Bistritz DDS
Dr. David Bitonti DMD
Dr. Byron Black DDS
Dr. Dennis Black DDS
Dr. Richard Black DMD, MPH
Dr. Bart Blaeser DMD, MD
Dr. David Blaha DDS
Dr. Daniel Blaho JR. DDS
Dr. Henry Blair DMD
Dr. Robert Blair DDS
Melvin Blake DDS
Dr. John Blakemore DDS
George Blakey DDS
Dr. Robin Blakkolb DDS
Dr. Brian Blalock DDS, MD
Dr. Remy Blanchaert JR. DDS,MD
Elisa Bland DMD
Dr. Esmond Blanton DDS
Donald Blaschke DDS
Dr. Lenora Blathers DDS
Dr. John Blazic DDS
Randall Blazic DDS MD
Dr. Robert Blease SR. DDS
Sanford Blecker DDS
Dr. Russel Bleiler III DMD
Dr. Carter Blevins DMD
Dr. Keith Blevins DDS
Dr. Justin Bley DMD
Dr. Peter Bliss DMD
Dr. Meredith Blitz DDS
Dr. James Block DDS
Michael Block DMD
Dr. Walter Bloes DMD
Dr. William Blood DDS MD
Dr. Craig Bloom DMD
Dr. David Bloom DDS, MS
Dr. John Bloom DDS
Dr. Todd Bloom MS, DDS
Charles Bloomer DDS
Dr. Dale Bloomquist DDS
Dr. Leland Blough JR. DMD
Dr. Christopher Blount DDS
Michele Bloxson DDS
Dr. Eve Bluestein MD, DDS
Debra Blum DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Blum DDS
Dr. Michael Blum DDS
Dr. Barton Blumberg DMD
Dr. Adam Blumer III DMD
Dr. Garrett Blundell DDS, MD
Dr. Oscar Bluth DDS
Dr. David Blythe JR. DDS
Dr. Tilden Bobbitt DDS
Dr. Samuel Bobek DMD, MD
Dr. Gregg Bobier DMD
Dr. Michael Bobo DDS MD
Jeffrey Bobst DDS
Dr. Thomas Boc DDS
Dr. Charles Bode DMD
Dr. Janet Bodey DDS
Dr. Daniel Boedeker DDS
Paul Boerman DDS
Dr. Steven Boettger D D S
Randy Bogard DMD, MD
Dr. Steven Bogart DDS
Dr. John Boghossian DDS
Dr. William Bohannan DDS, MD
Dr. Gregory Bohle DDS, MD
Dr. Gregory Boice DMD
Dr. Dorothy Boisen DDS
Dr. David Bojrab DDS
Dr. Matthew Bojrab DDS, MS
Dr. Luther Bolton DDS MSD
Dr. Christopher Bonacci DDS, MD
Franklin Bonasso DDS
Dr. Marina Bonaventura DDS
Dr. Kevin Bond DDS
Kenneth Bondra DMD
Sarah Bong-Thakur DDS
Dr. Genevieve Bonin DMD
Dr. George Bonn LTD DDS
Dr. Jonathan Bonnet DDS
Dr. Ronald Bonnett DMD
Dr. Andrea Bonnick DDS
Dr. Gerald Bonnington DDS
Dr. Timothy Bonniwell DMD
Dr. William Bontempi DMD, MD
Steven Bookless DDS
Dr. Andrew Bookwalter DDS
Dr. Richard Boone DDS
Donald Booth DMD
James Booth DDS
Dr. Jerry Booth DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Booth DDS
Dr. Michael Borchardt DDS
Dr. Michael Borenstein DDS
Dr. Osbel Borges DMD
Dr. Ryan Borgwardt DDS
Thomas Borris DDS
Dr. Shaun Bortel DMD
Dr. Stephen Bosco DMD
Lawrence Bossong DDS
Dr. Cecil Bottenbley DMD
Dr. Marie Boucher DDS
Dr. Slim Bouchoucha DDS,MS
Dr. Stanley Boucree SR. DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Boudreau DDS
Dr. Val Boudreau JR. DDS
Dr. Donald Boudreaux JR. DDS
Dr. Anthony Bouneff DMD
Dr. Lauren Bourell DDS, MD
Dr. Sidney Bourgeois JR. DDS
Dr. Thomas Bourland DDS
Nicholas Bournias DDS
Dr. Shadi Boutros DDS
Dr. Brian Bovino DMD
Charles Bowen DMD
Dr. Scott Bowen DMD MD MPH
Daniel Bower DMD MS
Dr. Don Bowermaster DDS
Dr. Thomas Bowers IV DMD, MD
Stephen Bowie DMD
Dr. Walter Bowlin JR. DDS
Dr. Curtis Bowman DDS
Dr. Andrew Boyce DDS
Dr. Barry Boyd DMD, MD
Scott Boyd DDS, PHD
Dr. Robert Boyda SR. DDS
Dr. Robert Boyda DDS
Derek Boyden
Dr. Michael Boyer DDS
James Boyle III DDS
Dr. Richard Boyle III DDS
Dr. Tyler Boynton DMD
Dr. Brent Boyse DDS
Dr. John Bozich DMD
Dr. Daniel Braasch DMD
Dr. George Bradford DMD
Dr. John Bradford II DMD
Dr. Sean Bradley DMD
Jon Bradrick DDS
Dr. Daniel Brady DDS
Gordon Brady DMD
Michael Brady DDS
Dr. Jaime Brahim DDS, MS
Dr. Stanton Braid D MD
Hani Braidy DMD
Patrick Brain DDS
Dr. M Braly DDS
Dr. James Brammer DDS
Dr. John Brammer DDS
Dr. Glenn Branca DDS
Dr. John Brandebura JR. DMD
Dr. Craig Brandner DDS
Dr. Matthew Brandt DDS MD
Dr. Pardeep Brar DMD
Terrance Bratton DDS
Paul Braun DDS
Robert Braun DDS
Dr. Thomas Braun DMD
Dr. Nathan Braverman DMD, MD
Dr. Richard Bravman DMD
Dr. Mark Braxton DMD
Dr. Alvin Bregman DDS
Dr. Andrew Breiman DDS
Dr. Richard Bret DDS MD
Dr. Rebekah Brevard DMD
Dr. Hector Briceno DMD
Dr. Jay Bridbord DDS
Dr. Michaelanne Briggs DDS, MD
Robert Brillman DDS
Hugh Brindley DMD,PA
Matthew Brinker DDS
Dr. Richard Brinker DMD
Janice Brinkley RDH
Jill Brinkman DDS
Dr. Paul Brinser III DDS
Dr. Dewayne Briscoe DDS MD
Dr. Thomas Brislin JR. DMD
Dr. Adam Brisman DMD
Mark Britten DMD
Kent Broadbent DDS
Dr. Michael Broadbent DMD, MS
John Brock DDS
Dr. Justin Brock DDS, MD
Robert Brockett DMD
Hans Brockhoff II DDS
Dr. Steven Brody DDS
Dr. John Brokloff DDS
Dr. Carolyn Brookes DMD
Dr. C. Brooks DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Brooks DMD
Paul Brooks DDS
Dr. Perry Brooks DDS
Dr. Warren Brooks III DDS
Dr. Robert Brooksbank DDS
Dr. Mitchell Brookstone DDS
Dr. Dana Brotherton DDS,MD
Vishtasb Broumand DMD, MD
Dr. Gary Brousell DDS
Dr. Michael Broutsas DDS
Mr. Brandon Brown DDS
Christopher Brown DDS
Christopher Brown DDS
David Brown DDS
Dr. Deborah Brown MD,DMD
Dr. Jared Brown DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Brown DMD, MD
Dr. Jeffrey Brown DMD
Dr. Lawrence Brown DDS
Dr. Marc Brown DDS
Dr. Matthew Brown MD, DDS
Dr. Randall Brown DMD
Regan Brown DDS
Dr. Stephen Brown DDS
Steven Brown DMD
Dr. Steven Brown DDS
Dr. George Brownridge II DENTIST
Dr. Karl Bruckman MD, DDS
Dr. Richard Bruckner DDS
Dr. Kurt Bruksch DDS
Mr. Matthew Bruksch DDS
John Brunetti DMD
Dr. Beth Brunner DMD, MD, PLLC
Dr. Daniel Brunner MD, DDS
Ehlie Bruno DDS
Gerard Bruno DDS
Dr. Jerry Brunsoman DDS, MS
Mr. Richard Brunton DDS
Henry Bryan DDS
Dr. Robert Bryan II DDS
Dr. Steven Bryan DMD
Dr. Eric Bryant DMD
Dr. James Bryant DMD
Dr. Michelle Bryant DDS
Dr. Roy Bryant JR. DMD
Dr. Robert Buch DDS, MD
Dr. Sanford Buch DDS
Dr. James Buchanan JR. DDS
Craig Buchmann DDS
Dr. Andre Buchs DMD
Dr. William Buck JR. DMD
Dr. Robert Buckles DMD
Michael Buckley DMD
Dr. Steven Buckley DDS, MD
Dr. Mark Bufalini DMD MD
Dr. John Buhler Jr DDS
Dr. Jack Buhrow DDS,, MS
Peter Bui DDS, MD
Dr. Tuan Bui MD, DMD
Dr. Jay Bukzin DDS
Dr. Lionel Bulford DDS
Dr. David Bullard DDS
Dr. David Bulot DDS, MD
Dr. Frederick Bunch DDS, MS
Dr. David Bundy DDS
Dr. Kirby Bunel DDS
Dr. Daniel Buras SR. DDS
Dr. Robert Burcal DDS
Dr. Mark Burchard DDS
Dr. Daniel Burchfield DMD
Dr. Tommie Burchfield DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Burgess DDS MSD
Luis Burgos Mercado DMD
Dr. Jimmie Burk JR. DDS
Jonathan Burke DMD
Vernon Burke DMD, MD
Dr. Mark Burne DMD
Dr. Bradley Burnett DDS
Dr. Hugh Burnett III DDS
Dr. David Burnette DDS
Mr. Christopher Burns DDS
Daniel Burns DDS, MD
Dr. Gregory Burns DDS
Dr. Robert Burns JR. DMD
Dr. Gregory Burroughs DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Burstein DDS, MD
Dr. Christopher Burton DDS,MS
Dr. Harold Burton DDS
Dr. Richard Burton DDS MS
Dr. Charles Burzynski DDS
Kamal Busaidy DDS
Jason Buschman DDS
Dr. Nevil Bush DDS PC
Dr. Andrew Bushey DMD, MD
Dr. Michael Bushey DDS
Dr. Lawrence Busino DDS
David Bussard DDS, MS
Dr. David Butler DDS
Mr. Harold Butler DDS MHA
Dr. Monte Butler DDS
Dr. Steven Butler DDS
Kevin Butterfield
Christopher Buttner DDS
Dr. Caesar Butura DDS
Dr. Barton Bycroft DMD
Dr. Robert Byers JR. DDS
Dr. Roger Byrne DDS, MD
Mrs. Valerie Byrnside DDS
Dr. Hector Caballero DDS
Michelle Cabret-Carlotti MD, DDS
Dr. Johanny Caceres DDS
Dr. Michael Cadra MD, DMD
Dr. Claudine Cafferata DDS
Dr. Jay Cagata DMD,MD
Michael Cahoon DMD
Dr. Allen Cail DMD
Dr. Dino Calabrese DDS
Dr. Paul Calat DMD
Dr. Cortland Caldemeyer DDS
Dr. Charles Calder DDS MD
Dr. Peter Calderon DDS
Dr. Steven Caldroney DDS, MD
Dr. Gregory Caldwell DMD, MD
Dr. Colonya Calhoun DDS
Kasey Call DMD
Dr. Michael Callahan DDS
Dr. Nicholas Callahan MPH DMD MD
Dr. Matthew Callan DDS, MD
Dr. Joal Camelio DMD
Dr. Stephen Cameron DDS
Anthony Camillo DMD
Dr. Georgina Camillo DMD
Andrew Campbell DDS
Dr. Bruce Campbell DDS
Dr. Fitzroy Campbell DMD
Dr. John Campbell DDS
Dr. Joshua Campbell DDS
Dr. Robert Campbell DDS
Dr. Lionel Candelaria DDS
Dr. Ralph Cangiano DDS
Dr. Alfredo Canino DMD
Matthew Cannavo DMD
Dr. Brandon Cannon DDS
Daniel Cannon
Dr. Grant Cannon DDS, MD
Dr. John Cannon DDS
Harry Canter JR. DDS
Dr. David Cantor DMD
Dr. Joseph Canzona DDS, MD
Dr. Jolly Caplash DMD
Dr. Nicholas Capobianco DDS
Dr. David Caponigro DDS
Dr. Emil Cappetta DDS
Dr. Domenic Caprice DMD
Dr. Mario Capuano DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Caputo DDS
Dr. Aaron Card DMD, MD
Dr. Luis Cardenas DMD
Dr. Omel Cardenas DDS
Michael Cardo
Curtis Cardon DDS
Dr. Orson Cardon DMD
Dr. Yadira Cardona-Rohena DMD
Andre Cardoso DMD, MD
Dr. Austin Carey DMD
Dr. John Carey DMD
Dr. Vincent Carey DMD
Alejandro Caribas DDS
Dr. Richard Carlin DMD
John Carlo DDS
Dr. Albert Carlotti JR. DDS,LLC
Gary Carlsen DDS
Dr. John Carlson DMD
Dr. John Carlson DMD, MD
Dr. Mark Carlson MS DDS
Dr. Peter Carlson DDS
Jonathan Carlton DDS
Dr. Brent Carmony MS, DDS
Dr. Allen Carnes DDS
Dr. Alan Carness DMD
Steven Carney DDS
Jennifer Caroline DDS
Dr. Frank Carotenuto
Joe Carpenter DMD
Dr. Robert Carpenter DMD
Alan Carr DMD
Dr. Dennis Carr DMD, MD
Janine Carrington DDS
Dr. John Carroll DDS
Dr. Paul Carroll DDS
Dr. Daniel Carson JR. DMD
Dr. John Carson DDS
Michael Carson SR. DMD
Dr. Douglas Carter DDS
Jeffrey Carter MD
Mrs. Rhonda Carter DDS
Dr. Thomas Carter DDS, MS
Dr. Todd Carter DMD
Dr. Michael Caruso DDS
William Carvajal DDS, MD
Dr. Douglas Carver DDS
Phillip Cary DDS
Michael Casadaban DDS, MD
Dr. Donald Case DMD
Gregory Casey DDS
Dr. Michael Casillas DDS
Harry Casmedes MD, DDS
Antonio Caso DDS
Alan Cassara DMD
Dr. Michael Cassatly
James Cassidy DDS
Vincenzo Castaldo III DMD
Dr. Joanne Castaneda DDS, MD
Dr. Nelson Castellano DDS
Dr. Federico Castillo IV DDS
Dr. Lauren Castro DMD, MD
Tony Castro DDS
Dr. Joseph Catalano DDS
Dr. Randall Caton DDS
Dr. Richard Catrambone DMD, MD
Mr. Vincent Cavaretta III DDS
Dr. William Caviness DDS
Dr. Cameron Cavola DMD, MD
Ronald Caylor DMD
Dr. Joseph Cecere DMD
Dr. William Cecere III DDS, MD
Dr. David Cedeno DDS MD
James Cella DDS
Dr. Thomas Cerbone DDS
Dr. Seunghee Cha DDS
Dr. Guillermo Chacon DDS
Dr. Susan Chacon DDS
John Chae DDS
Dr. Evan Chafitz DMD
Dr. Harinderpal Chahal DDS
Omar Chahal DDS
Dr. Carol Chahine DMD
Evan Chalk DMD
Mark Chambers DMD
Dr. Robert Chames DDS
Dr. Allen Champion DDS
Dr. Craig Chan DDS
Dr. Gary Chan DDS
Michael Chan
Dr. Michael Chan DDS
Dr. Patrick Chan DMD
Dr. Simmon Chan DDS
Dr. William Chan DDS
Dr. Heather Chance DMD
Clay Chandler DDS, MD
Jason Chandler DMD, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Chandler DDS
Karl Chandler DMD
Dr. Heena Chandra
Dr. Ravi Chandran DMD PHD
Dr. Andrew Chang DDS MD
Dr. Brian Chang DMD
Dr. Christopher Chang DDS
Dr. David Chang DMD
Dr. Heera Chang MD, DDS
Dr. Tina Chang DMD MD
Dr. Makepeace Charles DDS
Jay Chason DDS
Dr. Kourt Chatelain DMD
Dr. Richard Chau DMD
Dr. Nahla Chaudhary
Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry DMD OMS
Dr. Julie Chavez DDS
Dr. Vicente Chavez DDS
Ross Chavkin DDS
Dr. Suchie Chawla DDS, MD
Garey Chayra DDS
Dr. John Cheek DDS
Dr. Ira Cheifetz DMD
Dr. Larry Chelsey DDS
Harrison Chen DDS, PC
Dr. I-Ling Chen DDS
Mr. Joseph Chen DDS
Dr. Phillip Chen DDS,MD
Dr. Chien Cheng DDS MD
Kae Cheng DMD MD
Dr. Kenneth Cheng DDS
Dr. William Chepla DDS
Dr. Barry Cherny DDS
Dr. Bradley Cherry DDS, MD
Dr. Brian Cherry DMD
James Cherry DMD
Dr. Steven Cherry DMD
Dr. William Cheslin DDS,MD
Dr. Andrew Cheung DDS
Dr. Rennie Cheung DMD, MD
George Chew DDS
Dr. Lawrence Chewning JR. DMD
Mr. Lee Chewning DMD
Dr. Devender Chhabra MD
Dr. Howard Chi DDS
Dr. Tony Chi DMD
Dr. John Chiapel DDS
Kien Chibayere
John Chibbaro DMD
Dr. Anthony Chicola DMD
Dr. Allen Chien DDS
Radhika Chigurupati DMD
Charles Chilcoat
Dr. Dale Childers DDS
Dr. Roger Childress DDS, MD
Donald Chiles DDS
Dr. Frenk Chiminello DMD
Dr. Daniel Chin JR. DDS
Dr. Martin Chin DDS
Roger Chin DDS
Dr. Thomas Chiodo DDS
Dr. Francis Chionchio DDS
Dr. Mark Chishom DMD
Dr. Ronald Chmiel JR. DDS
Dr. Peter Cho DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Cho DDS
Dr. Sung Cho DMD
Sung Hee Cho DDS, MD
Dr. Carl Choi DDS
Dr. Elbert Choi DDS
Howard Choi DDS
Dr. Jason Choi DDS
Dr. John Choi DDS
Dr. Ameet Chopra DDS
Dr. Jayanthi Chopra DDS, MD
Chester Chorazy DDS MDS
Dr. Gregory Chotkowski DMD
Dr. Joli Chou DMD, MD
Dr. Simon Choyee DDS
Dr. James Chrisman DDS
Dr. Bryan Christensen DMD, MD
Dale Christensen
Dr. Louis Christensen DDS
Dr. David Christian DDS
Dr. Robert Christiansen DDS
Mr. Stephen Christiansen DDS
Dr. Calley Christie DMD
Ayman Chritah DDS, MD
Curtis Chu DDS
Dr. Claris Chuah DMD
Dr. Sung-Kiang Chuang DMD MD
Dr. Janet Chun DDS MD
Dr. Billy Chung DDS
Dr. David Chung DDS
Dr. Tony Chung MD, DMD
William Chung DDS
Dr. Robert Chuong MD, DMD
Dr. Paul Chyzus
Dr. Frederick Ciabattoni DDS
Dr. John Ciabattoni DDS
Dr. Robert Ciarallo
Dr. Joseph Cillo JR.
Victor Cimino MD, DDS
Dr. Terry Cisler DDS
Dr. Christopher Clancy DMD
Dr. Daniel Clancy DDS
Dr. Adam Clark DDS
Dr. Charles Clark DDS
Dr. David Clark DDS
Dr. David Clark DMD
Dennis Clark DMD
Dr. Dennis Clark DMD, MD
Dr. Fredric Clark DDS,MSD
Dr. James Clark DMD,MS
Dr. Jev Clark
Dr. Martin Clark DDS
Dr. Matthew Clark DDS, MD
Dr. Michael Clark DDS
Dr. Morris Clark DDS
Paul Clark III DMD, MD
Robert Clark DMD
Dr. Tyler Clark DDS
Dr. Denise Clarke MSED DMD
Dr. John Clarke
Dr. Earl Clarkson DDS
Dr. Reinaldo Claudio DMD, MD
Dr. Eric Claussen DMD
Mr. Lewis Clayman DMD, MD
Mr. Jeffrey Clayton DDS
Dr. Mark Clayton DDS
Dr. Timothy Clegg DDS
Dr. Stephen Clemens DMD
John Clemenza DMD, MD
Dr. Daniel Clifford DMD MD
Dr. Trent Clifton DMD
Dr. Corrine Cline-Fortunato DDS
Dr. James Closmann DDS
Dr. David Coates DDS
Dr. Marianne Coburn DDS
Guy Coby DMD
Mr. Dennis Cocayne DDS
Dr. Craig Cochran DDS
Dr. John Cockerham DDS
Rex Cockrell
Dr. Stephen Coffey DDS
Dr. Alan Cohen DMD
Dr. Craig Cohen DMD
Mr. Donald Cohen DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Cohen DDS
Lisa Cohen DDS
Dr. Lori Cohen DDS
Dr. Paul Cohen DDS
Dr. Ruben Cohen DDS
Kent Cohenour DDS
Dr. Christine Coke DDS,MD
Dr. Neysa Coker DMD, MD
Louis Colacicco DDS
Dr. Harry Cole JR. DDS
Dr. Roy Cole MD,DDS
Dr. James Cole Ll DDS
Dr. Peter Colella DMD,MD
Dr. James Coleman III DDS
Michael Coleman DDS
Norman Coleman DDS
Dr. Patrick Coleman DDS
Dr. Nicholas Coles DDS
Dr. Robert Coles DMD
Dr. John Colgan DDS
Russell Collett DDS
Ryan Colletta
Dr. David Collette DMD, MD
Kirk Collier DDS
Chad Collins DMD
Dr. Douglas Collins DDS
Edward Collins III DDS
Francis Collins MD, DDS
Dr. John Collins DDS
Dr. Kenneth Collins JR. DDS
Dr. Mitchell Collins DDS, MD
Patrick Collins DDS
Dr. Robert Collins DMD
Dr. Thomas Collins SR. DDS MS
Dr. Thomas Collins JR. DDS
Stephen Colm DMD
Dr. Raul Colon Nieves DMD, MD
Dr. Cynthia Colson DMD
Dr. Clark Comeaux DDS
Dr. Matthew Comiskey DDS
Dr. Joseph Como DDS
J Comstock DDS
Dr. Philip Conforti DDS
Dr. Cameron Conkin DDS
Dr. Charles Conklin JR. DDS
Dr. Timothy Conley DDS
Dr. Albert Conlisk DDS, MD
Dr. Robert Conlon DDS
Stephen Connelly MD,DDS
Dr. Gregory Conner DDS
Thomas Connolly DMD
Francis Connor JR. DDS
Shane Connor DDS, MD
Mark Conover DDS
Shawn Conrad
Dr. Alexander Consky DDS, MD, MPH
Dr. David Constantine DMD
John Contino DMD
Dr. Clifford Cook DDS
Daniel Cook DDS, MD
Dr. Harold Cook DMD
Dr. Lawrence Cook DDS PA
Thomas Cook III DMD, MD
Victor Cook DDS
Howard Cooke DMD MS
Dr. Vera Cooke DDS/MD
Alan Cooper DMD
Dr. Brian Cooper DDS
Dr. Bruce Cooper MD, DDS
Dr. John Cooper DDS
Kristopher Cooper DMD
Dr. Lindsey Cooper DMD
Dr. Marc Cooper DDS
Dr. Robert Cooper DDS
Dr. Deborah Cooper-Newland DDS PLLC
Dr. John Coover
Dr. Vincent Corbett JR. DDS
Dr. Theodore Corcoran DMD, MD
Dr. Richard Cordero DMD, MD
Dr. Sherdon Cordova DDS
Dr. Rigo Cornejo DMD MD
Dr. John Cornell DDS
Ernst Cornielsen DDS
Dr. Carlos Coro DDS
Dr. Stephen Cosentino DDS
Dr. Ralph Costagliola DDS
Dr. Michael Costello DMD
David Cotant DDS
Jared Cottam DDS MD
Dr. John Cotten JR.
David Cottrell DMD
Dr. David Coviak DDS
Vincent Coviello DDS
Lucia Covington DMD
Dr. Jay Cowan DDS
Dr. Charles Cox DDS
Dr. Charlie Cox JR. DDS
Dr. Donald Cox DDS
Dr. Mark Cox DMD
Dr. Thomas Coyle DDS
Dr. Timothy Coyle MD DDS
Dr. Cathleen Coyne DDS
Dr. James Coyne DMD
Charles Crago DMD, MD
Dr. Luis Craig DMD/MA
Dr. Mark Craig DDS, MD
Dr. Donald Cram DDS, MS, INC
Dr. Randall Crammond DMD
David Crane DDS
Dr. Mark Crane MD, DDS
Dr. Reynold Crane DDS
Dr. Martin Craven DDS,MD
Dr. Joseph Craver DDS
Dr. Emerson Crawford JR. DDS
Dr. Gary Crawford DDS
Jonathan Crawford DDS
Richard Crawford DMD
Dr. Gerard Creagh JR. DDS
Dr. Christopher Crecelius DDS
Dr. Nancy Creed DMD
Dr. John Crestetto DDS,MD
Dr. David Crichton DDS
Dr. James Crine II DDS
Dr. Richard Crinzi DDS MS
Dr. Robert Crittenden DMD
Dr. Daniel Crofton DDS, MD
Dr. Robert Crooks DMD
William Croom DDS
Mrs. Mary Crosby DDS
Dr. Darren Cross DDS
Dr. Joshua Cross DDS
Dr. Jay Crossland DDS
Dr. David Crouthamel DDS
Dr. John Crowder DDS
Dr. Karen Crowley DDS
Dr. Maurice Crowley DMD
Dr. Todd Crowley DDS
Dr. Gordon Crucikshank DDS
Dr. W Dale Crum DDS
Dr. Carlos Cruz DDS
Dr. Earl Cubbage DDS
Dr. Steven Cudney DMD
Dr. Jeremy Cull DDS
Dr. Rocky Cullens DDS
Dr. Daniel Cullum DDS
Paul Cullum DDS
Dr. Jimmy Culver DDS
Dr. David Cummings DDS
Dr. Mike Cummings DDS, MSD
David Cundick DDS
Dr. David Cunning DMD
Dr. Barry Cunningham DDS
Dr. Russell Cunningham DDS MD
Dr. Anthony Cuomo DDS
Dr. Christopher Cuomo DDS, MD
Dr. Thomas Curran
Thomas Curran DDS
Dr. Robert Curreri DDS
William Currie DDS
Dr. Robert Currivan
Dr. William Curry DDS
David Curtis DDS
Dr. Neal Curtis DDS
Michael Cusatis DDS
Robert Cushing DDS
Dr. Francis Cusumano DDS
Dr. Mance Cutbirth DDS,MD
Bruce Cutilli DMD
Dr. Albert Cutri DDS MD
Dr. Brian Cutright DDS
Dr. Charles Cuttino DDS
Lawrence Cuzalina MD, DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Cyr DDS
Dr. Daniel D'angelo DDS, MA
Dr. Jeremiah D'anna DDS
Dr. Samuel D'arco DDS
Dr. Edward D'eramo DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Dabell DMD
Dr. Michael Dabell DMD
Richard Dachille DMD
Dr. Michael Dachowski DMD
Dr. Shadi Daher DMD
Dr. Daniel Daley JR. DDS
Dr. David Dalrymple DDS, MD
Dr. Frank Dalsanto MD, DDS
Michael Dalton DDS
Jane Daly DDS
Dr. Eugene Damico III DDS
Dr. Justin Damron DDS
Joseph Danesh DDS
Dr. Shaun Daneshgar
Christopher Daniel DDS, MD
Dr. Renie Daniel DMD, MS
Robin Daniel DDS
Paul Danielson DMD
Dr. Ihor Danko DDS
Mr. David Darab DDS MS
Bryan Darling DDS,MD
Mr. John Darling DDS
Steven Darmstadt DDS
Dr. Richard Darnall DDS
Dr. Marvin Dash DMD
Dr. Joseph Dasher DDS
Dr. Moses Datson
Dr. David Dattilo DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Davee DDS
Dr. William Davenport DDS
Dr. Alphonzo Davidson SR. DDS
Dr. Jack Davidson JR. DDS, MD
Dr. James Davies DDS
Dr. Sarah Davies DDS, MD
Dr. Christian Davila DDS,MS
Dr. Manuel Davila DMD
Dr. Christopher Davis DDS, MD
Dr. Clayton Davis DDSMD
Dr. Gordon Davis MD, DDS
Dr. Isaac Davis III DMD
Dr. Jean-Paul Davis DDS, MSC
Mr. Jeffrey Davis DDS
Dr. Mark Davis DDS
Dr. Matthew Davis DDS
Dr. Richard Davis DDS
Dr. Stephen Davis DDS
Dr. Wilbur Davis JR. DDS
Dr. Buris Davis, Jr. DMD
Dr. Akbar Dawood DMD
Dr. Gregory Day DDS
Dr. Ordie Day II DMD
Dr. Reed Day DMD, MD
Dr. Richard Day DDS
Dr. Mikhail Daya Attie DMD
Dr. Robert Dayse DDS, MBA
Dr. Juan De Fex DDS
Dr. Dennis De Tomasi DDS
Jeffrey Dean DDS, MD, FACS
Kevin Dean DMD
Dr. Richard Deasy DMD
Joseph Deatherage DMD, MD
Dr. Robert Deatrick II DDS
Dr. Robert Debes DDS
Dr. Donald Decino DDS
Dr. Corey Decoteau DMD
Dennis Dedecker DDS, PC
Dr. George Deeb DDS, MD
Dr. William Deeter DDS
Dr. Matthew Defelice DDS
Dr. Dino Defilippis DDS
Dr. Joseph Defrancesco DMD
Mark Degen DDS, MD
Dr. Michael Degould DDS
Dr. Douglas Degroote DDS
Dr. Paul Deitrick JR. DMD
Yvonne Dejean DMD
Jonathan Dejong DDS
Dr. Adriana Del Llano Torres DMD
Dr. Patricia Del Pilar Alvarado DMD
Mr. Edwin Del Valee Sepulveda DMD
Dr. Marcos Del Valle DMD MD
Anthony Del Vecchio DDS
Dr. Alfredo Dela Rosa JR. DDS, MD, MBA
Dr. Arnold Delfiner DDS
Dr. Edward Delgado DDS
Dr. Gregory Delgado DDS
Luis Delgado DMD
Dr. Donald Delisi JR. DMD
Dr. Nima Deljavan DDS
Dr. Nicholas Dellorusso DMD
Dr. Robert Delo DDS, MD
Brent Delong
Paul Delong DMD
Dr. Roberto Deloso DDS
Dr. Michael Delrosario DDS
Dr. Mary Delsol DDS
Dr. Dean Deluke DDS
Dr. Stephen Demarco DDS
Dr. Peter Demas MD, DMD
Isabelle Dematteis
Dr. Neophytos Demetriades DMD, MD
Nagi Demian DDS
Dr. Robert Demick DDS
Peter Demizio DDS
Dr. Michael Demo DDS
Dr. Stephen Denbrock DDS
Dr. Anthony Denicco DDS
Dr. Matthew Dennis DDS
Dr. Dikran Deragopian DMD, MD
Errol Derouen
Dr. Gary Desalvo DMD MD
Dr. Michael Desalvo DMD
James Desantis DDS & MD
Dr. Christopher Desesa DMD
Rools Dessieux DDS
Dr. Alan Deubner DDS
Dr. Craig Dever DDS
Dr. Timothy Devitt DMD
Donald Devlin DDS
Dr. Gerald Devlin
Dr. Joseph Devylder DDS
Dr. Charles Dewild DMD, MD
Andrew Dewitt DDS
Jason Dewitt DDS
Dr. Kelly Dezura DMD
Rupinder Dhadli DDS MD
Dr. Sukhdeep Dhaliwal MD, DDS
Dr. Amit Dhameja MD, DDS
Dr. Sandeep Dhesi DMD
Dr. Italo Di Prisco DDS
Dr. Nicholas Diamanits MD DMD FAACS
Dr. Sotirios Diamantis MD, DMD
Dr. Jason Diamond DDS MD
Dr. Kourosh Dianatyazdi DDS
Dr. Luis Diaz DMD
Dr. Manuel Diaz DDS
Dr. Marcos Diaz DDS
Jose Diaz-Abascal DDS
Dr. Joseph Diblasio DDS
Dr. Christopher Dickerson DDS
Dr. Nathan Dickerson DDS
Dr. Donald Dickinson III DDS
Dr. Charles Dicosimo II DDS
Dr. Rick Diehl DDS
Dr. Ryan Diepenbrock DDS
Dr. David Dieu DMD, MD
Dr. Vincent Difabio DDS
Dr. Therese Diflorio Brennan DMD, MD
Dr. Sean Digman DDS
Dr. John Digney DDS
Dr. John Digregorio DDS
Hari Digumarthi DMD
Dr. James Dilascio DDS
Mr. Frederick Dillard DMD
Dr. Tracy Dillon DDS
Dr. Anthony Dimango DDS
Dr. Donald Dinello DMD
Dr. Donald Dinello DMD
Dr. Bruce Dines DMD
Dr. Michael Ding DDS MD
Todd Dingman DDS,MD
Dr. Douglas Dingwerth DDS,MD
Richard Dinnocenzo DMD MD
Dr. Kim Dipasquale DDS MS
Maria Juliana Dipasquale DMD
Dr. Michael Dipietro DMD
Mary Dipirro DDS
Dr. Steven Dirienzo DMD
Dr. Jose Disla Pena DMD
Dr. Fredrick Disque DMD
Dr. Douglas Ditty MD, DMD
Dr. Robert Dixey DDS
Dr. Richard Dixon DDS
Dr. C. Randall Doan DDS
Dr. William Dobbin DMD
Joseph Doctora DDS, MD
Dr. David Dodd DMD
Dr. Thomas Dodson DMD
Dr. Harold Doench DDS
Dr. Michael Doherty DDS
Dr. Robert Doherty DDS PC
Dr. Richard Dohrmann DDS MS
Mr. Anthony Dohse DDS
Patrick Dolan DDS
Dr. Rex Dolan DDS
James Dolin DDS
Dr. Melvin Dolwick DMD, PHD
Dr. John Domanico DDS
Dr. Michael Domboski DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Dombrowski DDS,MD
James Domin DDS
Dr. Martin Dominger DDS,MD
Dr. Joel Doner DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Donlevy DDS,MD
Dr. William Donlon DMD
Dr. Glen Donnarumma DDS
Dr. David Donohoe DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Dootson DMD
Dr. Brian Dorfman DMD, MD
Dr. David Dorfman MD, DDS
Dr. Robert Doriot II DDS
Dr. Bernard Dormer JR. DDS PA
Dr. Robert Dornauer DDS
Dr. Frank Doroba III DMD
Dr. Arina Doroshenko DDS, MD
Dr. Daniel Dorsey DMD
Dr. Kevin Dorsey DDS
Ronald Dorst
Dr. Jesse Doscher DDS, MSC
Jeffery Doss DDS
Dr. Michael Doucet DDS
Thomas Dougherty DMD
Dr. Dennis Doughty DDS
Dr. Lindsey Douglas III DMD
Dr. Arthur Douglass JR. DDS
Dr. Kieran Dowd DMD
Dr. William Down DDS
John Downs DDS
Ingrid Dowrich
John Doyle DDS
Dr. Steven Doyle DMD
Dr. Ian Dozier DDS
Dr. John Drager DDS
Dr. Joel Dragoo DDS
Dr. Jan Drake DDS
Thomas Draper DMD, MD
Dr. Mark Dreher DDS, MD
Bernard Dreiman DDS
Dr. Edward Drescher DDS
Dr. Robert Driscoll DDS
Dr. Frank Drongowski DDS
Dr. Scott Drooger DDS
Dr. Chad Drouin DMD
Richard Druce DDS
Dr. Joseph Ducksworth DDS
Dr. Joseph Duda DMD
Dr. John Dudek DDS, MD
Wayne Dudley
Dr. Matthew Dudziak DDS MD
Mary Duffy DDS
Michael Duffy DDS
Dr. John Duhaime DMD
Dr. Leo Dumanis DDS
Michael Dumas DMD, PHD
Dr. Neil Dunbar DMD
Dr. Dale Duncan DDS
Dr. Dean Duncan DDS
Dr. James Duncan
Dr. William Dunlap JR. DMD
Dr. Huyen-Chau Dunn DDS
Dr. Arlet Dunsworth DDS
Gene Dupree DDS
Dr. Mazen Duraini MD, DDS
Mark Durante DDS
Dr. David Durham DMD
Dr. Timothy Durtsche DDS
Dr. Joseph Dusek DDS
Dr. Mark Duvernois DDS
Dr. Geoffrey Duviner DDS
Dr. Nira Dwivedi DDS
Dr. Stephen Dwyer DDS
Dr. Donita Dyalram MD
Dr. Jared Dye DMD
Dr. James Dyer DMD
Dr. Brian Dyess DDS
William Dymon DDS
Dr. William Dzyak DDS,PC
Dr. Rex Eatmon DDS
Dr. Nathan Eberle DDS, MD
Darrell Ebke DDS
Dr. Kimberly Ebner DDS
Dr. Philip Echo DMD
Dr. Blaise Eckert DDS
Dr. Edward Eckert JR. DDS
Dr. James Eckstein DDS,MD
Dr. Natalie Eden DDS
Dr. Wendell Edgin DDS
Dr. Naushad Edibam DMD
Dr. James Edmonds JR. DMD MPH
David Edwards DDS
James Edwards
Dr. Jason Edwards DMD
Dr. Maurice Edwards DMD
Dr. Randall Edwards DDS
Dr. Richard Edwards DDS
Dr. Sandra Edwards DDS
Joel Efron DMD
Dr. Siavash Eftekhari DMD, MD
Dr. Mark Egbert DDS
Dr. Randall Eggert DDS
Dr. Todd Eggleston DDS
Dr. J Ehrens DMD
Dr. David Ehsan MD, DDS
Dr. Martin Eichner DDS
Dr. Ralph Eichstaedt DDS
Dr. David Eidelman DDS
Dr. Adam Eidson DDS
Dr. Carl Eilers JR. DDS
Dr. Mark Eisen
Dr. Nicole Eisenberg DDS
Dr. Peter Eisenhardt DDS
Sidney Eisig DDS
Dr. Erick Eklund III DDS
Dr. Michael Eklund DDS, MS
Dr. Mohamed El Deeb DDS DOS MS
Dr. Mahmoud El Hadidy DMD, PHD
Moustafa El-Ghareeb BDS, MS
Dr. Barry Elbaum DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Elbaum DDS
Dr. Eslam Eldawlatly DDS
Dr. Mahr Elder DDS, MD
Dr. Arthur Elias DMD
Dr. Richard Elias DMD, MD
Dr. Richard Elimon DMD
Dr. Mark Elison DMD, MS
Dr. Edious Elliot DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Elliot DMD
Dr. Michael Elliott DMD
Dr. Paul Elliott DMD
Edward Ellis III DDS MS
Dr. James Ellis DDS
Dr. James Ellis DDS
Dr. John Ellis DDS
Dr. Michael Ellis DDS
Dr. Robert Ellis DDS
Roger Ellis DDS
Dr. Sammy Ellis DMD
Terry Ellis DMD
Sophia Elmuradi BDS, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Elo DDS, MS
Hussein Elrawy DDS
Martin Elson DDS
Dr. Mark Elstein DMD
Dr. Charles Elwell JR. DMD
Joshua Ely
Dr. Ali Elyassi DDS
Mr. Yahya Elzarug BDS
Dr. Hany Emam BDS
Dr. Babak Emami DMD
Dr. Nasser Emami DMD DDS
Dr. David Emanuel MD, DMD
Dr. Turner Emery MD, DDS
Omri Emodi DMD
Dr. Bradford Eneix DDS
Dr. Shawn Engebretsen
John Engel MD DDS
Dr. Kirk Engel DMD
Dr. Philip Engel DMD
Mark Engelstad MD, DDS
Dr. Robert Engl DMD
Dr. Thomas Englert DMD
Dr. Ray English JR. DMD
Dr. Robert Ennis DDS
Dr. Hillel Ephros DMD, MD
Dr. Gary Epstein DDS
Dr. Mohammed Erakat DMD, MD
Brant Erbentraut DDS
Dr. William Erbes DDS
Dr. Aaron Ercole DDS
John Erdeljac DDS
Kim Erickson DMD
Dr. Mark Ericson DDS
Dr. Michael Erlichman DDS
Dr. Frederick Ernst DMD
Hamid Esbah-Tabatabaie DMD
Dr. Thomas Eschenroeder DDS
Dr. Victor Escobar DDS, PHD
Dr. Alan Esla DDS, MD
Dr. Nayeem Esmail DMD
Marty Espe DDS, MD
Daniel Esposito MD, DMD
John Esposito JR. DDS FACD
Lewis Estabrooks DMD
Abraham Estess DDS
Jan Esway DMD
Dr. Abtin Etezadi-Tabrizi DMD
Dr. David Ettinger MD DMD
Dr. Ngozi Etufugh DDS
William Evanko DDS
Dr. Brock Evans DMD
Dr. Clinton Evans MD, DMD
Mr. Erik Evans DDS, MD
Heath Evans DDS
John Evans DDS
Dr. T. Evans DDS, MD
Dr. Todd Evans DMD
Dr. William Evans DMD, MD
Dr. Justin Evanson MD, DDS
Dr. Dwayne Everett DDS
Dr. William Everitt III DDS
Dr. Joshua Everts DDS, MD
Dr. Jon Ewig DDS
Dr. James Eyre JR. MD, DMD
Dr. John Faber DDS
Dr. Rebecca Facy MD,DDS
Dr. Melvin Fader DDS
Ross Fahey DDS
Douglas Fain DDS,MD
Todd Fairbanks DDS
Dr. Stevan Fairburn MD, DMD
Dr. David Fairchild DDS
Dr. Stephen Fairchild DDS
Dr. David Faircloth DMD
Dr. W. Jackson Faircloth JR. DDS
Dr. Frank Falcone JR. DMD
Dr. Lawrence Falender DDS
Dr. Henry Falk DDS
Jesse Falk DMD
Dr. Ryan Falke DDS
Dr. David Fallah DDS
Heshaam Fallah MD
Paul Fallon DDS
Dr. Paul Fallon DDS
Dr. Steven Fallon DMD
Dr. Timothy Fallon DDS, MD
Dr. Ralph Famiglietti DDS
Dr. Peter Famiglio DMD
James Fang DDS
Dr. Brian Fangman DDS
Ramsey Fanous DDS
Joseph Fantuzzo DDS, MD
Dr. Vincent Farhood DDS
Dr. Agustin Farias
Bassem Farid DDS
Dr. Fariborz Farnad
Dr. Parvaz Farnad DDS
Dr. William Farnsworth DDS
Prof. Anthony Farole DMD
Dr. Daniel Farr MD, DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Farr DDS,MS
Dr. Edwin Farrar DDS
Dr. Bart Farrell DDS,MD
Dr. Brendan Farrell DDS
Dr. Brian Farrell DDS,MD
Mr. Charles Farrell DDS
Dr. Paul Farrell DMD
Patrick Farren DMD
Dr. Kian Farzaneh DDS
Dr. Sam Fason DDS
Dr. Carmen Fasulo DDS
Dr. Schahrokh Fatehi DDS
Kayvan Fathimani DDS
Jan Faulk Eggleston DDS
Dr. Scott Fauvell DDS
Dr. Sherrill Fay DMD, MD
Dr. Alena Fear DDS
Dr. Michael Fedele DMD
Dr. Amerigo Fedeli DMD
Dr. Morris Feder DDS
Dr. Ted Feder DDS
Dr. Melvin Federbusch DDS
Dr. Ronald Federman DDS
Dr. John Feeney DDS
Dr. Erik Feider DDS
Dr. David Feinerman DMD, MD
Dr. Bernard Feinstein DDS
Gary Feldman MD AND DDS
Dr. Marc Feldman DDS
Dr. Robert Feldman DDS
Dr. Toby Feldman DDS
Alan Felsenfeld DDS
Dr. Robert Felsenfeld DDS
Dr. Rickey Felton DDS
Dr. David Fenton DDS
Robert Ferdowsmakan MD, DMD
Dr. Andrew Ferguson DMD
Mr. Brett Ferguson DDS
Dr. Bridget Ferguson DDS
Dr. Michael Ferguson DDS, MD
Dr. William Ferguson JR. DDS
Dr. Elie Ferneini DMD, MD, MHS
Nalton Ferraro DMD, MD
Mr. Alan Ferretti DDS
Dr. Gary Ferris DMD
Dr. Stephen Ferry DDS
Dr. Avi Feygin DMD
Dr. David Fiaschetti DDS
Dr. John Fidler JR. DDS
Dr. Amy Field DMD
Dr. Allen Fielding DDS
Dr. Arthur Fields DDS, MS
John Figliolini DMD
Dr. Ruben Figueroa DMD
Dr. Trent Filler DDS
Dr. Scott Fimbres DDS
Dr. Damian Findlay DMD, MD
Dr. Gerald Fine DDS
Deborah Finegold DDS
Dr. Joseph Finelli JR. DDS
Dr. Judd Fink DDS
Dr. Abraham` Finkel DDS
Dr. Maxwell Finn DDS, MD
Richard Finn DDS
Dr. Thomas Fiola DDS
Dr. Vincent Fiorita DDS,MS
Dr. Richard Fiorucci DDS
Christopher First DMD
Dr. Norman Fischer DDS
Mr. Scott Fischer DDS
Dr. Kent Fischvogt DDS
Dr. Leslie Fish DDS
Dr. Adam Fisher DMD
Dr. Bruce Fisher MD, DMD
Dr. David Fisher DDS
Dr. Elda Fisher MD, DMD
Dr. George Fisher DDS, MD
Howard Fisher DDS
Dr. Keith Fisher DDS
Dr. Stephen Fisher DDS
Thomas Fisher DDS MD
Dr. Jeffrey Fister DMD
Dr. Brian Fitzgerald DMD
Dr. Mark Flack DDS
Dr. James Flaggert III DDS
Dr. Melvin Flamenbaum DMD
Dr. Timothy Flanigan DDS
Dr. Michael Fleener DDS
Dr. Daniel Fleischman DDS
Dr. Jason Fleischmann DMD, MD
Dr. Kenneth Fleisher DDS
Steven Flesch DDS
Mark Fletcher MD, DMD
Steven Fletcher DDS
Dr. Donald Flihan DDS, MD
Derrick Flint MD, DDS
Dr. Robert Flint DMD MD
Dr. Steven Florence DMD
Dr. Brent Florine DDS
Dr. Salvatore Florio DDS, MD
Dr. Gary Flower DMD
Dr. Carlton Floyd DDS
George Flugrad DMD,MS
Kevin Flynn MD, DDS
Dr. Paul Flynn DDS
Dr. Thomas Flynn DMD
Dr. Joseph Focarile DMD
Svitozar Fokshey DMD
Michael Folck II DDS
Dr. Daniel Foley DDS, PC
Dr. William Foley DMD, MS
Dr. Kenneth Follmar II DDS
Dr. Troy Follmar DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Foltz DDS
Dr. Brian Fong DMD, MD
Dr. Raymond Fonseca DMD
Dr. Steven Fontana DDS, MD
Robert Fontanesi DDS
Owen Forbes DDS
Dr. Brian Ford DMD, MD
Dr. Henry Ford DMD
Jason Ford DMD
Dr. Lavelle Ford DDS
Melvin Ford III DDS
Anthony Forde DDS
Dr. Isaac Fordjour DDS
Dr. Eric Foretich DDS, MA
Dr. Gary Forgach DDS
Dr. George Forrest DMD
Nelson Fort DDS
Dr. Harrison Fortney DDS
Dr. John Foss DDS, MD
Glenn Foster JR. DDS
Craig Fountain DDS
Dr. Eric Fox DDS, MS
John Fox DDS
Dr. John Fox DDS
Dr. William Fox DDS
Dr. Joshua Foxson DDS
Dr. Sonia Francioni DMD
William Francis DDS
Dr. James Franco DDS, MD
Pedro Franco DDS
Dr. Peter Franco DMD
Jennifer Frangos DDS
Dr. Barry Frank DDS
Dr. John Frank DDS
Dr. William Frantzich DDS, MSD
Dr. Larry Franz DDS
Dr. Russell Fraser DMD
Dr. John Frattellone DMD
Troy Frazee MD DDS
Dr. Robert Frazier DDS
Richard Fraziero DMD MD
Dr. Stuart Fredd DDS
Jonathan Frederick MD
Dr. Margo Freedberg DMD
Dr. Theodore Freedman DDS
Dr. James Freeman IV DDS
Dr. Neal Freeman
Dr. Ross Freeman DDS
Dr. Michael Freid DDS
Roger Freilich DMD
Richard Freimuth DDS
Dr. Luke Freml DDS
Dr. Timothy French DMD
Dr. John Frensilli DDS
Dr. Nicholas Freuen DDS
Bradley Frey DDS
Dr. Karl Frey DDS
Dr. Michael Frey DDS
Dr. Timothy Frey DDS
Vincent Frey DMD
Earl Freymiller DMD
Dr. Kirk Fridrich DDS MS
Dr. Daniel Fried DMD
Dr. Eric Fried DDS
Dr. Jordan Fried DMD
Dr. William Friedel DDS
Dr. Dennis Frieder DDS
Dr. Arthur Friedlander DMD
Dr. Jerald Friedman DDS
Dr. Jerome Friedman DDS
Dr. Jonathan Friedman DDS
Dr. Kurt Friedman DDS, MS
Dr. Patrick Friend DDS
Dr. Gary Fries DDS
Dr. Frank Frishkey DDS
Gabriel Fritz DDS
Dr. Glen Fritz DMD
Dr. Greg Frokjer DDS
Ms. Yolanda Frontera DDS, MDS
Dr. Miguel Frontera-Philippi DMD
Dr. Scott Fross DDS
David Frost DDS, MS
Dr. Emily Frye DDS
Michael Fuentes DDS
Richard Fugler DDS , MD
Dr. Andrew Fulgenzi D D S
Dr. Benjamin Fuller DDS
Dr. Joseph Fullmer DMD
Dr. Gary Funari DMD
Dr. Godfrey Funari DMD
Dr. Joseph Funderburk DDS
Dr. Chi Ming Henry Fung DDS
Thomas Fuqua JR. DDS,MD
Dr. Natasha Furchtgott DDS
David Furman DDS
Dr. Brian Fuselier DDS
Dr. James Fuselier DDS MD
Gabriel Gabbaypour DDS MD
Dr. Nicholas Gadler DDS
John Gagnon DDS
Dr. David Gailey DDS
Dr. Richard Gaines DMD
Richard Gaines DDS, MS
Roy Gaines JR. DDS, MD
Dr. Luis Galarza Escobar DMD
Dr. David Galbraith DMD
Dr. Douglas Galen DDS,
Dr. R. Kent Galey DMD
Dr. Brian Gallagher DMD
Dr. Dale Gallagher DDS
Louis Gallia DMD, MD
Dr. William Gallo DDS
Dr. Bruce Gallup DMD
Dr. Robert Galup DDS
Mr. Armando Gama DDS
Dr. Raymond Gambardella DMD
Dr. Stephen Gandy DMD
Dr. Sravanthi Ganne DDS
Dr. Mohamed Ganni DMD
Dr. Ajay Ganti DDS, MD
Dr. Hamlet Garabedian DMD, MD
Dr. Robert Garber DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Garcia DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Garcia DDS
Juan Garcia DMD
Dr. Hiram Garcia Rivera DMD
Richard Garden DDS
Dr. Donald Gardner DDS
Dr. Jess Gardner DMD, MD
Dr. Kelsey Gardner DDS
Dr. Wendell Gardner DDS
Dr. William Garehime DDS
Howard Garel DDS
Dr. Allan Garfinkel DDS
Bobby Garfinkel DMD
Dr. James Garibaldi DDS
Mr. Steven Garland DMD
Dr. James Garrett DDS
Dr. James Garrett DDS MD
Dr. Brent Garrison DDS, MSD
Dr. Patricia Garrity DMD, MD
Donald Gass
Dr. John Gasser DDS
Dr. Carl Gassmann MD, DDS
Dr. James Gates DMD
Dr. Paul Gates DDS
Carmen Gatta DMD
Peter Gauger DDS
Sanford Gaum DDS
Dr. Patrick Gaus DDS
Dr. Philip Gaus JR. DDS
Shauna Gauthier DMD
Dr. Beth Gavren DDS
Dr. Eleftherios Gavriil DDS
Dr. Matthew Gayheart DMD , MD
Dr. Robert Gear JR. DMD, MD
Wladimir Gedeon DDS
Dr. John Gee DMD
Boris Gefon DDS, MD
Dr. Stacy Geisler DDS PHD
Dr. Eric Geist DDS
Dr. Alexander Gekht DDS
Dr. Harold Gelb DMD
Dr. Michael Gelb DDS MS
Bret Gelder DDS,MD
Dr. Gerald Geldzahler
Dr. Michael Gelfman DDS
Brett Geller DMD
Dr. Richard Generson DMD
Dr. Michael Gentile DMD
C. George DDS
Dr. Daniel George DMD
Dr. Louis George DDS
Dr. Ivan Georgiev DMD
Dr. Gary Geracci DDS
Dr. Nicholas Gerard DMD MD
Dr. Todd Gerlach DDS
Dr. Paul German DDS
Dr. Philip Geron DMD
Dr. Thomas Gerosky
Dr. Daniel Gesek JR. DMD
Dr. Lee Getter DDS
Dr. Charles Getzoff DDS
Paul Geunes DMD
Dr. Ghali Ghali DDS, MD
Narbeh Gharakhanian DDS
Dr. James Gherardini JR. DDS
Rami Ghurani MD
Dr. Dennis Gianoli DDS
Dr. Val Gibberman DDS
Reed Gibbins DDS, MD
Dr. Thomas Gibbs DDS
Ryan Gibson DDS
Dr. James Gift DDS, MS
Dr. James Giglio DDS, MED
Dr. Sam Gilani DMD, MS
Dr. David Gilbert DDS
Dr. Harry Gilbert DDS
Dr. Daniel Gill DDS, MD
Dr. Jasjit Gill DMD
Dr. Robert Gilliland DDS
Dr. John Gillis DMD
Robert Gillum III DDS
Dr. Loretta Gilmore DDS
Dr. William Gilmore DMD, MS
David Gingrass DDS
Dr. John Ginnetti DDS
Lawrence Giordano DMD
Dr. James Gipson DDS MD
Dr. Kenneth Girard DDS
Prof. Sabine Girod MD, DDS, PHD
Mr. Joshua Gish DDS
Dr. John Gissal DDS
Mr. Michael Gissell JR. DDS MD
Dr. Jeffrey Gitelman DDS
Dr. Bonnie Gitman DMD, MD
Joseph Giulian DDS
Dr. Richard Giuliani DDS
George Givler DDS
Dr. Mark Glasgow DDS
Dr. Neil Glass DDS, MD
Dr. Barry Glassman DMD
Dr. Stephen Glawson SR. DMD
Dr. Justin Glazer DDS
Dr. Richard Glazer DMD
Dr. Andrew Glenn DDS, MD
Dr. Robert Glickman DMD
Dr. Michael Gliddon DDS
Dr. Allen Glied DDS
Dr. Joseph Gliksman DDS
Dr. Robert Glineburg DDS
Dr. Michael Glogoff DMD
Dr. James Glore DDS
Dr. Jeremiah Glosenger DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Glosser DDS
Dr. Gene Glover DDS
Dr. Richard Glow DDS
Dr. Mark Glyman MD,DDS
Dr. Michael Gocke DDS
Dr. Adam Goddard DDS
Dr. Brett Godlewski DMD
Dr. Susan Godwin DMD
Dr. Robert Goeckermann DDS
Dr. Stephen Goei DDS, MS
Dr. Jeff Goetz DDS
Robert Going JR. DDS
Dr. Tamer Goksel DDS, MD
Dr. Lionel Gold DDS
Norman Gold DDS
Dr. Robert Gold DMD
Dr. Ronen Gold DDS
Dr. Walter Gold DDS
Dr. Allen Goldberg DDS
Dr. Avery Goldberg DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg DDS
Dr. Kenneth Goldberg DMD
Dr. Mitchell Goldberg DDS
Steven Goldberg
Dr. Steven Goldberg DDS
Dr. Kenneth Goldblatt DDS
Laurie Goldenberg DDS, MD
Dr. Marvin Goldenstein DDS
Dr. Michael Golding DDS
Dr. Elliot Goldman DDS
Dr. Jonathan Goldman DMD
Dr. Kim Goldman DMD
Leonard Goldman DDS
Dr. Mark Goldman DDS
Dr. Douglas Goldsmith DDS
Dr. Jay Goldsmith DMD
Jeffrey Goldstein DDS
Michael Goldwasser DDS, MD
Dr. Steven Gollehon MD DDS FACS
Adrianne Golly MD
Dr. Eduardo Gomez DDS
Dr. Frankie Gomez DMD, MD
Jesus Gomez DDS
Tashorn Gomez DDS
Dr. Timothy Gomez DDS
Dr. Charles Gongloff DMD
Dr. Juan Gonzalez DMD
Dr. Luis Gonzalez DMD, MD
Marianela Gonzalez DDS, MS
Miss Veronica Gonzalez DDS
Dr. Luis Gonzalez Aguilar DDS
Dr. Scott Goodove DDS
Dr. Joseph Goodsell DDS
James Goodwill III DDS
Dr. William Goodwin II DDS
Robert Goodwin Jr DMD
Dr. Fredric Googel DMD
Dr. Deepak Gopala Krishnan DDS
Dr. Glenn Gorab DMD
Edward Goracy DR
Dr. Dean Gordon DMD
Dr. Jacques Gordon DMD
Dr. John Gordon DDS
Mathew Gordon MD DDS
Dr. Newton Gordon DDS
Dr. Richard Gordon DMD
Dr. Jennifer Gordon-Maloney DDS
Neil Gorme
Dr. Dennis Gorospe DDS
Robert Gorzelnik DDS
Donald Gossett DDS
Dr. James Gossett DDS
Dr. Jack Gotcher JR. DMD,PHD
Dr. Stephen Goth DMD
Dr. Donald Goudreau III DMD
Dr. Paul Gould DDS
Dr. Michael Goulston MD, DMD
Michael Goupil DDS
Gustavo Govin III DDS MS
Dr. William Goyne DDS
Dr. Kristine Grace DDS, MS
Dr. Gary Gradke DDS
Dr. James Grady DMD
Steven Graff DDS FAAOMS
Dr. Michael Graffeo DDS
Dr. Larry Graham DDS
Dr. Richard Graham DDS
Dr. Steven Graham DDS
Dr. Robert Gramins DDS
Dr. Francisco Granda DMD, MS, MD
Federico Grande DDS, MD
Dr. Roger Grannum DDS
Dr. Bao-Thy Grant DDS
Dr. George Grant DDS PHD
Dr. Gregory Grantham DMD
Charles Graper MD, DDS
Dr. Michael Grau JR. DMD
Dr. Robert Graves DDS
Dr. Ron Graves DDS
Dr. William Graves II DMD
Austin Gray DDS
Brett Gray DMD MD
Dr. Charles Gray DDS
Dr. Edward Gray DMD, MD
Dr. James Gray DDS
Jesse Gray
John Gray III DMD
Dr. Jonathan Gray DDS
Peter Gray DMD
Dr. Richard Gray DMD
Robert Graybill DDS
Dr. Mark Grecco DMD
Joan Greco DDS
Dr. Anthony Green D D S
Dr. Glenn Green DMD
Dr. James Green MD, DDS
Dr. Philip Green DMD
Ralph Green DMD
Dr. Paul Greenawalt DDS
Dr. Alex Greenberg DDS
Dr. Andrew Greenberg DDS
Dr. Jordan Greenberg DDS
Dr. David Greene DMD
Dr. Lynn Greene DDS
Dr. Elliot Greenfeld
Dr. David Greenman DDS
Dr. Deborah Greenspan DSC
Arthur Greenwald DDS
Dr. Jerry Greer DDS
Dr. Stephen Greer Ii Dmd DMD
Dr. John Gregg DDS
Dr. Curtis Gregoire DDS, MD
Dr. Bradley Gregory DMD
Eugene Gregory DDS
Dr. Mark Gregory MD, DDS
Theodore Grellner DDS PA
Dr. Mark Grenadier DDS
Dr. Lance Grenevicki MD, DDS, FACS
Mark Greskovich DMD, PA
Dr. Michael Gress DDS
Dr. Gregory Gresset DDS, PS
Dr. Raymon Grewal DDS
Dr. Joseph Grider DDS
Dr. Roderick Griffeth DDS
Dr. Barbra Griffin DDS
Jennifer Griffin DDS
Dr. Jerre Griffin DDS
Dr. John Griffin DMD
Dr. Charles Griffith DDS
Johjanniesmagno Griffith DMD
Dr. Miari-Ann Griffith DDS
Dr. Robert Griffith DDS
Dr. Trevor Griffitts DMD
Dr. George Grillon DMD
Mark Grim DMD
Dr. Paul Grin
Mark Grinzinger DDS
Donald Grippo DDS
Dr. Rodger Grissett DDS
Dr. David Grogan DDS, MSD
Dr. Keith Gronbach DDS
Gregory Groshan DMD
Bob Gross DDS
Kevin Gross DDS
Paul Gross DDS
Harvey Grossman DDS
Marguerite Grossman DDS
Dr. Theodore Grossman DMD
Dr. Mary Grote DDS
James Grubka DDS
Dr. Sanford Gruskin DDS, MSD
Francis Grzejka DMD
Dr. Michael Gu DDS
Dr. John Guariglia DDS
Dr. David Guba DMD
Louis Gubitosa DMD
Dr. Roy Guerin III DDS
Dr. Andres Guerra DDS
Dr. Kenneth Guffey DMD, MD
Dr. Hubert Gugala DMD
Marcello Guglielmi DDS
Dr. Gerardo Guillen Rivera MD
Dr. Stephen Gulbrandsen DDS
Dr. Dante Gulino JR. DDS, MD
R. Gulley DDS
Dr. John Gunn DMD
Dr. Michaell Gunson DDS, MD
Dr. Joseph Gunter DMD
Dr. Wei Guo DMD
Abhishek Gupta
Rishi Gupta DDS, MD, MBA
Dr. Walter Guralnick DMD
Dr. Rajdeep Guraya DDS, MD
Dr. Roland Gustafson DDS
Dr. James Gustainis DMD
Dr. Klaus Guter DDS
Dr. Timothy Gutierrez SR. DMD
Dr. J Gutmann DDS MS
Ronald Guttu DDS
Dr. Jeronimo Guzman DMD
Caitlynn Haas DDS
Dr. Frederick Haas DDS
Dr. Sol Haber DDS
Andrea Haber-Cohen DMD, MD
Dr. John Hackenberger DDS
Dr. James Hackler DDS
Jessica Hackman MD, DMD
Dr. James Haddad JR. DMD
Dr. Jay Haddad DDS
Raymond Haddad DMD
Haitham Hadeed DMD
Jeremy Hadibe DDS
Dr. Edward Haenick DDS,MS
David Hafer DDS
Ryan Hagan DMD
Dr. Robert Hageman DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Hagen DMD
Ronald Hager DDS
Dr. Christopher Haggerty DDS, MD
Dr. Stephen Haggerty DDS
Arman Haghighi DDS
Dr. Kayvon Haghighi DDS, MD, FACS
Hassan Haidar DDS
Dr. Raymond Haigney II DDS
Dr. Gregory Hailey DDS
Dr. Fred Haim DDS
Dr. Richard Haimes DDS
Dr. Adam Hairr DDS
Dr. Hamid Hajarian MD, DDS
Dr. Vassos Hajiharis DDS, MD
Babak Hakimizadeh DMD
Michael Hale DDS
Dr. Robert Hale DDS
Dr. Brenda Hall DDS, MD
Dr. David Hall DDS
Dr. David Hall DDS
Dr. James Hall DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Hall MD, DMD
Dr. Jennifer Hall DMD
Mr. John Hall DDS
Dr. Matthew Hall DMD MD
Dr. Richard Hall DDS, MD, PHD
Dr. Robert Hall DDS
Dr. William Hall DMD
Randall Halliday DDS
Dr. Tara Halliwell-Kemp DDS, MD
Emily Halpern DDS
Jerry Halpern DDS
Dr. Kenneth Halpern DDS MS
Dr. Sandra Halterman DDS
Dr. George Haltom III DDS
Katherine Haltom DMD
Dr. Edward Halusic JR. DMD
Aya Hamao-Sakamoto DDS
Ryan Hambleton DMD
Dr. Christopher Hambrook DDS
Dr. Mariam Hamidi DMD
Dr. Jess Hamilton JR. DDS
Melissa Hamilton DMD
Dr. Richard Hamilton DDS
Dr. Christine Hamilton-Hall DMD MD
Dr. Jeffrey Hamlin DMD
Dr. Michael Hamlin DDS
Kipp Hammon DMD
Dr. Bradley Hammond DDS, MD
Dr. Frederick Hammond DDS
Dr. Gary Hammond DDS
Dr. Richard Hammond DMD
Dr. Daria Hamrah DMD
Dr. Clayton Hamrick DMD
Dr. Chang Han DDS, MD
Dr. Yoonchan Han DDS
Ronald Hanawalt DDS
Matthew Hanchett DMD
Dr. E Hancock DDS
Dr. Jack Hancock DMD
Dr. Francis Hane JR. DMD
Dr. Robert Hanel DDS
Dr. Stan Hanes DDS
Dr. Harold Haney DMD
Dr. Christopher Hanhila DDS
John Hankle DMD
Dr. Charles Hanley DDS
Dr. Joseph Hanley JR. DMD
Dr. Issa Hanna DDS
Dr. Raymond Hanna DDS
Dennis Hannon DDS
Dr. Jeremy Hannon DMD
Donovan Hansen DDS
Dr. Gary Hansen DDS
Dr. Jonathan Hanson DDS
Dr. David Haralson DMD, MD
Dr. Albert Hardy III DMD
Dr. Lucas Hardy DMD
Mr. James Hargan DMD, MD
Stephen Harkins DDS
Dr. Jay Harlan DDS
Dr. David Harmatz DMD
Dr. Gerald Harper DDS
Dr. Jimmie Harper DDS MS
Dr. Pinckney Harper JR. DDS
Dr. Richard Harper DDS, PHD, PA
Richard Harper DMD
John Harrell DDS
Dr. Wayne Harrington DMD
Brian Harris DDS, MD
Dr. Brown Harris III DDS
Dr. Christopher Harris DMD
David Harris DDS
Donald Harris DDS
Dr. Michael Harris DMD
Dr. Michael Harris MD, DDS
Monroe Harris JR. DMD
Dr. Roger Harris DDS
Dr. Farryn Harrison DDS
Glenn Harrison DDS
Joel Harrison DMD
Dr. John Harrison DMD,MD
Dr. Marshall Harrison JR. DDS
Dr. Michael Harrison DDS
Phillip Harrison DDS
Andrew Harsany
Dr. Brian Harsha DDS
Dr. Kristopher Hart DDS
Dr. Kenneth Hartenian DMD
Dr. Gregory Hartley DMD
Dr. Frederick Hartman DMD
Dr. Jerry Hartman DDS
Michael Hartman DMD, MD
Dr. Andrew Hartwig DDS
Dr. Todd Haruki DDS, MD
Dr. Joseph Harvey DDS
Dr. Scott Harwood DDS
Dr. Earl Hasegawa DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Hashemian MD, DMD, PA
Curtiss Haskins DDS
Dr. Alan Haspel DMD
Dr. Nadia Hassan DDS
Mr. Charles Hasse DDS
Michael Hasson DDS
Dr. Sameer Hate DMD
Dr. Nicholas Hatges DMD
Holly Hatt DMD, MD
Dr. Michael Hatton DDS
Dr. George Hatzigiannis DMD,MD
Dr. Terrance Hauck MD,DDS
Deborah Hauerstock
Dr. Richard Haug DDS
Dustin Haupt DDS
Dr. Andrew Hauser DDS
Dr. Michael Hauser DMD, MD
Philip Hawkins DDS
Dr. Curtis Hayes DDS
Gary Hayes DDS
Samuel Hayes DDS
David Hayhurst DDS
Dr. Creed Haymond DDS
Dr. David Haynes DMD
Kenneth Haynes DDS
Dr. James Hays DDS
Jingyi He DMD
William Heagy DDS
Dr. Sean Healy DDS
Dr. Matthew Hearn DDS MD
Dr. Peter Heath DDS, MD
Dr. Warner Heathman DDS
Dr. Thomas Hebda DDS
Dr. Ryan Hebert DDS
Alan Hecht DMD
Fredrick Hecht III DMD
Dr. Noel Hecht DDS
Dr. Robert Heckel DDS
Peyman Hedayati DDS,MD
Dr. Frederick Hegedus DDS
Dr. Karl Heggland DDS
Dr. William Hegmann DDS, MS
Dr. R. Jason Hehr DMD
Joseph Heidelman DDS
Dr. Bryce Heiner DMD, MD
Norbert Heinle DMD
Dr. Jagdev Heir MD, DMD
Dr. Andrew Heise DMD
Dr. Gregory Heise DDS
James Heit DDS
Mr. Deeb Helal DMD
John Heldridge DDS
Dr. Thomas Helfst DDS
Dr. Melvin Hellinger DMD
Dr. Christopher Henderson DDS
James Henderson MD/DDS
William Henderson DDS
Dr. Justin Hendi DMD
Robert Hendricksen DDS MS
Dr. Theodore Hennig DDS MS
Dr. Daniel Henrichsen DMD
Brent Henriksen MD, DDS
Brett Henrikson DDS
Dr. Byron Henry DDS
Dr. Pelham Henry JR. DMD
Dr. Rolin Henry DDS
Dr. Edwin Henslee DDS
Dr. Kathleen Herb DMD, MD
Dr. Erich Herbst DDS
Dr. Nancy Herbst DDS
Alan Herford MD, DDS
Kurt Herman DMD
Dr. Lawrence Herman DMD, MD
Dr. Michael Herman DDS
Dr. Arthur Hernandez DDS,PA
Richard Hernandez DDS
Dr. Roland Hernandez DDS
Mauricio Herrera MD
Dr. Robert Herrin DDS MD
Dr. Niles Herrod DDS
Dr. Bradley Hersh DMD
Dr. Adam Hershkin DMD
Dr. Gabriel Hershman DDS
Dr. Marc Hertz DDS
L. Gregory Hertzler DMD
Dr. Stephen Hiatt DDS
Dr. Bruce Hicke DDS
Dr. Dallas Hickle DDS
Dr. Charles Hickman III DDS
Dr. John Hickory DMD
Dr. Riley Hicks DDS
Dr. L. T. Higgins DDS,MS
Dr. Curtis High DDS
Dr. William High SR. DMD
Ryan Higley DDS
Kenji Higuchi DDS
Dr. Joseph Hildebrand DDS
Dr. John Hildebrandt DDS
Dr. David Hill JR. DDS
Dr. O Hill JR. DDS
Dr. Stephen Hill DDS
Steven Hill DDS, PA
Dr. Wes Hill DDS, MD
Dr. Andrew Hille DMD
Robert Hille DDS, MS
Dr. John Hillgen IV DMD
Dr. Matthew Hilmi DMD, MD
Mr. Richard Hilsabeck DDS
Paul Hinchey
Dr. Petar Hinic DDS
Robert Hinkle DDS
Dr. Charles Hintz SR. DDS
Dr. Samuel Hinz
Dr. William Hipple DDS
David Hiranaka MD, DMD
Dr. Bradley Hirsch DMD
David Hirsch DDS, MD
Dr. Stuart Hirsch DMD
Dr. Wallace Hirschberg DDS
Dr. Jack Hirschfeld DDS
Dr. Bruce Hirshorn DMD
Clayton Hise
Dr. Paul Hiser DDS
Dr. Samir Hishmeh DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Hitchan DMD
Dr. James Hitchen DDS
Jeremy Hixson DMD
Dr. John Hlaudy DMD
Mr. Matthew Hlavacek MD, DDS
Dr. Lubor Hlousek DMD MD
Dr. Paul Ho DDS
Dr. Victor Ho DMD
Dr. Tuan Hoang DDS, MD
Dr. Martin Hoard DDS, MD
Dr. Mark Hochberg DMD
Dr. Bruce Hochstadter DDS
Dr. David Hochwald
Dr. Christopher Hock DDS
John Hockema DDS
Dr. Paul Hodapp DDS
Dr. Christopher Hoek DDS
Mr. Michael Hoey
Dr. Martin Hoff MD, DDS
Dr. Charles Hoffman DDS
David Hoffman DDS
Dr. David Hoffman
Dr. Frank Hoffman DMD
Mr. Keith Hoffman DDS PHD
Dr. Leonard Hoffman DDS
Dr. Michael Hoffman DDS
Dr. Robert Hoffman
Dr. William Hoffmann DDS
Dr. Mark Hoffrichter DDS
Donald Hofheins DDS
Dr. Brian Hogan DMD
Dr. Grant Hogan DDS, MD
Dr. Timothy Hogan DMD
Lyell Hogg DDS
Dr. Alexander Hoghooghi DDS, MD
Dr. Thomas Hohl DDS
Dr. Jerome Holbrook DDS
Matthew Holdship DDS MD
John Holland DDS
Dr. Peter Holland D D S
Dr. Justin Hollar DMD
Dr. Tyler Holley MD, DDS
Mr. William Hollis DDS
Mr. Ray Holloway DDS
Randolph Holly DDS
Dr. Stephen Holm DMD
Dr. Matthew Holman DMD
Dr. Jon Holmes DMD,MD,FACS
Mr. Steven Holmes DDS
Lawrence Holmgren DDS
Dr. John Holton DDS
Dr. Timothy Holton DDS MS
Dr. Richard Holtzen III DMD
Dr. Lawrence Holtzman DMD
Dr. Ann Holzhauer DDS
Dr. Donald Holzhauer DDS, MS
Dr. Dick Hom DDS
Dr. Richard Hompesch III DDS
Mr. James Homrighausen DMD
Douglas Hong DMD, MD
Jae Hong DDS
Dr. Daniel Honl DDS
Dr. William Hooe DDS
Dr. Tony Hooker DDS
Dustin Hopkin DDS
Dr. K. Hopkins DDS
Dr. Timothy Hopkins DDS, MS
Terry Hopper DDS
Michael Horan DDS
Dr. Anthony Hornaday DDS
Dr. James Hornaday DDS
Dr. John Hornberger DDS
Dr. Robert Horne DDS
Dr. James Horner DMD
Charles Hornsby DDS
Dr. Ty Hornsby DDS
Neil Hornung DMD
Elias Horowitz DDS
Dr. Bruce Horswell MD, DDS
Dr. Gregg Hosch DDS
Dr. Mordechai Hoschander DMD
Mr. Mehran Hossainizadeh DMD
Dr. Gabriel Hostalet DDS
Dr. Bryan House DDS
Dr. William Houston JR. DDS
Dr. Thomas Houting MD, DDS
Dr. Eric Hoverstad DDS
Dr. Benjamin Howard DDS
Dr. Christopher Howard DDS
Dr. Clinton Howard III DMD
Dr. Daniel Howard JR. DDS
David Howard DDS
Dr. Edward Howard DDS
Dr. Johnathan Howard DMD
Dr. Karen Howard DDS
Dr. Richard Howard DDS
Dr. Arthur Howe DDS
Dr. David Howell DDS
Dr. James Howell DMD
Dr. Kacey Howell DDS
Dr. David Howerton DMD
Dr. Brian Howlett DDS
Scott Hoyer DDS
Dr. Steven Hribernik DMD
Dr. Daniel Hsu DDS, MD
Dr. Linda Huang MD
Dr. Michael Huang MD
Dr. Steve Huang DDS
Mr. Bruce Huberman DMD
Dr. Michael Hudec DDS
David Hudson DMD
Dr. Gary Hudson DMD, MD
Dr. John Hudson DDS
Lloyd Hudson DDS MD
Steven Hudson DMD, MD
Dr. Thomas Hueser DDS
Bobby Hughes
Brennan Hughes DMD
Carroll Hughes DDS
Dr. Chris Hughes DMD
James Hughes DDS
Pamela Hughes DDS
Dr. Steven Hughes DDS
Dr. Ted Hughes DMD
Dr. William Hughes DDS
Dr. William Hughes DDS, MS
Dr. Julianna Hukill DDS
Dr. Donald Hull DDS
Dr. Mackay Hull DDS, MD
Dr. William Hull III DMD
Dr. Anu Hullett DMD
Dr. Jason Hullett DMD
Dr. John Hultquist DMD, MD
Dr. Scott Hum DMD, MS
Dr. Brian Humble DDS, MS
Dr. Eduardo Humes DDS, MPH
Marshall Humes DDS
Dr. Kurt Hummeldorf DMD
Dr. Lawrence Hundley JR. DDS
Dr. Robert Hunsaker DDS
Dr. Kyle Hunt DMD
Dr. Robert Hunt MD, DDS
Dr. Rodney Hunt DDS
Dr. David Hunter DDS
Gregory Hunter DMD
Dr. Michael Hunter DMD
R. Hunter DMD, MC
Dr. William Hunter III DDS
Dr. Robert Huntington DDS
Dr. James Hupp DMD, MD
Dr. John Hur DDS
Dr. Rick Hurst DDS
Dr. Diego Hurtado DDS
Dr. George Hurwitz DDS
Joseph Huryn DDS
Joseph Huss DDS
Dr. Raza Hussain DMD
Dr. Mirwais Hussainy DDS
Dr. Matthew Hutchinson DDS
Dr. Brian Hutto DMD
Dr. Louis Huy DMD
Dr. Cang Huynh MD, DMD
Dr. Phuong Huynh DDS
Dr. Julius Hyatt DDS
Dr. Thomas Hyde DMD
Dr. Lynn Hyland DDS
Dr. Mae Hyre DMD, MD
Carlos Ibanez DDS
Michelle Icasiano
Dr. Wayne Ichikawa DDS, MS
Michael Iczkovitz DDS
Matthew Idle FRCS(OMFS)
Dr. Phillip Iero MD, DDS
Robert Igo DDS
Dr. Angela Illuzzi-Russo DDS
Dr. Anthony Immediata DMD, PA
Dr. Scott Imray DMD
Dr. Anthony Indovina JR. DDS
Dr. Anthony Indovina SR. DDS
Dr. Abert Indresano DMD
Dr. Leonard Infranco DMD
Dr. Donald Ingalls DMD
Dr. Gregory Ingalls DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Ingber DDS
Dr. Steven Ingersoll DDS
Dr. James Ingrassia DDS
Andrea Inman
Dr. Nancy Intriere DMD
Dr. Robert Ioppolo DDS
Dr. Robert Iovino DDS
Dr. William Iovino DMD
Ali Iranmanesh DMD, MD
Dr. Mansureh Iravani DMD,MD
Dr. Michael Ireland DDS
Adam Irvine DMD
Dr. Richard Isaacson DDS
Dr. Armando Islas DDS
Dr. Haroon Ismaili DDS
Blair Isom DDS
Dr. Howard Israel DDS
Dr. Salomon Israel DDS
Dr. L. Israelsen DDS
Dr. Slavko Ivankovic DDS
Dr. Brandon Iverson DDS
Dr. Bruce Iverson DDS
Paul Iverson DDS
David Ivey DDS
Gil Ivry DDS
Dr. Kouros Izadi DMD
Dr. Steven Izzo DDS
Dr. George Jaber DDS
Dr. Marvin Jabero DDS
Stanley Jachimowicz DDS
Dr. Steven Jacks DDS
Dr. Thomas Jacks DDS
Dr. Dana Jackson DDS
Dr. Dolphus Jackson DDS, PC
Dr. John Jackson DDS
Dr. Julia Jackson DMD
Lynnette Jackson DDS
Mr. Mark Jackson DDS
Dr. Richard Jackson DDS
Dr. Robert Jackson DDS
Dr. Walter Jackson DDS, MD
Dr. William Jackson DDS
Dr. Gregg Jacob DMD
Dr. Benjamin Jacobs DMD
Dr. James Jacobs DDS, MS
Dr. Murray Jacobs DDS
Dr. Mykle Jacobs DDS
Dr. Matthew Jacobsen DMD, MD
Dr. Peter Jacobsohn DDS
Dr. Jordan Jacobson DMD
Dr. Mark Jaffe DDS
Dr. Brett Jaffrey DDS
Dr. Jesse Jakubowski DMD
Jason Jamali DDS, MD
Dr. Majid Jamali DMD
Dr. Sachin Jamdar DDS
Dr. Joseph James DDS
Dr. Norman James DDS
Dr. Porchia James DDS
Dr. Walter James DDS , MD
Dr. Philip Jamison DDS
Adam Janette DDS
Dr. Roger Janitz DDS
John Janulewicz DDS, MD
Dr. David Jardenil DDS
Dr. Marcin Jarmoc DMD
Dr. Robert Jarvis II DDS
Wayne Jarvis DDS
Robert Jasper DDS
Dr. Courtney Jatana DDS
Dr. Bahram Javid DMD
Arthur Jee DMD
Dr. Joyce Jeffries DDS
Dr. Maurice Jenkins DDS
Dr. William Jenkins DMD, MD
Dr. David Jennings DDS
Mr. Jack Jennings DDS
Dr. Bridger Jensen DDS
Mr. Dana Jensen DMD
Dayne Jensen MD, DMD
Dr. Marvin Jensen MD,DDS
Dr. Phllip Jensen DMD
Scott Jensen DMD
Dr. Steven Jenson DDS
Dr. James Jensvold DDS
Dr. Daniel Jeong DDS
Dr. Marvin Jepsen DDS, MS
James Jerman DDS
William Jerome DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Jesin DDS
Dr. Peter Jessen DDS
Dr. Thomas Jeter MD, DDS
Dr. Lynn Jett DDS
Damian Jimenez
Dr. Felix Jimenez DDS
Dr. Fernando Jimenez DMD
Dr. Ricardo Jimenez-Bosch DMD
Dr. Darren Jirsa DDS
Dr. Chris Jo DMD
Burton Job DDS
Dr. Joseph Johansen DDS
Dr. Amritpal Johar DMD
Dr. Anush John MD, DMD
Carolyn John DDS
Dr. Robert John DDS, MD
Winfield John III DMD
Dr. Barry Johnsin DDS
Dr. An-Louise Johnson DMD, MD
Antoine Johnson DDS
Bernard Johnson DDS
Dr. Bradley Johnson DMD
Dr. Christopher Johnson DDS
Dr. Christopher Johnson DMD
Dr. Daniel Johnson DDS, PC
Dr. Dennis Johnson DMD
Dr. Donald Johnson DMD
Dr. Donald Johnson DDS
Dr. Douglas Johnson DMD
Dr. Edward Johnson DDS
Dr. James Johnson JR. DDS
James Johnson DDS,MS
Dr. Jay Johnson DDS
Dr. Jeremiah Johnson DDS, MD
Dr. John Johnson DDS
Dr. John Johnson DDS
John Johnson DDS
Dr. Kirby Johnson DDS
Dr. Laerrol Johnson DDS
Loche Johnson DDS
Dr. Marc Johnson DDS
Dr. Mark Johnson DDS
Dr. Marvin Johnson DMD
Dr. Matthew Johnson MD, DMD
Dr. Matthew Johnson DMD
Dr. Michael Johnson DMD
Dr. Michael Johnson MD & DDS
Dr. Michael Johnson DMD
Michael Johnson
Dr. Richard Johnson DDS, MD
Dr. Robert Johnson
Dr. Scott Johnson DDS, MD
Steven Johnson DDS
Tracy Johnson DDS
Dr. Trevor Johnson DMD
Dr. Craig Johnston DDS
Dr. Robert Jolly JR. DDS
Dr. Anita Jones DDS
Dr. Baxter Jones DDS
Dr. Bryant Jones DDS
Dr. Gary Jones DDS
Dr. Gillian Jones DDS
Dr. Glen Jones DMD
Dr. Jeff Jones DDS
Dr. Jerry Jones MD DDS
Dr. Kurt Jones
Larry Jones DMD
Lewis Jones DMD, MD
Dr. Robert Jones DDS
Dr. Sam Jones IV DDS, MD
Dr. Terrell Jones DMD
Dr. Grant Jong DMD
Dr. Guenter Jonke DMD
Dr. Leon Jonker DDS
Dr. William Jordan III DDS
Dr. Jens Jorgensen DMD
Dr. Mark Josephs DMD
Samer Joudeh III DMD PA
Dr. Edwin Joy JR. DDS
Dr. Marcus Joy DDS
Dr. Milan Jugan JR. DMD
Todd Juhlin DDS
Dr. Vivian Jui DMD
Dr. James Julian DDS
Dr. James Julian DDS
Dr. David Junck
Dr. Calvin Jung MD, DDS
Dr. Walter Jung DDS
Perrin Jungbluth DDS, MD
Dr. Bradford Jungels DMD
Dr. Edward Juozokas DDS
Lori Jurgens DDS
David Jurman DDS, MD
L. Juvet DDS, MD
Andy Kabele DDS
Dr. Timothy Kabot DDS
Dr. Caroline Kacer DMD
Dr. Joseph Kaczor DMD
Miss Nora Kahenasa DMD
Dr. Christopher Kahn DMD
Dr. Marc Kahn DMD
Dr. Michael Kahn DMD
Dr. Stephen Kahn DDS
Dr. Steven Kahn DDS, OMS
Dr. Owen Kaiser DDS
Dr. Philip Kaiser DDS
Dr. Robert Kakos DDS
Dr. Gregg Kalbfleisch DDS
Dr. Boris Kalika DMD
Dr. Paul Kalish DMD
Dr. Doron Kalman DDS
Dr. Jordan Kaltman DMD
Dr. Steven Kaltman DMD
Dr. Jonathan Kameros DDS
Dr. Martin Kaminker DMD
Dr. Amandip Kamoh DDS
Dr. Peter Kampf DDS
Dr. Haissam Kanaan DDS, FRCD(C)
Dr. Christian Kanar DDS
Christopher Kane DDS
Keith Kaner DDS
Dr. Brandon Kang DDS
Dr. Christopher Kang DDS, MD
Dr. Erh Tung Kang DMD
Dr. James Kang DDS
Minseok Kang DMD
Dr. Tonu Thomas Kangur DDS
Dr. Andrew Kanter DMD
Dr. Richard Kapitan DDS MS
Dr. Claudia Kaplan DDS
Dr. Sanford Kaplan DDS
Dr. Michael Kapp DDS
Mark Karakourtis DDS
Dr. Nestor Karas DDS, MD
Dr. Edward Karban DMD
Frank Karfes DDS
Dr. Michael Karges DMD
Dr. Abdul Karim DDS
Mahyar Karimi DDS
Vasiliki Karlis DMD, MD
Avishai Karlovsky DDS
Dr. John Karpinski DDS
Dr. Paul Karpinski DDS
Dr. Mark Karpovck DMD
Dr. Spiro Karras DDS
Dr. Takehiro Kasahara DMD
Dr. Alexander Kashef DDS, MD
Dr. Anil Kashyap MD, DDS
Dr. Anthony Kasper DDS
Dr. Ghabi Kaspo DDS
Dr. Gregory Kasten DDS
Eric Katch DMD
Charles Kates DDS
Dr. Ramkumar Katikaneni DDS
Dr. Phillip Kattchee DDS
Dr. Bernard Katz DDS, MSD
Ronald Katz DMD, DMD
Dr. Sheldon Katz DDS
Dr. Stuart Katz DMD
Dr. Leon Kau DDS
Daniel Kauffmann
Dr. Jack Kaufman DDS
Dr. Murray Kaufman DDS, MD
Dr. Peter Kaufman DMD
Mr. Stephen Kaufman DDS
Dr. Alan Kaye DDS
Dr. William Kaye DDS
Dr. Amin Kazemi DMD, MD
Dr. John Kazwell DDS
Dr. Keith Kealey DMD
Dr. Richard Kean DDS, MD
Dr. Cesar Keathley DMD
Dr. John Keaveny DDS OMS
Robert Keck DDS, MS
Dr. Bryan Keegan DMD
Marthaann Keels MD
Dr. Kevin Keen DMD
Robert Keen DDS
Dr. Andrew Keene DMD
Dr. John Keene DMD
Dr. Robert Keene DDS
Kanyon Keeney DDS
Dr. Richard Keim JR. DDS
Dr. Gregory Keiser DMD
Mr. Michael Kellam DMD
John Keller DDS
Dr. Brian Kelley DDS, MD
Brian Kelley DDS
Eugene Kelley DMD
Derek Kelly DMD
Dr. John Kelly MD, DMD
Patricia Kelly DMD
Patrick Kelly DDS
Dr. Patrick Kelly DDS
Dr. Paul Kelly DDS, MS
Shaunda Kelly MD, DMD
Dr. Stephen Kelly DMD
Dr. Terence Kelly DDS
Dr. Thomas Kelly DDS
W Kelly DMD
Dr. Michael Kelson DDS
Dr. Kevin Kempers DDS, MD
Barry Kendell DMD, MS
Douglas Kendrick DDS
Dr. Monta Kennady DDS
Dr. Gabriel Kennedy DMD
Harold Kennedy DDS
James Kennedy DDS
Dr. Jason Kennedy DMD
Dr. Kelly Kennedy DDS
Kevin Kennedy DDS
Dr. Michelle Kennedy DMD
Dr. Patrick Kennedy DDS
Dr. Jeffery Kenney DDS
Dr. Tolly Kennon JR. DDS
Dr. William Kenny JR. DMD
John Kent DMD
John Kent JR. DDS
Lawrence Kent DDS
Mr. James Kerchner DDS
Robert Kern DDS
Brian Kernan DDS
Dr. Gerald Kerr DDS
Dr. David Kessler DMD, MD
Michael Kessler DDS
Dr. Joe Kethley JR. DDS
Dr. Gregory Kewitt MD, DMD
Dr. Scott Keyes DDS, MS
Dr. Jaleh Keyhani DDS
Jennifer Keyser DDS
Adel Khalil DDS, MD
Dr. Touraj Khalilzadeh DMD, MD
Anjum Khan DDS
Dr. Khurram Khan BDS, DMD
Dr. Raghav Khandelwal DMD
Noureddin Khazam DDS
Dr. Nima Khorassani DDS
Dr. Mohammad Amin Khoshnevisan DMD
Dr. Isam Khoury DMD
Dr. Sam Khoury DMD
Dr. Kevin Kiely DMD
John Kiesselbach DDS
Dr. Robert Kiken DDS
Thomas Kilgore DMD
Dr. Arthur Kilkuts DMD
Dr. Alexander Kim MD, DDS
Dr. Andrew Kim DDS
Dr. Andrew Kim DDS
Dr. Chi-Young Kim DDS
Dr. David Kim MD, DDS
Dr. Don Kim DDS, MD
Dr. Dongsoo Kim DDS, MD
Dr. Eric Kim MD, DDS
Eugene Kim DDS
Dr. Helen Kim DDS
Dr. Jae Kim DDS
Dr. James Kim DDS
Dr. Jeong Kim MD, DDS
Dr. John Kim DMD
Dr. Jone Kim DDS
Dr. King Kim DMD
Dr. Kyung Hoon Kim DMD
Myung Kim DMD
Paul Kim DDS
Peter Kim DDS
Dr. Phil Kim DDS
Dr. Richard Kim DDS, MD
Dr. Sang Kim DMD, MD
Dr. Sejoon Kim DDS MD
Yooseung Kim DDS
Carl Kimbler DMD MD
Dr. Kirsten Kimbler DMD
Jeffrey Kimelman DMD
Alan Kimmel DDS
Brent Kincaid DDS
Dr. Louis Kincaid DDS
Dr. Todd Kincer DDS
Dr. Roy Kindrick DDS,MSD
Dr. A King DMD
Christopher King DDS
Dr. Christopher King DMD
David King DMD
Dr. Derek King DMD
Dr. Edwin King DDS
Dr. James King DDS
Michael King DDS
Ronald King DDS MS
Steven King DDS
Dr. Roger Kingston DDS
Chris Kinney DDS
Lisa Kinney DDS
Dr. Richard Kinsey DMD
Dr. Robert Kintz DDS
Dr. Deryl Kipp DDS
George Kirby MD, DDS
Dr. John Kirby DMD
Dr. Jayson Kirchhofer DMD
Russell Kirk DDS
David Kirkpatrick DMD
Christopher Kirkup DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Kirkwood DMD
Dr. Michael Kirsch DDS
Lawrence Kiselica DDS
Dr. John Kisella DDS, MD
Andrew Kiss DDS
Dr. Pradeep Kissoondial DDS
Victor Kit DDS
Dr. Christopher Kittle DDS
Dr. Deborah Kizziar DDS, MD
Kenneth Klamut DDS
Dr. Lloyd Klausner DMD
Dr. Gilbert Kleiff
Dr. Alan Kleiman DMD
Michael Kleiman DMD
Dr. Brian Klein DMD
Dr. Robert Klein
Dr. Stephen Klein DDS
Dr. Stuart Klein DDS
Dr. Theodore Klein DDS
Cynthia Kleinegger DDS
Dr. Alexis Kleinman DMD
Dr. Bernard Kleinman DMD
Dr. James Klemens DDS, MD
Carrie Klene DDS
Dr. Kirill Klimashov DMD
Patrick Kline DMD MD
Kyle Klooster MD, DDS
Dr. Paul Kloostra MD, DDS
Dr. Jason Kneller
Dr. Charles Knepper DDS
Dr. Mark Knibbe MD DDS
Charles Knight DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Knittel DDS
Dr. Michael Knoll DDS, MD
Dr. Jeffrey Knorr DDS, MSBA
Eric Knox DDS
Dr. Bradley Koch DDS
Dr. Philip Koch DMD
Dr. Geraldine Koehler DDS
Dr. Matt Koepke DDS
Dr. Stanley Koh DDS
Dr. Gene Kohler DMD
Dr. Gary Kolinsky DDS
Dr. Steven Kollander DDS
Dr. Thomas Kolodge DDS, MD
Dr. Michael Kolodychak DMD
Dr. Antonia Kolokythas DDS
Dr. Patricia Koning DDS
Katrina Kontaxis DMD
Dr. Richard Konys JR. DMD
Dr. Heamo Koo DDS
Dr. Yong-Han Koo DDS
Timothy Koob DDS
Mr. Jan Kooning DMD PC
Dr. Martin Koop DDS
Gerard Koorbusch DDS, MBA
Dr. Jeffrey Kootman DMD
Paul Korb DMD
Mark Kortebein DDS
Fadi Kosa DMD
Dr. Michael Koslin DMD
Dr. David Koslovsky DDS, FACS
Dr. Jeffrey Kosman DDS
Dr. Zenon Kossak MD, DDS
Dr. Zenon Kossak DDS
Dr. Christopher Kotchick DMD
Dr. Gary Koterwas DDS
Dr. Stephen Kotkis DMD
Dr. George Koumaras DDS
Dr. Michael Koury DDS
Dr. Michael Kovall DMD
Prof. Takashi Koyama DMD
Dr. Mark Kozacko DDS PA
Dr. Edward Kozlovsky DMD
Dr. Michael Kraemer DMD, MD
Dr. Jack Krajekian DMD
Dr. Thomas Krakower DMD
Dr. Kenneth Kram DMD
Dr. Anthony Kramer
Dr. Richard Kramer DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Kratky DMD
Frank Kratochvil III DDS
Dr. James Kraus DMD
Jeffrey Krause DDS
Dr. Karl Krause DMD
Dr. Richard Kraut DDS
Thomas Kreger DDS
Dr. Mary Kreitzer DMD
Dr. Stephen Kreizenbeck DDS
Dr. J Kreller DDS
Michael Kremer DMD
Dr. Gary Kreps DDS
Dr. Andrew Kressley DMD
Dr. David Kretzschmar DDS, MS
Dr. Bryan Krey DMD
Dr. Matthew Krieger DMD
Dr. David Krigbaum DDS
Dr. Vejayan Krishnan DDS
Dr. David Kritchman DDS
Dr. Ryan Kriwanek DDS
Dr. James Krochmal DDS
Dr. Johnny Kroe DDS
Dr. Brian Krost DMD
Dr. Harold Krueger DDS
Dr. Richard Kruer JR. DMD
Dr. John Krump DDS
Dr. Joseph Krupa III DDS
Bernard Krupp DDS
Dr. Michael Krzemien DDS
Dr. Albert Kuchler JR. DMD
Dr. Allan Kucine DDS
Dr. Robert Kuepper DDS
Dr. Thomas Kuerschner DDS
Dr. Joseph Kuhar DDS
Dr. Amy Kuhmichel DMD
Bruce Kuhn MD DDS
Dr. Kierian Kuklok MD, DDS
Dr. Bogdan Kulikowski DMD
Dr. Mark Kuo DMD
Dr. Paul Kuo MD, DMD
Dr. Arthur Kuperstein DDS
Dr. Steven Kupferman DMD, MD
Dr. Arthur Kupperman DMD
Dr. Benjamin Kur DDS
Dr. Joel Kurtz DMD
Marshall Kurtz DMD
Dr. Brett Kurtzman DDS
Dr. Norman Kurtzman DDS
Dr. George Kushner DMD, MD
Elizabeth Kutcipal DDS
Larry Kuxhausen DDS
Dr. Paul Kwon DDS
Dr. Michael La Puma DMD
Dr. Manuel La Rosa DDS
Dr. Joseph La Spisa DDS
Dr. Justin Labart DDS, MD
Bartley Labiner DDS
Dr. Gerald Laboda DMD
Dr. J Labriola DDS
Dr. Melissa Lackey DMD,MD
Daniel Lader DDS
Dr. Marten Ladman DMD
Dr. Marvin Ladov DDS
Dr. Edward Laga JR. DDS
Dr. Brett Laggan DDS
Craig Lahar DMD
David Lairmore DDS, MD
Azeem Lakha DMD
Asif Lala DMD, MD
Dr. Zahid Lalani DDS, PHD
Dr. Matthew Lalli DDS
Dr. Bernard Lam DDS, MD
Dr. David Lam DDS, PHD
Dr. Din Lam DMD
Dr. Peter Lam DDS
Dr. Pritchard Lam DDS
Robert Lamb DDS
Dr. Brian Lambert DDS MD
Dr. David Lambert DDS
Dr. Paul Lambert DDS
Robert Lambert DMD
Dr. Jennifer Lamphier DMD
Richard Lamping DDS
Christopher Lance DMD
Dr. Jerry Lance DDS
Dr. John Lance DDS
Dr. Michael Land DMD
Dr. Carlos Landaeta Quinones DDS
Larry Lander DDS, MS
Regina Landesberg DMD
Dr. Charles Landis DDS, OMS
Dr. John Landis DDS
Dr. Joshua Landsman DDS
Dr. Christopher Lane DDS
Mr. Fred Lane JR. DDS
Jeffrey Lane DDS
Dr. Jennifer Lane DDS, MD
Dr. Robert Lane
Thomas Laney DDS , MD
Dr. Rudolph Lang DDS
Dr. Timothy Lang DDS, MD, PHD
Dr. Michael Langan DMD
Dr. Charles Langford JR. DDS
Dr. Barry Langsam DDS
Andrew Langston DMD
Dr. John Langston DDSMS
Dr. Jose Lanio DDS
Dr. John Lanka DDS
Guy Lanzi DMD
Jesse Lanzon DDS, MD
Dr. Victoria Laor DDS
Richard Lapp DDS
Thomas Lapp DDS, MS
Dr. David Larcher DDS
Dr. Donald Larcher DDS
Dr. Matthew Largent DDS, MD
Dr. John Largey DDS
Dr. Christopher Larmour DMD
Dr. Peter Larsen DDS
Daniel Larson
Dr. Mark Larusso DDS
Dr. Constantinos Laskarides DMD, DDS, PHARMD
Robert Laski DMD
Dr. Daniel Laskin DDS, MS, DSC
John Lasnetske DDS
Dr. Phillip Latham DDS
Mr. David Lattanzi DDS
Anthony Laudano DMD
Dr. Robert Laughlin DMD
John Lavinio DDS
Dr. Cassidy Lavorini-Doyle DDS
Dr. James Lawhon DMD
Dr. Kim Lawler DDS
Dr. Charles Lawley DDS
Adam Lawrence DDS
Dr. Martha Lawrence DDS
Dr. Timothy Lawrence DDS, MS
Dr. Dietrich Lawrenz MD DDS
Scott Lawson DDS, MD
Dr. Jerry Layne MD, DDS
Dr. Jose Lazaro-San Miguel DMD
Dr. Stewart Lazow MD, DDS
Dr. Anh Le DDS
Dr. Bach Le DDS,MD
Colin Le DDS
Dr. Francis Le Pera DDS
Dr. Daniel Leach DMD
Dr. Joshua Leal DDS
Dr. Andre Lebeau DMD
Dr. Victor Lebedovych DDS
Dr. Jon Lebsack DDS
Dr. Edward Lechtenberg DMD
Dr. Jordan Ledger DDS
Dr. Alexander Lee DDS
Dr. Andrew Lee MD,DDS
Brent Lee DDS, MS
Dr. Cameron Lee DMD
Dr. Cynthia Lee DDS
Dennis Lee DDS
Dr. Ell Lee DDS
Grace Lee DMD,MD
Dr. Gregory Lee DDS
Dr. Ho Lee DDS, MD
Dr. James Lee DDS
Dr. Jason Lee DDS
Dr. Jeffery Lee DDS, MS
Dr. Jesse Lee DDS
Dr. Jessica Lee DDS
Dr. John Lee DDS
Joseph Lee DDS
Dr. Joyce Lee DDS, MD
Dr. Karis Lee DDS
Dr. Katherine Lee DDS
Dr. Linda Lee DMD, MD
Dr. Mason Lee DDS, APC
Mr. Numa Lee DDS
Dr. Raymond Lee DDS
Richard Lee DDS
Roger Lee DDS
Dr. Susan Lee DMD, MD
Dr. Susan Lee DDS
Tim Yen Ting Lee DDS, MD
Dr. Virginia Lee DMD
Dr. Young Lee DDS
Arshi Lehal M D, DDS
Dr. Michael Lehnert DDS
Dr. Jennifer Lehnhardt DDS
Dr. Ian Lehrer DDS
Dr. John Lehrian DMD
Dr. Joseph Leibovici
Dr. Dieter Leipert DDS
Dr. Kristin Leis DDS
Dr. David Lemoine DDS
Dr. Jason Lemoine DDS
Jesse Lemoine DDS
Dr. James Lemon DMD
Dr. Henry Lennon DDS
Dr. Larry Lenth DDS
Dr. Dale Lentz DDS
R. Lentz DDS
Dr. Atilano Leon-Torres DMD
Dr. G. Leonard MD, DDS, PHD
Dr. Jerry Leonard DDS
Dr. Joseph Leonetti DMD
Dr. Ryan Leonhart DDS
Dr. Michael Lepera DMD MD
Mark Lerman DMD
Dr. Lance Lerner DDS
Claude Lerose DDS
Dr. George Leseberg DMD
Dr. Casey Leser DDS
Dr. Robert Lesneski DDS
Julie Lesnick DDS
Dr. Robert Lesny DDS
Dr. Ghyslain Lessard-Boivin DMD
Dr. James Lessig DDS
Dr. Michael Lessin DDS
Dr. Carlos Letelier MD,DMD,DDS
Dr. Michael Letkewicz DDS
Dr. Timothy Leung DMD, MD
Dr. Rachel Levarek DMD
Dr. Farrel Levasseur DDS
Dr. Bernard Levin DDS, MDS
Daniel Levin DDS
Samuel Levin DDS
Dr. Scott Levin DDS
Dr. Brad Levine DMD
Craig Levine DDS
Dr. Hal Levine DMD, MD
Dr. Samuel Levine DDS
Mark Levinsky DDS
Dr. Frederic Levitin DDS
Dr. Richard Levy DDS
Dr. Robert Levy DDS
Dr. Steven Levy DDS
Dr. Daniel Lew DDS
Dr. Dina Lew DDS, MD
Kevin Lew DDS, MD
Dr. Timothy Lew DDS
Roderick Lewin DMD
Dr. Emma Lewis BDS, MBBS
Dr. Eric Lewis DMD
Fulton Lewis III DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Lewis MD, DMD
Michael Lewis DDS
Dr. Robert Lewis DDS
Kasey Li MD, DDS
Dr. David Liang DDS, MD
Dr. Kuei Shu Liao DDS
Dr. Wendy Liao DDS
Dr. Peter Liashek JR. DDS
Donald Liberty DDS
Dr. Jerome Lichtenstein DDS
Jonas Lichty DDS, MD
Dr. Aaron Liddell MD, DMD
Dr. Benn Lieberman DMD
Dr. Stuart Lieblich DMD
Dr. Russell Lieblick DMD
Mr. John Lignelli II DMD
Dr. John Lignelli DDS
Dr. Thomas Ligon III DDS
Dr. Brian Lilien DDS
Dr. Steven Lilien DDS
Dr. Luis Limchayseng DMD
Dr. William Limingelli DDS
Dr. Albert Lin DDS
Dr. Euger Lin DMD, FRCD(C)
Dr. Jeffrey Lin DDS MD
Dr. Robert Lincoln DMD
Dr. Karl Lind DDS
Dr. Gary Lindemoen DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Lindhout DDS MS
Dr. David Lindley DDS
Dr. Robert Lindner DDS
Dr. Clarence Lindquist DDS
Jon Lindsay DDS
Dr. Mickey Lindsey DDS, PA
Dr. Peter Linek DDS, MD
Dr. Gary Lines DMD
Dr. Paul Lines DDS
Dr. James Link DDS
Jeffrey Link DDS
Clifford Linkous DDS
Dr. Russell Linman DDS, MD
Dr. William Lippisch DMD, PA
Dr. Norman Lippman DDS
David Lipton DDS
Dr. Justin Liska DDS
Ronald Liss DDS
Dr. Trent Listello DDS
Dr. Todd Liston DDS, MS
Dr. Craig Little DMD
Dr. Cloyce Littlefield JR. DDS
Dr. William Littlejohn JR. DMD, MD
Dr. Jack Litz DDS
Kenneth Livesay JR. DMD
Dr. Robert Livingston DDS ORAL AND MAXILLO
Ryan Lloyd DMD
Dr. Carlo Lo DDS
Dr. Henry Lo DDS
Dr. Joseph Loboda JR. DMD
C. Locke DMD, MD
Dr. Fred Loe DDS
Mr. Michael Loftin DDS
Dr. Bruce Logan DDS
Theodore Logan JR. DMD
Timothy Logan DMD
Dr. William Logan III DMD
Dr. Daniel Loggi JR. DMD
Dr. Bradley Logie DDS
Dr. Michael Logue DMD
Thuan Loi DDS
Dr. Diana Lois DDS
Dr. Sergey Lokot DDS
Dr. Jose Lomba DDS
Gregg Lombardo
Jennifer Lombrano DDS
Dr. Mark Lonergan DMD
Dr. Owen Lonergan DMD, MPH
Dr. Wayne Loney JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Joseph Long DDS
Dr. Larry Long DDS,MD
Dr. Richard Long DDS
Michael Longo DMD
Edward Longwe
Dr. Mitchell Loo DMD
Craig Lopatka DDS, MD
Eustorgio Lopez MD, DDS
Dr. Jose Lopez DDS MD
Dr. Juan Lopez DDS, DMD
Dr. Patricia Lopez DDS
Paul Lopez DDS
Dr. Roger Lorberbaum DMD
Dr. Dorothy Lorenzo DMD
Patrick Lorge DDS
Dr. Edward Lorson DDS
Dr. Charles Loschiavo DMD
Dr. Anthony Lotesto DMD
Dr. Christy Lottinger DDS
Miss Michael Loudon DDS
Dr. Barry Loughner DDS, PHD
Patrick Louis DDS, MD
Dr. Joseph Lovasko DDS
Thomas Love DDS, MS
Dr. Tyman Loveless DMD
Dr. Leroy Loving JR. DDS, MD
Dr. John Lovoi JR. DDS
Dr. Brian Low DMD
Michael Lowe DDS, MD
Dennis Lowman DDS, MS
Dr. Kenneth Lowry DMD
Dr. Ronald Lowry MD, DDS, PA
James Loyola DMD
Teresa Lozano MD DDS
Anna Lu DMD
Dr. Joshua Lubek MD , DDS
Dr. Lester Lubitz DDS
Dr. Edward Lucas DDS
Dr. Robert Lucas MD DMD
Dr. Mario Lucca DMD
Dr. James Lucente DDS MD
Dr. David Ludington DDS
Brian Ludwig DDS
Dr. Larry Luethke DDS
Ricardo Lugo DDS
Dr. Alberto Lugo-Cobian DMD
Dr. Bryan Luna DDS,MS
Dr. Bruce Lund DDS, MSD
Dr. Gregory Lung DMD
Dr. John Lupori MD, DDS
Juan Luque DDS
Dr. Gregg Lurcott DDS
Dr. Jamie Luria DDS
Dr. Donald Lurie
Dr. Thomas Lusby III DDS
Dr. David Lustbader DMD
Jason Lustig DDS MD
Dr. Keith Lustman
Dr. Gregory Lutcavage DDS
Jarom Luu DDS
Dr. Kelley Lybrand DDS
Dr. Trevann Lyn DMD
Dr. Timothy Lynch DDS
Dr. Brady Lyons DMD
John Lytle MD, DDS
John Lytle MD, DDS
Robert Lytle DDS
Dr. Peter Lyu DDS, MD
Weiguang Ma DDS MDS PHD
Dr. Randall Maahs DDS
Dr. Kenneth Macafee II DMD
Dr. David Macgregor DMD
Dr. Lester Machado MD, DDS
Harold Machesky DDS,MS
Dr. James Macholl DDS, MD
Dr. Robert Macintosh DDS
Dr. Harry Mack JR. DDS,MD
Dr. Thomas Mackenzie DDS
Stephen Macleod DDS, MS
Dr. Luke Macmenamin DDS
Dr. Rachel Madden DMD, MD
Dr. Daniel Madion DDS, MD
Dr. Paul Madlock DMD, MD
Dr. Matthew Madsen DMD, MD
Daniel Magalnick DMD
Dr. Azizollah Maghen DMD, MD
Mitchell Magid DMD
Dr. Kelly Magliocca DDS
Dr. John Magnacca DDS
Dr. Caitlin Magraw MD, DDS
Dr. James Maguire DMD
Dr. Dennis Mahan DMD
Dr. Daniel Mahar DDS
Barry Maharaj DDS
Dr. William Maher DDS
Dr. Hani Mahgoub DDS, MD
Dr. Sabrina Mahil DDS
Dr. Ghazal Mahjoubi DMD
Dr. Laith Mahmood MD DDS
Anthony Maiorana DDS
Dr. Robert Maiorino DDS
Dr. Glenn Makowski MD DMD
John Malan DDS
Dr. David Malave DMD
Dr. John Maletta DDS, MS
Dr. Salman Malik DMD, MD
Dr. Shuaib Malik DDS
David Malin DDS
John Malloy DMD
Dr. Jay Malmquist DMD
Dr. Dennie Malone DMD
Mr. Kenneth Malone DDS
Dr. Karl Maloney DDS
Dr. Shibly Malouf JR. DDS
Dr. Bruce Maltz DDS
Dr. Seth Maltz DDS
Alfredo Manalo DMD
Dr. Jerome Mancuso DDS
Dr. David Mandel DDS
Dr. Louis Mandel DDS
Mr. Richard Mandel DDS
Dr. Craig Mangie DDS
Dr. Zain Manji DDS, MD
James Mann JR. DDS
Dr. Philip Mann DDS, MD
Dr. Louis Manna DDS MD
Ermelinda Manon DDS
Dr. Herbert Manry
Dr. Michael Mansfield DMD
Steven Mantegari DDS
Dr. Laurie Manthos DMD
Dr. Joshua Manuel DDS
Dr. Richard Manus JR. DMD
Dr. Steve Manzon DMD
Mr. George Maranon DDS
Dr. Henry Marcantoni DDS
Dr. Jose Marchena DMD,MD
Dr. Michael Marchese DMD
Dr. Hugh Marchmont-Robinson DDS, SC
Dr. William Marco II DMD
Ralph Marcoot DDS
Dr. George Mardirossian DMD
Joseph Margarone III DDS
Dr. Elvin Marged DDS
Dr. Jason Margolis DMD
Dr. Stanley Margul DDS
Dr. Lisa Marin DMD, MD
Dr. Thomas Maring MD, DMD
Dr. Paul Marino DDS
Dr. Howard Mark DMD
Dr. Taylor Markle DDS
Dr. Michael Markoff DMD
Dr. Mendel Markowitz DDS
Dr. Andrew Marks DDS
Dr. Gregory Marks DDS
Dr. Ivan Marks DDS, MD
Dr. Lawrence Marks DDS, PC
Richard Marks DMD
Dr. Clyde Marlow DDS
Dr. Richard Marlow DMD
Dr. Stephen Maroda JR. DDS
Adam Marre DDS, MD
Tyson Marrs DDS
Dr. Christopher Marsh DMD
Ronald Marsh DDS
Ryan Marsh DDS
Dr. Chadwick Marshall DMD, MD
David Marshall DMD
Edward Marshall DDS
Edward Marshall JR. DDS
Dr. Michael Marshall DDS
Michael Marshall DDS, MD
Dr. Kyriaki Marti DMD, MD, PHD
Dr. C. Martin JR. DMD
Dr. Corwin Martin MD DDS
Daniel Martin DMD
Dr. Daniel Martin DDS
Dr. Gene Martin DDS,MD
Dr. Kevin Martin DDS
Dr. Kurt Martin DDS, MD
Dr. Michael Martin DDS, MD
Dr. Paul Martin DDS
Dr. Richard Martin DDS
Dr. Ronald Martin DMD
Dr. Ronlad Martin DMD
Dr. Hugo Martinez DDS
Christopher Martone DMD
Dr. Bruce Marzullo DDS
Dr. John Mascaro DMD MD
Dr. Joseph Mascaro DMD
Dr. Gary Masch DDS
Dr. Nickolas Maskas DDS
Dr. Bruce Mason DDS
Dr. Stanley Mason DDS
Dr. Monte Masonbrink DDS
Dr. Robert Massa DMD
Dr. George Massey DMD
Dr. William Massey DMD
Dr. George Master DMD
Dr. Christopher Mastin DDS
Dr. Anthony Mastroianni DDS
Dr. John Matheson DDS
Dr. Frederick Mathews DDS,MS
Dr. William Mathurin MD, DDS
Dr. Joseph Matise DDS
Dr. Manuel Matos DDS
Dr. Michel Matouk MD,DDS
Dr. Scott Matson DMD, BS
Dr. George Matthews DMD
Nigel Matthews
Dr. Stanley Matthews DDS
Albert Matuza DDS
Michael Matzkin DDS
Dr. Michael Mauck DMD
Dr. Linn Maung MD
Dr. Jarom Maurer DMD
Donald Max DDS
Matthew Maxfield DMD
Dr. Charles Maxwell DMD
Dr. James Maxwell JR. DDS,MS (R)
Dr. Adam May DMD
Dr. Edward May DDS
George May JR. DMD
James Mayer DDS
Peter Mayer DDS,MD
Dr. Joe Mayes II DDS
Dr. Richard Mayo DDS
Dr. James Mazock DMD
Dr. Henry Mazorow DDS,MS
Dr. Fredric Mazza DMD
Dr. Paul Mazzei DDS
Dr. John Mazzuoccolo DMD
Dr. Sloan Mc Donald DDS
Ronald Mcamis DDS
Dr. Brian Mcandrew DMD, MD
James Mcandrews DDS
Dr. Jon Mcanear DDS
Dr. David Mcaninch IV DDS
Dr. William Mcbee DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Mcbride DDS
Dr. Kevin Mcbride DDS
Dr. Roderick Mcbride DDS
Dr. John Mccabe DDS, MD
Patrick Mccabe DDS
Dr. Joseph Mccain DMD
Dr. Terrence Mccarthy DDS
Dr. Colin Mccartney DOS, MD
Jeffrey Mcclain DMD, MD
Dr. Samuel Mcclary DDS
Dr. James Mcclung JR. DDS
Dr. Hiram Mcconnell DDS
Dr. Timothy Mcconnelle DDS
Dr. Hunter Mccord DDS
Dr. W Mccormack DMD
Dr. Adam Mccormick DDS
Dr. Suzanne Mccormick MS, DDS
Mr. Allen Mccoy JR. DDS
Dr. James Mccoy DDS
Renee Mccoy-Collins DDS
Dr. Laurier Mccravy DMD
Dr. Larry Mccray DDS
Dr. Cornell Mccullom III DDS, MD
Ted Mccurdy
Dr. Christopher Mcdaniel DMD
Dr. Michael Mcdermott DDS
Dr. Nancy Mcdermott DMD MD
Dr. Alex Mcdonald PHD, DDS
Dr. David Mcdonald DMD
David Mcdonald DMD
Dr. Gary Mcdonald DDS
Ian Mcdonald DMD, MD
Dr. James Mcdonald JR. DMD
John Mcdonald DDSMS
Dr. Michael Mcdonald DMD
Dr. Thomas Mcdonald DMD, MD
Edward Mcdonnell DDS
Dr. Matthew Mcdonough DDS
Dr. Robert Mcdonough DDS
Dr. Craig Mcdow DMD, MS
John Mcelroy DMD
Dr. John Mcelveen JR. DDS, MD
Dr. Kerry Mcentee DMD, MD
Dr. Craig Mcewan DDS
Dr. Jack Mcewan DDS
Christopher Mcfarlane DDS
Dr. Grant Mcgann DDS
Michael Mcgannon DMD, MD
Gregory Mcgee DMD
Dr. Barton Mcghee JR. DDS
Dr. Robert Mcghee DDS
Dr. Stanley Mcghee DDS
Dr. Tawanna Mcghee DDS
Dr. James Mcgough DDS
Dr. Neil Mcgowan DMD
Dr. Randy Mcgowan DMD
Thomas Mcgraw
Howard Mcguff DDS
Dr. Barry Mcguire DMD
Taylor Mcguire DDS
Dr. Mark Mcilwain DMD, MD
Dr. Walter Mcilwain MD, DMD
Tracy Mcintire DDS
Dr. John Mcintyre DMD
Dr. Henry Mckay III DDS
Samuel Mckenna MD, DDS
Dr. Thomas Mckeon DMD
Dr. Richard Mclain DDS
Dr. John Mclaughlin DDS
John Mclaughlin DDS
Terrence Mclean DDS
Dr. Bruce Mcleod DDS
James Mcleod DDS
Michael Mcmahon DDS
Dr. Robert Mcmahon DDS
Dr. Travis Mcmaine DMD
Dr. James Mcmenamin DMD
Dr. Joseph Mcmullen DDS MD
Dr. William Mcmunn III DDS MD
Dr. Joseph Mcmurray DMD
Dr. Charles Mcnamara SR. DMD
Dr. Francis Mcnamara DMD
Dr. Michael Mcnaught DDS
Dr. John Mcneill DDS
Dr. Robert Mcneill DDS, MD
Dr. Lee Mcneish DMD
Dr. Thomas Mcpherson DMD
Dr. John Mcphillips DDS, MD
Dr. George Mcqueen DDS
Dr. Joseph Mcrae DDS
Dr. Matthew Mcshane DDS
Dr. Ronald Mead DDS
Dr. Richard Meaders DMD
Dr. Larry Meador DDS
Charles Means JR. DDS
Dr. William Means DMD
Daniel Meara MD, DMD
Dr. John Meara MD
Dr. John Meara JR. DDS
Nicholas Mechas DMD
Nicholas Medel DDS
Dr. Diana Medina DDS
Dr. Christopher Medley DDS,MD
Michael Medley
Dr. Gregg Meehan DDS
James Meehan DDS
Dr. Richard Meekins JR. DDS
Michael Meer DDS
Dr. Martin Mehr DDS
Pushkar Mehra DMD
Dr. Mehran Mehrabi MD, DMD
Brandon Meier DMD
Dr. Richard Meister DDS
Dr. Sherif Mekhail DDS
Dr. Richard Mellin MD DDS
Dr. Raymond Melrose DDS
Dr. Steven Meltzner DMD
Dr. Michael Melugin DDS MS
Dr. James Melville DDS
Dr. Carl Melzer DDS
Dr. Robert Memory DMD, MD
Dr. Eric Mencarelli DDS
Dr. Leo Menendez DDS
Dr. Alex Meneshian DDS, MD
Dr. Kimberly Meng DDS, PHD
Dr. Fredrick Menghini DDS, MD
John Mennitt DDS
Dr. Paul Menton DDS
Dr. Harvey Meranus DDS
Dr. Nelson Mercado DMD
Dr. James Mercer DDS
Dr. Bryan Meriam DDS
Dr. Leonard Merlo DMD
Jerry Merrell DDS
Dr. Adam Merriam DDS
Dr. Richard Merrifield IV DDS
Dr. Jill Merrill DDS
Dr. Phillip Merrill DMD
Dr. Edward Meszaros DMD
Jamison Metcalf DDS
Lawrence Metzger DDS
Christopher Meyer DDS, MD
Dr. Emory Meyer DDS
Dr. Karl Meyer DDS, MD
Dr. Roger Meyer MD, DDS
Christopher Meyers DDS
Dr. Harry Meyers DDS
Dr. Jamie Meyers DDS MD PA
Roman Meyliker DMD
Mr. Michael Meyrowitz DDS
Dr. Andrew Michael DDS, MD
Dr. Thomas Michaelis DDS MD
Dr. Walter Michajlenko MD, DDS
Dr. Thomas Michalik DMD
Dr. Joel Michelson DDS
Dr. James Michino DMD
Dr. Michael Middlebrooks DMD
Dr. Charles Middleton III DDS
Dr. Scott Middleton DMD, MD
Joseph Miele DDS
Dr. Leo Mikesell DDS
Dr. Eric Milch DMD
Dr. David Milder DDSMD
Dr. Brett Miles MD, DDS
Cary Miles DDS
Michael Milford DDS
James Millard DDS
Dr. David Millaud DDS
Dr. Adam Miller DDS MD
Andrew Miller DDS,MD
Dr. Anne Miller DMD
Dr. Coletta Miller DDS
Dr. Craig Miller DDS
Dr. David Miller DDS
Dr. David Miller DDS
Dr. David Miller DDS
Dr. Denis Miller DDS
Dr. Edward Miller JR. DMD
Mr. Gary Miller DDS
Dr. Ivo Miller DDS
James Miller III DMD
Dr. Jason Miller DMD, MD
Dr. Jeffrey Miller DMD, MPH
John Miller DDS
John Miller JR. DDS
Dr. Joseph Miller DDS, PA
Kenneth Miller DDS
Lisa Miller DMD
Dr. Michael Miller DDS
Dr. Michael Miller DDS
Patricia Miller DDS
Mr. Richard Miller DDS
Dr. Richard Miller DDS
Dr. Robert Miller DDS MS
Dr. Robert Miller DMD
Dr. Steven Miller MD DDS
Dr. Maano Milles DDS
Dr. M. Millington DDS
Dr. William Mills JR. DMD
Dr. Robert Milne DMD
Jeremy Miner DDS
Dr. Robert Miner DDS
Dr. Robert Mines DDS
James Minish DDS
Dr. Dale Minkin DDS
Olga Minukhin DDS
Dr. Maurizio Mirabelli DDS
Dr. Gayle Miranda DDS
Dr. Gerard Mirkov DMD
Dr. Diego Miron DDS
Dr. Richard Mirra DDS
Dr. Craig Misch DDS MDS
Dr. Dale Misiek DMD
Dr. Michael Miskella DDS
Dr. Jonathan Misner DMD
Dr. John Mitchell DDS
Dr. Mark Mitchell DDS
Dr. Phillip Mitchell DMD, MD
Dennis Mitchell-Lewis DDS
Dr. John Mitcherling
Dr. William Mitcherling
Dr. Richard Mitz DDS
Dr. Charles Miyaji DMD
Dr. Steven Miyamoto DDS
Dr. Shelley Miyasaki DDS, PHD
Linda Miyatake DDS MD
Dr. Alexei Mizin DMD
Dr. John Mizukawa DDS
Dr. Matthew Mizukawa DMD
Dr. Nader Moavenian DDS
Dr. Daniel Mobati MD, DDS
Cheryl Moccio DMD
Dr. Vito Modugno DMD
Dr. Sein Moe DDS
Dr. Donald Moeller DDS, MD
Dr. John Moenning JR. DDS, MSD
Dr. Jeffrey Moffett DMD
Dr. Abhishek Mogre DMD
Dr. Robert Mogyoros DMD
Dr. Waheed Mohamed DDS MD
Dr. Ali Mohammad DDS
Mohammad Mohammadi-Araghi DDS, MS
Dr. Maneesh Mohan DMD
Dr. Howard Mohler DDS
Dr. David Molen DDS, MD
Dr. Samuel Molind DMD
Dr. Matthew Moll DDS
Sheppard Mollick DMD
Dr. Kenneth Molnar DDS
Dr. Steven Molpus DDS, PLC
Dr. David Momtaheni DMD
Matthew Monaco DDS
Dr. Lawrence Monaldo DDS MBA
Dr. Matthew Monesmith DDS
Jackrit Mongkollugsana DDS
Dr. Timothy Monroe DDS
Dr. Mark Monson DDS
Dr. Ronald Montano DDS
Dr. Philip Montefalco DDS
Dr. Kevin Monteleone DDS
Dr. Louis Monteleone DDS
Dr. James Montgomery JR. DMD
Dr. R. Montgomery DDS
Richard Montgomery JR. DDS MD
Vincent Montgomery DDS
Richard Monti DMD
Dr. Michael Monto DMD, MD
Rex Moody DSS
Dr. Frazier Moore JR. DDS
Dr. Frederick Moore DMD
Dr. James Moore DMD
Dr. Kent Moore MD, DDS
Dr. Larry Moore DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Moore DMD
Dr. Marlon Moore DMD
Dr. Patrick Moore DDS, MD
Dr. Mona Moore-Meaux DDS
Dr. Jack Moores III DDS
Dr. Richard Moorhouse I DDS
Dr. Edward Mopsik DMD
Dr. Ofilio Morales DMD
Dr. Jose Morales-Morales DMD
Kenneth Moran DDS
Aurora Moreno DDS
Dr. Carlos Moretta DDS
Dr. Gerard Moretti DMD, PA
Anne Morgan DDS, MD
Dr. Isaac Morgan DMD
Dr. Jackson Morgan III DDS
Dr. James Morgan DDS, MS, MD
Dr. James Morgan DDS PHD
Dr. John Morgan DDS
Dr. John Morgan DMD
Dr. John Morgan DDS
Dr. Joseph Morgan DDS
Dr. Teresa Morgan DDS MS
Dr. E. Moriconi DMD
Dr. Stephen Morimoto DDS
Dr. Dominic Morio DDS MS
Dr. Arnold Morof DDS MS
Dr. Kevin Morrill DDS
Christopher Morris DDS MD
Dr. Craig Morris DDS, MD
Dr. Daniel Morris JR. DMD, MD
Dr. Darryl Morris DDS
Dr. Dennis Morris DDS
Mr. Eugene Morris DDS
Dr. George Morris JR. DDS
Dr. John Morris DMD,
Kenneth Morris DMD
Robert Morris DMD
Dr. Ronald Morris DDS
Ryan Morris DDS
Dr. Bruce Morrison DDS
Dr. James Morrison DMD
Dr. John Morrison DMD
Dr. Nick Morrow DMD
Harry Morse DDS
Dr. Kevin Morse DDS
Dr. Jackson Moses DDS
Sohrab Moshiri DDS PS
Dr. Ronald Mosley DMD
Dr. Ronald Moss DDS
Dr. Steven Moss DMD
Dr. Harvey Mossak DMD
Dr. Thomas Mostiler DDS
Dr. Behzad Mostoufi
Rajeev Motwani DMD MS
Heather Moulzolf ARNP
Dr. Reza Movahed DMD
Dr. Robert Mower DDS
Dr. Richard Mowry DMD
Dr. Jeff Moxley DDS
Dr. Peter Moy DMD
Dr. Dieter Moya DDS
Dr. Thomas Moye DDS
David Moyer DDS,MD
Dr. John Mrazik DDS
Theodore Muchiteni DMD
Dr. Brian Mudd DDS
Anup Muduli DMD
Dr. Daniel Muff DDS, MD
Dr. Richard Mufson DDS
Dr. Kenneth Mulder DDS,MS
Dr. William Muldoon DDS
Dr. David Mulherin DDS
Marc Mulholland DDS
Dr. Philip Muliane DMD
Dr. Justin Mull DMD
Mr. James Mullane DDS
Dr. Michael Mullen DDS
Thomas Mullen DMD
Dr. Christopher Mullenix DMD, MD
Dr. Joseph Mulligan DMD
Dr. John Mullins JR. DMD
Dr. Oscar Muniz JR. DMD, MD
Dr. Brian Murphy DDS
Dr. George Murphy DMD
Dr. J Murphy DMD
James Murphy DMD OMS
Dr. R. Murphy DDS, MD
Dr. Thomas Murphy DDS
Dr. Thomas Murphy DDS
Dr. Walter Murphy DDS
Dr. William Murphy SR. DDS
Dr. R Murray DDS
Dr. John Muse DDS
Anthony Musella DDS
Dr. Michael Muul DDS, PA
Dr. Thomas Myatt DDS
Dr. William Myer II DMD
Carl Myers DDS
Dr. Matthew Myers DMD
Robert Myers DMD, MBA
Dr. Roger Myers DMD
Dr. Walter Myers DDS
Karen Mygil DDS
Dr. Matthew Mynsberge DDS
Bryan Nack I DMD
Dr. Robert Nadeau DDS
Dr. Mohammed Nadershahh
Dr. Hamid Nadi DDS
Dr. David Nadler MD, DMD
Justin Nagel DDS
Mr. Neeraj Nagella MD
Sarah Naghibi DMD
Dr. Lindsey Nagy DDS
Oded Nahlieli DDS
Dr. Karthik Naidu DMD, MD
George Nail MD DDS
Mr. Amir Naimi DDS
Deepthy Nair
Dr. Talib Najjar DMD,MDS,PHD
Dr. Yuko Nakamura DMD, MD
Jonathan Nakano DMD
Dr. Grant Nakashima DDS
Dr. Keith Nalley DDS, MS
Dr. Parshan Namiranian DDS
Dr. Frederick Nance III DDS, MS
Dr. Victor Nannini DDS
Dr. Troy Napier DMD
Dr. Robert Naples DDS
Ramesh Narang DMD
Dr. Sasidhar Narra MDS, BDS
Dr. Zulema Narvaez DMD
Dr. David Naselsker DMD, MD
Dr. Leo Nassimbene DDS
Glenn Nathan DDS
Dr. Bernard Natkin DMD
Dr. Anders Nattestad DDS, PHD
Dr. John Naugle DDS,PC
Erich Naumann DMD
Dr. Jaime Navarro DMD
Dr. Anthony Navilio DMD
Dr. Ayesha Nawab DMD, MD
Dr. Craig Neal MD DDS
Dr. David Neal DDS
Dr. Henry Neal DDS
Dr. Ronald Neal DDS
Stephen Nechvatal DMD PC
Terrence Nedbalski DDS
Dr. James Neece DDS, MSD
Stephen Needle DDS
Dr. Max Neill DDS
Dr. Ronald Nellen DDS
Dr. Garrett Nelson MD, DDS
Dr. Howard Nelson DDS
Dr. Jack Nelson OMFS
Dr. James Nelson DDS
Joseph Nelson DDS
Dr. Kenneth Nelson DDS
Dr. Lyle Nelson MD,DMD
Dr. Peter Nelson DDS
Dr. Richard Nelson DDS
Robert Nelson DDS
Dr. Steven Nelson DDS, MS
Timothy Nelson DDS
Dr. Tyler Nelson DDS
William Nelson DDS
Robert Nersasian DMD
Dr. Khashayar Neshat DDS, MD
Dr. John Nesiba DDS, MD
Dr. Gregory Ness DDS
Gary Nesslein DDS,MD
Dr. Christopher Nester DMD, MD
Dr. Timothy Neuner DDS
Edward Neupert III DDS
Bryan Neuwirth DDS, MD
Brent Newby DDS
Dr. Mark Newey DDS
Ricney Newhouse DMD
Dr. Timothy Newland DMD
Dr. Frank Newman JR. DMD
Dr. Richard Newman DDS
Dr. Michael Newton DDS, MD
Dr. Stacey Newton-Booker DDS
Dr. Theodore Ng DDS
Dr. Duong Nguyen DDS
Dr. Hoang Nguyen DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Nguyen DDS, MD
Justin Nguyen
Dr. Minhly Nguyen DDS
Phuong Nguyen DMD
Dr. Quoc Nguyen DDS
Dr. Reyna Nguyen DDS
Dr. Timothy Nguyen DDS
Tuyen Nguyen DMD
Joseph Niamtu III DMD
Dr. David Nicholls DDS
Dr. Brantley Nichols DMD
Dr. Michael Nichols DMD, MD
Dr. Rodney Nichols DMD
Dr. Charles Nicholson III DDS
Eduardo Nicolaievsky DDS
Dr. Theodore Niebloom DMD
Dr. Richard Niego DMD
Dr. Jean-Luc Niel DMD
Dr. Daniel Nielson DDS
Dr. Bartlomiej Nierzwicki MD, DMD, PHD
Gerald Nieusma DDS
Dr. Sanil Nigalye DDS, MD,
Dr. Franklin Niggebrugge
Dr. Sumit Nijhawan DDS, MD
Donald Nikchvich DDS
Dr. Larry Nissen DDS
Dr. Sanford Nitzkin DDS
Dr. Donald Nix DDS
Dr. Ned Nix DDS
Dr. Marek Niznikiewicz DDS
Ms. Tania Nkungula-Howlett DDS
Michael Noble DMD
Dr. Charles Nocco DDS
Dr. David Nock DDS
Dr. Jay Nokkeo DMD
Dr. Patrick Nolan DDS
Dr. Robert Nolan DDS,MS
Mr. Scott Nolen DMD
Dr. Mohammad Nomani DDS
Babak Noorbakhsh DDS
Roseanna Noordhoek DDS
Dr. Haeman Noori DDS
Clinton Norby DDS
Dr. Wendell Nordland DMD MS
Dr. Scott Noren DDS
Dr. Andrew Norkin DMD, MD
Dr. Joseph Norman DDS
Dr. Lonnie Norris DMD, MPH
Mr. William Norris SR. DMD
Dr. Ronald Northrop DDS MD
Dr. Kurt Notarnicola DDS
Dr. Joseph Novak DDS, MD
Dr. Timothy Novak DDS
Dr. Vincent Novelli DMD MD
Robert Novo DDS
Dr. Allan Nowakowski DDS
Dr. Drew Nunziata DMD, MD
Dr. Gary Nussbaum DMD
Dr. Robert Nustad DDS, MS
Dr. Samuel Nwogu DDS
Dr. Derek Nykiel MD, DDS
Dr. Daniel O'brien DDS
Dr. David O'brien DMD
Dr. Michael O'brien SR. DDS, JD
Dr. Brendan O'connor DDS MD
Dr. Richard O'day DDS
Timothy O'keefe I DDS
Dr. Kyle O'neal
Dr. Michael O'neil DMD
Brian O'neill DDS
Dr. Robert O'neill DDS
Dr. Scott O'nele MD, DMD
Felice O'ryan DDS
Michael O'shell DDS
Dr. Richard Oakley DDS
Dr. Gabriela Oana DDS
George Oatis JR. DDS
David Obenchain DDS
Dr. Flora Ocampo DDS
Dr. Thomas Ocheltree JR. DMD
Dr. Mark Ochs DMD
Dr. Patrick Oconnor DDS
Sampeter Odera MD, DMD
Greg Offenburger DDS
Mark Oghalai DDS
Dr. Brian Oglander DMD
Dr. Orrett Ogle DDS
Dr. Richard Ogle DDS, MD
Dr. Robert Ogletree JR. DDS
Dr. Bolaji Ogundare DDS
Dr. Deji Ogundiya DDS
Dr. Afolabi Ogunleye DMD
Dr. Oluremi Ogunsanya DDS
Dr. Olutunde Ogunsunlade DDS
Dr. Eric Oh DDS
Stavros Oikonomou DDS
Chimere Okezie DDS OMS
Dr. Jennifer Okhiria DDS
Dr. Olumide Olawoye DDS
Dr. Terry Olejko DDS
Dr. Brian Oleksy DDS, MD
Dr. Faith Oliver DDS
Dr. Frank Oliver DMD
Dr. Gregory Olsen DDS
Dr. James Olsen DMD , MD
Dr. Thomas Olsen DDS
Wayne Olsen DDS
Dr. Charles Olson DMD
Dale Olson DDS
Dr. Joseph Olszowka DMD
Dr. Steven Oltean DDS
John Omalley DMD
Miriam Omalley DMD
Dr. James Omlie DDS
Dr. Mark Omlie DDS-MD
Dr. Thomas Omoto DMD
Lee Oneacre DDS
Dr. Bob Oneill DDS
Dr. Michael Onstad DDS
Jia Ooi DMD
Mark Oppenheim DMD
Dr. Stan Orbach DDS
Dr. Robert Ord MD
Dr. Adam Orden DDS, MS
Dr. Daniel Oreadi DMD
Dr. Gary Orentlicher DMD
Dr. Sharon Ornstein DDS
Dr. Mark Orr DDS, MD
Dr. Elizabeth Orsini-Lopez DMD
Robert Orta
Dr. Leslie Orzech DMD
Douglas Orzel
Dr. James Osaki DDS
Dr. Gordon Osborn DDS
Dr. Thomas Osborn DDS
Dr. Mark Oseas DDS
Dr. James Osetek DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Osguthorpe DDS, MD
Nathan Ostler DDS
Dr. Elliott Ostro DMD
Dr. Angelo Ostuni DDS MD
Dr. Sophie Oswald DDS
Dr. Angel Otero DMD
Dr. Albert Ouellette DDS
Dr. Cara Overbeck DDS
Dr. William Owen III DDS
Dr. Gary Owens DDS
Dr. Wayne Ozaki MD, DDS
Adam Ozment DDS
Dr. Christopher Pace DMD
Dr. Roberto Pacheco DMD
Dr. Sean Pack DDS, MD
Thomas Padgett DMD
Dr. Bonnie Padwa DMD, MD
Dr. Matthew Pagani DDS
Dr. David Pagar DAVID PAGAR, DDS
Dr. Carlo Pagni DDS
Tommy Pagonis DDS
Dr. Leo Paige DMD
Dr. Victor Pak
Theodore Paladino DDS
Dr. Victoria Palermo DDS
Dr. Frank Paletta DMD, MD
Charles Palian DMD
Norman Palm DDS
Dr. Michael Palma DMD
Celso Palmieri
Dr. Carroll Palmore JR. DMD
Dr. David Palo DDS
Dr. Petros Panagos DDS
Dr. Darshan Panchal DDS
Dr. Franklin Pancko DDS
Prashant Pandya DMD
Richard Panek DDS
Mr. Peter Pangilinan DDS
Dr. Eugene Pankey DDS
Dr. Brian Pannell DDS
Dr. George Panos DDS
Dr. Antoine Panossian DMD
Greg Panossian DDS
Mr. Kim Pansegrau DDS MD
Spiro Pantzoulas DMD
Dr. Stephen Paolella DMD,MD
Dr. Robert Paolillo DDSPC
Dr. Maria Papageorge DMD
Dr. James Papayoanou DDS
Dr. John Pappas DDS MD
Ms. Rebecca Paquin
Dr. Brett Paredes DMD, MD
Dr. Ketan Parekh DDS
Dr. James Parelli DMD, MD, MSED
Dr. Joshua Parfitt DMD
Dr. Chan Park MD, DDS
Dr. David Park MD, DDS
Dr. Derek Park MD, DDS
Dr. Earl Park DMD
Jonathan Park DMD,MD
Dr. Joseph Park DMD
Dr. Julie Park DMD
Dr. Nam Park
Dr. Yong Jun Park DDS MD
Janice Park-Kim DDS
Dr. David Parker II DDS, MD
Dr. Jeremiah Parker DMD, MD
Dr. Lavan Parker III DDS
Dr. Robert Parker DMD
Timothy Parker DMD PA
Dr. David Parks DDS
Willie Parks JR. DDS, MD
Dr. Anthony Parlato DDS
Dr. Vijay Parmar DDS
Dr. David Parmer DDS, MD
Ryan Parnell DDS
Dr. Edmund Parnes DMD
Jeffrey Parsons DMD
Dr. Shannon Parsons DMD
Dr. Bruce Partnoy DDS MS
Dr. Corbin Partridge DMD
Dr. Judd Partridge DMD
Dr. Albert Parulis JR. DMD
Dr. Larry Parworth DDS, MS
Dr. Ali Pashapour DMD
Dr. Joseph Paskill III DMD
Dr. Harry Pasqual DMD
Dr. Suzanne Pasternak DDS
Dr. Milan Pastuovic DDS
Dr. Marlice Patam DDS, MD
Dr. Brijesh Patel MD, DDS
Dr. Dhaval Patel DDS
Dipa Patel DDS
Dr. Jay Patel DMD
Dr. Kamlesh Patel BDS
Ketan Patel DDS, PHD
Dr. Neel Patel DMD
Dr. Nilesh Patel DMD,MD
Nishul Patel
Piyushkimar Patel DDS
Dr. Prem Patel DMD MD
Dr. Suketu Patel DMD, MD
Dr. Suketu Patel MD,, DMD
Brian Paterson DMD, MD
Dr. Sandeep Pathak DMD, MD
Dr. Kenneth Paticoff DDS
Dr. Harold Patino
Dr. Hayden Patino DDS
Dr. Kenneth Patrician DMD
Demetrios Patrinos DMD MD
Dr. Dan Patterson DDS
Dr. Gary Patterson DMD
Jerry Patterson DDS, MD
Dr. John Patterson DDS
Randal Patterson DMD
Shawana Patterson DDS
Dr. Travis Patterson III DMD
William Patterson DDS, MS
Dr. Steven Patty DDS, PA
Dr. Mugdha Patwardhan DDS MD
Dr. Richard Paul DMD
Mr. Steven Paul DDS
Dr. William Paul DDS
Dr. Stephen Paulette DDS
Dr. William Paulin JR. DDS
Dr. Sergio Pausa DMD,MS
Dr. Frank Pavel DMD
Miro Pavelka DDS, MSD
Dr. Robert Pavelka DDS, MD
Dr. Matthew Pavlick DDS, MD
Dr. Anthony Pavone DDS MD
Dr. Ali Payami MD, DMD
Dr. David Payne DDS
Dr. Robert Payne DDS
Dr. Wayne Payne DDS
Dr. Kevin Payton DDS
Dr. Edgar Peacock JR. DDS
Dr. Ronald Peacock DDS
George Peak III DDS
Dr. Robert Peak DDS
Alan Pearce DDS MD
Dr. Andrew Pearson DDS
Eric Pearson DDS
Gary Pederson DDS
Dr. Fred Pedroletti DMD
Dr. Louie Peede JR. DMD
Wade Peers DDS
Dr. Alan Peet DDS
Mr. Scott Peifer DDS
Dr. Ferdinand Peik DDS
Dr. Ramon Peleaux DDS MD
Dr. Joseph Pelkofski DMD
James Pell DDS
Robert Pellecchia DDS
Dr. Clem Pellett DDS
Gustavo Pena-Velasco DDS, MS
Dr. Randall Penn DDS
Karl Pennau DDS
Dr. Diane Pennington DMD, MD
Carl Peoples III DDS
Dr. James Peoples DDS
Dr. Larry Pepper DMD
Paul Peracchio DMD
Dr. Vincent Perciaccante DDS
Jon Perenack MD DDS
Dr. Frank Peretta DDS
Dr. Daniel Perez DDS
Dr. Helena Perez DDS
Ramon Perez DMD
Dr. Ramon Perez-Garcia DMD
Dr. Kenneth Perino DDS
Dr. Kimberley Perkins DDS
Dr. William Perkinson DDS
Gregory Pernoud DDS
Dr. Michael Pernoud DDS
Dr. Christopher Perrie DDS, MD
Dr. Michael Perrino DDS, MD
Dr. Gil Perrone DDS
Dr. Dennis Perry SR. DMD
Mr. Dennis Perry DMD
Dr. Jonathan Perry DDS
Michael Perry
Dr. Robert Perry DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Persico DMD
Dr. Jeffry Persons DDS
Dr. Alfred Pesto JR. DMD
Dr. Robert Petcash DMD
Dr. Ross Peters DDS
Dr. Steven Peters DDS
Dr. Samuel Petersen DDS
Dr. Troy Petersen DMD MD
Dr. Elisabeth Peterson DDS
Leonard Peterson DDS
Tony Peterson DDS
Dr. Anthony Petito DDS, MD
Dr. Garren Petree DDS
Dr. David Petrick DMD
Dr. Victor Petriella DMD
Mark Petryna DDS
Dr. David Petti DDS
Norman Petti DDS
Dr. Dennis Pettit DDS
Dr. Richard Petty DDS
Dr. Sherwin Pevaroff DDS, MS
Dr. Dmitry Peysakhov DMD
Dr. Eugene Pezzollo DMD
Dr. Robert Pfeffle DMD
Laurence Pfeiffer DDS, MD
Robert Pfeifle DDS
Dr. Chad Pfohl DDS
Dr. Lee Pham DDS, MS, MD
The Phan DDS, MD
Thomas Phan DDS
Michael Phelps DDS
Dr. Rawle Philbert DDS
Dr. Terry Philibin DDS, MS
Dr. Lynn Philippe DDS
Dr. Charles Phillips III DMD
Dr. David Phillips DDS
Dr. Donald Phillips JR. DMD
James Phillips DDS
William Phillips DDS
Dr. James Piano DDS
Dr. Urban Picard DDS
John Pick DMD
Timothy Pickens DDS,MS
Jason Pickup DMD
Joseph Piecuch MD, DMD
Steven Pieper DDS
Dr. John Pierce DDS
Dr. Leonard Pierce DDS MS PS
Mr. Michael Piercell DDS
Dr. Lynn Pierri DDS, MS
Dr. Kenneth Pierson DDS, MPH
Dr. Gary Pies DDS
Dr. Jakub Pietrowski DDS
Dr. Wendy Pietz DDS
Richard Pihlstrom DDS
Dr. Lawrence Pijut DMD
Dr. Jon Pike DDS
Michael Pikos DDS
Dr. Francis Piliero
Ajit Pillai DMD
Dr. John Pinch DDS
Dr. Kimberly Pingel DDS
Dr. Michael Pink DDS, MD
Dr. Bradley Pinker DDS
Matthew Pinsky DDS, MD
Ronald Pinson DMD
Dr. Joseph Piotrowski DDS
Dr. James Piper DDS
Mark Piper DMD, MD, PA
Phillip Pirgousis
Dr. Patrick Pirozzi DMD
Dr. Amjad Pirzada DMD
Justin Pisano DDS
Dr. Donald Pitcher DDS
Anthony Pitrowski MD, DMD
Dr. Bradley Pittman DDS
Dr. Mark Pitts DDS
Daniel Pituch DMD, MD
Dr. Tara Plansky DMD
Dr. Mark Plant DDS, PA
Dr. Jay Platt DDS
Dr. Henry Plautz DDS
Dr. James Pledger II DDS
Dr. Julia Plevnia DDS
Dr. Richard Plezia DDS
Dr. Timothy Pliske DDS
Kenneth Plisner DDS
Dr. David Plocki DMD
Mr. Gregory Plona DMD
Raymond Plona III DDS , MD
Richard Plotkin DMD
Dr. Gregory Pluckhan DDS
Dr. William Pochal JR. MD, DDS
Dr. Scott Podlesh DDS
Dr. S. Podstreleny DDS
Dr. Paul Pogue DDS
Dr. Sam Poidmore D,D,S,
Dr. William Poinsett DDS
Dr. Aaron Pokorny DDS, MD
Waldemar Polido DDS
Mr. Jeffrey Politz DDS
Dr. Nino Pollaccia DDS
Steven Pollack DDS
Dr. Lee Pollan DMD MS
Dr. Sharon Pollick DMD
Dr. George Pollock DDS, MS
Dr. Michael Pollock DDS
Dr. Vladimir Polyakov DDS
Charles Polzin DDS
Dr. Daniel Pompa DDS
Dr. Lawrence Pompili DDS
Dr. Jonathan Pong DMD
Dr. Justin Ponquinette DMD
Dr. Jack Pool DDS
Anthony Poon BDS, MD,PHD
David Poor DDS
Dr. Matthew Poore DDS
Dr. Ali Pootrakul DDS
Dr. Frank Poplawski DMD
Laurence Popowich DDS
Matthew Popper DDS, MD
Dr. Thomas Porch DMD
Dr. John Porritt DDS , MS
Dr. Carlos Portales DDS
Dr. Bradford Porter DDS
Dr. Bradley Porter DDS
Dr. John Porter DDS
Kevin Porter DDS, MD
Michael Porter DDS
Juan Carlos Portuondo DDS
Dr. Robert Posek DDS
Dr. Yana Posemeynik DMD
Dr. Kashif Poshni DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Posnick MD
Karen Potaczek DDS
Christopher Potee DDS
Dr. Michael Potter
Tyler Potter DDS
Dr. Richard Poupard DDS
Dr. Richard Powell DDS
Dr. Douglas Powelson DMD
Solomon Poyourow DDS
Dr. Zigmunt Pozatek DMD
Erda Pradel DMD
Dr. Daron Praetzel DMD
Dr. John Prather
Dr. Pierpaolo Preceruti DDS, MD
Scott Preisler DDS, MS
Dr. Ronald Prenzel DMD
Dr. Michael Preskar DDS
Dr. Howard Pressman DDS
Dr. Benaifer Preziosi DMD
Dr. Mckinley Price II DDS
Dr. Jason Primavera DDS
Donald Primley DDS, MS
Dr. Sandford Prince DMD
David Prindiville DMD
Joseph Prisco DDS
Dr. Larry Pritchard DDS
Dr. Francis Prock JR. DDS
Rachael Prokes
Alan Protzel DDS
Dr. Robert Prough DDS PA
Robert Provencher JR. DDS
Dr. John Provenzano DDS
Dr. Peter Pruden DDS
Dr. Sam Pruett JR.
Dr. John Pruitt DDS, MD
Jerald Pruner
Dr. Nicholas Psimos DDS, PLC
Dr. Charles Ptak JR. DDS
Scott Puckett DDS
Dr. Todd Puckett DMD
Duncan Puffer DDS
Dr. Reo Pugao DDS
Dr. Lorne Pulver DDS
Dr. William Purdy DDS
Gregory Pyle DMD
Mohammed Qaisi DMD, MD
Clement Qaqish MD, DDS
Dr. Marten Quadland DMD
Dr. Andrea Quaroni DDS MD
Gary Quast DDS
Dr. Cristobal Quevedo DDS
Dr. Richard Quigg DDS
Dr. Steven Quinn DDS
Hugo Quinones DMD
Wilfredo Quinones DMD
Dr. Yandresco Quintana DDS, MD
Ivan Quintana Hijano DDS
Dr. Ronald Quintia DDS
George Quirk DDS
Dr. Rhett Quist DDS
Dr. Alexander Rabinovich MD, DDS
Dr. Patricio Rabot
Dominic Rachiele DMD
Mr. Keith Radack DR
Dr. Joseph Radakovich DMD
Lee Raddatz DDS
Dr. Cass Radecki DDS
Dr. Lee Radke DDS
Dr. Thomas Radmer DDS
Dr. Andrew Radovan DDS
Dr. Robert Rafoth DDS
Dr. Robert Ragland DDS
Dr. James Ragno JR. DMD
Dr. Andrew Ragona DDS
Anthony Ragonese DDS
Dr. John Ragusa DDS
Asif Rahman DDS
Andrew Rahn DDS
Shaun Rai DMD
Dr. David Rainero DMD
Dr. Kamran Raja DMD, MD
Dr. Bashar Rajab DDS
Dr. Rajiv Rajagopal DMD
Dr. Nitin Raju DDS
Patricia Rake DDS
Dr. Scott Rake DMD
Dr. Irving Raksin DDS
Dr. Henry Rambo DDS
Dr. Vyasa Ramcharan DMD
Dr. Jose Ramirez DMD MD
Ruben Ramirez DDS
Dr. Rafael Ramirez Diaz
Carlos Ramirez Neyra MD, DDS
Khaldoon Rammo DDS
Hector Ramos-Fuentes DMD
Dr. Cyrus Ramsey DMD MD
Dr. Matthew Rand DMD, MD
Dr. Gregory Randolph DDS
Dr. Mark Ranschaert DMD
Dr. William Ranucci DMD
Aarathi Rao
Victor Raposo DMD
Dr. Ronald Rapuano DMD
Dr. Gary Raska DMD
James Rasmussen DMD
Jared Rasmussen DMD, MD
Dr. Jay Rasmussen DDS
Dr. Thomas Raspanti DDS
William Rast, Jr DDS
Dr. Rodney Rastegar DDS,LLP
Dr. Erick Rath DDS
Dr. Sanford Ratner DDS
Dr. Joseph Raub JR. DMD
Dr. David Rauch DDS
Dr. Prashanth Ravi DMD
Dr. Daniel Rawley DDS
Dr. David Rawson DMD
Rick Rawson DDS
Andrew Ray DDS, MD
Dr. Bradley Ray DDS FRCDC(C)
Dr. John Ray DDS
Dr. Clive Rayner DMD
Samuel Razook DDS
Daniel Read DMD
Dr. Daniel Reaves DDS
Chad Rebhun
Dr. Donald Rebhun DMD
Dr. Steven Reck DDS
Dr. Susan Rector DDS
Sanjay Reddi BDS, MD
Dr. Jeffery Reddicks DMD
Dr. Brandon Reddinger DDS
Prashant Reddy DDS
Dr. Raju Reddy DDS
Dr. Donald Redford DDS
Dr. David Redmon DDS
Eric Reed DDS, MD
James Reed DDS, MD
Dr. Lucas Reed DDS
Dr. Reynaldo Reese DMD
Dr. Gwendolyn Reeve DMD
Dr. Anthony Rega DDS
Robert Regan DDS
Mr. Glenn Regenye DMD
Dr. Scott Rehm DDS
Dr. Brandon Rehrer DDS
Peter Reich DMD
Dr. Allan Reid DMD
Dr. Douglas Reid DMD
Dr. Errol Reid DDS
Dr. John Reid DMD
Dr. Wayne Reid DMD
Robert Reifeis DDS
Dr. Frederick Reinbold DMD, MD
Dr. Gary Reinhardt DMD
Mr. Alan Reisman DDS
Dr. Richard Reisman DMD
Robin Reisz DDS
Erik Reitter DDS
Dr. Greg Rekos DDS, MS
Dr. Robert Relle DDS
Dr. Benito Remedios DDS
Dr. James Remerscheid DDS
Dr. Michael Renaldo DDS
Shravan Kumar Renapurkar DMD
Jeffery Render DDS
Stephen Rendulich DDS
Dr. Bradley Renehan MDDDS
Dr. Dale Renner DDS
Gregory Renner MD
Dr. Charles Repa DDS
Dr. John Repass SR. DDS
Serafim Reppas DDS, MD
Glenn Reside DMD
Dr. Jannelly Restituyo Rosario DMD
Dr. Armando Retana DDS, MD
Dr. Kevin Rethman DDS
Dr. Robert Reti DDS
Dr. Steven Reubel DMD
Dr. Todd Reuter DMD, MD
Dr. Magnon Reyes DDS
Dr. Joel Reynolds DDS
Dr. Philip Reynolds DDS
Dr. Ralph Reynolds DMD, MD
Dr. Steven Reynolds DDS,MS
Dr. Jay Reznick MD, DMD
Dr. Afshin Rezvani DDS, MD
Dr. Ray Rhymes JR. DDS
Dr. Craig Rhyne JR. DMD
Dr. Donald Rice DDS
Dr. James Rice DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Rice DMD
Dr. John Rice DDS
Dr. Donald Richard JR. DMD
Harry Richards DMD
Dr. Daniel Richardson DMD MD
Dr. Darius Richardson ORAL SURGEON
Dr. Douglas Richardson SR. DDS
Dr. Gregory Richardson DMD
Mr. Paul Richardson DDS
Dr. Justin Richer DMD
Dr. Brad Richman DDS
Dr. Joshua Richman DDS
Dr. Erik Richmond DMD
Dr. Steven Richter DDS
Dr. Samuel Rickman DDS
W Michael Riddle DDS
Dr. Mark Ridenour DDS
Ms. Cynthia Rider DMD
Dr. Robert Riding JR. DDS
Dr. Bruce Ridolfo DMD
Dr. William Rieger DDS
Dr. Terrence Riesch DDS
Dr. Maher Rifai DMD, MD
Dr. Daniel Riggs DDS, MD
Dr. Jeffrey Riggs DDS, MD
Dr. Robert Riggs DDS MD
Kevin Riker DDS
Dr. Irving Riley DDS
Dr. William Rinehart DMD
Dr. Jason Ringeman DDS, MD
Dr. Mont Ringer DDS MS
Nathan Ringer DMD
Dr. Charles Ringgold DDS
Dr. Doron Ringler DMD, MD
Dr. Leonardo Rios-Andersen DMD
Dr. James Ripley DDS
Marjorie Risser DMD
Dr. Alan Rissolo MD
Dr. John Ristuccia DDS
Dr. Richard Riva DDS
Juan Rivera DMD
Dr. Llisenia Rivera DMD
Dr. Bonifacio Rivera-Virella DMD
Jacques Riviere DDS
Dr. Robert Roach JR. DDS
Dr. John Roan DDS
Dr. William Roark DDS
Dr. James Robbins DMD
Terrence Robbins DMD
Dr. John Roberson SR.
Dr. Bradley Roberts DMD
Dr. Donald Roberts DMD MS
Dr. Jules Roberts DDS
Dr. Michael Roberts DDS
Dr. Misty Roberts DMD
R. Scott Roberts DDS PC
Dr. Steven Roberts DMD
Dr. J. Robertson DDS
Dr. Kevin Robertson DDS
Dr. Matthew Robertson DMD
Odes Robertson
Dr. Steven Robertson JR. DDS
Dr. Allen Robinson DDS
Brian Robinson DDS MD
Fredrick Robinson III DMD
John Robinson III DMD
Dr. Karen Robinson DMD
Dr. Kenneth Robinson DMD
Dr. Mary Robinson DDS
Dr. Micheal Robinson MD, DMD
Dr. Jennibeth Robles-Velez DMD
Bernardo Roblesgil DDS
Dr. Wayne Roccia DMD
Dr. Whitney Rochelle DDS
Dr. Christopher Rochford DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Rockacy DMD, MD
Dr. Damion Rockwell DMD
Dr. Stanley Roddy JR. DMD
Dr. Fred Rodems DDS
Dr. Steven Rodenburg DDS
Mr. Steven Rodgers DDS
Dr. Ted Rodich DDS
Dr. Roberto Rodil DMD
Dr. Allison Rodriguez DMD
Dr. Herman Rodriguez DMD
Dr. Arlene Rodriguez Amador DDS MD
Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Feo DDS
Dr. Raymond Roewe DDS
Dr. Richard Rog DMD
Laurence Rogel
Dr. Steven Rogers DMD
Dr. Thomas Rogers DDS
Dr. Keith Rogerson DMD
Dr. Eugene Roginsky DMD, MD
Paul Rogow DDS
Dr. Ronald Roholt DDS, MD
Steven Roholt DDS
Ayleen Rojhani DDS
Dr. Kenneth Roll DDS
Dr. Michael Rollert DDS
Paul Rollins DMD
Richard Roman DDS
Dr. Gregory Romanow DMD
Frank Romeo DDS
Gerardo Romeo DDS, MD
Dr. Jaime Romero JR. DDS
Dr. Harold Romesburg DDS
Dr. James Rominger DDS, MD
Mr. Donald Romsa DDS
James Ronald DDS
Mr. Gregory Rongione DDS
Dr. Thomas Rooney DMD
Dr. Jose Rosado
Luis Rosario DDS
Richard Rosato DMD
Dr. M Rose DDS
Scott Rose MD, DMD
Mr. Robert Rosema DDS
Dr. Barry Roseman DMD MD
Dr. Julius Rosen DMD
Dr. Edward Rosenbaum DMD
Dr. Charles Rosenberg DDS
Morton Rosenberg DMD
Dr. Steven Rosenberg DDS
Tracey Rosenberg DDS MD
Elisheva Rosenfeld DDS
Dr. Gary Rosenfeld DDS
Dr. Arnold Rosenheck DMD
Joel Rosenlicht DMD
Marc Rosenthal DMD, MD
Dr. Michael Rosenthal DMD
Steven Roser DMD, MD
Dr. Jason Rosetti DDS
Dr. Ted Rosner DMD
Dr. Joseph Rossa DDS
Dr. Andrey Rossius DMD
Dr. Jeff Rossman DDS
Farzaneh Rostami DDS
Dr. Matthew Roszkowski DDS MS
Dr. Norman Rotblat DDS MS
Dr. Neal Roth DDS
Dr. Michael Rothberg DDS
Dr. Scott Rothenberg DDS, MD
Dr. Bernard Rothman DDS
Dr. Christopher Rothman DDS
Gerald Rothman DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Rothman
Dr. Marc Rothman DMD
Dr. Jerome Rothstein DDS
Dr. Keith Rottman DDS
Dr. Shad Roundy DMD
Dr. Wendell Row DDS
Dr. Andrew Rowan DMD
Mr. Steven Rowan DMD
Dr. Dustin Rowe DDS
Hirbod Rowshan DDS
Dr. Edward Royal DMD
Dr. John Royal DDS
Dr. James Royer DMD
Dr. Brian Royse DDS
Tanios Rubeiz DMD
Dr. Austin Rubel DDS
Dr. Brian Rubens DDS
Dr. David Rubin DDS
Dr. Frederick Rubin DDS
Marsha Rubin DDS
Dr. Steven Rubin DMD
Dr. Edward Ruch DDS
Dr. Eric Ruckert DDS
Dr. Travis Rudd DDS
Dr. Dan Rudin DDS
Dr. Stanley Rudnicki DDS
Dr. Donald Rudolf DMD
Dr. Mathew Ruggles DDS
Dr. Ramon Ruiz DMD,MD
Dr. Sara Runnels DMD, MD
Dr. Carl Runyon DMD
William Runyon JR. DDS
Dr. Thaddus Rusiecki DDS PLLC
Dr. Aaron Ruskin DDS
Dr. James Ruskin MD, DMD
Dr. William Ruskin DDS
David Russell DMD
Dr. Robert Russell JR. DDS
Dr. Sharon Russell DDS
Dr. Willard Russell JR. DDS
Dr. Charles Russo DMD
Dr. Terrance Rust DDS
Dr. Gary Ruth DDS
Robert Rutner DDS
Andrew Ruvo DDS
Dr. Doran Ryan DDS
Dr. James Ryan DDS, MS
Dr. Lawrence Ryan DDS,MD
Dr. Michael Ryan DDS
Robert Ryan MD
Dr. John Rydlewicz DDS
Dr. Ralph Ryser DMD
Dr. Emily Sabbagh MD, DDS
Dr. Ira Saber DMD
Dr. Maryann Sabino DDS
Dr. Jon Sabol DDS,MD
Scott Sachs DDS
Dr. Stephen Sachs DDS
Dr. Fred Sacks DMD
Dr. Harry Sacks DDS, JD
Dr. Ali Sadeghi DMD
Dr. Arian Sadeghi DDS
Dr. Mohammad Sadeghi DDS
Morhaf Sadek DDS, MD
Rory Sadoff DDS
Dr. Regina Saenz DDS, PA
Dr. Michael Safian DDS
Dr. Eugene Sager DMD
Dr. Negin Saghafi DDS MD
Dr. Makoto Saigusa DMD, MD
Dr. Manaf Saker DMD
Dr. Mohammed Salahuddin DDS, PHD
Dr. Nicholas Salaita DDS, MD
Dr. Andrew Salama DDS, MD
Dr. Omar Salamen DDS
Dr. David Salehani DDS, MD
John Salek-Raham DDS
Dr. Nader Salib DDS
Clifford Salm DMD
Dr. Richard Salman DDS
Dr. Salam Salman MD, DDS
Dr. David Salmassy DMD
Dr. Thomas Salmon DDS
Dale Salomon
Dr. Marc Salomone DDS
Dr. Joel Salon DDS,MD
Dr. Meenakshi Salwan DMD
Richard Salzer DMD
Dr. Frances Sam DDS
Dr. Juan Samaniego DDS
Dr. Joseph Samartano
Dr. Ali Sami DDS
Dr. S. Sammons DMD
Dr. Payam Samouhi DDS, MD
Dr. Alan Sampson DMD
Dr. Daniel Sampson MD DDS
Dr. Allen Samuelson DDS
Dr. Stuart Sanders DDS
Dr. Shabaz Sandhu DDS
Dr. Harlene Sandler DDS
Dr. Noah Sandler DMD MD
Dr. Thomas Sangiacomo DMD
Dr. James Sanner JR. DMD
Dr. Danny Sanovich DMD
Dr. Randy Sanovich DDS
Mr. Joseph Sansevere DMD
Gregory Santarelli DDS SC
Dr. Jose Santiago-Cummings DDS
Dr. John Santin DDS
Dr. Thomas Santomauro MD, DDS
Dr. Philip Santora JR. DMO
Dr. Donald Santry DMD
Dr. Parimal Sapovadia DMD
Daniel Sarasin DDS
Dr. Aaron Sarathy DMD
Gregory Sarka DDS,MD
Dr. Marine Sarkisian DDS
Charles Sarlo JR. DDS, PA
Dr. Thomas Sarna DDS
Ammar Sarraf DDS
Dr. Jonathon Sasportas DMD, MD
Dr. Ira Satinover DDS
Dr. Alan Sato DDS
Dr. Sarah Satow BSC, DMD, FRCDC
Dr. Stanley Satterfield DMD
Dr. Harvey Satz Dmd DMD
Daniel Saunders DMD
Dr. Lawrence Saunders DMD,MS
Wayne Saunders DMD
Dr. John Saunderson DMD
Dr. Spencer Sautter DDS
Dr. James Savage DDS
Dr. Michael Savage DDS
Dr. Troy Savant DDS
Dr. Truitt Savell M D, D D S
Yoh Sawatari DDS
Terry Sawyer DDS
Dr. Steven Saxe DMD
Dr. Erik Sayles MD, DMD
Dr. Ignatius Scalia DMD
Dr. John Scaramella DDS
Dr. Frank Scarbrough DMD
Dr. John Scerbo DDS
Dr. George Schabes DDS
Dr. Stephen Schacht DDS
Dr. Marc Schachter DDS
Robert Schaedel DMD MD
Dr. Adam Schaefer MD, DMD
Dr. Brad Schafer DDS
Natalie Schafer DDS
Dr. Frank Schaffer DDS
Curtis Schalit DDS
Dr. Paul Schaner II DMD
Debra Schardt-Sacco DMD, MD
Dr. Eric Scharf DDS
Dr. Peter Scharfenberger DDS
Dr. Robert Schaub SR. DDS
Dr. Peter Scheer DDS MS
Richard Scheetz JR. DDS
Dr. Robert Scheiber JR. DDS
Dr. Gregory Scheideman DDS
Allan Scheiner DDS
Dr. Paul Schelkun MD, DDS
Dr. Richard Schell DDS
Dr. Nicholas Schellati JR. MD, DDS
Brian Schenck DDS
Kenneth Schenck JR. DDS
Dr. Mark Schenkman DDS
Dr. Michael Scherer DDS,MD
Dr. Eric Scheufler DMD, MD PA
Dr. Basil Schiff DDS
Dr. Michael Schiff DDS
Dr. Steven Schimmele DDS
Dr. Gary Schinbeckler DDS
Dr. Gian Schincaglia
Dr. James Schirmer DDS
Mr. William Schiro DDS
Dr. Robert Schlegel DMD
Dr. Eric Schlesinger DDS, MD
Dr. Thomas Schlieve DDS, MD
Dr. Richard Schmid DDS
Brian Schmidt DMD
Dr. Curtis Schmidt DDS
Dr. David Schmidt DDS,MD
Dr. Davin Schmidt DDS
Eugene Schmidt DDS
Dr. John Schmidt DMD
Dr. Joseph Schmidt DDS
Dr. Paul Schmidt JR. DDS
Larry Schmitt DDS
Dr. Margaret Schmitt
Dr. Alan Schmucker DDS
Dr. David Schneck DDS
Dr. Gerald Schneeberger DDS
Dr. Brian Schneider DDS MD
Dr. Bruce Schneider DDS
Dr. Coralie Schneider DDS
Dr. Edward Schneider II DDS
Rudy Schneider MD DDS
Dr. William Schneider DMD, MD
Dr. Todd Schock PC DMD MD
Scott Schoen DDS
Dr. John Schoonenberg DDS
Dr. Richard Schoonmaker DMD
Dr. Gary Schopfer DDS
Dr. Brett Schow DDS
Dr. Andrea Schreiber DMD
Nathan Schroeder DMD
Dr. Jason Schrotenboer DDS, MD
Sascha Schubert DMD,MD
Dr. Loretta Schueler DDS
Dr. Thomas Schugel DDS
Michael Schuh DDS
Dr. Stephen Schuler DMD
Dr. Steven Schulhof DMD, MD
Mr. Brandon Schultz DDS
Dr. Charles Schultz DDS, OMFS
Dr. Jeffrey Schultz DDS
Steven Schultz DDS
Wade Schultz DDS MD
Dr. William Schultz JR. DDS
Dr. Michael Schuman DDS
Dr. Daniel Schwartz DMD
Dr. David Schwartz DMD
Dr. David Schwartz DDS
Dr. Kevin Schwartz DMD
Dr. Lewis Schwartz DMD
Martin Schwartz DDS
Dr. Michael Schwartz DDS
Dr. Simon Schwartz DDS
Dr. Steven Schwartz DDS, MD
Dr. Steven Schwartz DDS
Dr. Stuart Schwartz DDS
Carina Schwartz-Dabney DDS PHD
Robert Schwartzwald DMD
Gary Schwarz
Dr. Jeffery Schwarzkopf DDS
Dr. Saul Schweber DDS
Gary Schween DDS
Dr. Jerome Schweikert DDS
Dr. James Scialabba DMD
Dr. Joseph Sciarrino
Dr. Patrick Scioscia DMD
Dr. Rosolino Sclafani DDS,MD
Dr. Anthony Sclar DMD
Bryan Scott DDS
Dr. Daniel Scott DMD
Dr. Franklyn Scott DDS
Dr. Kirk Scott DDS MD
Wayne Scott DDS
Dr. Martha Scotty DMD
Dr. Steven Scrivani DDS, DMED
Dr. Charles Scruggs DDS
John Scuba MD, DDS
Dr. John Scully DDS, MS
Dr. Mark Scura DMD
Dr. Pasquale Scutari JR. DDS
Dr. David Seago DMD
Dr. Donald Seago DDS
Scott Searcey DDS
Gregory Sears MD DDS
Dr. Walter Secosky DDS, MS
Dr. Steve Sedaros DMD
Dr. Nas Sediqi DDS
Dr. Douglas Seeger DMD MD
Dr. Allyn Segelman DMD, SM, SM
Dr. Gregory Segraves DDS, MS
Dr. Maikel Segui DDS
Dr. John Seidel DDS
Dr. Shelley Seidel DDS MD
Dr. Thomas Seidelmann DDS
Dr. Martin Seidenschmid DMD
Dr. Paul Seider DMD
Perry Seider DDS
Dr. Phillip Seim DDS
Todd Seitz DMD
Dr. Steven Selchow DDS, MD
Dr. Richard Seldin DMD, MPA
Dr. Gary Seldomridge DMD
Dr. Gilbert Selkin MD, DMD
Abigail Sellers DDS
Vernon Sellers DMD
Dr. Vincent Sellitti DDS
Dr. Don Selmo DDS
Dr. Jay Selznick DMD, MD
Dr. Brady Semmel DMD, MD
Dr. Luke Seng DDS
Dr. Trina Sengupta DMD
Mr. Howard Seplowitz DMD
Dr. Adam Serlo DMD, MD
Alberico Sessa MD, DMD
Mr. Ross Sethman DDS
Dr. Chad Seubert DDS
Dr. Edward Sevetz JR. DMD
Dr. Martin Sewall DDS
Ms. Steven Sewall DDS
Dr. Austin Seward DDS
Dr. James Sexton DDS,MS
Dr. John Sexton DMD,MSD,
Dr. Robert Sexton DDS
Dr. Stephen Sexton DDS
Dr. Robert Seymour DDS
Dr. Ramin Shabtaie DDS
Dr. Jonathan Shadi DDS
Dr. Jeffry Shaefer DDS
David Shafer DMD
Dr. Stanley Shafer DMD
Dr. Gaurav Shah DMD
Dr. Rakesh Shah MD, DMD
Dr. Timothy Shahbazian DDS
Dr. Shahin Shahgoli DDS
Dr. Abtin Shahriari DMD, , MPH
Dr. Zakir Shaikh DMD, MD
Gregory Shaker DDS
Dr. David Shall DDS, MD
Stephen Shall DDS
Dr. Timothy Shambaugh DDS
Dr. Imad Shami DMD, OMFS
Dr. Harvey Shandler DMD,MS
John Shank DDS
Carroll Shanks DDS
Dr. Michael Shannon DMD
Rayanne Shannon DDS
Dr. Robert Shapiro DDS
Dr. Herbert Shaprio DDS
Dr. Ehsan Sharaf-Eldeen MD, DMD
Dr. Arshiya Sharafi DDS
Dr. Reza Sharifi DMD
Dr. Aneet Sharma MD, DDS
Dr. Kaushik Sharma BDS, DMD
Dr. Priveer Sharma DMD
Dr. Robert Sharobiem DDS
Dr. Kalpakam Shastri DDS
Dr. Alan Shaw DDS
Dr. Allan Shaw DDS
Dr. Charles Shea DMD
Dr. John Shea DMD
Dr. Michael Shedlosky DMD
Mr. John Sheets DDS
Dr. Mark Shehan DDS
Dr. Amjad Sheikh DDS
Dr. David Sheinkopf DDS
Dr. David Sheintop DMD
Dr. Courtney Shelbourne DMD
Dr. Alan Shelhamer DDS
Dr. Jonathan Shelton DMD, MD
Dr. William Shelton JR. DDS
Xue Yu Shen DMD
Dr. David Shensa DMD
Dr. Robert Sheperd DDS
Dr. Norman Shepherd DMD
Dr. Michael Sheppard DDS
Martin Sher DMD
Dr. Matthew Sherban DMD
Dr. Jerry Sherman DDS
Pamela Sherman DMD
Peter Sherman DDS
Dr. Steven Sherry DDS, MD
Keith Sherwood DDS
Dr. Bradley Shessel DMD
Dr. James Shields DDS
Dr. John Shillingburg DDS
Dr. Casey Shimane DDS
Benjamin Shimel DDS
Dr. Thomas Shin DMD
Dr. Kent Shinozaki DDS
Brett Shirley DDS, MD
Paul Shirley DMD
Dr. Paul Shivers DMD
Dr. Garry Shnayder DDS
Dr. Michael Shnayder MD, DDS
Dr. Philip Shoemaker DDS
Dr. William Shoemaker DMD
Nathalie Shoer DMD, MS
Dr. Erica Shook DDS
Dr. Cecil Shrewsberry IV DDS, MD
Dr. John Shroyer DDS PA
Dr. George Shuert DDS
Dr. Earl Shufford DDS
Dr. Robert Shuken DDS
Dr. Rudane Shultz DDS
Dr. Raymond Shupak DMD, MD, MBE
Dr. Harvey Shuster DDS
Dr. David Sibley DMD
Dr. Lonnie Sibley JR. DDS
Dr. Tarkan Sidal DDS, MD
Dr. Elliot Siegel DDS
Dr. Scott Siegel DDS, MD
Dr. Howard Siegler DDS
Dr. Murray Sigman DMD
James Sikes JR. DMD, MD
Dr. Tim Silegy DDS
Kimberly Silloway DDS
Perry Silva DDS, MD
Dr. Rebeka Silva DMD
Dr. Alan Silverman DDS
Dr. Bart Silverman DMD
Dr. Harvey Silverman DDS
Dr. Keith Silverstein DMD MD
John Simkevich DMD
Dr. Karen Simmonds-Brady DDS
Dr. Allan Simmons DDS
Dr. Matthew Simmons DDS
Dr. Timothy Simmons DDS
Dr. Stefan Simoncic DDS
Dr. Cary Simonds DDS
Dr. Benjamin Simonton DDS
Fred Simonton III DMD
Dr. Constantine Simos DMD
Dr. Brian Simpson DMD
Dr. Charles Simpson IV DMD
Dr. Darrell Sims DDS, PC
Kendall Sims DDS
Dr. Paul Sims DDS
Ghassan Sinada DDS
Dr. Tanet Sinchai DDS
Dr. Frank Sindoni MD
Dr. Alan Singer DDS
Dr. Michael Singer DMD
Richard Singer DDS
Dr. Neeru Singh DDS
Dr. Yash Singh DMD, MD
Dr. Sandeep Singla DDS,MD
Dr. Sunil Sinha DDS
Douglas Sinn DDS
Dr. Martin Siparsky DMD
Dr. David Sirois DMD,PHD
Dr. John Sisto DDS
Dr. Michael Sitters DDS
Somsak Sittitavornwong DDS
Barry Skaggs DDS
Thomas Skiba DDS
Dr. Andrew Skigen DMD
Daniel Skinner DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Sklans DMD
Dr. Steven Skoch DDS
Dr. Larry Skoczylas DDS, MS
Dr. Stephen Skoly JR. DMD
Dr. Leonard Skope DDS
Dr. Christos Skouteris DMD, PHD
Mark Slabbekoorn DDS, MD
Dr. Thomas Slack DDS
Dr. Edwin Slade JR. DMD
Dr. Jan Slapnicka DDS
Dr. Otto Slater DDS
Dr. Joseph Slaughter DDS
Dr. Terry W. Slaughter Slaughter DDS MSD
Dr. Harry Sleet II DMD, MD
Ira Slow DMD
Dr. Gary Smagalski DDS
Dr. Lance Smagalski DDS
Dr. Douglas Smail DDS
Glendon Smalley III DMD
Dr. Stephen Smart DDS
Dr. Lisa Smartz DMD PA
Dr. David Smeltzer DDS, MS
Dr. Eric Smiga DMD
Zale Smilack DDS
Dr. Dennis Smiler DDS
Dr. Alayna Smiley DMD
Dr. Allen Smith DDS
Dr. Ben Smith DMS,MS
Brian Smith DMD MD
Dr. Brian Smith DDS
Dr. Brian Smith DDS
Dr. Bruce Smith DDS
Dr. Burton Smith DDS
Dane Smith DDS
Dr. David Smith DDS
Dr. David Smith DDS, MD
David Smith DDS, MD
Demarcus Smith IV DDS
Dr. Drew Smith DDS
Dr. Edward Smith DDS
Frederic Smith MD, DMD
Dr. Frederick Smith
Dr. Jeffrey Smith DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Smith DMD
Dr. John Smith JR. DDS
Dr. John Smith DMD
Dr. Joshua Smith DDS
Dr. Judson Smith
Dr. Julie Ann Smith DDS, MD
Dr. Kevin Smith DDS
Dr. Kyle Smith DDS
Matthew Smith MD, DDS
Dr. Michael Smith DDS
Dr. Millard Smith DDS
Paul Smith JR. DDS
Dr. Paul Smith DDS
Dr. Paul Smith DMD
Peter Smith DDS
Dr. Philip Smith DDS
Dr. Raymichael Smith DDS
Richard Smith DDS
Robert Smith DDS MSD
Dr. Robert Smith DMD
Dr. Roger Smith DDS
Ronald Smith DDS
Dr. Stanley Smith DDS
Sylvester Smith III DDS
Dr. Timothy Smith DDS
Dr. Wilbur Smith DDS
Dr. Max Smith Jr. DDS
Dr. Jennifer Smith Williams DMD
Shelby Smithey DDS
Dr. David Smoot DDS
Dr. James Smouse DDS
Dr. Steven Smullin DMD, MD
Dr. Olga Smutko DDS
Dr. Emily Smythe DDS
Dr. Larry Snider DDS,PC
Jesse Snow DMD
Dr. Bernard Snyder DDS, MS
Dr. Richard Snyder DMD
Dr. Steven Snyder DDS
Dr. Timothy Snyder DDS, MD
Michael Sock DMD
Dr. Alireza Sodeifi MD, DMD
Dr. Brandon Soelberg
Dr. Andrew Sohn DMD, MD
Dr. Sharad Sohoni DDS, MMSC
Dr. Stephen Sokoloff DDS
Dr. Cesar Solano DMD
Dr. Michael Sole DDS
Dr. Shahab Soleymani DDS
Dr. Stephen Solfanelli DMD
Dr. Junius Soliday SR. DDS
Dr. Keith Soliday DDS (ORAL SURGEON)
Dr. James Solomon DDS
Ronald Solomson DMD
Dr. Baizheng Song DMD
Liansheng Song DDS
Dr. Zhengshi Song DDS
Brittany Sonnichsen DMD
Dr. Warren Sordill DMD
Bertrand Sorel DMD, MD
Jason Sorensen DDS
Dr. Jerry Sorensen DDS
Dr. Kyle Sorensen DMD
Mark Sorensen DDS
Travis Sorensen DDS
Dr. Michael Sorgen DDS
Robert Sorrentino DMD
Dr. Ronnie Sorrow JR. DDS
Dr. Howard Sosna DDS
Dr. Mark Sosovicka DMD
Dr. Aaron Southerland DDS
Dr. John Sowell DDS
Gregory Spackman DDS MBA
Dr. Daniel Spagnoli DDS, MS, PHD
Dr. Nick Spanel DDS
Dr. Peter Spanganberg DDS
Rory Spearing DDS
Dr. Coleman Spector DDS
Dennis Spence DDS, MS
Dr. Nathan Spencer DDS
Dylan Spendal DMD
Dr. Donald Spengler DDS MS
Dr. Joseph Spera DMD
Dr. Arthur Sperling DMD
Dr. Warren Spielman DDS
Dr. Anthony Spina DDS MD
Dr. Mark Spinazze DDS
Dr. Dean Spingola DMD, MD
Dr. Michael Spink DDS, MD
Dr. Gaetano Spinnato DMD MD LLC
Dr. Frank Spino DDS
Dr. Kenneth Spint DDS
Mr. David Spivey DDS
Dr. Larry Spradley DDS, MS
Charles Spriggs DDS
Dr. Narayanan Sreenivasan MDS
Dr. Sivakumar Sreenivasan DMD, MDS
Dane St. John MD
Dr. Barry Stacey DMD
Dr. Cassandra Stacy DMD
Dr. Robert Stadelmann DMD
David Stahr DDS
Dr. Thomas Stakem DDS,MD
Elgan Stamper III DDS
Joseph Stan DDS
Dr. Richard Stanchina DDS
Dr. Cecil Stancil JR. DDS
Dr. Adam Stanley DDS
Dr. John Stanley MD, DMD
Paul Stannard DMD
Dr. Ashley Stansbury DDS
Ronald Staples DDS
Dr. Brian Stapp DDS
Dr. William Starck DDS
Mitchell Stark DDS
Dr. Austin Starr DDS
William Starsiak JR. DDS
James Startzell DMD, MS
John Stasik DMD
Dr. Randall Stastny DMD
Dr. Craig Stasulis DMD, MD
Dr. Mary Stavropoulos DDS
Dr. Robert Steadman MD, DDS
Dr. Anne Stearns DDS, MD
Dr. Jeffrey Stearns DMD, MD
Paul Stec DDS
Dr. Martin Steed DDS
Dr. Drew Steel DMD
John Steel DDS
Dr. James Steele DDS, MD
Richard Steele
Dr. Christopher Steen DDD, MD
Dr. Robert Steere DDS
Dr. Kerwin Steffen DDS
Christian Steffey
Kris Stegmann DDS
Dr. Dennis Steh DDS
Dr. Edmund Steigman DMD
Dr. Andre Stein DDS
Dr. Gilbert Stein DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Stein DDS
Dr. Kyle Stein DDS
Dr. Lester Stein DMD
Dr. Mark Stein DDS
Dr. Stephen Stein DDS
Dr. Martin Steiner DDS
Dr. Rob Steiner DMD
Peter Steinhauer DDS
Dr. Michael Steinle DMD
John Stella DDS
Dr. Robert Stemme DDS
Dr. James Stempien DMD
Martin Stepanyan DMD
Siobhan Stephen DMD MD
Dr. David Stephens DDS
William Stephens DDS
Dr. Willie Stephens DDS
Dr. Avichai Stern DDS
Dr. Brian Stern DMD
Dr. Chaim Stern DDS
Dr. Michael Stern DMD, PHD
Dr. Michael Stern DMD
Dr. Norman Stern DMD, MD
Dr. Richard Stern DDS
Dr. Monroe Sternlieb DDS
Dr. Randall Stettler DDS
Dr. Albert Steunenberg DDS
Dr. Gregory Stevens DMD
Jeffrey Stevens DMD
Timothy Stevens DDS
Mr. Howard Stevenson DDS
Dr. Michael Stevenson DMD, MD
Dr. Heath Stewart DMD
Jeffery Stewart DDS
Dr. John-Michael Stewart DMD
Dr. Larry Stewart DDS, MS
Ronald Stewart DDS,MS
Dr. Eric Stich DDS
Dr. Rodney Stigall DMD
Dr. Marlind Stiles DMD
Dr. John Stilp DDS
Dr. Kenneth Stinchfield DDS
Eric Stine DDS, MS
Mark Stivers DDS
Dr. Kevin Stockton DMD
Edward Stoddard DDS
Ms. Sherilynn Stofka DDS
Dr. Albert Stofko DDS
David Stoker DDS
Dr. Kenneth Stoler DDS
Alan Stoll X
Dr. Brian Stone DDS, MD
Dr. Charles Stone JR. DDS
Dr. Charles Stone DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Stone DMD, MD
Dr. Joshua Stone DDS, MD
Dr. Randall Stone DDS
Dr. Thomas Stone MD, DDS
Dr. Phillip Stopperich DMD
Dr. William Storoe IV DDS
Dr. Marwood Stout DDS
Dr. John Stover DDS,MD,PHD
Dr. Gail Strahs DDS
Dr. Harvey Strair DMD
Mark Straka DDS
Dr. David Strand DDS,MS
Dr. Rhys Strasia DDS
Dr. Myron Strasser JR. DDS
Dr. Sam Straus DDS
Edward Strauss DMD MD
Dr. Howard Strauss DDS
James Strauss DMD
Dr. Robert Strauss DDS
Sorrell Strauss DMD
Dr. Jason Straw DDS
Dr. Mark Streater DMD
Dr. Paul Streck JR. DMD, MD
Vanni Strenta DMD
Dr. Robert Strickland DDS
Dr. James Strider JR. DMD
Dr. Dale Stringer DDS
Dr. Auxillian Stroia DDS
Gregory Stroncek DDS
Dr. Michael Stronczek DDS
Dr. Guilbert Stroschein DDS,MD
Dr. Gregory Strull DMD
Dr. Norman Strull DMD
James Strychalski DDS
Grant Stucki DDS, MS
Dr. Ira Sturman DDS
Billy Sturrock DDS
Dr. David Sturtz DDS, MBA
Dr. Collin Stutz DDS, MD
Dr. James Su DDS
Terry Su DDS, MD
Dr. Jaime Suarez MD , DMD
Dr. Omar Suarez DMD
Dr. Peter Subach DMD
George Suchko DDS
Dr. Steven Sudbrink DMD
Dr. Jonathan Sudol DMD
Dr. Donald Suggs DDS
Dr. Amy Suhr DDS
Bruce Sullivan DMD
Dr. Cornelius Sullivan DMD
Dr. Daniel Sullivan DDS
Robert Sullivan DDS
Dr. Steven Sullivan
Mrs. Laura Summers DMD
Dr. Lewis Sumner DMD
Dr. Todd Sumner DDS, MD
Dr. Richard Sundberg DDS
Dr. Richard Sundheimer DMD
Bradley Sundick DDS
Dr. James Supancic JR. DDS,MD
Dr. Timothy Surber DDS
Dr. Laurence Sussman DDS
Dr. Frank Sutherland DMD
Dr. Michael Sutley DDS
Stephen Sutley DDS
Dr. Robert Svarney JR. DDS
Lance Svoboda DDS, MS
Dr. Edward Swain JR. DMD
Valerie Swan DDS
Dr. Neal Swann DDS
Dr. Robert Swann DMD
Dr. Eric Swanson MD,DMD
Jay Swanson DDS,MD
Dr. Kimberly Swanson DDS
Dr. Sajal Swaroop DMD
Dr. Albert Sweeney DDS
Dr. Clark Sweeney DDS
Mr. Gary Sweeney DDS
Dr. Mark Swerdloff DDS
David Swiderski DDS, MD
Dr. Ryan Swigert DDS
Dr. Leonard Swimmer DDS
George Sydlar JR. DMD
Thomas Sydlowski DDS
Dr. David Sykes DMD
Dr. Norman Sykes JR. DMD
Dr. William Synan DDS
Lawrence Syner DDS
Dr. John Synhorst II DDS
Dr. Tamas Szakal DDS
Dr. Richard Szal
Dr. Daniel Szalay DDS
Dr. Donald Sze DMD
Dr. Richard Szumita DDS
Bradley Szutz DDS, MD
Dr. Victor Szymela DMD, MD
Dr. Thomas Tabachnick DDS
Dr. Eli Tabariai DMD
J Tabarini DDS, MS
Dr. David Tabaroki DDS
Dr. Larry Tabatchnick DMD, MD
Dr. Mohammed Tabel DDS
Dr. Vahid Tabibzadeh DDS, MD
Dr. John Tackett DMD
Dr. Jonathan Tagliareni DDS
Martin Tahara DMD, MD
Dr. George Takahashi DDS
Dr. Ron Takahashi DDS MD
Dr. Cesar Talavera
Dr. William Talbot Jr. DDS
Reda Taleb DMD
Dr. Joseph Tamagna DDS
Dr. James Tamaroff DDS
James Tamborello
Dr. Imad Tamimi DMD
Dr. Marcus Tanabe DDS
Dr. Theodore Tanabe DDS
Wayne Tanaka DDS
Dr. Amy Tanchyk DMD
Samuel Tancredi DDS
Dr. Ronald Tankersley DDS
Dr. John Tanner DDS MD
Dr. Michael Tanur DDS
Dr. Majd Tarakji DDS
Dr. Igor Tarlo DDS MD
Dr. Allen Tarro DMD
Dr. Jeremy Tarver DDS
Dr. Walter Tatch
Dr. Greg Tate DDS, MD
Dr. Scott Tate DDS, MS
Thomas Tate DDS
Dr. Daniel Tatich DDS
Dr. James Tauberg DMD
Dr. Sarunas Tauras DDS
Dr. Atef Tawadros DDS
Dr. Azmi Tawadros DDS,MD
Dr. Adel Tawfilis DDS
Dr. Pairot Tayapongsak DMD
Dr. Emmanuel Taylor DDS
Dr. Glenn Taylor JR. DMD MD
Dr. Gregory Taylor MD, DDS
Dr. Keith Taylor DDS
Dr. Ned Taylor DMD
Ronald Taylor DDS, MS
Stephen Taylor DDS
Dr. Steven Taylor DDS
Terry Taylor DDS MS
Dr. Thad Taylor IV DDS
Dr. Samuel Tchon DDS, MD
Dr. Anis Tebyanian DMD MD
Dr. Nicholas Tedeschi DDS
Dr. Thomas Teenier MD
Dr. Joshua Teh DDS
Dr. Gabriella Tehrany MD, DDS
Dr. Joel Teig DMD
Dr. Tinerfe Tejera MD, DMD
Mr. Carl Tempel DDS
Richard Tempero MD DDS
Dr. C. Templeton DDS
Dr. Robert Templeton DMD
Dr. Alfredo Tendler DMD, MS
Dr. David Tenhulzen MD DMD
Dr. Richard Tennenbaum DMD
Charles Tentinger DDS
Gina Terenzi DMD
Dr. Andonis Terezides DDS
Dr. Salvatore Termini DDS
Mr. Jayson Terres DDS, MD
Edward Terzian DMD, MD
Paul Tesone DDS
Dr. Don Test III DDS
Dr. Donald Testa DDS
Dr. Robert Testani DDS
Dr. David Tevepaugh DMD
Dr. Raj Thaker DMD
Dr. Clay Thames DDS
Dr. Scott Thames DMD
Dr. Scott Thatcher DDS
Dr. Roger Thayer DMD
Dr. Stone Thayer DMD, MD
Daniel Theberge DDS
Dr. Nicholas Theodotou BDS, DDS
Dr. Brad Theriot DDS
Craig Thiede DDS
Dr. Jack Thigpen III DMD
Dr. Neil Thoman DMD
Dr. Ronald Thoman DDS
Bruce Thomas DDS
Dr. Grace Thomas DDS
Dr. Gregory Thomas DDS, MS
Dr. Mary Thomas DDS
Dr. Steven Thomas
Dr. David Thompson DMD
Dr. John Thompson DDS
Dr. Ronald Thompson JR. DDS
Steven Thompson DDS
Dr. Scott Thomson DMD
Dr. William Thornton DDS
Dr. David Thurber DDS
Dr. David Thurgood DDS
James Thurman DDS
Dr. Kyle Tidstrom DDS
Dr. John Tidwell DDS
Dr. Otto Tidwell DDS
Dr. Paul Tiernan DDS
Dr. Louis Tieu DDS,MD
Dr. Donald Tilghman DDS
Dr. Don Tillery JR. DMD
Dr. John Tillner JR. DDS
Dr. Todd Timko DMD
Dr. David Timmis DDS
Pethan Tin DDS
Dr. B.D. Tiner DDS, MD
Dr. Richard Ting DDS MD
Dr. Ian Tingey DDS
Dr. Charles Todd DMD, MD, DMSC
Dr. David Todd DMD MD
Dr. Bruce Todoki DDS
Vijay Tohan DDS
Dr. Dmitiry Tokar DDS, PHD
Dr. Yoshiki Tokuyama DDS
Dr. Andrew Tolas DDS
S c Tolbert DDS PA
Barrett Tolley DDS
Dr. William Tom DDS, MD
Dr. William Tom DDS, MS
John Tomaich MD,DDS
Dr. Boyd Tomasetti DMD
Dr. Charles Tomeo DMD
Dr. Charles Tomeo DMD
Paul Tompach DDS, PHD
Mr. Steven Tonnesen
Dr. Michael Toohey DMD
Dr. Eugene Toone DDS, MS
Richard Topazian DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Topf DDS,FACD
Dr. Daniel Topper DDS
Mr. John Torchia DMD
Dr. Richard Torchia DDS
Dr. Warren Torchinsky DDS
Dr. Robert Torgerson DDS
Dr. Angel Torio DMD, MD
Dr. Anthony Torres DDS
Dr. Daniel Torres DMD
Dr. Ernesto Torres DMD
Luis Torres DMD
Dr. Alfred Tortorelli DDS
Dr. Anthony Tortorich DDS
Nicholas Totalo JR. DDS
Simon Touchan DDS, MD
Dr. Bradford Towne DMD
Dr. Claire Towning DDS
Dr. Larry Towning DDS MD
Tooley Towns DDS
Julia Townsend DDS
Dr. David Tracy DDS
Dr. Kyle Tracy DMD
Dr. Anthony Trakas DDS
Dr. Gerald Trammell DDS
Vic Trammell DMD
David Tran DDS,MD
Lisa Tran DDS MD
Dr. Daniel Traub DDS
Dr. Steven Traub DDS
Dr. Joel Traylor DMD
Dr. Ryland Traynham DDS
Antwan Treadway DMD
Dr. Trevor Treasure MD, DDS
Dr. Daniel Trebus DDS
Dr. Bruce Trefz DDS, MS, MS
Dr. David Trent MD, DDS
Dr. Cynthia Trentacosti DDS
Dr. Ronald Trevisani DMD
Dr. Nathaniel Tricker DDS
Dr. David Trigg DDS, MD
Dr. John Triggs DDS
Dr. Lorne Trimble DMD, MD
Dr. Jimmie Trimiar DDS
Huy Trinh DDS
Douglas Trippel DDS
Juan Troconis DMD
Dr. Marlin Troiano DDS,PHD
Dr. Timothy Troiano DDS
Dr. Kevin Trombly DMD
Troy Trondson DDS, MD
Dr. Raymond Trop DMD
Dr. Bradley Trotter DDS
Dr. William Trotter IV DMD
Dr. Maria Troulis DDS
Dr. Thomas Trowbridge DDS, MD
Dr. James Troxell DDS, MS
Dr. Thomas Troxler D DS
Dr. Stephen Troyer DDS, MSD
John Truitt DDS
German Trujillo DDS
Jack Tse DMD
Nicholas Tselios DDS
Albert Tso DDS
Harold Tu MD, DMD
Dr. Judith Tuchman DMD
Dr. Aaron Tucke DDS
Dr. Alan Tucker DDS
Dr. Charles Tucker DMD
Dr. Myron Tucker DDS
Todd Tucker DMD,MD
Trent Tucker DDS
Dr. W. Tucker DDS
Dr. David Tuggle DDS
Dr. Gregory Tull DMD
Dr. Jeffrey Tulman DDS
Dr. Steven Tunick DMD
David Turbyfill DMD,PA
Dr. Stephen Turella DMD
Dr. Jon Turesky DMD
Dr. Nathan Turley DDS
Dr. Blake Turner DDS
Dr. Bradley Turner DDS
Henry Turner DDS MSD
Dr. Michael Turner DDS, MD
Dr. Portia Turner DDS
Dr. Ramzey Tursun BDS
Timothy Turvey DDS
Dr. Michael Tuttle DDS
Dr. Howard Twersky DMD
Dr. Albert Twesme DDS
Dr. Leonard Tyko II DDS, MD
Charles Tzagournis DDS
Dr. Brett Ueeck MD, DMD
Dr. Carlos Ugalde DDS
Juan Ulloa DDS
Yusif Umar DDS
Gerald Unhold DMD, MD
Dr. Brian Unterman DDS, MD
Dr. Christopher Upham DDS
Haven Urban OMSA
Dr. Scott Urban DMD, MD
Dr. Anthony Urbanek DDS , MD
Dr. David Urbanek DMD
Dr. Richard Urbanek JR. DDS, MS
Dr. Gregory Urfrig DMD
Dr. Rodrigo Uribe DMD
Dr. Edward Urig JR. DMD MS
Dr. Jettie Uyanne DDS
Linda Uyeda DDS
Dr. Kris Uyehara DDS, MD
Dr. Aaron Vafakos DMD
Dr. Ramtin Vahadi DDS, MD
Dr. Saman Vahedi DDS, MD
Dr. Arunas Vaitiekaitis DDS
John Vakkas DDS, MD
Dr. David Valauri DDS
Dr. Douglas Valentine DDS
James Valentine DDS
Dr. Ernesto Valiente DMD
Dr. Tara Valiquette DMD
Dr. Alejandro Valladares DDS
Arnulfo Valle DDS
Warren Vallerand DDS MD
Mr. Larry Van Ameyde DDS
Dr. Kyle Van Brocklin DMD, MS
Wayne Van De Graaff
Dr. Emily Van Heukelom DDS
John Van Heukelom DDS MS
Dr. Charles Van Meter III DMD, MD
Dr. Clare Van Wieren DDS
Dr. Kenneth Vanasma DDS
Dr. Harvard Vanbelois DDS
Dr. Ralph Vanbrocklin DMD
Brian Vandersea DDS
Dr. Lee Vandewater DMD
Dr. James Vangilder IV DDS
Dr. John Vangilder DDS
Dr. Bradley Vanhoose DDS, MS
Edward Vanisky DMD
Dr. Gregory Vannucci DDS
Roderick Vansurksum DDS
Dr. Reed Vanwagenen DDS
Donald Vap DDS MSD
Dr. John Varanelli DDS
Anthony Varboncoeur
Arturo Vargas Garcia DDS
Karin Vargervik DDS
Dr. Scott Varland DDS
Dr. Zeneida Vasquez DDS
Dr. Leonard Vaughan DDS, MD
Patrick Vaughan DDS
Dr. Thomas Vaughan III
Dr. Shariq Vazir DDS
Dr. David Vazquez-Morales DMD
Nicolas Veaco MD, DDS
Dr. Fred Vecchione DDS
Dr. John Vecchione DDS
Dr. Ashok Veeranki DDS
Dr. Luis Vega DDS
Dr. Nicholas Vega DDS
Dr. Amogh Velangi DDS
Dr. Ignacio Velasco DMD
Mariana Velazquez DDS
Martin Velez DDS
Dr. Peter Vellis DDS
Curtis Vendetti DMD, MD
Dr. Sandra Vergara DDS, PA
Dr. Gregory Vergos DMD, MD
Dr. Serge Verne DDS
Dr. Adam Verrett
Dr. Steven Verveniotis DDS
Dr. James Vetter DDS
Dr. Denise Vey Voda DDS
Dr. Patrick Vezeau DDS MS
Dr. Aaron Vickers DDS, MD
Dr. Phillip Vickers DDS
Dr. Tate Viehweg DMD
Dr. John Villano DDS PC
Dr. Jose Villanueva III DMD
Dr. Carlos Villarreal DDS
Dr. Ronald Vincent DDS
Dr. Stephen Vincent DDS
Baker Vinci DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Vinton DDS
Dr. Darrin Violi DMD
Dr. Kabir Virdi DMD
Dr. George Visnich JR. DMD
Dr. Gary Vitale DMD
Dr. Robert Vitkus DDS
Mr. Michael Vitt DDS
Dr. Joseph Vogler DMD
Dr. Paul Vollmer DDS
Dr. Fedele Volpe DMD
Dr. Douglas Vonkaenel DDS
Dr. Gopi Voonna DDS
Dr. Fred Voorhees DDS MSD
Dr. Andrew Vorono DDS
John Vorrasi DDS
Kathryn Vorwald MD, DDS
Dr. Timothy Votta MD, DDS
Dr. Giao Vu DDS
Dr. Steven Vukas DMD, MD
Dr. Michael Vuocolo DDS
Dr. An Vuong MD
Dr. Harshiv Vyas BDS, MDS
David Waack DDS
Dr. Eric Wachs DMD
Kenneth Wachs DDS
Dr. Marshall Wade DDS
Gurinder Wadhwa DDS
Dr. Clyde Waggoner DMD
Dr. Elizabeth Wagner DMD
Dr. Peter Wagner DDS
Dr. Richard Wagner DDS
Dr. Robert Wagoner II DMD MD
Dr. Serv Wahan DMD, MD
Dr. Odin Waite DDS
Peter Waite DDS, MD
Dr. Adam Waksor DDS
Dr. Sean Walcott DDS
Dr. Leonard Waldman DMD
Dr. Alex Walker DMD
Dr. Cameron Walker DDS
Dr. Charles Walker JR. DDS
Dr. Donald Walker DDS
Dr. Lee Walker MD, DDS
Dr. Patrick Walker DMD
Dr. Eric Wall DDS
Dr. Terrence Wall DDS
Dr. David Wallace DDS, MS
Dr. Eric Wallace DDS
James Wallace DDS
Dr. John Wallace DDS, MD
Dr. Joseph Wallace III DDS
Dr. Lawrence Wallace
Dr. Patrick Wallace DDS
Dr. Aaron Wallender DDS, MD
Dr. Christopher Wallis DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Wallis DMD
Robert Wallock
Dr. David Walls DDS
Dr. Donna Walls DDS
Dr. Richardd Walls DMD
Dr. Elizaberh Walsh DDS
Dr. Thomas Walsh DDS
Dr. William Walstad DDS
Charles Walter DDS
Dr. George Walters DDS
Paul Walters DDS
Dr. Stephen Walters DDS
Russell Walther DDS, MD
Dr. Carl Waltke DMD
Robert Waltz JR. DMD
Dr. Clifford Walzer DMD
Mr. Jerry Wang DDS MD
Kingsley Wang DDS
Dr. Terry Wang DMD, MD
Dr. Harvey Wank DMD
Russell Warburton MD, DMD
Dr. James Ward DMD
Dr. John Ward DDS
Dr. Timothy Ward DDS
Mr. Geoffrey Warda DDS
Dr. Paul Warden DDS, MD
Erik Warren DDS
Dr. Jeffrey Wasielewski DDS
Ted Wassel DDS
Norman Wat DDS
Stephen Wat DDS
Dr. Glenn Waters DDS,MD
Dr. Benjamin Watkins III DDS
Dr. Damon Watson DDS, MD
Dr. John Watts DDS
Dr. Vanessa Watts DMD
Dr. Robert Watts, Jr DMD
Dr. Steven Waugh DDS
Dr. Dolores Wawrzynek DDS
Dr. Lawrence Way DDS
Dr. John Wayland
Dr. Gary Wayne DMD
Dr. Marion Wazney DDS
Dr. Trevor Weathers DDS
Dr. Brian Weaver DDS
Bryan Weaver DDS,MD
Dr. David Weaver DDS, MS
Dr. Gordon Weaver DDS
Dr. Timothy Weaver DDS
Dr. David Webb DDS
Donald Webb DDS
Russell Webb DDS
Dr. Caroline Webber DDS
Frank Weber DDS
Dr. Jill Weber DDS
Dr. Richard Weber SR. DDS
Dr. Richard Weber JR. MD DDS
Dr. Timothy Weber DMD, DDS
Dr. Zachary Weber DMD MD
Dr. Lawrence Weeda JR. DDS
Andrew Weeks DDS
Dr. Jerome Wees DDS
Edward Weideman DMD, MD
Dr. Marc Weil DDS
Dr. Thomas Weil DDS MD
Dr. Mark Weiner DDS
Dr. Michael Weinstein DDS
Dr. Robert Weinstock DDS
Dr. Stephanie Weiss MD, DDS
Craig Weitzman DDS
Dr. Howard Weitzman DDS
Dr. Mark Welch DDS
Dr. Scott Welch DMD
Dr. Timothy Welch MD, DDS
Leonard Weldon DDS
Dr. Marvin Wells DMD
Dr. Nathaniel Wells DMD
Dr. Zachary Wells DMD
Gregory Welsh DDS
Dr. James Wendelken DDS
Stephen Wendt MD DDS
Dr. Scott Wenk DDS MD
Dr. Charles Wennogle DDS
Dr. Willard Wentz JR. DDS
Dr. Michael Werner DMD
Peter Werner DMD MS
Dr. Jeffrey Wert DDS
John Werther DMD MD
George Wessberg DDS
Dr. John Wessel III DMD
Dr. Griffin West DMD
Kevin West DMD
Dr. Lionel West DDS
Dr. William West DMD, MD
Marston Westbrook DDS
Dr. Russell Westfall DDS
Dr. John Westine DMD
Kurt Westlund DDS MS
Dr. Raymond Westwood DDS
Dr. Bruce Wetmore DDS
Andrew Wetterlind DDS
Dr. Brett Weyman DDS, MD
Dr. Terry Whatley DMD
Dr. Jeffery Wheaton DDS MD
Dr. Mark Wheeler DMD
Dr. Robert Wheeler JR. DDS
Dr. Michael Whelan MD, DDS
Dr. John Whinery JR. DDS
Dr. David Whiston DDS
Dr. Bruce Whitcher DDS
Dr. Bryan White DMD
Dr. Frank White III DDS
Dr. James White DMD
Raymond White DDS/PHD
Dr. Robert White DDS
Dr. Robert White DDS
Michael Whitehouse DMD
Dr. Lee Whitesides DMD
Dr. Robert Whitley DDS
Dr. Dean Whitman DMD
Dr. Daniel Whitney DDS
Dr. Nicole Whitney
Dr. Steven Whitney DDS
Dr. Gladys Whitten DMD
James Wickless DDS
Mark Widloski DDS
Dr. J. Widner DDS
Dr. John Wiebe DDS
Dr. Thomas Wiedemann MD, DDS
Dr. Kenneth Wieder DDS
Dr. Scott Wietecha DMD
Dr. Raymond Wiggins DDS, MD
Mr. Andrew Wightman DMD
Dr. Charles Wikle DDS
Dr. Miles Wilhelm DMD
Arthur Wilk JR. DDS
Dr. Lewis Wilk DMD
Randall Wilk MD DDS PHD
Joseph Wilkes III DMD
William Wilkie DMD
Paul Wilkinson DMD, MD
Dr. Richard Wilkinson DMD
Dr. Stuart Wilkinson DDS
Dr. Leslie Will DMD
Dr. Michael Will MD, DDS
Dr. Bart Williams III MD, DMD
Dr. Bryce Williams DDS
Dr. Charles Williams DDS
Dr. Christopher Williams DMD
Dr. Craig Williams DDS
Dr. Daniel Williams JR. DDS
Dr. Darren Williams DDS
Dr. Dwight Williams DDS
Dr. Edward Williams DDS
Fayette Williams DDS, MD
Dr. Gregory Williams DDS
Harris Williams DDS
Dr. James Williams DDS
Dr. Jordan Williams DMD
Dr. Kurtis Williams DDS
Larry Williams DDS
Dr. Micheal Williams MD, DDS
Dr. Nathaniel Williams DDS
Dr. Roland Williams DDS
Dr. Shane Williams DMD
Thomas Williams DDS
Dr. Timothy Williams DDS
Dr. Vincent Williams DMD,PA
Walter Williams DDS
Dr. Lewis Williamson DDS
Mr. Michael Willis DMD
Dr. Richard Willis DDS
Dale Willoughby DDS
Dr. Hamil Willoughby DDS
Dr. Mark Wilner DDS
Dr. Bruce Wilson DMD
Dr. David Wilson DDS
David Wilson DDS
Dr. Douglas Wilson DDS
Dr. Gary Wilson DDS
Graham Wilson DDS
Dr. Gregg Wilson DMD
James Wilson DDS
Dr. James Wilson DMD
Dr. Michael Wilson DMD
Dr. Monty Wilson DDS
Nicholas Wilson DMD
Dr. Paul Wilson DMD
Dr. Roy Wilson DDS
Dr. Spencer Wilson DDS
Dr. Thomas Wilson I DDS,MD
Dr. Thomas Wilson DMD
Dr. Timothy Wilson DDS
Dr. Tyler Wilson DDS
Dr. Mauricio Wiltz DDS
Dr. Matthew Wimmer DMD
James Wimsatt III DDS
Dr. David Winans DMD
William Wine DDS
Dr. Paul Wineland DDS
Dr. Howard Winer DDS
Dr. Gerard Winn DDS
Cynthia Winne DDS
Dr. Daniel Winston DDS
Dr. Lewis Winston DDS
Dr. Mollie Winston DDS
Dr. Bert Winterholler DDS
Dr. William Wintersteen DMD
Dr. Adam Winton MD, DDS
Dr. Kurtis Wirth DDS
Dr. David Wise MD, DDS
Dr. John Wise DDS MS
Melvyn Wishan DDS, MDS
Dr. Randi Wiston DMD
Dr. Grant Wiswell MD, DDS
Dr. Daniel Witcher DDS
Dr. Travis Witherington DDS
Dr. Charles Witherspoon DDS
Dr. Charles Witkowski SR. DDS
Wayne Witt DDS
Dr. Wayne Witte DDS MS
Dr. Joerg Wittenberg MD, DDS
Ross Wlodawsky DDS
Dr. Robert Wohar DMD
Dr. Mark Wohlford DDS, PH D
Dr. Peter Wohrle DMD, MMED SC
Dr. Rose Wojcik DMD, MD
Dr. Alfred Wolanin JR. DDS
Dr. Joshua Wolf DDS
Dr. Louis Wolf DMD
Mr. Mark Wolf DDS
Dr. Merwin Wolf DDS
Dr. Paul Wolf DDS
Dr. Steven Wolf DDS
Dr. William Wolfersberger DMD
Dr. Lawrence Wolff DDS
Larry Wolford DMD
Dr. Rolf Wolfrom DDS
Barry Wolinsky DDS MS
Christopher Wolkowicz DMD
Ryan Womack MD, DDS
Dr. John Won MD, DDS
Dr. Craig Wong DMD
Kenneth Wong DDS
Mark Wong DDS
Robert Woo DDS
Tony Woo DDS
Dr. Alan Wood DDS
Dr. Jeffery Wood DMD
Dr. Kyley Wood DDS
Paul Wood DDS
Dr. Robert Wood DDS MD
Dr. Robert Wood DDS
Dr. Robert Wood DDS
Terry Wood DDS
William Wood DDS
Ernest Woodard DDS
Dr. Gary Woodcock DMD
Tyler Woodling DMD
Dr. David Woods DDS, MD
Dr. William Woods JR. DDS
Donal Woodward DDS
Joshua Woodward DDS
Dr. Mathew Woodward DDS
Craig Wooten DDS
Dr. Michael Wooten DDS
Dr. Clarence Worley JR. DMD, MD
W Worley DDS
Dr. Bradley Wright DDS
Dr. Gordon Wright DDS
Dr. Kevin Wright DDS
Dr. Robert Wright DDS
Greg Wrobleski DDS
Lloyd Wruble DMD
Dr. James Wu DDS
Dr. Allan Wun DMD
Dr. Robert Wunderle DDS
Robert Wunderle III DMD
Dr. Bradley Wurth DMD
Dr. Gary Wyatt DDS
William Wyatt DDS
Dr. Robert Wygonski DMD
Dr. Kevin Xue DMD
Dr. Alvin Yadgood DDS
Dr. Mark Yafai DDS, MD
Dr. Pedram Yaghmai DDS
Dr. Benjamin Yagoubian DDS, MD
Abed Yakan
Dr. Sumitra Yalamanchili DDS, MPH
Stephen Yallourakis MD
Dr. Rick Yamada DDS
Kyoko Yamaji
Dr. Craig Yamamoto DDS
Dr. Steven Yamamoto DDS
Dr. Dennis-Duke Yamashita DDS
Dr. Brian Yang DDS, MD
Dr. Eddy Yang DDS, MD
Joseph Yang MD, DMD, MBE
Dr. Tony Yang DDS, MD
Dr. Jason Yanich DDS, MS
Dr. James Yanney DDS MD
Dr. David Yates DMD
Dr. Arturo Ydrach DMD
Dr. Frank Yeh DMD
Dr. George Yellich DDS MS
Chung Yen DDS
Dr. Kirk Yen DDS
Alison Yeung DDS, MD
Dr. Donald Yezerski DDS
Dr. Ju Yon Yi DDS, MD
Dr. James Yim DDS
Dr. Thomas Ying DDS
Dr. Thomas Yingling DDS
Dr. Robert Yong DDS
Dr. Hyon Yoo DDS
Dr. Jee Yoo DDS
Dr. Bennett York DDS
Richard Yost DMD
Dr. Stanley Youdelman DDS
Dr. Tae Youn DDS, MD
Dr. Dean Younce DMD
John Young III DDS
Dr. Perry Young DDS
Dr. Randolph Young DDS
Dr. Richard Young DDS
Dr. Roland Young DDS
Samuel Young DMD
Sean Young DDS
Dr. Steven Young DDS
Dennis Youngblood DDS
Dr. Wael Youseff DMD
Dr. Riad Youssef DDS
Dr. Stephen Yovino DMD
Ming Yu DDS
Dr. Seung Yu DDS
Ronald Yueh DDS, MD
Samuel Yun DDS
Dr. John Yurosko DMD
Yuriy Yusupov DDS, MD
Dr. Walter Zabek DDS
Neal Zabiegalski DDS
Mr. Lawrence Zager DDS
Dr. Peter Zagursky JR. DDS
Dr. Waleed Zaid DDS,FRCD'C
Mark Zajkowski DDS,MD
Dr. Ibrahim Zakhary BDS, MS
Gholam Zakhireh
Dr. Thomas Zakkak DDS
Dr. Harvey Zalesin DDS
Dr. Harvey Zalsman JR. DDS MD
Dr. Oleh Zaputowycz DDS
Dr. Babak Zargari DMD
Dr. Michael Zaritsky DDS
Dr. Shahrouz Zarrabi MD, DDS
Dr. Hooman Zarrinkelk DDS
Dr. Marc Zaslow DDS
Dr. Boris Zats DDS, FADSA
Dr. Robert Zborowski DDS
Dr. Edward Zebovitz DDS
Marc Zechel MD,DDS
Dr. David Zegarelli DDS
Dr. Andrew Zeidman DDS
Dr. Deborah Zeitler DDS MS
Robert Zeitlin DDS
John Zeleznock DMD
Dr. David Zelig DDS
Steve Zent MD, DDS
Dr. Ashley Zerweck DMD
Dr. Michael Zetz DDS
Vincent Ziccardi
Dr. Erik Ziegler DDS
Richard Ziegler DDS
Dr. Gregory Zieman DMD
Dr. Robert Ziemba DDS
Lonny Zietz DDS, MS
Dr. Geoffrey Zinberg DMD
Dr. Greg Zoghby DDS
Dr. Malcolm Zola DDS
Dr. Kenneth Zouhary DDS, MD
Dr. Gary Zoutendam DDS
Dr. Stacey Zuck DMD, MD
Dr. Brett Zuckman DMD
Dr. Joseph Zufall DDS
Dr. Michael Zulian DDS
John Zuniga DDS/PHD
Henry Zussman DDS
Dr. William Zwack DDS
Dr. Barry Zweig DDS
Dr. Mark Zwickey
Dr. Monte Zysset DDS

* Source: Council on Dental Education and Licensure, American Dental Association

** Source: Council on Dental Education and Licensure, American Dental Association