A facility or distinct part of one used for the diagnosis and treatment of outpatients. "Clinic/Center" is irregularly defined, sometimes being limited to organizations serving specialized treatment requirements or distinct patient/client groups (e.g., radiology, poor, and public health). *

Shobha Aggarwal
Mrs. Lori Allen CRNA
Uchenna Anaje CNP
Mr. Richard Arabitg
Dr. Thomas Baker MD
Dr. John Bass MD
Mrs. Margaret Benton-Jones REGISTERED NURSE
Ryan Bernardino
Dr. Perry Black MD
Dr. Mordcai Blau MD, PC
Mrs. Georgette Bragg CRNA
Dallas Broadway MD
Ms. Ramune Buivys RN
Helene Burke APRN, FNP-C
Dr. Ligorio Calaycay JR. MD
Noreen Capers
Dr. Robert Capriotti MD
Mrs. Melissa Chambers RN
Dr. Paul Chasan MD FACS
Dr. Chun-Ming Chen MD
Dr. Gary Churchill MD
Ms. Virla Clark CRNA
Kirsten Coleman NP
Dr. Richard Cummings MD
Dr. Jimmy Dixon MD, FACS
Miss Erica Doyle ARNP
Krisztina Emodi
Dr. Christopher Fincke MD
Dr. Jeffrey Friedman MD
Dr. Stanley Frileck MD
Dr. Avro Gaon MD
Angel Garcia MD
Ms. Nathifa Garcia APN
Dr. Jacob Golding MD
Timothy Greco MD
Dr. William Greene JR. MD
Colette Greer RD
Andrew Gunter CRNA
Mr. Larry Hammonds RNFA / CNOR
Dr. Terry Hand MD
Eiko Hanna
Walter Henderson MD
Dr. Mervin Hiler I MD PHD
Mrs. Lucinda Howard MSH
Yuan Huang I MD
Pablo Ibarrola M D
Dr. Kaissar Ibrahim MD
Dr. Michaelle Jean-Pierre MD
Lucy Joseph
Mark Kellogg CRNA
Dr. Davis King MD
Annmarie Klein
Dr. Thuy Le MD
Jerry Leandado LVN
Dr. Young Lee I MD
Dr. Ari Lerner MD
Ms. Carol Mannone RN, MSN
Dr. Kurtis Martin MD
Dr. William Mealer MD
Mrs. Sonya Mertz NP-C
Joe Metcalf MD
Dr. Gerald Minniti MD, FACS
Dr. Richard Mladick MD
Mrs. Sandra Nealon CRNFA
Charles Peck MD
Dr. Alan Pohl MD
Ms. Lenore Posedly CNP
Usha Rajagopal
Dr. Michelle Reillo RN, NP, PHD
Dr. Brunno Ristow MD
Dr. Dominador Ruiz MD
Dr. Michael Sachs MD
Dr. Gohar Salam MD, FACS
Dr. Faramarz Salimi MD
Ms. Rita Sanchez MD
Mr. Hassan Shaer CRNA
Dr. Robert Singer MD
Dr. Tamar Singer MD
Tarick Smaili MD
Mrs. Lisa Smith RN,MSN,NP
Nicolette Thomas FNP
John Thompson CRNA
Michael Twomey MD
Irina Vigdorova
Diane Weiss RN
Lawrence Wibbels MD
Dr. Neal Wittels MD
Dr. Donald Wortham MD
John Yermian MD
Dr. Jamal Yousefi MD