A facility or distinct part of one used for the diagnosis and treatment of outpatients. "Clinic/Center" is irregularly defined, sometimes being limited to organizations serving specialized treatment requirements or distinct patient/client groups (e.g., radiology, poor, and public health). *

Specialization: Adult Mental Health

An entity, facility, or distinct part of a facility providing diagnostic, treatment, and prescriptive services related to mental and behavioral disorders in adults. **

Dr. Clemens Beels MD
Dr. Rivka Ben Dor
Dr. Sonam Bhakta MD
Ms. Bethany Bock LISW
Jerome Boling RN
Mr. Ronald Bowen LCSW
Marialison Bowling MD
Dr. Karen Boyd-Wuertz PHD
Dr. Ronald Bullock MD
Dr. Jennie Byrne MD, PHD
Prof. Martha Canon MSW
Dr. Richard Coons MD
Fanny Cortez ASW
Ms. Margarita Cruz Soto MSW
Ms. Mary-Jo Curran NPP, CNS
Patricia Dewalt
Latanya Dodd
Dr. Jerry Doke PHD
Vanzanell Edwards ADMINISTOR
Ms. Gail Feagans RN, CNS
Dr. Kelsey Finke MD
Mariela Fuenmayor MD
Dr. Babe Garais MD
Dr. Jose Garrido MD
Fariba Ghorbani LMHC
Donna Head ARPN
Mrs. Jacqueline Hendrickson
Sarah Hernandez LMSW-33381
Beth Hicks PSYD
Mrs. Barbara Irizarry MSW
Dr. Kambiz Jahanian MD
Ms. Sherry Johnson SOCIAL WORKER
Mr. Thomas Johnston RN
Mr. Cleveland Joseph CASAC
John Kettley MSW
Ms. Laurie Kimball APRN
Donna Ledet-Willis
Dr. Michael Liebowitz MD
Dr. Anabel Lopez-Rivera MD
Dr. Sandra Martinez Rivera MD
Steve Martino PHD
Anna Mcmillan
Dr. Gana Mody MD
Ceola Morgan
Dr. Pamela North MD
Ms. Irene Oaxaca RN
Dr. Rafael Padro PHD
Dr. Dhaval Patel MD
Ms. Ruby Payten
Dr. Ibzan Perez MD
Ms. Regina Pipersburg
Dr. Michael Reznicek MD
Peter Reznik
Ms. Kristan Robson LISAC
Emarie Rodriguez MSW
Dr. Annabelle Rodriguez Llauger MD
Mrs. Maria Sariol LMSW
Dr. Jean Segall MD
Mrs. Lillian Serrano Garcia MD PSYCHIATRIST
Dr. Ralph Sett MD
Jean Shelor
Pegge Sines
Mrs. Phyliss Stout LCSW
Debra Stupka
Dr. Sason Tavakoli-Sabour DO
Mrs. Yvonne Taylor
Lisbeth Velez
Ms. Nicole Wassel LMSW
Ms. Kathleen Weldon RN,C , MN
Dr. Stacy Yearwood MD, MPH
Serenity Young LGSW

* [7/1/2003: new]

** [7/1/2003: new]