A facility or distinct part of one used for the diagnosis and treatment of outpatients. "Clinic/Center" is irregularly defined, sometimes being limited to organizations serving specialized treatment requirements or distinct patient/client groups (e.g., radiology, poor, and public health). *

Specialization: Military Outpatient Operational (Transportable) Component

"Non-fixed" facilities or distinct parts of a "non-fixed" facility, providing outpatient medical and dental services, primarily intended for DoD active duty. The entity is funded with other than Defense Health Program funding. Non-DoD active duty may receive services from this entity. "Non-fixed" facilities are generally deployed DoD health care activities, not providing services on or in association with a DoD fort or base. "Non-fixed" facilities include outpatient services furnished onboard ships. "Non-fixed" facilities also include deployed clinics. Does not include items issued directly to a patient from an outpatient pharmacy or patient transport. **

Blanche Manners CCMA
Dr. Todd Mccune
Janie Salazar APRN, FNP, MSN, PHN