A facility or distinct part of one used for the diagnosis and treatment of outpatients. "Clinic/Center" is irregularly defined, sometimes being limited to organizations serving specialized treatment requirements or distinct patient/client groups (e.g., radiology, poor, and public health). *

Specialization: Medical Specialty

An entity, facility, or distinct part of a facility providing diagnostic, treatment, and prescriptive services related to a specific area of medical specialization. Frequently used for Title V related Children's Specialty services or to meet specific public health needs (e.g., infectious diseases or breast and cervical cancer). **

Elham Albalawi
Miss Beth Allen NP
Ana Amato APN, CNM
Dr. Bozena Augustyniak MD
Dr. Douglas Bass MD
Reza Bayati MD
Frantz Bazile MD
Dr. Richard Bender MD
Prof. Valerie Biousse MD
Steven Bittorf MD, PHD
Dr. Gwyneth Blattau MD
Dr. William Bowers MD
Ronald Brady MD
Lyle Breeding MD
Maria Demma Cabral MD
Dr. Narciso Carrillo MD
Dr. Nasser Chahmirzadi MD
Dr. Zerline Chambers MD
Min-Hui Chen MD
Dr. Marcus Conant MD
Dr. Ashley Counce MD
Jose De Jesus MD
Dr. William Deaton MD
Dr. Mireille Desgranges Seme MD
Dr. Jilma Dicarlo MD
Robert Duchouquette SR. MD
Dr. Richard Elesh MD
Kathleen Feeney ARNP
Marie Foegh MD
Dr. Evelyn Fonseca MD
William Garcia MD
Michelle Gash FNP
Dr. Steven Goldman MD, PHD
Dr. Ron Goldstein MD
Marie Gouin MD
Dr. Howard Gross
Dr. Ronald Gruber MD
Dr. Clifford Harman MD
Donald Harter MD
Dr. John Hochberg MD
Dr. Duane Hopp MD
Dr. Antony Leslie Innasimuthu MD
Danna Jennings MD
Brenda Jones NP-C, APN
Dr. Rami Kaminski MD
Mrs. Kristina Kohler CNM
Dr. Hisako Koizumi MD
Tatyana Ksendzovskaya NP
Anna Le MD
Dr. Lester Lieberman MD
Dr. David Lim MD PHD
Dr. John Lindquist II MD
Mrs. Mary Katherine Llarena FNP-C
Dr. Valerie Logsdon MD
Philip Lowry MD
Ivette Lozano MD
Dr. Rafael Marcano Marcano II MD
Patrick Mcmenamin MD
Megan Middleton
Suleidys Mirandasantana MD
Dr. John Morren MD
Dr. George Mushet MD
Dr. Nadine Nakazono MD
Dr. Ronald Nelson MD
Mojgan Neman-Kuighadush MD
Dr. Annmarie Nguyen MD
Dr. Khanh Nguyen MD
Fabio Ortega MD
Alma Padilla Comas MD
Mrs. Pamela Palmentera LCSW
Dr. Richard Parsons MD
Dr. Ram Patak MD
Dr. Susan Payberah MD
Dr. Francisco Perez-Rivera MD
Gouri Pothini MD
Dr. Virginia Pressler MD
Dr. Arthur Przebinda MD
Prof. Jo Robins NP
Dr. Rosa Rodriguez MD
Dr. Mygda Roman 11168
Dr. Virginia Savely DNP, FNP-C
Dr. Anne Schmidt MD
Ms. Holly Scrivner
Dr. Stephen Seldon MD
Dr. Ina Serrano MD
Dr. Jose Serrano Robles MD
Dr. George Shambaugh III MD
Dr. Harris Shifrin MD
Desmond Smith MD
David Sosin MD
Dr. Stephen Stefano MD
Dr. Barbara Steinbrunn MD
Mrs. Ashley Steinhauer NP
Jenine Titus
Douglass Tormey MD
Dr. Julio Valdes MD
Dr. Andrew Varano
Dr. Krishna Vasant MD
Dr. Dasaratha Vemireddy MD
Ronald Vessey
Dr. Juan Walterspiel MD, FAAP
Dr. David Weisher MD
Brent White
Leila Zafaranchi MD
Alfonso Zerbi-Ortiz MD12

* [7/1/2003: new]

** [7/1/2003: new]