A facility or distinct part of one used for the diagnosis and treatment of outpatients. "Clinic/Center" is irregularly defined, sometimes being limited to organizations serving specialized treatment requirements or distinct patient/client groups (e.g., radiology, poor, and public health). *

Karen Ammons MSN
Mr. George Baez JR. LPN
Dr. Kevin Brailey PHD
Tram Bui RPH
Dr. Yan Cao MD
Wendell Ching MD
Dr. George Conner MD
Richard D'atri RPH
Mrs. Kimberly Davidsaver RN
Tammy Davidson LGSW
Mrs. Rhonda Dutcher-Barfuss RN
Ms. Brenda Ford RN
Dr. Catherine Fortier PHD
Juan Gonzalez MD
Dr. Richard Gray MD
Dr. Kristin Gregor PHD
Josh Hudson LPN
Cindy Jones
Dr. Elsheikh Kineish DM
David Li MD
Mr. Stewart Lipson RPH
Yen Logan
Dr. Charles Lye MD
Dr. Therese Mays MD
Dr. Rodolfo Medina MD
Raveendran Meleth MD
Dr. Eva Rachocka-Kaszuba MD
Dr. Maritza Rivera MD
Amanda Ryan
Tara Sallee LISW
Dr. Maxwell Sauder MD
Dr. Kenneth Springate MD
Dr. Susan Sung PHARMD
Jessica Sutton LCSW
Ms. Panee Tantranond MD
Dr. Gina Walton MD

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