Psychiatric Units



In general, a distinct unit of a hospital that provides acute or long-term care to emotionally disturbed patients, including patients admitted for diagnosis and those admitted for treatment of psychiatric problems on the basis of physicians' orders and approved nursing care plans. Long-term care may include intensive supervision to the chronically mentally ill, mentally disordered or other mentally incompetent persons; (2) For Medicare, a distinct part of a general acute care hospital admitting only patients whose admission to the unit is required for active treatment, whose treatment is of an intensity that can be provided only in an inpatient hospital setting, and whose condition is described by a psychiatric principal diagnosis contained in the Third Edition of the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or in Chapter 5 (Mental Disorders) of the International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM). The unit must furnish, through the use of qualified personnel, psychological services, social work services, psychiatric nursing, occupational therapy, and recreational therapy. The unit must maintain medical records that permit determination of the degree and intensity of treatment provided to individuals who are furnished services in the unit; the unit must meet special staff requirements in that the unit must have adequate numbers of qualified professional and supportive staff to evaluate inpatients, formulate written, individualized, comprehensive treatment plans, provide active treatment measures and engage in discharge planning. **

Ahmed Abdel-Raouf MD
Irene Akinsinde LPN
Dr. Colin Angliker MB, BCH, BAO, FRCPC
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Bajwa
Kristin Borys MSW AND LCSW
Ms. Vania Brown-Small APRN, BC
Lill Chamorro MD
Andres Chaparro Rincon MD
Maria Charney LICENSED RN
Babar Choudhry MD
Dr. Eric Cohen MD
Rachel Dean RN
Ms. Julie Denny RN
Mrs. Marianna Deromedi PT
Jon Ehinger ATR-BC, LCAT
Dr. Charli Ellis DO
Mrs. Colleen Faust RN
Dr. Benigno Fernandez MD, PA
Mr. Richard Galvan LCSW
Amir Garakani MD
Annette Graffeo RN
James Hennes RN
Mr. Harry Hernandez MSW
Mr. Rowland Hill LCSW
Michael Hollister RN
Dr. Tania Holly MD
Dr. Rachelle Hotz MD
Mrs. Teresa Hu RN
Dr. Walter Jones JR. MD
Mrs. Joyce Lyons RN
Karen Mihal RN
Susan Mora RN
Ms. Kathryn Morrissey-Burch MA
Dr. Eric Mueller MD
Dr. Tin Nguyen MD
Ms. Roberta Nugent OT
Richard Oberfield MD
Mrs. Bonnie Osterdahl LPN
Dr. Thaddeus Ozimek MD
Don Pablo
Bradley Peterson MD
Dr. Marie Pierre-Louis MD
Louise Pugh
Ernesto Ramos
Jesus Rodriguez Rodriguez MD
Ms. Christine Rolle
Dana Rosca MD
Mr. Stokes Smith JR. LPC
Jamie Tallman RN
Dr. Herman Tolbert MD
Dr. Andres Vazquez MD
Dr. Carlos Zarate JR. MD

* Source: (1) AHA Annual Survey p. A10 1996 AHA Guide; (2) Code of Federal Regulations #42, Section 412.27.

** Source: (1) AHA Annual Survey p. A10 1996 AHA Guide; (2) Code of Federal Regulations #42, Section 412.27.