General Acute Care Hospitals

An acute general hospital is an institution whose primary function is to provide inpatient diagnostic and therapeutic services for a variety of medical conditions, both surgical and non-surgical, to a wide population group. The hospital treats patients in an acute phase of illness or injury, characterized by a single episode or a fairly short duration, from which the patient returns to his or her normal or previous level of activity. *

Specialization: Critical Access

Definition to come. **

Dr. Wisam Al Badr MD
Glen Albertson JR. MD
Ms. Adrienne Ames
Chris Anandajeya
Mrs. Angela Barco MSN, ARNP, NP-C
Earlene Barker ARNP
Ms. Jennifer Berg NNP BC
Tanya Bethel-Hall ARNP
Dr. Vaishali Bhusari MD
Catherine Blakely MSPT
Karen Bottom CNM
Dr. Manfred Brigl MD
Dr. Lisa Brostrom MD, FACS
Ms. Joanne Brousseau OT
Dr. James Brown MD
Dr. Ramnik Butalia MD
Dr. Xiqing Cao MD
Ma Yvonne Castillo RN
Robert Caudle CRNA
Dr. Lynn Connolly MD
Nenita Cudiamat
Dr. Katalin Danji MD
Carly Daulton
Mr. Jerry Davis CRNA
Dr. Richard Davis MD
Steven Dewees MD
Ma Corazon Domine-Flores RN
Ms. Mary Fekete
Ms. Kimberly Felicetti
Dr. Bruce Fitzgerald MD
Mr. John Freeman CRNA
Dr. Saba Gaffar MD
Aaron Gallegos AGAC NP
Dharam Garg
Dr. Wilfred Gomez Saldana MD
Tara Green
Mrs. Sonja Gregory PTA
Dr. Aarti Grover MD
Dr. Patricia Grover PHARMD
Denise Hamrick FNP
Vanessa Hanna AGACNP-BC
Mr. James Hatchell CCP
Katherine Hellmer OTR
Mrs. Nitza Herrans PT
Mrs. Tracy Higgins APRN, ACNP
Jack Hildner PA-C
Mr. Kyle Hopwood PTA
Mrs. Patricia Hunter APRN
Ms. Susan Hurst RN
Dr. Francis Jana MD
Liza John
Julie Kamin LCSW
Mrs. Cheryl Kelly ANP
Maung Khin MD
Dr. Niran Kotrapu MD
Christian Krarup MD
Miss Felicia Kreinbrink PT, DPT
Dr. Peter Kunz MD
Dr. Jesse Lavin DO
Tami Lenoir RRT
Dr. Donald Levy MD
Ms. Kathleen Lilli BSN
Gary Makas RRT
Dr. Sridevi Manginani MD
Mimoza Meholli MD
Mrs. Laveena Meriga MSN, AGACNP-BC
Mark Michael APRN
Margaret Miller CRNA
Dr. Lisa Mofle MD
Robert Mohn JR.
Dr. Ian Murphy
Kristen Neely RN, MSN, CEN, FNP-C
Dr. Paula Nornes-Lebby MD
Dr. Mary O'donnell MD
Ms. Mary O'sullivan NP
Dr. Richard Oberfield MD
Katrina Oconnor ARNP
Dorathy Ojimba RN
Nikki Parvus RN
Umesh Patel MD
Viloki Patel APN
Timoth y Peterson
Marine Petriashvili MD
Kristie Pham PHARM D
Courtney Protzer MD
Walter Rae RN
Aneeq Rafiq
Dr. Swaroop Reddy MD
Dr. David Rice MD
Mrs. Laura Schatz OT
Dr. Viyeka Sethi MD
Wendell Shrum RN
Miss Vicky Simbro RN, BSN
Priscilla Skannes RN
Dr. Alaaeldin Soliman MD
Ms. Dannielle Springman RN
Mrs. Laura Starr ACNP
Dr. Philip Stepaniak MD
Matthew Stephany
Mrs. Diane Stoller
Mrs. Shantall Strozier CRNA, MS
Ms. Sara Swiderski MBA, RD, LDN
Dr. Stephen Swisher MD
Dr. James Tenney MD
Dr. Arthi Thangaraj MD
Dr. Alicia Thomas MD
Nicole Toney MD
Ms. Madhuri Tripurana MS RD CD
Dr. Jessica Valentine MD
Yaroll Van De Vin
Frances Vela-Cantos NP
Sethuraman Venkataraman MD
Jennie Walker MD
Dr. Xi Wang MD, PHD
Jamie White NNP
Debra Williams
Dr. George Williamson MD
Dr. Hidetaka Yanagi MD
Jessica Zimmerman
Dr. Amer Zwein MD

* [7/1/2003: new]

** [7/1/2003: new]