General Acute Care Hospitals

An acute general hospital is an institution whose primary function is to provide inpatient diagnostic and therapeutic services for a variety of medical conditions, both surgical and non-surgical, to a wide population group. The hospital treats patients in an acute phase of illness or injury, characterized by a single episode or a fairly short duration, from which the patient returns to his or her normal or previous level of activity. *

Iracema Arevalo MD
Kc Ashbaugh
James Bacon
Dr. Edgar Ballenas MD
Mrs. Laurie Basinait
Ms. Jogle Ann Borja RN
Elizabeth Briere PT
Tina Brown COTA/L
Dr. Jason Carter PHARMD
Jessica Carter
Ms. Mary Cater PT
Rebekah Christian
Ms. Sharon Collins CRNA
Amy Crock MA CCC-SLP
Mrs. Daria Cymbal PT
Mrs. Stefanie Dendy RPA/RRA
Ms. Deidra Edwards PT
Dr. Mohamad El Khatib MD
Mrs. Carolyn Fafinski RN
Dr. Nomie Finn MD
Jami Grantz APRN, CNP
Megan Harman DO
Dr. Timothy Hayes DVM
Randy Helwig RD
Johanna Huff
Luke Hutchinson
Mr. Andrew Jackson MOTR/L
Ms. Irsa Jackson CRNA
Levie Johnson MD
Dr. William Lawrence JR. MD
Mrs. Melissa Le
Dr. Brian Leal MD
Amy Lee RD CD
Edith Messina OTR/L
Laura Miller LCSW
Mr. Leonard Mineau PT
Scoti Moon
Joshua Moulin PA
Zivile Nauronyte NP
Tyra Newton FNP
Hoang Thy Nguyen NP
Hector Ortiz Miranda MD
John Pabers MD
Dr. Scott Parazynski MD
Wendy Patton RN
Dr. Edward Peter MD
Annette Porter MD
Debra Rathbun
Randi Riley RN
Dr. Eugene Rodillo MD
Lakesha Ruise RRT-NPS,CPFT
Jeanne Sammartino
Dr. Samer Sbayi MD
Mrs. Dara Schuster PTA
Setu Sharma PT
Dr. Abhilasha Solanki MD
Terry Sperling PT
Laurie Steenbergen PTA
Mrs. Caryn Stoner
Tania Thorne RN
Abegail Unico ARNP
Dr. Marta Vega MD
Mahalet Welde Semat MD
Mr. Douglas Westphal PT,MS, OCS
Ms. Leah Willis FNP-C
Dr. Linda Wise DPT,MOT,PT,OTR/L