Custodial Care Facilities



A facility providing care that serves to assist an individual in the activities of daily living, such as assistance in walking, getting in and out of bed, bathing, dressing, feeding, and using the toilet, preparation of special diets, and supervision of medication that usually can be self-administered. Custodial care essentially is personal care that does not require the continuing attention of trained medical or paramedical personnel. **

Dr. Michael Baio MD
Yvette Beltran
Miss Lisa Bitonti LPT
Anne Brunache
Mr. John Esquivel LVN
Julia Hagen COTA
Mrs. Vergie Helms OWNER
Mr. Alasdeeme Henry MD
Ms. Petrona Henry LPN
Mr. Mickey Iliescu
Dr. George Isajiw MD
Mrs. Jennier Johnson PRESIDENT
Ms. Pandora Johnson
Dr. Brian Kimmel DO
Ms. Beverly Koonce
Samantha Lamadieu
Patricia Lester
Mrs. Maisabel Mathos FNP
Mrs. Willie Miller
Mrs. Scherry Moses
Raymond Nadon
Janice Parmeter
Santos Ruiz Cordero MD
Mrs. Susan Stewart AMINISTRATOR
Allison Stoklasa
Nellie Turner
May Vang
Mr. Ron Wheelock
Mrs. Carlene Woods