Nurse Practitioners

(1) A registered nurse provider with a graduate degree in nursing prepared for advanced practice involving independent and interdependent decision making and direct accountability for clinical judgment across the health care continuum or in a certified specialty. (2) A registered nurse who has completed additional training beyond basic nursing education and who provides primary health care services in accordance with state nurse practice laws or statutes. Tasks performed by nurse practitioners vary with practice requirements mandated by geographic, political, economic, and social factors. Nurse practitioner specialists include, but are not limited to, family nurse practitioners, gerontological nurse practitioners, pediatric nurse practitioners, obstetric-gynecologic nurse practitioners, and school nurse practitioners. *

Jessica Aaron
Mrs. Rebecca Aaron ACNP-BC
Ms. Alexis Aaronson AGACNP-BC
Fatme Abbiss ACNP
Michelle Abboud NP
Donna Abdelnour CNP
Safiyah Abdullah
Ms. Shauna Abel APN, ACNP-BC
Dominique Abell ACNP
Alvin Abella
Ms. Sheba Abella-Barbosa NP
Mr. Joseph Abellana MS, RN, AGACNP-BC
Melinda Aberman ARNP
Mary Abplanalp NP
Elizabeth Abraham CRNP
Elsa Abraham ACAGNP
Mrs. Jai Abraham ACNP
Jaina Abraham
Liza Abraham CRNP
Mary Ann Abrahamson NP
Sheryl Abrams CRNP
Mr. Michael Abrego PA-C
Ms. Deborah Abu-Alrub CRNP
Mrs. Jane Abucha MSN, ACNP-BC
Ashraf Abulhaija APRN
Douglas Accountius RN, MBA, AG-ACNP-BC
Christopher Acebedo NP
Christopher Achord
Stephen Achuff ARNP
Ms. Robin Acker MSN, CRNP
Mary Alice Ackerman APN
Michael Ackerman NP
Lindsay Ackermann APRN
Ms. Rosemary Acorda CRNP
Ernesto Acosta ARNP
Iris Acosta ARNP
Margarita Acosta RN, AGACNP
Lacee Acre
Avra Adair CRNP
Ruth Adam AGACNP
Dr. Alysia Adams DNP, APRN
Mrs. Ann Adams CRNP
Mrs. Christin Adams ACNP, BC
Dawn Adams ARNP
Denise Adams AGACNP-BC
Elizabeth Adams ACNP
Jennifer Adams MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
Jill Adams RN, MSN, ACNP
Mrs. Linda Adams CRNP
Mrs. Petra Adams AGACNP
Rebecca Adams CRNP
Stacey Adams ACNP
Davita Adanuvor
Mrs. Lauren Adcock MSN, ACNP-BC
Barbara Addison CRNP
Dana Addison APRN
Sharon Addy NP
Latasha Adegboruwa NP
Ms. Adeola Adeoye APN
Yewande Adesanya ACNP
Mrs. Latonya Adesunloye NP
Rachael Adger NP
Miss Arzu Adiguzel ACNP
Mrs. Oluwatoyin Adisa ACNP
Mrs. Diane Adiutori CRNP
Danica Adkins NP
Mark Adkins ARNP
Nicole Adkins
Susan Adkins CNP
Tasha Adkison CRNP
Ms. Tamar Adolemaiu-Bey CRNP
Michelle Adorjan ACNP
Ms. Debra Adrian CRNP
Nataliya Afanasyeva CNP
Mrs. Monika Agarwal NP
Jennifer Agatep AG-ACNP
Michael Agbisit ACNPC-AG
Mrs. Ebere Agbo CRNP
Nelly Aghili AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Maria Agopian NP
Michelle Agostini NP
Kelsey Agre APRN
Jonathan Aguas
Mr. Al-Zada Alberto Aguilar MSN RNBC ACNPBC CCRN
Thelma Aguilar MSN, AGACNP-BC
Daniela Aguilera
Mr. Esteban Aguirre JR. AGACNP-BC
Mary Rose Agustin AGANCP-BC
Susan Ahle
Mr. Fuad Ahmad APNP
Christy Ahmed
Sara Ahumada ARNP
Carrie Aiken CNP
Rebecca Aiken CRNP
Terry Ainsworth ACNP
Christine Ainza AGACNP-BC
Jolene Aitken CPNP-AC
Jennifer Ajkay ARNP
Carla Akerelrea NP
Bimbola Akintade MS RN ACNP
Kwame Akuamoah-Boateng NP
Michael Akyeampong ACNP
Mrs. Frantzces Alabre NURSE PRACTITIONER
Virginia Alagugurusamy AGACNP-BC
Miss Maryann Albaugh NP
Bonnie Albert RN ACNP
Amy Alberts
Ronda Albrecht MSN, ACNP-BC
Tara Albrecht PHD, ACNP,-BC, RN
Karen Albright AGACNP-BC
Kimberly Albright NP
Casey Albritton
Mrs. Gayle Albritton NP
Mrs. Lydia Albuquerque MSN,ACNP-(BC),CCRN
Indiana Alcala ARNP
Aileen Alcantara RN, NP
Mr. Joshua Alderman APRN, AGACNP-BC
Mr. Joshua Alderman III NP
Cherise Aldridge NP
Mr. John Aldridge CRNP
Sarah Aldridge APRN
Rachelle Alejandro MSN, ARNP
Jimmy Aleman ACNP-BC
Isabel Alencar ACNP-BC
Alysen Alexander ARNP
Cassie Alexander ACNP
Ms. Jackie Alexander RN, APN
Mrs. Katherine Alexander CNP
Mrs. Kelly Alexander AGACNP-BC
Robert Alexander ACNP-BC, FNP-BC
Anne Alexandrov PHD, AGACNP-BC
Miguel Alexis MD,
Mr. Jesus Alfaro JR. RN,MSN,ACNP-BC
Heidi Alflen NP
Courtney Alhomsi AGACNP-BC
Melody Alino
Mary Grace Alip ACNP-BC
Sebrina Alivernini NP
Ms. Allison Allard
Angelique Allemand ACNP-C
Amanda Allen NP
Mrs. Christine Allen ARNP
Connie Allen FNP
Crystal Allen NP
Irene Allen
James Allen CRNP
Jane Allen NP
Ms. Jennifer Allen APRN
Julia Allen NP
Kari Allen
Mr. Kelvin Allen RN, ACNP
Mary Allen CNP
Miss Mary Allen APN
Nicole Allen ACNP-BC
Mrs. Staccie Allen NP
Susan Allen ACNP
Nicole Allen-Payne
Miss Julie Allers AG-ACNP-BC
Danielle Alleva AGACNP
Mr. Dwayne Alleyne ACNPC
Judy Allgood CRNP
Ms. Catherine Allgrim ACNP
Dr. Ronald Alligood II ACNP, PHD
Ms. Deidre Allison MSN RN ACNP-BC
Mrs. Melinda Allison APN
Mrs. Melissa Allison ANP
Miss Rachel Allison AGACNP-BC
Patricia Allison-Maguire RN, ACNP
Anneliesa Allred APRN
Miss Rozana Ally APN, DNP, AGACNP-BC
Carl Alm ARNP
Ms. Erika Almeida NP
Ms. Susan Almeida NP
Mrs. Heidi Almodovar PNP
Ms. Rebecca Almog MSN, NP
Elizabeth Alonso APN-C
Elizabeth Alonzo
Christina Alsop APN
Celeste Alston AGACNP
Lateaqua Alston
Jennifer Altamira ACNP
Melanie Altamirano
Hannah Altomar
Hana Alul NP
Kimberly Alva NP
Doris Alvarez
Mr. Hector Alvarez APRN,BC NURSE PRACT
Mrs. Katherine Alvarez APNP
Kelly Alvarez ACNP-BC
Ms. Margaret Alvarez NP
Maricela Alvarez FNP
Mr. Orlando Alvarez ARNP
Catherine Alwani NP
Aida Amado MS, ACNP-BC
Ms. Laurie Aman RNC CNNP MSN
Alice Amara ACNP
Kerri Amaral NP
Ms. Mary Amatangelo NP
Brittany Amato AGACNP-BC
Kristina Amato APRN
Katheryne Amba NP
Molly Ambler
Mrs. Holly Ambrose MSN, CNP
Sean Amedeo AG-ACNP
Jeanette Amery NP
Sara Ames NP
Jonathan Amico
Nichole Amicucci AGACNP
Tina Amidei ACNP
Abir Amirdash APRN, ACNP
Mrs. Rowena Amistad NP
Ms. Margie Amity APRN
Miss Azadeh Amjadi NP
Samantha Amore
Venetia Amos ARNP
Kymberly Amyett APN
Seonhee An ACNP-BC
Mr. Billy Anabaka AGACNP-BC
Arabella Ancheta ACNP-BC
Mrs. Bernadette Andalkar ACNP-BC
Katie Andersen CRNP
Ms. Kimberly Andersen CRNP
Dr. Lindsey Andersen DNP
Ms. Billie Anderson APRN
Claudia Anderson NP
Deann Anderson NP
Kathleen Anderson NP
Ms. Kimberly Anderson NURSE PRACTITIONER
Latasha Anderson ARNP
Lillian Anderson APRN
Lisa Anderson NP
Mary Anderson CRNP
Ms. Natalie Anderson CNP
Tierra Anderson AG-ACNP
Mrs. Tiny Anderson ACNP
Tommie Anderson RN, ACNP
Ms. Whitney Anderson ACNP-BC
Nadia Andrade
Corey Andras
Mr. Eric Andrew APRN
Amy Andrews ACAGNP
Mrs. Christian Andrews CRNP - ACUTE CARE GE
Mrs. Elizabeth Andrews MSN, ARNP-BC, ACNP,G
Mr. Stephen Andrews NP
Dr. Tracy Andrews DNP, ACNP
Vincent Andrews CRNP
William Andrews ACNP-BC
Ms. Kristin Andrs NP
Kevin Andrysek MSN,ACNP-C,CCRN
Mr. Lee Boon Ang NP
Mr. Emmanuel Angeles APN
Ms. Jennifer Angell NP
Lisa Angelle ACNP
Anthony Angelow MSN, APN, ACNP-BC
Aileen Anglin ACNP-BC
Marc Angud
Melissa Angulo APN
Joy Aninwene CRNP
Tony Anno ARNP
Jessica Anstoetter AG-ACNP
Michelle Anthony NP
Mr. Steven Anthony ACNP-BC
Ms. Vanessa Anthony APN
Leah Antin CRNP
Emily Antle
Vanessa Antolin
Ms. Felisa Antonchorgy APNP
Ms. Constance Antonio NP
Kayla Anzuini AG-ACNP
Johanna Aparicio
Christine Apel APRN
Marie Apelian
Marietta Api NP
Mrs. Cynthia Aponte ARNP
Kelly Applebaum CRNP
Matthew Applegate ACNP
Mrs. Nancy Appling RN, ACNP-BC
Sheila Arackal AGACNP-BC
Ms. Dana Arad
Oralia Aragon NP
Sarah Aragon ACNP
Audra Arant APN
Nicole Arauz NP
Kristen Araza ACNP-BC
Amy Arbiter AG-ACNP
Ms. Camilla Arcand NP
Ms. Marfe Arcenal NP
Mrs. Andrea Archer NP
Elizabeth Archer NP
Nicholas Archer
Suzanne Archer ARNP
Wendy Archuleta FNP, AGACNP
Mr. Daniel Arellano ACNP-BC
Mr. Ellery Arellano
Sharon Arima APRN
Ms. Marites Arizabal NP
Nydia Arjona ARNP
Julie Armatas NP
Michelle Armella NP
Mrs. Barbara Armentrout NP
Jillian Armentrout ACNP-BC
Jennifer Armfield
Mrs. Lauren Armington NP
Leslie Armistead AG-ACNP
Andrea Arms
Alexandra Armstrong MD
Ms. Ann Armstrong ACNP-BC
Christine Armstrong NP
Keith Armstrong NP-C
Kevin Armstrong DNP, APRN
Lisa Armstrong CRNP
Robert Armstrong MSN, ACNP-BC
Robinetta Armstrong ACNP-BC
Kathryn Arner NP
Kathleen Arnold ANP
Maeghan Arnold APRN
Mr. Steven Arnold ACNP
Kaori Arnone APRN
Emilia Arrey CRNP
Mrs. Maureen Mary Arriola NP
Jenna Arteca NP
Mrs. Cristina Artecona ARNP
Safiya Arthur ARNP
Jerry Ary ACNP
Leslie Ary ACNP
Froiland Ascano NP
Leticia Asencio NP
Yvonne Ashbaugh NP
Katherine Ashmore NP
James Askew PNP
Mrs. Barbara Asorian MSN, ACNP-BC
Jonathan Aspinwall ARNP
Ms. Mary Assenmacher ACNP
Sheri Asturias NP
Chelsea Atchison APRN
Raime Atchison ACNP-BC
Juliana Atem ACNP AG
Anjetta Atkins AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Hetta Atkins ACNP
Mary Atkins PA
Jennifer Atkinson ACNP
Mrs. Melissa Atkinson AG-ACNP
Mrs. Katie Attubato ACNP
Harminder Atwal ACNP-BC
Dr. Anthony Atwell I ACNP-BC
Mary Atwood RN, ACNP
Susan Audet
Beth Aughenbaugh CRNP
Mrs. Kassandra August-Marcucio APRN
Mrs. Krysta Augustinos ACNP
Ms. Mary Aulisio MSN, RN, CNP
Leslee Aun MSN RN ADNP
Brenda Austin NP
Lisa Austin NP
Margaret Austin CRNP
Mrs. Marisa Austin ACNP
Susan Austin APRN, BC
Tanya Austin APRN
Tonya Austin CRNP
Mickie Autry ACNP
Cherie Avants ACNP
Jill Avery APN
Scott Avery ACNP-BC
Carol Avila ACNP
Mrs. Edda Avila
Emily Aviles ACNP
Asha Avirachen CRNP
Reynier Avon
Chadi Awad NP
Dianna Awad CRNP
Mr. Francis Awosika RN, ACNP-BC
Karen Ayers ACNP
Mrs. Sheila Ayers ACNP,BC
Erica Ayersman ACNP
Farjana Azad AGACNP-BC
Mr. Marvin Azares APN
Mrs. Ezioma Azubuike NP
Ella Baas NP
Sarah Babayev CRNP
Mr. Wayne Babcock II ACNP
Mrs. Victoria Babol ARNP
Ms. Kristin Babson NP
Mr. Anthony Baca AG-ACNP
Lisa Bacareza MSN, AGACNP-BC
Loretta Bacchiocchi ARNP
Mrs. Vicki Bacidore APN
Carol Bacon APN
Miss Erin Bacon AGACNP
Ms. Lorin Bacon ACNP
Kara Bader AGACNP-BC
Tammy Bader APRN
Yesenia Baez
Ann Bag-Ao ACNP
Ani Bagdasarian NP
Sarah Baggette APRN
Mrs. Michelle Bagley CRNP
Cherie Bagwell NP-C
Josephine Bahn ACNP-BC
Ms. Katayoun Bahrami ACNP-BC
Angelica Bailey MS, APRN,ACNP-BC
Miss Brooke Bailey MSN
Mrs. Cary Bailey MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey ACNP
Eric Bailey ACNP
Harley Bailey CRNP
Ms. Kathleen Bailey AG-ACNP
Sharon Bailey ARNP
Mrs. Terricka Bailey RN /APN
Vanessa Bailey APRN
Kristen Baileys RN, MSN, CRNP
Miss Elizabeth Baillie MSN, AGACNP
Ms. Ashley Baillio ACNP
Mrs. Julianne Baily AGACNP-BC
Rachel Baines NP
Donna Bair NP
Margaret Baird CRNP
Mr. Tibor Bajor ACNP
Abigail Baker AGACNP
Amanda Baker CNP
Mrs. Brianne Baker ACNP
Mrs. Christen Baker CRNP
Daniel Baker MS, RN, AGACNP-BC
Dr. Elizabeth Baker DNP, ACNP-BC
Emma Baker CNP
Heather Baker AGACNP
Kirby Baker AGACNP
Ms. Lindsay Baker AGACNP-BC
Mark Baker ACNP
Olga Baker
Ms. Pilar Baker
Mrs. Rebecca Baker CNP
Dr. Thomas Baker APRN-BC
Tracie Baker APRN
Trina Bala ARNP
Mrs. Malgorzata Balaban APN
Dr. Michele Balas PHD, RN, APRN-NP, CC
Patricia Balcom APRN
Sherry Baldassari CRNP
Holly Baldwin RN, APN
Melissa Baldwin CRNP
Monica Balfour ARNP
Mrs. Chinti Bali NP
Jennifer Balingcongan
Kathleen Balizan NP
Christina Ball
Mrs. Marianna Ballard RN
Mr. Timothy Ballard ACNP
Tina Ballard ACNP-BC
Helen Ballert
Carole Ballew
Kathleen Ballman CNP
Amy Ballou ACNP
Mr. Andrew Balsys APN-C
Argel Baltazar AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Roxanna Balter NP
Amanda Balzer-Costin
Erna Bander
Miss Lyza Trinidad Bandong
Amanda Bandy
Mrs. Caroline Banes ACNP
Vanessa Banes CRNP
Ms. Hannah Bangura ACNP-BC
Karla Baning ACNP-C, DNP
Hari Banjara
Vanessa Banks-Gonzales ACNP
Mrs. Darla Bannister NURSE PRACTIONER
Diana Bannister ACNP
Mrs. Rena Bannister CRNP
Ms. Maria Baptiste APRN-BC
Ms. Analesa Baraka NP
Miss Jennifer Baralli APN
Yoseph Baram
Mrs. Kathryn Baran ACNP
Effie Barba ARNP
Laura Barber
Renata Barbosa Dos Santos CNP
Howard Barbour NP
Dr. Sara Barbour DNP
Margaret Barclay NP
Mrs. Kristina Bardwell AGACNP
Cathleen Barenski ACNP
Mrs. Lee Barfield ARNP
Paige Barger NP
Debra Barham-Nokes ACNP
Kimberly Barker NP
Mr. William Barker JR. ACNP
Kristen Barklow ACNP
Amy Barksdale CRNP
Mrs. Danyelle Barksdale ACNP-BC
Mrs. Nancy Barksdale RN, MSN, ARNP
Julie Barlow NP
Raymond Barlow II NP
Courtney Barner AGACNP-BC
Brandi Barnes AGACNP
Brandi Barnes APN
Ms. Jean Barnes ACNP
Meredith Barnes
Michelle Barnes NP
Nakita Barnes ACNP
Sherry Barnes APN
Miss Tiffany Barnes CNP
Sheri Barnett
Ms. Shamsah Barolia NP
Barbara Baron APRN
Joseph Barone NP
Michelle Barone NP
Mr. Steven Baronian NP
Carey Barr ACNP-BC
Ms. Ana Barrera ARNP
Courtney Barrett NP
Christy Barrick NP
Ms. Katie Barrick-Jones CRNP
Dr. Margarita Barrientes NP
Cynthia Barrio AGACNP
Davina Barron APRN
Mr. Michael Barron ARNP
Abigail Barrow
Elinor Barsony CRNP
Mr. Kristopher Bartee ACNPC-AG
Ms. Pamela Barthle MSN ACNP
Courtney Bartlett ARNP
Ms. Alison Bartnicki AGACNP-BC
Brooke Barton
Henry Barton NP
Karen Barton
Mrs. Lindsey Barton CRNP
Timothy Barton AGACNP-BC
Rachael Bartosch ACNP-BC
Melissa Barzola ACNP
Dr. Tisha Barzyk DNP, AGACNP-BC, CWS
Patricia Basenfelder
Dallas Basham NP
Andrea Bashor AG-ACNP
Danielle Basinger
Jaclyn Bassett CRNP
Vineeta Basutkar
Nadine Batac NP
Mrs. Susan Bateman ARNP
Mr. Andrew Bates III FNP-BC
Angela Bates CRNP
Ann Bates ACNP-BC
Elizabeth Batterson ARNP
Mrs. Lisa Battista APRN
Antoinette Battle
Kathryn Battle
Molly Battle
Emily Bauer APN
Mr. Robert Bauer CRNP
Mrs. Lisa Bauers MSN, AG-ACNP
Amy Baugh NP
Mrs. Tammy Bauldin NP
Samantha Bauman ACNP
Mrs. Susan Bauman ACNP-BC
Ruth Baumann RN, AGACNP
Laurie Baumgartner ARNP
Molly Baur ACNP-BC
Ms. Becky Bautch AGACNP-BC
Cherelle Bautista-Goretti ACNP
Mrs. Solange Bavuso ARNP
B. Baxter APN
Lindsey Baxter AGACNP-BC
Tara Baxter ACNP
Mrs. Maria Bayas NP
Anna Bayes ACNP-BC
Lisa Bayhi
Alysa Bayles ACNP-BC
Mrs. Linda Bayless ARNP
Betty Baynes NP
Mrs. Rana Bazzi ACNP
Mrs. April Beach AG-ACNP BC
Tara Beach ACNP
Hope Beacham ACNP
Ms. Jessica Beacome ACNP
Ann Beadle ACNP
Ms. Maribeth Beahan RN, CNP
Patricia Beam ACNP-BC
Sarah Beam
Miranda Beams
Heather Bean ARNP
Matthew Bean AG-ACNP
Michelle Beard N,P
Elizabeth Bearden NP
Mrs. Ellen Beasley CRNP
Ms. Joan Beasley CRNP
Mrs. Katie Beasley RN, MSN, APRN-BC
Meredith Beaton MSN
Mrs. Erin Beatty NP
Jennifer Beatty CRNP
Rachel Beauchamp RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Carlie Beaudin AGACNP
Kathryn Beaudoin CRNP
Gerard Beaudry MSN
Brooklyn Beaupre AG-ACNP
Kristin Beauregard RNP
Chadwick Beaver ACNP
Lesa Beaver NP
Ashley Beavers ACNP
Mrs. Jill Beavers-Kirby NP
Cindy Beavon
Jennifer Becher APRN
Jane Becht ANP
Brian Bechtold CRNP
Ms. Judy Beck-Sieg ANRN, BC (NP)
Eric Beckelman
Mrs. Donna Becker MSN, APRN-BC
Ms. Heather Becker CNP
Ms. Susan Beckering ACNP
Jonathan Becraft NP
Karla Bedell-Wingfield ACNP
Cynthia Bedford ACNP
Meagan Bedsaul
Dr. Darlene Bedwell DNP
Elizabeth Beegle CRNP
Lindsay Beeker NP
Martha Beene
Leslie Beer
Emily Beerman NP
Pastora Beerman APRN, BC
Stephanie Beeson NP-C
Mrs. Denise Beger CNP
Kathleen Begley Pritzker NP
Mrs. Ma.Angelina Begonia NP
Catherine Behrle AGACNP-BC
Parvin Behrouzi-Jareh APRN
Mr. John Beilman NP
Amanda Beirne NP
Sara Bekele AGACNP-BC
Corina Belean ACNP-BC
Dr. Dorothy Belknap ARNP
Aaron Bell NP
Mr. Christopher Bell ACNP
Ms. Deborah Bell APN
Helen Bell ACNP
Mrs. Jaimie Bell NP
Monica Bell ACNP, DNP
Mrs. Norma Bell NP
Ms. Shannon Bell APRN
Sheila Bell AGACNP-BC
Stephanie Bell AGACNP
Tanya Bell CRNP
Thomas Bell AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Yisel Bell ARNP
Kathy Bell-Mahler ARNP
Mrs. Laura Bellew MSN, FNP
Stephanie Bellini ACNP-BC
Angelica Bellisario APN
Kathleen Bellizzi ACNP
Mrs. Lori Bellizzi CRNP
Michelle Belmonte NP
Tami Belote CNP
Anyet Belyeu
Marilyn Bencomo ACNP-BC
Courtney Bendall
Mrs. Debra Bender ARNP
Ms. Judith Bender APN-C
Courtney Bendiksen MSN, AGACNP-BC
Lance Benedict NP
Mrs. Kristin Benefield APRN
Rhonda Beneke ACNP
Mrs. Jenna Benge ACNP
Ms. Lynne Benish MSN, CRNP
Mrs. Debbie Benitez RN, MSN, ACNP
Elida Benitez
Mrs. Yaisel Benitez APN (NP)
Gabrielle Benner CRNP
Ms. Betty Bennett ACNP
Catherine Bennett AGACNP
Emily Bennett MSN, APRN-BC
Jasmiry Bennett APN
Johsie Bennett NP
Ms. Kathy Bennett NP
Mrs. Rebecca Bennett
Mrs. Kochurani Benny NP
Rosalyn Benson NP
Mr. Joseph Bentivegna MSN,APN,C,CEN
Mrs. Dessa Benton
Janice Benton ANP
Ms. Charmian Benziger CNP
Dr. Maureen Berberian DNP, ACNPC-BC
Mary Beredjiklian CRNP
Ms. Tammy Berera ARNP
Lauren Bereuter AGACNP-BC
Ms. Catherine Berg NP, ACNP-BC
Lawrence Berg NP
Amanda Bergeron AGACNP
Mrs. Mary Bergmann CRNP
David Bergthold MSN-ACNP
Mrs. Shelly Bergum NP
Doris Bernacet NP
Cecille Bernad MSN, RN, AG-ACNP
Andrea Bernard APRN
Mrs. Nicole Bernard APN
Valerie Bernard ACNPC - AG
Mrs. Tina Bernardi ACNP
Mrs. Marianne Bernardini APN
Fe Estelita Bernardo
Mr. Horacio Bernardo APRN
Patricia Berndt NP
Susan Bernot
Ilya Bernstein
Ms. Amanda Berry MSN, RN, ACNP
Elizabeth Berry NP
Madonna Berry RN, ACNP
Regina Berry CNP
Kasie Berry-Sisneros PNP
Erin Berstler CRNP
Carrie Bertellotti APRN ACNP-BC
Claire Berthold
Tracy Valerie Bertiz NP
Gail Bertoni NP
Linda Lea Bertrand NP
Theresa Beshara ACNP-CS
Mrs. Jennifer Besse MSN, APN, ACNP-BC
Pamela Bessmer CRNP
Lauren Beste Jones CRNP
Daphne Besten APN
Orlando Betancourt ARNP
Nancy Bettez NP, RN, OCN
Ms. Kimberly Betzler NP
Britney Beumeler ACNP
Aimee Beutnagel AGACNP-BC
Ms. Katherine Beutner NP
Layla Beverly CRNP
Ms. Lauren Bey ACNP-BC
Ms. Mary Beyatte ACNP
Mrs. Karman Beydoun-Makki NP
Keata Bhakta AGACNP, RN
Ms. Ann Bhat NP
Kelly Bhatia APN
Bhavni Bhatt NP
Chandra Bhim NP
Trese Biagini NP
Kelli Bianchini APN
Ms. Marissa Bianco NP
Heather Bibis NP
Sarah Bible CRNP
Omaida Bichara ARNP
Ms. Nancy Bickel ACNP
Mr. David Bickers CRNP
Lindsay Biddick AGACNP-BC
Ms. Danielle Bielecki CRNP
Mr. Russell Bien CRNP
Mrs. Venice Bien NP
Hayley Bierman APN
Patricia Bierman CRNP
Ms. Andrea Bigogno NP
Debra Bilbo ACNP
Katherine Bilderback CNP
Mrs. Kelly Billeci NP
Elizabeth Billingsley ACNP
Teneasha Billingsley CNP
Kory Billiter ACNP-BC
Melissa Bilski NP
Gregory Bingaman NP
Alexandra Bingnear MSN, AGACNP-BC
Erin Binner NP
Melanie Binshtok ACNP-BC
Susan Bionat MSN,ACNP
Ms. Jennifer Birch NP
Robin Birchfield CRNP
Amy Bird ACNP-BC
Ann Birka ACNP
Miss Alanna Birner MSN, AGACNP-BC, CCRN
Barbara Birriel CRNP
Robert Birt APRN
Mrs. Michele Biscossi ACNP-CS, MS, RN
Lori Bishop APNP
Mrs. Tammie Bishop ACNP-BC
Gail Bissell RN, ANP, FNP
Ernest Jorrel Bituin APN
Starla Bivins APRN
Mr. Mark Bixby CRNP
Ms. Peggy Bixler MSN, ACNP-BC
Jessica Bjerk ACNP-BC
Erin Bjorklund NP
Erica Blaauw RN, MSN, NP
John Blabaum APNP
Mrs. Amy Black APRN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Candice Black AGACNP
Elizabeth Black NP
Lindsey Black MS, AGACNP-BC
Natalie Black APN
Nilsa Black CRNP
Ms. Pegi Black NP
Brent Blackburn AG-ACNP
Mrs. Vickie Blackburn NP
Mrs. Angela Blackman ACNP-BC
Kelly Blackmon APRN
Terrilyn Blackstock NP
Haley Blackwill AGACNP
Andrew Blaes
Mrs. Maureen Blaha APNP
Gina Blahut
Adrienne Blain PNP
Bryan Blanchard CRNP
Mr. Michael Blanchard RN, APNP
Donita Blanken-Little
Jacqueline Blanton ACNP
Elena Blas NP
Jane Blash CRNP
Faye Blaszak NP
Flora Blattner ARNP
Mary Griffin Blaylock CRNP
Ms. Melissa Blazek ACNP-BC
Hallie Bleau
Beth Blinn CRNP
Deborah Bliss ACNP
Ada Bliven APN
Melanie Bloedorn APNP
Ms. Christine Bloom NP
Mrs. Michelle Bloom ACNP
Stephanie Bloom CRNP
Kelly Blosser CRNP
Maleah Bloyed APRN
Mrs. Erica Blum ACNP
Ms. Jessica Blum CRNP
Stefanie Blummer ACNP
Ms. Bree Blumstein NP
Mr. Raymond Blush III ACNP
Daniel Bobek CNP
Sara Boben CRNP
Ms. Carla Boccella NP
Robin Bochacki NNP
Dr. James Bockeloh DNP, FNP-BC, RN
Susanne Bodine APRN
Mrs. Caroline Bodner ACNP
Bertrand Bodo NP
Megan Boehling
Amy Boehme Silver NP
Denise Boelens ACNP
Christopher Boelter MSN, ACNP-BC
Paul Boerem NP
Jennifer Boes ACNP
Karla Boettcher NP-C
Ms. Karen Bogerman-Bolle ACNP
Mr. John Boggs ACNP
Mr. Phillip Boggs AGACNP-BC
Samantha Boggs NP
Nicole Boggs Bruno ACNP-BC
Ms. Mary Bogner ACNP
Samantha Bogner CNP
Mr. Adam Boise ACNP-BC
Mrs. Christina Boje APRN
Ms. Tira Bolder-Goolsby NP
Ashley Boler
Mrs. Shannon Boles ACNP
Christine Boley NP
Aimee Bollentin NP
Michelle Bolles ACNP
Ellen Bolt AGACNP-BC
Dr. Maryanne Bolton DNP, RN, APN-BC
Pamela Bolton NP
Tracy Bolton NP
Valerie Bolton PNP
Elizabeth Bolton-Harris ACNP
Theresa Bombaci CRNP
Linda Bond APN
Mr. Noel Bondi NP
Margaret Bondoc ACNP
Ileana Bonfante
Ms. Michelle Bonfe MSN,ONC,ANP-BC
Shawn Bonilla NP
Meghan Bonomo
Mrs. Kay Bonyak NP
Miss Lea Booker CRNP
Ashley Boon MSN,ACNP
Jeffrey Boon
Linda Boone AG-ACNP
Michelle Boone DNP, APRN
Mrs. Sherry Boone ACNPC
Heather Booth CRNP
Karen Booth ACNP
Martha Booth
Ms. Haley Boothman NP
Mr. Christopher Borchers NP
Miss Beth Borden ACNP
Mary Bordner RN
Danette Borg NP-BC
Mrs. Marie Borgella NP
Mrs. Brooke Borgman APRN-NP
Marilyn Borkgren MS
Linda Borneman RN, ACNP
Janet Borngesser ACNP
Donna Bornmann ACNP-BC
Deborah Borrego RN, FNP-BC, ACNPC-AG
Marieta Borres NP
Mrs. Amy Borth ACNP
Ms. Marie Bosak NP
Kathleen Boston
Dr. Meg Bostwick DNP, AGACNP
Sharon Boswell CRNP
Ms. Shaun Bosworth NP
Mrs. Patricia Botello ACNP-BC
Meghan Botler ACNP
Adam Botson AGACNP-BC
Kristin Bott ACNP-BC, APRN
Jennifer Bouchillon ARNP AGACNP-BC
Ms. Kaysie Boudreaux AGACNP
Lauren Boudreaux
Ms. Anne Boulter APRN
David Bourg APRN, CNP
Andrea Bourque NP
Kelly Bouthillet APRN, ACNP-BC
Marie Boutin NP
Gary Boutwell CRNA
Mrs. Jennifer Boutwell FNP
Mr. Sterling Bouxman NP
Mrs. Amelia Bowen APN
Mrs. Amy Bowen ACNP
Constance Bowen CRNP
Mr. John Bowen CRNP
Mary Beth Bowen ACNP-BC
Michael Bowen ARNP
Lisa Bowen-Bender APRN
Mr. Derek Bowers ACNP-BC
Heather Bowers ACNP
Susan Bowers
Teresa Bowers RN NP
Wendy Bowers DNP
Latona Bowkamp CNP
Mr. Andrew Bowman NP
Mr. Brian Bowman NP
Carl Bowman JR. MSN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Charmese Bowman NP
Cristin Bowman
Jessica Bowman ACNP
Mary Bowman ACNP-BC
Janice Bowne NP
Mrs. Anna Box CRNP
Kimberly Box ACNP-BC
Christopher Boyarski CRNP
April Boyd ACNP
Kathy Boyd CRNA
Jeanne Boyer ACNP
Marianne Boylston RN, MSN, APN-C
Gabrielle Boysen ARNP
Mary Boyum NP
Karen Brabant MS, ACNP-BC,CNS
Mary Bracha APRN
Ms. Celia Brackner ANP
Mrs. Claudia Bradford NP
Rhonda Bradford NP
Amanda Bradley PA-C
Belinda Bradley ARNP
Lindsay Bradley
Sarah Bradley NP
Mr. Travis Bradley NP
Mr. William Bradley ACNP-BC
Gina Bradshaw ACNP
Kelly Bradshaw AGACNP
Harry Bradstreet JR.
Angela Brady ACNP-BC
Ms. Kathleen Brady NP
Michele Brady ANP
Sayuri Brady NP
Kristine Bramlett CRNP
Deanna Brammer NP
Sarah Branam AG-ACNP-BC
Boris Brand NP
Susan Brandel NP
Corinna Brander AGACNP-BC
Julie Brandewiede AGACNP
Karen Brandi NP
Mrs. Jessica Brandon CRNA
Kelly Brandt APNP
Lisa Brandt ACNP-BC
Stacey Branham CRNP
Lisa Brannigan NP
Ms. Danielle Brannon AGACNP-BC
Terrie Branson AGACNP
Mr. Ryan Brantley RN, MSN, AGACNP-BC
Jodie Brasfield ACNP
Kristine Brauer
Katie Braun
Mrs. Gena Brawley ACNP
Andrea Bray NP
Kimberly Brazee RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Janet Braziel NP
Jennifer Braziel NP
Mrs. Leah Brazil APN
Deborah Bredeson AG-ACNP
Erika Breitinger ACNP-BC
Mrs. Marie Brenden ARNP
Mrs. Angela Brennan NP
Mary Brennan APRN
Ms. Mary Brennan APRN-BC
Stefanie Brennan NP
Ms. Ayelet Brenner NP
Mrs. Debra Brent APN
John Bressan ACNP
Heidi Brewer MSN, AG-ACNP, CCRN
Mindy Brewer APRN, ACNP-BC
Mr. Mark Brezina NP
Norria Brice ACNP
Aaron Brick CRNP
Jannette Brickey APRN-BC
Caryn Briddick CRNP
Bobbi Bridges ACNP
Dr. Cheryl Bridges DNP, MS, MBA, ACNP
Mrs. Constanza Bridges MSN,RN-BC,AGACNP-BC
Leslie Bridges NP
Mrs. Lori Brien NP
Ms. Kerri Brierley
Laura Briggs NP
Ms. Linda Briggs CRNP
Mrs. Victoria Briggs NP
Mr. Edwards Bright MSN FNP
Ms. Roni Bright NP
Mrs. Allison Briley RN, BSN, DNP, APRN
Barbara Brillhart RN PHD FNP-C
Lark Brimhall ARPN
Claire Brines APN
Georgia Brinit-Stiffler CRNP
Jeanine Briones ARNP
Dr. Brad Briscoe APRN, ACNP-BC, CNS
Martina Briseno-Lucio APRN, FNP-C
Megan Brissie ACNP-BC
Leeanna Bristol APN
Sarah Bristow ACNP
Nathan Britt NP
Mrs. Deanna Britton APRN
Ms. Meredith Britton ACNP
Sandra Britton NP
Trent Broadus ARNP
Andrea Brock ANP
Elizabeth Brock NP
Mrs. Jessica Brock CRNP
Ann Brockert CNP
Mrs. Jamie Brockman MSN, ACNP
Ms. Melinda Brockman MSN, RN, ACNP
Amanda Brocksieck ARNP
Caroline Broden ACNP
Mr. Kieron Broderick RN, ACNP
Karen Broderick-Strupp ACNP
Danielle Brodersen NP
Mrs. Stephanie Brodie NP
Pamela Brodt ACNP-BC
Mrs. Debra Broering NP
Mrs. Michelle Brogdon RN, MSN, ACNP
Belinda Brokke
Erin Brokl CNP
Jennifer Bromeland APN
Jennifer Bronson ACNP
Adele Brooks NP
Ms. Aimee' Brooks ACNP
Allison Brooks ACNP
Dr. Amy Brooks AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Deborah Brooks CRNP
Mrs. Holly Brooks ACNP
Janine Brooks
Mrs. Lisa Brooks APRN-BC
Natasha Brooks ACNP
Tressie Brooks ARNP
Lisa Broome ACNP
Jean Brosnan NP
Miss Maria Brosnan APRN, ACNP-BC
Kathleen Brossy NP
Carol Broughton ARNP
Danielle Broussard AGACNP
Sandra Browder APRN, AG-ACNP
Jennifer Brower ACNP BC
Abigail Brown CNP
Ms. Angela Brown APN
Anna Lauren Brown CRNP
Barbara Brown DNP, ACNP-BC, FNP
Carrie Brown APN
Charles Brown
Cyasha Brown
Deiadra Brown NP
Donna Brown APN
Emily Brown NP
Gerald Brown APRN
Janelle Brown ACNP-BC
Jason Brown CRNP
Ms. Jaycee Brown ARNP
Ms. Jean Brown
Jennifer Brown AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Joanne Brown APN, ACNP-BC
Mr. Justin Brown ACNP
Karen Brown CRNP
Mrs. Katherine Brown AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Lauren Brown NP
Lori Brown ACNP
Mrs. Margaret Brown CRNA
Miss Melissa Brown
Merle Brown ARNP, PHD
Mrs. Michelle Brown AGACNP-BC
Nicole Brown CNP
Nya Brown CRNP
Mrs. Rebecca Brown NP-C
Richard Brown CRNP
Robyn Brown NP
Shannon Brown NP
Shelby Brown ACNP-BC
Ms. Shelley Brown CRNP
Ms. Sonia Brown NP
Susan Brown ARNP
Tammy Brown MSN, RN, ACNP-C
Theresa Brown APRN
Theresa Brown NP
Tracy Brown ACNP
Ms. Amanda Browne NP
Ms. J Dea Browning APRN-BC, MSN, DCNP
Mrs. Kathryn Brownstein MSN, CRNP
Britney Broyhill ACNP
Ms. Debbie Brucato-Duncan ACNP-BC
Kimberli Bruce ACNP
Kristal Bruce CRNP
Marie Bruce APNP
Mrs. Tanesha Bruce-Owens APN
Ms. Sue Bruch ARNP
Kristy Bruins ARNP
Jennifer Brujitske NP
Prof. Lana Brumfield NP
Anna Brummel ACNP
Janet Bruneau ACNP-BC
Joanne Brunelle Hindlet APRN,BC
Wendy Brunet NP-C
Patricia Brunett-Wolpert ACNP
Mrs. Tracy Brunetti APN
Angela Brunfeldt APN
Latosca Brunner AGAC-NP
Ms. Alicia Bruno CNP
Alison Bruno CNP
Sarah Bruno CRNP
Tiffany Bruno AGACNP-BC
Ericka Brunson-Gillespie AG-ACNP
Anastasia Brusilovsky NP
Tonimarie Brusnahan APN
Jason Bryan
Mrs. Julie Bryan ACNP-BC
Laura Bryan NP
Mr. Rance Bryan ACNPC-AG
Miss Anna Bryant AGACNP-BC
Carol Bryant NP
Mrs. Diana Bryant ARNP
Jane Bryant ACNP
Michael Bryant APRN
Ms. Ronda Bryant CNP
Shannon Bryant AG-ACNP
Ms. Vera Bryant ARNP
Garry Brydges MSN, ACNP, CRNA
Ninotchka Brydges RN, ACNP
Alecia Brynda ACNP
Loraine Brzozowski ACNP-BC
Corinne Buchanan NP
Kristie Buchanan AGACNP-BC
Ms. Melissa Buchholtz NP
Ms. Tara Buchholz ACNP
Dallas Buck APRN-CNP
Devon Buck APN
Mallory Buck APRN-BC
Carol Buckels FNP-BC
Nancy Buckheister ADULT ACUTE CARE NP
Meredith Buckles RN, NP
Kimberly Buckner NP
Matthew Buesking CNP
Katelyn Bufe NP
Mrs. Jeannie Buffington ACNP
Mark Buhler NP
Minh Khang Bui
Mrs. Marie Bukowski-Hehr NP
Deirdre Bulian APRN-BC
Mrs. Jessica Bull CRNP
Nadia Bull AGACNP-BC
Liesl Bullen APRN
Rowena Bullen NP
Leisha Buller ACNP
Charles Bullins II AGACNP-BC
Amanda Bunch FNP
Ms. Elizabeth Bundt NP
Linda Bundy APRN
Denise Buonocore APRN
Meryl Burchardt
Catherine Burdge APRN
Mrs. Erica Burg ACNP
Mrs. Brady Burge CRNP
Ralf Burgert
Ms. Tatiana Burgess NP
Elidalis Burgos ARNP, ACNP
Lindsay Burkart AGACNP
Allyson Burke CRNP
Amanda Burke AG-ACNP
Jill Burke APRN
Mrs. Madeleine Burke ARNP
Leah Burke Kilbane MSN, ACNP, CCRN
Kristen Burkes ACNP
Sean Burket CRNP
Jole-Lanee Burkett AGACNP-BC
Mr. Brian Burkhardt ARNP
Ms. Jaime Burkhart CRNP
Cynthia Burkholder ARNP
Mary Burks NP
Ms. Noel Burks APRN, BC
Mrs. Lindsey Burlage CNP
Lacie Burleson ARNP
Mr. Anthony Burnell CRNP
Sophary Burnet NP
Hayley Burnett MS, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Holli Burnett APN
Lesley Burnett NP
Miss Leslie Burnham NP
Mrs. Angela Burns ANP
Mrs. Carla Burns NP
Mr. David Burns NP
Diane Burns NP
Erin Burns ACNP
Janeen Burns APN
Jennifer Burns ACNP-BC
Ms. Kathleen Burns NP
Shawn Burns MSN ACNP-BC
Mrs. Jacqueline Buron ACNP
Jennifer Burr RN, ACNP
Mrs. Erin Burrell ACNP
Tameka Burrell APN
Arielina Burroughs
Racheal Burroughs
Matthew Burrous MNSC, APRN
Kimberly Burrow APRN
Tessa Burrus-Sanders
Marlene Burt
Shannon Burtis
Steven Burtner ARNP
Kassie Burton DNP
Emily Bush ACNP
Miss Kristen Bush APRN-BC
Nathan Bush CRNP
Naveena Bushan NP
Mr. Andrew Busler NP
Patricia Bussinger
Mrs. Karen Bussone ACNP
Katie Butcavage CRNP
Barbara Butler
Casey Butler APRN, CNP
Jessie Butler CPNP
Ms. Kristina Butler ACNP
Michelle Butler ACNP
Tiffany Butler CRNP
Shera Butt CRNP
Mrs. Jill Buttolph RN
Dana Buus ACNP-BC
Melissa Byers ARNP
Ashlyn Byrd CRNP
Kennedy Byrd DNP
Peter Byrne
Helen Byrnes
Mrs. Deborah Byrns CRNP
Rachel Bywalec NP
Maria Cielo Caacbay NP
Ms. Tania Caballero Jimenez BCSN,MSN, ACNP- BC
Mrs. Tania Cabielles ARNP
Allison Cable APRN
Mr. Ana Cabrera ARNP
Flor Cabrera NP
Elizabeth Cacello
Leeann Cacovean MSN, ACNP
Sonya Cadmus AG-ACNP-BC
Stacey Cadogan ACNP
Christina Caffee ACNP-BC
Christopher Caffrey NP
Jacqueline Caffrey APRN
Mrs. Kimberly Caggiano NP-C
Mrs. Julie Cahill-Hollingsworth NURSE PRACTITIONER
Teri Cail ARNP
Michelle Cain AGACNP
Sarah Cain ACNP
Mrs. Christana Caines DNP
Ashley Caire AGACNP-BC
Carol Cairns NP
Mr. Nicola Calabrese APRN
Luis Calderon ACNP, BC
Dawn Calderone
Kristine Caldwell ACNP, CRNA
Ms. Martha Caldwell RN, BSN, MSN, CRNP
James Calhoun APRN
Mrs. Nadia Calixte APRN
Anna Calk AGACNP
Mrs. Valerie Calkin AGACNP
Ms. Patricia Calladine Mccallister MSN, APRN
Maria Elenita Callado NP
Danielle Callahan CRNP
Mr. Thomas Callahan NP
Magen Calland
Mrs. Carol Callaway-Lane RN,MSN,CS,ACNP
Julie Callender CRNP
Sandra Calmes NP
Candice Calo NP
Mrs. Tara Caltabiano RN, NP
Michelle Calvario CNP
Donna Calvey CRNP
Judeen Camacho NP
Michelle Camano APRN
Mr. Nicholas Camejo ARNP
Rafael Camejo ARNP-BC
Marcia Camero NP
Nicholas Cameron NP
Mr. William Cameron JR. ACNP-BC
Meaghan Camillo NP
Linda Camlin CRNP
Lorelei Camp ACNP-BC
Pamela Camp CRNP
Susan Camp CRNP
Mr. Benjamin Campbell MSN, CRNP
Carol Campbell ACNP
Carrie Campbell AGACNP-BC
Colleen Campbell ARNP
Jennifer Campbell ACNP
Mary Campbell APRN, BC
Melissa Campbell MSN, RN, CPNP, CNS
Rocio Campbell
Sharon Campbell CRNP
Ms. Shelly Campbell RN, ACNP, BC
Mrs. Karina Campos AGACNP
Aubree Canady CRNP
Lindsey Canavesio
Amanda Cancilla NP
Mrs. Danielle Cane NP
Lisa Canecchia ACNP
Janice Canfield
Tammy Canfield NP
David Cann CRNA
Laurice Canning ACNP-BC
April Cannon ACNP, MSN
Mr. Gregory Cannon NP
Ms. Jacquelyn Cannon ARNP
Mrs. Jaime Cannon CRNP
Mrs. Carrie Canterbury CRNP
Stacy Cantwell
Minh-Tri Cao NP
Alyssa Camille Caparros NP
Mr. Jeffrey Capodanno NP
Katherine Cappitelli NP-C
Mrs. Emily Capps NP
Catherine Caprara NP
Ms. Natalie Capuano ACNP
Livia Cara CRNP
Mr. James Caracci NP
Mrs. Carla Caraccio NP
Cynthia Caranta ACNP-BC
Luann Caras CNP
Monique Carasso NP
Jacqueline Carbone AGACNP
Mrs. Natalie Carbunaru RN, NP
Dr. Anna Carchi DNP, ACNP
Arieana Carcieri NP
Mrs. Dora Carcoba ACNP
Paul Cardinal CRNP
Kristen Cardona
Katie Cardoso NP
Christina Cardy
Anna Carey APRN
Barbara Carey ACNP-BC
Kathryn Carey
Mrs. Laura Carey
Kathleen Carey-Treanor
Lourdes Carhuapoma CRNP
Mrs. Kathleen Carlen-Magnone CRNP
Teresa Carlesimo
Ms. Ann Carlin APNP
Tess Carlisle RN
Serafina Carlone APRN, MS, BC
Mr. Brian Carlson MSN
Christie Carlson NP
Christopher Carlson CRNP
Emily Carlson ACNP
Glenn Carlson ACNP-BC
Laura Carlson NP
Shannon Carlson
Theresa Carlson AGACNP-BC
Thia Carlson CNP
Mr. Fredrick Carlston NP
Melissa Carlucci APN
Mrs. Rebecca Carman APRN
Mr. Jordan Carmean ACNP
Mrs. Kathleen Carmon CNP
Brisa Carmona ACNP
Ms. Sara Carnes Costello ARNP
Elizabeth Carney NP
Lisa Carolan-Katz ACNP
Paulette Carothers ACNP
Jeremy Carpenter CRNA
Michael Carpenter CNP
Shelbi Carpenter CNP
Teresa Carpenter NP
Andree Carpentier ARNP
Amanda Carr NP
Amy Carr NP
Halli Carr MD
Lesa Carr NP
Matthew Carr NP
Julie Carragher NP
Kelly Carraher CNP
Mr. Mark Carreon MSN, ACNP
Kassandra Carreri APN
Mr. Christopher Carrigan ACNP
Francisco Carrillo ACNP
Brett Carroll APRN
Heather Carroll APRN
Mrs. Katherine Carroll AG-ACNP
Ms. Rebecca Carroll NP
Ms. Janice Carrozzella MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Cynthia Carsten MSN, NP
Amber Carter CRNP
Miss Andrea Carter ACNP
Catherine Carter AGACNP-BC
Ms. Deidra Carter CRNP
Elizabeth Carter APN
Ms. Kristen Carter APN
Mandy Carter ACNP
Miss Nicole Carter CNP
Essence Carter-Griffin
Rebecca Cartwright
Erin Caruso APN
Ms. Kelly Caruso ACNP
Lisa Carver APRN
Rachel Cascio APRN
Jennifer Casella NP
Mr. Douglas Caserta FNP-BC, CNP
Aaron Casey ARNP
Deirdre Casey MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC
Dolores Casey NP
Jason Casey FNP
Mrs. Stefanie Casey ACNP-BC
Ms. Ravyn Cash CNP
Mary Cashman Thomas MSN, APRN-BC, ACNP
Ms. Evelyn Cason NP-BC
Debra Casper NP
Gretchen Casper APRN
Ms. Nicole Cassell ACNP
Mrs. Amy Cassidy ACNP-C
Debra Cassidy ACNP-BC
Gwen Cassidy APN
Mrs. Jaime Casta Mah ACNP-BC
Mrs. Colleen Castelein RN, CNP
Lee Castellano ACNP
Mrs. Yesenia Castellon NP
Haley Castiglione NP
Andrea Castilla ACNP
David Castillo ACNP-BC
Frank Castillo JR. NP
Mr. Howard Castillo JR. NP
Ophelia Castillo APRN, BC
Robin Castilyn CRNP
Mrs. Debra Castner RN, MSN, APRN, CNN
Demetria Castrellon ACNP
Ashlee Castro NP
Mrs. Lizbeth Castro NP
Eileen Castrudes
Cheryl Catalan
Judith Catalan NP
Corinne Catalano NP
Angela Catallo NP
Kate Catanzano ACNP
Bethany Catlett ACNP
Amber Catlin APRN
Kayla Cato AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Sheresa Catoe APRN
Eloise Catrett RN ACNP-BC
Mrs. Jaris Catron APN
Sarah Catterton APRN
Kathryn Caudell PHD, ACNP
Danielle Caudell Stamper NP
Mrs. Megan Caudle ACNP
Renee Causey ACNP
Nicole Cavaliere CRNP
Beth Caven CNP
Jennifer Cavett
Mrs. Julie Cavey APNP
Kerri Cavin AG ACNP-BC
Beth Cavinder NP
Ashley Cawthon
Barry Cayson ARNP
Ellen Cecchetti CRN
Elsa Cedillo NP
Joseph Andrew Celella AGACNP
Michele Celko CRNP
Ms. Kysha Cerisier AGACNP-BC
Mr. Stephen Cernawsky APRN
Mrs. Cindy Cervantes MSN, APRN, BC
Ms. Rosemaria Cesare NP
Jessica Cha CRNP
Deenamma Chacko APN
Ashley Chadwick MSN, ACNP-BC
Valentina Chadwick MS, AGACNP-BC
Heather Chady APNP, RN
Hanane Chaibainou CRNP
Mrs. Tamara Chaker NP/CNS
Karen Chalfin CNP
Lindsay Chalmers ANP
Mrs. Eleanora Chamanara RN, NP
Ms. Carrie Chamberlain CRNP-BC
Susan Chambers CRNP
Verne Champagne NP
Miss Alice Chan NP
Miss Carrie Chan NP
Billy Chancellor CNP
Rebecca Chanda AGACNP-BC
Margaret Chandler APN
Regina Chandler NP
Mrs. Anila Chandran MSN, APRN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Lilly Chandy ARNP
Yun-Wei Chang
Mrs. Deborah Chapa PHD
Ms. Amanda Chapman NP
Ashley Chapman NP
Charlene Chapman NP
Mrs. Kristin Chapman ARNP
Mrs. Niemah Chapman ACNP
Pamela Charboneau ARNP
Donna Charlebois ACNP
Elizabeth Charron AG-ACNP
Jessica Charron NP-C
Cherah Charter ARNP
Mrs. Courtney Chartrand NP
Mrs. Amy Charvat CRNP
Danielle Chason CRNP
Ms. Cherry Chassan APRN
Meagan Chavarria NP
Linda Chavers CRNP
Anthony Chavez CNP
Brittany Chavis NP
Chi Hang Cheang NP
Sharon Cheatham ACNP
Mrs. Lydia Cheeks APRN
Diane Cheer RN,APN,C
Emily Chell CRNP
Miss Francine Chen NP, APRN-BC
Leon Chen NP
Rodney Chenault APRN, BC
Mrs. Marie Cheng MSN, RN, APN,C
Mrs. Su-Ching Cheng FNP
Christyna Cheramy
Krystal Cherapan ACNP-BC
Nanette Cherba APNP
Christy Cherkesky APN-ACNP
Judith Chermansky CRNP
Mrs. Margaret Chernaik ACNP
Marina Chernova NP
Parntip Chertboonmuang AG-ACNP
Ms. Krystin Ches ACNP
Pamela Chesher AGACNP
Mrs. Vicky Chesser CRNP
Lori Chester ACNP-BC
Mrs. Michelle Cheung NP
Mr. Tony Cheung NP
Sally Chiado CNP
Chienhui Chiang CRNP
Kathleen Chiang NP
Morgan Childress NP
Ms. Shannon Childs ACNP
Christine Chilomo Mazimba
Stephanie Chin NP
Ms. Melissa Chinn AG-ACNP
Ms. Saradamani Chinnaswamy APRN (AGACNP-BC)
Phyllis Chinyanga-Edouard CNP
Valerie Chism APN
Ms. Laraine Ann Chiu MSN, APRN
Jean Cho ACNP
Seohee Cho
Carol Chodun ACNP-BC
Jennie Choe ARNP
Robyn Choffel ARNP
Jee Young Choi CRNP
Ms. Myounghee Choi APN
Nahyung Choi
Sarah Choi ACNP
Ms. Kimberly Choina-Karamat ACNP-BC
Ms. Donna Chojnowski CRNP
Cody Cholewa APN
Mrs. Mikael Chorey AG-ACNP
Lindsey Chorney NP
Esther Chou NP
Mrs. Glee Christ ARNP
Regina Christ NP
Gina Christaldi APN
Jennifer Christensen CRNA
Mrs. Jessie Christensen NP
Michael Christensen ACNP
Charles Christian APRN-RX
Mrs. Rachel Christian ACNP-BC
Elaine Christiansen APRN
Sylvia Christie NP
Rozalinde Christodoulos NP
Ashley Christopher
Kate Christopher ACNP
Mrs. Jennifer Christopherson ACNP
Ms. Kimbera Christy NP
Ms. Rachel Christy CRNP
Violet Chrostowski APRN
Baoanh Chu
Janice Chua APN
Anna Chumbley DNP
Ms. Jayme Chung ACNP-BC
Jean Chung
Suk Chung FNP
Carolyn Chungu NP
Cathy Churbock NP
Mrs. Beckie Church N P
Amanda Churchill
Mrs. Ellen Ciacciarelli RN, MS, APN-C
Taylor Ciaraldi
Mrs. Elizabeth Ciardelli APRN
Miss Katie Ciarletta AGACNP
Mrs. Lori Ciavaglia APN
Julie Cibula ACNP
Ms. Gail Ciccarello ACNP
Mary Cicchetti APRN
Diane Cichy AG-ACNP
Brian Ciezki ACNP
Maria Ciferni ARNP
Ms. Nicole Ciffone NP
Arlis Cihak ACNP
Mr. Douglas Cioffiro NP
Simonette Cipolla ACNP
Mrs. Sarah Cipriano CRNP
Mrs. Debra Cirone ACNP
Brandi Ciufi AGACNP
Ms. Adrienne Clagett MSN, ACNP-BC
Karen Claise NP
Mr. Richard Clapp APN
Keri Clapper ACNP
Mr. Calvin Clark RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Colleen Clark
Curtis Clark ACNP
Elizabeth Clark CRNP
Ms. Emily Clark CRNP
Mrs. Erika Clark APN
Mrs. Janette Clark CRNP-AC
Ms. Jean Clark RN, MS, CCRN, APRN
Jennifer Clark NP
Juliana Clark CRNP
Kara Clark ACNP
Karen Clark ACNP
Kelly Clark
Ms. Lucinda Clark NPC
Mrs. Maribeth Clark CRNP
Mrs. Marie Clark ACNP
Maya Clark PHD, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Melinda Clark AOCNP, ACNP/FNP-BC
Nellda Clark CRNP
Mrs. Rebecca Clark MSN, RN, APRN-BC
Mr. David Clark-Coller APRN
Mecquicael Clarke CRNP
Mrs. Melissa Clarke ACNP-BC
Mr. Juan Class ACNP-BC
Jane Classen AGACNP
Kimberly Claude NP
Meghan Claudius ACNP
Ms. Jade Clausen MSN, FNP-C
Susan Clawson ENP
Anne Clayton APRN, AGACNP
Jennifer Clayton CNP
Maria Rosario Clemente MA, ACNP-BC, ANP-C
Joanne Clements MS, ACNP
Mrs. Jill Clemmons ARNP-BC
Deanna Clemons CRNP
Nicole Clevinger APRN
Allison Click AGACNP-BC
Raeshel Clifford
Ms. Amy Clifton APRN
Ms. Karin Clifton ACNP
Jennifer Cline APRN
Jennifer Cline ARNP
Mrs. Joanne Clinton CNP
Melissa Cliver CRNP
Kimberly Clohecy NP
Mr. Garry Closas CNS, ACNP
Letitia Close MS, CNP, ACNP-BC
Susan Closs
Mandie Cloud PNP
Mrs. Dawn Clough AGACNP, APRN
Sherry Clounch AGACNP
Mrs. Claire Clouse AG-ACNP
Natalie Clouse CRNP
Lynn Cloutier RN, ACNP
Rachel Cloutier NP
Tiffany Cobb
Curtis Cochran NP
Karen Cochran ACNP
Layla Cochran APN
Renee Coco
Ms. Kimberly Cocozello APN-C
Leona Cody CNP
Mrs. Melissa Cody ACNP-BC
Jennifer Coen
Jeannie Coffey ARNP
Kim Coffey
Mrs. Michelle Coffey AGACNP-BC
Spencer Coffey
Le Cofield NP
Mrs. Twilight Cofield APRN-BC
Michael Cogdill ARNP
Jarrod Coggin ACNP-BC
Robert Coghlan NP
Kristen Cognetti NP
Naama Cohen NP
Dr. Erica Cohen-Hammond DNP AGACNP-BC ARNP
Lisa Cohler AG-ACNP
Michelle Coke AGACNP
Mrs. Courtney Coker AGACNP
Michael Colabraro ACNP-BC
Julie Colantuoni RN, NP
Erin Colantuono NP
Latesha Colbert CRNP
Andrea Colburn RN, MSN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Sheena Colclough APRN
Brittany Cole
Katie Cole RN, MSN, ACNP
Nicole Cole AGACNP-BC
Jerryper Colegado
Dr. Bernice Coleman PHD, ACNP-BC
Joann Coleman CRNP
Lindsay Coleman AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Felecia Coleman-Blackshire NP
Mrs. Susan Coles RN-BC, MSN, AOCN
Mary Coletta
Melanie Coletta AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Vanessa Collazo MSN, ACNP-BC
Yordenys Collazo Eijo
Elizabeth Collie-Mickens ARNP
Catherine Collier NP
James Collier III
Mrs. Carey Collins AGACNP-BC
Jessica Collins APRN, AGACNP-BC
Lori Collins ACACNP-BC
Mary Collins NP
Rachel Collins NP
Rita Collins ACNP
Patricia Colmenares ARNP
Ms. Joyce Colobong NP
Michele Colon APN-C
Staci Colovos ACNP
Teri Colquett CRNP
Ashley Colquitt CRNP
Jennifer Colucci APRN
Mrs. Linda Colvin ACRNP
Ms. Loretta Colvin APRN, BC
Miss Kelly Compas AGACNP-BC
Elizabeth Compton
Jessica Comstock
Mrs. Nicole Comstock ACNP-BC
Eyson Concepcion NP
Mrs. Isabel Concha ACNP-BC
Miss Brigitte Conde NP
Dr. Erodida Conforti DNP, AGACNP-BC
Ms. Margaret Congdon NP
Mr. Michael Congemi ACNP-BC
Tu Riccel Conje AGACNP-BC
Alison Conlee NP-C
Michael Conley AG-ACNP
Sarah Conley MSN, RN, CCRN
Annmarie Conlon NP
Keriann Conlon APNP
Mary Conlon NP
Jean Connelly RN, ACNP
Gregory Conner
Ms. Barbara Connold ARNP
Melissa Connolly ACNP-BC
Emmalie Connor NP
Jared Connor AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Julie Connor AGACNP-BC
Mary Connor
Sunah Connors ACNP-BC, MSN, CCRN
Ms. Anna Conrey MSN, RN, CCRN, CRNP
Lisa Consiglio APRN
Ms. Betty Constant NP
Nanncie Constantin NP
Avani Contractor
Maria Contreras AGACNP
Melissa Contreras NP
Monica Contreras-Garay ACNP-BC
Kimberly Conway CRNP
Cara Cook ARNP
Charles Cook NP
Claudette Cook RN, MSN, AGACNP-BC
Courtney Cook ACNP, DNP
Mrs. Gail Cook APRN
Mrs. Leisa Cook APRN
Mrs. Misty Cook ACNP
Mrs. Rebekah Cook NP
Dr. Crystal Cook-Mcknight AGAC-DNP
Sherri Cook-Rousey ACNPC-AG
Mrs. Sarah Cooley ACNP
Kristian Coon CRNP
Abbey Cooper CRNP
Ann Cooper ACNP-BC
Caleb Cooper AGACNP-BC
Christa Cooper CNP
Mrs. Erin Cooper APRN-BC
Garet Cooper AGACNP
Ms. Jane Cooper CRNP
Jill Cooper ARNP
Ms. Johanna Cooper FNP
Megan Cooper NP
Mr. Melvin Cooper JR. AG-ACNP-BC
Nancy Cooper ARNP
Pansy Cooper FNP
Mr. Rhonda Cooper ACNP
Richard Cooper NP
Sara Cooper ACNP-BC
Sarah Cooper NP
Mrs. Rachel Cooperman MSN
Violet Copado ACNP
Mr. William Copeland MS, RN, CRNP, CEN
Kathryn Copley ARNP
Dr. Natalie Cora DNP
Mr. Clinton Corales MSN, ACNP-BC
Charity Corbett C-NP
Dr. Susan Corbridge PHD, APN
Lorie Corcoran APNP
Anna Cordasco APN
Mrs. Pamela Cordero APN,C
Wilfredo Cordero NP
Stephanie Cordier NP
Mary-Elizabeth Cordle CRNP
Mrs. Terri Core APRN
Patricia Coristine RN, NP
Mrs. Cesily Cormier MSN, ACNP-BC
Kelly Cornacchione ACNP-BC
Mr. Christopher Cornachione CRNP
Emily Cornelius CRNP
Kirtrica Cornelius APRN
Mrs. Michelle Cornell NP
Mr. Peter Cornell CRNP
Edward Cornman CNP
Ms. Cyndi Cornwell ACNP
Mrs. Jeanne Corrao NP
Cristina Correa CRNP
Allison Corridon CRNP
Sue Anne Corsentino APN, C
Maria Cortes NP
Miss Rebecca Cortese APN
Miss Renee Cortez RN, MSN, CCRN, ACNP
Mrs. Pamela Corzine NP
Eladia Cosby NP
Marijo Cosmas MS, RN, AOCN, CRNP
Mrs. Fernanda Costa ACNPC-AG
Ms. Mary Ellen Costa ACNP-BC
Sophia Costa RN, MSN, AGACNP
Pavel Costa Armas ARNP BC
Mrs. Alison Costalos I NP
Holly Costantini MSN, ACNP-BC
Laura Costanza NP
Julie Costello ACNP
Miss Mary Costello AGACNP-BC
Jennifer Cotner APRN
Juliana Cotton ACNP
Mary Cotton CRNP-BC
Mrs. Yvonne Cotton APRN
Thomas Cottrell AGACNP
Mrs. Claire Couch ACNP, BC
Maurice Coughlan ACNP
Emily Coughlin CRNP
Mrs. Anna Coulstring ACNP-BC, RN
Donald Coulter NP
Ms. Jessica Coulter NP
Leah Coulter ARNP
Mrs. Tiffany Councill ACNP-BC
Ms. Kelly Counts ACNP
Marygrace Courreges ACNP-BC
Candice Coursey NP
Anne Courtney NP
Kimberly Cousins ARNP
Ms. Marla Couture CRNP
Kelly Cova CRNP
Mark Covec
Tessa Covert AGACNP-BC
Trevor Cowan CNP
Celena Cowen
Bryce Cowgill AGACNP
Ms. Cassie Cowles APRN, ACNP
Mr. Paul Cowsar FNP/ACNP
Ms. Amy Cox NP
Eve Cox ARNP
Joseph Cox NP
Kristen Cox APRN
Mrs. Kristin Cox NP
Shelly Cox ACNP
Mrs. Tania Cox ARNP
Ms. Christine Coyle AGACNP
Ms. Kathleen Coyle ARNP-BC
Gretchen Crabtree CNP
Holley Craddock NP
Mrs. Laura Craddock APRN
Mrs. Sharon Craddock ARNP
Markus Craig NP
Melissa Craig ANP
Mrs. Bridget Crain NP
Melinda Cramer ACNP
Catherine Crandell
Aliene Crane APRN
Dr. Ashle Crane DNP, APRN
Crystal Crane ACNP-BC
Allyson Crasnick FNP
Dr. Shanna Craven DNP, ACNP-C
Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford ACNP
Hannah Crawford NP
Ms. Janet Crawford APRN
Jeffrey Crawford CRNP,
Laura Crawford
Mrs. Kristin Crawley ACNP
Peggy Creamer ARNP
Nathaniel Cree NP
Dr. Hillary Creech APRN
Sarah Creed NP
Bobi Creel CRNP
Mrs. Jennifer Creel ACNPC
Stacy Creel
Ms. Shannon Crenshaw ACNP
Jodi Cressler ANP
Theresa Cressman ACNP
Mrs. Margaret Crew CRNP
Mrs. Kelli Crews ARNP
Mrs. Margie Crews ACNP
Belinda Crider NP
Mrs. Courtney Criel ACNP
Thomas Crigler APRN
Elizabeth Criman AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Karah Cripe AGACNP-BC
Punyacha Crocker NP
Larry Crockett ARNP
Kira Croff ARNP
Mrs. Lisa Cromer ACNP-BC
Brienne Cronin NP
Janet Cronkhite NP
Mrs. Victoria Crook NP
Amy Crosby AHP, ACNP
Louisa Crosby AGACNP
Kasey Cross AG-ACNP
Ms. Leticia Cross ANP
Mrs. Joanne Crossan ACNP-BC
Mrs. Beth Croucher ACNP-BC
Shana Crovo ARNP
Ms. Susan Crow NP
Beth Crowder ANP
Vicky Crowder APRN-RX
Mrs. Amber Crowe
Julia Crowe NP
Mrs. Lindsey Crowe ACNP
Mr. William Crowe JR. MSN, ACNP-BC
Veronica Crowell
Fiona Crozier ARNP
Laura Crum
Veronica Crump APN
Amy Crush APRN
Yosely Cruz ACNP
Megan Cruze MSN, ACNP-BC
Miss Sara Crystal NP
Mrs. Diane Csajaghy APN
Ms. Bernadette Cuasay APN
Rhonda Cue ARNP
Brian Cuffman CNP
Lindsey Culbertson APRN
Mrs. Lakietta Culkin-Taylor NP
Erin Cullefer NP
Mrs. Michelle Culler CRNP
Marlene Culley APRN
Melissa Cullingford NP
Mrs. Victoria Culp ACNP BC
Jenna Cummings ACNP
Michelle Cummings CRNP
Ms. Rhiannon Cummings CRNP
Adam Cummins ARNP
Mrs. Sherry Cummins CRNP
Ms. Janice Cuneo NP
Kristen Cunic CRNP
Sean Cunniffe ACNP-BC
Cindy Cunningham NP
Erin Cunningham
Mrs. Jamie Cunningham ACNP
Jessica Cunningham APN
Kari Cunningham NP
Mary Cunningham APN CRNFA
Orlaith Cunningham APRN
Sarah Cunningham
Patricia Cupuro NP
Serena Curler ARNP, CNP, ACNP, BC
Miss Tina Curlis AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Jaclyn Curnutt APN
Mrs. Danielle Curran CRNP-AGACNP
Emily Curran
Kimberly Currier APRN
Mrs. Sondra Curry CRNP
Margaret Curtin APN
Christopher Curtis NP
Michele Cusack APN
Sarah Cushman APRN
Cathy Custer CRNP
Mrs. Krissy Custis CRNP
Roberta Cwynar CNP
John-Michael Cycz AGANCP-BC
Mary Cypher NP
Mary-Ann Cyr APRN
Valerie Cyr CNP
Miss Melissa Czajkowski AGACNP-BC
Molly Czaplicki
Allison Czarnecki NP
Dorota Czernecki APN
Sheryl Czopek RN
Mrs. Amalya D'altorio RN, MSN,ACNP-C
Shannan D'annunzio NP
Rita D'aoust NP
Reynaldo Daba II ACNP-BC
Robin Dabney DNP, AGACNP-BC
Angela Dages CRNP
Jennifer Daggett CRNP
Sonia Daher NP
Mrs. Amy Dahl MSN, APN
Brittany Dahl AG-ACNP APRN
Jenna Dahl
Jennifer Dailey
Leslie Dailey CRNP
Joyce Dairion-Fletcher NP
George Dajkovich NP
Ms. Jimmie Dake APN
Julie Dale APRN
Kelly Daley AG-ACNP
Miss Lisa Daley APRN, BC
Keith Dallenbach JR. RN, ACNPC-AG
Mrs. Carmene Dalmeus NP
Susan Dalrymple ACNP
Natalie Dalton ARNP
Joanne Dalusung NP-C
Serena Daly RN, ACNP-BC
Gabrielle Damasco MSN, CRNP
Marcelina Damaso ACNP, BC
Jamie Damico AG-ACNP-BC
Ms. Linda Damico NP
Tracey Dampf ACNP
Gloria Damptey NP
Allison Damron MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
Grace Damrow APNP
Ms. Beverly Daniel NP
Heather Daniel ACNP
Mrs. Jena Daniel
Mary Joy Daniel NP
Rebekah Daniel
Ms. Sandra Daniel ACNP-BC
Mr. William Daniel AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Kateri Daniele NP
Christie Daniels APN
Mrs. Rachel Daniels CRNP
Elizabeth Daniels-Long ARNP, ACNP-BC
Joe Danko
Edward Dankyi NP
Ms. Jo-Ellen Danna APN
Bethany Danner CRNP
Tocarra Dantzler
Ann Danvers NP
Mrs. Stephanie Danyko FNP
Lisa Danyluk RN, ACNP-BC
Cecilia Dapilah ACNP
James Daramola ACNP-BC
Erin Darguzas APN
Usha Darji
Lauren Darnell ACNP
Mrs. Sarah Darnell ACNP-BC BSN RN
Emily Daron CNP
Mrs. Lori Darragh NP
Valerie Darst AGACNP
Steven Darvill ACNP
Tricia Dass MSN, NP
Mr. Ryan Daugherty
Miss Tracy Daum DNP, CRNP
Ms. Kirsten Dauterive APRN
Kristie Davalli CRNP
Lia Davalos NP
Rosemary Davenport NP
Mr. Anthony Davey NP
Lisa Davidavage CRNP
Alexis Davidge
Amanda Davidson NP
Elizabeth Davidson ACNP
Jennifer Davidson
Mrs. Kathleen Davidson NP
Patricia Davidson
Mrs. Stephanie Davidson ACNP
Kayla Davies AGACNP
Jerry Davila
Ms. Tammy Davino APRN
Dr. Alice Davis PHD, NP
Alison Davis APRN
Alison Davis
Mrs. Alyssa Davis CRNP
Annette Davis AG-ACNP
Beth Davis ACNP
Brennan Davis NP
Dawn Davis
Deanna Davis CNP
Ms. Ellen Davis NP
Mrs. Gabriella Davis ACNPC-AG
Janine Davis NP
Jean Davis APRN
Jennifer Davis CRNP
Jeremy Davis ACNP-BC
Katherine Davis MS, RN, AGACNP-BC
Dr. Katherine Davis CRNP
Mrs. Kathryn Davis AG-ACNP, CCRN
Ms. Krystal Davis APRN
Lori Davis ACNP
Lorrie Davis CRNP
Madeline Davis
Margaret Davis NP
Michael Davis ANP
Ms. Michelle Davis APRN
Monzelle Davis ACNPC-AG
Morie Davis AGACNP
Pamela Davis ARNP
Rinequa Davis
Sandra Davis APN
Sandra Davis NP
Ms. Sarah Davis APRN
Shannon Davis ACNP-BC
Stacian Davis NP
Mrs. Susan Davis CRNP
Tracy Davis MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC
Dr. Wesley Davis DNP, APRN
Mrs. Jami Davis-Jackson ACNP BC
Ms. Carol Davison APN
Laura Dawson CRNP
Lyn Dawson CNP
Michelle Dawson CRNP
Sheila Dawson ACNP-BC
Mrs. Holly Day ARNP
Jayme Day ACNP
Jennifer Day ACNP
Lisa De Benedet ACNP-BC
Mindy De Jager
Desiree De Jesus
Dolorita De Jesus ANP
Melissa De La Cerna CRNP
Elaine De La Hoz NP
Mrs. Carmen De La Rosa ACNP
Ms. Frances De Leon NP
Mrs. Melissa De Los Santos MSN, ACNP-BC
Miss Darcie De Milt DNP, AGACNP-BC
Shelly De Peralta RN, MSN, NP, CS
Tiffany De Sadier ACNP-BC
Mrs. Katie De Tratto APN
Mrs. Joo Young De Vera ACNP-BC
Kellie Deal CRNP
Donna Dean CRNP
Sarah Dean APN
Paula Deanda NP
Mrs. Lauren Dearing RN, APN
Anthony Deaton
Pamela Deback NP
Mrs. Dawna Deblieux ACNP
Sarah Deboor APN
Kellie Decalogero APRN
Kyra Decker MSN, AGACNP-BC
Lauren Decker ARNP
Monica Decker CRNP
Richard Declercq AGACNP
Claire Deegan AGACNP-BC
Hagit Deemer ACNP
Amira Deep NP
Ms. Susan Deeren RN, MS, APNP
Henry Dees JR. FNP
Kay Deford NP
Mrs. Ann Defosse NP
Cassondra Degener
Erica Degenhardt NP
Hillary Deguire CRNP
Nancy Dehaan ACNP
Natasha Dehaan NP
Adella Deharo NP
Mrs. Natasha Dehosse RN, MSN, CCRN, ACNP
Lane Deitchler NP
Diane Deitz MSN, APNC
Erick Del Pozo AGACNP
Miss Anne Janette Dela Cruz NP
Antoinette Dela Cruz CNP
Michele Dela Garza ACNP-C
Sarah Deland APN
Cathleen Delaney NP
Mrs. Gwen Delany NP
Ms. Elizabeth Delapaz NP
Allyson Delaune NP
Michelle Delayo APRN
Paul Delcasino CRNP
Ashley Deleo APRN
Melissa Deleon ACNPC-AG
Lauren Delgado NP
Margaret Delgado CRNP
Sarah Delgado RN, NP
Candace Delgaudio
Janice Delgiorno CRNP
Julie Delianides NP
Traci Delk RN, ACNP-BC
Catherine Dell CRNP
Janelle Delle ACNP-BC
Mrs. Debra Dellinger MSN RN ACNP-BC
Mrs. Taylor Dellinger ACNP
Dr. Rita Dello Stritto RN, PHD, ENP
Ms. Laura Dellorusso APN, C
Tricia Delnay CRNP
Ms. Jennifer Delong ARNP
Shannon Deluca CRNP
Sherry Demacedo RN-BC,ACNPC-AG,OCN
Ms. Leah Demares APNP
Mrs. April Demers APRN, BC
Mrs. Lisa Demeyere NP
Lori Demko CRNP
Katherine Dempsey AGACNP-BC
Kelli Dempsey ACNP-C
Sarah Denes NP
Mrs. Linda Denicola APN
Ms. Odette Denisa ACNP
Melissa Denison ARNP
Waraporn Denjalearn NP-C
Melissa Denman ACNP-BC
Mrs. Deborah Dennis APRN BC FNP
Ms. Jill Dennis RN, MSN, ACNP-C
Scott Dennis ACNP-BC
Victoria Dennis FNP-BC
Sean Dent CRNP
Lucinda Denton CNP
Amy Denyes-Green AGACNP, RN
Lauren Depalo CRNP
Vincent Depassio
Marie Depew CRNP
Jacqueline Deppen
Mrs. Amy Deramo AGACNP-BC
Ashley Derby NP
Mrs. Rachel Derenski CNP
Matthew Dering CRNP
Mr. Thomas Derksen NP
Miss Paula Deruntz NP
Arta Dervishi AGACNP-BC
Ms. Emily Des Champs NP
Elizabeth Desantis RN, MSN, CRNP-AC
Mrs. Klu Descalzo
Mrs. Stacey Deschamps ARNP
Kara Deshon RN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Cindy Desio NP
Mrs. Martha Desmond NP
Mrs. Diane Destefano APRN
Ms. Linda Destefano DNP
Laura Deterding NP
Jaclyn Detweiler MSN, ACNP
Ms. Catherine Deutsch ARNP
Mrs. Joann Devaney CRNP
Emily Devasher
Ms. Alisha Devaun AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Theresa Deveaux CRNP
Ms. Allison Devechio NP
Amber Devirgiliis CRNP
Rachael Devita
Dr. Maureen Devlin CRNA, ACNP-BC
Nicole Devoe DNP
Jennifer Devore CRNP
Wendy Dewberry APRN
Ms. Tracey Dewire ACNP-BC
Amelia Dewit ACNPC-AG
Anna Dewitt ARNP
Reena Dhakal APN
Manpreet Dhillon FNP
Danielle Dial ACNP
Christopher Diamoy ARNP
Fabrizio Diana ACNP-BC
Cara Diaz CRNP
Cynthia Diaz ARNP
Laura Diaz
Lindsey Diaz RN, ACNPC-AG
Meredith Diaz RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Mr. Oliver Diaz ACNP
Robert Diaz ARNP
Allison Dibrano NP
Aurore Diby ARNP
Laurette Dicarlo ARNP
Mrs. Amber Dickerson ARNP
Mrs. Madeline Dickerson AG-ACNP
Mrs. Jamie Dickey AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson ACNP
Mrs. Barbara Dickson CNP
John Dickson ARNP
Patty Dickson ACNP
Ms. Gina Diederich ACNP
Ms. Nancy Diehl ACNP-C
Lynn Dierks ACNP
Tiffany Dieso AGACNP-BC
Vickie Dietrich
Jennifer Difilippo DNP, PNP
Susan Digiorgio-Gentile NP
Mr. Curtis Dikes NP
Jammie Dill ACNP-BC
Lyndsey Dill
Kelsey Dillenburg
Jeffrey Diller ACNP-BC
Ms. Johnnie Dillinger ACNP-BC
Ms. Deborah Dillon CNP
Kayce Dillon CRNP
Lorrie Dilucente CRNP
Carolina Dimsdale ACNP-BC
Ms. Jacki Dinh AGACNP
Mrs. Pamela Dinkelacker NP
Janet Dinnen CRNP
Jennifer Dinubila ACNP
Sherilyn Dione MSN RN AGACNP-BC
Stacy Diperna NP
Mrs. Tamara Dirven ACNP-BC
Marlana Disanto NP
Jane Dishon-Ritzert CNP
Lindsey Diskin CRNA
Peiwen Distler
Ms. Diane Dito ANP
Mr. Clay Ditty ACNP
Annelies Dixon NP RN
Erica Dixon NP
Jequie Dixon NP
Mr. Philip Dlugasch ARNP
Jennifer Do
Ms. Kathleen Dobbin ACNP-CS
Monika Dobrowolski APN
Mrs. Genevieve Dobrushin CRNP
Susan Doctolero NPC
John Dodd NP
Heather Dodge NP
Miss Christina Dodson ACNP-BC
Nicole Dodson CNP
Shannon Doerhoff APN
Melissa Dofredo ACNP
Jessica Doggett
Mrs. La-Shunn Doggette ACNP-BC
Caroline Doherty CRNP
Colleen Doherty NP
Jennifer Dohnal APN-CNP
Lindsay Dohse ACNP-BC
Vickie Dolan APRN
Katherine Dolman MSN, ACNP-BC
Theresa Domagola ACNP C
Dawn Dominguez AGACNP - BC
Michele Dominguez ACNP-BC
Mrs. Rosario Dominguez ARNP
Mr. Victor Dominguez AGACNP
Jacqueline Dominick CRNP
Ms. Tamara Dominick ARNP
Patricia Dominique
Rachael Domino NP
Shawna Donaghue APN
Dr. Claire Donaghy PHD, RN, CCRN,APN C
Kathryn Donahoo CRNP
Arina Donahue NP
Elaine Donahy
Kathleen Donais APRN
Ashley Donaldson-Woolum CNP
Ms. Kristen Donchez ACNPC-AG
Na Na Dong CRNP
Colleen Donley ACNP
Arlene Donnatin NP
Karen Donohoe CRNP
Teresa Donohoe RN-NP
Mrs. Michelle Donohue ARNP
Ms. Patricia Donohue NP
Ms. Brigid Donovan NP
Jean Donovan NP
Ms. Lisa Donovan NP
Ms. Mary Donovan PNP, MS
Mrs. Mary Donovan ACNP
Aleksandra Dontsova AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Padmini Doobay NP
Allyson Dooley ACNP
Jennifer Dooney APRN
Benjamin Doppelt ACNP-BC
Amy Doran APN-BC
Ms. Celene Doran Kirk ARNP
Melissa Dorchester NP
Natasha Doreus
Andrea Dorman NP
Christine Dorman ARNP
Sara Dorris NP
Carla Dorsch ARNP-C
Tara Dorsey CRNP
Sonal Doshi ACNP-BC
Mrs. Elizabeth Doss ARNP
Krystyne Doty APN
Mrs. Rebecca Doucette NURSE PRACTITIONER
Ms. Elizabeth Dougherty NP
Mrs. Abby Douglas ACNP-BC
Bradley Douglas ACNP-BC
Mr. Stephen Douglas NP
Trinka Douglas RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Nathalie Dougoud ACNP
Theresa Douse CRNP
Mrs. Margaret Dowdy AGACNP-BC
Mr. Nicholas Dowell MSN, CRNP
Katelyn Dowlen ACNP
Harriat Downey-Pitts NP
Cintia Downing APN
Amanda Downs ACNP-BC
Mrs. Jillian Dowsland ACNP
Ms. Christine Doyle APN
Mrs. Jacquelyn Doyle NP
Ms. Lisa Doyle ACNP
Margaret Doyle NP
Mr. James Dozier NP
Keri Draganic MSN, APRN, ACNP-BC
Rita Draggs APN
Anne Drake NP
Ashley Drake NP
Rachael Drake NP
Debbie Drake-Davis ARNP
Marina Drannikova NP
Ms. Gwenn Drapeau APRN
Ms. George Dresden CNP
Ms. Pamala Drever ACNP
Lora Drew
Terri Drew NP
Angela Drewniak CRNP
Mrs. Stephanie Dribben ACNP
Ms. Joan Driscoll APRN
Rebecca Droberg CRNP ACNP, MS
Joseph Drogo APN
Janos Drozsdik NP
Mrs. Angela Drummond NP
Mrs. Channing Drummond ACNP-BC
Elizabeth Drummond ACNP-FNP-BC
Kristin Dryer ACNP
Mrs. Alice Dubois RN, ANP, ACNP
Ms. Melissa Dubois NP
Anita Dubose NP
Ms. Deatrah Dubose NP
Kalyca Dubose ACNP-BC
Loraine Ducharme NP
Ruth Duchene MSN, ARNP, ACNPC-AG
Brennan Duckworth FNP-C
Dori Duckworth ANP
Mrs. Susan Dudek APN
Jennifer Dudley CNP
Mrs. Mary Dudley NP
Cori Duellman Wallerich APNP
Mrs. Karen Duffy CNP
Jennifer Dugal MS, APN, AG-ACNP-BC
Colleen Dugan
Monica Dugan CNP,RN, BSN, CCRN
Mary Duggan NP
Rachel Duke NP
Randa Duke CRNP
Cathy Dukes NP
Amy Dukovcic CRNP
Joel Dulaigh NP
Melanie Dulce APRN
Mary Dumboski APRN
Mrs. Carol Dumlao NNP
Melanie Dumlao NP
Michael Dumpert NP
Kimberly Dunaway APN
Angela Duncan APN
Ms. Donna Duncan CNP
Ms. Emma Duncan APN
Ms. Katrina Duncan MSN, BSN
Mr. Kenneth Duncan ARNP
Maritza Duncan ACNP-BC
Mr. Mark Duncan FNP-BC, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Nicole Duncan ACNP-BC
Robin Duncan ACNP
Mrs. Lydia Dungan CRNP
Susan Dungan NP
Jolie Dunham ACNP-BC
Lisa Dunham NP
Angela Dunigan CNP
Sherene Dunkley APN-C
Candace Dunlap NP
Eleanor Dunlap
Mrs. April Dunlevy ACNP-BC
Elizabeth Dunn RN, NP
Heather Dunn ARNP
Dr. Jeffrey Dunn DNP, ACNP
Matthew Dunn AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Michelle Dunn CRNP
Ms. Rhonda Dunn ACNP
Alexandre Dunning NP
Elizabeth Dunning NP
Terry Dunson
Lilian Duogo
Mrs. Kristie Duoss MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
Patricia Dupak AGACNP
Amy Duppstadt - Delambo NP
Jennifer Dupree APRN
Ms. Maria Duran-Shy FNP-BC, ACNP-BC
Kari Durbin NP
Mrs. Teresa Durden ACNP
Sarah Durham
Marijke Durieux NP
Dragica Durman MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Dannett Durphy ACNP-BC
Diana Durrance NP
Charlene Dusing
Shawna Duske ACNP
Crystal Dutton APRN
Joan Dutton ACNP-BC
Hannah Duvall CRNP
Linda Duwa MSN, ACNP
Eric Dwight-Gilroy NP
Mrs. Melissa Dwyer CNP
Tanya Dwyer CNP
Stephanie Dyal ARNP
Sally Dye NP
Anna Dyer ACNP-BC
David Dyer
Elizabeth Dyer CNP
Laura Dyer AGACNP
Nicole Dyer APRN
Charlotte Dyess AGACNP
Elina Dykhne
Erin Dzeroogian
Katie Dziedzic APRN
Jacqueline Eagan NP
Ms. Megan Earhart MSN, ACNP
Mrs. Susan Earl NP
Tonya Earl
Bonnie Earley ACNP
Catherine Earley NP
Ms. Iduvina Earner NP
Mrs. Robin Easley APN
Mr. Jordan Eason NP
Susan East RMFA APN
Lynn Eastes ACNP
Catherine Eaton ACNP
Nancy Eaton NP
Roxanne Eaton
Stacey Eaves ACNP
Ms. Amy Eberhart CRNP
Veronica Eberhart ACNP-C
Mrs. Alison Eberle CRNP
Mrs. Josemy Ebreo-Ferrer NP-C
Mrs. Chioma Echezona R N, MSN, APN
Mrs. Dawn Eck MSN, APRN, BC
Bettina Eckard NP
Jessica Eckard AGACNP-BC
Caryn Ecker NP
Mrs. Audrey Eckerle APRN
Lynn Eckhardt NP
Ms. Kristin Eckland ACNP, BC, RNFA
Mrs. Sarah Eckles Van Horn MSN APRN
Jennifer Edens NP
Robin Edgett NP
Mrs. Rachael Edgin CRNP
Mr. Wendy Edmond AC-AGNP
Aura Edmondson ACNP
Ms. Miriam Edouard ACNP-BC
Annalee Edwards RN MSN ACNP-BC
Mrs. Emily Edwards AGACNP
Meredith Edwards APN, ACNP-BC
Meredith Edwards APRN
Michele Edwards ACNP-BC
Dr. Michelle Edwards DNP, FNP-BC, ACNP-BC
Priscilla Edwards NP
Mrs. Sara Edwards ACNP, RN
Tamiah Edwards NP-C
Novlette Edwards-Hammond APN
Maxim Efremov ACNP
Phyllis Egbert APRN
Elizabeth Eggerichs ACNP
Mrs. Kellie Eggl CRNP
Emily Ehrengren NP
Ms. Michelina Eichenberg Jones APRN, AGACNP-BC
Valarie Eichler RN, PNP
Jolene Eid
Ariane Eidam ARNP
Jessica Eide ACNP
Judson Eidson NP
Mrs. Amalia Eisenberg ARNP
Ms. Christine Eisenberg APN
Christian Eisenring NP
Louise Eko ACNP
James Eldridge NP
Mr. Kehinde Elemuren NP
Taiwo Elemuren NP
Alonya Elgrably NP
Mrs. Kaitlyn Elizalde
Alison Elkins
Pamela Elkins NP
Ms. Betsy Ellenberger CRNP
Susan Eller NP
Ms. Candace Elliott C-FNP, C-ACNP, C-PMN
Fielding Elliott
Mrs. Julie Elliott ARNP
Mrs. Kristin Elliott ACNP
Kyle Elliott NP
Kimberly Ellis CRNP
Ms. Liza Ellis AGACNP
Melissa Ellis RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Shannon Ellis ARNP, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Stephanie Ellis AGACNP-BC
Kelly Ellison
Mr. Donald Ellsworth ARNP-BC
Erin Ellsworth APNP
Elmer Jones Elma ACNP
Dinah Elmesewdy
Ashleigh Elmore APRN
Mr. Edward Elrod ARNP
Neiel Elston CRNP
Leah Emami ACNP
Rachael Emde
Mrs. Jamie Emery ACNP
Mrs. Nicole Emler ACNP
Mr. Gregory Emmens II APRN
Jennifer Emmert NP
Laura Emmert-Reed RN, ACNP
Diana Emmick NP
Connie Endvick DNP
Nicole Engelbert CNP
Miss Jennifer Engelhorn
Ms. Ronda Engelke ACNP-BC
Alison Engelman NP
Dr. Lorraine England APRN, AGACNP-BC, DNP
Mrs. Karen English NP
Victoria English CRNP
Christopher Ennis ACNP-BC
Ms. Kathy Ennis APN
Karla Enriquez ACNP-BC
Mary Enriquez NP
Stephanie Ensminger
Nam Eom
Yvette Epperson NP
Ms. Kathleen Epping APRN
Colleen Erb CRNP
Melanie Erb
Jean Erdman ACNP
Ms. Heather Erdmann
Emily Erickson APRN
Ms. Nancy Erman APRN
Dr. Amanda Ermis FNP, AGACNP, DNP
Mrs. Lauren Ernst
Mrs. Mary Ernst NP
Sharon Ernst CRNP
Michelle Errandi AG-ACNP
Ms. Ifeoma Eruchalu ARNP
Mrs. Jennifer Ervin ACNP-BC, MSN, RN
Mr. Hector Escajeda II ACNP-BC
Christine Escalante CRNA
Mrs. Ann Eschelbach APRN, BC, NP
Andrea Eschen APN
Cherrielyn Escono-Quiambao APN
Mrs. Tina Escoyne FNP-BC, ACNP-BC
Ms. Anamay Esleta APN
Yvonne Esmailian NP
Janet Esparza APRN
Charity Espenlaub APN
Ms. Agnes Espinosa MSN, CCRN, ACNP-BC
Leah Esposito APRN
Robert Espy CRNP
Monica Esquivel RN, MSN, ACNP
Michaela Essam-Agbesi NP
Mr. Joel Estabillo NP
Ingrid Estephan AGACNP-BC
Jacqueline Estes-Wertzberger ARNP
Mrs. Carly Esteves CRNP
Kristi Estrada ACNP
Cynthia Etheridge NP
Mr. James Etheridge APRN-CNP
Ms. Elizabeth Etherton CNP
Rebecca Etta ACPN-BC
Nancy Etzel CRNP
Daniel Eurich NP
Mrs. Johanne Eustache Saint Louis ARNP
Amanda Evans NP
Mrs. Bethany Evans RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Carlos Evans
Ms. Charna Evans MSN, ACNP, NC-P
Deborah Evans
Elise Evans CNP
Emily Evans RN, ACNP-BC
Emily Evans ACNP
John Evans RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Lisa Evans NP
Mary Evans NP
Sarah Evans CRNP
Mrs. Sharron Evans ARNP
Thomas Evans AGACNP-BC
Leslie Everett CRNP
Mrs. Amanda Everitt APRN
Mr. Mark Everitt ACNP
Julianne Evers DNP
Christy Evilsizor ARNP
Evelyn Exevea ACNP-BC
Mrs. Kathleen Exner APN
Lindsey Exner NP
Kayla Exum APN
Katherine Eyegue - Sandy CRNP
Dr. Nkoli Ezenwa
Mrs. Daniela Ezratty NP
Tricia Fabbri NP
Mrs. Nancy Fabian RN ACNP
Rodolfo Fabregas CNP
Mrs. Nora Fabrycki APRN-BC
Jill Faccia AGACNP
Teresa Fadely ACNP
Raycor Faderugao CRNP
Angela Fagan
Justine Fager-Bennett ARNP
Mrs. Setareh Faghani NP
Amanda Faile NP
Mrs. Beverly Faille
Mrs. Kristina Fair APN-C
Mary Fairchilds NP
Pamela Faire CPNP
Mrs. Stacy Fairley ACNP
Ms. Susan Fairley-Holbach NURSE PRACTITIONER
Kimberly Fakhreddine AGACNP
Ms. Beth Fallin NP
Caroline Fallon APRN
Candice Falls ARNP
Barbara Fane RN MSN ANP ADCN
Dr. Donna Fanelli DNP
Mrs. Sharon Farah NP
Marisa Fargnoli
Sheeba Farhat ARNP
Mrs. Rochelle Farkas-Geldhof ACNP-BC
Frank Farkash MSN, ACNP-BC
Jennifer Farley RN, CPNP-AC
Mrs. Marsha Farley CNP
Ms. Pamela Farley APN
Robert Farley
Pattie Farlow ACNP
Ms. Genevieve Farnham ARNP
Alexandra Farnsworth APRN
David Farr CRNP, RNFA
Kristen Farrell APRN
Sarah Farrell CRNP
Mrs. Tamra Farrier ACNP
Ms. Jane Farrington ARNP
Ms. Meghan Fashjian ACNP-BC
Prof. Joelle Fathi DNP, RN, ARNP
Miss Zahra Fathi RN/NP
Mrs. Cyndi Faudree NP
Brandon Faulkner APRN
Jacob Faulkner AGACNP-BC
Mr. Jonathan Faust AGACNP-BC
Heidi Favero NP
Mrs. Holly Favero ACNP-BC
Mr. Casey Favre NP-C
Mr. William Fawcett CRNP
Lauren Fay ACNP
Meagan Fay ARNP
Mr. Nicholas Fazio APN
Mr. Jacqueline Fearon-Clarke NURSE PRACTITIONER
Sherry Fedak AGACNP-BC
Nicole Fedele APN
Mrs. Erika Fedors APN
Ms. Barbara Fee ANP
Martina Fee ARNP
Brinton Fegley NP
Kaedi Fehlberg FNP
Mr. Zachary Feingold MSN, RN
Ms. Caroline Feinman
Amy Feist APN
Mrs. Laura Feld CRNP
Richelle Felicitas APRN, CNP
Jessica Fellman APRN
Victoria Felsoci NP
Mrs. Susan Felter I NP
Lindsey Felts ACNP-BC
Mr. Joseph Fendley APRN
Laura Fenn CNP
Kristin Fennell NP
Patricia Fenstermacher ARNP
Cindy Ferch NP
Anne Ferguson CRNP
Charlsie Ferguson ACNP-BC
Mrs. Kristin Ferguson AGACNP-BC
Lee Ferguson ACNP
Ms. Leslie Ferguson ARNP
Mr. Patrick Ferguson APN
Ms. Sophia Ferguson ARNP
Mica Ferlis NP
Jessica Fern CNP
Kanan Fernandes CRNP
Mrs. Carolyn Fernandez RN, MSN, APRN-BC
Paloma Fernandez-Trung ACNP
Mrs. Diane Fernicola APN
Sonia Ferrandiz AGACNP-BC
Ms. Susan Ferrari ABACNP-BC
Dana Ferrazzano
Daniel Ferreira
Mrs. April Ferrell MSN, RN, ACNP
Amanda Ferris ACNP
Ms. Jennifer Ferris ACNP
Natalie Ferris Barbastefano ACNP
Deborah Festa APN
Katina Fetsko CRNP
Heather Fett AG-ACNP
Lisa Fetters AG-ACNP
Sherhonda Fevrier
Janet Fiamingo ARNP
Karen-Lynn Fiato CNP
Dawn Fickas AGACNP-BC
Dr. Darylann Ficken DNP
Ms. Lisa Fickenscher CRNP
Amy Fiedler AGACNP-BC
Dana Fiedler NP
Gladys Field MSN, APRN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Kara Field APRN
Adrienne Fields NP
Amber Fields CNP
Deanna Fields NP
Glenn Fields ACNPC-AG
Mrs. Tracy Fife NPC
Mrs. Damaris Figueroa APRN
Frank Figueroa NP
Debra Fikes ACNP
Ms. Samantha Fil NP
Regine Filemon
Diana Filipek APN
Dusty Filliung APRN-BC
Mrs. Kristi Filmore NP
Ms. Ann Finck NP
Anne Findlay RN, NP
Janet Findlay NP
Mrs. Lisa Findley CRNP
Mrs. Debra Fine AGACNP
Tracy Finegan NP
Olga Fingerman NP
Mrs. Sarah Finke CRNP
William Finley
Ms. Andrea Finnegan ACNP-BC
Mrs. Katy Finney AGACNP-BC
Leandra Finney ACNP-BC
Rhonda Finnie DNP, AGACNP-BC, APRN
Grace Finny
Denise Fiore APN
Angela Fiorelli DNP, AGACNP
Ms. Lindy Fireline ACNP-BC
Mrs. Jennifer Firestone AGACNP
Mrs. Jennifer First AGACNP-BC
Amanda Fischer NP
Dr. Amy Fisher DNP, APRN
Jamie Fisher
Ms. Joanne Fisher NP
Sabrina Fisher
Susan Fisher NP
Traci Fisher CRNP
Laurel Fiske ACNP-BC
Erin Fitts-Christensen AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Sarah Fitz APN, ACNP-BC
Jennifer Fitzgerald NP
Lisa Fitzgerald AGACNP-BC
Sarah Fitzgerald NP
Melanie Fitzmorris
Suzanna Fitzpatrick CRNP
Ms. Debra Fitzsimmons ACNP- BC
Sean Fitzsimmons NP
Martha Flagg NP
Amanda Flaherty CRNP
Ashley Flanagan CRNP
Mary Flanagan APRN
Ms. Rachel Flannery CRNP
Michelle Flatt MSN, ACNP-BC
Desiree Fleck CRNP
Gregory Fleck NP
Tonya Fleenor NP
Deborah Fleischer NP
Mrs. Rhonda Fleishmann ACNP
Jennifer Fleming NP
Ms. Jennifer Fleming RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Ms. Stephanie Fleming CNP
Tammy Flemming CRNP
Lisa Flemmons ACNP-BC
Ms. Pilar Fleshman NP
Mr. Brian Fletcher CNP
Ms. Jamez Fletcher NP
Lauren Fletcher NP
Linda Fletcher
Tyisha Fletcher FNP
Mrs. Lisa Flier APN
Chikisha Flint CRNP
Ms. Stacey Flint AG-ACNP
Mrs. Carrissa Flippo CRNP
Renee Flor NP
Patricia Florea
Kathy Florence NP
Mrs. Julie Flores
Mrs. Siglinda Flores ACNP
Carole Floyd NP
Miss Lauren Floyd AGACNP
Ms. Sarah Floyd ACNP-BC
Mr. Shawn Floyd ACNP-BC
Gregory Fluitt APN
Ms. Mary Fly ACNP
Mrs. Haylee Flynn AGACNP, RN-BSN
Judy Flynn CRNP
Mrs. Karen Flynn ACNP
Jacqueline Fobel CNP
Lane Fodel CRNP
Mrs. Kati Foechterle MS,AGACNP, FNP
Lillian Foerster CRNP-P
Mr. Richard Fogel JR. ACNP
Susan Fogel CNP
Brooke Fogle
Sophia Fokas-Kligos CRNP
Jamie Folan AGACNP-BC
Lynn Folan NP
Stephanie Folds MSN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Candace Foley MSN, ARNP
Danae Foley APRN
Jack Foley NP
Mrs. Kimberly Foley AGACNP-BC
Annamarie Folk CNP
Jamie Folsom NP
Mrs. Raeanne Fondriest AG-ACNP
Helen Fong AGACNP
Darlene Fontanazza RN, APN
Anna Fontenot CRNP
Nicole Fontenot NP
Katelyn Fontes NP
Debra Foote ACNP
Alison Forbes NP
Kristin Forbes ACNP, BC
Mrs. Anna Blanca Ford NP
Mrs. Desirae Ford ARNP-CNP
Justin Ford CRNP
Katurah Ford
Stephanie Ford APRN
Mrs. Tera Ford NP
Mr. Justin Foreman CNP
Mrs. Carol Forgione ACNP
Ms. Kathleen Forgy AGACNP
Ms. Karen Forhane FNP-C, ACNPC-AG
Mrs. Mary Lou Fornehed ACNP, BC
Jennifer Forney ACNP-BC
Jeanette Forrest
Lori Forrester NP
Stacy Forst ACNP-BC, APN
Tara Forstie
Rachel Forsythe MSN, ACNP-BC
Terry Ann Forsythe
Mrs. Denise Fortenberry-Gratias ACNP-C
Anthony Fortunato NP
Ms. Stephanie Foskey ARNP
Mrs. Leslie Foss ACNP
Ms. Merry-Lynn Foss FNP-BC
Mrs. Carlyn Fostakowsky RN, MSN, NP
Mrs. Brandon Foster ACNP
Dawn Foster NP
Donald Foster
Dorothy Foster APRN-BC
Elsie Foster ANP BC
Karen Foster APRN
Ms. Melinda Foster RN, AGACNP-BC
Ruth Foster APRN
Sara Foster ACNP-BC
Mrs. Janine Foster-Boswell NP
Jay Fotland
Mrs. Casey Fowler APRN
Dr. Christopher Fowler NP
Mrs. Lori Fowler CRNP
Beverly Fox NP
Charlotte Fox RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Ms. Danielle Fox NP
Mr. Harley Fox ACNP-BC
Ms. Jennifer Fox APN
Lisa Fox NP
Mr. Peter Fox APRN
Ms. Vicki Fox RN, ACNP-CS
Mr. Daniel Foxx
Ms. Susan Fraker ACNP
Amanda Frame NP
Cherie Frame NP
Kristy Francis
Rajy Francis NP
Victoria Francis AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Tara Francis-Lau CRNP
Jill Francisco NP
Dr. Curtis Franco DNP
Samila Francois
Ann Franczyk NP
Allie Franjesevic AGACNP
Amy Frank NP
Dr. Catherine Frank RN, AGACNP, DNP
Sarah Frank AGACNP-BC
Ms. Leonor Franklin NP
Ms. Mary Franklin RN,NP
Mrs. Melinda Franklin ACNP-BC
Natalie Franklin MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Nekea Franklin ACNP-BC
Jaimme Franson MSN
Jaclyn Franzen NP-C
Eva Amber Frasca APN
Mrs. Cheryl Fraser NP
Colleen Fraser CRNP
Christina Fratangelo CRNP
Mrs. Lindsey Fraumeni ACNP
P Frawley ACNP
Joanne Frazee ACNP
Jaime Frazier NP
Mrs. Lynn Frazier APN
Mrs. Theresa Frazier APRN,BC,ACNP
Melanie Freas CRNP
Mrs. Alexis Frederick MSN, CEN, ACNP-BC
Ms. Deborah Frederick MSN, NP, APRN-C
Elizabeth Frederick CRNP
Elizabeth Frederick NP
Ms. Jeannine Frederick NP
Ms. Arlene Fredericks ACNP-BC
Jason Freeburne ARNP
Meghan Freed NP
Cassandra Freed-Pastor ACNP-BC
Amy Freeman APRN, MSN
Sarah Freeman NP
Linda Freeman-Bosco APRN
Miss Christine Freise ACNP
Dioni Freking ACNP-BC
Ms. Anne French ACNP
Dawn French ACNP-C
Diane French RN MS
Kimberly French APN
Melissa French CRNP
Mindy French ACNP-BC
Patti French NP
Miss Rhonda French ACNP-BC
Karla French Baker CNP
Michael Fressola ACNP
Jennifer Freund APRN
Charity Frey ACNP
Cynthia Frey CNP
Jennifer Freytag NP
Ann Fricke NP
Mrs. Larisa Fridlyand ACNP
Michelle Fried ACNP-BC
Michelle Friedman AG-ACNP
Mrs. Catherine Friesch NP
Ms. Julie Frischknecht ACNP
Bryan Fromkin
Mrs. Julie Frommelt APRN
Mr. Vincent Froncek NP
Lee Froning APRN
Marlene Frost ACNP-BC
Ms. Shirley Frost NP
Ms. Ashley Frostick AG-ACNP-BC
Mr. Corey Fry NP
Elizabeth Fry AGACNP
Mrs. Kristie Fry ACNP-BC
Jazmine Frye AGACNP
Eunice Fuchs CRNP
Ms. Janessa Fuentes ACNP-BC
Maresa Chriszia Fuentes
Mr. Michael Fuerst ACNP
Jo Ann Fugazzotto APRN-BC
Yuki Fujimura ANP
Lauren Fukumoto CNP
Justin Fulkerson ACNP-BC
Mr. Daniel Fulks NP
Anna Fuller APN
Ms. Kolleen Fuller RNNP
Melinda Fuller CRNP
Mr. Ronald Fuller JR. AG-ACNP
Janet Fundaro ARNP
Miss Suk Ming Fung RN-BC, ACNP-BC, MSN
Ms. Mary Funkhouser ACNP
Teressa Funkhouser NP
Mary Furlong NP
Cindy Fusco MSN,ACNP-BC
Ms. Naoko Fushimi AG-ACNP
Marco Gabbai CRNP-AC
Omar Gabriel ANP
Mr. Brian Gackenbach APRN
Jennifer Gadawski AGACNP
Mrs. Molly Gadd DNP, RN, APRN-BC
Sita Gadde
Ms. Rosemarie Gadioma NP
Colleen Gaffney CRNP
Toni Gafford ACNP-BC
Christopher Gagnon AGACNP-BC
Willard Gailbreath III APN
Susanne Gaines
Tiffany Gaither ACNP
Ms. Kerry Gaj MSN, AGACNP-BC
Susan Galanes MS
Mari Galang RN, AGACNP-BC
Debbra Gale ARNP-C, MSN
Ms. Laura Galeazzi ACNP
Andrew Galego MSN, ACNP-C
Adam Galindo AGACNP
Amy Gallagher CRNP
Mr. Joseph Gallagher III MSN, CRNP
Kelly Gallagher AG-ACNP
Kerry Gallagher NP
Ms. Sherrin Gallagher NP
Mrs. Fanny Gallant ACNP
Andrea Gallardo APRN
Mr. Eric Gallardo ACNP
Mrs. Micah Gallas
Consuelo Gallegos APRN
Steven Gallegos ACNP/FNP-BC
Brett Galloway MSN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Dianna Galvan MSN, APRN, FNP-BC
Alicia Galvez NP
Jennifer Gamache
Saloni Gandhi AGACNP
Mrs. Jacqueline Gannuscio ACNP
Gail Gano CRNP
Theresa Ganoe ACNP-BC
Julia Gansor CACP
Ryan Gant APN
Paige Gantt
Mrs. Tonja Gantt N P
Miss Lusana Gapikia NP
Mrs. Courtney Garber AGACNP
Kara Garber CRNP
Ms. Monica Garbiso NP
Mrs. Alea Garces NP
Mrs. Adrienne Garcia ACNP
Antonio Garcia NP
Carla Garcia FNP
Mrs. Danielle Garcia NP
Gisela Garcia NP
Haydee Garcia NP
Laura Garcia ACNP
Mrs. Leslee Garcia ACNP
Magdiel Garcia AGACNP
Mrs. Mercedes Garcia ARNP
Merlienaida Garcia AGACNP-BC
Patrick Garcia CNP
Roberto Garcia ACNPC-AG
Samantha Garcia ACNP-BC
Mr. Miguel Garcia Castro NP
Danilo Garcia-Duenas AGACNP
Mr. Aquiles Garcia-Menocal AG-ACNP
Alan Garcin ACNP
Ms. Karen Garden CRNP
Denise Gardner CRNP
Mrs. Jacinta Gardner RN MSN ACNP
Mrs. Kimberly Gardner NP
Ms. Kristen Gardner AGACDNP-BC
Lauren Gardner ACNP-BC
Marley Gardner ARNP
Megan Gardner ACNP-BC
Jennifer Gares ACNP
Sarah Garfield
Craig Gargus NP
Jessica Gargus ARNP
Dorothy Gariety CNP
Mr. Archie Garino AGACNP-BC
Darcy Garland APRN
Mrs. Jennifer Garlick ARNP
Ms. Kimberly Garman CRNP
Amy Garner APRN, CNP
Ms. Melanie Garner ACNP
Mrs. Thomasine Garofalo NP
Brittney Garrett AGACNP-BC, RN
Kerry Garrett NP
Ms. Kim Garrett APRN
Nathan Garrett APRN
Mrs. Krystle Garrett-Green APN
Brandi Garris ACNP
Elisabeth Garrison MSN, ACNP-BC
Tara Garrison
Richard Garstka NP
Briana Garton CRNP
Demetrie Garvin NP
Tandra Garvin NP
Mrs. Josie Garza APRN
Heidi Gast CNP
Ms. Karen Gastle NP
Mrs. Leslie Gaston CRNP
Liza Gatley APNP
Mrs. Carmen Gatlin ACNP
Karen Gatlin GNP-BC
Mrs. Whitney Gatlin CRNP
Betty Gattison NP
Ms. Jamie Gaudin MSN, APRN, ACNP-BC
Natalie Gaudy AGACNP-BC
Monica Gaulke NP
Shawn Gauvin AG-ACNP
Mrs. Emily Gavin ACNP
Ms. Laura Gavin RN, MSN, ACNP
Kelly Gayed CRNP
Jennifer Gayle-Tarou NP
Ms. Lynn Gaylord NP
Rachel Gaynor-Horejsi CNP
Kathleen Geary NP
Pamela Geary ACNP
Hannah Gebhardt ACNP
Mrs. Wendy Gebhardt APRN
Samuel Gebreyonas NP
Lauren Gebrian CRNP
Mrs. Tabetha Gehrke AGACNP
Jennifer Geiger ACNP-C
Lindsey Geiger CNP
Andrew Geis AG-ACNP
Marian Gelber APN
Alyssa Gellerman NP
Anne Gelsthorpe NP
Judith Gelwix
Rachel Geml NP
Lynn Gemmell CRNP
Matthew Genet CNP
Sun Young Genin NP
Cathleen Gentry
Mrs. Mariben Geonzon-Gonzales APRN BC
Mrs. Bindu George
Brittany George NP
Mrs. Clara George NP
Ms. Elizabeth George ACNP
Katharine George AG-ACNP
Katheryn George NP
Rachel George NP
Mrs. Shanell George ARNP
Sheeba George MS, APRN,ACNPC-AG
Mrs. Shoba George
Sunila George NP
Mr. Tobias George ACNP
Ms. Rachel Georgiev CRNP
Madeline Georgino NP
Mark Gerdesmeier APRN
Lauren Germany NP
Angela Gerrard AGACNP-BC
Dr. Joanna Gerry ARNP
Christopher Gertig
Patty Gessner APN, CNP
Dr. Valerie Gettys CRNP
Rachel Geylin NP
Mrs. Karen Ghaffari NP
Yosef Gharzuzi MSN, ARNP
Gaurav Gheewala NP
Vlad Gheorghiu NP
Gina Giazzoni NP
Dr. William Gibboney DNP, FNP-C, ACNP-BC
Jennifer Gibbons CNP
Ms. Adria Gibbs MSN, APN, AGACNP-BC
Ms. Bridget Gibson CRNP
Ms. Heather Gibson APRN
Mr. James Gibson NP
Jayme Gibson ACNP-BC
Kelly Gibson CRNP
Ms. Rhonda Gibson ACNP
Mr. Robert Gibson ACNP
Sandy Gibson ACNP
Timothy Giglio NP
Mrs. Elizabeth Gigliotti RN, ANP-C, ACNP-BC
Orlando Gil ARNP
Emily Gilbert
Ryan Gilbert NP
Misty Giles CRNP
Paula Gilheany ACNP-BC
Miss Diana Gilker NP
Anne Gilkey APRN
Jacquelyn Gill CNP
Stacy Gill MSN, ACNP
Catherine Gill-Preston ACNP, MSN, CRNP
Michelle Gillespie AGACNP-BC
Sarah Gillespie-Heyman MSN, AGACNP-BC
Crystal Gilligan
Mrs. Natalie Gillis CRNP
Kathryn Gills
Mrs. Jennifer Gilmartin NP
Ms. Debra Gilmore NP
Kayla Gilmore
Kelsey Gilmore AGACNP-BC
Tasha Gilmore AGACNP-BC
Leann Gilmour
Terri Ginther CRNP
Deborah Giordano CRNP
Elise Giraldi
Andrea Girard CRNP
Aimee Gish CRNP
Regina Gismondi APRN,BC
Mr. Gavin Gist APRN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Joanne Giugno NP
Mrs. Caryl Giuliani APNP
Gwendolyn Givens APRN
Dayna Gjurovski DNP
Judith Glann ACNP-BC
Garrett Glapa NP
Mr. Jason Glass ACNP-BC
Amanda Glasscock
Mrs. Alina Glazunova CRNP
Charise Gleason NP
Ellen Gleason APRN
Molly Gleason APRN
Ms. Margaret Glembocki NURSE PRACTITIONER
Mrs. Diane Glendinning
Brenda Glenn RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Catherine Glenn
Jessica Glenn CNP
Theresa Glessner NP
William Glover AG-ACNP-BC
Mrs. Shelley Glynn AGACNP-BC
Tammy Glynn ACNP
Kelly Godsey ACNP
Kimberly Godsey CNP
Judith Godwin ACNP-BC
Ms. Kelly Goebel RN, MSN
Julia Goehring CRNP
Jacob Goergen RN, ACNP-BC
May Goetsch ACNP
Claire Goetz CRNP
Millie Goetz ACNP-BC
Mr. Kenneth Goff APN
Meagan Goff
Margaret Goidel ACNP
Sharon Going MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Tonya Goings ACNP-BC
Regina Goins
Trisha Goins NP
Ms. Elizabeth Gold APN
Mrs. Jodelle Gold MSN, ACNP-BC
Ms. Elizabeth Goldberg CRNP
Jamie Goldberg ACNP
James Golden ACNP-BC
Brittney Goldfarb NP
Mrs. Nyhra Goldfinger APN
Ms. Cathi Goldfischer APN-C, CNS-C
Kathleen Goldsmith NP
Adrianna Goldstein MSN, ACNP
Anne Goldstein
Esther Goldstein ACNP
Robynn Goldstein NP
Mrs. Lindsay Goldstein-Smith APN
Heather Goldston
Mrs. Zlata Golubitskaya ACNP
Dawn Golus CRNP
Celia Gomes Mcgillivray NPP, ACNPC-G; RN-BC
Ms. Christy Gomez
Johanna Gomez NP
Lilia Gomez ARNP
Ms. Teresa Goncalves ANP-C
Mrs. Ann Marie Gonera FNP
Jenna Gonillo NP
Brianne Gonsalves NP
Mr. Jesse Gonzaga NP
Donn Gonzales NP
Edith Gonzales AGACNP
Mr. Eduardo Gonzales JR. CNP
Ms. Elizabeth Gonzales RN, APRN, ACNP
Mr. Fidel Gonzalez MS, RN, ACNPC-AG
Mr. John Gonzalez RN, DNP,ACNP-BC,NP-C
Juan Gonzalez ARNP
Mrs. Magan Gonzalez ACNP
Miss Sandra Gonzalez ACNP-BC
Saskia Gonzalez MSN, ARNP
Mrs. Silvia Gonzalez NP
Gisell Gonzalvo ARNP
Elizabeth Good NP
Mrs. Grace Ann Good NP
Catherine Goodale NP
Caleene Goodis ARNP
Jason Goodman AGACNP
David Goodrich ACNP
Melissa Goodson MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC
Donnie Goodwin
Victoria Goodwin MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
Mr. Ken Goon
Ms. Alysson Gordon ACNP-BC
Amy Gordon ACNP
Ms. Caitlin Gordon
Deborah Gordon NP
Eva Gordon ACNP
Kelly Gordon-Meyer NP
Constance Gore APN
Diane Gorman CRNP
Elaine Gorman ANP
Cheryl Gosin RN,APN,C
Mercedes Gossett ACNP-BC
Sharon Gothard ACNP
Ms. Elizabeth Gould NP
Mr. Vincent Gould AGACNP-BC
Erica Goulston CRNP
Mrs. Denise Gounaris NP
Kevin Goundry CRNP
Marcel Gourian ACNP-BC
Blaizie Goveas CNP
Mrs. Hollie Gow ARNP
Chandler Gowens
Ms. Sandra Goyal
Amy Graber ARNP
Danielle Grabovich APN
Damian Gradisar ACNP
Mrs. Rachel Graef ARNP, MSN
Jill Graf MS, ACNP-BC
Nicole Graf
Ms. Allyssa Graham APRN
David Graham ACNP-BC
Marie Graham APN
Ms. Mary Graham
Ms. Renee Graham MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Stacey Graham ACNP-BC
Mrs. Christina Grainger ARNP
Ms. Cheryl Grandlich NP
Colleen Grandowski ACNP
Cristin Grant NP
Karin Grant CNP
Laurie Grant CRNP
Mary Jo Grant APRN
Tiffany Grant NP
Angela Grantmaier CNP
Jennifer Grap MSN, CRNP
Ms. Luci Gratch ARNP
Ms. Kathryn Gratza ACNP
Grace Grau CRNP
Franklin Grauzer APN
Stacey Graven ACNP-BC
Danielle Graves CNP
Miss Kimberly Graves CRNP
Cara Gravlin ACNP
Carol Gray APRN-BC, CNN-NP
Ms. Deanna Gray NP
Diane Gray ARNP
Jennifer Gray ACNP
Mr. John Gray ACNP-BC
Julia Gray AGACNP-BC, RN
Karen Gray
Lashandra Gray AGACNP
Ms. Rebecca Gray NP-C
Ms. Tedra Gray NP
Gabriell Grayson RN ACNP
Lisa Greaney NP
Cynthia Green CACNP
Mrs. Elaine Green NP
Heather Green ACNP
Kathryn Green
Ms. Lenore Green ACNP-BC
Mr. Matthew Green
Maureen Green FNP-BC
Mrs. Melanie Green CTNP
Michelle Green ANP-BC
Ms. Miyvetteshaune Green APRN, BC
Pamela Green APRN
Roslyn Green AGACNP-BC
Stephanie Green ACNP
Ms. Deloris Green Robinson NURSE PRACTITIONER
Aimee Green-Blumstein ARNP
Mrs. Emilia Green-Riviere NP/CNS
Adam Greenberg CRNP
Brian Greenberg NP
Ms. Cindy Greenberg CNP
Ms. Donna Greene CRNP
Mrs. Maureen Greene RN, CNS, ACNP
Andrea Greenfield
Miss Carli Greenfield ACNP
Ms. Jennifer Greenheck FNP
Shantelle Greenwood NURSE PRACTITIONER
Ms. Ruth Greer FNP
Mrs. Vanessa Greer NP
Mrs. Jessica Gregg APRN
Alisa Gregory ACNP
Daniel Gregory NP
Emily Gregory CNP
Stacy Gregory ACNP
Rachael Grenfell-Dexter
Jill Gresh ARNP
Ms. Joy Gribble RN, ACNP
Ms. Cynthia Griego CNP
Regina Griego FNP, ACNP
Susan Griffeth ACNP
Cynthia Griffey AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Amanda Griffin NP
Andrea Griffin APRN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Brandi Griffin ACNP-BC
Gabrielle Griffin NP-C
James Griffin CRNP
Mrs. Jan Griffin ACNP, APRN, BC
Laura Griffin ACNP
Dr. Laura Griffin NP
Leslie Griffin ACNP,ANP
Ms. Chelsea Griffis CRNP
Mrs. Linda Griffis CRNP
Mrs. Amanda Griffith ACNP-BC
Claudia Griffith
Mrs. Corinne Griffith NP PA
Deborah Griffith ACNP-BC
Mrs. Kimberly Griffith RN, ACNP-BC
Ms. Cynthia Griffiths MSN, ACNP-BC
Ms. Carolyn Grigg ACNP
Brandon Griggs
Sonya Grigsby ACNP
Mr. Amory Godwin Grijaldo
Jessica Grillo ACNPC-AG
Clay Grimes AG-ACNP
Jennifer Grimes AGACNP-BC
John Grimes CRNP
Johnna Grimes AGACNP-BC
Joy Grimes NP
Mr. Jason Grimm ACNP
Mrs. Ashley Grindlay ACNP
Jennifer Grindler AGACNP-BC
Ms. Melissa Grisaffe AGACNP
Julie Grishaw ACNP
Katie Griswold APN
Mrs. Sarah Groce AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Cynthia Grooms NP
Holly Grooms MSN, APRN, ACNP-BC
Mr. Noah Grose ACNP
Debra Gross ARNP
Dironada Gross ARNP
Mr. Dustin Gross
Joslyn Gross DNP
Kelly Gross RN
Michael Grossman ACNP-BC
Julianne Grossnickle CNP
Frank Grosso CRNP
Mrs. Mary Grove ACNP, ANP
Gary Grover ACNP
Mrs. Danielle Groves CRNP
Tasha Groves APRN
Laurie Grubb ACNP
Barbara Grubbs ACNP
Bernadette Grubbs AGACNP-BC
Cassandra Gryczewski ACAGNP
Eric Gryn RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Jennifer Grzybinski APRN
Sophia Guardiola AG-ACNP
Ms. Gina Guarneri ACNP
Judith Guarnieri CRNP
Ms. Paulina Gudgell APRN
Elizabeth Guelde CRNP
Kristine Guerin ACNP
Ms. Laura Guerrero AGACNP-BC
Nichole Guerrero
Danette Guertin APRN
Janette Guertin ACNP-BC
Lisa Guertin NP
Editha Guevara CNP
Mary-Jennelle Guevara
Mrs. Silvia Guevara NP
Jenny Guevarra NP
Alan Guffanti CRNP
Lisa Guglielmo-Pezone ARNP
Miss Kimberly Guibone ACNP
Mrs. Kimberly Guillory Sallier APRN, ACNP
Dr. Donna Gullette APN, ACNP-BC
Maria Gultom
Mrs. Rachel Gunderson AGACNP-BC
Ms. Ingrid Gunther ACNP
Mrs. Pamela Gupta CRNP
Jason Gursky ARNP
Ms. Naina Gurung ACNP-BC
Ms. Jennifer Gustafson NP
Thomas Gutchewsky APN
Mrs. Cara Guthrie-Chu MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC
Leslie Gutierrez AGACNP, MSN, BSN
Raul Gutierrez ACNP
Jessica Gutsjo CNP
Steve Gutwillig ARNP
Patricia Guy-Moses NP
Lynne Ha CRNP
Mr. Hiboombe Haamankuli CRNP-BC
Ms. Leah Habicht
Mr. Andrew Hachey ACNP-BC
Ms. Erin Hackett NP
Oe Suk Hackney ACNPC-AG
Lori Hadas ARNP
Tracy Haddad
Christopher Haddock ACNP-BC
Mrs. Christine Hadeed ACNP
Jon Haden CNP
Shellie Hafer APRN
Andrea Hafner ACNP
Kevin Hagan CRNP
Ms. Tracy Hagan AOCNP
Sylvia Hagberg-Fitch NP
Janice Hage APRN-BC
Shane Hagen AGACNP-BC
Mr. Karl Hager JR. NP
Mrs. Jacklyn Hagg AGACNP
Jenny Haggard ACNP,FNP
Mary Haggerty-Casarez NP
Chelsea Hagopian MSN, AGACNP-BC
Valerie Hahn ARNP
Jeanne Haid ACNP
Ms. Tish Haight ACNP
Michelle Haimowitz RN, CNP
Diane Haines ARNP
Ms. Sandra Haines NP
Susan Hainley RN, ACNP
Christinna Haire ACNP-BC
Nicole Hairston ACNP
Mr. Eric Haist APRN, BC, MSN, ACNP
Jihane Hajj CRNP
Mr. Daniel Haldeman
Mrs. Jenny Halimah AGACNP
Amanda Hall AGACNP-BC
Amy Hall NP
Barbara Hall NP
Mr. Drury Hall MN, ARNP, ACNP-BC
Dr. Eric Hall NP
Jenna Hall PNP
Jennifer Hall MSN, AG-ACNP
Mrs. Kayla Hall ACNP
Kelly Hall ANP
Marlene Hall
Mrs. Monica Hall MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
Miss Reagan Hall NP
Terri Hall NP
Timothy Hall AGACNP-BC, FNP-BC
Tina Hall NP
William Hall JR. NP
Dorothy Hall-Knaub CPNP-AC
Heather Halle CRNP
Elizabeth Hallman ACNP-BC
Mrs. Melanie M. Hallman MSN,CRNP,CEN
Mrs. Brenda Halstead NP
Julie Halter ACNP-BC
Ms. Candace Hambleton APN
Donna Hamby
Jenny Hamby AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Jillian Hamel CRNP
Ms. Doreen Hamilton NP
Ms. Dorothy Hamilton CNP
Raquel Hamilton APRN
Mrs. Shannan Hamlin MSN, RN, ACNP, CCRN
Mrs. Julie Hamm ACNP-BC
Ms. Teresa Hammann NP
Ashley Hammer NP
Mrs. Sarah Hammett NP
Mrs. Erin Hammock AGACNP-BC
Sheri Hammock
Ms. Melissa Hammond CNP
Marcia Hammons AG-ACNP-BC
Amy Hamrick APRN
Kathryn Han
Mijung Han NP
Jessica Hancock
Mary Hancock CRNP
Tracy Hancock NP
Rebecca Hand NP
Ms. Darleen Handal ACNP
Marcella Handley APN
Samantha Hanes ARNP
Amanda Haney CNP
Lisa Haney APNP
Nicole Haney
Ms. Emily Hanizeski RN, MSN, APNP
Mr. Carl Hankel APRN
Kim Hanks ACNP
Miss Kerrianne Hanlon APRN
Elizabeth Hannegan MS, CNS, ACNP
Ms. Carol Hanselman RNP
Catherine Hansen ACNP-BC
Holly Hansen MSN, RN, ANP
Renee Hansen APN
Mrs. Stacy Hansen CNP
Hazel Hanson APNP
Mrs. Louise Hanson CRNP
Nicole Hanson APRN, BC
Sharon Hapak
Miss Valarie Harbaugh CRNP
Amanda Harbert NP
Rosemary Harbuck
Tammy Hardeman MSN, ACNP
Connie Harden CRNP
Heather Harden ACNP
Scarlett Harden ACNP
Dane Harder CRNA
Charlie Hardin JR. CFNP/ACNP
Danielle Hardin ACNP
Kimberly Hardin NP
Susan Hardin ARNP
Mrs. Catherine Harding NP
Mary Hardy ACNP
April Hargett AG-ACNP-BC
Caleb Harkins APRN, AGACNP
Deanna Harless ACNP
Emily Harman RN/NP
Donnalita Harmon APRN
Esther Harmon NP
Mrs. Robbie Harmon NP
Tashia Harmon ARNP-BC, ACNP, MSN
Ms. Heidi Harms ARNP
John Harnisch AGACNP
Christina Haro
Tyah Haro NP
Jackie Harper NP
Joann Harper RN/NP
Kimberly Harper ACNPC-AG
Ms. Meredydd Harper APRN,BC
Rachel Harper NP
Shanon Harper NP
Maureen Harrahill ACNP
Joanna Harran APRN
Jennifer Harrar CRNP
Abby Harrell
Dr. Bradley Harrell DNP, ACNP-BC, CCRN
Miss Shelton Harrell MSN, ACNP-BC
Deedra Harrington RN,MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Ann Harris NP-C
Brandi-Ann Harris ARNP
Ms. Brooke Harris ACNP
Ms. Catherine Harris NP
Courtney Harris ACNP
Deborah Harris ACNP-BC
Diana Harris ACNP
Jacqueline Harris ARNP
Mrs. Jennifer Harris NP
Mrs. Judy Harris ACNP
Kaphne Harris ACNP
Ms. Kathryn Harris ARNP
Mrs. Kathryn Harris ACNP-BC
Kelly Harris ACNP-BC
Lori Harris ACNP - BC
Luann Harris NP
Shannon Harris CRNP
Mrs. Ticey Harris APRN
Pansy Harris-Lane NP
Ms. Barbara Harrison NP
Dyanna Harrison AGACNP-BC
Kendra Harrison CRNP
Sharon Harriston ACNP
Allison Harse ACNP
Audra Hart CRNP
Dillon Hart ACNP-BC
Eileen Hart NP
Ms. Emily Hart ACNP-BC
Mr. Jamale Hart AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Linda Hart ACNP
Sarah Hart ACNP-BC
Shaun Hart ACNP-BC
Mrs. Margaret Hartig NP
Ms. Christine Hartley NP
Ms. Jennifer Hartley ACNP
Ms. Mary Hartley ACNP
Amy Hartline AGACNP-BC
Constance Hartman CNP
Lisa Hartman MSN, CRNP-BC
Suzanne Hartmann RN, ACNP
Michel Hartnett APN-C
Mrs. Michelle Hartshorn ACNP
Tanya Hartzell
Timothy Hartzler AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Abbey Harvey ACNP-BC
Joan Harvey AGACNP-BC
Kay Harvey ACNP
Margaret Harvey PHD, APRN-BC, ACNP
Mary Harvey
Owen Harvey NP
Mr. Robert Harvey AGACNP
Mrs. Tracy Harwood APRN
Amanda Hasl AG-ACNP
Grace Hassan NP
Mark Hassler
Mary Hatch NP
Nicholas Hatcher
Mrs. Lois Hathorn ACNP
Jamie Hauerland
Dennise Haughton
Julia Haupt CRNP
Sarah Hauserman PNP-AC
Rachel Hausladen CRNP
Mrs. Dianne Havanchak ACNP
Ms. Paula Havelin FNP, ACNP
Mr. Michael Havenar ACNP
Lisa Havick AGACNP
Zoe Hawes NP
Melissa Hawk ACNP
Alexandra Hawkins ACNP
Amy Hawkins CNP
Mrs. Mary Hawkins ACNP
Mrs. Bernice Hawley CNP, ACNP
Ms. Sandy Hawley ACNP
Mrs. Laura Hawsey NP
Sherri Hawthorne NP
Lauren Hay NP
Ms. Retha Hay NP
Ms. Brenda Hayden-Brown ARNP
Allison Hayes APRN
Mrs. Allison Hayes MSN, ACNP-BC
Brandy Hayes AGACNP
Lakisha Hayes NP
Loren Hayes ARNP
Melinda Hayes
Michelle Hayes
Mrs. Sherri Hayes CRNP
Timothy Hayes NP
Lee Haygood RN, ACNP
Joseph Haymore III MS, ACNP
Lincoln Haynes
Reginald Haynes ACNP-BC
Katherine Hays CNP
Ms. Judith Haystrand RN, APN,C
Holly Hazelett ARNP
Mrs. Linda Hazelgren MSN,ACNP-BC,CCRN
Valerie Hazlip
Jared Head ACNP
Mrs. Janine Healy ACNP-BC
Kate Healy NP
Kamara Heard ACNP
Shannon Heard NP
Martha Heath CNP
Terri Heath APRN
Sherri Heavey APRN-NP
Mr. Daniel Hebert CRNP
Heather Hebert ACNP-BC
Richard Hebert NP
Tommie Hebert NP
Mrs. Heather Heck APRN
Nicole Hedberg ARNP
Anne Hedger ACNP
Mr. George Heeks ACNP
Tiffany Heeren
Elizabeth Heetderks ACNP
Mrs. Katherine Heffelfinger CRNP
Mr. Brian Hegarty APN-C
Laura Heiting
Jennifer Hejtmanek NP
Ms. Sarah Heldstab AGACNP-C
Karen Helferich CNP
Bridget Helinger ACNP-BC
Amber Heller NP
Susan Hellervik MSN, ACNP-BC
Ms. Carol Hellmer ACNP-BC
Tyanne Hellums ACNP-BC
Janet Helm CRNP
Miss Jansen Helm ACNP-BC
Rachel Helms NP
Ms. Tamika Helton ACNP
Irma Heltzel ARNP
Matthew Helwig CRNP
Vivian Hemmat-Shahnavaz AGAC-NP-BC
Nicola Hempel ACNP-BC
Gerri Hempfling ACNP
Lisa Hemphill ACNP
Mr. Lance Henagan NP
Susan Hendee NP
Elissa Henderson ARNP
Mrs. Judianne Henderson APRN, BC
Michael Henderson NP
Ryan Henderson APRN
Shannon Henderson ACNPC
Tessa Henderson NP
Toni Henderson ACNP
Ms. Laine Hendley CRNP
Stephen Hendrickson ACNP
Mr. Valerian Hendrix SR. ACNP/FNP
Emily Hengehold
Barbara Hennigan ACNP-BC
Mrs. Linda Hennigan ACNP
Mrs. Laura Henninger AG-ACNP
Belinda Henriksen APRN, BC
Erin Henry CRNP
Miss Jacquelyn Henry APN
Jamie Henry
Mrs. Jennifer Henry NP
Jessica Henry NP
Katina Henry CRNP
Lori Henry NP
Daniel Hensgen AG-ACNP
Ms. Patti Henshel CRNP
Kara Hentzen ARNP
Ms. Jessica Hepner NP
Megan Heppe NP
Jeffery Herald CRNP
Susan Herceg NP
Susan Herena ACNP
David Hering
Ms. Rita Herm-Barabasz APN
Camille Hernandez CNP
Cynthia Hernandez ANP
Joanna Hernandez
Margarita Hernandez ARNP
Salma Hernandez ARNP
Sandra Hernandez NP
Susan Hernandez AG-ACNP
Mrs. Gwendolyn Herndon CRNP
Stephanie Herndon ACNP
Jessica Herraiz NP
Marissa Herranz APN
Bernadette Herrera NP
Dianelis Herrera
Filimon Herrera
Mr. James Herring III NP
Miss Judee Herring AGACNP-BC
Wendy Herrington ACNP
Elizabeth Herrity AGACNP-BC
Mr. Dustin Herschap NP
Kristie Hertel ACNP
Elisheva Hertz NP
Jennifer Herz NP
Nina Herzog ACNP-BC
Meagan Heslep
Ms. Elizabeth Hespenheide NP
Mr. Cory Hess ACNP
Shawna Hess CNP
Cory Hester APRN
Haniyyah Hester NP, CRNA, RN
Mrs. Eleanor Hethcox NP
Amy Hetherington NP
Marie Hetherington APRN
Stephanie Hetrea
Lorna Hew ACNP
Dr. Jeremy Hewitt DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC
Lisa Hewitt ACNP
Ms. Margaret Hibbard ACNP
Frances Hibbs FNP
Lynn Hickman MSN, AGACNP-BC
Ronald Hickman PHD, CNP
Mrs. Candi Hicks
Joshua Hicks CRNP
Samantha Hicks NP
Yvonne Hicks ACNP
Brittany Hidalgo ACNP
Laurita Hidalgo ACNP-BC
Mark Hiday FNP-C
Mrs. Andrea Higginbotham CRNP
Mr. David Higgins NP
Mrs. Laura Higgins APN
Lisbeth Higgins ACNP-BC
Mrs. Valarie Higgins MSN, ACNP
Sandra Higham ARNP
Elizabeth Highsmith ACNP
Chris Hilbish NP
Cynthia Hildebrand APRN
Gail Hiles CRNP
Mr. Larry Hilferding CRNP
Amanda Hill AGACNP
Amanda Hill ACNP
Mrs. Cara Hill APRN-BC
Mrs. Carla Hill APRN
Charaia Hill ACNP-BC
Cheryl Hill CRNP
Ms. Erica Hill NP
Jessica Hill CNP
Mary Hill APRN
Ms. Melissa Hill APRN
Shumeka Hill APN
Stacey Hill CRNP
Ms. Tamara Hill CPNP-AC
Mrs. Tammy Hill ARNP-BC
Tina Hill
Ila Hill-Ludford NP
Robyn Hiller Browne CRNP
Mrs. Katherine Hilligoss CPNP-AC
Jennifer Hillman AGACNP
Mrs. Stefanie Hiltz RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Barbara Hinch NP
Jenna Hinchey
Ms. Jamie Hinchliff APRN
Mr. Mark Hinde
Leonorilda Hines NP
Amanda Hinkel APRN
Mrs. Jill Hinkle ACNP
Rachel Hinshaw RN
Mr. Kelly Hinson ACNP
Melissa Hinson
Mrs. Amy Hinze ACNP-BC
Meredith Hipp ACNP-BC
Mr. Randall Hipwell ACNP-C
Mary Hire ACNP-BC
Ms. Kathleen Hirsch NP
Carol Hirschkorn ACNP
Dana Hiscock ACNP
Mrs. Heather Hitesman ARNP
Wendy Hitschler NP
Mr. Henry Hoang CRNP-AC
Ms. Susan Hobbs MSN ACNP
John Hobson CRNP
Melissa Hockaday NP
Benjamin Hocutt AG-ACNP
James Hodge AG-ANCP-BC
Stacey Hodges ACNP
Meredith Hodgson ARNP
Dr. Michael Hodo APRN
Ms. Cathryn Hodukavich ACNP-BC
Jennifer Hoeft RN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Angela Hoersting MS, RN, CPNP-AC
Christa Hoffeditz CRNP
Diane Hoffman CRNP
Ms. Frances Hoffman CNP
Jeanne Hoffman NP
Jo Hoffman
Jocelyn Hoffman
Mary Hoffman RN
Mr. Russell Hoffman III CNP
Mary Hoffmann ACNP-BC
Michelle Hoffmann ACNP
Nicole Hoftender APNP
Cindy Hogan APN-C
Courtney Hogan CRNP
Meredith Hoke MSN, ACNP
Mr. Michael Holbert ACNP-BC
Dr. Tammie Holcomb DNP, AGACNP-BC
Elizabeth Holcomb Demartini NP
Emily Holcombe ACNP-BC
Breeanna Holdaway ACNP
Mr. Spencer Holden CRNP
Tina Holden ACNP-BC
William Holden
Aaron Holderman ACNP-BC
Mrs. Elizabeth Holderness CRNP
Mrs. Heather Holdiness APRN
Kevin Holdread ACNP-BC
Ms. Charissa Holesko ANP
Linda Holifield MSN, APRN
Amy Holland APRN
Mrs. Enja Holland ACNP
Kathleen Holland ACNP
Laura Holland NP
Lisa Holland RN, ACNP
Mrs. Whitney Holland ACNP-C, RN, RNFA
Susan Holle-Utley MS, APRN
Karen Hollenberg NP
Mrs. Kimberly Hollender APN, ACNP-BC
Erin Hollingshead AGACNP
Kristina Hollingsworth CRNP
Mrs. Nycole Hollington CRNP
Anne Hollis
Mrs. Lachina Hollis FNP-C
Natalie Hollis ARNP
Janet Hollmann CNP
Mindy Holloway ACNP-BC, FNP-BC
Miss Sharon Holloway NP
Nicole Hollup
Angela Holman
Onika Holman NP
Jessica Holmberg ACNP, CCRN
Kyle Holmes CNP
Madeleine Holmes CRNP
Ms. Sharon Holmes APRN,BC
Mrs. Timbolin Holmes MSN,RN, APN,CNP
Wesley Holmes
Yolanda Holmes ACNP-BC
Mr. Benjamin Holquist CRNP
Amy Holstege CRNP
Erin Holt APN
Mrs. Joanna Holt NP
Katherine Holter ACNP
Laura Holzmer
Deborah Homer NP
Sarah Homer ACNP
Lacey Honey ACNP-BC
Mi Hong APRN
Kayla Hood ACNP
Corinne Hook RN, ACNP-BC, CCRN
Mr. Errol Hook ACNP
Ms. April Hooper CRNP
Mr. Charles Hooper CRNP
Elizabeth Hooper ACNP
Gwendolyn Hooper APRN
Ms. Tonya Hooper ACNP-BC
Meagan Hoover ACNPC-AG
Kelly Hope RN, NP
Erin Hopkins FNP-BC, ACNP-BC
Diana Hoppe
Nicole Horn APNP
Katherine Hornack MSN APRN
Kimberly Horner AG-ACNP, BC
Shannon Horner ARNP
Nicole Hornsby CRNP
Ms. Debra Hornyak CRNP
Mrs. Rebecca Horrell MS, AG-ACNP
Robin Horsley
Mrs. Pamela Horton ACNP-BC
Scott Horton AGACNP
Starla Horton NP
Trina Hoskins RN ACNP-BC
Nancy Houchens APRN
Kenyetta Hough APRN-BC
Mr. Nicolas Houghton NP
Heidi Houser NP
Linda Houser NP
Ryan Houser AG-ACNP-BC
Dana Houston ARNP
Jennifer Houston NP
Leah Hoven NP
Mr. Daniel Hovey NP
Amy Howard ACNP-BC
Jasmine Howard APRN
Tami Howard
Caitlin Howarth
Kate Howarth
Mr. Adam Howe RN, MSN,APRN-BC
James Howe RN,MSN,ACNP
Ms. Mary Howe ACNP-BC
Nina Howe NP
Christine Howell NP
Mrs. Courtney Howell CRNP
Devorah Howell ACNP-AG
Mrs. Ethel Howell CNP
Kara Howell NP
Kellane Howell
Soo Howell APN
Linda Howerton APRN,BC
Mrs. Shelia Howerton APN
Tara Howton CRNP
Haley Hoy APRN
Susan Hoying CNP
Sommer Hoyt BC-AGACNP, MSN, BSN,
Mrs. Mendie Hritz CNP
Ta-Chueh Hsu
Yi Huang ACNP
Yi-Wen Huang
Julie Hubbard RN, ACNP
Sara Hubbell ARNP
Mr. Bill Hubbs AGACNP
Denise Hube ARNP
Mr. Michael Hudack ARNP
Elaine Hudak CNP
Brittany Hudgins NP
Kristen Hudson NP
Mr. Jose Huerta ACNP
Mrs. Laura Huesman ACNP
Amy Huff ACNP
Charles Huff CNP
Melanie Huff NP
David Huffman
Kristin Huffman ACNP
Ms. Melissa Huffman ANP
Mrs. Tracy Huffstatler APN, RN, ACNP-BC
Mr. Christopher Huffstutler MSN, CRNP
Teresa Hug APN
Elizabeth Huggins
Angela Hughes FNP
Mr. Joshua Hughes NP
Kailee Hughes APRN
Kathryn Hughes AGACNP
Kim Hughes CRNP
Leah Hughes ACNP
Mrs. Michele Hughes NP
Mindy Hughes NP
Sarah Hughes APN
Tonya Hughley APN
Mrs. Kali Huiskes CNP
Kimberly Hujarski CNP
Julia Hull ARNP
Lori Hull-Grommesh RN MSN CCRN ACNP-BC
Mary Hulse NP
Mrs. Danielle Hulsebus ACNP-BC
Todd Hultman NP
Mrs. Candace Humes RN, ARNP
Mrs. Gail Humes APN
Mrs. Theresa Humez FNP
Mrs. Leslie Humiston APN
Maureen Hummel APN-C
Raymond Hummel NP
Ms. April Humphrey ACNP
Cynthia Humphrey NP
David Humphreys CRNP-MSN
Sallie Humphries APRN, ACNP-BC
Shuo-Ping Hung
Mary Ellen Hunner NP
Elizabeth Hunnicutt ACNP
Mr. Monty Hunsaker NP
Carol Hunsinger NP
Mr. Gary Hunsinger JR. CNP
Darren Hunt RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Heather Hunt
Kristian Hunt ACNPC-AG
Lauren Hunt ACNP-BC
Maggie Hunt APN
Susan Hunt NP
Cherise Hunter CNP
Mrs. Heli Hunter NP
John Hunter
Patrice Hunter MS, AGACNP-BC, ACHPN
Stephanie Hunter ARNP
Mrs. Ann Huntley NP, RN
Ms. Mary Huntsinger
Alanna Hurst MSN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Patricia Hurst APRN
Julie Huss NP
Mr. Mahmoud Hussein ACNP
Mrs. Linda Hutcheson CRNP
Rachel Hutchins AGACNP-BC
Antionette Hutchinson NP
Brian Hutchinson
Anthony Hutchison MSN, ACNP, RNFA
Mr. Joseph Hutchison NP
Melanie Hutchison-Gibson
Elizabeth Hutter-Seebart APRN CNP
Craig Hutto ACNP
Mrs. Theresa Huyett RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Stephanie Hwang RN, BSN, MSN
Shannon Hyde NP
Tammie Hyde NP
Christopher Hylkema CRNP
Caitlin Hylton NP
Maria Hymon ACNP
Kari Hyotala NP
Ms. Joanna Iaboni NP
Kimberly Iannotti AGACNP-BC
Maria Ibarra ARNP
Mrs. Lisa Ibata ARNP
Collins Idiegbe ACNP
Miss Ijeoma Ifedili ACNP-BC, CCRN
Ms. Wanda Ikeda ACNP
Louisa Ikpeama RN, ACNP
Mrs. Susan Illikman NP
Allison Illsley NP
Barbara Imhoff NP
Delmar Imperial-Aubin RN, MSN, ACNP-C,CCRN
Miss Ruth Imru NP
Angela Infantas MSN, ARNP
Mrs. Melissa Ings ACNP-BC
Dr. Beverly Inocencio ACNP-BC, CCRN, CEN
Jessica Inov NP
Elsa Interlandi APRN
Patricia Iott
Haley Ireland APRN
Kristin Ireland CNP
Melissa Irvine AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Megan Irwin NP
Michelle Irwin
Rebekah Irwin APRN
Mrs. Stacy Irwin ACNP
Angel Isaac AGACNP
Holly Isaacs ACNP-BC
Roland Isaacs ACNP-BC
Sueann Isabella NP
Mrs. Leann Isaly ARNP
Wanda Isbell APRN-BC
Jacqueline Itambo APN
Chiharu Ito NP
Stephanie Ivey AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Vashti Ivey FNP-C
Lisa Ivy ANP
Mrs. Blessing Iwuh
Teresa Jabaley NP
Ms. Sarah Jaber ACNP
Katherine Jackowski APRN
Andrea Jackson CRNP
Ashley Jackson CRNP
Brenda Jackson MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Christi Jackson CRNP
Miss Fredda Jackson MSN, APN-C
Heather Jackson ACNP
James Jackson NP
Jennifer Jackson ACNP
Joshua Jackson ARNP
Kailin Jackson NP
Mrs. Karen Jackson CRNP
Kathleen Jackson AG-ACNP
Mr. Kristopher Jackson MSN, CRNP
Mary Jackson
Matt Jackson AGAC NP- BC
Mrs. Nicole Jackson CNP, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Pamela Jackson CRNP
Mrs. Polly Jackson AG-ACNP
Robin Jackson
Samantha Jackson NP
Shelli Jackson CRNP
Stacey Jackson NP
Mrs. Teresa Jackson CRNP
Myoshi Jackson-Austin APN
Carla Jackson-Howard ACNP-BC
Sonya Jackson-Simmons ARNP-C
Tina Jacob NP
Mrs. Dana Jacobs AGACNP-BC
Diana Jacobus NP
Carol Jacoby ACNP
Mary Jadlos APRN,BC
Mrs. Jennifer Jaeger NP
Beth Jaeger-Landis ACNP
Linda Jagels NP
Rhonda Jagow APRN
Jamie Jahnke ACNP
Diane Jakins ACNP
Victoria Jakovec ACNP
Mrs. Emily Jaksich ARNP
Michael Jakubik
Joy Jakuboski APN
Mrs. Stephanie Jakusz APNP
Miss Georganne Jambeter ACNP
Mrs. Anjali James ACNP
Anna James CRNP
Anuradha James ARNP
Jan James
Mr. Joshua James ACNP
Mrs. Karen James NP
Kevin James NP
Lori James NP
Melissa James NP
Mrs. Nona James CRNP
Sonia James NP
Mrs. Stacy James RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Stephanie James APRN, ACNP-BC
Ms. Gayle Jameson CRNP
Ms. Marie Jamison APRN-BC
Jennifer Jamison-Gines ACNP
Jessica Jang NP
Young-Min Jang NP
Gemi Jannotta ARNP
Elizabeth Janostak NP
Mrs. Matilda Jansen ACNP
Taylor Jansen CRNP
Mrs. Nawal Jansen-Vorbach APRN
Ms. Mary Ellen Januario NP
Lauren Jarman ACNPC-AG
Leigh Jarman ACNP
Mrs. Matilda Jarocki ARNP
Shalon Jarozewski NP
Mr. Charles Jarreau ACNP
Dr. Anna Jarrett APN
Miss Katie Jaschke AG-ACNP
Elizabeth Jasper
Ravi Jasti
Mrs. Maria Jaurrieta ARNP
Oswald Jauwena NP
Miss Rosa Javier Miranda NP,
Angelica Javillo CRNP
Mrs. Beth Jawara NP
Fatima Jaworek NP
Kristi Jay APRN
Marilyn Jay RN, ACNP
Amber Jeansonne ACNPC
Mrs. Susan Jeansonne ACNP
Rebecca Jee CNP
Mr. Brian Jefferson MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Maura Jeffrey NP
Mrs. Linda Jeffreys NP
Matthew Jenison ACNP
Ms. Cana Jenkins RN, ACNP
Mr. Charles Jenkins ACNP
Ms. Leah Jenkins ACNP-BC
Misty Jenkins NP
Mrs. Jennifer Jennings NP
Kristine Jennings RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Lisa Jennings ACNP
Stelina Jennings NP
Vena Jennings ANP
Sandra Jense APRN
Dr. Natalie Jensema DNP, RN, ACAGNP
Ms. Cynthia Jensen ACNP
Kara Jensen RN, MSN, ACNP
William Jerkins CPNP-AC
Mrs. Lindsay Jernigan CRNP
Mr. Wayne Jernigan SR. APRN
Suzie Jerome-Leacock ARNP
Ariella Jessel
Honey Jetter Jones ACNP
Junie Jeudy-Cox ACNP-BC
Mrs. Amber Jezierski APN
Mini Jijo MS,APN-C
Cecile Jimenez CRNP
Hiral Jobanputra NP
Cheryl Jobe
Jennifer Jochum CNP
Mrs. Maria Jessica Jocson MS, ANP
Sarah Johanson MSN, ACNP-BC, RNFA
Marcia Johansson NP
Ambili John ACNP
Mrs. Jamina John ACNP
Paul John NP
Sheeba John AGACNP
Andrea Johns APRN, CNP
Mrs. Cassidy Johns NP
Mrs. Elizabeth Johns AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Amy Johnson CRNP
Mrs. Brandi Johnson MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
Charles Johnson AGACNP
Corda Johnson CRNP
Deanna Johnson
Diane Johnson APRN
Mrs. Donna Johnson BSN,MS,CRNP
Mrs. Emily Johnson CRNP
Floyd Johnson III NP
Mrs. Halee Johnson CNP
Dr. Jared Johnson DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC
Jenninfer Johnson NP
Julie Johnson FNP
Mrs. Kathleen Johnson MSN, NP-C
Kathleen Johnson
Kelly Johnson ACNP
Mr. Kenneth Johnson NP
Kristen Johnson
Laura Johnson ACNPC-AG
Linda Johnson APRN
Lisa Johnson ACNP
Lisa Johnson CRNP, DRNP
Ms. Loida Johnson CRNP
Ms. Lorene Johnson APRN
Louann Johnson ACNP
Ms. Marsha Johnson ACNP
Mary Johnson CRNP
Ms. Mary Johnson ACNP
Mary Johnson AGACNP
Melinda Johnson MSN, FNP, AG-ACNP
Mrs. Meredith Johnson CRNP
Merina Johnson NP
Michael Johnson RN, ACNP
Ms. Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson APN
Mika Johnson AGACNP-BC
Rosla Johnson NP
Sarah Johnson AGACNP
Sarah Johnson
Mrs. Shantae Johnson AGACNP-BC
Shawn Johnson ACNP-BC
Stephanie Johnson FNP-C
Susan Johnson NP
Theresa Johnson AGACNP
Tiffany Johnson ACNP-BC
Todd Johnson ACNP-BC
Viveen Johnson
Mrs. Lauren Johnson-Lavender ACNP
Mr. Daniel Johnston CRNP
Ms. Heather Johnston ACNP-BC
Michelle Johnston ACNP
Rebecca Johnston RNP
Dr. Sarah Johnston DNP, CNP, AGACNP-BC
Vonda Johnston NP
Mr. Christopher Johnstone
Roula Johnstone ACNP-BC
Mrs. Mary Claire Joiner NP
Angela Jolivette NP
Mr. Charles Jolley III ACNP-BC
Amanda Jones
Ms. Bonita Jones ACNP
Cathy Jones NP
Clarissa Jones ACNP
David Jones CRNP
Mrs. Dianna Jones ACNP-BC
Mrs. Elizabeth Jones AG-ACNP
Mrs. Elli Jones APRN, AGACNP-BC
James Jones JR. ACNP
Jared Jones CRNP
Jason Jones CNP
Mrs. Jennifer Jones NP
Jennifer Jones ACNP
Joi Jones APN
Miss Judith Jones CRNP
Mrs. Kacy Jones MSN, ACNP
Ms. Kallyn Jones NP
Lisa Jones
Mr. Matthew Jones ACNP
Meegan Jones RN MSN ACNP-BC
Mrs. Nicole Jones
Miss Pamela Jones MSN, CRNP
Patricia Jones MS,ACNP,CCRN
Penny Jones RN, NP-C
Rayleen Jones
Rhonda Jones FNP
Robbie Jones ACNP
Russell Jones NP
Ms. Saveria Jones NP
Shannon Jones ACNP
Mrs. Shelby Jones AG-ACNP-BC
Shiron Jones NP
Sooae Jones NP
Tamela Jones ACNP
Teresa Jones CPNP-AC
Ms. Tonya Jones ACNP-BC
Ms. Wendi Jones MSN, ACNP
Adrienne Jones-Adamczyk NP
Crystal Jones-Gandy APRN-CNP, ACNP-BC
Heesun Jong
Alta Jordan AGACNP
Jenna Jordan ACNP-BC
Jeremy Jordan CRNP
Michael Jordan NP
Rachel Jordan ACNP
Patricia Jordano NP
Mrs. Nicole Jorge ARNP
Maryann Jorissen ACNP-BC
Marilyn Jose FNP, ACNP
Alexandra Joseph ARNP
Dahlia Joseph NP
Deborah Joseph
Marilyn Joseph ARNP
Preema Joseph AGACNP
Ms. Samantha Joseph CRNP
Shaunda Joseph NP
Caryn Josh ACNP
Yoohee Joun
Cynthia Jovanov RN, ACNP
Rebecca Joy
Susan Joy ARNP
Erin Joyce CRNP
Sarah Joyner
Luiz Juan CRNP
Pi-Ju Juang
Christine Judge
Tiffany Judges ACNP-AG
Eevin Judkins APN
Mr. Jonathan Judy NP
Anna Juez
Sonya Julius NP
Miss Hannah Jumper AGACNP-BC
Michelle Jupin APRN
Gaboy Jupiter
Dana Jurinka CACNP
Jessica Jurkovich
Ms. Deborah Jury RN, MSN, CPNP, CNS
Jennifer Jurynec ACNP
Paulo Jusay MSN, ACNP, APRN,BC
Tiffany Justi ACNP
Lindsey Justice RN, CNP
Fatima Kaafarani NP
Sarah Kabatt NP
Ms. Barbara Kabbash NP
Sarah Kachman NP
Miss Jennifer Kadel ACNP
Mrs. Marsha Kadish MS, ACNP-BC
Jean Kaeberle APRN
Diana Kaeding NP
Mr. Michael Kaffel MSN, CNP, ACNP-BC
Viktoriya Kagan
Kim Kahler APRN
Nicole Kahler ACNP
Ms. Audry Kahlstrom ARNP
Ruth Kaiser NP
Noelle Kakuk CRNP
Mrs. Nicole Kalamitsiotis AGACNP
Vesna Kalanj ACNP-BC
Ms. Peggy Kalathil NP-C
Solita Kalaw NP
Marla Kalawa NP
Enite Kalegha
Christina Kalemkeris MS, AGACNP-BC
Ms. Jennifer Kaliff ACNP
Clara Kalika
Seibattu Kallon NP
Anne Kalunian ACNP
Carla Kalymun
Elina Kamen ACNP-BC
Mrs. Shannon Kaminski NURSE PRACTITIONER
Yelena Kamoeva CNP
Donna Kamuda APN
Ms. Leeann Kanamu NP
Mrs. Lauraine Kanders ANP
Cynthia Kane MS
Mrs. Katherine Kane NP
Kelly Kane ACNPC-AG
Noreen Kane
Rebeca Kane NP
Anastasia Kanellopoulos NP
Min Hee Kang CRNP
Mr. David Kaniecki CNP
Cindy Kapinos NP
Paige Kaple
Heather Kaplon AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Ariel Kappa RN, ACNP-BC
Nataliya Karabasheva FNP
Mr. Todd Karalius
Maasoumah Karamimoghadam
Eunice Karanja NP
Kristen Karcher MSN, ACNP-BC
Miss Donna Karczewski CRNA, ACNP
Ms. Amy Karides GNP-BC, ACNP-BC
Anne Kariuki CRNP
Anne Karlovitz AGACNP-BC
Douglas Karman NP
Sarah Karpoff RN, ACNP-BC, FNP-BC
Mrs. Kamala Karri ACNP
Margaret Karwecki NP
Nicole Kasimati RN/NP
Marykate Kasler ACNP
Mrs. Remy Kaslon APRN, ACNP-BC
Kimberly Kasparian NP
Mrs. Emily Kassam NP
Michelle Kasselman-Schoettmer ACNP-BC
Linda Kassim ARNP
Mrs. Teodora Kastelova NP
Heather Kasten NP
Jeff Kasten NP
Ms. Karen Kastler ACNP-BC
Iryna Kasumova AGACNP-BC, MSN, CWS
Poornima Katta AGACNP-BC
Aaron Katzenmeyer
Stephanie Katzer
Ms. Lindsey Katzmark NP
Fern Kaufman CRNP
Parbhjot Kaur
Mrs. Allison Kavanagh ARNP
Ms. Birdie Kawakami NNP
Dana Kay NP
Caryn Kazanjian RN, MSN, AGACNP-BC
Mr. Jason Keable ARNP
Amogelang Keakopa ARNP
Mrs. Cora Kearley NP
Kathleen Kearney
Ms. Janice Kearns ANP
Marie Kearns NP
Carolyn Keating APN
Mrs. Kristy Keating ANCP-C
Ms. Stefanie Keating NP
Evelyn Keaton NP
Maria Keegan DNP
Erin Keehan AGACNP
Lindsay Keen CRNP
Dr. Patricia Keene DNP, ACNP-BC
Sheree Keenum MSN
Stephanie Keeth
Mrs. Alice Keeton CRNP
Kay Keeton ACNP
Lisa Kegel NP
Erin Kegelman NP
Michael Kegerreis
Kaitlyn Keinath
Mrs. Cynthia Keiser ACNP
Mrs. Megan Keiser
Tara Keith
Susan Keldie ARNP
Ms. Crystal Kellar
Daniel Kelleher NP
Laura Kelleher CRNP
Robert Kelleher ACNP
Elizabeth Keller NP
Ms. Karin Keller FNP
Ms. Kelly Keller AGACNP-BC
Kristen Keller ACNP
Lisa Keller NP
Mrs. Margaret Keller NP
Lizbeth Keller Jones ACNP
Adrianne Kelley ANP-C
Ellen Kelley NP
Mrs. T. Nicole Kelley RN, MS, CRNP
Melissa Kellum AGACNP
Carmalita Kelly CRNP
Hallie Kelly NP
Ms. Joan Kelly MSN, ANP
Ms. Kelley Kelly APN
Maria Kelly
Martha Kelly
Miranda Kelly DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC
Penny Kelly AGACNP
Rosine Kelly CRNP
Mrs. Serena Kelly ACPNP
Margaret Kelly-Brown
Ms. Glenda Kelman PHD, APRN, BC
Jacob Kelton
Staci Kemnade RN, ACNP-BC
Virginia Kemp NP
Diane Kemper APN-C
Noreen Kempinski CRNP
Natalie Kendrick AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Sherry Kenna ACNP
Heather Kennedy ACNP
Ms. Kelly Kennedy ACNP-C, RN
Dr. Martha Kennedy PHD RN CCRN ACNP
Teresa Kennedy CRNP
Jacqueline Kennedy-Harte NP
Amy Kennemore RN, APN-BC
Dea Kent NP-C
Mrs. Melissa Kent MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
Therese Kent CRNP
Vlada Kent CRNP
Deirdre Keogh NP
Katharine Kepka ACNP
Ms. Kathleen Kepler ACNP
Margaret Kern NP
Lisa Kerner MS, ACNP-BC
Jennifer Kerney MSN, CRNP
Jaculin Kerouac AGACNP
Ms. Kathleen Kerstetter APN
Jeffrey Ketzle ACNP
Mrs. Margaret Keup APNP
Elizabeth Key
Shayla Keys
Lisa Khalil ACNP
Ms. Shahida Khan ACNPC-AG
Catherine Kidd AGACNP-BC
Dr. Cynthia Kidd RN, ACNP, PMHNP
Lindsey Kidd ACNP
Melissa Kiefer-Mcelwrath NP
Mrs. Yvonne Kieffer NP
Jennifer Kienlen MS, AG-ACNP
Mr. Justin Kierbs ACNP-BC
Kelsey Kies CNP
Ms. Tirheas Kiflezghie
Kathleen Kightlinger-Steiger ACNP-BC
Mrs. Tracy Killian NP-C
Mrs. Sherry Killius ACNP
Chung Kim
Ms. Esther Kim ACNP
Eunjeong Kim APRN,BC
Flora Kim NP
Ms. Hee Seon Kim NP
Ji Min Kim
Joanna Kim AGACNP-BC
Marshall Kim NP
Mrs. Olivia Kim AGACNP
Mrs. Soo Jin Kim ACNP-BC
Ms. Yolanda Kimani NP
Lauren Kimbrell CRNP
Cynthia Kimbrough CRNP
Miss Jlee Kimes NP
Sherri Kimes ARNP
Ms. Linda Kimmel ACNP
Mrs. Elizabeth Kimsey ACNP-BC
Amber Kinch CRNP
Jason Kinder APRN
Erin Kindy
Mrs. Ashleigh King CRNP
Ashley King CRNP
Beverly King NP
Mr. Brandon King APRN-CNP
Cherie King NP
Dustin King CPNP-AC
Glenda King APRN
Julia King RN, MSN, ACNP
Mrs. Karen King CRNP
Kelli King ACNP-BC
Kristen King CRNP
Mrs. Magan King RN, ACNP-BC
Melanie King RN, MSN ACNP
Ms. Olivia King NP
Caroline Kingsley CRNP
Laura Kinkade NP
Mrs. Adriana Kinn ARNP
Ms. Jody Kinnebrew ARNP
Mr. Douglas Kinney ACNP
Morgan Kinney NP
Mr. Adam Kinsaul CRNP
Catherine Kinslow CRNP
Brandon Kinworthy
Tabby Kinyanjui NP
Donna Kinzler CRNP
Heidi Kipp NP
Jessica Kippenberger
Chassie Kirby APN
Christina Kirchner-Sullivan ARNP-BC
Sylvia Kirgis APRN-BC
Gina Kirk ACNP
Ms. Kelly Kirk AGACNP
Nicole Kirker NP
Jessica Kirkland CRNP
Ann Kirkpatrick
Mrs. Brandy Kirkpatrick AGACNP
Barbara Kirsch CRNP, ACNP, BC
Mrs. Kimberly Kirton NP
Ms. Anujeetha Kirupananthan NP
Ms. Connie Kiser CRNP
Ashley Kish AGACNP-BC
Mr. Kevin Kissane ACNP-BC
Mrs. Kristi Kissell APRN
Mrs. Connie Kitchen FNPC, RN & PA
Allison Kitchens ACNP
Panicha Kittipha
Ms. Marci Klaassen NP
Nicole Klabnik NP
Mr. David Klapmust NP
April Klar CRNP
Ms. Cheryl-Ann Klassa NP
Jennifer Klecan NP
Mrs. Audrey Kleet ACNP-BC
Joanna Klein NP
Kate Klein ACNP
Dr. Kimberly Klein DNP, ACNP-BC
Ms. Melissa Klein ACNP-BC
Sara Klein APRN
Ms. Jill Kleiner CRNP
Ms. Lauren Kleinkauf-Young NP
Mrs. Katherine Kleinsteuber CNP
Mrs. Jennifer Klemm NP
Jamie Klepek ARNP
Debra Kleven ACNP-BC
Tetyana Klimenko APRN
Ms. Misty Kline RN, CCRN, MSN, ACNP
Natalie Kline ACNP
Ashley Klisz AGACNP
Mrs. Maureen Kliwinski APN-BC
Lori Kloc NP
Hannah Kloppmann AGACNP-BC
Lisa Klosinski APN, NPC
Lillian Kludo ACNP
Chad Klug NP
Lesley Klug NP
Melinda Klug RN, MSN-AGACNP-BC
Mr. Ronald Klug MSN-AGACNP-BC
Charla Knapp NP
Mrs. Monica Knapp ARNP
Cathleen Knauss NP
Mrs. Lauren Knierim NP
Catherine Knight NP
Jennifer Knight
Mrs. Jessica Knight NP
Lorraine Knight ACNP
Stephanie Knight AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Kristen Knoll CRNP
Ms. Kate Knott CRNP
Mrs. Heather Knowles APN-BC ACNP
Stephanie Knowles APRN-C
Ms. Andrea Knox NP
Ms. Sharon Knox
Lydia Kobziff ACNP
Mrs. Mary Kocenda ACNP
Ashley Koch AGACNP
Emily Koch NP
Mrs. Jane Koch CRNP
Jessica Koch CNP
Marc Koch ACNP
Jessica Kocsis AGACNP-BC
Aiko Kodaira RN, MS, AOCNS
Kimberly Koehle CRNP
Kathleen Koehler MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Kennie Koelsch MSN, ACNP-BC, CRNP
Tammy Koelsch ACNP
Ms. Rachel Koeper NP
Julie Koerner NP
Mr. Kevin Koetters RN,APN-C
Mr. Christopher Kohan ACNP
Paul Kohanski MSN CNP
Gregory Kohler AGACNP-BC
Ms. Lisa Kohler ARNP
Sheila Kohler NP
Mrs. Margaret Kohn NP
Georgiana Koko NP
Katherine Kolat NP
Andrea Kolb AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Jennifer Kolenda NP
Mrs. Elizabeth Kolesar RN, MSN, CNP
Corrie Kolev AGACNP
Luke Kolic
Mrs. Colleen Koller ACNP-BC
Christopher Kolokythas
Vera Komisarjevsky ACNP
Amelia Komp
Sonia Kondody
Robin Konrad NP
Mrs. Pamela Kontos NP
Mrs. Cara Konzel MS, RN, ACNP-BC
Sara Koole RN, MS, ACNP
Jennifer Koonce ACNP-BC
Alysha Koorji
Nicole Koors CNP
Robert Kopf MSN, ACNP
Mrs. Erin Koppelman NP
Beverly Koran AG-ACNP
Nathan Koranteng ACNP-BC
Kristina Kordesch NP
Lisa Koser CNP
Susan Koshy CRNP
Christine Koslowski NP
Mrs. Carrie Kostyak ACNP-BC
Soona Kothawala
Mrs. Honore Kotler RN MSN ACNP
Stephanie Kotzur ACNP
Patricia Kountz MSN CNP
Monique Kovacs APRN
Carol Kovich NP
Ms. Nicole Kowalewski RN, NP
Kathleen Kowalski ARNP
Shanna Kozak APRN
Dorothy Kozar ACNP
Mrs. Denise Krackenberger NP
Carissa Krahl APRN
Rebecca Krambeer APNP
Audrey Kramer ACNP
Jenna Kramer NP
Ms. Linda Kramer ARNP
Anna Kraminskaya ACNP-BC
Mrs. Susann Krane RN, APN-C
Katherine Krantz ARNP
Heather Kraska CRNP
Miss Desiree Krass APRN
Kendra Kratzwald APRN
Amanda Krause CRNP
Linda Krause CRNP
Nichole Kraynick CNP
Mackenzie Krebsbach
Mrs. Susan Kreiner ACNP-BC
Kristin Kreitler CRNP
Courtney Kresge CNP
Mrs. Shanon Kress
Tiffany Kreun ACNP
Ms. Cassandra Krinski NP
Alison Krisak APN
Kelly Kristbaum NP
Dr. Jill Krmpotic DNP, AGACNP-BC
Ms. Janice Krohn MS, C ANP
Molly Krolczyk
Mr. Vincent Krolikowski AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Melissa Kropf NP
Mrs. Tricia Kropilak APN
Rebecca Krueger NP
Jill Krug ACNP
Karen Krusinga NP
Victoria Ku ACNP
Ms. Eula Mei Kuba NP
Mr. Rolin Kuba NP
Pamela Kubal MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Janet Kubas NP
Nicole Kubeck AGACNP-BC
Pauline Kubilisz
Sofya Kuchuk ACNP
Vicki Kuclo NP
Charles Kuhens ACNP-BC
Ms. Krista Kuhnert-Gainer APRN
Brandy Kulaga ACNP
Mrs. Kelly Kulagin MS, RN, ACNP-BC
Cindy Kumar NP
Kelly Kumar ACNP
Mrs. Helen Kumolalo CRNP
Mr. Aleksandr Kunitsa NP
Ms. Nicole Kunkel NP
Candice Kuns-Adkins ARNP
Vera Kunte
Mrs. Rebecca Kuprys APN
Laurie Kuralt APRN, AGACNP
Dr. Judi Kuric APRN BC
Ms. Elvisa Kurtovic ANP
Donald Kurtyka ARNP
Ruth Kurtz APNC
Pamela Kusiak APRN-CNP
Sandra Kuszewski CRNP
Mary Kuwana DNP
Norma Kuzanga ARNP
Ms. Heeseung Kwak
Ms. Tracy Kwan AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Virginia Kwitkowski ACNP-BC
Mandy Kwon NP
Ms. Caroline Kwong RN, MSN, FNP
Waiyee Kwong NP
Miss Belinda Kyere
Christyne Kyper CRNP
Linda La APRN
Laurence Labayen ACNP
Ms. Sharon Labban ACNP-BC
Patricia Labbe CRNP
Aaron Labove NP
Mrs. Mary Labriola CRNP
Lanise Lacey NP
Keyatta Lackey NP
Steven Lackey NP
Davon Lackie
Sarah Laclergue ACNP-BC
Sheree Lacoste
Darlene Lacroix ACNP
Briana Lafferty CRNP
Erica Lafferty CRNP
Kathleen Laffey ACNP
Ashleigh Laffoon APRN
Elizabeth Lafontant ARNP, APN
Elisa Lafrance CNP
Mr. Dermot Lahey NP
Jason Laine CNP
Megan Laing AGACNP-BC
Katherine Laird NP
Mr. Patrick Laird JR. DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC
Sandra Laird RN, ACNP
Shahzia Lakhani CRNP
Deena Lakota CRNP
Lou-Ellen Lallier CRNP
Lucinda Lally
Ms. Lynne Lamanna RN, MSN, ACNP, CNRN,
Deborah Lamarr APRN
Denette Lamb APRN
Mrs. Susie Lamb APN
Hollyann Lambdin ACNP
Deanna Lambert
Kelly Lambert ARNP
Ms. Monique Lambert NP
Vickie Lambert NP
Ms. Michele Lambert Tremblay
Shannon Lambeth NP
Julia Lamonica ACNP
Natalie Lampron APRN
Maryann Lancaster CNP
Robert Lancaster ARNP
Lindsey Lance ACNP
Ms. Terezie Lancova ACNP-BC
Mrs. Joycelyn Land APRN
Ms. Keisha Landell ACNP
Colleen Landi CRNP
Jennifer Landicho AGACNP-BC
Ann Landrove ACNP
Mr. Bobby Landrum NP
Janna Landsperger MSN, APRN
Cornelia Lane AG-ACNP
Ebonie Lane
Stephanie Lane AG-ACNP-BC
Margaret Lang NP
Megan Lange CRNP
Michelle Lange NP
Laura Langenhop CNP
Ms. Mary Langford ACNP
Jennifer Langham RN, ACNP
Mrs. Andrea Langlais NP
Julie Langlee CRNP
Kathryn Langley CRNP
Mrs. Amber Lanich CNP
Sidney Lankford JR.
Megan Lanpher ACNP-BC
Amanda Lanthier APRN
Jennifer Lanz APN
Ms. Camille Lapera ACNP
Ann Lapolla DNP, APRN
Alishia Laporte RN
Ms. Rose Laporte ARNP
Charito Lappay APRN
Mrs. Jacqueline Laraway ACNP-BC
Mrs. Julie Largent NP
Karin Larger CNP
Mrs. Wendy Larkin ARNP
Erin Larkins ACNP
Paige Larrabee ACNP-BC
Mrs. Debra Larry APRN
Dorothy Larry NP
Lauren Larsen NP
Mr. Tory Larsen APRN, NP
Mrs. Athena Larson NP
Tracy Larue ACNP
Mr. Jose Ramil Lasala ACNP-BC
Mrs. Jane Lashley ACNP
Mrs. Michelle Lasiter ACNP-BC
Mrs. Rebecca Lassetter ACNP-BC
Dr. Larry Lassiter DNP, AGACNP-BC
Ms. Sydney Laswell NP
Ms. Victoria Latessa NP
Mrs. Jean Latham MSN, CNRN, CNP
Mary Latham NP
Ernest Latimore APN
Kerry Latka ARNP
Julie-Ann Latona
Susan Lattanzi NP
Fenny Lau CRNP
Heung Lau NP
Mrs. Lucinda Lau APN
Miss Stephanie Lau NP
Mrs. Mary Lauer ACNP-BC
Ms. Carolyn Lauf ACNP
Heather Laughlin
Maureen Laughlin ACNP-BC
Mrs. Myna Laughlin ARNP
Melissa Laughrey CRNP
Benjamin Laughton CRNP
Ms. Beatrice Launius NP
Brandy Laurenzi NP
Joseph Lavallo NP
Matthew Lavelle CRNP
Ms. Patti Lavigne ACNP
Jesse-Lee Lavoie NP
Diane Law NP
Jennifer Law CRNP
Mrs. Katharina Law APRN,BC
Gina Lawall AGACNP-BC
Laura Lawford CRNP
Billie Lawler APNP
Kristin Lawler DNP, AGACNP-BC
Traci Lawler-Shortt APRN
Jaclyn Lawlor
Mr. Chad Lawrence APRN
Cindy Lawrence ARNP
Denise Lawrence APRN
Mr. Matthew Lawrence APRN
Dr. Natasha Lawrence DNP, APN
Roslyn Lawrence ARNP
Trisha Lawrence ACNP-BC
Jennifer Lawson CRNP
Robin Lawson CRNP
Mr. Thomas Lawson ACNP
Dessia Laxton-Reinke ARNP
Mrs. Dawne Lazarek CRNP
Mrs. Mehgan Lazenby CRNP
Maria Lazo APN-BC
Stephanie Leach NP
Janet Leahy ACNP-BC
Mrs. Christine Leak ACNP
Jennifer Leake NP
Delia Leal PHD, ACNP-BC
Candace Leas CNP
Robert Leath JR. APRN
Virginia Lebaron ACNP
Ms. Alison Leblanc NP
Ms. Frances Leblanc NP
Jessica Leblanc RNP
Lauren Leblanc RN, ACNP
Ms. Amity Lebleu ACNP BC
Johannah Lebow
Melinda Lebrun CRNP
Martha Ledda APRN
Marie Ledee-Pino ARNP
Jamie Lederer AGACNP-BC, CRNP
Jacob Ledlow
Mrs. Paige Ledlow MS, RN, ACNP-BC
Aimee Lee CNS,ACNP
Ms. April Lee CRNP
Evelyn Lee AG-ACNP-BC
Holly Lee APRN
Mrs. Jaime Lee CRNP
Jooyoung Lee
Kathie-Ann Lee
Lina Lee ACNP-BC
Mr. Ming Lee
Robert Lee II ACNP, RN
Mr. Sang Lee ARNP
Shawn Lee ACNP-BC
Suyoun Lee NP
Mr. Thomas Lee AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Whayoun Lee APN-BC
Ya-Chen Lee ACNP
Mr. Kristian Legasto NP
Ann Leggett NP
Jennifer Leggett NP
Mrs. Lauren Leggett AGACNP
Mrs. Leslie Leggett ACNP
Beverly Leggitt APRN
Marie Leginza NP
Miss Cassandra Lehman CRNP
Dianne Lehman APRN
Nicole Lehmann CNP
Reasheal Lehmann ACNP
Renee Lehmann CRNP
Mrs. Jessica Leiberg APNP
Ann Marie Leifer
Merridith Leigh NP
Stacey Leigh ARNP
Reid Leinart MS
Harris Leitstein NP
Matt Lejeune ACNP
Mrs. London Leland ANP
Miss Lola Lemaire ARNP
Suzanne Lemanski
Robert Lemberg NP
Jen Lemelin NP
Ms. Deborah Lemire CRNP
Mr. Michael Lemke NP
Ms. Bonnie Lemus NP
Svetlana Lemza
Mrs. Sharon Lennon ANP, RN
Angelica Lentner AGACNP-BC
Alexandra Lentz NP
Jennifer Lenzi NP
Sandra Leon NP
Jane Leonard MSN, FNP
Mrs. Katie Leonard NP
Donna Leone CRNP
Carol Leong AGACNP-BC
Ms. Mary Leong AGACNP-BC
Lexine Leonhart ACNP
Leslie Leslie ACNP
Jodi Less ARNP
Sharon Lessard NP
Mrs. Julianne Leverenz NP
Penny Levill
Lauren Levin
Mrs. Ruth Levine MSN CRNP
Jacob Levy ARNP
Jennifer Levy ARNP
Julie Levy ACNP
Michael Levy RN
Mrs. Ruth Levy ACNP
Lisa Lewandowski CRNP
Mr. Sean Lewandowski ACNP
Claire Lewis NP
Mrs. Connie Lewis ACNP-BC, NP-C
Mr. Devon Lewis AGACNP-BC
Joann Lewis ACNP-BC
Karen Lewis FNP
Kimberly Lewis ACNP-BC
Kristin Lewis ANP-BC
Lakishia Lewis NP
Mrs. Lindsay Lewis AG-ACNP-BC
Ms. Maureen Lewis CRNP
Ms. Michelle Lewis ACNP
Perry Lewis ARNP
Rachel Lewis AGACNP
Rose Lewis
Mrs. Shari Lewis ARNP
Tamika Lewis ARNP
Mrs. Kawaniee Lewis-Flowe CRNP
Kristin Ley ACNP-BC
Mrs. Darby Leyden NP
Ms. Chime Lhamu
Carrie Li NP
Ms. Gloria Li AGACNP
Ms. Kwai Moon Li NP
Ling Li APRN
Min Li NP
Mrs. Martha Liberty NP
Mrs. Cynthia Lick ACNP
Miss Anna Lisa Licud ACNP
Karen Lieberman CRNP
Mrs. Megan Liego RN, MSN, ACNP
Emily Lier AGACNP
Brenda Liermann APRN-NP
Michele Lightfoot ACNP
Margo Lightman ACNP
Lauren Liikala RN, ACNP
Deena Lilley ACNP
Mr. Jason Lilly-Scott ACNPC-AG
Mrs. Ruth Lim NP
Ricki Linarello NP
Melissa Linares Caramanica AGACNP-BC, MSN, RN
Mitchel Lincoln APN
Mrs. Jade Lindberg AG-ACNP
Mrs. Edith Lindeburg RN, ACNP-BC
Mr. John Linden CRNP
Sev Linder APRN
Ms. Evangeline Lindorf NURSE PRACTITIONER
Julie Lindquist
Alejandrina Lindsay NP
Ms. Cheryl Lindsey CRNP
Camille Lineberry RN, ACNP-BC
Kathleen Ling NP
Mr. Erik Lingenfelder AGACNP
Jennifer Lingle N P
Mrs. Danielle Lingo CRNP
Sarah Linhares
Ms. Karen Lininger FNP
Mrs. Stephanie Lininger ARNP-C
Sarah Lino APRN
Kimberly Linticum NP
Alicia Lintner MSN, CRNP-BC, CCRN
Mrs. Jennifer Linville APRN
Mrs. Laura Lipp RN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Beverly Lippert AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Amy Lippincott I ARNP
Patricia Lippincott Knox FNP
Linda Liptok APRN
Pandora Liptrot NP
Mrs. Gail Lis APRN BC
Ms. Tracy Lis NP
Sallie Lisle ACAG DNP
Shannon Litten NP
Amanda Little APRN
Esmeralda Little NP
Mr. Jeffery Little APN
Sherry Little NP
Mrs. Rebecca Littlejohn AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Kelly Littleton ACNP
James Litton II ACNP
Jessica Litton AGACNP-BC
Jenny Littrell
Lisa Litwiller CRNP
Carole Liu NP
Meei-Chen Liu CRNP
Jennifer Livermore APRN
Mrs. Elizabeth Lizaso NP
Jacquelyn Llorente
Jamie Lloyd NP
Dr. Preston Lloyd PHD, APRN, ACNP-BC
Angela Llufrio CRNP
Tammy Lo ACNP
Tabbetha Loan AGACNP-BC
Ms. Wendy Lobo NP
Rachel Lochen NP
Melissa Locher ACNP
Erin Lock ACNP-BC
Christi Locklear ACNP
Mr. Jason Lockwood ACNP
Mikala Lodder AG-ACNP
Ms. Karen Lodge CRNP
Courtney Loecker APRN, AGACNP-BC
Andrea Loffink NP
Patricia Loflin CNP
Mr. Theodore Loftsgard RN, ACNP
Mrs. Donna Logan CRNP
Jenna Logan MSN, AG-ACNP-BC
Jenna Logan NP
Mrs. Patricia Logan MSN, ACNP-BC
Crystal Logsdon ACNPC-AG
Kacey Lohmann AGACNP
Karen Lohr ACNP
Mrs. Courtney Loiacono CRNP
Mrs. Sarah Lokken ACNP
William Lombardi
Carmen Lombardo ACNP, DNP
Theresa Lombardo APN
Barbara Lome ACNP-BC
Dianne London CRNP
Ms. Catalina Londono ARNP
Brandi Long AGACNP-BC
Cassandra Long ACNP-BC
Mrs. Chelsea Long ACNP
Daniel Long
Diana Long AGACNP-BC
Mr. Douglas Long AGACNP
Joan Long APRN
Joseph Long II
Leslie Long CRNP
Patricia Long NP
Sarah Long ACNP
Terri Long NP
Daniel Longino
Doug Longo APRN
Rebecca Longo ACNP-BC
Mrs. Jessica Longshaw ANP
Ms. Alice Loo RN, MSN, ARNP-C
Mrs. Sabrina Look ACNP
Leah Loomis ACNP BC
Karl Lopata NP
Cindy Lopera ARNP
Iracena Lopes AGACNP-BC
Elizabeth Lopes-Costa ACAGNP-BC
Daniel Lopez NP
Edwin Lopez AGACNP
Ms. Mia Lopez AGACNP
Mileivys Lopez ARNP
Jennifer Lopez Mendoza AGACNP-BC
Christopher Lopiccolo MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC
Ms. Stephanie Lora ARNP
Ashley Lord NP
Mrs. Lisa Lorenz APRN-BC
Melissa Lorenz
Yolanda Lorenzo DNP, ARNP, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Sharon Lorfing APN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Shelley Lott ARNP
Ms. Jessica Lotto CNP
Molly Loucks AGACNP
Janine Louie NP
Charlot Louis AGACNP
Jamie Loveday NP
Katherine Loveless ACNP
Carole Lovering NP
Lyndsey Lovern DNP-AGACNP
Leslie Loving ACNP-BC
Ms. Dana Lovorn FNP, ACNP
Abby Lowe
Mrs. Charissa Lowe APRN
Jonathan Lowe AGACNP-BC
Mr. Kevin Lowe MSN, APRN, ACNP-BC
Patricia Lowry NP
Sarah Lowry NP, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Casey Loyd APRN
Joanna Loyd ARNP
Mirlande Lozandier ARNP
Michele Lozano CNP
Phung Lu NP
Wanchun Lu NP
Kathryn Lubben APN
Miss Romainda Lubin NP
Ms. Anne Lucas MSN, CNP
Caroline Lucas ACNP-BC
Jessica Lucas ARNP
Karen Lucas
Karen Lucas CRNP
Mrs. Kimberly Lucas Slimane NP
Sabrina Luce NP
Ann Luciano RN, ACNP-BC
Nanette Lucier ACNP
Mr. Gilbert Luckel JR. AG-ACNP
Joanne Luczak-Marzo APN-C
Suzanne Ludlow NP
Mark Ludwig
Janene Luff NP
Abigail Luffman APRN
Marissa Luft CRNP
Laura Lugo AGACNP
Mrs. Nicole Lugos MSN, APRN, ACNP
Celina Lui NP
Kimberly Lui
Julio Lujano NP
Mrs. Susan Lukan NP
Tiffany Luke NP
Karen Lum NP
Jacqueline Lumalu MSN ACNP-BC CCRN-CSC
Devon Lump CRNP
Katrina Lund MD
Margaret Lundquist ACNP
Allison Lundstrom MSN, ACNP-BC
Ashley Lundstrom APRN-BC
Lixian Luo AGACNP
Dolly Luong NP
Summer Lusk
Wanda Lusk ANP
Jessica Lussier NP
Sarah Lusty NP
Lori Lute NP
Katherine Luther APRN
Mrs. Kristen Luttenberger APN-C
Matilda Luttrell
Lynette Luz NP
Thomas Luzny ACNP
Leslie Lyda NP
Richard Lyford AGACNP-BC
Amy Lykins ARNP
Brandee Lyle ACNP
William Lyles ACNP
Denise Lympus ARNP
Christine Lynch CRNP
Mrs. Christyann Lynch NP
Jamie Lynch APRN
Ms. Jennifer Lynch APRN
Julia Lynch ACNP
Paige Lynch
Mrs. Virginia Lynch NP
Donna Lynch-Smith DNP ACNP
Lori Lyne NP
Jenny Lynn CRNP
Maureen Lynn NP
Mr. Michael Lynn NP
Mr. Derek Lyon NP
Kianna Lyons NP
Ms. Nancy Lyons MS,APRN
Ms. Susan Lyons NP
Tara Lyons NP
Mrs. Lauren Lyszkowski MSN, ACNP-BC
Mr. Ching Ma CRNP
Noelia Maamouri NP
Dr. Patricia Maani FNPC, DRNP
Tiffany Maat APRN
Jamie Maberry NP
Ms. Maria Macalaguim ACNP, RN
Mr. Jonjon Macalintal ACNP
Anita Macdonald AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Erin Macdonald NP
Genevieve Macdonald ACNP
Kara Maceda ACNP-BC, ANP-BC
Rosemarie Macera
Summer Macey ACNP-AG
Jacqueline Machain ACNP
Mrs. Joan Machamer AGACNP-BC
Miss Mary Macharia CRNP
Dr. Kelly Machuca ACNP
Mrs. Mary Macis RN, APN
Mrs. Cynthia Mack NP
Mrs. Dorothy Mack NP
Jonathan Mack NP
Mrs. Melissa Mack ACNP-BC
Ms. Shannon Mack ARNP
Shekela Mack MSN, CRNP
John Mackenzie CNP
Wilma Mackenzie AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Molly Mackey APRN
Carrie Macleod NP
Laura Macphee ACNP
Mr. Brekk Macpherson NP
Analyn Maday ACNP
Renee Madden NP
Brandi Maddigan ACNP
Mrs. Monika Madej-Zajac CRNP
Amy Madigan CRNP
John Madison NP
Nicholas Madison FNP
Mrs. Mary Maes NP
Mrs. Elizabeth Maese NP
Julia Mafrici CNP
Mrs. Gabriella Magarelli RN, ACNP-BC, OCN
Laura Magee CRNA
Mr. Paul Maggio NP
Mr. Timothy Magie APN
Katelyn Maglione AGACNP-BC
Stephanie Magness CNP
Mrs. Laura Mahaffey ACNP
Dr. Sheetal Maharaj ARNP
Amber Mahek NP
Jennifer Maher NP
Susan Maher NP
Ms. Marjorie Mahle RN, CNP
Lisa Mahoney AGACNP-BC
Sean Mahoney CNP
Mr. Joshua Mahute CRNP - ACUTE CARE
Mrs. Emily Maiers ARNP
Monica Maikranz ACNP-BC
Nichole Mailloux APRN
Carol Main-Benner NP
Rose Maina NP
Mr. Jibran Majeed ACNP-BC
Mrs. Sayda Major ACNP, MSN
Dmitriy Makarevich CRNP, AGACNP-BC
Janet Makert
Leyla Makhmudbekova NP
Kristin Makris AGACNP
Nancy Malhotra ACNP-BC
Barbara Maling ACNP
Ms. Jennifer Malke ACNP
Mrs. Irene Malloy NP
Ellen Malone CRNP
Kimberly Malone APRN
Ms. Eileen Maloney CRNP
Hannah Maloney ACNP-BC
Jennifer Maloney
Ms. Noadiah Malott NP
Rebecca Malott ACNP
Susan Malott ACNP
Jean Malsack MS ACNP-BC
Vic Managuelod NP
Anna Manalo CRNP
Carina Manalo DNP, RN, ACNP-BC
Rose Manarite NP
Elisabeth Mancha NP
Mrs. Kelly Manchester ARNP
Mrs. Kerry Mancuso APRN
Mrs. Samantha Mancuso DNP, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Lyndsey Mander
Ms. Rita Manderscheid ARNP
Mr. Ayo Mandi CRNP
Mary Mandziara NP
Sidney Mangelsdorf AG-ACNP
Ms. Diane Manghram NP, DNP
Ms. Michele Mangini-Vendel NP
Lisa Mangino-Blanchard CRNP
April Mangum NP
Martha Mangum ACNP-BC
Stephanie Manheim NP
Vernon Maniago ACNPC-AG
Reshma Maniar MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC,
Ms. Antonia Maninang
Kelli Manippo CRNP
Stephanie Maniquis
Kim Mank APN
Candra Manley
Robbin Mann ARNP
Sharon Mannering APRN
Rosie Mannina NP
Angela Manning AGACNP-BC
Julia Manning CNP
Saranda Manning ACNP
Sherry Manning CRNP
Ms. Stacey Manning ARNP
Nicole Mannino APN
Marilyn Mannschreck APRN
Dr. Frank Manole JR. DNP, MSN, APN-C
Renee Manring NP
Salma Mansour
France Many ARNP
Ms. Gloria Manzanilla NP
Rachelle Maracic ARNP
Mrs. Carol Maragos CRNP
Elizabeth Marandola CRNP
Hannah Marburger AGACNP-BC
Rebecca Marcantuono CRNP
Vanessa Marcelle AG-ACNP
Shavon March ACNP
Michael Marciniec AG-ACNP
Dr. Ellen Marcolongo ARNP
Audra Marcum ARNP
Mrs. Catherine Marcum APN
Philomena Marcus APRN
Amanda Marek
Sarah Marek
Ashley Maresh AGACNP-BC
Denise Margiotta NP
Mr. Michael Marinaccio MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Laurie Marinaro Pascale APN
Patrick Marinas
Rubria Marines De Price ACNP-BC
Jessica Marino APN-C
Martin Marino NP
Ms. Rachel Marino CRNP
Tina Marino
Mrs. Dawn Marion CRNP
Mrs. Anella Mark APRN
Erin Markey RN,MS,APRN-BC
Mary Markham NP
Jean Markie MSN, APRN-BC, CNN
Mrs. Adrienne Markiewicz
Ms. Tonya Markland NP
Melissa Markoc NP
Mrs. Kelley Markowski NP
Shani Marks ARNP
Toni Maroo NP
Jason Marquart ACNP-BC
Clyde Marquis ACNP-BC
Tammy Marquis APRN
Mr. Kevin Marren CRNP, MSN
Mrs. Jennifer Marrero ACNP
Magdalena Marrufo ACNP
Mrs. Jennifer Marsh RN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Jennifer Marsh MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Mr. Robert Marsh JR. ANP
Mr. Brannon Marshall ACNP-BC
Michael Marshall NP
Virginia Marshall APRN
Mrs. Steffanie Marsonek NP
Mrs. Amy Martin ACNP
Mrs. Amy Martin CRNP
Mr. Anthony Martin APN
Ashley Martin ACNP-BC
Barbara Martin NP
Ms. Cathy Martin NP
Christina Martin NP
Mrs. Cynthia Martin CRNP
Dawn Martin ACNP
Ms. Deborah Martin APRN
Denise Martin MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Elisha Martin MSN, NP
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Martin ACNP
Jenny Martin ACNP
Jo Ann Martin NP
Mrs. Kathleen Martin APRN
Mrs. Kelly Martin MSN, CRNP-BC
Laura Martin ARNP
Ms. Lindsey Martin CRNP
Mrs. Mariah Martin BSN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Mary Martin NP
Maryann Martin NP
Nancy Martin NP
Ms. Rhonda Martin ANP
Mrs. Rita Martin ACNP - BC
Mr. Robert Martin NP
Ms. Sandra Martin NP
Mrs. Susan Martin ACNP
Mr. Thomas Martin RN, MSN, ACNP
Mrs. Catherine Martin Frederick CNP
Mrs. Bridget Martin-Slocum ACNP-AG
Miss Alondra Martinez RN, NPDS
Ms. Anna Martinez FNPACNP
Chandel Martinez
Courtney Martinez AG-ACNP
Ms. Denise Martinez CRNP
Iris Martinez ACPN
Joyleen Martinez NP
Mrs. Liana Martinez NP
Nilda Martinez AGACNP
Philip Martinez APRN, MSN
Roxanne Martinez
Sabrina Martini AG-ACNP
Kelly Martorano ACNP
Mrs. Beth Ann Martucci CRNP
Laura Martucci CRNP
Emily Martyn NP
Jacklyn Marual ACNP
Mrs. Felica Marucut AGACNP-BC
Lori Marum ACNP
Mrs. Julie Marusarz NP
Martha Marzetta RN, ACNP
Amy Marzolf CRNP
Kristen Mashburn APRN-CNP
Steven Mashburn NP
Catherine Maskell ARNP
Kyle Maskell RN, AGANCP-BC
Ms. Mary Maskell-Amirault ACNP
Wilhelmina Maslanek CRNP
Heather Mason CNP
Katie Mason APRN
Mindy Mason ACNP-BC
Lori Massaro MSN, CRNP
Heather Massengill APN
Ms. Jennifer Massetti ACNP
Brad Massey AACNP, ANP
Cynthia Massey CRNP
Mrs. Emily Massey NP
Priscilla Massey NP
Ms. Tassie Masters NP-C
Carmen Masterson
Amy Mastrangelo CRNP
Christine Mastroddi MS, RN, AGACNP-BC
Tracy Matalon MSN, FNP
Kanmony Mathew ACNPC-AG
Lucy Mathew NP
Ms. Rinu Mathew CNP
Roshini Mathew CNP
Sijimol Mathew ACNP
Mrs. Sindhu Mathew AGACNP
Essie Mathews RN, ACNP-BC
Jessica Mathis NPC
Mrs. Lesley Mathis ACNP
Rhonda Mathis ACNP
Mrs. Sharon Matkosky NP
Michael Matson ARNP
Mrs. Ann Matta CRNP
Mrs. Ryann Mattessich ACNP
Caroline Matthews
Mrs. Esmeralda Matthews CRNP
Mrs. Soley Matthews NP
Ms. Kaitlin Mattice NP
Ms. Patricia Matticola NP
Melissa Mattimore I RN, ACNP
Megan Mattingly MSN, APN, AGACNP-BC
Marlana Mattson MSN, CNP, OCN
Mr. Brian Matyniak ACNP-BC
Amanda Matysik
Frederica Matzner NP-C
Debra Maude CRNP
Mrs. Caroline Mauldin ACNP
Ms. Lucy Mauney ACNP
Mrs. Sarah Maute RN, MS CCRN, APN
Davita Mawulawde
Sharon Maxey NP
Lum Maximuangu NP
Mrs. Barbara Maxwell ACNP
Heather May CRNP
Mr. Jason May ACNPC-AG
Katie Maybanks ARNP
Mrs. Donya Mayel NP
Ms. Jessica Mayer NP
Maureen Mayer CNP
Meaghan Mayer ARNP
Robert Mayle AGACNP-BC
Miss Jessica Maynard NP
Paul Mayombola AGACNP
Laura Mayover CRNP
Mr. Rickey Mays JR. ANP
Sarah Mays APN
Trisha Mays CNP
Stephanie Mayton NP
Mrs. Polly Mazanec CNP
Naseem Mazlaghani
Hope Mazurek NP
Patricia Mazza APN
Ms. Theresa Mazzarelli ACNP
Ms. Kathleen Mazzola CRNP
Jessica Mazzone CRNP
Paula Mcabee ACNP
Kelly Mcadams NP
Mrs. Lisa Mcadams APN
Martha Mcaleer NP
Cathy Mcatee CRNP
Margaret Mcatee RN, NP
Molly Mcbrayer AGACNP-BC
Odette Mcbride
Ms. Ashley Mccabe ANP
Katherine Mccabe APN
Mrs. Patricia Mccabe NP
Rosanna Mccabe ACNP
Randa Mccall NP
William Mccall AGACNP-BC, FNP-BC
Mrs. Hannah Mccallum ACNP
April Mccann ARNP
Frances Mccann ACNP
Mrs. Kathleen Mccarley AGACNP
Michelle Mccarley NP
Ms. Patricia Mccarter ACNP
Mrs. Jennifer Mccarthy ACNP
Kathryn Mccarthy NP
Mrs. Kristine Mccarthy NP
Ms. Sarah Mccarthy MS, APRN, CNP
Wendy Mccarty NP
Mr. Robert Mccary ACNP
Mrs. Margaret Mccasland CPNP
Paula Mccauley APRN
Mr. Robert Mccauley NP
Maria Mcclatchie ACNP
Megan Mcclellan CNP
Carolyn Mcclerking NP
Tracy Mcclinton
Christopher Mccloud CRNA
Julie Mcclung APRN
Miss Stephanie Mcclure CRNP
Ms. Samantha Mccluskey ACNP
Lisa Mccollum ACNP
Ms. Candice Mccool APRN, AGACNP-BC
Erika Mccormick NP
Meri Mccourt NP
Mrs. Lorri Mccourt-O'donnell APRN
Mrs. Mattie Mccowen ACNP-BC
Ms. Sharmaine Mccoy ACNP
Virginia Mccoy CNP
Marcy Mccracken
Charlene Mccraw ACPRN-C
Tarica-Tory Mccray
Brook Mccrory
Ellen Mccue APN
Jennifer Mccullough CRNP
Kathleen Mccullough NP
Mrs. Autumn Mccurdy ACNP
Mr. Troy Mccurry APRN
Mary Mccusker CRNP
Darceen Mccutcheon NP
Sara Mcdade ARNP
Jennifer Mcdaniel AG-ACNP
Kassia Mcdaniel ACNP-BC
Niccole Mcdaniel MSN,ACNP
Savannah Mcdaniel NP-C
Ms. Terri Mcdaniel ACNP
Danielle Mcdavid
Mr. Michael Mcdermid AG-ACNP-BC
Jaime Mcdermott ACNP-BC
Joann Mcdermott ACNP, APRN-BC
Mrs. Morgan Mcdermott ACNP-BC
Susan Mcdermott RN NP
Jennifer Mcdole ACNP
Mrs. Patricia Mcdonagh-Zeigler ACNP
Mrs. Carolyn Mcdonald ACNP
Erin Mcdonald AGACNP-BC
Dr. Morgan Mcdonald APRN
Mr. Paul Mcdonald CRNP
Roxanna Mcdonald ARNP
Samantha Mcdonald CRNP
Sandra Mcdonald ACNPC-AG
Lauren Mcdonnell CRNP
Mrs. Theresa Mcdonnell APRN, BC
Mrs. Erin Mcdonough DNP, APRN
Kimberly Mcdonough ANCP-BC
Dawn Mcdougal APN
Ms. Ginger Mcdougal CRNP
Melanie Mcdowell
Brooke Mcduffie ACNP
Mr. Randy Mcduffy
Courtney Mcelrath NP
Colleen Mcelroy ACNP
Kimberly Mcevoy AGACNP
Heather Mcfadden NP
Toni Mcfadden CNP
Annette Mcfarland ACNP
Ms. Stephanie Mcfarland NP
Steve Mcfarland ACNP
Ms. Wendy Mcfarlane ARNP
Neva Mcfeely ACNP-C
Stefanie Mcfelt-Williams ACNP
Deborah Mcgarry ACNP-BC
Ms. Kathleen Mcgarry
Renee Mcgarry AG-ACNP
Benjamin Mcgee
Michelle Mcgee NP
Debra Mcgeehin CRNP
Ms. Cheryl Paige Mcghie ARNP
Matthew Mcgill APRN-CNS
Mrs. Hannah Mcginnis APRN
Linda Mcginty ACNP
Mrs. Jennifer Mcgoff ACNP-BC
Cathy Mcgovern ARNP
Christopher Mcgovern
Ms. Claire Mcgowan CACNP CANP
Stefanie Mcgowan CRNP
Susan Mcgowen NP
Mrs. Debra Mcgrath R N, APN, C
Elizabeth Mcgrath APRN-C
Jennifer Mcgrath NP
Mrs. Lori Mcgrath CRNP
Ms. Nancy Mcgrath NP
Mary Mcgraw NP
Mrs. Amy Mcgreevy RN, MS, CRNP, OCN
Mrs. Lindsay Mcgregor NP
Mrs. Jamie Mcguire MS, AG-ACNP-BC
Ms. Mary Ann Mcguire ACNP
Sharda Mcguire FNP
Shelly Mcgurk ARNP
Katherine Mchale CRNP
Ms. Aleah Mchenry ACNP
David Mchugh
Arthur Mcintosh NP
Trisha Mcintosh ACNP
Marcia Mcintyre ARNP
Deanna Mckee
Jenny Mckee NP
Heather Mckeever
Brooke Mckenna ACNP-BC
Jennifer Mckenna NP
Jordan Mckenzie-Solis APRN, AGACNP-BC
Brian Mckinley ACNP-BC
Mrs. Gretel Mckinley ACNP
Charlena Mckinney ACNP-BC
Ms. Dawn Mckinney-Hammock AG/ACNP-BC, CCRN
Joy Mckinnis ARNP
Susan Mckinnon NP
Ms. Rebecca Mckintosh ACNP
Ms. Shawn Mckissick NP
Ms. Sandra Mckisson APN
Cedric Mckoy APN
Matthew Mclain CRNP
Dr. Christopher Mclarty DNP, NP-BC
Mrs. Pauline Mclarty-Nevers ACNP
Laura Mclauchlin AGACNP, BC
Elizabeth Mclaughlin
Erin Mclaughlin NP
Ms. Lauren Mclaughlin ACNP
Lauren Mclaughlin CRNP
Patricia Mclaughlin CRNP
Mrs. Terrie Mclaughlin ACNP
Allyson Mclean AG-ACNP
Juewelle Mclean NP , AGACNP-BC
Pamela Mclean NP
Ms. Novlett Mcleary
Melissa Mclenon ACNP
Ms. Katherine Mcleod CRNP
Sharon Mclimans RN, MSN, NP-C
Maureen Mclinden CRNP
Mrs. Sandra Mcloughlin ARNP-C
Mrs. Amber Mcmahan AGACNP-BC
Ms. Janet Mcmahon ACNP
Jeffrey Mcmahon NP
Jennifer Mcmahon APNP
Karen Mcmahon CNP
Ms. Michele Mcmahon ACNP-BC
Rebecca Mcmahon
Susan Mcmann ACNP-BC
Roisin Mcmanus RN, NP
Scarlett Mcmeen AG-ACNP
Maureen Mcmenamy NP
Christopher Mcmenemy MSN, CRNP
Darlene Mcmiddleton NP
Gwen Mcmillan ACNP
Ginger Mcmillan-Buchanan ACNP
Mrs. Susan Mcmillen ACNP
Mr. Reid Mcmullan AGACNP
Mrs. Linda Mcmullen ARNP
Mary Mcmullen
Kali Mcmurray
Kimberly Mcmurray NP
Russell Mcmurry ACNP
Mrs. Wendy Mcnabb Gill ANP-C
Mrs. Melissa Mcnamara NP
Mrs. Emily Mcnearney CRNP
Mrs. Gina Mcneer DNP, ACNP-BC, RN
Deborah Mcneil NP
Mr. Frederick Mcneil MS, RN, ACNP, CCRN
Lori Mcneil CRNP
Heidi Mcneill AGACNP-BC
Kathleen Mcnulty NP
Marilyn Mcnulty NP
Mr. James Mcnutt ACNP-BC
David Mcomber APRN, ACNP-BC
Lesha Mcpeak ACNP
Hope Mcpeake APNP
Ms. Pamela Mcphearson ACNP, CCNS, CCRN
Denise Mcpherson CRNP
Ms. Erin Mcpherson MSN, ACNP-BC, RNC
Patricia Mcphillips ACNP-BC
Mrs. Erika Mcquade NP
Ms. Patricia Mcqueen
John Mcrae
Miss Laura Mcree NP
Ashley Mcshurley ACNP
Ms. Margaret Mcsweeney NP
Maureen Mcsweeney APN-C, RNFA, MSN
Stephanie Mcsweeney CRNP
Mrs. Wendy Mcvay ACNP
Ms. Amber Mcvey AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Jennifer Mcwilliams ACNP
Catrina Mead FNP
Mr. Matthew Meador ACNP-BC
Alison Meager
Tatum Mealing APRN-BC
Mrs. Jessica Mears AGACNP
Rachael Mebus APRN
Aida Mecaral-Sese
Kristin Meckes CRNP
Payal Mecwan CRNP
Kathleen Medd ARNP
Melinda Medeiros NP
Noel Medeiros CRNP
Meredith Medeyinlo
Fernando Mediano
Leo Medina APRN
Teresa Medlock AGACNP
Kathryn Medow APRN
Miss Luz Medrano ARNP
Lauren Meece
Mrs. Meaghan Meeker NP
Ms. Jacqueline Meekins NURSE PRACTITIONER
Lacey Meeks MSN, ACNP-BC, FNP-BC
Tia Mefford AGACNP
Corilin Meggitt ACNP
Cheryl Meguid DNP
Nimita Mehta NP
Anne Meier ACNP
Sallyanne Meier ACNP
Corey Meisenbach RN, MSN, ACNP
Leonora Meisenbach RN,ACNP-BC
Lindy Meiser
Mrs. Heather Meissen NP
Ms. Lisa Mejia APRN
Mrs. Aliana Mejias-Ocampo ARNP
Judd Melancon ACNP
Kilea Melang ARNP
Miss Ellen Melcher CNP
Lynne Melchior NP
Ms. Nancy Melde CNP
Stavroula Melegos ACNP
Ruben Melendez NP
Mrs. Elizabeth Melito NP
Mrs. Nancy Melling FNP
Teresa Mellington ACNP-BC, AOCNP
Allen Mello JR. ACNP
Mrs. Marci Melnick-Butler NP
Lavonda Melton AGACNP-BC
Brittany Melville APRN
Mrs. Wish Mema ACNP-BC
Mr. Alexander Menard NP
Blake Menchaca AG-ACNP
Andrew Mendelson NP
Ms. Rachel Menders APRN
Jennifer Mendes ACNP
Anthea Mendez APRN
Kathleen Mendoza NP
Nicole Mendoza-Martens
Elizabeth Menefee NP
Kimberly Menefee AGACNP-BC
Barbara Menke ANP
Mr. Ronald Mennow JR. CRNP
Beth Mentusky ACNP
Ms. Rebecca Menza ACNP
Ms. Lisa Menzie NP
Alenny Mercado NP
Ms. Cheryl Mercado NP
Kristin Mercado ANP-BC
Angela Mercier
Mrs. Lorraine Mercier ARNP
Stephanie Merck APRN
Kasey Mercurio CNP
Natalie Merino ARNP
Miss Alexandra Merisotis AGACNP-BC
Claudia Merkley ACNP
Jennifer Merkley APRN
Jacob Merrill APRN-CNP
Katharine Merrill NP
Ms. Laura Merritt
Stacy Merritt NP
Mr. Sisay Mersha NP
Tara Mescher ARNP
Mrs. Pamela Meserole ANP
Christina Mesi NP
Jeanne Messana ACNP
Amy Messer CRNP
Mr. Edward Messina CRNP
Mr. Jonathan Messing ACNP-BC
Meredith Messing APRN
Ms. Leticia Metallo NP
Ms. Stephanie Metellus
Stephen Metheny
Dr. Evelyn Metz DNP
Ms. Terese Metzger CRNP
Amy Meulenberg ARNP
Rhonda Mevis ACNP
Alyssa Meyer ARNP
Mrs. Eileen Meyer CRNP
Emma Meyer AGACNP-BC
Sara Meyer APRN
Shenley Meyer
Tracie Meyer AG-ACNP-BC
Virginia Meyer NP
Ms. Jamie Meyers AGACNP
Kelly Meyers APN
Richard Meyers CRNP
Shanna Meyers ARNP
Mrs. Tamara Meyers CNP
Janelle Meza NP
Ronald Meza
Ijeoma Mgbaraho AGACNP-BC
Mary Miceli NP
Genet Michael
Mrs. Marianne Michaels ARNP
Michelle Michaels NP
Jessi-Ann Michaelson AGACNP-BC
Clarissa Michalak ACNP-AG
Tomasz Michalewski APRN
Miss Caroline Michalik MSN, ACNP
Ms. Janelle Michel NP
Mrs. Amy Miclat RN, MS, CCRN, APRN-B
Michelle Miclea
Meghan Midghall NP
Jessica Miglin APN
Mrs. Jeanette Miguelez
Agnes Mikijaniec ARNP
Alexander Mikolaschek CRNP
Ms. Maria Mikulski CRNP
Daniel Milam ACNP
Mrs. Shelley Milanovich CRNP- ACUTE CARE
Mr. David Milbourne JR. RN, MSN, ACNP
Mrs. Melissa Milicevic NP
Mrs. Chaya Milikowsky CRNP
Angela Miller
Ashley Miller ACNP
Brandy Miller CRNP
Caitlin Miller NP
Carrie Miller ACNP
Carrie Miller CRNP
Cathy Miller CRNP
Cheryl Miller ARNP
Christina Miller APRN
Eleanor Miller ARNP
Emily Miller CRNP
Gloria Miller ARNP
Dr. Jacky Miller DNP,FAWM
Jade Miller ARNP
Jaynette Miller ARNP
Mrs. Jeannie Miller CRNP
Jennifer Miller RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Kellie Miller ACNP
Ms. Kristine Miller ACNP-BC
Lee Miller ACNP
Lucy Miller ACNP-BC
Lynne Miller CNP
Madelyn Miller APN BC
Miss Maryhelen Miller CRNP
Ms. Meagan Miller AGACNP
Ms. Pamela Miller MSN NP
Phillip Miller APRN
Sally Miller
Samantha Miller CRNP
Sarah Miller ACNP
Ms. Sharon Miller RN, ACNP
Mr. Stephen Miller ACNP
Susan Miller NP
Susan Miller APN
Tara Miller NP
Ward Miller ACNP
Kelly Milligan
Allyson Mills NP
Brianna Mills ARNP
Mr. Christopher Mills NP
Stacy Mills NP
Lisa Millsap APRN-BC
Ms. Crystal Milner APN/RN
Lucas Miltenberger CNP
Mrs. Meredith Milward NP
Dr. Sedi Minaie DNP
Mrs. Emile Minarcik CRNP
Ann Mindock ARNP
Wendy Miner ACNP-BC
Mrs. Mary Minielly APRN
Margo Minissian ACNP, APRN-BC, MSN,
Dr. Joanne Minnick DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC
Demerise Minor FNP
Diana Minor
Mrs. Annette Minter AG-ACNP
Reed Minton APN
Joseph Mirabitur III ACNP-BC
Miss Dewi Miranda ACNP-BC
Eileen Mirasol MSN AGACNP-BC
Ekaterina Mironova AG-ACNP
Jean Mischler NP
Ms. Paula Miska NP
Mr. Hernando Mispireta ACNPC
Tetyana Missey
Sherry Missildine RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Louise Mistak APRN-BC
Vanessa Misukanis NP
Rochelle Mitas ACNP-C
Miss Alison Mitchell NP
Mrs. Annette Mitchell RN,MSN,CRNP
Ashley Mitchell
Brenda Mitchell MSN, AGACNP-BC
Cheryl Mitchell AG-ACNP
Crystal Mitchell NP
Dana Mitchell CRNP
Elizabeth Mitchell MSN, MSPH, AGACNP-BC
Kharell Mitchell CRNP
Linda Mitchell CRNP; ACNP-BC
Mark Mitchell AGACNP
Misty Mitchell ACNP
Mrs. Rachel Mitchell ACNP
Ms. Sandra Mitchell CRNP, MSCN, AOCN
Shannon Mitchell RN-ACNP
Mr. Shay Mitchell MSN, ACNPC, APRN
Suzanne Mitchell ARNP
Ms. Trekesha Mitchell NP
Shundra Mitchell-Holliday
Mr. Geoffrey Mittelsteadt ACUTE CARE NURSE PRA
Lyndsay Mixon ACNP
Eriko Miyake
Marisa Mize CPNP,CPNP-AC
David Mobley CRNP
Mrs. Sandra Mobley NP
Kelly Moccia APRN
Raymond Mock ACNP
Samone Mock AG ACNP
Jacqueline Modock AGACNP
Lindsey Moeller MS, AGACNP-BC
Beth Moeves CNP
Shannon Moffett NP
Miss Loyce Mofor
Sosina Moga
Miss Caroline Moh MSN
Melissa Mohamed NP
Ms. Mina Mohammadi MSN, APN-C
Romeeda Mohammed NP
Crystal Mohr AGACNP-BC
Michael Mohr
Zahra Mohseni NP
Alexandria Moje
Lou Ann Mokwa APNP
Dr. Jessica Moldenhauer APRN
Lourdes Moldre RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Nicole Moler ACNP
Edmundo Molina ANP
Maria Molina CRNP
Karen Mollus AGACNP-BC
Amber Molnar AGACNP
Peter Molnar NP
Gilda Moltimer ARNP
Melissa Moltz ACNP
Sandra Molyneux ACNP
Miss Linda Monaghan RN MSN ACNP-BC
Berenice Monarez AGACNP-BC
Jennifer Money APRN
Mrs. Nanette Monhaut ANP-BC
Ms. Marina Monpere APN
Kathryn Montagna NP
Mrs. Shannon Montague ACNP
Maria Montalvo
Mrs. Lynne Montano APN
Mrs. Maria Montealegre ACNP
Mary Montefusco ACNP-BC
Ruth Montemagno ACNP-BC
Kelly Montgomery ACNP-BC
Latoya Montgomery NP
Theresa Montney-Dowell ACNP
Kristi Montrella NP
Dr. Cheryl Ann Monturo PHD, MBE, ACNP-BC
Kristin Monza AGACNP
Ms. Heather Moody APRN
Latoya Moody ARNP
Mrs. Lindsay Mook
Ms. Delina Moon CRNP
Ms. Kelsie Mooney NP
Amanda Moore ACNP
Anne Moore ACNP
Ashley Moore RN, AGACNP-BC
Dede Moore
Mrs. Deonna Moore ACNP-BC
Elizabeth Moore CNP
Kari Moore APRN
Dr. Kathryn Moore RN, APRN-BC
Kathryn Moore APRN
Katie Moore
Lindsay Moore ARNP-AG
Nicole Moore CRNP
Mrs. Rachel Moore APRN
Sannia Moore
Vicki Moore RN, MSN, ACNP
Edna Moore-Burke CNP, MS, RN
Kristin Moquin APRN
Sophia Moradi CRNP
Mrs. Cassidy Morales AG-ACNP-BC
Ms. Marianne Morales ACNP-BC
Dr. Rosalinda Morales PHD, FNP
Rebeca Morales Vega ARNP-BC
Mrs. Jennifer Moran NP
Miss Leah Moran ARNP
Kellie Morasco NP
Mrs. Melissa Mordecai MSN, CRNP
Kai Moreb
Mrs. Patricia Morehart APN
Sarah Morehouse NP
Raymond Moreno AGACNP-BC
Robin Moreno RN, ACAGNP
Elizabeth Morgan ARNP
Meredith Morgan MSN, ACNP-BC
Mr. Robert Morgan ACNP
Suzanne Morgan RN-BSN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Victoria Morgan ACNP-BC, FNP-BC
Mr. Daniel Morganroth ACNP-BC
Morgan Morgante RN, AGACNP
Ms. Stephanie Moriarty NP
Jennifer Morrell ARNP
Ms. Diane Morris NP
Earrace Morris CRNP
Ms. Katherine Morris ACNP-BC
Laura Morris ACNP-C
Mr. Mark Morris NP
Miss Sara Morris RN, ACNP
Mrs. Christie Morrison CRNP
Miss Dana Morrison ACNP-BC
Danielle Morrison CRNP
Julia Morrison CRNP
Linda Morrison ACNP
Ms. Margaret Morrison APRN
Melissa Morrison AGACNP-BC
Rebecca Morrison CRNP
Jennifer Morrissey MSN, CRNP
Mykl Morrissey
Mr. David Morrow RN, ACNP, WCC
Dawn Morrow RN, ACNP
Caroline Morse ACNP
Whitney Morse
Alicia Morton ACNP-BC
Amelia Morton
Miss Barbara Morton ACNP
Jamelah Morton ARNP
Jennifer Morton MSN, ACNP
Melissa Morton ACNP
Patricia Morton CRNP
Robert Morton JR. APRN (AGACNP-BC)
Tara Morton APRN
Sarah Mosberg NP
Ashley Mose NP
G Moser CRNP
Kathryn Moser NP
Gloria Moses CRNP
Mary Mosher NP
Sherry Mosier RN, AGACNP
Mrs. Christy Moslander APRN
Jacqueline Mosley NP
Kelly Mosley APRN
Bridget Moss ACNP
Nathan Moss AGACNP-BC
Sara Moss AG-ACNP-BC
Stefani Motkar DNP
Olga Motorina ACNP
Bethany Mott
George Moussally MSN,ACNP-BC,CCRN
Christina Moussette AGACNP-BC
Leslie Moyar
Emily Moyer
Megan Moyer CRNP
Stephen Moyer APRN
Ms. Monika Mroz ACNP, AGACNP, APRN
Ms. Aruni Mudalige APRN
Christin Mudd AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Julie Mudge NP
Ms. Tracie Mudge APRN, BC
Mrs. Connie Mueller CNP
Kristen Mueller
Marcia Mueller APNP
Charity Mugadza NP
Nailya Muganlinskaya CRNP
Simba Muketiwa
Miss Meagan Mulawka APRN
Michele Muldoon NP-C
Kendra Mulholland
Miranda Mulholland
Mrs. Kim Mulkay ARNP
Christina Muller NP
Miss Geraldine Muller NP
Lois Muller CNP
Mr. Charles Mullican ACNP
Amy Mullikin ARNP
Ms. Megan Mullin CRNP-BC
Ms. Phillina Mullin NP
Sarah Mullins ACNP-AG
Stephanie Mullins ACNP
Mrs. Brittany Mulloy AGACNP-BC
Alice Mulorz
Ms. Susan Mulvihill APN
Darlene Mulyanto-Mong
Mrs. Jacqueline Mummery NP
Jeanie Kay Mungcal
Mrs. Monica Munos MSN ACNP-BC
Mr. Arturo Munoz JR. APRN, BC, NP-C
Christopher Munoz NP
Nancy Munro NP
Ms. Komal Murali MSN, ACNP-BC
Ms. Lauren Murawski AGACNP-BC
Ms. Patricia Murdoch NP
Mrs. Adrianne Murphy APRN
Babbette Murphy NP
Mrs. Catherine Murphy ACNP
Daragh Murphy NP
Miss Erin Murphy NP
Mrs. Jennifer Murphy ACNP, APRN,BC
Jennifer Murphy RN, ACNP
Julie Murphy CRNP
Margaret Murphy ACNP
Maureen Murphy CRNP
Ms. Melanie Murphy NP
Mr. Timothy Murphy RN, APN-C, CS
Catherine Murr NP
Mrs. Carol Murray CPNP-AC
Dana Murray CRNP
Emily Murray
Ms. Emma Murray NP
Jennifer Murray APNP
Kelly Murray CRNP
Shannon Murray CRNP
Dr. Tracy Murray CNP
Tracy Murray AGACNP-BC
Sally Murrish CNP
Maheswari Murugesan NP
Svetlana Musheyev ACNP
Mr. Peter Mwangi ACNP-AG
Pule Mwenya NP
Mrs. Adria Myers APRN
Carmen Myers CRNP
Carrie Myers
Cristina Myers
Doreen Myers ACNP
Jason Myers ACNP
Jovi-Anne Myers
Lara Myers ACNP
Lucretia Myers NP
Mr. Paul Myers RN,NP
Stephanie Myers CNP
Tracy Myers
Holly Myles NP
Jonnell Myren ACNP-BC
Laraine Nachbor ARNP
Kimberly Nackord AG-ACNP-BC
Miss Lakeisha Nacoste RN, BSN, NP
Prof. Richard Nadan MBA, NP
Aster Naffe
Mrs. Farahnaz Nafisy ACNP
Joy Nagel NP
Ms. Nancy Nagel NP
Stacy Nagel ACNP
Mrs. Shannon Nagy CRNP
Diya Nahar
Salini Nair
Vidya Nair NP
Melissa Najdovski CNP
Kelly Nalder AG-ACNP
Yuri Nam NP
Diana Nanayakkara ACNP
Ms. Anne Marie Nangle RN, MS, CPNP
Ms. Paulette Nankivel CNP
Brenda Napierala APNP
Nicole Narron ACNP
Mr. James Nash ACNP, BC
Kathleen Nash FNP
Ms. Nicole Nasser AG-ACNP
Mrs. Deanna Nast APN
Ms. Jennifer Nastasi APN
Mrs. Sara Nasworthy CRNP
Lindsay Naughton APRN
Mrs. Janice Naum APRN
Cheryl Navarro CR-NP
Ruth Navedo ACNP
Mrs. Gina Navia-Brozenic APRN
Ms. Nicole Navis CNP
Mrs. Lauren Nawrocki CRNP
Ms. Jyotika Nayi
Dawn Naylor NP
Mrs. Vicky Nazarak CRNP
Beatrice Nde NP
Ms. Esther Ndegwa-Wanje NURSE PRACTITIONER
Mrs. Florence Ndongwa NP
Caroline Ndungu ACNP
Ms. Teodora Neagu APN, ACNP-BC, MA PSY
Sarah Neal ACNP-BC
Kaitlin Neary
Mrs. Leanne Nebel APNP
Ms. Sandra Nebl RN, MSN, ACNP
Ruth Anne Neborsky APRN
Tehrie Ned RN, ACNP
Laura Nedolast
Catherine Nee NP
Ms. Christine Needham APRN
Katie Needler APN
Mrs. Kellie Neely AGACNP
Christopher Negrete NP
Susan Negrich APRN
Catherine Negrillo ACNP-BC
Jonathan Negus NP
Daniel Neilson MSN RN AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Trina Nelms ACNP
Ms. Angela Nelson CRNP
Ann Nelson ACNP
Eileen Nelson CNP
Mr. Jeremy Nelson ACNP-BC
Mrs. Kimberly Nelson APRN-BC
Kristen Nelson NP
Ms. Laura Nelson NP
Lynn Nelson ARNP
Melissa Nelson ACNP-BC
Mrs. Nicole Nelson MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Nicole Nelson CRNP
Stacy Nelson APRN-NP
Yuka Nelson NP
Jina Nemnich APRN
Rebecca Nenon ACNP
Yevgeniya Nepomnyashchaya MSN, AGACNP-BC
John Nepveux FNP
Lori Neri CRNP
Kimberlee Nerling NP
Mrs. Loretta Nerney ACNP-BC
Mrs. Demi Nesbitt APRN, MNSC
Mr. Tray Nesmith NP
Mrs. Crystal Nesser ACNP
Sandra Nestor ACNP-BC
Brenda Nettles CRNP
Paul Netzel APRN
Lucas Neufeld AGACNP-BC
Nikki Neumann APRN
Ms. Kathryn Neunaber ACNP
Puja Neupane NP
Monica Nevels ACNPC-AG
Ms. Paula New
Carol Newberry APRN
Jennifer Newcomer
Tracey Newell AG ACNP
Eunhye Newman NP
Ms. Jennifer Newman ACNP
Mrs. Marissa Newtoff MSN, ACNP-BC
Christina Newton ACNP
Mr. David Newton ACNP
Johnna Newton CRNP
Laresa Newton CRNP
Matthew Newton ACNP-BC
Taylor Newton NP
David Neyland
Patrick Nganga
Esther Ngo APRN
Tiffany Ngo APRN
Paul Ngugi NP
Anh Nguyen ACNP
Michelle Nguyen ACNP-BC
Ms. Phuong Nguyen CRNP
Quoc Nguyen APRN
Somali Nguyen CRNP
Ms. Stacy Nguyen ACNP-BC
Thoa Nguyen APRN
Mrs. Yen Nguyen NP
Joanne Nhan
Olivia Nicastro APRN
Tracy Nicholas NP
Matthew Nicholls NP
Aaron Nichols
Jennifer Nichols AGACNP
Judy Nichols APRN
Kelly Nichols APRN
Paula Nichols ACNP
Sharon Nichols CRNP
Stacy Nicholson RN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Tara Nicholson ACNP
Ms. Terri Nicholson
Zerillda Krista Nicita ACNP-BC
Sandra Nicks RN, ACNP-BC
Sarah Nicol NP
Kara Nicoletta
Sharon Nicoson NP
Amy Nieberlein NP
Sean Niederst CNP
Amber Nieland CNP
Mrs. Deborah Nielsen RN APN
Jennifer Nielsen NP
Rachael Nielsen APRN
Lesley Nielson RN
Shari Nieman NP
Mrs. Amy Niemann APRN
Leigha Niemann CRNP
Brianna Nigro NP
Tara Nimiroski RN PRACTIONER
Stacy Ninan APN
Michelle Nissen AG-ACNP
Stephanie Nissen RN, ACNP-BC
Phyllis Nissenoff NP
Mary Nivens
Ms. Alice Nix ACNP-BC
Mrs. Cristine Nizam ACNP-BC
Bamidele Njoku
Roseline Nkoronye ARNP
Dana Noack NP
Lisa Noble NP
Kristen Nobles CRNP
Sacha Nobles FNP
Jean Noblett ACNP
Mrs. Laura Noblitt CRNP
Katherine Noel NP
Mr. Dana Noffsinger CPNP
Brandlyn Noftsger
Karen Nolan
James Noland CRNP
Jason Noles RN, AGACNP-BC
Megan Noonan CRNP
Mrs. Darlene Nooney ARNP
Doreen Norberg NP
Mrs. Sonam Norbu MS, RN, AG-ACNP
Mrs. Denise Nordenberg APN
Deneen Norman APN
Ms. Gail Norman NP
Adrienne Norquist MSN, ACNP-BC
Diana Norris APRN
Ericka Norris APRN
Nicole Norris ACNP-BC
Mrs. Autumn Norton NP
Donna Norton CRNP
Heather Norton ACNP
Vicki Norton APRN, BC
Leah Noson AG-ACNP
Kayla Notley ACNP
Dr. Fatima Nottingham DNP, ACNP-BC
Stephanie Nottling APNP
Khem Nouansavane APRN
Dena Novak ACNP
Mrs. Erica Nowell AGACNP-BC
Kathy Noyes DNP, APRN-BC
Catherine Nozdrovicky NP
Mrs. Dorothy Ntende APN
Millicent Nueve-Echave NP
Julie Nugent ACNPC-AG
Mrs. Nazra Nuhman NP
Haley Nunes APRN
Mario Nunez APRN
Mr. Noel Nunez AGACNP-BC
Soyla Nunez
Christina Nutt NP
Stella Nwogugu
Kayla Nyakinye CRNP
Mr. Anthony Nye APRN AG/ACNP-BC
Nicole Nye CRNP
Sharon Nyquist ACNP-BC
Ms. Theresa O' Hair FNP
Corrinna O'bannon
Lynn O'bara APRN
Karen O'brien RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Kelly O'brien
Lauren O'brien
Mary O'brien
Patricia O'brien
Shannon O'brien CRNP
Mrs. Stacy O'brien ARNP
Dr. Aurelia O'connell PHD, ACNP
Ms. Patricia O'connell NP
Alyssa O'connor APNP
Deandra O'connor RNP
Judith O'connor ACNP-BC
Katherine O'connor APN
Mrs. Alison O'dea ACNP-BC, FNP-C
Mrs. Jennifer O'dell ACNP, BC
Madeleine O'donnell ACNP-BC
Donna O'hara ARNP
Mrs. Donna O'hara AGACNP-BC
Lesley O'hara ACAGNP
Stacey O'hara CRNP
Shawn O'haver AG-ACNP
Shannon O'keeffe NP
Mrs. Nicole O'malley
Ms. Lindsay O'meara CRNP
Vanessa O'neal ACNP, AGNP
Vicky O'neil
Mrs. Jo O'quain ACNPC-AG
Nancy O'rourke NP
Ms. Catherine O'shea CRNFA
Nuala O'sullivan ARNP
Ms. Rosemary O'toole ACNP
Mrs. Marybeth O'toole Lawlor NP
Mrs. Christine Oberg CNP
Chidi Obinani ACNP
Michael Obrien ACNP-BC
Ms. Tina Occhiuto APRN, BC
Ms. Geralyn Ochs ACNP
Patricia Oconnor CRNP
Yannick Odiete
Miss Deborah Odom RN, ACNP
Rita Odom NP
Ireti Odubela FNP
Sarah Oehmke-Lejuerrne ARNP
Michelle Offner CRNP
Sandra Ogawa ACNP
Alyshia Ogdie NP
Brenda Oglesby NP
Mary Ogorman Dudley APRN
Mrs. Janaya Ogunware NP
Sooil Oh ACNP
Mrs. Adaeze Ohaeto ARNP
Sandra Ohaire CRNP
Mr. Mark Oherrick CRNP
Kathy Ohowell APRN
Akiko Okabe AGACNP
Premoboere Okoinyan ARNP
Obiageli Okonkwo
Mrs. Raquel Okubo ACNP
Ms. Carol Okuhara FNP-C, CPNP-AC
Mrs. Yemi Olalekan CRNP-AC
Julie Oleksyn NP
Jeremiah Olivas NP
Cassidy Oliver ACAGNP
Mr. James Oliver II NP
Lauren Oliver ACNP-BC, CCRN
James Oliverio NP
Emily Olmsted
Rhonda Olmsted APRN
Christopher Olson APRN
Ms. Jodi Olson ACNP
Sarah Olson ACNP
Mr. Robert Oly ARNP
Mr. Ryan Omalley RN, MSN, AGACNP
Amanda Omalley-Wolfe AG-ANCP
Deanne Omar AGACNP-BC
Loreen Omoore ACNP-AG
Oluranti Omoyeni ACNP,CRNP
Mrs. Lydia Onatunde ARNP
Erica Oneil ACNP
Miss Angela Ong NP
Mr. Yun Long Ong MSN, ACNP-BC
Liviu Oniga
Mrs. Ginikanwa Onyeama ACNP
Mrs. Obianuju Onyekwere
Ashley Opalach DNP, CRNP, AGACNP-BC
Duane Opp ARNP
Ms. Jacqueline Oprysko CRNP
Kathleen Opsitnick CNP
Miss Maria Ordaniel CRNP
Ms. Peggy Ordonez RN
Ms. Linda Ordway APRN-BC
Tatiana Orloff
Angela Orozco
Heidi Orr DNP
Mrs. Nathalie Orr AGACNP-BC
Guadalupe Ortega ACNP-BC
Johis Ortega ARNP
Ashley Ortiz APRN
Jessica Ortiz AGACNP-BC
John Ortiz JR. ACNP
Ms. Marisol Ortiz ACNP-BC
Pilar Ortiz RN, MSN, APN-C
Tara Ortiz
Thayni Ortiz ARNP
Renee Osborn AGACNP-BC
Chrystie Osborne
Norma Osborne MSN, ACNP
Mrs. Winsome Osbourne ARNP
James Osburn III AGACNP-BC
Jessica Osipenko NP
Mr. Victor Ospina ARNP, ACNP-BC
Karen Ostrowski NP
Ms. Candice Osuga Lin NP
Elizabeth Oswald NP
Rhonda Oszczakiewicz RN ACNP
Stefanie Otero ARNP
Kymberly Otremba
Kathryn Ottariano RN NP
Lindsay Otte AGACNP-BC
Jennifer Ottelien APNP
Mrs. Amy Otten ACNP-BC
Miss Sandra Otto CNP
Mrs. Kristina Ouano AGACNP
Mr. Peter Ouellette APRN
Heather Overbeck CNP
Mrs. Brenda Overstreet ARNP
Brian Overstreet
Lourdes Ovide MSN, ACNPC-AG
Mrs. Christine Owen ACNP-BC
Mrs. Elisabeth Owens ACNP
Rose Owens ARNP
Mrs. Sharon Owens CRNP, PHD
Ms. Trina Owens
Oladayo Oyedele
Adejoke Oyeniya AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Jennifer Oztan NP
Lacoye Pace CRNP
Melissa Pacello ACNP-BC
Maria Armie Pacheco-Te APN
Aaron Pack NP
Jennifer Pack ACNP-BC
Mrs. Amy Padbury CRNP
Dawn Padden-Mohr ACNP
Mrs. Vanessa Paddy ARNP
Ms. Tiffany Padilla ANP
Mrs. Irene Padre NP
Ms. Mary Pafford CNP
Mr. Jacob Page ACNP
Jenifer Page ACNP
Tonya Page ACNP
Jennifer Paglia RN, MSN, ACNP-C
Stacy Pagliaruli APRN
Ruth Paiano ARNP
Kieley Paidisetty APNP
Miss Kimberly Paik ARNP
Mrs. Catina Painter ACNP-BC
Tanya Pakulski APNP
Mrs. Angela Pal MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
Mr. Michael Palacio CNP
Laura Palcisko CNP
Ms. Stella Palencia NP
David Palm APN
Mr. Douglas Palmer ARNP
Mr. Kent Palmer ARNP-BC
Brandon Palmer, Np NP
Andrea Palmieri
Mr. Mario Palmieri ACNP
Caitlin Palmisano CRNP
Ms. Juvelyn Palomique NP
Jessica Palozie NP
Melanie Panchal ACNP-BC
Nisha Panday ACNP
Mamta Pandya ACNP
Elenor Panes RN ANP
Dr. Carmen Paniagua Torres EDD, ACNP/APNG/FAANP
Kristy Panichelli MSN, CRNP
Lauren Panico RN, NP
Theresa Pankowski NP
Angela Panos ACNP-BC
Hira Pantanosas NP
Lindsey Panter ACNP
Mileah Panter APRN
Candice Panton NP
Lindsay Panzek NP
Ms. Wen Pao ACNP
Mr. Jonathan Paolini CRNP
Catarina Paone MS ANPC
Jeanne Papa CRNP
Diane Papadeonise NP
Petya Papazova NP
Mrs. Nicole Pape CRNP
Natallie Paphanchith ACNP
Mrs. Lisa Paplanus NP
Cheryl Pappas NP
Mrs. Katherine Paquette ACNP
Laura Paquette AG-ACNP
Dana Paquin ACNP
Sibi Parayil CRNP
Mrs. Katharine Pardave NP
Julia Pardue ACNP
Mrs. Dolores Paredones NP
Binita Parekh CRNP
Mark Parent PA
Ashton Parham NP-C
Byung Park NP
Mrs. Kathy Park NP
Regina Park AGACNP-BC
Seongae Park
Sharon Park NP
Yeon Park ACNP-BC
Allison Parker MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Dana Parker NP
Jacqueline Parker ACNP
Jennifer Parker CRNP
Mrs. Mary Parker FNP
Mrs. Maureen Parker NP
Misty Parker ACNP-BC
Ms. Pamela Parker ARNP
Marie Parkman ARNP
Heather Parks AGACNP-BC
Rebecca Parks CNP
Sabrina Parks Bent ACNP
Julia Paronish-Ludwig RN, MSN, ACNP
Melissa Parra DNP, ACNP-BC
Katherine Parrish
Katherine Parrish NP
Ms. Leah Parrish APRN
Carrie Parrott
Kerri Parrott MSN, ACNP-BC
Lisa Parsons ACNP
Willa Parsons-Cole APRN
Sarah Parthemore CNP
Nicole Pasao CRNP
Jennifer Pascual-Bush NP
Sylvia Pasieka NP
Francesca Passalacqua
Susan Passavant NP
Heather Passerini NP
Lori Passey DNP
Mrs. Sharon Pasternak NP12/17/1962
Melanie Patak ACNP-BC
Bhavita Patel APN
Dixita Patel NP
Emilee Patel ACNP
Erin Patel APN
Hina Patel APN-C
Jyotsna Patel CNP
Kimberly Patel NP
Kinjal Patel
Mrs. Leena Patel NP
Mrs. Mallika Patel APN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Margi Patel CN P
Pratiksha Patel MSN ACNP
Preksha Patel APNP
Miss Roshni Patel NP
Miss Sejal Patel RN
Ms. Trupti Patel NP
Urvil Patel APNP
Vanessa Patel AGACNP
Elizabeth Paterson ACNP
Rashmi Patil NP
Alichia Paton ACNP
Mrs. Doris Patrick CNP
Mrs. Maureen Patrickakos NP
Allison Patrizio AG-ACNP
Anne Patten ACNP
Amber Patterson CRNP
Jamie Patterson AGACNP
Joy Patterson ARNP
Kathryn Patterson ARNP
Mr. Michael Patterson NP
Ms. Patricia Patterson NP
Patricia Patterson FNP
Mr. Samuel Patteson
Tammy Pattillo ACNP-BC
Carolyn Patton ACNP
Jina Patton ACNP-PP
Mrs. Amy Paugh
Ludwine Paul APRN,BC
Michele Paul APN
Mrs. Mini Paul NP
Mrs. Nadia Paul ACNP-BC
Prince Paul ACNP
Cynthia Paulikas ARNP
Frederick Paulsen ACNP - BC
Kimberly Pavan CRNP
Geraldine Pavez ACNP
Jamie Pavlonnis NP
Plamen Pavlov NP
Jennifer Pavone NP
Kristen Pawloski NP
Brenda Payne ACNP
Cathy Payne MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Deborah Payne NP
Esther Payne APRN
Jillian Payne ACNP-BC
Karen Payne NP
Leslie Payne ACNP
Robert Payne NP
Doreen Paynter CRNP
Kathryn Payson ARPNP
Alicia Peacock FNP
Amanda Peacock ACNP
Mrs. Nella Peacock NP
Mrs. Sarah Peacock ARNP
Ms. Amy Pearson ACNP
Anna Pearson
Ms. Jeanne Pearson APRN
Jessica Pearson AGACNP-BC
Mr. Benjamin Pease
Belanie Peavy ACNP
David Peck ARNP
Donna Peck CRNP
Mrs. Ashley Peczkowski AG-ACNP
Mr. Luis Pedemonte ACNP
Ms. Susan Pedersen ACNP
Maureen Pedicino CRNP-AC
Mr. Joe Pedroza ACNP-BC
Mrs. Sara Pedulla NP
Taron Peebles ACNP
Ms. Jennifer Peel NP
Ms. Tiffany Peel CRNP
Paula Marie Peeler Bryan NP
Allyson Peeples NP-C
Susan Peetros NP
Robert Pegram NP
Ms. Kathleen Peires CRNP
Mrs. Lisa Pella ARNP
Mrs. Tina Pellegrino-Flaherty NP
Michalyn Pelphrey NP
Kasey Peltier AG-ACNP-BC
Melissa Peluso ACNP
Javier Pena NP
Jennifer Pena NP
Mrs. Mary Pence APN, RN
Mrs. Kristie Pencil CNP
Mr. Jonathan Pender MS, NP
Alexandra Pendrak CRNP
Patricia Pendry ARNP
Ms. Wen-Chiao Peng NP
Ashley Penn
Ms. Terry Penner MS ANP-C ACNP-BC
Mrs. Karina Pentecost ARNP
Ms. Sarah Peppers APNP
Mrs. Joyce Peralta ARNP
Luz Peralta Hernandez APRN
Susan Perdue APN
Ricardo Perea ANP
Andrea Pereira CRNP
Ms. Carmen Peret APN
Carina Perez PNP-AC
Denise Perez ACNP-BC
Katherine Perez AG-ACNP
Leanne Perez NP
Lorraine Perez RN, FNP
Melissa Perez
Teshara Perez
Karen Perion APN
Lisa Perkins ACNP
Erin Perlmutter ACNP
Ms. Gina Perna NP
Mr. Robert Peron ACNP-BC, CNP
Kristine Perrin MS, CRNP
Mrs. Mayra Perrotta ARNP
Marisa Perrotti AGACNP, ACCNS-AG
Ami Perry APRN-CNP
Amy Perry APRN
Beth Perry NP
Briana Perry NP
Fallon Perry APRN
Jenevieve Perry ARNP
Karen Perry NP
Megan Perry NP
Michelle Perry ACNP
Mrs. Savannah Perry AGACNP
Mrs. Leighann Persondek ARNP
Jenny Persson ACNP
Maria Pescatore ACNP, AGCNS
Miss Amy Pesch NP
Aura Petcu NP
Stephanie Peterman CRNP-BC
Mrs. Charli Peters APR N
Dr. Denise Peters AGACNP-BC
Dolores Peters RN
Ms. Doreen Peters NP
Mrs. Jessica Peters MSN, CRNP-BC
Michael Peters APRN
Sandra Peters APRN
Mrs. Darlene Petersen NP
Mrs. Martina Petersen NP
Paula Petersen
Vagn Petersen MS, NP
Mrs. Janet Peterson CRNP
Jennifer Peterson CRNP
Jennifer Peterson ARNP
Shannon Peterson DNP, ARNP
Danielle Petro RN
Karen Petrok APRN
Ms. Emily Petromilli AG-ACNP
Karen Petronis NP
Patricia Petrosky NP
Rashida Petrovich
Deborah Pettit
Ms. Marissa Pettit CNP
Ms. Karyn Petty RN, AGACNP
Jessica Peyton APNP
William Pezzotti CRNP
Joseph Pezzulo ACNP-BC
Kaitlin Pfalzgraf
Kendra Pfeffer ACNP
Ladonna Pfettscher ACNP
Aimee Pflugrad AGACNP-BC
Thu Lan Pham NP
Cathy Phan ARNP
Rebecca Phatty ARNP
Ms. Michelle Phelan ACNP-BC
Ms. Tiffany Phelan NP
Amy Phelps APRN
Beth Phelps ACNP
Clare Phelps APN
Julie Phelps CNP
Vanessa Phelps ARNP
Julie Philip AG-ACNP
Mrs. Elaine Philipson RN, ACNP-BC
Angela Phillips MSN, ACNP-BC, CCRN
Cassandra Phillips CRNP
Mrs. Dana Phillips APN
Julia Phillips ACNP-BC
Julie Phillips MSN, CRNP
Miss Kimberly Phillips NURSE PRACTITIONER
Ms. Kyloni Phillips APN
Michael Phillips MSN, ACNP
Nichole Phillips
Shannon Phillips APRN
Traci Phillips CNP
Ms. April Phillips-Nohl
Debra Phipps CRNP
Kristin Phipps AGACNP-BC
Cherrie Phouthavong
Allison Piatt ACNP-BC
Jennifer Picagli APRN
Danielle Pichan NP
Lourdes Pickens NP
Jennifer Pickering CRNP-ACUTE
William Pickering AGACNP
Treva Pickrell CPNP-AC
Lizabeth Piel CRNP
Brittany Pierce NP-C
Ms. Caroline Pierce CRNP
Christy Pierce ACNP
Mrs. Jennie Pierce APN-C, MNSC
Monica Pierce ACNP-BC
Mrs. Sarah Pierce AGACNP-BC, CCRN
Shawn Pierce CRNP
Ashlee Piercey NP
Chilene Pierre-Louis
Mrs. Katherine Pierson CRNP
Amy Pietragallo RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Dorota Pietrowski APN
Mrs. Jean Pignataro NP
Nancy Pike PHD, CPNP-AC
Mrs. Fiona Pilate ACNP-BC
Mrs. Lauren Pilato ACNP
Mrs. Theresa Pileggi CRNP
Paul Pilegi AGACNP-BC
Monica Pilip ACNP
Mrs. Anupama Pillai MSN
Dana Pillans RN, ACNP
Kristi Piller AGACNP-BC
Lauren Pilon AGACNP-BC
Jillian Pilotti CRNP
Corey Pilson APRN
Carolyn Pilzninski NP
Mrs. Sheree Pinckney
Claudia Pineda ARNP-BC
Michelle Pinelle AGACNP
Mrs. Erin Pinkerton AGACNP
Mr. John Pinkovsky CRNP
Joshua Pinkston AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Laura Pinzon ARNP
Stephanie Piotter ANP
Ms. Karen Pipkin CRNP
Mrs. Valerie Pipkin CRNP
Amy Pippenger CRNP
Carolyn Pirotte
Mrs. Jacqueline Pisano CRNP-BC
Mrs. Denise Pischel APN
Anne Piscopo ACNP
Ms. Cynthia Pitchford ACNP
Mary Jo Pitera APRN,BC NP
Angela Pitman ACNP
Larisa Piton APN
Sonja Pitrof CNP
Dianne Pittman MSN, ACNP, RN
Mrs. Tanika Pittman MNSC
Mr. David Plair NP
Mrs. Colleen Planchon RNP
Daniel Plant AGACNP
Jennifer Plash MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Elissa Pleshinger NP
Emily Plews CNP
Shelley Ploch APN
Nerissa Plondaya NP
Gary Plotkin NP
Sarah Pluckebaum CNP
Ms. Devon Plumer CPNP
Mrs. Lauren Plyler AG-ACNP-BC
Amanda Poe CRNP
Christopher Poe CRNP
Caitriona Poehler NP
Mrs. Domanice Poindexter ACNPC-AG
Jennifer Poirier AGACNP-BC
Mr. William Poisson
Sabita Pokhrel NP
Devaughn Pollard NP
Dr. Joy Pollard ACNP
Chelsea Polleys CNP
Mrs. Laura Polliard NP
Wesley Pollpeter DNP
Lily Polskin AG-ACNP
Miss Crystal Polson NP
Mrs. Angela Poltrack CRNP
Karen Pomeroy ACNP
Michelle Pomidor CRNP
Elizabeth Ponchione CRNP
Brian Pongracz ACNP-BC
Mr. Gill Ponsones CNP
Ashley Pool CRNP
Suzanne Pool ACNP
Ms. Patricia Poole NP
Libiya Poonely AGACNP-BC
Rachel Popick CRNP
Charlotte Popovich ACNP
Kehllee Popovich RN, CNP
Wendy Porr NP
Elise Porras RN, CPNP
Elizabeth Portelance RD, RN, AG-ACNP-BC
Mrs. Amanda Porter ACNP-BC
Mrs. Brandy Porter ND
Christine Porter ACNP
Holly Porter
Katherine Porter ARNP
Ms. Miriam Porter AGACNP
Sheri Porter NP
Tracy Porter NP
Valarie Porter CRNP
Ofelia Portillo AGACNP-BC
Ms. Amanda Poskin ACNP
Elaine Post ACNP
Mrs. Cheryl Postell NP
Leshauna Postell CNP
Michele Postol CRNP
Mrs. Tiffany Poteet ACNP, BSN
Scott Poticha AGACNP-BC
Mr. Justin Potter NP
Zandra Potter CRNP
Anna Poullard NP
Ayeshia Powell
Buffy Powell
Mrs. Carol Powell APRN, ACNP
Kerry Powell
Kim Powell APRN
Lauren Powell
Lauren Powell
Stephanie Powell APRN
Lauren Power CRNP
Christiana Powers CRNP
Ms. Holly Powers CNP
Mrs. Joyce Powers NP
Mrs. Kandy Powers NP
Katherine Powers AG-ACNP
Regina Powers NP
Summer Powers CRNP
Natasha Poylin
Melissa Poynter ARNP
Ms. Alicemarie Poyss APN,C
Arjina Pradhan ACNP
Ilse Prado ACNP
Susan Pragacz NP
Allyson Prasad CRNP
Miss Naomi Prashad ACNP-BC
Cristin Prater
Laura Pratt NP
Megan Pratt CNP
Ms. Caroline Pratz CRNP
Sridevi Praveen CRNP
Nekelisha Prayor RN,MSN,AGACNP-BC
Ms. Barbara Prendes ARNP
Susan Presnell NP
Monica Pressley Justice NP
Dr. Kalynn Pressly ARNP
Carmen Presti ARNP
Anna Prestwich ACNP-BC
Marianna Pretulak ACNP-BC
Madare Previlor ACNP-BC
Ellen Prewitt CRNP
Rachel Prewitt APRN
Andrea Pribac
Ms. Andrea Price MS, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Beth Price RN MSN CNRN ARNP
Mrs. Brenda Price NP
Daniel Price NP
Elizabeth Price CNP
Melissa Price AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Michelle Price CRNP
Mr. Robert Price ARNP
Mrs. Stephanie Price CRNP
Mrs. Tiphany Price RN, BSN, ACNP-BC
Tomara Price CNP
Tammera Price-Fowlkes APRN
Mark Priestley AG-ACNP
Miss Virginia Prieto RN, MSN, CCRN, ANP
Cheryl Prignano ACNP-BC
Mr. Mike Primeaux APRN-BC
Brenna Primrose RN, MSN, AGACNP-BC
Mr. Hugh Prince ACNP
Theresa Principato NP
Krista Prinzi NP
Bobbi Pritchard CRNP
Gina Pritchard NP
Kimberly Pritchard CNP
Pamela Pritchard NP
Ginger Pritchett CRNP
Ms. Jana Pritchett AGACNP
Ashley Proal AGACNP-BC
Lisa Proctor NP
Amy Proebstle NP
Kimberly Propert MSN, FNP-BC
Kathleen Provencher NP
Mrs. Kristin Province ARNP
Ms. Judie Pruett NP
Melissa Pruitt ACNP
Mr. Patrick Pruitt A/ACNP-BC
Stephanie Pruitt MSN, ACNP-BC
Brittany Pryor APN
James Pryor DNP
Karen Pryor NP
Kyra Pryor ACNP-BC
Robert Pryor II ACNP
Kimberly Pryslak NP
Leslie Puckett NP
Sonya Puckett ARNP
Robin Pueschel NP
Mrs. Tammy Pugh ACNP
Jennifer Puglia ACNP
Robin Pulliam RN,APRN,BC
Mrs. Tammie Pulling FNP-C
Mrs. Kimberly Pullins CNP
Mrs. Sindhura Pulluru NP
Lindsey Purdy ACNP
Jason Pureza APRN, AG-ACNP
Jody Purifoy APN
Dale Purrington MSN, RN, PNP-AC
Atoosa Purveyor NP
Amy Purvis ACNP-BC
Jessica Puskarich NP
Talyna Putnam AGACNP-BC
Niki Putzar-Davis NP
Ms. Moira Pyle ACNP
Mr. Clifford Pyne NP
Ms. Jeanne Pyonk ACNP
Yiyue Qin NP
Dr. Susan Quaal PHD, APRN
Ms. Juliana Quagraine NP
Sandra Qualset APRN
Mrs. Sandra Quattlebaum MS, RN, CNS, ACNP-BC
Valerie Quebec APRN
Albert Quiambao MS, RN, AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Miriam Quiambao AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Julie Quickert ACNP-BC
Jo Anne Therese Quidilla CNP
Armilla Quien NP
Linda Quillin NP
Holly Quinn AGACNP
Mrs. Kelly Quinn ACNP
Mrs. Kimberly Quinn CRNP
Rachel Quintana
Stefanie Quirk ACNP
Ms. Tina Quon ACNP
Stephanie Rabe APNP
Amanda Rabik NP
Mrs. Amber Raborn RN, MSN, ACANP
Theresa Rachek APRN
Mr. Bobby Rackley JR. NP
Svetlana Radchenko ACNP-C
Lindsay Rademacher
Mr. Dan Radulescu ANP
Lenah Radwan
Ms. Batya Radzik CRNP
Mrs. Kristina Rae DNP
Mrs. Tanya Raef ANP
Nadezhda Rafailova ACNP
Ms. Maureen Raffa NP
Kendra Ragan
Rachel Rager APRN
Kenya Ragland NP
Jamie Raglin AGACNP
Nikia Rahemtulla
Farah Rahman NP
Amber Raibley ACNP
Derrick Railey FNP, AGACNP
Amelia Rains CRNP
Christine Rains NP
Mrs. Kara Rainusso ACNP
Nissy Rajan
Raji Rajan
Elsey Rajesh ACNP-BC
Shiny Raju ACNP-BC
Kelly Rakoczy
Kristina Raley
Leslie Raley CRNP
Susan Ralston RN MSN ARNP
Cheryl Ralyea CRN
Mrs. Brandy Rambin APRN
Merianne Ramil APN
Mr. Christian Ramirez ACNP-BC
Irene Ramirez FNP
Leticia Ramirez AGACNP
Melanie Ramirez
Monica Ramirez
Sherry Ramirez ACNP-BC
Vashtie Ramjattan NP
Margaret Ramkissoon CRNP
Joanna Ramnarine
Jennifer Ramon ANCP
Mr. Jose Ramos ACNP
Ms. Lupe Ramos NP
Sandra Ramos APN-C
Jennifer Rand ARNP
Patricia Rand
Daren Randall ARNP
Janine Randles
Shalan Randolph NP
Mrs. Lauren Raney APRN
Mr. Samuel Raney
Angela Ransom CNP RN
Mrs. Elizabeth Raposa ACNP-BC
Ms. Ricko Rask NP
Erin Rasmussen ACNPC-AG
Justin Rasmussen
Alita Rastello AGACNP-BC
Nikhil Raswant NP
Ellen Ratay ACNP
Ms. Kimberly Ratcliff ACNP
Marie Rathe NP
Mary Rather
Daniel Rauh NP
Ms. Nicole Rauscher ACNP
Sara Rawlins AGACNP-BC
Amanda Ray NP
Ms. Denise Ray NP
Ms. Jacqueline Ray FNP
Mr. Stephen Ray ACNP-BC
Mr. Todd Ray MN, ARNP
Mr. Orville Rayburn FNP
Denise Raychok ARNP-BC
Richard Raynor SR. AGACNP
Mrs. Lamisa Rayside ARNP
Sheila Razmzan MSN, RN, AGACNP
Amanda Rea CRNP
Ms. Mellyn Reading NP
Rocky Readling NP
Melissa Reagan NP
Mr. Timothy Reagan NP
Alicia Realmuto NP
Bobbie-Jo Rean APRN
Laura Reano ACNP-BC
Mrs. Shannon Reaume ACNP-BC
Rebecca Reay CNP
Ms. Sarah Rebal NP
Mr. Tobias Rebmann ACNP
Lorraine Rebuck NP
Joan Recher AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Christine Recker-Herman NP-ACUTE CARE
William Recknor CRNP
Mrs. Miranda Rector RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Matthew Reder AGACNP
Anneshia Redic AGACNP
Jacqueline Redman CRNP
Mrs. Annelle Reed CPNP
Bobbie Reed APRN
Mr. Dana Reed NP
Jessica Reed ACNP
Mary Reed ACNP
Maureen Reed NP
Stacy Reed
Teresa Reed NP
Bradley Reeder ACNP
Mary Carol Reeder NP
Kelsey Reekie AGACNP
Mrs. Charlene Reese-Rusnak AGACNP
Mrs. Ann Reeves CRNP
Mr. Christopher Reeves NP
Inguna Reeves RN MSN ACNP-BC
Marlen Rega ARNP
Joel Regalado ACNP-BC
Ronnell Regidor
Megan Reichard ACNP
Mrs. Ileah Reichert CNP
Mrs. Sandra Reichert CRNP
Gloria Reid NP
Miss Marla Reid ACNP
Nicole Reid APN
Juanita Reigle NP
Karla Reiland CRNP
Ms. Genevieve Reilly NP
Jennifer Reilly NP
Nicole Reilly NP
Tara Reilly-Donovan RN NP
Karen Reinhard ACNP-BC
Elizabeth Reinhart ACNP
Mary Reinke CRNP
Rachel Reitan
Mrs. Jennifer Reitman AGACNP-BC
Joel Reitz ANP, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Michelle Reitz ANP
Mr. Jean Rekoff JR. NP
Ms. Valerie Renard AGANCP-BC
Patti Renaud RN
Katherine Rendall CRNP
Jennifer Rendon AG-ACNP-BC
Ms. Julie Rendon
Ms. Michelle Reneau ACNP
Jennifer Renfro CRNP
Margaret Renkel NP
Katherine Renneker MSN, ACNP
Amy Renner ACNP-BC
Ms. Marie Renoit ARNP
Twyla Rentas APN
Jose Renteria ACNP
Michele Renze ARNP
Heather Renzi CNP
Sarah Repking ACNP
Mrs. Ivy Rerko RN, MSN, ACNP-C, CNS
Ms. Joni Reser ACNP-BC
Stephanie Ressler
Heather Rethman CNP-ACNP
Maria Retunski
Mrs. Christy Reuben APRN
Ms. Michelle Rewa ACNP
Mrs. Sandra Rexhouse APRN;BC
Eric Reyer ACNP
Isis Reyes ACNP
Mr. John Reyes RN, MSN, ACNP
Ms. Karen Reyes APRN
Mrs. Nancy Reyes ARNP
Mrs. Selene Reyes AGACNP
Mrs. Sarah Reyna APRN
Ms. Caitlyn Reynolds CRNP
Callie Reynolds APRN
Mrs. Deborah Reynolds ANP ACNP
Mr. Eddie Reynolds II APRN
Mr. James Reynolds ACNP
Kristina Reynolds
Alycia Rhein MSN, ACNP
Carol Rhinehart ARNP
Mrs. Elizabeth Rhoades APRN
Mrs. Sherrie Rhoads CRNP
Kristen Rhodes NP-C
Ms. Laura Rhodes NP
Merri Rhodes ACNP-BC
Carma Rhodes-Gates APRN,BC
Julie Rhule AGACNP-C
Laurel Rhyne NP
Andrew Rice MSN, CRNA, ACNP-BC
Elizabeth Rice AG-ACNP
Margaret Rice APRN
Mr. Richard Rice RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Weston Rice APRN
Brandie Rice-Mccartney CRNP
Ms. Heather Rich ACNP
Mariel Rich APN
Anita Richard NP
Miss Brittney Richard ACNP
Mr. Daniel Richard ACNP-BC
Erin Richard NP
Alicia Richards AGACNP
Mrs. Ruth Richards NP
Mrs. Sydney Richards ACNP-BC
Mrs. Deborah Richardson NP
Deidre Richardson AGACNP-BC
Jean Richardson ARNP
Jenny Richardson ACNP
Katrina Richardson RN, CNP
Ms. Marcia Richardson ARNP
Tracy Richardson ACNP
Shannon Richendollar CNP
Amanda Richhart ACNP-BC
Ms. Vanessa Richie RN, MSN, CRNP
Mrs. Kathleen Richio ACNP
Mrs. Lori Rickert APN
Melissa Ricketts CRNP
Mrs. Amber Rickner NP
Anna Riddle ARNP
Jessica Riddle PNP-AC
Laura Riddle AGACNP-BC
Kelly Ridley ACNP-BC
Monika Riedel NP
Ashley Rieger AG-ACNP
Mrs. Laurie Rieger NP
Katherine Riehl MS, ARNP-BC
Mrs. Liza Rieke RN, ACNP
Kimberly Riemer ACNP
Mary Ann Rifenberick NP
Kathleen Riggin ACNP
Cheryl Riise NP
Ms. Andrea Riiska RNP
Lexa Rijos RN, ACNP-BC
Amy Riley
Katrina Riley
Samantha Riley FNP
Tiana Riley ACNP
Lea Rimmer NP
Maria Rinaldi APRN
Marie Rinaldi
Mrs. Shelley Rio ACNP
Kathleen Riordan
Mr. Michael Riordan APRN
Ms. Delilah Rios APRN PNP-AC
Kelly Rios ARNP
Ann Ripley
Ms. Lindsey Rippee ACNP-BC
Ms. Kathleen Risa RN MSN CRNP CIC
Denyelle Riscassi ARNP
Maria Christina Rishoi APRN
Shannon Riskey
Mr. Francis Risulme AGACNP-BC
Elizabeth Ritchey CRNP
Pamela Ritchey CRNP
Wendy Rivera AGACNP-BC
Margaret Rivers DNP, APRN ,AGACNP-BC
Stephanie Rives CRNP
Gabriela Riviello NP
Mrs. Michelle Rivkin ACNP
Jungyoon Ro CRNP
Andrew Roach ACNP
Todd Roark NP
Ms. Emily Robb ACNP
Jennifer Robb ACNP
Cynthia Robbins APN
Debra Robbins
Mrs. Kerri Robbins ACNP
Kristen Robbins NP
Ms. Michelle Robbins CRNP
Patricia Robbins
Rebecca Robbins NP
Aryn Robelia APN
Jennifer Roberg NP
Melissa Robers
Miss Shelley Robert ACNP-BC
Andrea Roberts ARNP
Ashley Roberts CNP
Ms. Catherine Roberts MSN, APRN, CPNP-AC
Chelsey Roberts
Christina Roberts NP
Mrs. Erin Roberts CRNP
Jill Roberts APN
Kara Roberts MSN, APN-C, ACNP-BC
Mandi-Simone Roberts AGACNP-BC
Mary Roberts ACNP
Natasha Roberts NP
Ms. Patricia Roberts ACNP
Tara Roberts ACNP-BC
Mrs. Danya Robertson APRN
Ms. Denise Robertson NP
James Robertson ACNP
Matthew Robertson ACNP-BC
Shelley Robertson ACNP-C
Mr. Stacy Robertson
Tracy Robertson AG-ACNP-BC
Mrs. Preeni Robin NP
Marilyn Robins ACNP-BC
Adela Robinson RN, MN, NP
Andre Robinson ACNP-BC
Andrea Robinson CNP
Ann Robinson ACNP
Audrey Robinson APN
Ms. Elaine Robinson ANP-BC
Frances Robinson NP
Jayme Robinson ACNP
Karima Robinson ACNP-C
Kathleen Robinson NP
Lisa Robinson APRN, CCRN
Maria Robinson ACNP
Dr. Robbie Robinson
Dr. Somer Robinson
Tamira Robinson
Timothy Robinson ACNP
Tricia Robinson
Yessica Robinson AGACNP
Ms. Carla Robinson-Rainey ACNP
Mr. John Robison IV ACNP, APRN
Shannon Robison
Lory Anne Robles
Julianna Roccograndi CRNP
Paula Rocha APRN
Frances Rocheleau NP
Sarah Rochfort FNP
Kim Rochon NP
Ms. Alisa Rock NP
Ms. Tracy Rock ACNP-BC
Kelvin Roden-Smith NP
Holly Rodgers CRNP
Ms. Kelly Rodgers ACNP-BC
Marcheta Rodgers ACNP-C
Sophia Rodgers CNP
Yvette Rodgers-Musial NP
Sherrita Rodgers-Walton NP
Colleen Rodigas
Ms. Katherine Rodman ACNP, FNP
Laura Rodolakis NP
Miss Amanda Rodriguez AGACNP
Ms. Dalton Rodriguez MSN, APN, ACNP-BC
Elise Rodriguez
Jackie Rodriguez NP
Javier Rodriguez AG-ACNP
Karmina Rodriguez ACNP-BC
Kathleen Rodriguez ACNP
Ms. Linda Rodriguez NP
Luis Rodriguez ARNP
Marisa Rodriguez ARNP
Melissa Rodriguez ACNP-BC
Mr. Nicholas Rodriguez AG-ACNP
Raymond Rodriguez ACNP
Mr. Steven Rodriguez AGACNP-BC
Ms. Barbara Roeser ACNP
Mrs. Jenifer Rofkahr ACNP
Rachel Rogalski APN
Briana Rogers
Mrs. Elisabeth Rogers ACNP
Jaime Rogers ACNP
Jessica Rogers RN, MSN, ACAGNP-BC
John Rogers APN
Kathey Rogers NP
Katrina Rogers AGACNP
Kimberly Rogers AG-ACNP
Robert Rogers APRN
Sarah Rogers
Shana Rogers CRNP
Shari Cramer Rogers CRNP
Tanya Rogers AGACNP
Stephen Rohrer CNP
Julia Rohwedder CRNP
Ashley Roitsch AGACNP
Hender Rojas NP
Meredith Rolleri RN
Debbie Rollins ARNP
Ms. Sarah Rollins ACNP-BC
Susan Rolniak St. John CRNP
Lisa Ann Rolnicki AGACNP
Amy Roman ACNP
Jessica Roman
Mrs. Marie Roman RN, CRNP
Connie Romano CRNP
Ms. Leat Romano NP
Juliann Romasco CRNP
Amanda Romerhausen RN, MSN,ACNP
Mrs. Brena Romero AG-ACNP-BC
Helen Rominiecki NP
Craig Ronco CRNP
Khristine Ronquillo RN, BSN, MSN, ACNP
Mrs. Ashley Rood NP
Jennifer Root CNP
Susan Root
Heather Roppel
Connie Roppolo NP
Janice Rorabeck
Liza Ros NP
Gilma Rosa NP
Ariel Rosario AGACNP-BC
Mrs. Audrey Rose AG-ACNP
Dr. Erin Rose DNP, ACNP-BC, CLNC
Mrs. Fay Rose NP
Mrs. Rachel Rose
Mr. Riley Rose AG/ACNP
Ryann Rose
Pamela Rose Deandrea APN
Rodney Rosello ARNP AGACNP-BC
Heather Roseman APRN
Lauren Rosenberg CRNP
Sarah Rosenberger ACAGNP-BC
Mr. Per Rosenkvist APN-C
Laura Rosenthal NP
Jane Rosete MSN, NP
Mrs. Jennifer Ross AGACNP-BC
Ms. Lavon Ross FNP
Mia Ross NP
Regina Ross ACNP-C
Mrs. Sherry Ross FNP-BC, MSN
Mrs. Sherri Rosser APRN-BC
Stephanie Rosser NP
Ann Rossi NP
Kristina Rost-Mangan MS, RN, CNP
Lillian Rosu FNP-C, CPNP-AC
Holly Rotan ARNP
Joanna Roth MS, ACNP-BC
Ms. Kimberly Roth ACNP
Sydney Roth AG-ACNP
Donna Rothman CRNP
Carole Rottmann CRNP
Mrs. Jody Roupe RN, MS, ACNP
William Rouse JR. APRN-BC
Amanda Rowe
Mrs. Anjalee Rowe NP
Daniel Rowe AG-ACNP
Kimberly Rowe CNP
Randi Rowe RN APN
Debrahe Rowland AG-ACNP-BC
Kristine Rowland APRN
Diane Rowles CNP, APN
Kathryn Rowley APN
Ms. Nancy Roy AG-ACNP
Mrs. Dorian Royal ACNP-C
Mary Royce ACNP-BC
Dr. Chadwick Royster NP
Elizabeth Roza APRN
Marcel Rozario NP
Dawn Rozelle CNP
Julie Ruane NP
Ms. Lori Rubio ACNP
Deana Ruby NP
Dr. Bridgette Ruch AGACNP
Julie Ruch ACNP-BC
Rachel Rucker AGACNP
Mrs. Teresa Rudd MSN, RN, AGACNP
Ms. Adrienne Rudden AGACNP
Yvonne Ruddy-Stein APRN
Lori Ruder
Patricia Rudler CNP
Ms. Andrea Rudolph RN, MSN, ACNP
Susanna Rudy NP
Mary Ruehl NP
Mrs. Polly Ruehl MS, ACNP-C, RNP
Kaci Ruffing
Rosavida Rufo
Theresa Rugalla CRNP
Margaret Ruggiero NP
Lorena Ruiz AG-ACNP
Mrs. Becky Rumbaoa ACNP
Matthew Rumbough ARNP
Mrs. Kara Rumley MSN,RN,ACNP-BC
Michelle Rummel
Janine Rumora ACNP
Cheryl Rumph ARNP
Amanda Rumpke CNP
Pamela Rumpke CNP
Dr. Albert Rundio JR. RN, APRN
Laurie Runyans NP
Kristin Rupich CRNP
Ms. Diane Rush
Erica Rush ACNP
Mrs. Jennifer Rush RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Mrs. Carla Rushing AGACNP
Brittany Rusnak
James Rusnak CNP
Miss Kathryn Russ AG-ACNP
Shana Russ FNP
Mrs. Britney Russell CRNP
Debra Russell ACNPC, CCRN-CSC
Jennifer Russell ACNP
Kathryn Russell RN, BSN, ARNP, MSN
Kristine Russell CRNP
Lacey Russell ACNP
Miss Latoya Russell ACNP-BC
Meredith Russell MS PNP
Stacey Russell APN-C
Theresa Russell
Mrs. Kathe Russo
Eliza Rust CRNP
Michael Ruszala CRNP
Ms. Lee Rutledge RN;ACNP;FNP
Ms. Lori Rutledge
Mark Rutledge APN
Mrs. Morgan Rutledge MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Julianne Rutz CRNP
Anna Ryan APN
Mrs. Beverly Ryan ACNP
Mrs. Danielle Ryan RN, ACNP-C
Mrs. Deborah Ryan NP
Elizabeth Ryan ARNP
Erin Ryan ACNP
Maureen Ryan CRNP
Stephanie Ryan NP
Susan Ryan APN ACNP
Diane Rybacki ACNP-BC
Mrs. Debora Ryder ARNP
Megan Rye NP
Ms. Deborah Rye-Crook CRNP
Kayla Rylee ACNP-C
Alisa Ryncarz
Sarah Saari DNP, ACNP-BC
Joshua Sabins AGACNP
Angel Sabo CNP
Mrs. Sarah Sabo ACNP
Ms. Valerie Sabol CRNP