Nurse Practitioners

(1) A registered nurse provider with a graduate degree in nursing prepared for advanced practice involving independent and interdependent decision making and direct accountability for clinical judgment across the health care continuum or in a certified specialty. (2) A registered nurse who has completed additional training beyond basic nursing education and who provides primary health care services in accordance with state nurse practice laws or statutes. Tasks performed by nurse practitioners vary with practice requirements mandated by geographic, political, economic, and social factors. Nurse practitioner specialists include, but are not limited to, family nurse practitioners, gerontological nurse practitioners, pediatric nurse practitioners, obstetric-gynecologic nurse practitioners, and school nurse practitioners. *

Mary Adams CRNP
Ana Asencio NP
Pamela Auman RN CNM
Shannon Backstrom CNP
Mrs. Maureen Barbara NP CNM
Miss Mauva Beharie NP
Molly Berg CNP
Carol Bonura NP
Mrs. Cheryl Boys-Fore MSN, RNC, NP
Elaine Brown
Laura Brown NP
Susan Bryar ARNP
Mrs. Michelle Camacho NP, APN
Denise Chism MSN, PNNP
Mrs. Michelle Cooley APRN
Denise Cope NP
Julie Cowles PNNP
Ms. Deborah Cruz CRNP
Rita Jean Darcangelo CRNP
Diana Delgado NP
Sarina Dewald ARNP
Ms. Pamela Eichenlaub PNP
Ms. Lynne Forrette NP
Laura Giardino NP
Mrs. Christine Gilhool MSN, CRNP, CDE
Mrs. Susan Gominger RN,MS,APNC
Mrs. Margot Gould CRNP
Mrs. Sarah Hartford ARNP
Kay Hatton NP
Chelsea Henson NP
Elizabeth Hernandez RN, MSN, WHCNP
Valerie Infranco NP
Mrs. Michele Kazmier CNM, MS, ARNP
Christl Kirchner NP
Joan Kuboshige FNP
Susan Kutchinsky CRNP
Noel Latore APNC
Rebecca Lawhon MSN, CRNP
Theresa Leicht PNNP
Linda Liebe WHNP
Mrs. Diane Lucero MSN PNNP RDMS
Mrs. Barbara Mccabe CNP
Deborah Mcgee MSN, PNNP, RDMS
Cynthia Middleton NP
Mrs. Susan Miesnik MSN, CRNP
Ms. Sara Mohr ARNP
Carin Molfetta CRNP
Sara Norseng WHNP
Ms. Stefanie Palesado NP
Mrs. Monica Palma NP
Yolanda Patlan NP
Mrs. Carolyn Patrick NP
Julia Pinero NP
Katheryne Rockwood RN, BSN, IBCLC
Cynthia Rogers PNNP, CNP
Ms. Esther Ruiz
Ms. Sharon Sabin PNNP
Florence Smith PNNP
Margaret Smith NP
Rebeca Strawn RN FNP C
Mrs. Tracy Sullivan NP
Miss Deborah Swenson MSN, ARNP
Melissa Tate NP
Ms. Cheryl Thomas OB GYN, CNP, CNM
Ms. Valerie Tuck PERINATAL NP
Jennifer Vallidis CNM, FNP
Tiffany Walker NNP
Nancy Weeks NP
Marilyn Williams NP
Joan Young APNP
Ms. Karen Zimmerman MSN