Nurse Practitioners

(1) A registered nurse provider with a graduate degree in nursing prepared for advanced practice involving independent and interdependent decision making and direct accountability for clinical judgment across the health care continuum or in a certified specialty. (2) A registered nurse who has completed additional training beyond basic nursing education and who provides primary health care services in accordance with state nurse practice laws or statutes. Tasks performed by nurse practitioners vary with practice requirements mandated by geographic, political, economic, and social factors. Nurse practitioner specialists include, but are not limited to, family nurse practitioners, gerontological nurse practitioners, pediatric nurse practitioners, obstetric-gynecologic nurse practitioners, and school nurse practitioners. *

Joyce Addington CPNP
Beth Allan APRN
Ms. Mary Angerame NP
Krysten Arekapudi
Julia Arnett NP
Erin Ballenger
Karen Bartnett RN, CRNP
Ms. Nicole Bell FNP-C, RN
Beth Beringer CRNP
Marie Bernard NP
Anita Bias
Ms. Anne Bishop APRN-BC MPH
Mr. Edward Boes NP
Mrs. Karen Boltey CRNP
Mrs. Kathleen Bower CRNP
Evelyn Branch NP
Ms. Sally Bratton FNP
Ms. Mary Lou Bremser CRNP
Theresa Buchanan FNP
Mrs. Denise Buckley RNC
Susan Butler NP
Ms. Cynthia Byra Cook RN, MN, FNP
Mrs. Nancy Calabrese CRNP
Pamela Call APRN
Mrs. Mary Capparelli NP
Mrs. Nica Chery-Mompremier CPNP
George Chua NP-C, MSN, RN
Denise Cohen APRN-RX
Landon Coleman PMHNP
Ms. Caryn Coyle RN NP
Kristi Crawford CRNP
Lila Crutchfield RN
Toni Deleon SNP
Ms. Mary Ellen Dennis NP
Ms. Margaret Devlin CRNP
Linda Diskin
Mrs. Jessica Doolen NP-C
Mr. James Doughty NP
Janice Downs RN, PNP
Ms. Eileen Figaro NP
Karen Fond NP
Ms. Deborah Forman NP
Irmgard Franzke-Vogel CRNP
Kathleen Gaglione NP
Mrs. Jill Gallin NP
Janice George CRNP
Kirandeep Gill NP
Sarah Goldberg CPNP
Mrs. Mija Goldsmith CFNP
Ms. Marion Griffin FNP
Mrs. Valerie Griffin FNP
Mrs. Sarah Halm Lutterodt APN,CNS
Ms. N. Susan Hammerton NP
Ms. Beverly Hector-Smith NP
Sandra Hickey NP
Tamika Hornezes CRNP
Mrs. Concepcion Jimenez FNP
Mrs. Cynthia Johnson Smith RNC NP
Mrs. Sarah Khoury RN, MSN, CPNP
Julie Klahn APRN
Ms. Mary Koon FNP
Ms. Mary Kroske ARNP
Melanie Kuhn
Mrs. Michelle Laabs MSN, FNP
Mrs. Susan Lajoie ARNP, MSN
Debbie Leaver NP
Ms. Lisette Lecorgne NP
Ms. Jocelyn Lotho NP
Ms. Janice Ludwig NP
Elicia Lujan CFNP
Mrs. Kathleen Maloney APRN, BC
Mrs. Carol Martin DNP,MS,CPNP,RN
Ms. Jayne Mas NP
Ms. Mary Masson NP
Barbara Maxwell APRN
Sherry Medrano CPNP
Ms. Amy Merideth NP
Jazz Miklancie CRNP
Laura Monthathong NP
Penny Monty-Carbonari APRN
Mrs. Cynthia Moore APRN
Ms. Sarah Paret
A Parker Hall CRNP
Chandra Parsley ARNP
Karen Pesci
Melanie Petchak NP-BC
Julie Pettis FNP
Ms. Joanne Pierre NP
Karen Proctor CPNP
Ms. Alice Richards ARNP
Mrs. Ashley Schuetz CRNP
Maureen Scott NP
Beverly Ann Shipe NP
Tamara Shipp RN
Dr. Esther Sikorski CPNP
Mrs. Bonnie Smith FNP
Ms. Joan Stack NP
Ms. Stephanie Sullivan NP
Mrs. Jane Summer
Mrs. Keri Sykora NP
Mrs. Annette Takashima RN PNP
Mrs. Lorna Todman NP
Ms. Sylvia Tuller NP
Susan Turley MS APRN
Ms. Charna Turner RN, FNP
Ms. Kim Urbach NP
Miss Lori Urbanec RN, FNP-BC
Mrs. Maria Vogt
Connie Whalley FNP
Relda Willey CRNP
Ms. Constance Wylie
Mrs. Joyce Yoshimizu RN,PNP

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