Clinical Nurse Specialists

A registered nurse who, through a graduate degree program in nursing, or through a formal post-basic education program or continuing education courses and clinical experience, is expert in a specialty area of nursing practice within one or more of the components of direct patient/client care, consultation, education, research and administration. *

Patricia Arcari RN, PHD
Judith Aufenthie RN, PHD
Grace Chinn MSN, WHNP-C, CNS
Janice Cise PHD, RN
Melissa Clapper RN, BSN, AC
Barbara Denison APRN, AHN-BC
Dana Fredrickson RN, HNB-BC
Jalma Marcus RN, HNB-BC
Mr. Christian Pearson LMT
Jeanne Schreiner
Leslie Tuchmann CNS