Clinical Nurse Specialists

A registered nurse who, through a graduate degree program in nursing, or through a formal post-basic education program or continuing education courses and clinical experience, is expert in a specialty area of nursing practice within one or more of the components of direct patient/client care, consultation, education, research and administration. *

Dr. Donald Butts MD
Virginia Chacon NP
Margaret Cornell APRN
Mrs. Rebecca Dean CNS
Beth Gage CNS
Ms. Loretta Givens CNS
Marjorie Goodwin RN-PC MA
Ms. Karen Greenhood CNS
Ms. Linda Kasparian RN,MSN,CS
Ms. Taren Lazzari CNS
Mrs. Catherine Mattei-Williams GNP, CNS, MSN
Susan Neistein APRN
Tawnee Parrish
Dr. Ivor Pattison PHD, PC, ARNP
Susan Player APRN-BC
Renee Provost APRN
Erin Rader PCNS
Mrs. Mary Ann Rodriguez APRN
Cherie Simpson RN, CNS
Therese Strome APNP
Barbara Wood CNS/PMH