Clinical Nurse Specialists

A registered nurse who, through a graduate degree program in nursing, or through a formal post-basic education program or continuing education courses and clinical experience, is expert in a specialty area of nursing practice within one or more of the components of direct patient/client care, consultation, education, research and administration. *

Sandra Bach APNP
Mrs. Maryann Baird RNC, CNS
Ms. Catherine Bennett APN
Mrs. Laura Bono RNC, WHNP
Lillian Coleman CRNP
Mrs. Angela Delgrande NP
Mrs. Laura Dranguet MSN, RN-C, CNS
Lisa Dreyer MSN, RNC, CNS
Joann Elie NP
Lisa Emond RN, MSN, NP
Jodie Franzen CNS
Mrs. Shannon Goulmassian RN, CNS
Prof. Nancy Jallo RNC FNP-BC, WHNP-BCI
Carolyn Leonard RN, MSN
Ms. Connie Lopez RNC, MSN, CNS
Ms. Annette Lynch MSN, CNS
Shandareda Melvin PA
Mirrin Reagan RN, NP
Deborah Reitter RN, MSN, CNS
Maureen Rooney
Maryam Soroudi NP
Monica Taylor PA
Katherine Thomas RN
Kimberly Wroble APN