Clinical Nurse Specialists

A registered nurse who, through a graduate degree program in nursing, or through a formal post-basic education program or continuing education courses and clinical experience, is expert in a specialty area of nursing practice within one or more of the components of direct patient/client care, consultation, education, research and administration. *

Denise Allen MD
Shelly Amato CNS
Laura Archetti PT
Ellen Battista NP
Dawn Beals ARNP
Mrs. Jeannie Blackburn ACNP
Ms. Kristin Bowne DPT
Mrs. Theodora Colburn BA BS RN
Daurice Gordon
Mrs. Katherine Hevly APNP
Ms. Mary Jean Kotch CNS
Amanda Kreienheder I
Susanna Lebedinskaya
Mrs. Wendie Medina APN
Debbie Nkumba CNS
Mrs. Rebecca Reese CNS, APRN
Mary Stange RN, CNS
Glenda Winchester ANP